NHL Rumor Mill – August 12, 2020

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Could the Rangers shop the first-overall pick? Are changes coming for the Penguins? What’s the latest on the Leafs and Oilers? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes New York Rangers general manager Jeff Gorton will spend the coming weeks deciding if he’ll use the first-overall pick to select top prospect Alexis Lafreniere or shop it for the No. 2 center his club badly needs.

Will the New York Rangers keep the first-overall pick and select Alexis Lafreniere? (NHL.com)

The Rangers already have left-wingers Artemi Panarin and Chris Kreider, making it difficult for Lafreniere to be an immediate fit in their roster. Garrioch expects Gorton will find a place for the youngster unless he gets an offer too good to refuse. He believes the Ottawa Senators (with the third and fifth overall picks), Montreal Canadiens, and Detroit Red Wings could come calling.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators, Canadiens, and Red Wings lack the type of center the Rangers would want as part of the return. I think Gorton will listen to offers but he might not get one to his liking. He could also surprise us by taking Quinton Byfield instead of Lafreniere with that pick, but I believe he’ll stick with the time-honored adage that you take the best available player.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski reports Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford indicated changes are coming during his end-of-season press conference yesterday.

Team sources indicate there could be an assistant coach change at some point this week. Rutherford indicated no changes are coming to the roster core. He expressed disappointment in defenseman Justin Schultz’s performance, an indication perhaps the pending free agent won’t be re-signed.

The Penguins GM also spoke about goaltenders Matt Murray and Tristan Jarry. The pair are restricted free agents with arbitration rights. Rutherford acknowledged it would be difficult to keep both. He also feels his roster needs to get younger.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Penguins are leaning toward keeping this year’s first-round pick (15th overall) and sending next season’s first-round selection to the Minnesota Wild. As per conditions in the Jeff Zucker trade last February, the Penguins have seven days following the lottery to reach a decision.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford’s comments should put to rest recent suggestions that Evgeni Malkin or Kris Letang should hit the trade block. Unless he can free up salary-cap space, he’ll have to choose between Murray or Jarry. I expect he’ll take the younger, affordable option with Jarry.

It won’t be surprising if Schultz doesn’t return. He hasn’t been the same since fracturing his leg last season.


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan believes Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas must decide if he’ll re-sign goaltender Frederik Andersen to a long-term deal given his recent history of giving up soft goals in the playoffs.

Do the Leafs really want to tie into Andersen for the long term? Can they afford to? Do people really think the Leafs will turn into Stanley Cup contenders if Dubas acquires Matt Murray?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: To answer those questions in order: No, they shouldn’t. No, they can’t. No, they won’t. Andersen has a year left on his contract. Unless better options appear via the trade market or free agency (provided Dubas can free up sufficient cap space), best to ride it out with Andersen for one more year and see what becomes available during next season or next summer.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports his understanding of Dubas’ no-trade promise after re-signing William Nylander last season was that it was solely for the immediate aftermath of the agreement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whatever Dubas promised Nylander, the young winger could soon find out that a general manager’s promises are easily broken for the good of the team or the GM’s ongoing employment.

Friedman also believes San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton could be on the Leafs’ radar, depending on what happens with Jason Spezza.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All due respect to Thornton, who’s had a wonderful career, but he’s well past his best-before date. Besides, the Leafs already had an aging former Sharks on their roster in Patrick Marleau and it cost them their 2020 first-round pick to get rid of the final year of his contract. They don’t need to repeat that mistake. Yes, I know, they could get Thornton to agree to a one-year, bonus-laden deal, but he’s not going to make the Leafs a better team next season. 


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Terry Jones reports Oilers GM Ken Holland indicated he’s got some decisions to make going forward after his club was eliminated from the qualifying round. Noting Holland spoke about the flat salary cap for next season, Jones speculates Andreas Athanasiou, Mike Smith, and James Neal might not be back.

Jones also thinks one of the Oilers’ top-four defensemen other than Ethan Bear could be shopped. He guesses Adam Larsson could be available in a “semi-major trade.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Athanasiou is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. Holland could decide not to qualify the winger’s rights, making him a UFA. The Oilers GM could then attempt to sign him to a more affordable contract, or simply look for a better option elsewhere.

The 38-year-old Smith is no longer an effective NHL starting goalie. The Oilers need a better option to split the duties with the erratic Mikko Koskinen. Neal is signed through 2022-23 and his age (32), the cap hit ($5.27 million) and offensive inconsistency will be difficult to move. A buyout is possible here.

Larsson was acquired four years ago from New Jersey for Taylor Hall. Holland might have to bundle him with a draft pick or prospect or pick up part of his $4.16-million cap hit for next season. Larsson also has a modified no-trade clause.


  1. If the Rangers knew they could get Byfield @ #3 MAYBE they make the Sens trade… but I cant see them not takng Laf. Kreider is still a good top 6 winger but in two years he will be a luxury on the 3rd line.
    They have a decent goalie in Georgiev to package with young players/prospects/picks for a 2nd line center.

    • No way Georgiev and other low value prospects picks gets you a 2nd line center

      • No, but how about a good 3C like Kerfoot for Georgiev so Leafs can dump Andersen. I would way prefer him and Campbell as a tandem to that terminally scarred Dane.

  2. Pens need to keep this year’s 15 spot. Next year who knows and it certainly should drop to the mid 20’s or lower .

    I have stated a couple of years now Larsson or at least his style and team need would fit with the Leafs. You may be able to make a nice package trade there exchanging some draft picks for Kerfoot and Kapanen
    Neal should be bought out Lucic smoked him in the play in series and Milan can’t even skate anymore. Flames got robbed for that conditional 3 round draft pick.

    • I agree, Pens have to keep this years 1st. It is a deep draft and who knows next year the Pens could be drafting between 20-30.

      Pie in the sky trade options between the Oilers and Leafs
      Koskinen and Larsson for Anderson and Nylander

      Leafs get approximately 3.4 million in cap relief plus a top 4 defenseman

      • I’d like to see a Dawson Mercer go to the Pens at 15, that would almost make it worth it.

      • Unfortunately this year’s 15th overall ; plus a prospect/ roster player like Lafferty; may be Pens only way of jettisoning JJ

      • You hear gmjrs press conference pengy? Jj’s poor play was blamed entirely on schultz. Jj’s just being picked on apparently.

        Also pens fire all their assistants but keep sully. By gonch!

      • Pengy , Penguins have option buying out JJ’s contract.

      • Hi Speed Kills… yep

        They had that option as well last summer; and due to the way his contract was set out; if buyout last summer; this years cap hit would have been less than $300 K total

        A buyout now (please and thank you) saves $2.1 M in Cap next year and the year after… and of course; team becomes immediately better by massive leaps and bounds

        Imagine …. buyout JJ ; sign Soucy to replace him….. WOW 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏

      • FLAMES FAN..Dont you think T.J. Brodie would be a good fit ss a UFA in Pittsburgh? Put him on second pair with young blossming john Marino.

  3. I don’t think NY would get the type of offer to trade that #1. They have a ton of young centers already. Chytl , Howden Andersson , etc. plus nothing wrong with the way Strome performed which gets overlooked quite often.

    Realistically, what center will someone give up on that #1? Either an established aging expensive center or a young prospect that isn’t proven.

    No thanks to either. They have plenty of other assets to move around. They also have plenty of time to see if Chytil , Howden is that guy or he’s not.

    They could also move one of these Lws to the rw.

    I say zero chance NY moves that pick.

    • Rangers have assets to move all with lower ceilings than Laf. Buch, Kratsov, Howden, Andersson’s rights, Barron, Georgiev, handful of solid D prospects

      • I agree they all have lower ceilings. But as me and George are saying.
        , nobody and I mean nobody is going to offer that young established center NY would desire in return.

        Hey , if Edmonton comes calling with Draisaitl For that #1 plus…. Gorton will be all over that like a bum on a bologna sandwich!

        But don’t hold your breath on ANY team offering that type of player.

        I see at best an RNH, who is rapidly approaching 30 and an expensive new deal to accompany him into his 30s.

        I’d rather see NY trade a couple of young prospects than this #1.

    • I agree. Unless the trade offer is overwhelming you just don’t pass up a player like Lafreniere. Would Ottawa offer the # 3 & # 5 to get him? It would be tempting what with the marketing benefits and all – and Gorton MIGHT be tempted to bite – but in the end I just don’t see Dorion being that bold. No one else, as you say, is going to offer the type of # 1 dominating and still relatively young C because finding one of those is like finding a nugget in a s&*t-pile.

      Lafreniere will be a Ranger on draft day.

      • Agreed George. I truly don’t see any possible trade. Ottawa would part with No’s. 3 & 5, but the Rangers would want a player who could help them immediately, preferably a center, and Ottawa does not have a player like that who they would be willing to give up. Neither does Detroit. As for the Habs, I think dropping down to no better than 16 would sour the Rangers. Arguably, Max Domi might fit the bill as a second line center, but they would obviously have to give up way more than Domi and their first overall pick. Add in Caufield, a 2nd rounder and much more. Don’t see it happening. And don’t forget one key factor. Lafreniere’s cap hit won’t be that high for his first three years. That’s very important for the cap strapped Rangers. Taking on a veterans salary won’t be easy for them.

    • Nyr4life,
      Let me ask you this, if Nashville offers Johansson and their first for Lundqvist (approving he waives his NMC) and the #1, do you do it?
      I think Howden ceiling is bottom 6 F, while Chytil maybe better off as winger than C. I doubt Anderssen and NYR repair that relationship, and even if they do, his ceiling might not be as high as originally thought.
      Strome, could price himself out of NYR if he asks or arbitrator rules too high.

      • I don’t think NY makes that trade. Johansson Is way too expensive for his production. This year he had 37 points in 68 games. Strome had 59 in 70 games. I take Strome for 2 years at 6 ( which is way beyond what he’ll actually get) before I take Johansson at 8 for 5 more years.

        They will buy out Lundqvist, he only has one year remaining…. why take on Johansson for 5 more? He isn’t living up to that contract now, I can’t imagine it gets better storming towards 30.

    • If I was the Rangers I offer up the 1st plus Georgiev and there best center prospect for Echel. I know if I’m Buffalo I start getting tempted if thats the start of the offer.

      • Not.Gonna.Happen. Eichel has established himself as a top young center and there’s no way the Sabres will trade him for unknown quantities. Besides, the Rangers would have to dump a lot of salary to accommodate Eichel.

      • Roger, I can’t see Buffalo moving Eichel unless it’s a proven young C with upside. Is Brett Howden that guy?

      • Buffalo is not trading Eichel, and NY can’t afford that hit.

      • Super terrible idea, Roger.
        Why would Buffalo do that?

      • Well shoerpark here’s the thinking that went behind that. Lafreniere is projected to be a Patrick Kane type player and Georgiev is a solid goalie with number one potential plus Buffalo would get there pick of NY plethora of up and coming high end prospect so if I say. I’ll give you Patrick Kane a number 1 goalie and potential future star that you can pick for a number 1 center do you start thinking about it. Now it’s a risk because maybe none of those players pan out but a risk would be the only way you could potentially win a trade for Eichel. They always say the winner of the trade is the one who gets the best player. Was Kane better than Eichel at the same stage of there careers. I believe Kane scored 120 points at the same age as Eichel. Plus a potential number 1 goalie and if your scouts know what they are doing they should be able to pluck a pretty good prospect or 2 from. Ny as they have one of the best prospect pools in the NHL. It is of course a risk but like zi said how else does Buffalo win an Eichel trade. Let’s also nor forget that Eichel is not happy and Buffalo wants to shed salary and they absolutely need to go in a different direction.

      • So why would Buffalo trade the best player for a surprise bag?

        How about the same package for Matthews?

      • Like I said Shorepark it’s the only way that Buffalo has any chance of winning an Eichel trade. He’s not happy in Buffalo and who knows what conversations are happening in the background. Not to mention the salary relief. If I’m the leafs I think about it as well depending on Mathews intentions. There has been a lot of speculation that Matthew’s signed a five year deal because he doesn’t like Toronto. You would end up in the same situation if in year 4 he says I’m not signing then how can you possibly win a trade for Matthew’s. You will need to take a calculated risk. Do you believe laf will be a great player, Do you think Geogiev can be a number 1 goalie, how do you view NY’S Prospect pool? It’s risk vs reward. Only possible way you win a trade for a high player like that.

    • Yep – rebuilding teams wish, hope and pray to get that #1 pick so when you get it you keep it and use it. While they are in the rebuilding stage, it’s getting on the mature side, If they want a 2nd line center for a year or so waiting for the kids to mature, they have other options. Grab a older UFA (Joe Thornton type) for a one year deal. Option #2 if the need is a little more urgent then they do have Carolina’s #1 or a couple of #3’s they can toss at someone. Option #3 wait until trading deadline next season ( April / May ?) and there will be deals to be made, especially next season when teams are trying to move players because they will be exposed in the expansion draft.

    • Marner for rangers #1 or Nylander ++ for the #1

      • And what, exactly, do you see the Rangers – already tight against the cap – doing to accommodate THOSE cap hits? Besides, there is absolutely NOT enough the Leafs could offer as ++ with Nylander to get that done. Pipe dream.

  4. Would LA be interested in Laf ?

    2nd overall to NYR (Byfield) for 1st (Laf) and Fagemo?

    I agree it’s hard to pass up that talent; but Breadman and CK would have Laf on 3rd line for a few years unless one of the 3 flips wings

    This way… they get Byfield who could be 2C in 2 years; and likely chance at 3C now; PLUS an excellent prospect in Fagemo

    If Gorton is convinced Det taking Stutzle … what is the ask from Sens (please be nice… don’t want to give George a hear attack)…. they won’t be flipping 3rd and 5th to get Laffy that’s for sure

    At 3rd ; if Gorton is somehow convinced Wings are taking Stutzle ; they get Byfield

    Would Gorton and Dorian shake on 3rd (Byfield) ; Isle’s 1st (prob 18th – 22nd) and Sens 2nd (33rd) for Laffy? Sens still picking 5th and may still get Drysdale

    • So NY gives up Lafreniere for Byfield and a 2nd round pick (Fagemo) ? A guy who went undrafted his first year of eligibility?

      Lafreniere by all scouts opinions have him WAY above Byfield or anyone else in this draft. So I think Gorton hangs up the phone and blocks the number.

      • Well that guy just got more goals and points than any other player at the Word Juniors, including Lafreniere.

        I get and agree with the point your trying to make. But to suggest Fagemo is a second rate prospect is just flat out wrong. Fagemo is an excellent, exciting prospect for LA.

        I am absolutely fine moving forward with Byfield and Fagemo instead of Lafreniere. Anyone that thinks he’s head and shoulders above Byfield is delusional.

        As you were!

      • Then LA should clutch on to him! Good for him. He had a good showing at Juniors. A bit late in the game I’d say. Again, his first year of eligibility he was passed over by EVERY team in the nhl 7 times. And then again by every team at least once.

        Not kicking the guy, but he’s hardly a guy that comes with the promise that Lafreniere does.

        And most scouts have Lafreniere Well above Byfield. I have not seen one scout, beat writer or even a drunken mock draft that has Byfield even remotely being taken over Lafreniere. I’ve seen some over the last year that have him below #2, but not once above #2.

        So are ALL of these people delusional? And you’re the ONLY one that’s right?

      • Remember NY, Byfield is a full year younger than Lafreniere and has a rare blend of skill, speed and size. I’m not saying Byfield is better than Lafreniere right now, but rather he has potentially the higher ceiling.

        Byfield has been compared to both Kopitar and Malkin, and we all know Lafreniere is no McDavid or Crosby type prospect.

        And no not every pundit has Lafreniere head and shoulders above Byfield, above yes but not to the extent your suggesting.

      • Nyr4Life, what Bill Wright said in the 2nd link was that Byfield was one of the 2 players that could have a higher ceiling than Laf. And it was tough to say due the age difference.
        Why he ranked Laf higher was that there is no way that Laf could be a bust in his opinion.
        The difference in expected pts in NHL based on their past seasons was 1 point. One.
        When they were both 17, Byfield’s season was better using same model.
        He summed it up by saying Laf is more of a sure thing, and you can’t swing and miss with the 1st overall pick.
        Seems similar to what some of us are saying.

        All I’m saying is maybe it is worth the risk due to age, size, skating and position. But I agree with the take that you have to hit with this pick, so you go the sure thing route.

      • Ny, just like Ray said and what I said earlier, but for arguments sake I’ll reiterate.

        Lafreniere is the better player NOW. No one is denying that. But it’s very plausible that Byfield has the higher ceiling when you factor in his speed, skill and size and the more coveted position.

        You make it sound like it’s a foregone conclusion that Lafreniere is going to be the better player, just cause you say so.

    • Pengy & NYR, I threw the LA option out there a few days ago, except LA includes the 35th pick overall instead.
      It all depends on how they view Byfield and Lafreniere.
      As of today Laf is the better player, but some scouts really like Byfield’s upside. Raw, but big, fast and highly skilled. Highly athletic and a good head. Also 10 months younger, and when you are only 18, that matters.
      It isn’t about who is better today, but who will be better over the next 7 years.
      Can’t say I know the answer to that question, just throwing it out there.
      Still think they draft Laf, but I would suggest they will do their due diligence.
      Like everyone says people don’t trade #1 C’s, and the NYR’s have a chance to draft one and get another asset.

      • Ray, I’ve seen both in action – Byfield vs Ottawa 67s and Lafreniere vs Gatineau Olympiques. Yes, Byfield is a big (6′ 4″ 215 lb) C just 18 y/o who will probably get a lot bigger. He can skate like the wind, has great hands and certainly has no fear of the tough areas. All qualities, by the way, possessed by Lafreniere. If there’s a difference, it’s in instant creativity and in that the edge goes to Lafreniere.

        The real conundrum here is that age difference and positions. The younger Byfield is only going to draw more raves by the time he hits 19 and he’s a C. A very big, and potentially dominating C. If they don’t go 1 (Lafreniere) – 2 (Byfield) – or even vice versa, the scouting departments of NYR and L.A. should be fired.

      • And the Rangers pick is in…. Hugh Jessiman!

      • LOL. If this were fiction he’d be the Moonlight Graham of the hockey world.

      • Hi Ray and George


        This minute he’s 17, and listed at 6’4 1/4” ; 215 (that hit./wt. has been up there for a year (when he was still 16) . so likely he has grown since then)

        He still could get taller but that is irrelevant… no matter what; by the time he’s 21 he’ll add at least 15 lbs of muscle; so if he doesn’t get any taller… he will be 6’4 1/4”; 230 (min) and have 3 full years to fully develop his skills; and he’s a centre👍👍👍👍

        That’s why I believe to Rangers (already with Breadman & CK) a trade instead that gets them Byfield and the up and coming late bloomer Fagemo (who was fantastic at the WJCs and did very well recently in the Champions League) is certainly something to consider

        If Rangers keep the pick then they are taking Laff (as pointed out above; if they are taking Byfield any way; they could get him and more with a deal with LA)

        With that assumption… Rangers keeping pick; taking Laf; what is it worth to Sens to give up (extra) to flip 2nd and 3rd with LA ; so that Sens get Byfield; LA get Stutzle?

        Would LA take Isle’s (likely 18th – 22nd) and Sens 2nd (33rd) to make that flip?

        To me it’s worth it for Sens…. is Blake going to accept that?

      • Is Ny more desperate for a center than LA?

        Kopitar is 33

        Zibanejad is 27.

        No chance NY passes on Lafreniere, and unlikely LA doesn’t want Byfield more than Lafreniere.

      • I live in Sudbury and gave see. Byfield play many times. He will need a bit more seasoning but he is that good. Every winger that has played with him all of a sudden starts putting up well over a point per game. He’s one of those rare talents that make all of the players around him better. You won’t ever hear the old excuse of if he only had a high talent winger to play with because Byfield will make that winger look that good. He’s a couple years away and I hope we can get him back to Sudbury for another year but the team that gets him will be lucky Really hope he stays in Ontario and goes to Ottawa.

  5. Really low class of Rutherford throwing Schultz under the bus …

    • Penguins justfired Recchi, Housley, Gonchar and Martin.

      Entire coaching staff it seems except Sullivan.

      Lots of scapegoats in Mario World today.

      • Rutherford has needed to go since Botterill left. He’s made a few good moves since then but a lot of dumb ones too. Who’s decision was it to have Jack Johnson on the ice for 8 of the Habs 10 goals I’m the series? And then Rutherford whines about how people give the Jackhole a hard time. They give him a hard time because he’s a moron that makes stupid decisions, both on the ice and off. If changes need to be made it should start with Rutherford.

      • Hi RRJ

        once again I find out first; more devastating news on Pens; from you. You were first to let me know re goalie flip last Friday… thanks for the update

        Holy holy holy crap

        Firing Assistant coaches ; NOTE: 3 of which begged and pleaded with Sully to sit JJ; and still keep Sully ?????


        “ He expressed disappointment in defenseman Justin Schultz’s performance”

        Are you F#&*$ ng kidding me.

        #3 costs by himself ; games 1 and 3 (and don’t forget he cost all by himself; one of the Isle’s series games; AND was a serious contributor on another loss in that Isle’s series) then the coach (less than 24 hours after announcing he won’t be public stating roster changes… which got everybody excited as that inferred he was finally going to sit JJ) has a presser announcing but a single change… effectively saying to the world that series on ropes solely due to Murray (914 series; compared to reg season 899; plus he was 970 in series when JJ was on bench) and effectively publicly defending the horrific JJ🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

        …. and team came out game 4 completely unmotivated🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

        …. and playoff streak now over🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

        …. and it’s the assistant coaches to blame??????????

        So rather than the easy fix of buyout JJ (note with the benefit of an extra $2.1 M in Cap space for two years [remaining cup window] ) and fire Sully…

        He fires Asst coaches; publicly admonishes Shultz; without saying a single (and let me add appropriate) thing about JJ???

        Holy Shite Shooter Batman!!!!

        Mario… please … fire Jimbo and Sully

        Bring in Hextall (GM) and Gallant (coach)…. they’ll jettison JJ in a heartbeat and trade Bjug

        Sad sad sad days

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Vellucci is added to the Pittsburgh staff.

      • I like gmjr for his brutal honesty. Even if he can be a dumbo.

    • Easier to do this than take responsibility himself. Blaming a defenseman for 2 years of playoff shortcomings. Look no further than the mirror Mr. Rutherford. Mario may fire his ass now. Don’t be shocked.

  6. Anybody know what time the Leafs game is today?

    Asking for a friend.

    • Hi RRJ

      Tell ur friend; two games:

      MM; AM ; Ceci and Johnson tee off at 2:30

      JT; Kerfoot; Kappy; and MR tee off at 3

      • Holy cow. The first of the annual Leafs golf jokes (the first overall was yesterday with Connor McDivot) … and it comes from a Leafs fan! Can’t call Pengy a “hater.”

      • CECI is not a Leaf anymore !!!

  7. You’re drafting a player for what you hope is most of his career. Lafreniere by all accounts is going to have a long and productive career. You don’t trade him because you think you need a center next year. Besides, there’s possibility he could play center. I’ve gone back n forth with this. Eichel? He’d be worth having but we’d have to add to deal plus make cap space. And we’d still need to fix defense. Detroit? Would only do for Larkin and 4th pick. I don’t doubt Rangers could pursue a center in a trade, but first pick won’t be dealt. IMO, signing Strome and DeAngelo would be a mistake.

    • George, the Leafs are not Pengy’s favourite team. They are among the top two though.
      Just a variation on being a fan.

      • Leafs are my co-favs

        3rd fav is VGKs

  8. If the Ranger management team are doing their job there is not a hope in hell they would trade the #1 pick.

    If you take the short term glasses off and put the long term glasses on you can have Lafreniere on the left side and Kakko on the right side. Those two would make an ordinary center look like a star.
    Panarin is 28 krieder is 29
    Lafreniere is 18 and Kakko is 19

    That is the future of the Rangers, seems like a no brainer

  9. Here’s a $1 million dollar question.

    When is the last time a #1 overall pick was (knowingly) traded?

    I can’t think of ONE single example. Definitely not in the cap era.

    • Nyr4life – has never happened since the arrival of the cap in 2005. Before that there were these doozies culled from a site

      1971 – California Golden Seals trade the no. 1 pick and Francois Lacombe to the Canadiens for their 1970 first-rounder (no. 10) and Ernie Hicke – player taken: Guy Lafleur

      1975 – The Flyers trade Bill Clement, Don McLean and the no. 18 pick to the Caps for the no. 1 selection – player taken: Mel Bridgman

      1980 – The Habs send Ron Andruff and Sean Shanahan to the Rockies for the right to swap 1st-round picks (no. 1 for no. 19) – player taken: Doug Wickenheiser

      1983 – Minnesota (North Stars) trade Ron Meighan, Anders Hakansson, and their 1st-round pick (no. 15) to the Penguins for George Ferguson and their 1st-rounder (no. 1) – player taken: Brian Lawton

      1991 – The Flyers trade Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci, $15 million, and two 1st-round picks to Quebec for the no. 1 pick – player taken: Eric Lindros

      1998 – in November 1997 the Sharks trade Viktor Kozlov and a 5th-rounder to Florida for a 1st- -rounder (no. 1) and Dave Lowry – about 4 later, at the 1998 deadline, the Sharks send Andrei Nazarov and the right to flip 1st-round picks (no. 1 for no. 2) to the Lightning for Bryan Marchment and David Shaw. Player taken: Vincent Lecavalier

      1999 – on draft day the Canucks send Bryan McCabe and a future 1st-rounder (no. 11) to Chicago for the no. 4 pick, then send that pick and two 3rd-rounders to Tampa for the no. 1 pick. Then the Canucks send the no. 1 pick to the Thrashers for the no. 2 pick and a third-rounder. Player taken: Patrik Stefan

      2002 – on draft day Columbus trades the no. 3 pick and the right to swap picks in 2003 to Florida for the no. 1 pick. Player taken: Rick Nash

      2003 – Florida trades the no. 1 pick and a 3rd-rounder to Pittsburgh for the no. 3 pick, a 2nd- rounder and Mikael Samuelsson – player taken: Marc-Andre Fleury

      By the way, I imagine everyone’s watching the Bruins-Carolina game – who was the Bruins player on their pp following the controversial 2-1 goal who sent that rink wide pass at the blue line intercepted by McGinn for the 2-2 goal? What a dumb move.

      • George, was 99 the year of the Sedins?

      • Yep, they went # 2 and # 3

      • Hey george? Who was drafted 2 and 3 in 1899?

      • LOL. That was just a tad pre-draft … in the good old days when each team developed and maintained their own farm system … right down to the womb.

    • Hey guys, I expect they pick Laf, because that is what teams do, usually go with top rated.
      Even recently though, when not a “generational” type talent – ie McDavid, Mathews etc. the best player isn’t always the highest ranked. What about last year, would you rather have Hughes, Kakko or Dach today? Many might take the C – Dach.
      Not a perfect science by any means.
      The whole take the best player mantra is good, IF you can trade players and not lose the deal to get what you need at another position. The cap makes it tough.
      Look at the Leafs – drafted offensive talent vs D.
      Would Leafs be better off today, cap space, team construction, etc if they drafted a D instead of Marner? They had their choice of Provorov, Hanafin, Werenski. Is Marner a more valuable asset today? Maybe, but debatable. Would you trade any of those 3 for him? Would Leafs be a better team if they went D? Probably.
      The NFL drafts for position all the time, and teams trade picks all the time for that exact reason.
      Is Laf the best player today, yes. Will the NYR be a better team in 3 years if they take Byfield? Maybe.

      • And that, as I say Ray, is the conundrum. One big question – would Byfield make either the NYR or L.A. right off the bat as an 18-year-old? Given their roster make-up – and barring other as yet unknown deals – I’d say very likely.

        But there is NO doubt whatsover that Lafreniere will be in the NHL next season no matter who gets him.

        So, very definitely, the question as to which will have been the best option won’t be known definitively for probably 2 seasons at least.

        I keep thinking back to the Taylor Hall – Tyler Seguin draft year when my contention at the time was – take the C. Here we stand 741gp later with the 6′ 1: 100 lb Seguin having 279g 356a 635 pts while the 6′ 1″ 205 lb Hall sits with 218g 345a 563 pts in 627gp – over 100 games less due to several injuries.

      • Ya, George that is why it is a good debate, I can’t be proven wrong for a few years!
        Would you trade Seguin for Hall?
        Depends what Hall gets paid I guess.
        B’s played better today.
        You were right, they flipped the switch.

      • Lafreniere missed cut off for last years draft. A lot of talking heads think he would’ve been top pick in that draft. That’s how good he is. He’ll be in NHL next year. Byfeld won’t. I’m not sold on LA taking him #2. I personally think Steusle is better. He’s listed as a wing but only moved from center last year playing in German men’s league. Best skater in draft. Plus Kings already have Villardi and Turcotte.

      • You’ll call me crazy, but I’m picking the 6’4″ center who has comparable skill and is a whole year younger than the LW from the Q.
        Have to take the center when the skill sets are so close.
        The Rangers are in a great spot.

      • Slick62 – shoosh!!! I’m hoping Steutzle drops to 3 so the Sens get him, and then take Lucas Raymond at # 5

      • George, I’ll keep quiet but, give me the Islanders pick the 2 picks you got from Islanders for DeAngelo.

      • How many elite 6’4” plus elite centers are in the nhl today?

        McDavid, nope,Crosby, nope, Stamkos, nope, MacKinnon, nope, …. I believe out of the top 20 centers in the nhl… 2 are 6’3” or more.

      • Noticed how you completely ignored Malkin in that list. I’m sure Penguin fans can chime in on how elite or not he has been over the past decade or so.

      • And Anze Kopitar. Hmmm the two guys Byfield is being compared to.

      • OK I’ll add Malkin to that list he is 6’3”. So still fits my point. Thanks for the addition!

        Kopitar ranked 67th among forwards last year in scoring, this year he was tied for 30th.

        I’m not so sure I’m adding Kopitar to the elite list.

        Please show me where ONE person (outside of la media or fan base is comparing Byfield to Malkin please!

        Share the link in today’s post.

  10. Four “hockey” trades for your consideration and amusement:
    1. Kapanen (TML) for Zadorov (COL)
    2. Larsson (EDM) for Montour (BUF)
    3. Hanifin and Parsons (CAL) for Pettersson and Jarry (PIT)
    4. McCabe and Miller (BUF) for de Haan and Maatta (CHI)

    • 1. Makes zero sense for Leafs…no wait < 0%.

      • ** Detroit pick from Edmonton

    • 3 “Rangers“ trades.

      Strome to Buffalo for McCabe

      Howden,+3rd rd pick(from Dallas) to Arizona for Stepan and 2021 1st rd pick.

      Smith+Hajek to Detroit for 2nd rd. pick (from Dallas)



  11. Generally you would not and no one has traded the number one pick overall. Maybe for the 3 and 5 this year. Lafreniere would be the face and voice of the Sens franchise . Quebec influence in that market Francophone etc. A very unique situation but a big price to pay. Any other year not even a consideration if I am Ottawa.
    See Lindros Forsberg deal deal. It could be done if motivated.

  12. How about Anthony Cirelli and Gourde for 1st and Buchnevich?

    • I am also a lightning fan, and I say absolutely no thank you.

      Gourde has 30 points in 70 games and cost 5+ per for 5 more years. A huge no thanks. Ny bit on Nemistikovs inflated production…. A little late for Gourde.

      I like Cirelli , but I don’t believe he is the type of center NY wants. And his contract is uncertain.

      Buchnevich alone out produced both Gourde and Cirelli. And is signed for 3.25 for another year. And 3 years younger than Gourde.

      This looks like a Tampa salary and headache dump. No chance NY is giving that package up for Gourde, Cirelli and a low 1st.

      • Gorton would be the next GM on the unemployment line.

      • Gorton is wrong less than most.

  13. PATRICE BERGERON!!!!!!! Yeah he’s good.