2020 NHL Playoffs: Bruins Need Halak To Be Better Against Lightning

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. the reason there’s no comments is u said it all-

    there aren’t a lot of teams that can lose their #1 goalie & still win the cup-

  2. Halak has been good most goals are deflections and no chance goals. Not To many teams can win with backup but to be honest I don’t care anymore I’m on strike I won’t watch have all my autographed jerseys for sale my hockey card collection and framed pictures if don’t sell I will pin them to back fence and practice archery again been a long times since shot my bow. Lots of things to do besides watch a bunch of spoiled brats play a game. Over and out let me know who wins nah don’t bother I don’t care.