NHL Rumor Mill – August 8, 2020

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Check out the latest Penguins, Panthers, Oilers, and Predators speculation as they head into the off-season in today’s NHL rumor mill.


ESPN.COM: Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynski examined some off-season keys for the Pittsburgh Penguins following their qualifying-round exit. The Pens must decide between restricted free agent goaltenders Matt Murray and Tristan Jarry. They also need to shore up their blueline and are expected to re-sign most of their young RFA forwards.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Matt Vendel wondered if the Penguins will move on from Murray just three years after choosing him over Marc-Andre Fleury. Given their limited salary-cap space, he also speculated over whether general manager Jim Rutherford might dangle veteran defenseman Kris Letang in the trade market to shake up the core or perhaps think even bigger.

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some observers think the decision to start Jarry over Murray in that crucial fourth game against the Canadiens indicates the latter could hit the trade block following the post-season. Murray will be more expensive to re-sign than Jarry. With the cap remaining flat, that could seal Murray’s fate.

Cap Friendly indicates Letang has a list of 18 preferred trade destinations.  Moving a 33-year-old defenseman carrying an annual average value of $7.25 million on a contract with two seasons remaining won’t be easy in this new economic environment.


ESPN.COM: Kaplan and Wyshynski wondered what will become of Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon after reports emerged Friday saying the club would soon part ways with him. They need to build up their roster depth but they’re also reportedly planning to cut payroll for next season.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin speculates winger Mike Hoffman and Evgenii Dadonov could be departing via the unrestricted free agent market as it could cost a combined $15 million to re-sign them. Larkin believes improving the blue line should be the Panthers’ priority. 

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Rob Simpson noted defenseman Mike Matheson was scratched from the Panthers’ lineup following his poor performances in the first two games of their qualifier against the New York Islanders. Matheson could draw some interest in the trade market, where his affordable $4.25-million AAV would be a good selling point. His modified no-trade clause doesn’t kick in until 2021-22.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tallon attempted to improve the Panthers’ defense corps before the trade deadline but didn’t find any deals to his liking. The decline in Matheson’s performance saw him briefly surface in this season’s rumor mill. Maybe a change of scenery will do him good, depending on how much interest he draws in the trade market.  Dadonov and Hoffman could be moving on If the Panthers are planning to cut payroll.


ESPN.COM: Kaplan and Wyshynski believe the Edmonton Oilers must provide more support for superstars Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Both carried the bulk of the offensive load in their qualifying series loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. The Oilers need two-way forwards, they must sort out their defense, and upgrade their goaltending.

THE ATHLETIC: Daniel Nugent-Bowman feels adding another offensive forward and a top-four defenseman should be imperative for the Oilers. He also recommends adding a bottom-six forward and a replacement in goal for Smith.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers could stick with the promising young defensemen within their system. They must find a reliable starter. Mike Smith is aging and Mikko Koskinen is inconsistent. Affordable two-way forwards should be available via trades or free agency. With over $71.3 million invested in 17 players, finding sufficient cap space could be an issue.


ESPN.COM: Kaplan and Wyshynski believe the Nashville Predators must decide if they can afford to re-sign Mikael Granlund and Craig Smith or determine which one to keep. They also wonder if center Kyle Turris will factor into their plans. He’s struggled in Nashville but his $6-million annual salary through 2023-24 makes him difficult to move.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell wonders if it’s time for the Predators to promote GM David Poile and bring in a new look to their front office. They’ve been on the decline since reaching the 2017 Stanley Cup Final and winning the Presidents’ Trophy in 2018.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Campbell points out, scoring depth has long been a problem for the Predators. Cap space will be an issue as they’re carrying over $72.2 million committed to 17 players. Shedding Turris would help but his salary and performance won’t be palatable to other teams this summer. Poile is the only general manager in Predators’ history, but it could be time for a fresh outlook.


  1. The Oilers need a net minder more than anything. Especially another top 6 forward.

    • I would concur SOP. The Oil dominated the 2nd half of last nights game and were the better team overall in the last 3 games, but lost 2 of them.
      Seemed every mistake ended up in the back of their net.
      They have a logjam on D as Bouchard will needs to get an opportunity with the big club next year. Maybe a trade is in order.
      They have some space next year but don’t think they can do both the tender and a top 6 forward without another move.
      AA looked really good in the 3rd last night, but didn’t before that so not sure he is the answer.
      Only prospects that have a chance to be top 6 are Benson and JP, which is more hope than plan.
      There are some UFA tenders out there that might be had for a bargain price. What would Lehner cost in this market?

      • Absolutely, Ray.

        I’m of a mind that Holtby would fit in Edmonton as well as anyone else.
        Big Lehner could be the answer as well.

        Pretty sure we all agree that staying with the current tandem would be a poor decision.

      • The Oilers dominated? They lost 3 games to 1 to the 12 seed.


      • Chicago checked, skated hard and battled in the corners and shooting areas. McDavid and Draisitl played their usual perimeter game while the rest of the Oilers watched. The Oilers are soft soft soft. They may have the best scorers, but they dont have the best players.
        Chicago wanted it more and did what it took to win.

      • Ray,

        I agree the Oilers need a large upgrade in goal. Just curious as to where the $$s to sign one will come from.

      • Read what I posted again Ron. Seemed like clear English to me. The Oil dominated the 2nd half of last night’s game.
        And they did.
        I said they were the better team overall in the last 3.
        They were.
        Except for goal tending, in response to what SOP said.
        I stand by it.

  2. Ray Bark. Oilers were the better team? I’d disagree with that statement. I don’t get to see many of these teams throughout the season, but have pretty much watched every game I possibly could since the restart. Chicago looked good. To me, a lot better than their record. Their young players came through. Was very impressed with Dach and Kobalik. They seemed a lot deeper than the Oilers. It’s just wrong to suggest the team that dropped a series 3-1 was the better team.

    • Yep, Chicago’s young players were very impressive. As a King’s fan who watched Dach get drafted only two spots before where we picked it pains me to say that Dach is head and shoulders the best player of that draft thus far.

      And I don’t even want to talk about Kubalik.

      • Dach had a great series.

      • I watched a few Blackhawk games before the shutdown and have been very impressed with Dach. I am even more impressed now that I watched all 4 games he played in this series.

        As I said last night he is the best player in last years draft and will be a top player in the league in years to come.
        Chicago drafted Toews replacement and possible Dach could be better than Toews.

      • Yep it’s true Flamesfan, Dach is the best of that draft.

    • Could I add Jonathan Toews’ name to the mix? He was awesome.

      • Beast.

      • Looking at those games one word kept coming to mind with every Chicago shift – hustle. They did that up and down the line-up

  3. Oilers fans who also watched the last few minutes of the Leafs game must be scratching their heads at the blatant inconsistency displayed by the referees in both games. In Edmonton, with the Oilers down by a goal and pressing, they penalize Nurse with 2 minutes left for something that could have been overlooked just as much as were those two – not one but TWO – blatant trips by Hyman – who then scores the tying goal. Bloody joke.

    • Officiating in the Leafs game was bloody ridiculous. Almost like Gary sent a memo pregame to the refs that the Leafs needed to win, at all costs.

      Just brutal.

      • Sounds about right Ron, shame on the refs for making it exciting.

      • reminds game nr7 in the finals between Vanvouver and Boston. Gare def made a call, so the cup could stay in the USA

      • FD, they didn’t do anything to make it exciting in Edmonton with that call on Nurse. Is it unreasonable to expect, at the very least, consistency?

    • Maybe a penalty didn’t occur as blatantly as you saw otherwise the refs would of called them since they were calling a tight game and series.

      I guess in your view, the “pillow soft”and “don’t have what it takes to win Leafs” only won because of the blatant two trips that where not called.

      You wrote bloody joke – is that about your comment? I bet you think that trip in OT, you know the play where you can see how Foligno pushed his stick blade to the back of Rielly’s skate as he was entering the corner retrieving the puck not a penalty, right?

      Both teams are killing it and giving us some great heroics and crap we’ll be talking about for a while. Don’t cheapen it.

    • I expect better than this from you George there were multiple penalties that could have been called on both sides and calls that make you wonder on both sides. The refs called it the same for both teams. You sound like one of those leaf haters who need any excuse for them winning other then them earning it. Not like you George what the heck.

      • Roger, all I was doing was comparing the approach of the refs in the last two minutes of two different games – in the Leafs-Columbus game they put the whistles away in those final minutes and let the players decide the outcome. Could there have been penalties called on Hyman? Absolutely, but while they were clearly trips I had no problem with the refs looking the other way – Hell, Columbus had an empty net for almost 3 minutes and did nothing with it.

        Then I see the Edmonton game where the Oilers need 1 goal with 2 minutes left, but there the refs decided that what Nurse did was blatant and called a penalty.

        All I’m saying is, apply some consistency in how the officials are to approach the final minutes of a tight game.

      • George as long as the consistency was within it’s own game who cares what the refs do in another game. As it pertains to the leafs game it was called evenly so no issues. I only watched 1 period of the Edmonton game so I can’t really comment on it but if the refs called it equally in that game then all good. Remember refs are human and until we have robots calling the games there will always be inconsistencies between refs as opposed to multiple games however when it applies to the same refs on the same game then it should be called equally which in my experience it usually is.

      • I guess it’s just the pure optics Roger. From our vantage point – staring at a screen and flicking from TSN/NBC to CBC in the comfort of our lazy boys – we see two extremes when it comes to calls in the dying minutes of close games and we forget – most of us anyway – that to expect the exact same “robotic” (good analogy there) approach in games 2000 miles apart is unreasonable in the extreme.

        Heat of the moment thing.

  4. Matt Vendel wonders if Rutherford “might dangle veteran defenseman Kris Letang in the trade market …”

    Dangle him to who? Three-quarters of the league are smack up against the cap and will be spending the off-season trying to free up enough space just to re-sign their own key RFAs (and some UFAs they’d like to keep in a few cases). And they’re going to make room for a 33-year-old D-man costing $7,250,000 off the cap for two more years?

    And since almost all of those teams are the contenders where you might reasonably expect Letang might waive his full NM/NT clauses, you just know he wouldn’t be interested in going to one of the teams with lots of cap space who are in full re-build mode.

    • Yea another one if these guys that thinks trading said player is as easy as suggesting it, yet offers no real plan as to how that would transpire.

      Who in their right mind wants to take on Letang in this economy, with that contract and injury history? No thanks!

      Oh and Pengy, that goes for JJ and Bjugstad.

    • George,

      Very small market if any for Letang. Multiple concussions, a stroke, the inability to play actual defence and salary is going to make it near impossible.

      Sullivan scapegoated Murray by benching him, thats sure to leave a bitter taste for Murray.

      Pens looked old and slow vs Montreal.

      Time for Rutherford and Sullivan to go, sooner the better.

      Fortunately the Penguins will have defensive juggernaut Jack Johnson to build around, lol.

      Its over in Pittsburgh.

      • Malkin came up here a few weeks ago and it suggested it was probably in Pittsburgh’s best interest to move him and it was time to start rebuilding.

        My comments were met with a lot of negative reactions. Most thinking Malkin & Crosby would just keep plugging along because of “Their conditioning “etc.

        What do you think now?

        Last year swept out by a “lesser team” in the islanders. This year out by a “lesser” Montreal.

        Anyone think now that it may be time for a rebuild in Pittsburgh?

      • Pitts window could be an extra couple years if they can luck into Lafreniere. Putting Jarry in was a shake up move. I don’t think it reflects bad on Murray. With all the praise Torts got for bringing in Elvis when down 3-0 the other night, I thought he might yank him in OT. Didn’t happen and he gave up a 4th goal. Those last 4 min of regulation, Columbus just panicked. So many chances to end it with empty net. Choked. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, league needs to fine Torts. His act is getting old. Has no respect for press. I’m sure no coach likes answering questions after tough losses, but it’s part of the job. At this point he looks like a jackass. League needs to do something. Press has a job too. Shouldn’t have to put up with his attitude. What if it was a player?

      • Nyr4life, the best part of Malkin’s game last night was the alleged “glare” he shot at Sullivan when the latter tried to send him out on shift with Johnson (see Pengy’s comment in the Headlines thread). 4 games – 13 full periods – and he comes up with ONE assist??? If anyone should have been glaring it was Sullivan.

      • I’m concerned about the pens but not letang Malkin or crosby. All still star players. I am concerned about sully.

      • Botterill got one final gift from Rutherford when he gave us Kahun for Sheary and Rodrigues. Likely both will be gone next year from Pittsburgh and Kahun looks like a useful middle six player.

      • Sid ain’t letting sheary go again.

    • He’s French Canadian, so maybe Mtl? They will buy any French Canadian garbage just to have it

      • French Canadian garbage?? Are you a professional a-hole?? Go away you moron.

      • There are so many teams that need to shed bad contracts only a handful of teams in full rebuilds that could take on a few of those for the right price. If you have a player with a high cap hit, only 1-2 years left and a reasonable actual cash contract you should be able to unload him on a team like the Sens or Wings but it will cost you a good sweetener! Murray will end up in Edmonton as that’s all they can afford. Holtby to the Wings and Lehner to either Washington or to Ottawa (but’s Sens would prearrange with Seattle for him to become the Kracken starter the following year)

  5. The Pens should keep Jarry. Murray gets hurt too often for my liking as a starting goalie. Plus they could resign Jarry for a cheaper long term deal.

    As for the Preds, it’s been pretty painful seeing Poile chase the wrong players. Johansen, Subban, Granlund and now Duchene. I think they’d benefit from a change in GM. I still can’t believe Hextall doesn’t have a GM job so I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Nashville.

    Were all being robbed of McDavid in the playoffs… So maybe they can remove their heads out of their gluteus maximuses and get some good harder working players that want to win and not watch Connor and Leon. I almost get the impression the players know their so good, they kind of wait for them instead of just playing. Something has to change

  6. McDavid and Crosby eliminated on the same day.

    Au revoir to the NHLs biggest whiners.

    • I see you know nothing about hockey. yes maybe the first year or two, Crosby did whine a little too much to the referees, but he’s a completely different player now…go back to your basement

    • what a donkey..are you from Boston or NY?

    • I absolutely hate the Oilers and Penguins. That said, give me Crosby and/or McDavid on my team any day of the week.

      What annoys me is if a player is passionate and talks alot, he’s a whiner, if he’s quiet and doesn’t say too much, he’s disengaged and has no heart or compete in him. Can’t win!

      • So true. In baseball every batter who’s called out on strikes swears it was a ball … while every pitcher (and catcher) is adamant that ball four caught the corner and was well within the strike zone.

        Not whiners, just looking (and hoping) for the call to go their way next time.

  7. A few thoughts: No, it’s not time for Rutherford to go. Who would you hire to take his place that is better? Changing GMs doesn’t automatically get you a better team.

    Being a longtime Wings fans, I’ve seen the type of players Holland likes. The Oilers don’t need a top six guy. They need a couple of pain in the a** guys in their bottom six. Think Draper and Maltby. Without those 2 guys, the Wings don’t win the cup. They were brutal to play against. Those are the guys that win you cups.

    Back to Pittsburgh, I can totally see them trading Matt Murray to Detroit for a 2nd rounder. I believe they have 4 in the upcoming draft. They also have lots of cap space. Nice fit if you ask me.

    • Botterill is available. He was once the heir apparent.

    • Pierre Maguire? 🙂

  8. Anybody heard from Pengy today?

    Is he on Epstein watch?!?!?

  9. Dear Penguins,

    Re: Lafreniere

    Remain calm, we’ve got your back “cough” Lemieux ‘cough cough” Crosby.


    G. Bettman.

    • Lemieux is probably already getting that spare room in his house ready.

    • 👍👍👍👍👍

    • Well tough competition with Rangers now…I’m telling you.
      Let’s build American market!

  10. Would EDM be interested in Letang? Would 97 welcome that? What would return look like? Any thoughts?

    • How could Edmonton possibly make room for a $7.2 mil cap hit? With $71,351,165 committed to 17 players next season, they have $10,148,835 to sign 6.

      Their 3 RFAs – Athanasiou ($3 mil), Benning ($1.9 mil) and Bear ($720,000) accounted for $5,620,000 off the cap this season. Each will be seeking a raise, with the largest – even with a bridge deal – likely going to Bear. In any event, that $5,620,000 will end up more like $7 to $7.5 in total, which would leave them them $2.6 to $3.1 to sign 3.

      Mike Smith ($2 mil) is a UFA and will need to be replaced. Do they go after one of the many goalies on the market as a back-up for Koskinen or do they entrust that role to Redmond or Rodrigue for example. However they do it, you can chop off at least a million or close to it there. And they still have to sign 2 to fill out a 23-man roster.

      And before anyone suggests peddling a Russell or a Neal to clear cap space – peddle them where?

      • I think they can trade Russell George, if they retain half, maybe a little less. He is still an NHL D-Man and only has a year left.
        When Larsson got hurt Tippet moved him up to top pair. Not saying he a top pair guy, but that is who Tippett put in there.
        He is small, average skater, but makes good decisions with the puck and makes an excellent first pass. Battles.
        He is a solid bottom pair guy who can move up in a pinch. But paid like a 2nd pair guy.
        Or they move Larsson who has a year left as well. Or Benning as Larsson today is most capable of playing top pair even though he shouldn’t. The Oil need to make room for Bouchard so to me trade from a position of depth. Russell makes the most sense with salary retained.

      • Ray, it isn’t that I don’t think Russel and Neal are no longer capable. It’s just that, as I keep pointing out, there are too many teams up tight against the cap needing to clear space, and too few teams with lots of cap space who, in any event, will be eyeing younger players with term and cap hits high enough to be cap beneficial to the selling team. And even then there are only so many such moves even those cap rich teams can make. It won’t be the Russels and Neals and others of that ilk that will interest them as they are building for the future – not the now.

    • I would say nope. Unless they do Neal for Letang with 50% retained.

      • From what I’ve heard I seriously doubt the Penguins want any part of Neal Part Deux!

  11. Key point everyone seems to be missing, this is not playoff hockey.

    It more like preseason were players are trying to find their conditioning and overall game. Players other the players from Sweden have been off the ice for months.

    These athletes need to time to get their game back and the further we get into the Covid Cup the hockey will get better and the teams will be better.

    If the Bruins had to play in the play in round i dare say the Ducks would have been very happy as they would’ve had a 12.5% chance at the 1st overall pick.

    You got sloppy hockey from players who haven’t skated for months. Yes everyone is in the same boat, but we all don’t condition the same.

    Older teams are at a disadvantage but will be better as the Covid Cup plays on.

    • Caper. The nhl has done an excellent job to get hockey going again, and 24 teams had to done they were mathematically alive when the season was halted, you say older players aren’t up to speed so in saying that do you think they should have 20 preseason games? Those games at the start of the regular season some teams might not be up to speed and cost them a playoff spot at the end of the year? How any hockey fan can complain about the format after a what the world has gone through in 2020 is crazy

      • I think it’s been pretty great, all things considered.
        Lotsa goals. Some pretty spirited fights and battles.
        Coaching controversies.
        Goalie controversies.
        Rookie defensemen continuing incredible play into the tournament, from the halted regular season.
        Did anyone mention the upsets?
        It’s been better than advertised or imagined, so far.

        Again, for clarification.
        This is just my opinion.
        Others may see it differently. Although I can’t see how.

      • No doubt shore, it has been great and a lot people enjoy bashing Gary but out of the 4 major sports he has easily done the best job

      • BigBadBruin, i hope you’re not referencing me, when you state bashing Gary.

        I have no issue with the format and the NHL and NHLPA have done a great job.

        With that said, if you think this is the best the players have to offer, i would said you have blinders on.

        This is sloppy hockey, players are not at their peak, then been off the ice for 4 months, how in the heck could you think it’s at the same level of a regular playoff?

        Its been entertaining but not the best hockey.

        Don’t confuse one point with another.

        Simply put its a tournament to save $500 million of losses and That’s OK.

        We will have a Covid champs that has 0 relation to the 2019 – 2020 NHL regular season.

        There isn’t one single argument that can be made to say otherwise.

        Yes i know it’s a pandemic and i to will enjoy the Covid Cup just like you.

        If the Bruins win i will reference them as the Covid Cup Champs.

      • All I’m saying about your argument is do we need to have 20 preseason games to make sure the correct teams make the playoffs? Every team is on the same playing field in this tournament that’s why nhl and nba players are saying this will be the most competitive playoffs in history because all players are rested and healthy. For some reason you’re more worried about one player in the draft than watching hockey that might be sloppy now but next round starts and the rust will be off and full rosters playing against each other

      • BigBadBruins
        He did the best job? How? Where?
        No olympics with NHL players, there is still huge gap in taxes between Canada and Florida- no solution how to make it smaller (what’s the point, people in Canada still will go to the NHL game even if the team is mediocre).
        Starting the season in July? Honestly it’s pointless, no fans, no atmosphere, unless he wants us to feel like in Florida or Arz then fair enough.
        I don’t belive in draft lottery anymore.
        But i got your point, your team benefit a lot under Gary so no complains from your side

      • And I still know what you’re trying to get at? Soo you don’t like bettman ok

    • I disagree. Look how Chicago handled Edmonton. Chicago has some younger players who contributed but their core is much older and Toews and Crawford were significant parts of the series.

      All the teams started these odd playoffs on the same footing. In the end it was about who wanted it the most, who rose to the occasion. As for the Bruins, they haven’t looked particular good but I haven’t been impressed with any of the round -robin teams. They know the games aren’t overly important and they’re playing that way. If these games matter I’m sure they’d bring their best game and look like champs much like the Hawks.

      It will be interesting to see if the round-robin teams can quickly pick up their game to match they’re opponents who have been playing hard this last week and are near top gear.

      • Gotta agree there BW III – those round-robin games are, essentially, the exhibition season for those teams. Oh sure, it could determine who gets “home ice” advantage – but all that means is, who gets the last line change. A factor, yes, but hardly a guaranteed game-changer.

        Getting into the next round healthy is more important.

  12. So Rangers or Pens? Who will land Lafreniere? Gary will have a tough choice- his buddies from Pit, or his new love Rangers.
    Decisions decisions

    • Ny, one top 3 pick in 50+ years and it’s a conspiracy…..

      Yeah you’re a tool!

      • Thats mostly because the resident genius in the gms chair traded their picks away….

      • Actually Ron NY has never traded a top 3 pick away in those 50+ years….. but what do facts have to do with anything?

        What’s next? Anybody? Bueller? Anyone?

      • NYR4LIFE…. You babbling bumkin. It is not a time for a rebuild we leave that for the Rangers. LOL

        -Look truth be told we ran in to a hot goalie, a short series, we blew a 3-1 lead in game 3 that was costly, our bottom defense pair sucked, and Malkin was a no Show.

        PLUS Montreal played their asses off.

        We need one top 4 defenseman (left handed shot) to put with young rising star John Marino. We can get that either UFA like a T.J Brodie or RFA using Matt Murray as trade bait like a Nikita Zadorov or Hayden Fluery. Matt Murray has an impressive resume, is young, and a lot of teams need a #1 goalie.

        San Jose
        Detroit (lots of cap space)
        New Jersey Devils

        Penguin Players out either not resigning, trade, release/buyout

        Justin Schultz
        Jack Johnson
        Nick Bjufstad
        Connor Sheary
        Patrick Marleau
        Domnik Simon
        Matt Murray

        -The Penguins had a lot of offense. They lost because they have three defenseman that are solid and that’s it.. Also a horrible power play. When we won back to back cups we had defensive depth. We rolled guys out there like Trevor Daley, Ron Hainsey and Ian Cole who could lock it down…on top of Letang, Dumoulin and Schultz…we don’t have that anymore.

        Defense wins in the playoffs.. add some defensive depth, a top 4D-MAN and a forward or two we are good to go. A capable NHL back up for Tristan Jarry

        And you better hope we don’t win the number one overall pick…LOL

        Crosby Guentzel Zucker Tanev Rust Malkin
        ( I guess we are stuck with him) go from there

        Letang /Dumoulin /Marino go from there

        Tristan Jarry add a back up..

        Funny enough about the only place Malkin would even think about waiving his no trade clause is to New York Rangers. His wife loves New York she is a Russian tv personality.

        I’m not sure what you would have or what it would take? I would take Jesper Fast at this point. Malkin might help Pannarin and Zbinajhad (no clue his spelling ) and the young Rangers get to the next level.

        Who would you give up for Malkin…we are stuck with him but hypothetically.

      • Babbling bumpkin? Lmfao. You keep on living the dream from your mothers basement…..

        I can’t read that striker like short novel of homer drool… but the first 10000 words you mention not RE-SIGNING (not resigning… two totally opposite meanings… pick up a dictionary!) about half the roster or buying them out!

        Nobody is giving Pittsburgh a top 4 d-man for Murray! You’re on crack! When is the last time a goaltender got that type of return?

        He’s often injured and isn’t really securing his job in Pittsburgh!!!!!!!

        You keep living this dream drool boy! Maybe when they fail to make the playoffs or are once again bounced in the first round you’ll open your eyes….although I seriously doubt you will!

    • If he doesn’t end up in Winnipeg I’m screaming BS.

    • Did an American kick your ass at something Gary?

      • No not really, I just love how teams who should get first will get it. Its funny how many times Vancouver and Ott were screwed by Bettman. The only American team who csn complain about him is Detroit.

    • Yes Gary it’s a big conspiracy. Put on your tin foil hat and lock yourself in your cubby hole. Gary Bettman is an alien and this is all part of there world domination. Well at least after the RANDOM balls are dropped if one of the teams you listed happens to win the lottery you can go on with your conspiracy theories.

      • Watch buddy watch. Its not conspiracy, just simple statement. Rangers needed high drsft pick? There you go nr 2, and they were relatively high in standings. Nice try with conspiracy theories

      • Gary that’s exactly what you are saying. The draft lottery is rigged because Gary Berman wants to give it to those teams to help them. That’s called a conspiracy theory. It’s not fixed Gary it will be completely random. Either one of those teams has a 12.5 chance like all the other teams that lose the play in round. If one of those teams gets the pick it was random, just like the Crosby draft. Completely random.

      • The Crosby draft wasn’t exactly random, maybe do some research before spouting off

      • Yes the Crosby draft was random there were officials there just because no gm’s were there doesn’t all of a sudden turn it into a scam. Betman was not the only person in the room No tin foil hat needed for this one. Can’t even provide a good explanation as to why Pittsburgh would be the chosen team as there were multiple teams that needed saving.

  13. Agree with Slick62 on tortorella! He’s ALWAYS been a rude, condescending, arrogant jerk when he loses and a smiley jerk when he wins. Can you imagine having that loser in your life – one day on top and the next day scraping bottom. If he can’t do his job (RESPECTABLE interviews ARE part of his job!), then fine him for every single interview that he treats the press like trash. Isn’t it ironic that the person treating others like trash is the real piece of trash?

    • Ant-Tort, John Lennon – often called an egomaniac (among other choice epithets) once observed “if being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do, then in that respect you can call me that … I believe in what I do …” Bottom line, I think Tortorella’s approach to coaching is to never worry about looking or sounding good but rather to worry about achieving his goal. He certainly does not suffer fools gladly.

  14. All I know Gary as at least once a week I watch Boston Vancouver finals. Thomas was the difference I love watching the Sedin sisters getting up off the ice after Marchand knocked them on their wimpy butts. Some guy bit Bergeron but he than hid for rest of series and Vancouver thought by taking out arguably Boston’s best forward during playoffs with a horrible late hit to the head that ended his career would make the difference but that didn’t work. Canucks goalie wanted his tires pumped up but the air was leaking out faster than they could plug the holes. So Vancouver fans blame the Refs and burned the city yeah that helps and makes sense lol what a bunch of losers. Let’s hope they meet again this year and we will see what excuse you can come up with next. Maybe it will be Bettman,s fault.

    • I’m not a Vancouver fan at all, I don’t really csre about them either. I like how you try.
      “I watch finals once a week”- I’m sure you do.
      Weirdly every penalty was called against Canucks amd only canucks in that game.
      Marchand- im surprised he finished this series, he shouldn’t, but well as years later showed, league doesn’t like to punish him.
      I like how you tried

  15. Not sure Gary how Marchand finished but he lead series with 5 goals 7 points and was plus 6 while the sisters had 5 points minus 12 combined lol. In 7 games Thomas let 8 goals in and Roberto letslotsgoalsin let 20 and was pulled a few times. Boston had more heart and when it mattered game7 they shut them out. Wasn’t because of reffing or because they are from USA it was because they were better that series. Gary you may not be a Vancouver fan but your a winer maybe watch figure skating or lawn bowling.

  16. Nyr4life…your an idiot I guess you can’t read…LOL I asked you at the end (i know you probably have ADD) of my last post..

    Ok I know you New Yorkers have the attention span of a spider so I’ll be brief.

    1. No one has to give us a top 4 defenseman plenty of UFAs you dope. LOL

    2.If you didn’t have Add Ahd Bi-polar manic depressive syndrome you would have read the end of my last post..

    I said the only place Malkin would waive his NMC would be New York Rangers because his wife loves NY an is a Russian TV personality,

    If you were the Gm what would you give up for malkin,,he did have 75 points this yea, best in 4 years, sucked in the playoffs. Who would you give up..? Your answer