NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 9, 2020

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The Golden Knights and Flyers are the top seeds in their respective conferences, plus the latest on Victor Hedman, Zach Werenski, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


Vegas Golden Knight winger Alex Tuch (NHL Images).

  NHL.COM: The Vegas Golden Knights and Philadelphia Flyers are the top seeds in their respective conferences following their round-robin games Saturday.

Alex Tuch’s overtime goal lifted the Golden Knights over the Colorado Avalanche 4-3, giving them a perfect record (3-0-0) in round-robin play. Jonathan Marchessault scored twice and Robin Lehner made 32 saves for Vegas, who face off against the Chicago Blackhawks in the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.




Two first-period goals by Nicolas Aube-Kubel carried the Flyers to a 4-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Joel Farabee had a goal and an assist while Sean Couturier and Shayne Gostisbehere each collected two assists. The Flyers were 3-0-0 in round-robin action and face the Montreal Canadiens in the opening round of the playoffs.

The Lightning lost more than a chance to clinch the top seed in the conference. Defenseman Victor Hedman left the game in the first period after appearing to roll his right ankle and was visibly frustrated, slamming his stick repeatedly as he headed to the dressing room.    


SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word yet as to the severity of Hedman’s injury or how long he could be sidelined. Meanwhile, Lightning captain Steven Stamkos missed the entire round-robin tournament dealing with what’s described as a minor ailment.


SPORTSNET’s Chris Johnston reports the Colorado Avalanche will face the Arizona Coyotes in opening round play.

AZ COYOTES INSIDER Craig Morgan reports the winner of today’s round-robin game between the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars will meet the Calgary Flames while the loser’s opening round opponent will be the Vancouver Canucks.

TSN: The Lightning faces the winner of tonight’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Columbus Blue Jackets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some interesting matchups are emerging for the first round, especially for the Lightning. On the one hand, we could have a rematch of last year’s opening-round series with the Blue Jackets. On the other hand, a potential run-and-gun tilt with the Leafs.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The status of Blue Jackets defensemen Zach Werenski and Ryan Murray remains unclear heading into tonight’s decisive Game 5 against the Maple Leafs. Werenski suffered an upper-body injury during Game 4 on Friday while Murray missed that contest for undisclosed reasons. TSN reports Werenski underwent an MRI on Saturday.


  1. As I said yesterday, the goal of these Round Robin games is to get some game action and go into the next phase healthy. If Tampa has lost Hedman they are going to have their hands full with the Leafs.

    I say the Leafs because, if Columbus has to go tonight without both Werenski and Murray – or even if they play hurt – they are done like dinner.

    That Flyers-Canadiens series could be one of the most pleasing to watch.

    • I don’t know George you could see the leafs blow another lead and lose in the sudden death game, they have a knack for that! The Habs lucked out getting the worst of the round robin teams those round robin games had no intensity at all. Boston will be in tough against the canes defence and Washington should handle the islanders! It is 2020 though so who knows what’s going to happen?

      • Flyers don’t have JJ and Sully and have been in a tear (last 10 games of reg season and play ins)…Flyers in 5

      • BBB see post below, Boston and Washington game today will decide the final seeding.

        The Bruins match up better against the Islanders.

      • BBB just read your rebuttal from yesterday. It’s hallow and has no merit and once again you fail to understand the point.

        THE COVID CUP has NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to do with the 2019 – 2020 regular season.

        IT is a TOURNAMENT.

        absolutely sloppy les then preseason hockey.

        The other argument that is made is that this will be the toughest tournament to win. WRONG!

        This will be the easiest tournament to win.

        2 teams that would not have been in the 2019 2020 regular season playoff are now in replacing two teams that have earned their spot but lost it on best of 5 series, with one exhibition game played.

        The only hardship these players are under is living in a bubble and for a lot of them (single guys) this isn’t an issue.

        No travel, no carrying luggage, gear. Finnish your game, go to the room and sleep.

        OT games not a big issue, don’t have to worry about getting to the airport and arriving at 4am.

        Enjoy the hockey, as i stated the further it goes the hockey should be better, because right now it isn’t good hockey.

        This tournament is the easiest one that the NHL players will play in

      • Wow you rebuttal is very hallow and has no merit? I dot know if you’re some kind of fortune teller but the nhl realizes they aren’t, you had to put 24 teams wo mathematically had a chance and when the nhl players are saying it will be the hardest to win I’ll take their word over yours all day

      • I thought CBJ blew a 3 goal lead and lost in OT???

      • Caper. You just are not correct in this. It absolutely is tied to the season. Otherwise 7 other teams would be involved. It is potentially tougher than previous years for play in teams. My pens are an example of the validity of the Stanley cup playoffs. They were awful leading up to the Covid. They came back awful. The pens could have absolutely played themselves out of the playoffs if the season finished.

      • Chrism no, I’m 100% correct it has absolutely nothing to do with the regular season. If it did have any resemblance at all, only 16 teams would of started and they would’ve been seated based on their winning percentage. Even if that happened it still would have not been the same because every team was off the ice longer then a regular off season. It’s just an argument you cannot win.

        BBB ….. What do you think the NHL is going to say “oh we are only having a tournament with 24 teams so we can generate as much interest as possible and if there was no money to be made we wouldn’t be having this tournament at all; but hey what would you do if you had a chance to cut your billion dollar losses in half.”

        Watched the Boston and Washington game today and i counted no less then a dozen times that the announcer Patrick Sharp, Ed Olczyk, Brian Boucher and Mike Milbury all said both teams look disinterested and that their intensity will pickup when the games matter.

        So it’s not just me telling you that games ae boring its ex NHL players telling you.

        Take their word not mine or keep your own opinion which is different then mine and theirs.

      • If you read my reply to George I said the intensity in the round robin was not there!? But the playin series it was definitely there, before jumping all over someone read there post! And again when the season ended could you guarantee without a doubt which 16 teams would have been in it……..no you couldn’t hence why the nhl did it the fairest way they could. It might not be what you like but it is the best ( only ) way to do it fairly

      • You’re 100% caper it’s just not an argument you can’t win just face facts

      • It is literally impossible to argue that it has nothing to do with the 19-20 season. Without the season the 7 teams not in the Stanley cup playoffs play in wouldn’t have been able to be determined. Who was in the play in round is directly the result of the 19-20 season. You can argue you don’t like how the league tied the 19-20 season to the cup playoffs but you can’t argue they arnt connected. It’s a black and white fact.

      • Chrism you can argue that the standing or the expanded tournament team entries is based on the 2019 2020 season; however, the tournament itself has nothing to do with the 2019 2020 regular season.

        If you go way back to my original post on this topic it very simple.

        The players have been off the ice for over 4 months.

        Any time trying to get into the playoffs would’ve have had to intensive their games just to get in.

        Injuries are part of the regular season, most all injured players are back, again the impact of the regular season is not a factor.

        Every year after the Stanley Cup is rewarded there is an off season, and then teams start a training camp followed by a new regular season.

        This time they don’t have any of that

        During the 2019 2020 regular season teams build up chemistry, consistency, in a flow , all of that is gone.

        If you do any sport, exercise, routine etc you understand that once you stop and the longer your away from it, the routine, the speed accuracy etc is not were it was when you were at peak form during your routine.

        For all them reason listed is why the Covid Cup has nothing to do with the 2019 2020 regular season.

        Again its not argument that you or BBB can win; however, i believe you both missed the point in general, as you seem to feel because they let 24 teams in and excluded 6 only based on the 2019 2020 regular season, then this is a 2019 2020 regular season Stanley Cup champion. In words only; otherwise it has absolutely ZERO to do with the actual play of the 2019 2020 regular season.

      • Wow you’re totally wrong caper I’m sorry but your argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on

  2. I was 2-5 in my Play in predictions(I couldnt make a pick on cbj/TO)

    Going to be some upsets first round…. Canes vs Bruins going to be some great hockey.

  3. Loved yesterday’s Knight’s/Avs tilt…. is that a taster for the WCF?

    Upsets in playins so upsets first round not out to f the realm

    However I have sime confidence in

    Knights over Hawks

    Avs over ‘Yotes

    Blues over either Flames or ‘Nucks

    Toss up ‘Nucks/Stars or Flames/Stars

    Flyers over Habs

    Lightening over Jackets or Leafs

    Isles, Canes, Caps, Bruins:

    Bruins over either Isles ir Canes

    Caps over Isles; but if its Canes/Caps….. toss up

    Does anybody know if each round is re-seeded or are brackets set now?

    For tonight …Captain obvious says if it gies past 60 …”last goal wins” ; but would the “setting the stage” mood setting “First goal wins” be the more appropriate ????


  4. DS we don’t know if its Bruins and Canes; if Boston wins against Washington today they will then play the Islanders and the Capitals will play the Canes.

    Strange Boston win the regular season by 10pts an could be the fourth seed. Yelp has a lot to do with the regular season.

    • Hi Caper

      Bruins no worries on either Canes or Ilses… they win both cases

      Do you know if it’s brackets after today on to Cup; or re-seed each round… lowest v highest? Got my draft pool coming up

      • Pengy, you have more confidence then me; If Boston doesn’t start playing better they will be gone in 4 no matter who they play.

        Everything I’ve read the round robin play is for the re-seed and stay that way thru out.

        East Philly #1 seed TB #2, Wash and Bos to be determined today. CLB / Tor #5, Can #6, NYI#7 and MTL #8 Philly remains #1 thru out.

  5. Interesting that everyone thinks that the teams not playing their best right now will suddenly right the ship.

    • NHL further embarrassing their reputation of a meaningless season with the zflyers as top seed when they had zero chance when pause occurred. However that will be outdone for embarrassment when the 12TH place Habs beat them.

      Tonight is Andersen’s future as he has been outplayed by other teams goalie every playoff. If he cracks again he needs to be exiled as he will solidify himself as a failure and will end up with a backup role and salary when his contract expires. I predict he let’s in 2 soft goals tonight. PROVE ME WRONG FREDDIE….PLEASE

      • It’s amazing people hate this season yet still follow and talk about it lol

      • We all agree this season is ‘now for the charts crazy’ something nobody has seen or dealt with before, and yet we have people saying the NHL has embarrassed itself??? I for the one love what I’m seeing, because I didn’t think we would see anything this season. Sure there is a lot of new stuff, and outside the box thinking, but everyone had the same pros and cons, Just about every team had a healthy roster, which is never the case come playoff time. So for the fans that feel cheated in some way, it’s unfortunate, but for those fans just crapping all over the NHL, I question if you really are a fan? The hockey has been good, and will get better as this goes on, so sit back and enjoy something we may never see again. That said, some of the changes I hope will become part of the NHL going forward, specifically the reseeding every round.

      • Don’t let the facts get in the way of good story Wendel. Lol

      • You are correct about me list2last. I am not a fan of the NHL. I am a Leafs fan only because I have been all of my 50 plus years.I think it is a bush league in most every aspect and wish they would change. The total arbitrary nature of penalty calls, next to no hitting and carnival rules like the trapezoidal etc.etc.etc. I always turn off the playoffs once Leafs are out which is unfortunately early most years.

  6. Equally as odd as the bruins fourth seed is one top 10 team out and THREE 20+ teams in!

    • The 31st team overall in early January last year are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Anything can happen in playoffs.

      • Yes, but that was regular season. Mid point of entire season. Do you really believe Chicago or Montreal were making the playoffs after the deadline passed?

        Mathematically possible yes. Probable? About as probable as a snowballs chance in hell.

      • The leafs lost 12 of 14 to go from 2nd to out of the playoffs so better than snowballs chance in hell

      • At the time of the freeze Montreal lost 3 consecutive and were 4-5-1 in their final 10. They had 71 points with 1 games remaining.

        Toronto was 5-4-1 in their last 10, 81 points with 12 games remaining.

        Florida 4-4-2 , 78 points with 13 games remaining.

        Montreal also had a bunch of teams in front of them for a wc spot..

        Buffalo had about the same odds of making the playoffs as Montreal.

        I’d say snowballs chance in hell isn’t much of a stretch.

      • Montreal 11 games remaining***

      • But in a billion dollar company a chance is a chance and you have to do it, should they make it less teams in the playoffs going forward because there is no way a number 8 seed can beat a number 1?

      • Absolutely not. On the other hand I don’t believe they should let 80% of the teams involved into the playoffs. Odd they just didn’t let everyone in at that point. Like I said, Buffalo has about as much of a chance as Montreal. Why weren’t they included?

        It’s not a slap to say Montreal would not have made the playoffs. It was about as certain as it comes. Montreal would have pretty much had to win out, while a bunch of other teams absolutely fell apart.

        Without even looking at remaining schedules or running actual odds or numbers needed (wins for Montreal vs. losses for everyone else…. it’s pretty easy to see that it would have been near impossible for Montreal to make it.

        It’s not an insult to Montreal, it’s just stating the obvious.

      • Until it totally impossible they HAVE to let those teams in and Montreal was ahead of buffalo any way you look at it but that’s beyond the point it’s black and white what the nhl had to do

      • Montreal was ahead of Buffalo by 3 points but Buffalo has 2 games in hand.

        Technically, Buffalo could have had the mathematical advantage. You

        If they HAVE to let teams in until it was totally impossible…. why didn’t they have a 30 team tournament?

        I believe the only team mathematically eliminated was Detroit.

  7. Hey bbb, you heard from bigbear today?

    • No you heard from shticky?