NHL Rumor Mill – August 29, 2020

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A look at this year’s noteworthy UFAs in today’s NHL rumor mill.

SI.COM/THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin recently updated his listing of this year’s top NHL unrestricted free agents. St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo tops the list, followed by Arizona Coyotes left wing Taylor Hall, Boston Bruins blueliner Torey Krug, Florida Panthers winger Mike Hoffman, and Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner.

TSN: Frank Seravalli also has Pietrangelo, Hall and Krug among his top-three and Lehner at No. 5 on his top-10 list, with Vancouver Canucks goalie Jacob Markstrom in the fourth spot.

St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No argument from me regarding Pietrangelo’s placement. He’ll be heavily courted if he and the Blues fail to reach agreement on a contract extension. Despite the flattened salary cap for next season, he could command over $9 million annually on the open market.

The respective playoff performances of Hall and Krug didn’t do much to improve their free-agent value, but they still remain near the top of this year’s UFA crop. Hall’s current annual average value is $6 million and Krug’s is $5.25 million. Under normal circumstances, they’d get long-term contracts with big raises. Now, they might have to accept short-term deals for more modest raises in hopes of scoring more lucrative deals once league revenue improves.

Hoffman played well for the Panthers during the qualifying round. He’s a reliable scorer but his age (31) could limit him to a three-year deal with an AAV of around $6 million.

I’d put Lehner slightly ahead of Markstrom but both are the best pending UFA netminders. Lehner will want a long-term deal after spending the past two years on one-year contracts and for more than his current $5 million. Markstrom is rumored to be seeking over $6 million annually on a long-term contract, but maybe he’ll accept that much on a three-year deal.

Larkin has Markstrom ninth on his listing, with Panthers winger Evgenii Dadonov, Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tyson Barrie, Vancouver Canucks winger Tyler Toffoli, and Calgary Flames rearguard T.J. Brodie coming in sixth through 10.

Seravalli has Hoffman and Dadonov sixth and seventh on his listing, followed by Toffoli, Panthers center Erik Haula, and Barrie completing his top-10 list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Toffoli’s two-way skills should put him higher on those lists. Dadonov has tallied 25-play goals in each of the last three seasons and probably would’ve reached 60 points again this season had the schedule not been derailed by COVID-19, but I wonder how productive he’ll be with another club. 

Barrie’s stock really took a hit this season with the Leafs. However, he’s a right-handed shot with good puck-moving skills. As Seravalli suggests, he could regain his form away from Toronto’s harsh spotlight. I’m puzzled by Seravalli’s ranking Haula so high. While I agree this year’s market isn’t a good one for centers, Haula’s injury history could hurt his UFA value.

Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby and former Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien are 13th and 14th on Larkin’s rankings. Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Sami Vatanen, Nashville Predators winger Mikael Granlund, and Tampa Bay Lightning blueliner Kevin Shattenkirk fill in the rest of spots 11 through 15.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holtby’s playoff performance didn’t help his UFA stock. His play has been in decline since 2018. The flat cap will also work against his chances of securing a hefty raise on a long-term deal. Granlund also didn’t help his case with his postseason play. I’d put Byfuglien at the bottom of this list because we don’t know if he intends to resume his career after sitting out this season and if the 35-year-old blueliner will be as effective as he once way.

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford lands at No. 20 on Larkin’s list, preceded by Calgary Flames defenseman Erik Gustafsson, Washington Capitals blueliner Brenden Dillon, Haula, and Flames rearguard Travis Hamonic.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Larkin pointed out, Crawford played well despite the horrible blueline in front of him this season. He wonders if the long-time Blackhawks goalie will take less money to stay in Chicago. I think he will. At 35, he could sign a one-year, bonus-laden deal with a low base salary that could take him up to $5 million.

Dallas Stars netminder Anton Khudobin, Calgary Flames goalie Cam Talbot, and Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Justin Schultz are among Larkin’s bottom 10.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Khudobin’s play throughout this season and in the playoffs could send his value rising for clubs pursuing an experienced, reliable backup. Talbot could seek a starter’s job elsewhere if he doesn’t re-sign with the Flames. Schultz’s value plummeted this season, in part because he was returning from a serious leg injury suffered last season. He could prove a worthwhile, affordable gamble on a one-year, “show-me” deal.

New York Rangers winger Jesper Fast, Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dylan DeMelo, Predators forward Craig Smith, Canucks blueliner Chris Tanev, Colorado Avalanche winger Vladislav Namestnikov, Carolina Hurricanes’ defenseman Joel Edmundson, and Arizona Coyotes center Carl Soderberg complete the listing.


  1. For several of the “30 somethings” it is suggested a possible 3 year contract in these uncertain times, yet I’m hearing the Pietrangelo contract request may be up to 8 years?? That doesn’t make sense to me—-I’m sticking with $8.5 for 5 or 6. Fair?

    ps. Lyle, the “over 9 million annually” seems excessive too.

    • Hey Iowa Prince, if Pietro hits free agency I think he can write his ticket. There will be some trade-off between term and $s, but $9 million seems achievable for a 5-6 year deal. Some GM/owner will definitely do this and “win” the offseason. We know what that means (see NJD 2019 offseason).
      Now if Hall thinks he is getting Panarin money that is a different story….

      • Don’t say that iowa prince, my beloved Habs still have The Mountain Man under contract for over $7 mill per until he is 41 yrs olds & I expect him to give us a top two D-man performance until the end of his contract!!! *he posts while hoping NO ONE will laugh at him*, ** too late, he laughed until he started cried to himself**

    • Iowa prince, only the Blues can sign Pietrangelo for eigth years. If he leaves the Blues organization the longest lengthed contract offer he can receive is seven years I believe.

      • Correct Uwey—but I still think 7 is too much!

        The story doesn’t often end well for 37-38 year old d’men.

        I know that Armstrong let Capt. Backes walk over term not dollars (1 yr. I believe)—I suspect he’d do the same with Capt. Pietrangelo. I would hate to see something more than 5 or 6 yrs.

      • Hi Uwey

        UFA market not open yet; but I think (asking anybody here to let me know if I have it wrong) he can be traded pre UFA opening; and that team can extend him for 8?

        Now highly unlikely ..l but if my assumption is correct; and say Army concludes that he won’t be able to come up with a workable deal; he could allow Petro’s agent to talk with teams; find one where Petro would sign for 8; trade Petro to that team for something; and at least not watch Petro walk away for nothing . The new team then extends him to 8 before UFA opens; just to beat out other 7 year or less deals; that are more “likeable” to Petro

        If I’ve got it wrong re trade; then other team can extend him for 8…. ignore

        $9 M per; non 8 year; pre Covid and flat Cap… I could have seen happening

        I don’t see him signing with any rebuilding team

        There is possibly (just throwing it out there) a thought in his mind ; during flat Cap; if he can’t come to a comfortable deal with Army (which my personal belief is that he wishes to stay) that he starts to favour contenders in tax advantaged cities (if they have room)


        Bolts…no room
        Knights …. no room
        Dallas… could manoeuvre but already have Klinger and Heisk at RHD… younger , cheaper
        Preds..not enough room

        Panthers… contender…IMHO …. no

        Gut feeling…. Army gets the deal closed

    • Subban makes $9M…who would you rather have on D at $9M a year? Doughty makes $11M a season.

      Pietrangelo will get paid. If STL let’s him walk over a difference of $1M a season they’ll regret it. Armstrong signed Faulk for $6.5M…that was a mistake.

      • With 21 teams smack up against the cap and needing to clear space just to sign their own RFAs (and maybe a UFA of their here and there) who, exactly, can you see clearing $8 or $9 mil and where do those cleared cap spaces go?

        Forget about the 4 or 5 teams that have a lot of cap space (like Ottawa, L.A. as examples) since I doubt he wants to go to a re-building club – unless it’s all about the money.

        Not as easily done as you think.

    • Iowa prince..absolutely spot on about pietrangelo and his contract situation. He is terrific but at 30 he has 3 maybe 4 prime years. I wouldn’t sign him to anything more than 4 years
      Someone will overplay.

  2. Extremely weak UFA market … which is good because that means there should be more trades …

    • The real problem with a weak UFA market is the prices will artificially rise out of a lack of supply, not greater value. That will raise the price of all contracts moving forward, making it more difficult to keep skilled players…

      UFA is where prices are set in this league.

      • Compared to most years this ufa market is quite strong.

  3. Pengy, to pick up on a conversation we were having late yesterday, other than age, why do you believe the Avs would be more likely to trade one of their top pairing D-men in Johnson ahead of one of their #3 pairing D-men in Zadorov.

    As George O offend refers to, you must look at the complete picture!!!

    Colorado IMO, is one of the top 5 contending teams in the league right now, as well as the next several years barring injury. They are setup to continue to be successful from a salary cap point of view as part of that equation as well.

    So I am trying to understand why they would want to move their veteran leadership on D who is all of 32 yrs old this season & who still plays top pairing minutes??? It is not like their cupboards are bare in D prospects either???

    My thought is they are more likely to move player who plays bottom three D-man minutes on the team to merely tweak their lineup moving ahead.

    • Hi Uwey

      Valid points

      We’re it me in Joe’s shoes… I wish!!! I would move Johnson (see rationale below)

      This is certainly not taking away from his ability at all… I’m just thinking big picture and long term

      I believe that Avs are an extremely good young team on the rise; and although to me it’s a stretch for them to get to cup this year… 2 Cups in the following 5 ???? I can’t discount that possibility.

      Their young D …. wow

      Why I’d move EJ now… he has a NMC so MUST be protected from Kraken… which means either Avs loose one of those excellent up and coming young D; or they are ponying up plenty in side deal with Kraken to keep them

      EJ has 19 teams he can be traded to and his value is certainly warranted; so tradability now is there

      So it’s trade him now when you can; save cap; save the young D assets; get fair return (see my Wild suggestion from yesterday) or keep him to start 21/22 @33 using up valuable Cap when others need to be signed and while Cap is flat AND losing either one of those young D OR other assets (to protect them)

      Note… no Cap issues for Avs this upcoming year… my thoughts are all in prepping for 21/22 — 25/26 years

      Joe is much wiser than I so he’ll do what he does

      It is just what I’d do…. sitting on my deck; enjoying a Tim’s and a scone 😁

      • Pengy.. Three. Great lefthanded defenseman to put with young blossoming John Marino to make our top 4 stronger.

        Hayden Fluery Carolina 23

        Nikita Zadorov Colorado

        TJ Brodie UFA Calgary 29

        O ne of these three strengths gs our top 4

      • Just need one of those three defenseman for next year..bng

      • You actually LIKE Tims???

      • Pengy, I believe Johnson, Zadorov, Graves & Girard are the only roster they need to protect. The kids including Makar will still be exempt next summer.

        And as you so rightfully pointed out, Johnson has a NMC. I’m not sure how the M-NTC works with a NMC or why he even has both??? I can’t see him willing to waive his NMC to go to another team unless it too is a contender & how many of them have the cap space or even the willingness to take on his $6 mill per for the next three years???

        Maybe Nylander straight up for Johnson???

      • Hi Uwey

        Yes that was my point… if it’s those 4 needing protection; and I don’t see Sackic going 4-4 (8) on protection instead of 7-3 (which I believe he will and should) then one of Girard; NZ; Graves is exposed as EJ per Exp. Rules; MUST be protected

        Re NM and his 19 team (which is called a partial NTC)…. he can’t be sent to minors; HAS to be protected by the team that owns him as at Exp. Draft; but CAN be traded to anyone of the 19 teams he’s provided in his list… basically 2/3rds of the teams

        I still think long term; best move is to traded EJ now when his value to contract price is still there; will it be so in 1 year at 33 with a flat cap? Two years from now with a flat cap??

        See my suggestion from yesterday re EJ to Wild

      • Hi BnG

        As I said before; I’m good with Pettersson/Marino; they are starting to work well together. Both had a couple of guffaws in the playing but they were off for so long and pre Covid were starting to work well together

        Re NZ or HF… yes would be nic3 to have but RFAs who will require big assets in return Pens don’t have

        Re TJB… yes nice to have and UFA so noassets to give up…. but willNOT be cheap and space isn’t there

        Best move is to aggressively go after Soucy

        All that is moot however as it appears that GMJR is destined to have Pens miss playoffs again next year

        In case you didn’t see… he re-upped Re-weasel; a full year before any extension talks needed to happen with him; with no one looking at him from other teams; and no one will; AND ; wait for it…. he gave him a raise

        This for a player who would be; quality wise; about 5th in line in WBS

        That re-up at the massively inappropriate time; with a grossly undeserved raise (Note: after Ron and Mario said cut costs) ; ALL while GMJR should more appropriately be working to re-sign his RFAs; and coming only days after he showed complete delusion in publicly praising JJ ; and basically saying it was all other Pens D’s fault … all that starts to indicate that he’s expecting bottom pairing as JJ/CR…if Pens have a year of them as bottom pairing… even if McD somehow became a Pen; then Pens have ZERO chance at making playoffs next year…. ZERO

        The easiest, most logical and completely in line with Ron/Mario’s wishes ; move that he can make is JJ BO with one of Riikola; OR Czuczman ; Or PO-J taking JJ’s place (ALL IN HIS CONTROL)… net Cap and cash savings👍👍👍 ; team MASSIVELY better 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍; all Pens stats get tremendously better👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


        Czuczman or PO-J as 7th D

        That D way cheaper; younger; faster ; tremendously better than last year’s

        If you must insist; I’ll flip Soucy and Pettersson in positions

        Bjug also MUST go

      • Hi George

        Tim’s is THE best

        I absolutely do not like Starbuck’s or McD’s brews at all

        Homemade (even with the TH grains) not the same

        XL; 2 milk Tim’s every time s’il vous plait 😁😁👍👍

      • “ Re-weasel”… I swear that was an auto-correct…. not my style to give crude and pejorative nick names to players I am not a fan of

        Just auto-correct for a spelling mistake


  4. So, 31 y/o Mark Borowiecki, a D who is regularly among the league leaders in hits, and plays a reasonably steady defensive game in the 5/6 role and is reasonably priced, sits among the “alsos” while 35 y/o Byfuglien – who it seems no one has heard anything about in months and who will not have played a meaningful game in over a year by the time next season rolls around (whenever that is) and – unless someone knows that he’s been working out diligently so could be approaching blimp proportions, is ranked 13th!!

    Small wonder that a lot of these so-called sports journalists are repeatedly ridiculed.

  5. If the Leafs can move more $$$ out the door while taking very little to none back, they may be able to plug some holes on D with guys like Hamonic to play with Reilly & Shattenkirk, a slight upgrade of Barrie, to play along side of Muzzin.

    Neither player should command “large” salaries & still provide the Leafs with a better D core than they had this past season.

    That said, they could look at more affordable options in Gudas & Schultz to plug those holes!!!!!!

    • Shattenkirk seems to be ok in Tampa. Always thought maybe Rangers could trade him there but alas, he was bought out and Bolts got him cheap. Add that to equation. How many players get bought out this year with flat cap, and then become very cheap free agent options. Will drive down price on others.

      • Pengy..you are much more confident in Marcus pettersson than I am.
        ..He struggles down low against quicker teams..he is a better 3rd pairing guy.

        We have three young defensemen coming pierre oliver Joseph William Reilly Rpi captain and this kid from Arizona state..future there looks good..its the present. Johnson rudwhedel rikola pettersson all ok..only

  6. Zadorov has to be qualified at about $3.5 M. And he has arbitration rights. Seems like a lot of money to be investing in a 3rd pair D man who has never lived up to his draft hype. There are other RFA’s that might not get qualified this year with the flat cap.

    • Zadorov in Pittsburgh would be a second pairing with young john Marino making a terrific young second pairing
      …$3.5 is totally appropriate. Peterson can go to third pairing where he belongs.

      • Soucy will come in much cheaper; still on an upward curve; costs no assets … as he’s a UFA

        GMJS will ask (rightfully so) a nice return for the RFA

  7. The Leaf window in my opinion is the length of the Matthews contract. To me that is a dominant Leaf reality.

    That leads to the UFA list as I see it, and to Pietrangelo. I am not saying he is keen like Tavares to reveal his Leaf blanket and fulfill a boyhood dream. Just that he is the major talent where there is a large hole on the Leafs. He fits the short window, Dubas created with the short Matthew’s contract.

    I would sign him for a big number ( maybe 10 over 5 or 6). I know that is longer than the Matthews contract. Then trade either Marner or Nylander for futures and young players. I would also trade Kerfoot or AJ for the same type of player but lower skill level players.

    I am not sure how I feel about the rumoured Anderson trade as his contract length is 1 year. That is totally at odds with the window as I see it. Lean towards trading him for cap reasons.

    Even if you get Pietranelo ( and the odds are not good) , you still need another good to average RHD or maybe you got one through the Marner/Nylander trade.

    Here we often write about real dollars and cap dollars. To me windows and contract length are more important.

    Not saying Dubas will do this. This is just a fan playing general manager.

    • So if you move Marner & give Pietrangelo basicly Marner’s money????

      What would be the return expected for Marner??? Just unproven prospects & draft picks because they could not take back salary???

      That said, there would still have the same need to move salary as they do now to complete the roster. Thus one of Nylander, Kerfoot &/or Jonsson would still have to be moved.

      So let’s get totally whacky here;

      To LA: Marner, Nylander, Andersson & the 15th overall.

      To the Leafs: Doughty, Quick, Carter (orBrown) & the 2nd overall pick.

      The Leafs get vets with Cup experience, taking a win “NOW”, to Hell with the future approach!!!

      • St Louis needs cap space to pay Pietrangelo we trade 1st round pick and Johnsson to Blues for Colton Parayko that frees up 5.5 mil to pay Alex Pietrangelo

      • Interesting Uwey of your 2 ideas….

        My bias would be Marner or Nylander for draft picks maybe combo with prospects….preference Nylander with one of the prospects being an average RHD defensive oriented D man thereafter draft choices…

        Especially interesting something along your LA idea which is daring….I think if both Marner and Nylander were involved …..Carter or Brown cannot be the auxiliary forward coming back….it would have to be someone younger with more talent….those 2 guys are already withered on the vine….

        The LA idea would need some reviewing and some adjusting as it i very imaginative….congrats….. new ideas always interesting to ponder

      • Barry, STL would want a d-man in return (Dermott?). Blues can also save $2 million (the trade cap savings) with a buyout of Steen’s contract. So why trade Colton for Johnsson?

      • Give up 30 goals in Nylander and over 80 points in Marner and a 1st round pick that’s insane what’s wrong with Parayko 5.5 mil for 2 more years for that 1st round pick and Johnsson Blues free up 5.5 mil to pay Pietrangelo we get horse on defence go Kyle go

      • OBG, if you are Toronto & you are going balls to the wall, I woould think you should be looking for experience vs talent.

        As far as the 2nd overall pick from, that too is getting moved, maybe ask Dorion if he is interested in the 2nd overall to go with the 3rd & 5th overall.

        Ask for the NYI 1st & 2nd rders this year, as well as Ottawa’s 2nd rder & the Sens & Sharks 2nd rders next season???

        Then at this years draft table, if I were Dubas I would move that 1st rder of the Islanders & the 2nd rders in this years draft for next years & beyonds draft picks so I could have commodities to move at the draft deadline to fill holes from teams looking to UFAs for draft picks. Their cap hits owuld then at the trade deadline be far more digestible for Leafs & they could have time to assess what their needs are going in to the playoffs.

        It’s all about the big picture for them t this present time, the Holy Grail of Hockey the Stanley Cup. Go balls to the wall, with a to Hell with the future, win NOW at all costs!!!! Pick the pieces up & start over during the latter part of this decade.

      • Barry, your math is wrong.
        Paryko earns $5.5 million next year but Johnsson earns $3.4..
        So, in your trade, the Blues only save $2.1 million in Cap space, which could be achieved with a Steen buyout.

        Would be a great deal for the Leafs but a terrible deal for STL.
        Doug Armstrong is not stupid.

      • Barry

        You had me at Parayko on Leafs… I fainted …. I believe so did Iowa Prince… for completely opposite reasons

        After I regained consciousness ; I read the deal… Leafs not getting CP for that unfortunately

      • Yep that’s whacky alright. Blake hangs up the phone.

    • Hi OBD

      Re “ The Leaf window in my opinion is the length of the Matthews contract. ”… bang on… I’ve been posting the same for a year

      It could even be 1 year less than that… if one year left in AM contract and they still have not gotten out of the East in the playoffs; perhaps he’s flipped then with 1 year left ; instead of him walking 1/7/24 ; at 26; with Leafs getting Zip

  8. Isn’t there something in new cba prohibiting teams from front loading new contracts that make buyouts possible in last few years? Would think teams won’t be so quick to hand the over 30 guys any 7 year deals.

    • Hi Hammer the Blues also get 15th pick first round plus Johnsson or Lilligren

      • Why do you guys think Liljegren has any value as a trade commodity? Not trolling here before the usual suspects chime in – genuine curiosity as to why his name keeps popping up in trade proposals (along with Bracco now and then). What would another team see in either that the Leafs obviously see since one (Bracco) has never even been given a sniff of the NHL while the other, drafted 3 years ago, has been looked at sporadically in all of 11 games. On a team that is desperately seeking to shore up its D!

      • It’s a great question George.

        When LA traded Muzzin to the Leafs, originally Blake asked for Sandin, Dubas said he wasn’t available, rightfully so.

        The Leafs countered with Liljegren and LA wasn’t interested at all, they choose Durzi instead.

        That said, I’ve noticed the same thing with Liljegren being bandied about in every trade proposal. What’s his value?

    • Hammer the blues still get that 1st round pick

  9. Re UFA market in general

    So many teams at/up against Cap; flat Cap; future uncertainty… I believe a better strategy for GMs might be to not swing for the fences to compete for (and potentially over-pay and/or lock in too long) the “premium” /“ headliner” UFAs; but to roll up sleeves and (1) try and make player for player deals and/or (2) seek out 2nd tier and/or “diamond in the rough” UFAs

    I keep flogging Soucy…. and if Billy G lets him get to UFA and no GM makes a fair offer… I’d be gobsmacked

    He’s the proverbial late bloomer… just turned 26 years old last month… 26 year old NHL UFAs are extremely rare. 26 year old UFAs are almost always AHLers or NHLers that have seriously declined and/or never showed they were NHL worthy

    He’s big; fast; see’s the ice exceptionally well; and is poised.

    7-7-14 in 55 games played … lead Wild at +16 ; while only playing 15 mins a game (on a team whose GF = GA). Current contract is only $750 K per.., from Viking

    Another non high profile UFA… Psyk… who plays equally well at W or D. Watched him score a hat-trick when he was in town against Leafs then saw him on TV a few games later when he solidly played whole game on D… born/raised in Ed

    Would love both on Leafs or Pens

    with Ed and Viking as where they were raised… Oil quite possibly could show interest… SHOULD show interest

    Off to shop now

    • If Pietrangelo gets to UFA the Leafs will make a pitch.

      If Pietrangelo wants to stay in STL Armstrong has gone on record saying he’ll move pieces as necessary. Other than Parayko…who on the Blues has a high salary that a team would trade for…Steen, Bozak, Allen…not likely.

      STL cannot have Parayko making $5.5M playing #3 RD or Faulk either making $6.5M

      Here is my proposal…

      To STL 15th Pick, Liljegren

      To TOR Parayko, Bouwmeester

      Bouwmeester is on a 35+ contract so can’t retire to save the Blues any cap space. Parayko makes $5.5M and Bouwmeester makes $3.25…that’s $8.75M…Liljegren makes less than $1M so the Blues net savings is $7.75M
      Liljegren could play #3 RD for the Blues.

      • Daryl, just how do the Leafs clear enough salary to afford that $9 million? Currently sitting at 16 contracts and cap space of $7.8 million.

        All these suggested trades demonstrate that one of the top needs to be shipped out. Otherwise the roster will be very un-balanced for another season. If I were GM, I would move out Nylander.

      • We keep beating that horse, Hammer_of_The_Gods and we keep getting the same lame “well it’s always been done before – where there’s a will there’s a way …”

        NEVER with a flat cap and so many teams right up against it. They ALL need to clear space if only to re-sign their free agents so where in Hell does all these cap hits go as they juggle to sign the Pietrangelos and Halls of the world?

      • George, the solution is that the players negotiating contracts will not get the dollars they hoped for.
        There may be more buyouts this off-season.
        And some RFAs may not get qualified – “we want to re-sign you, but we won’t be offering you a raise; in fact, you will be lucky not to receive a haircut (decrease).”

        Not only are teams up against the cap, what will happen to their revenues – probable shortened season, how many fans in the arenas? Will we see streaming packages – get every second of every Sens game with no adds, no commercials and exclusive content such as player interviews after the game.

    • ANA:
      Andersen (stop gap and cap balance)
      15th overall,
      Woll or Ian Scott (Ana choice)
      Return Ana 7th rounder


      • Hammer…the Leafs would put Bouwmeeter’s contract on LTIR so they’re only absorbing Parayko’s $5.5M
        STL could do it as well but if the contract isn’t insured they’d still have to spend real dollars.

        If the Leafs trade Nylander who is taking his spot at RW? Kapanen is gone. That leaves Marner and …?

        STL can’t take any salary back in a trade if they hope to re-sign Pietrangelo. Unless they package a big sweetener for a guy like Steen ($5.5M) or Bozak.($5M) ..Parayko is the one most likely to go.

        I would be very surprised if the Leafs don’t acquire a LTIR contract or two this offseason.

      • Daryl,

        The answer to the RW question is,
        “Marner plus someone who is responsible in the defensive zone, does not cough up the puck easily and doesn’t have a cap hit of $7 million”.

        Your math still doesn’t work – 17 contracts and only $2 million in cap space.
        Obviously, a major shake-up is required.
        Big dollars out, fewer dollars in.

      • Daryl, maybe it’s time the league stepped in andstopped that kind of circumvention loop-hole which exists only for the money bag teams – i.e. more money than brains..

      • Hi Daryl

        Jaybo is UFA so wouldn’t be part of the deal

        Parayko for 15th and Lilgren just won’t cut it; plus that diminishes the already almost non existent cap space

        WW for Parayko….is fair IMHO but then St L (also crimped for space) is worse off in trying to get Petro signed

  10. Bored…so…..

    To WSH: Dubnyk (to replace Holtby) & Greenway
    To MIN: Wilson & pick
    -gives WSH cap flexibility while filling their back up role that can challenge Samsonov for the starting job. WSH needs to find a fresh look after 2 playoff exits.
    -gives MIN more scoring and toughness upfront and can slot with Staal and Parise.

    To MIN as UFA Holtby

    To TML: Donato & Dumba
    To MIN: Nylander & pick
    TML gets their RD
    MIN gets scoring and youth with Koivu retiring . Can slot with Rask and Fiala or Rask and Zucc.
    TML gets Dumba which is cheaper than Pietrangelo

  11. @ Pengy… thanks for asking…all is well..Still breathing.

    hope you are the family are well in the Igloo.

    Be safe man

    • 👍

      Not sure if the igloo reference is a roundabout way of asking wether I’m cold up here in Toronto or if you are tying in the old Pens arena name in as I’m a Pens fan

      Famille Pengy is doing fine; no Covid hit to any in my extended fam ; friends or any of my staff 👍👍

  12. Toffoli can play on my team anytime. He has played well for the Nucks, I think he’s gonna get a five year deal and $6, maybe $7 mil from someone.

  13. Armstrong would have to move a forward, maybe add a sweetener to make the deal to keep Pietro. and I’d do it too.

    • Toronto, STL has flexibility, something Dubas never learned because he probably naively believed the cap would increase every year forever and ever.

      Trade a forward, buy out Steen and offer Pietro eight years at $6 – $7 million instead of six years at $8 – $9.

  14. Hi H of the G

    I don’t believe there was any changes in CBA on SB’s; and restriction on Sal’s I believe is 20% max diff in Sal ; highest year to lowest year

    If Petro is really stuck on 9.5 for 6…. $57M…. give him $1 M Sal *5, followed by $800 K last 3 years (8 year contract) and $49.6 M in SBs paid only over first 5 years…. Cap hit is 7.1M

    After year 5 (at 35) when he collected close to $11M the previous year; he drops to $800 K…. that’s an incentive to retire

    The net … Cap wise… 5 years @ $7.1 M; moving Steen certainly buys a big chunk of that