NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 7, 2020

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Jets eliminated from the qualifying round in today’s recaps of Thursday’s games, the date for Phase 2 of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery is revealed, and more in the NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: The Winnipeg Jets became the second team eliminated from the qualifying round as they were blanked 4-0 by the Calgary Flames in Game 4 on Thursday night. Cam Talbot turned in a 31-save shutout, Dillon Dube scored the eventual game-winner while Sean Monahan and Sam Bennett each had a goal and an assist.

Columbus Blue Jackets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A dominating physical performance by the Flames over the shorthanded Jets, whose fate was sealed when scoring forwards Mark Scheifele (Achilles tendon) and Patrik Laine (wrist) were sidelined in Game 1. The Jets remain eligible to win Phase 2 of the upcoming NHL Draft Lottery and the chance to select top prospect Alexis Lafreniere.

Columbus Blue Jackets’ center Pierre-Luc Dubois’ hat trick (including the game-winner) completed his club’s comeback from a 3-0 deficit to down the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3 in overtime. The Jackets hold a 2-1 series lead and can wrap things up later today in Game 4. The Jackets’ fortunes turned after pulling goalie Joonas Korpisalo in the second period for Elvis Merzlikins, who stopped all 21 shots he faced from the Leafs.



SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs seemingly had this game well in hand but, as we saw during the regular season, their lack of defensive depth once again proved to be their undoing. Dubois was a one-man wrecking crew but his teammates also stepped up as the Jackets outshot the Leafs 37-27 from the second period onward.

The Vancouver Canucks beat the Minnesota Wild 3-0 to take a 2-1 lead in their qualifying series. Jacob Markstrom made 27 saves for the shutout, Quinn Hughes collected three assists, and Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser each had a goal and an assist.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Four of the Canucks’ best players came through in this physical contest with the Wild. They’ll have a chance to finish this series later today.

Three unanswered third-period goals gave the Vegas Golden Knights a 6-4 victory over the St. Louis Blues in round-robin play. Alex Tuch and Shea Theodore each scored twice for Vegas while Colton Parayko tallied two goals for the Blues.

Scott Laughton’s two goals powered the Philadelphia Flyers over the Washington Capitals 3-1 in round-robin play. Laughton and teammate Kevin Hayes each had three points. Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov was benched for most of the third period.


NHL.COM: Phase 2 of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery will be held on Monday, Aug. 10 at 6 pm ET to complete the order of the top 15 selections. The winner will get the first-overall selection.

CBS SPORTS: Florida Panthers left wing Jonathan Huberdeau (leg) skipped practice yesterday but is expected to be in the lineup today for Game 4 of his club’s qualifying-round series with the New York Islanders. The Isles hold a 2-1 series lead.

Arizona Coyotes center Nick Schmaltz (undisclosed) skated yesterday at practice, raising speculation he could be in the lineup for Game 4 later today against the Nashville Predators. The Coyotes lead the series 2-1.

TSN: Edmonton Oilers winger Tyler Ennis is sidelined indefinitely with a suspected leg injury. The Oilers are down 2-1 in their series with the Chicago Blackhawk with Game 4 set for later today.

Montreal Canadiens winger Jakes Evans is doubtful for Game 4 today against the Pittsburgh Penguins. He suffered a suspected upper-body injury in Game 3 on Wednesday. The Canadiens lead the series 2-1.

NHL.COM: Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Dougie Hamilton has resumed practicing with his teammates after missing their entire qualifying-round series with the New York Rangers. He’s hoping to return to action in their first-round playoff series next week.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The Anaheim Ducks re-signed defenseman Jacob Larsson to a two-year, $2.4-million contract extension. The annual average value is $1.2 million.


  1. Another crying day for me

    Can’t lay this individually on any Leaf

    Jacket’s tenacity won out

    Leafs fans would have hoped for “Elvis has left the building” early on

    Extra gas (Jackets) was exerted at right times when Leafs were weary, confused and/or out of sorts

    Freddy played great but I’m sure he’ll be first to say that he wants two of those (including the winner) back

    Again, sadness for me but I have to give credit to Dubois (especially) and the Jacket’s as a whole for never giving up

    Bright side… Ceci scored🤨🤪 … I think that’s a bright side 🤓🧐

    Let’s see who has energy to start a game less than 21 hours after a long and hard fought one finished

    My hopes and prayers start at 4 today… and pre-game there better be an announcement of a game scratch for #3🙏🤞🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞

  2. Pengy, looks like your two teams of choice are experiencing the same fatal malaise … getting too comfortable with leads

    • And re Ceci scoring – is that the Infinite Number Of Monkeys Theorem in action?

      • LOL

    • Hi George

      Unfortunately my two teams are not suffering the same fatal malaise.

      One ; correct; too comfortable with leads… yep(but note as I posted; Jackets and especially Dubois certainly deserve credit on last night’s victory)

      The other team suffers but one fatal malaise. One and one only; which starts entirely before puck drop… that being Sully etching #3 in game sheet

      Had he not written number 3 on any of the play-in game sheets ; this series may have (prob would) been over by now and Pens watching game videos of Bruins

      Sully must do the right thing today

      • Pengy, when it comes to the Leafs you also have to look at the production – or lack thereof – of the $77 Million Man. In almost 10 full periods of hockey he has 1 goal. Period.

        Now one can be charitable and say that’s the result of whoever’s job it is on the Blue Jackets to shut him down. Marner, another who’s job it is to provide offense, has 1 assist in the same number of periods. Again, the result of the checker?

        OK, so who’s job was it on the Leafs to shadow Dubois?

      • Hi George bang on re JT and actual production showing on game sheet; but he was creating many chances

        Re Dubois…. coverage fault in each goal was different

        I still din’t want to diminish the effort put forth by Jackets

        I’ve never been a fan of Torts (and to be fair that’s due to his off ice rants and demeaning treatment of reporters ; not on what he delivers on ice) but he certainly got them going when chips were down; had them outshoot and outchance Leafs and keep much if D zone play to the outside

        🤞Go Leafs Go

  3. Calgary shuts-out the Jets and moves on – Cue Ric Flair cheer! On to the playoffs and if any of the 10-12 seeds win the Flames can even avoid Colorado in the first round.

    Just when you thought the Leaf’s couldn’t be any more Leafy, they go and out-Leaf themselves…

    • Hi SCJ

      Yes Leafs took foot off the gas but I have to give credit where credit is due; Jackets never gave up and pounded and pounded and scratched and clawed and eventually (overall) outplayed Leafs last night

  4. Was too tired (after Leafs loss) to watch balance of Flames/Jets game (and series)

    Was hoping for 5 games there

    Sad when injury losses to one team had such a contributing factor in the eventual outcome

    Congrats Talbot and Flames on victory (game and series)

    Perhaps the glimmer of hope for Jets is that the ball drops for them Monday (effectively getting the same slot the ball dropped in had their not been a playin round)

    For today

    Go Pens Go

    Go Leafs Go

    • 100% agree Pengy. While, as a Flames fan, I am ecstatic to see them move on; what was in my mind to be the best and most closely fought series of the qualifiers lost a lot. Hopefully Scheifele and Laine come back strong for next season. Maybe karma will give them the 1OA to balance out the terrible hand they got dealt with injuries.

      • Yes hope Scheifs/Laine back hale and hardy come pre-season start

        I had to put my thinking cap on to figure out what “1OA” was….🤪🤓

        Then I had my coffee ….👍

  5. Have at it, Ron, the Leafs deserve every comment in your arsenal.

  6. The other day, Torey Krug fought Blake Cameron after Cameron hit Carlo a bit high.

    When asked about the risk of fighting with his contract about to expire, Krug responded with “To be honest, I never thought twice about [fighting Coleman]. I’ll block a shot with my face if I have to in order to win a Stanley Cup with this group.”

    Is there anyone who wouldn’t want Torey Krug on their team?


    • Coleman not Cameron….

  7. I withhold my take on “exciting” until I get the two win results (today’s 4 PM and 7PM games) I’m looking for

    Go Pens Go

    Go Leafs Go

  8. Pengy, just in case you didn’t know Patrick Marleau is also a -4 with 0 pts, Malkin is a -2 with 1 a, so no it isn’t all on JJ, but JJ as contribute nicely.

    Maybe take both JJ and Marleau out of the game and your odds go up.

    Won’t matter MTL is winning the series.

    • Hi Caper

      I’m certainly OK with Marleau out. He’s been drab, slow; and adds nothing

      Re stats of Marleau …. you can count his minus on JJ because he was forced to play on same ice sheet as him. Cause and effect.

      Yes Geno has not produced but as I’ve posted already; Pens scored enough to win… it’s ALL on JJ (and therefore Sully for playing him) due to GAs…. ALL of it

      He alone is why Pens are on cusp of elimination

      ALL stats for ALL pens are massively worse when he’s on the ice. ALL

      This tells the story of the series in a nutshell:

      GA/60 when JJ on the ice 9.15

      GA/60 JJ on bench 1.22

      JJ’s xGF % 5on5 Wed. was fractional over 15% 🤬🤯

      Murr this series is far outplaying his reg season 899 clip (series at 913) but he is over 970 when JJ is on the bench!!!

      Pens are at the precipice of losing series; ending their playoff streak (as these games are not counted as “playoffs” ) solely and completely due to one on ice player (the word “player” is gifting him) …. # 3 in Black/Gold/White

      He’s on the ice because the coach refuses to admit his mistake…. note believe it or not; Sully publicly defended JJ for game 1’s loss …. said it was the forwards fault…. that is pure lunacy…. so was it ZAR that told JJ to blow the poke check; ZAR who told JJ to pivot the wrong way; ZAR who begged JJ to plough over him (ZAR); and was it ZAR now falling , that told JJ to plough the Hab in to Murr so that Murr had to handle 200 lbs of flying Hab hitting him AND track/save the puck at the same time…. if so 🤪🤔😡… then ZAR is responsible for that one goal…. reality tells us otherwise… all JJ (and therefore Sully for defending him and having his name in the game sheet)

      I’m hoping for a Sully Skype with his Psychiatrist; sanity restored; JJ sat; the Pens win today and obviously w/o Jj… with authority

      Sully gets to see what the team can do without the horrific boat anchor; so then gracefully leaves JJ off game sheet for game 5…. Pens show again how well they play w/o him…. so now Sully will permanently sit JJ… Pens go on deep run

      Even better when that happens…. Knowing now it IS impossible to trade him w/o giving up Poulin and 4 firsts; they buy him out and save $2.1 M off cap for next two seasons; make the team massively better for those years; and have a collective sigh of relief from fans; Pens; owners

      GO PENS GO

    • Hi Pengy, I think you have it backwards It is Marleau hampering the skill set of JJ.

      It’s Marleau depleted skill set that is putting JJ in unfortunate situations.

      Take Marleau Out of the line up and JJ …. well will be JJ.

  9. BC Leaf fan….

    I still think the Leafs are too small too soft….if a team can not control space and gets easily pushed into non advantageous positions on the ice or too easily off the puck that team won’t win. You seemed yesterday to suggest I was looking for Burkeian truculence I wasn’t and am not.

    The team needs a reorganization and this Leaf fan cannot see how the guy whose beliefs got the team where they are can be the guy to get it out. Maybe I am wrong.

    The NHL is a team of big men…when the referees put away their whistles as they do in the play offs and in third periods….size matters….strength matters…where that size is in terms of position matters….whether that strength is combined with endurance matters.

    In the NHL never look for the refs or league administration for justice or to be saved. Have the power to dictate what happens in your workplace.

    I do not mean fighting or dirty hits….look what a less skillful team did last night…there is difference between what I think is a winning formula and unfettered violence….

    But pretty plays and soft talent won’t win when the money is on the table

    • Reading how you describe your view of the Leafs structure, OBD, gave me a “flashback” to my earliest days following the NHL when, although a fanatical follower of the Habs, always had a soft spot for the NY Rangers who, at that time, fit your description of the soft “pretty pass” team to a T. They were great to watch with guys like Wally Hergesheimer, Don Raleigh, Edgar Laprade, Dean Prentice, Paul Ronty, Tony Leswick, Nick Mickoski, etc. – magic with the puck – but when the physical play took over they were too easily pushed off the puck and, in turn, unable to respond in similar fashion against often bigger opponents.

      And all these years later that still holds true – especially when the whistles get tucked away.

      • Hi George

        I can just see my late father (RIP) looking down and saying that leafs lack “the gumption” (a phrase he often used)

      • Was one of my all time small guy favourites on one of those teams….Camille Henry??

      • One of my favourites too OBD – little wizard with the puck. He played most of the 54-54 season then spent 2 years “seasoning” in the minors before joining for good in 1956, by which time the Rangers began adding some grit like Fontinato, Cahan, Howell

    • You’re probably right, OBD, but there’s a big difference between being big and playing soft.
      Also, the kid from Columbus sure showed some talent last night. Great draft pick there.
      We’ll see how the Leafs react today. Been saying that all season.

  10. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Jackets are a dangerous club and the coach is the driving force.
    He gets the best out of those players.

    • He does that Shoreorrpark – better than most coaches in the league. But that series isn’t over yet – although tonight the Leafs MUST have Tavares and Marner especially elevate their games and SHOOT. Quit looking for that pretty set-up pass and fire it at the bloody net while their linemates drive the net.

      • Tortorella really does deserve a lot of credit. It’s amazing how things have changed for him after his time in Vancouver. His career was on the brink after that debacle.

    • He hates Bob Hartley with a deep passion.
      Always has.
      I love his shtick.

  11. The Leafs deserved that fate and in any case, I don’t believe either team will have a chance the next round, nor do a few other series winners if they plan on playing like they have.

    Quite silently the flyers have it together and at the perfect time. I believe it was mentioned before here a while back but I too believe this philly team might be a real black horse in this race.

    • I don’t see philly moving on from the next round the team is like the leafs just not built for the playoffs, the way the bruins and caps look they could get put out next round! The playin teams have played an actually series and be ready for the next round

  12. Happy 33rd B-Day Sid

  13. 1st post long time lurker. Hope everyone keeps underestimating the flyers. Not sure what you mean about not built for the playoffs Big Bad.Top faceoff,top 3rd period goal differential, balancing scoring and a coach who has been there before.Also the hottest team going in giving up the least shots. I know goaltending will be suspect until proven otherwise. I don’t think anyone is hoping they get them next.

    • Out of those 4 teams everyone wants to play philly who are you kidding

  14. WendelHiggins must be losing his mind.