NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 27, 2020

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The Stars stave off elimination in a Game 5 doubt OT win, the Rangers trade Marc Staal to the Red Wings, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Corey Perry scored twice, including the winner in double overtime, as the Dallas Stars edged the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2 in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. Joe Pavelski scored the game-tying goal in the third period, becoming the highest-scoring American-born player in NHL playoff history with 61 career postseason goals. Tyler Seguin assisted on all three Stars goals while Anton Khudobin made 39 saves for the win.

Dallas Stars winger Corey Perry (NHL Images)

Ondrej Palat and Mikhail Sergachev scored for Tampa Bay, who hold a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series with Game 6 set for Monday night. Lightning captain Steven Stamkos was listed unfit to play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dallas’ oldest players (the 36-year-old Pavelski, 35-year-old Perry and 34-year-old Khudobin) were the heroes for the Stars, who were outshot 41-33 and outplayed for long stretches in this game. It appeared the Lightning had this one in the bag when Sergachev made it 3-2 early in the third. For the second straight game, Pavelski forced overtime with the game-tying goal. He also leads the Stars with 13 goals.

NEW YORK POST/THE DETROIT NEWS: The New York Rangers traded defenseman Marc Staal and a second-round pick in the 2021 draft to the Detroit Red Wings for future considerations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a significant move for the Rangers, freeing up $5.7 million in salary-cap space for next season, giving them over $20 million in cap room. The Post points out the Rangers have the room now to re-sign RFAs Ryan Strome, Tony DeAngelo, Alexandar Georgiev and Brendan Lemieux.

Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman said this deal plugs a huge hole on their defense while also adding a future asset with that second-round pick. Staal, who’s entering the final season of his contract, agreed to this trade as he carries a no-movement clause. This could be a short-term move by the Wings to buy time until their younger blueliners are more NHL-ready.

The Red Wings also re-signed forward Sam Gagner to a one-year contract. Cap Friendly indicates it’s worth $850K.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports of “murmurs” suggesting the NHL might seek to enforce the force majeure clause (paragraph 17) of the standard player contract to prorate the players’ pay should next season be shorter than expected.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The league’s intention is to return with a full 82-game schedule next season. We’ll have to wait and see what transpires. The players have agreed under the new CBA to defer 10 percent of their salaries for next season.



  1. Always exciting to go to double OT; especially in an elimination game…. more so in elimination SC final; but I had to get up early this morning … this is killing my sleep

    Agree fully with the SN panel…. reffing abysmal and Dallas was gettinjg away with a disproportionate amount

    I’ve never seen a team talk a ref out of a penalty after it was called in a SC final before….. one ref was calling the Cernak high stick and then the other one clearly looked at little Joe and signalled holding (little Joe was definitely holding the stick for 3 or 4 seconds)…. he (Little Joe) starts chirping at that ref… announcers say 4 on 4…. ooops…. only Cernak gets called… WTF??

    There were many many missed calls through the game…. both sides…. but heavily heavily tilted to missing obvious penalties by Stars

    The panel ran a clip during the intermission of missed infractions that they caught…. it showed 8 that should have been called against Stars; only one against Bolts

    Refs were (pre OT) either told or realized they were skewing things ; because Maroon had a glaring one they didn’t call

    Consistency stripes!!!!! That’s all anybody asks

    Ahhhh…. as at now I’m first in my pool… the longer this goes the more chance I get bumped…. 1-0 Bolts with unnassisted goal by Rutta … guarantees me a win 🤞👍😀

    • Showing your Bias once again Pengy.

      • Against refs??

  2. Re Staal move… absolte fantastic move and IMHO ; steal ; by Stevie Y

    Gets a vet D to mentor young team…. will most assuredly move him at TDL for a 3rd (if he’s performing well a 2nd; but 3rd anyway)..,, and in this Covid financial times; with the escrow and %10 deferral… Wings outlay on Staal by then will only be in the $1.4 range (his full year sal inly $3.2… 50 games; escrow, deferral… ~$1.4 M ‘ish range)

    $1.4 M… gets them Vet D ; gets them mentorship for young team; a 2nd and then a likely 3rd at TDL…. great on ya Stevie Y!!

    Rangers free up another almost $6M in Cap space… Gorton gearing up 👍👍👍… Rangers poised… good on ya Gorton

    The price for moving of single remaining year contracts has now started at a 2nd (or similarly valued prospect)

    George will hate me … Sens to get Stepan ?

    With the Ryan buyout; to me its looking more and more like Sens are going to take on one of those types of contracts (single year remaining UFA)

    Stepan … SB already paid… cap hit of $6.5 M irrelevant to Sens

    $2M sal…. move at TDL with 50% retained…. should get a 2nd; in top of the prospect they get in the trade

    Max cost ; IF they do an 82 game season ; so TDL in around 50-55 games (full hit); 25-30 at 50 % retained ; escrow; deferral…. $1.2 M’ish

    One of Ottawa’s 2nds (Dall… 61st or 62nd) for

    Stepan and Garland

    With 50% retained at TDL… they’ll get a 2nd back

    So $1.2 M buys them 50 games of leadership but mire importantly gets them a speedy 24 year old winger who is pacing at 25 goal season

    Yes on the small side; but what limited games I’ve watched with Arz; I was impressed

  3. So the rangers trade their only dman with some defensive ability and give away a 2nd? They’re taking the leafs route to the rebuild all offense don’t worry about the defence

    • Except Staal was fine anyway after this season. Staal is definately not the only dman with defensive ability. AND, this actually opens up another spot for younger players which definately fits rebuild! Off season just getting started.

    • An aging Dman and a 2nd so as the Rangers can sign thier younger players to continue the development and compete for a Stanley Cup? Horrible decision eh bigbearbruin. Are you upset that NyR4 is not a fan of Price & contract, so you resort to slag the Rangers….lol….wow! Paint that L on your forehead red.

    • Wonder if Gorton takes a run at Petro?
      He’s definitely to something. So friggin shrewd.
      Why oh why didn’t Neely give him the job in Boston when he had the chance?

    • You are kidding right? The Rangers are looking to have a cup contending team in 2-3 years. Staal woulkdn’t be a part of that. You also aren’t acknowledging that it’s a cap league. His 5.7 will allow them to keep other players and that’s the comparison you need to make. It also allows them to develop a young touted D man like Miller who will be there in the 2-3 years not like Staal who is 33 and would have been gone after this year anyway. A nice move by Gorton.

  4. I’m actually a Staal fan. I like the player and hate the contract. However the game has passed him by. Not sure how you see giving up a 2nd and shedding 5.7 million in cap space (to sign players that are actually part of the rebuild) as some sort of blow to the rebuild.

    #1 Trouba and Lindgren are more capable defensively than Staal. Lindgren will never be accused of being an offensive defensemen…. by anybody who has watched him. Obviously, you have not. Trouba…. maybe read a scouting report? Lmao.

    Anyone who thinks Staal isn’t a defensive issue, or isn’t grossly overpaid has never watched a single ranger game in the last 4-5 years… obviously… you have not. Smith is real offensive gem!!! Obviously you have not watched him either . Fox, has impressed with and without the puck. That leaves DeAngelo as the “all offense”. Pretty good evaluation of what NY has there BBB….

    Making cap space and a roster spot for Miller Or Hayek Can only be seen as a bad thing by someone who has no clue whatsoever of what they’re talking about.

    Staal a defensive wizard now? Lmmfao! Had this guy been a ranger today, you’d be talking about how horrible he and his deal are!

    I’ve never seen such stupid spin on a trade which frees up 5.7 million in cap space and makes a team younger / better! Lol! Watch a game for gods sake!

    • Somebody has been drinking the blue koolaid! Lmfao wow that defence is bad in their own zone all numbers say it, I just don’t see the point giving away picks when you’re so far away from being a contender? It’s like the Marleau trade giving up a first for salary when you’re not a contender!

      • It’s called cap space…. you know … like the kind Montreal wastes like 15+ million on goaltending! Lmao!
        Without moving some of it, young players like DeAngelo, Strome , Lemieux, Georgiev would not be able to be retained!

        Koolaid is thinking that Staal makes NY better at this point in his careee and the stage of rebuild they’re in…. which by the way is MILES ahead of Montreal!

      • Didn’t the Habs make the playoffs and the rangers missed again? Lmfao yes it’s cap space but if you’re not a contender who cares that bloated panarin signing is going to be like the bad Tavares signing way too early

      • The Habs were 9-11 points out of a playoff position when play froze… Ny was 2 points out ! Lmao. Yeah Covid let Montreal in…

        Montreal’s reward for beating Pittsburgh… 6 extra games. Nys reward for losing to Carolina…. Lafreniere!

        BBB… congrats …. I guess?

        Best of luck with 15 + million locked up on Allen and Price… I hope they can score 1/2 as many goals as Panarin. 10.5 for a goaltender not even I. The top 15 in the league! Lmao…. but somehow the best in the league…. homer

      • You are literally the ONLY person here or anywhere making this trade out to be a devastating move by NY.

        Then again , you believe Price is a perineal Vezina winner and Santa leaves you gifts under the tree.

      • So what you’re saying is this year should be null and void? Lmfao the rangers are so far away from being a contender and stuck with the most overrated goalie ever queen henrick lmfao

      • Actually, Lundqvist time is coming to an end. This year or next. How will Price look at 36-37-39? Lmao! At the low cap hit of 10.5? Wow! Good luck with that!

        If NY is nowhere near contending…. imagine how far away Montreal is?

        No, not null and void… but what prize did Montreal get? 6 extra meaningless games?
        NY won Lafreniere! I’ll take that over 6 meaningless games all day.

        Without the gift of covid, Montreal doesn’t even sniff playoffs this year!

  5. After reading Pengy’s evaluation, it looks like a move that works very well for both teams.

  6. Ray Bark after your glowing comments and stat on Hedman, he has a -4 in the last two games, including last night over time goal.

    Is it possible with all the ice time and back to back games, that Hedman is fatiguing?

  7. Just read Stanley Cup viewership was down 60 percent from last year and 70 percent from 2015 the last time Tampa was in final. Maybe honoring criminals and dishonoring the police wasn’t such a good idea hey but what do I know.

    • Actually, Obe, it’s down because of two key factors: the two finalists don’t have the big fan bases like the Lightning’s opponent in 2015 (Chicago) or last year’s finalists (Bruins and Blues), plus it’s going up against the NBA playoffs, MLB’s playoff race, and the start of the NFL. Usually, the NHL would only have the NBA playoffs as competition.

      But hey! What do I know? 😉

      • I’m sure those are factors, maybe even the biggest factors, but you can’t watch hockey and deny that jumping in the political arena (last no doubt) doesn’t turn off a portion of the fanbase…
        It felt like a cheap uninventful way to do what everyone else is doing… It turned me off. I like my sports politics free.

        You can’t deny that the NFL is in fact in decline. You think the politics doesn’t play a roll in that?

        Sports are our escape from the news and political arena. Or at least they were…

      • I’ve searched for stats to support the notion that the league’s support of its black players or BLM contributed in any significant way to the declining ratings of the Stanley Cup Final, or of the Conference Finals. I haven’t found anything to back up that assertion. I’m sure some fans were probably turned off by it, but not enough to put any sort of dent in the ratings. Just because a person’s social circle contains a number of people who swear they’re not watching because of that doesn’t mean it speaks for the majority of the league’s fans. And besides, just because somebody tells their friend or acquaintance they’re not watching sports anymore because it’s too political doesn’t necessarily mean they’re following through. Or perhaps any fans who’ve turned away from sports are being replaced by new fans who are supportive of athletes speaking up in support of their causes.

    • Just a courtesy to you Obe, no one will respond to comments like those you’ve been posting. Stick to Facebook or something crappy like that. If you had a genuine concern regarding viewership, Lyle has answered you with all the facts you need to know to come to the only and simple cause to the issue…plus it’s hard to admit but the no crowds thing – it’s different and not in a good way.

  8. Figured this would be your response only certain opinions matter funny how everyone I talk to say they are not watching sports because of all the politics but on here their are a million excuses but I guess time will tell. Enjoy your Sunday stay safe.

    • Those coward police are dishonouring themselves, do they even need a high school education in the states to become an officer?

    • Not political statements. This is a social movement to draw attention to an increasingly obvious phenomenon that all are not born equal.

  9. Does the Staal trade take the Wings out of the running for Krug if/when he becomes a UFA? They were rumored to be a destination as a hometown team.

    Not sure what the salary cap picture looks like for the Wings; does taking on the entire contract and giving nothing back eliminate them?

    • It shouldn’t mike. After the Staal deal Capfriendly shows them with $54,125,000 for 14 players, leaving $27.375.000 to sign 9.

      Yzerman has 7 RFAs – 6 with arbitration rights:
      Erne 25 2g 3a 5pts 56 gp – $1,050,000
      Bertuzzi 25 21g 27a 48 pts 71gp – $1,400,000
      Mantha 26 16g 22a 38 pts 43 gp – $3,300,000
      Timashov – 23 4g 5a 9 pts 44 gp – $694,444 – no arb
      Perlini – 24 1g 3a 4 pts 40 gp – $874,125
      Ehn – 24 2g 2a 4pts 54 gp – $759,167
      Bowey 25 3g 14a 17 pts -16 53 gp – #1,000,000

      Clearly, the priorities will be Bertuzzi, Mantha and D-man Bowey who, when settled, should come in at around$10 mil collectively, while the other 4 really have nothing ion which to hang their hats and, if signed, should cost no more than $4.5, so when you deduct that $14.5 from the $27,375,000 still at hand, Yzerman will still have $12,870,000 to sign 2 – so why not Krug if he decides to go that way. Whatever the case, he can still be a player for two good players – or 3 if he decides to cut ties with at least one RFA (Erne?).

      All 4 UFAs are done for sure – all 36 y/o – Brodziak, Daley, Ericsson, Howard

  10. I agree with Obe: Maybe honoring criminals and dishonoring the police wasn’t such a good idea hey but what do I know.

    • The facts don’t support that. As I pointed out (and a stick tap to George for the link), the NHL playoffs poor ratings this year are because they’re competing with the NBA playoffs, MLB playoff run, and the start of the NFL and college football seasons. It’s also worth noting that none of the teams in this year’s Stanley Cup Final have large fan bases compared to, say, Boston and St. Louis from a year ago, or Chicago when the Lightning last reached the Final in 2015.

      • Lyle NFL ratings are also down.

        If anyone doesn’t think the political landscape is playing into this, hasn’t been paying attention.

        You can post, quote etc any measure; but, if you really want to get an ideal just read some of the tweets that are out there.

        This isn’t to say that there is also other contributing factors, there is, but dont kid yourself the political landscape is also part of the reason

        As more and more fans decide to use their profession as a way to express their political views, more and more people will get turned off.

      • But where’s the proof, Caper? Again, I don’t doubt some fans are turned off by politics creeping into hockey (which is the least political of the major sports), but as I mentioned before, I’ve checked into this and couldn’t find anything that directly ties it to the NHL’s decline in ratings. Again, the lack of popular, big-markets teams in the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final combined with the Cup Final competing against the NBA playoffs, MLB playoff run and the start of NFL and college football are the main factors.

      • I agree Lyle that all the reasons you mentioned are the main reason why it down.

        One of the biggest reason which you didnt mentioned was the time of year.

        I can only speak for myself, but typically I will watch every night and multiple games.

        During the Covid Cup, I have not watched a complete game including the Boston Bruins. In total I’ve turned into about a dozen or so games. Just because I have other things I do during this time of year.

      • NBA , NFL and NHL are all down.

        Thursday night football is WAY down. Not sure that people aren’t generally tired of the political bs being injected into sports all the way around.

        While you can’t say that sports are suffering because of it… you also can’t say it’s not at least in part because of it either.

        Maybe people also realized during this lockdown how insignificant sports , Hollywood are in the scheme of things… ? and their opinions when it relates to anything?

        Maybe people have found reading, fishing, boating and hiking rather than have a bunch of athletes and Hollywood elitists political beliefs (or forced bs political beliefs) more entertaining. I personally don’t watch as much sports today as I have in years past.

  11. Harris poll says 38 percent watch less nba because it’s to political and 19 percent because of China which is same thing that’s almost 60 percent. Commissioners of all leagues are in denial along with Mark Cuban more people watched Americas funniest videos than Laker Nugget playoff game embarrassing. You can’t put criminals names on your jersey and say nothing when Police officers are hunted and shot in the head. Horrible world with no law I know I don’t want to live in it better be careful what you wish for. I’m biggest sports fan I know and I’m only watching golf and thank God Tiger isn’t wearing BLM or I would be left with zip. Take care I’m not being mean just stating my opinion. Take care God bless

    • Obe, you claimed without proof that NHL ratings were down because “honoring criminals and dishonoring the police wasn’t such a good idea.” Your poll (which you failed to provide a link to) has nothing to do with the NHL or its ratings.

      • Look it up not hard to find took me two minutes and if fans are not watching NBA NFL MLB Stands pretty much to reason it’s the same for NHL but hey I just know what people are saying in my town on twitter on YouTube and lots are saying they hope the leagues go broke. Lebron James almost single handily has ruined the NBA and if Evander Kane is the NHL,s poster child they are in big trouble. Lyle nobody watched more than I did ask my wife lol I just can’t handle being called a racist and police officers who get paid crap who put their lives on the line every day being treated like garbage. I pray for our first responders I won’t support and spend money on athletes who cheer when they are murdered it’s my choice.

  12. IMO it’s hard to get excited about pro sports when a pandemic keeps hanging around and case numbers creep up and people wonder where the next pay cheque is coming from and kids are back at school and cases are happening there and so on and so on.
    I love hockey and pretty well all the other major sports but I can’t get fired up about much these days.
    I think the TV ratings come back with the arrival of a vaccine that’s available and effective. Until then, it’s all meh.

    • Amen.

  13. thread ruined by politics.