NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 28, 2020

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The NHL postpones Thursday and Friday games to protest racial injustice, plus the latest on Marc-Andre Fleury and Matthew Tkachuk in today’s morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The National Hockey League yesterday postponed its Thursday and Friday playoff games after the players on the eight remaining postseason clubs decided not to play to protest systemic racism and police brutality.

The decision was announced in a joint statement yesterday by the league and the NHL Players’ Association. Players from each of the four Eastern Conference and Western Conference teams held joint news conferences in Toronto and Edmonton expressing their support of players in other leagues boycotting games in protest.

“Black and Brown communities continue to face real, painful experiences. The NHL and NHLPA recognize that much work remains to be done before we can play an appropriate role in a discussion centered on diversity, inclusion and social justice,” the NHL and NHLPA said. “We understand that the tragedies involving Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others require us to recognize this moment. We pledge to work to use our sport to influence positive change in society.

“In this moment, the NHLPA and NHL are committed to working to foster more inclusive and welcoming environments within our arenas, offices and beyond.”

Tom Gulitti reports Vegas Golden Knights winger Ryan Reaves played an integral role in discussions among the players in both cities. He also praised the white players for their support.

“I think if you look around this room, there’s a lot of white athletes in here, and I think that’s the statement that’s being made right now,” Reaves said. “It’s great that the NBA did this and the MLB and the WNBA. They have a lot of Black players in those leagues. But for all these athletes in here just to take a stand and say, ‘You know what? We see the problem too and we stand behind you,’ I’d go to war with these guys. I hate their guts on the ice, but I couldn’t be more proud of these guys. This statement that they’ve made today is something that’s going to last.”

Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri expressed his hope that the next two days would allow the players to further educate themselves for the betterment of society.

Dallas Stars forward Jason Dickinson believes it’s time for the league to do more.

“We can keep using our words, keep trying to get the message, but it comes down to action,” Dickinson said.

Gulutti reports the players said they hope this shows they are united against racism and to bring about further conversations on the subject with their fans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The NHL faced considerable criticism from the media and from fans on social media for not postponing their games on Wednesday at the same time as the NBA, MLB, WNBA and other leagues. The Hockey Diversity Alliance, which includes players of color such as Reaves, Kadri, guided the decision process that led to yesterday’s announcement by the league and the PA.

These postponements weren’t prompted by the leagues or their team owners. It was a result of their players’ boycotting the games or threatening to do so.  That’s why the NHL received so much criticism. 

It remains to be seen if these actions will lead to these leagues living up to their stated intent to become a more positive influence for societal change going forward. If so, will the leagues’ take the initiative, or will they once again be forced into doing so by their players?

ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski examined the factors that led to Marc-Andre Fleury losing his starter’s role with the Vegas Golden Knights, prompting his agent to post an image of his client with a photoshopped blade through his back with the name of head coach Peter DeBoer on the blade. Fleury played just one game in the round-robin and one in the first round of the playoffs.

The Golden Knights addition of Robin Lehner at the trade deadline was portrayed as shoring up their backup goaltending if anything happened to Fleury. However, DeBoer began saying he had two starters heading into the playoffs. While the Golden Knights’ coach spoke of goalie rotation during the playoffs, that hasn’t happened yet. Wyshynski also noted the club’s director of goaltending Dave Prior was relieved of his duties following the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wyshynski believes the Golden Knights’ crease should’ve belonged to Fleury to start the playoffs. DeBoer feels otherwise and it appears he has management’s support. 

Fleury struggled at times during the season which I believe led to the acquisition of Lehner., who played well down the stretch and garnered enough trust from DeBoer to earn the bulk of the starts thus far. It’ll be interesting to see how this situation unfolds over the rest of the playoffs and into the off-season.

CALGARY SUN: Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk is defending his teammates, especially Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan, from criticism by fans and pundits blaming them for the club’s early playoff exit.

I just couldn’t believe some of the criticism some guys on my team were getting for this and getting the blame for this. Especially the criticism towards Johnny and Monny, it makes me sick. It really upsets me and pisses me off.

Tkachuk acknowledged he and the rest of the Flames’ best players didn’t do enough to get past the first round but shouldered the blame for the lack of production. “Everyone was upset at them (Gaudreau and Monahan) for offensive production. Well, they produced more offense than me. So put the blame on me.” He felt he didn’t do enough to put the club over the top when he was in the lineup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Meet the future captain of the Calgary Flames. 


  1. The boycott and the reasons behind it will likely generate strong emotions and opinions.

    Once again, I ask that everyone be respectful toward each other and refrain from harsh or abusive language and behavior.

    These topics can be discussed or debated without resorting to name-calling, insults, obnoxious behavior, or using racial stereotypes. Such comments will be deleted and if necessary, the authors will be moderated.

    • Sports and politics, like religion and politics, should not be mixed. I’m debating on ever watching hockey again. I gave up on baseball, football, and basketball a long time ago because they were to boring.

      • I love hockey, whether I’m playing it or watching it. That said, things such as family, friends, health, and the rights of others are far more important than sports, which are just games. If we don’t speak out and act on a unified front, things just don’t get done, especially when we have a leader who ignores racism and supports white nationalism. While it might inconvenience you Donald, it’s going to continue to be a problem in all facets of our lives until we make a concerted effort to fix it.

      • Yeah, there were no racial tensions before the current leadership. When we had a black president…. NONE of this was happening at all!

        Nothin to see here folks, move along!

      • That isn’t what Rock said Nyr4Life. He never mentioned the previous president.
        What he said is this one ignores racism and supports white nationalism.
        Seems pretty accurate IMO.
        You can’t say that about any previous presidents in the last 40 years, from either party.
        Of course there was racism before, and when you had a black president. He was accused of being an Kenyan Muslim, and not being a US citizen. For years.
        Bush condemned it. John McCain shut it down when he campaigned. The other started it and promoted it constantly before he decided to run.
        Kind of what Rock is saying. You seemed to change the subject.

      • Why stop watching because politics and sports do mix.

        If you do not want politics in sports then we should not have the national anthem or when a tragedy happen that sports should just play and forget that anything happened because it just entertainment

      • Normally sports and entertainment are the escape from the mundane routines of every day ordinary life. Key words are normally and ordinary…both can not be used with the absurdity that we are all witness to and yes it’s been happening even long before the black president. Only when things get so bad that it appears in our places of escape such as sports and entertainment or popular culture. A working and healthy society deserves the perks of sports and the like, one sick like we have now, really doesn’t so we have this.

      • You’re changing the subject with the link again Nyr. It isn’t related.
        I am talking about their individual actions, not polls taken about race in the country. But I will answer your question.
        One started a birther conspiracy and promoted it for years knowing it was total BS. Trump.
        One had the beer summit to get the police officer who arrested a college professor for trying to get into his own house together to discuss race. Obama.
        One said there are great people on both sides after the white nationalists marched in Charlottesville with torches chanting racist bile. Trump.
        One made a powerful speech on race trying to bring the country together with quotes from the declaration of independence “a more perfect union” ” Out of many we truly are one” Obama.
        Mexicans illegal immigrants are rapists and criminals. They bring disease like leprosy. Trump.
        David Duke, Richard Spenser support Trump openly. He won’t denounce them.

    • Sports are supposed to be escapism entertainment. You know ‘ fun. I, for one, have had it Goodbye forever.

      • Take care, Paul.
        Stay safe.

      • I do agree that there is an issue. That part is evident but, at the same im seeing racism on both sides of the spectrum for example social media…which is full of negative vibes at the moment. That’s when I close the app. Its pointless

      • Bye paul.the truth is everything is political even sports. Sorry to say that

      • Pretty naive Paul. Sports are about money. Professional sports at least.

      • Just curious. Lockdowns and strikes you where ok with? But no games for 2 days is what’s putting you over the top? Cheers.

    • It’s just a shame that the NHL passed on a chance to expand their fan base and support the existing fan base’s desire to enjoy the sport for what it is, a game. If the decision was pushed by the players, they should be reminded that the “Cup” is the only prize and there are not any “participation awards” in hockey. Politics be damned.

  2. What was Jason Dickinson’s plan of action? To SAY we need no more words, we need action?
    The irony…

    Do it, or not? Doesn’t matter, just try not to be the last one, (too late) then it’s just a cave to peer pressure…

    • I really do not understand the message from the players and NHL media personalities. Sounds like people jumping on the #metoo bandwagon. All very general, bland statements (we need to do more, reflect and discuss these issues with your families). More of what? As for family discussions, if it is among grown-ups, you are liable to start a family war.

      Of course, nobody discusses the canary in the gold mine. Why didn’t anyone defend Logan Couture’s right to free speech?

      • Logan Couture got “punched” in the face for being Logan Couture. I’m sure what he said wouldn’t of mattered, its Logan. *

  3. Trying to stay somewhat on hockey

    NYC and Jersey
    From Southern California it appears that NYC and Northern NJ are in free fall, riot’s and Middle Class fleeing. How close are the riots to the 3 Arenas in the area and if big businesses move out how will that effect Season Ticket sales and if small business close and middle class leave I would think advertising revenues would decline and empty apartments and condo’s mean cancelling of cable TV. Same may hold true in Chicago, Minnesota, and few other places.

    • Hi boom/bust. I live in North Jersey. 5 miles outside NYC. I have no idea what you’re talking about.
      Is not having games for a couple days really bothering people to the extent that they’d stop watching? Sometimes I scratch my head at the reactions to incidents like this. I just don’t get why people get angrier at the reaction to someone getting killed, than the actual killing. The “there’s a few bad apples” narrative only applies to cops, but all protesters are “rioting and looting”? League had no choice. Some things are bigger than sports. It’s not like there’s never been cancellations before for tragedies. I can wait a couple days.

      • Slick 62
        What I am talking about is the bigger picture, not just the past day or so. Out here in California we read stories and see on TV, business closing, riots, stores being looted in NYC. General feeling is that unemployment is increasing and middle class and some businesses are moving out of the area. So how close are the “crazies” to MSG? Are the subways safe to ride ? Will the downtown businesses that were looted and boarded up, reopen or will it become the new “Detroit”, will the middle class that lost their jobs, stay or leave, and the ones who left, will they come back ? Stuff like that

      • Well said, Slick. Well said.

      • NYC has 5 boroughs. Approx 10 million people. Msg is in middle of Manhattan. You’re talking about some of the most expensive real estate in the world. It’s pretty safe.

    • Boom/Bust – with respect to NYC, James Altuchera, a comedy club owner, former hedge-fund manager and long time resident, who was born and raised there, wrote a very lengthy essay explaining why he believes the city is dead. He expects a downward spiral for years to come. Most of the decline will be due to the covid-19 shutdowns with small businesses going bankrupt and offices moving to a work from home model.
      Everyone now gets a seat on the subway, which is losing millions per week.

      Maybe the NHL will have to rely on less gate revenue and more from media deals. Salary cap may be flat for many years to come.

      • “Salary cap may be flat for many years to come.”

        That’s what I’ve been trying to hammer home for several weeks now, Hammer-Of-The-Gods, in response to those who think trades of high-cost players will be no more difficult and just as prevalent as pre-Covid-19.

        Only a moron GM would go down that road now if they’ve got any kind of high-level prospects in their system, including at the NHL level, who will soon be seeking something extensively beyond their ELCs.

        Why bail out some other GM who painted himself in a cap corner for a player who might – and since no one knows for certain how things will pan out I stress MIGHT – give them that edge to go all the way? That’s just irresponsible financial Russian roulette in these times and I doubt there are any owners – who are also suffering financially in most cases – who would give their blessings to such a move.

      • George also think of teams like yours which also work within their own cap. Budget teams will want a $5M player and only pay $1-2M in cash is a big win for them…and no not talking about a $5m player that’s over paid. There are a few players like that and many on cap strapped teams. There will be trades but there also be a re-evaluation on players worth coming forward. This “off season” will be interesting.

  4. Who really cares sports is playing with fire fans will just tune them out I already stopped watching NBA MLB the NHL will be next. Golf so far hasn’t laid down to peer pressure. Thought hockey players were different guess not embarrassing if you don’t want to play stay home their are plenty who will. Time to stop the violence and riots and looting in full force can’t live in a Mob world.

    • Obe, it’s just sad. You think hockey players caved to peer pressure rather than doing something to support their fellow man? Keep watching golf, the sport of the elite. You are right, it will never ever support social causes. The rule of law only works when those enforcing it respect everyone equally. The looting started as a result of injustice, not the other way around. You’re going to find the same thing happening as our environment and water start going to hell, and then what will you say?

      • Rock, it doesn’t matter why or how the NHL player decided to show support. But they lost mine and not because they cancel their games or post phone doesn’t really matter to me.

        Doesn’t impressed me when they want to show support to a criminal, i guy who assaulted a 4yr old and a lengthy record. This is the guy you want to attach your name to. NOT me. COMPLY! What was he thinking he was go to embarrass the Police by not complying, if he has of shown respect then he be walking today. There consequences for your actions, he now knows his.
        The police officer who shot him 7 times will learn his.

      • Agreed 100% Caper.

        If this was truly an issue (cops killing “innocent “ black people….. why do they seem to show no fear or respect to cops?

        Did that man seem fearful of being shot in ANYONES eyes?

        Didn’t seem to be fearful in the least to me!

        If I’m dealing with people who I fear will kill me…. or are trigger happy / nervous…. I probably won’t be that ignorant to blatantly disobey them and reach for a knife, gun, licenses, pack of gum , cigarettes etc.


        New police slogan. “Comply or die” your choice!

      • Caper, he assaulted a 4 yr old?
        He has a lengthy criminal record?

        You might want to go onto a fact checking site, that facebook stuff has been debunked already.

        He was charged in July 2020 for sexual assault and taking the woman’s keys. He knew her previously. It happened in May of this year.
        Obviously bad, if he did it, but we don’t know that as he hasn’t been convicted.

        Not saying he’s a good guy just same standard for everybody.

      • Jacob Blake did NOT commit a crime against a 4 year old.

        The way ‘comply’ is being thrown around is the language of the bully victim blaming,. You ask why Blake did not seem fearful of being shot? Because he gave up. He knew that whatever he did the cops where going to decide if he lived or died or whatever is between. It did not matter. The outcome was going to be decided %100 by the cops, and, shocking, he is neither prescient nor a mind reader.

        This is how you fellow humans feel. They are and have tried every way they know to express this. The riots are an expression of this. Blacks feeling they have no ownership of anything, not even their lives.

        Talk before action is needed to truly move society. For Black people, it has been nothing but wash, rinse, repeat. I was old enough to remember Rodney King , Wash, rinse, repeat. There where countless before and since. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        People are hurting. The response: ‘Comply’

        Mr Blake’s response, f**k it, your going to do whatever your going to do, I give up…….

      • HabsFan, RayBark and others:

        Here is a detailed account of the incident from a very smart lawyer.


        Note 1: this guy is meticulous about facts – former prosecutor and defense attorney.

        Note 2: outstanding warrant for sexual assault (NO indication that it involved a minor)

        Warning: SWC does write from a right wing perspective.

      • How disgusting it is to throw shade on a victim. Do you not see that THIS is also wrong to do or have the lot of you lost your morals and everything (I hope) you were taught as a kid?

        Don’t YOU group together the good cops we all know and like with these turds representing themselves as our protectors and public servants!

      • That matches the facts the way I understand them Hammer.
        I don’t like to refer to people as criminals until they have been convicted of a crime.
        It is the system we have.

        That is the point I was trying to make, he hadn’t been convicted of anything yet in his life and folks on here are calling him a violent criminal.

        When he is convicted of it he will be, and he might be if the charges are accurate. He might not be either.

      • Ray Bark, yes, Jacob should not be called a criminal. SWC mentioned engaging in criminal behavior, which is accurate. Violating a protective order and resisting arrest are criminal acts.

        But engaging in criminal behavior and being a convicted felon are not the same even though the first often leads to the second.

      • You have to love this new age “poor criminal / victim “ bs.

        I wonder why this outstanding , tax paying , future cancer cure provider decided he was not going to obey law enforcement on this day! Probably headed back to the car to rush to a burning building to save puppies and babies!

      • I know a guy that’s been accused multiple times of sexual assault. He’s now president.

    • Bingo
      Stopped watching BasketBore many years ago, The longest 1/2 hour of my life was watching the last 2 minutes of a Basketbore game. Wow, how many times outs and commercials can you stick in that time frame. NFL came next, you can condense an NFL game down to 5 minutes if you just put the action parts in. The old joke about hockey was I was watching the fights and a hockey game broke out. Well with the NFL I was watching 4 hours of commercials and once in awhile a guy running with an odd shaped ball would show up on the TV.

      • LOL. I hear ya Boom/Bust. I recall watching a game i in March Madness – can’t recall the teams – but when they got to the final 2 minutes I kept track of the time. It took 14.5 minutes to play 2!

  5. The situation to kneel,walk off the field or postpone a game is just right for the players of these sports ….. if there were fans in the stands who pay big $$$ to see these games would they be doing this ….this will come back to hurt pro sports

    • When my wife asks me how much longer in the game and I say “2 minutes” then she proceeds to tilt her forehead in a 45 degree angle as the eyes pull an Exorcist. I then know, I can watch the rest of this 20 minute game…in peace!

  6. Watching the news this morning, one item dealt with the father of Blake who, when he visited his son in the hospital, saw that he was shackled to the bed. Neither he nor the CBC news host talking to him could understand why a man paralyzed from the waist down needed to be shackled.

    Well, the short answer is, “it’s in the book!” – the ubiquitous SOP that has no room for common sense or logic. It doesn’t matter if he can walk or not.

    • If you chop the tail off a rattlesnake, it’s still venomous.

      This man is a violent criminal. He was desperate enough and stupid enough to try to … well whatever it was he was trying to do…. with guns and tasers drawn on him.

      Who knows what he’s capable of doing? If I had a friend or relative that worked there and had to care for this person, I’d feel better knowing he was handcuffed and shackled to the bed.

      He’s a criminal under the temporary care and of a hospital. He’s not a free man on vacation.

      • Hey, I’m not being critical here, Nyr4Life – what I was trying to get across is that neither the father nor the CBC host understood that there are Standard Operating Procedures that are etched in stone for everyone’s protection and that there is no room for anyone applying what others might see as common sense or logic.

        As I mention elsewhere, when I worked for the Enforcement Branch at Canada Immigration, we were constantly criticized for arresting an individual and putting them in detention once they were ordered removed from Canada. They screamed constantly that it was excessive and no amount of reasoning that, since they would never report voluntarily for removal on the day of their flight (often needing escort officers) – or van ride to the U.S. border – we had little choice.

  7. And the beat goes on.

  8. This incremental polarization of societies into a decreasing number of camps will not end well. Those who fear the current level of mob rule may have seen nothing yet if the trends extend themselves. And they might.

    Read some history….there have been full out revolutions that have occurred that started with mob rule that started itself in excessive polarization.

    France centuries ago….Russia a century ago….China 75 years ago….and others.

    I am not saying that our society is on the edge of these full scale revolutions. But people are not going to live with a knee on their neck or where the family members get 7 shots in their back in front of their kids while entering a car.

    There are too many people out there with video on their I Phones for enough secrecy to bury this type of event.

    • <>

      Please be completely honest – Jacob resisted arrest, had wrestled with the cops, was tasered (that didn’t stop him) and was commanded to drop a knife. Cop had no idea if he was reaching for a gun.

      The 7 shots is a fact that needs to be thoroughly and properly investigated. Let’s not jump to conclusions because it fits a narrative.

      • brackets in previous post contained the phrase “while entering a car”. Somehow that disappeared. That is what I was responding to. Not mentioning some of the important facts needessly facts amps the rhetoric. As noted, the 7 shots must be fully investigated.

        Armchair quarterbacks should not become armchair law enforcement officers who often face life and death decisions.

      • 100% agree

    • True that OBD. The one thing we have learned from history, is we haven’t learned from history.

      These are complicated problems that you could write books (people have) on and will take years to solve. (some are trying)
      Even issues like this, you are either on the side of police or on the side of the protesters and BLM.
      It’s total BS and a false choice. Police misconduct – Bad. Rioters burning buildings – Bad.

      There are problems in the justice system and a large portion of US society is being impacted by it disproportionately and actually fear the PD who’s job it is to keep their communities safe. The planned daytime protests have been peaceful, at night it’s getting crazy and needs to be dealt with. Tough spot to be in for the majority of these folks as what they want is being co-opted by criminals.

      It is not all the PD fault. They are also being forced into situations they should not be. They are forced into communities with drug and gang violence with many of them armed. Most are good people in a difficult job with massive responsibility and power, and they are afraid. Some simply should not be police officers, and there are bad ones.
      Tough spot to be in for the majority of good police.

      These problems are complex and it has turned once again into an us vs them on political affiliations. When the opposite needs to happen.

      I just don’t get why these problems can’t be analyzed and addressed with a basic agreement on a known set of facts and work from there.

      But nope, stoke fear for perceived political advantage. The lies and misinformation are spreading faster than the truth.


      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK

  9. I’ve just about eliminated all pro sports from my daily routine and hockey is the latest …. although not a pro sport right now horse racing is the go to …so no need to post here anymore bye all and stay healthy

    • Be safe, Joe.

  10. Has anyone here ever been a fight for 3 minutes or longer? Arrested a dangerous person?
    Actually feared for your lives because of the chance that a hidden weapon might come into play?
    I’d call bullchit on just about anyone here who says yes.

    Terrible situation for all involved.

    I’m in no way trying to justify the shooting, but for Heavens sake man, just comply and do as directed and we probably don’t get this far.

    It’s pretty easy to crack off seven shots with a semi automatic weapon.
    Not sure if he meant to or not, but its pretty easy all the same.

    Scary times ahead, but just remember to follow the money and it helps see through the veil.

    Divide and conquer.

    See you cats when the games start again.

    • Well, I could relate some hairy incidents when I was with the Enforcement Branch of Canada Immigration – and in those days we weren’t armed. Which is why, if we had reason to suspect violent reactions to arrest we’d make sure to bring along either the Metro Police or RCMP, depending upon the location.

      In general, I have the UTMOST respect for police officers.

    • I in no way condone violence or looting or resisting arrest. But I agree with Ray: this is a complicated problem. Sports personalities are bringing it up because so little is being done about it. Yes NY4Life, this was going on before Trump, but the previous administrations were not pouring gasoline on it. What I find interesting on here is that some people are trying to at least talk about ideas, while a larger group are just saying they don’t want to hear about it. How many times can a man turn his head, and pretend that he just doesn’t see….to quote Bob Dylan.

      • Rock, my favorite Dylan tune is Don’t Think Twice, but the Social Distortion version. Best line about relationships I have heard, at least my early experiences with the ladies.

        What you say is true about this site but it mirrors real life, most folks don’t want to actually discuss any real solutions. Pointing fingers is way easier.

        Kind of like that whole Inconvenient Truth thing Gore was talking about in reference to the environment. We would need to actually change, and even sacrifice for the greater good of our society.

        If folks can latch on to a reason not to change or sacrifice, it is what we humans do. I do it myself with other things and issues. Then my wife, kids or buddies point out my hypocricy. We do the best we can, but if there was ever a time to speak out on this stuff, now would be it, which was the whole point of the players protesting.

        Worked on here didn’t it.

  11. Just to wedge in a hockey comment, Gaudreau would have to disappear in the playoffs for another 6 or 7 seasons consecutively to be at the same choke level as Andersen.

    • Wendel, 2020 wasn’t Andersen’s fault. In 2 of the 3 losses, the Leafs were shutout. Can’t win a playoff game without scoring a real goal (no shootouts).

      Interesting back and forth in the media – asked for a trade / did not ask to be traded. Best explanation I came across – Andersen’s agent informed Leaf management that he would prefer to play elsewhere if it was in the best interests of the team and the player. And supposedly there have been no discussions on a new contract. Sounds like both camps realize that Andersen’s days in Toronto are numbered.

      • Hi Hammer, I feel you are supporting my point. Again Anderen was outgoaltended while Leafs outchanced the Blue jackets. Andersen is always the 2nd best goaltender and I personally think the Leafs would have pulled out game 7 if he didn’t redirect that killer 2nd goal into his own net.

        I hope the ‘talk’ about moving on from him is true. I think it is because I believe Dubas is very analytical and realizes the team has no confidence to move forward without a new goalie whether proven or not. It just can’t be Andersen and Dubas knows that is the most critical move he must make.

      • But Wendell, if what you say is true and it’s that obvious to anyone who checks his stats, what makes you think the GM of the team to which Dubas is trying to peddle him wouldn’t see it the same way?

        The guy has another year to go at $5 mil per. If he’s that much of a “choker” (to use your term) in clutch games why would any team in need of a goalie (and there aren’t that many in that category right now) even consider him what with the glut of (cheaper) goalies available?

      • I dont think he will be really easy to move George and sure isn’t worth much but there is always a sucker GM who will think it is all the Leafs defence fault. it will happen. Dubas will move him somehow for a low return.

  12. If the NHL Players shown this support for George Floyd i be more incline to support. Not this guy, no thanks.

    Evander Kane leading the way is kind of ironic isn’t it? He was traded from Winnipeg because his teammates didn’t want him because he wasn’t a team player. Wouldn’t follow the dress code, so Big Buff (African American) thru Kane track suit in the shower and the rest is history.

    People change good on him fighting for his cause.

  13. I am very disappointed that the NHL caved into the MOB … pathetic

    • (No hash tag) Me too, Ed.

      “NHL’s follow along so we don’t garner bad press and our brand” response is so superficial and transparent it, in my view, is insulting to everyone regardless of position. It reeks of damage control and lacks any sense of integrity due to the timing.

      JNHL should just say something along the lines of:

      We support social justice but these are societal matters for elected officials to grapple with and we wish them well. We simply hope to provide an entertainment product to our fans and will look inwards to focus on improving our league for our players our staff and our fans going forward.

      …and then move on with the playoffs with that as their only league statement.

      • Let’s cancel this year, don’t award the cup. Let the players go home and prepare for next season, and start the season closer to on time. It’s already going to be dubbed the covid cup, the team who wins it won’t get the deserving accolades anyway.

      • No it won’t. The narrative in a couple years will be about the team that won the Stanley cup playoffs despite the pandemic and societal issues.

      • True Chrisms … however, there will be many more “ya … buts” than normal when this one pops up in discussions.

      • chrisms, I disagree; there will always be an asterisk beside the 2020 winner.

        A few weeks ago, the octogenarian mother of one of my friends referred to August hockey as fake hockey. And she is definitely not a Trump fan, just likes the phrase. Family has been season ticket holders for over 50 years.

        NHL should have cancelled the rest of the season; however, that would have meant many, many millions of dollars in lost broadcasting revenue. At least all the teams that had little hope of earning a playoff berth have been eliminated. So it isn’t a complete farce.

      • Chrism disagree; it will be known as the Cup no one wanted to play or care if they won.

  14. Ray Bark i apologize based on your comments i was assuming you don’t like the Police in it’s entirety. That’s on me and i was wrong.

    Why would people not think there is bad Police Officers, people there for the wrong reasons. It happens in every aspect of life.

    Growing up Catholic i had a conversation with a Presbyterian friend and she asked me; Why doesn’t the Catholic church allow the Priest to get married and then these sexual acts against children wouldn’t happen.

    I replied to her, that wouldn’t solve anything because that not what their interested in.

    It why we have sexual offenders as coaches of all sport leagues it’s a place to be that offer opportunity and protection.

    We have Politicians who lie, steal and cheat

    Corporate CEO who embezzle

    Employees who steal

    Church groups, major non profit organizations that steal.

    There is people in your office and your corporation that are doing bad things.

    Absolutely there is bad Police Officiers, but it takes a different breed that is willing to physically abuse, beat or pull a trigger to kill someone. Yes I believe they exist in the Police force and the amount of education or money that one has nothing to do with that person DNA .

    It one thing for the Officier to act out of fear and a totally different then the one who simply wants to inflict pain because he can.

    • No problem Caper, emotional topics get all of us fired up. I was raised catholic too. Alter boy as a youth. Atheist since grade 9 biology.

      You hit the nail on the head Caper. Police acting out of fear (bad ones aside). That is what this incident looked like to me.

      Here are a bunch of questions I think we need answers to and solutions for, and they are all connected. Sorry in advance for getting on my soapbox.

      Why are they afraid? I can guess.
      Why is there so much gun violence in some of these communities? Gang violence for drug profits for the most part.
      Who buys all the drugs? The same % of white and minorities buy drugs actually.
      How they are prosecuted and enforced? Different story, and guess who gets it worse? College kids or poor folks?

      How is that war on drugs going after 5 decades of evidence and data? It hasn’t changed anything with regards to overall drug use. Criminals still get money, people still addicted. People still die from OD’s and there is still gang violence.

      How do they actually get their guns and who won’t make even the most basic laws to make it harder?
      Who voted that even studying it wasn’t allowed by congress? Why is that as it seems irrational?

      Why are these communities poorer?
      Why are their schools under funded? Because it is paid by property taxes and they are poor.
      Why is all the low income housing consolidated in the same neighborhoods? There are clues if you watch the US election on right now.

      Why do white people who fear other races and are against immigration live in predominantly rural white communities and white people who live in diverse urban communities way less so? Seems self evident IMO. They don’t know and understand each other.

      Major problems, and if you actually search out and read what the real activists are trying to say, there may be some empathy from all of us and a willingness to push for change.

      The solutions are hard and take time, more than a 4 or 8 year term. So will take political will and a vision for what a country can be.

      Or we can keep screaming at each other and watch it burn.

  15. I’m impressed with the rational and honest talk /analysis! Not a lot to add to the discussion!

  16. Wendel, you can’t expect/demand your goalie to be perfect. So I do not fault Andersen. However, it is probably best for the Leafs to trade him.

    Playing armchair, locker room analyst, my wild guess is that Andersen may be upset at the lackadaisical defensive play of the Leaf prima donnas, forcing him to be a superstar in order to win games. If these highly paid offensive stars want to earn their salaries, then they need to be the best players on the ice, night in and night out, not just when they play the equivalent of shinny hockey games during the early parts of the season.

    • Well Hammer at least we both agree he is likely to be moved. I agree marner was a dud in the series for sure. Despite Fred’s playoff stats he basically the antithesis of Grant Fuhr whose stats were not great in front of Oilers run and gun but made the saves that mattered when it was all on the line.

      • In their heyday, the Oilers run and gun offense produced goals in the playoffs. They didn’t put up zeros.

        I didn’t name names, the big 4 as a group were very disappointing. Pierre Luc Dubois, drafted behind Matthews, single handedly took control of one game for Columbus.