Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 27, 2020

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Updates on Alex Pietrangelo, Patrik Laine and Dustin Byfuglien plus the latest on the Hurricanes and Sharks in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


STLTODAY.COM: In a recent live chat with Blues fans, Tom Timmermann said he’s leaning toward Alex Pietrangelo re-signing with the club. He feels the defenseman’s recent comments suggest he wants to stay in St. Louis and is trying to get the Blues to increase their offer. Timmermann believes eight years at $8 million annually is the starting point, but Pietrangelo wants more. He’s unsure if $9 million annually is possible under the current economic conditions in the free-agent market.

St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo (NHL Images).

If Pietrangelo re-signs, Timmermann suggests Tyler Bozak and Alex Steen as the likely players to become cost-cutting casualties, but moving them won’t be easy. He feels teams would be more interested in winger Jaden Schwartz. Moving Schwartz in the offseason would fetch a better return than moving him at next season’s trade deadline.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin lists the Blues atop his list of five potential destinations for Pietrangelo. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights, Calgary Flames and Florida Panthers are also on his list.

THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Pierre LeBrun believes the Blues would be open to a sign-and-trade scenario if it appears they cannot repair negotiations. The incentive for interested teams is it would allow them to get Pietrangelo under contract for eight years instead of seven at potentially a lower annual average value, while the Blues could get a tangible asset in return instead of losing him for nothing to the free-agent market.

LeBrun doubts teams will part with a first-round pick to get Pietrangelo. Interested parties would also have to be able to negotiate a contract with the blueliner’s agent. He also lists the Leafs, Golden Knights, Flames and Panthers on his list of possible suitors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sign-and-trade deals rarely occur because they’re difficult to pull off. Sticking points include the losing team’s asking price and how much of a raise the player seeks on his new contract. We can’t rule out the possibility of a sign-and-trade but I think it’s a long shot.

As for those interested clubs, the Leafs and Golden Knights have limited cap space so they’ll have to shed salary to make this work. The Golden Knights must also decide whether to re-sign goaltender Robin Lehner and what to do with Marc-Andre Fleury if they get Lehner under contract.

The Flames have the cap space but LeBrun points out they must also address their goaltending and perhaps add a winger. The Panthers are said to be cutting payroll but they must bolster their blueline depth. Whether Pietrangelo would be interested in signing with them is another matter.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman acknowledged the recent trade speculation swirling about Patrik Laine. He doesn’t think the 22-year-old Winnipeg Jets winger has requested a trade. Friedman feels the Jets are just looking at this situation to see if using Laine would address their need for a No. 2 center or a right-hand shot defenseman.

Friedman also said it’s unlikely former Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien will play next season. Teams have contacted his agent, including the Minnesota Wild because of his ties to the state. Friedman feels the Wild would have the best chance but his agent said it’s doubtful Byfuglien will play again.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Could Laine get traded? Sure. Will he? That’s not a certainty. As talented as the young winger is and as much upside as he still has, it could be difficult for the Jets to find a return of equal value. It doesn’t hurt for general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff to explore his options, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to trade Laine

As I mentioned yesterday, Laine’s contract status could be a factor. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer who’ll seek a considerable raise over his current annual cap hit of $6.75 million. Whether the Jets can afford that could determine his future in Winnipeg.

Byfuglien may have reached the point where his body can’t handle the wear-and-tear of a long NHL season. He’s 35, coming off ankle surgery and was hampered by nagging injuries during his last two seasons. Perhaps he’s decided he’s had enough.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Sara Civian recently listed goaltending trade and free-agent options for the Carolina Hurricanes. Arizona’s Darcy Kuemper, Vegas’ Marc-Andre Fleury and Pittsburgh’s Matt Murray were among her suggested trade targets, while her free-agent choices included Vancouver’s Jacob Markstrom, Vegas’ Robin Lehner, and Washington’s Braden Holtby.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Luke DeCock reports the Hurricanes are leaving the door open for winger Justin Williams if he’s willing to return, but they’re also progressing ahead as if their former captain will retire.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes have plenty of options if they seek to upgrade their goaltending. The question is, will they? Affordability works in favor of their current tandem of Petr Mrazek and James Reimer, who earn a combined $6.525 million next season.



  1. One thing I have learned over the past couple, especially yesterday’s trade is expect the unexpected!!!

    There was no talk of Staal, either one, being on the trading block, but here we are & both have been moved. Can Jordan make it a hat trick of Staal trades this fall???

    • Yesterday’s deal just set the salary dump bar.

      • The bjugstad deal followed by this one are showing that the buyers market is not nearly as strong as it was thought it would be.



    Love guys like Cory Perry ..I never use the term WASHED UP ..when discussing players with a history of winning just can not take that player for granted and they always have a way to get the job done this style of player!
    The only time a player of this caliber doesn’t contribute is when his skates are hung up for good!

    I love the respect that Lyle pays to players like this as his go to quote is usually ..

    “while the players best days may be behind him ..he still has a way to contribute ..and can add depth to a team in the short term ”

    not only true… but …very respectful Lyle in that degree..good on ya !


    Iam really perplexed on why Florida is in the mix for Petro after they just opened the vault for Bobs especially in this climate and the fact that they have had very poor attendance pre COVID ..doesn’t make sense to me add that kind of contract ..unless you are unloading one..
    ( Ekblad )


    I had my say on Laine yesterday ..and Iam still of the belief that the Habs pull this off …
    I dont understand the quote about him being an RFA and that is a concern to teams ..LOL ..this
    ” board man will get paid ” !
    Everyone knows what they are in for when they get a legit 50 – 60 goal scored and the price tag that will come with that …no secret ..its all about being prepared ..hence why I say the Habs have a running start with available cap space and the right climate for getting this player …more so than 90% of the rest of the league ..

    @ NYR4LIFE

    …your kids must have been biting your nails all night during OT ..I know that in the past you’ve stated a big BOLTS fandom in your house with the younger kids…hope they pull it off so they get to see it happen

    ..all the best take care !

    • Hi Kal El

      with you re Panthers and Petro… see my post… Panthers WTF?

      Most likely he stays; if not; Knights or Flames

    • I think if the Habs want Laine the deal will need to include KK. Maybe Suzuki as the 2C they need?
      I don’t view Laine as a legit 50-60 goal scorer as he averages in the mid 30’s, got over 40 once.
      Great PP guys with a great shot.
      If the Jets get a young 2C for him, they should do it IMO.
      Not sure Bergevin would trade KK for him though.

      • @Ray what makes kk a 2 center. He averages less than 37 points per 82 games that includes the playoffs where he got 4 points in 10 games. That averages out to less than 35 points on an 82 game season. Heck even his AHL stars paint him as just an ok 3c. Laine will score more goals than kk will get on total points during an entire 82 game season. No way Chevyldayoff wants him as part of the package.

      • @ Ray Bark

        ..very surprised you dont see Lanie as a legit 50 – 60 goal scorer on a top 1 A line and quality power play minutes …OK ??

        you have that opinion..I beg to differ however

        arguably the best shot in the game ..


      • I can understand Bergevin not wanting to trade KK, but you have to give to get. With Suzuki’s emergence, they can afford to trade KK, Kulak and a 1st for Laine. And then re-sign Domi and Danault so they’d have three solid centers. However, I don’t think Bergevin will trade KK, nor will the Jets trade Laine.
        And Roger, for heaven’s sake, lighten up. The kid just turned 20 years old. You’re telling us he’s reached his ceiling. He has certainly shown top-6 Centre ability.

      • @ Howard that’s why I asked what makes you think he’s a 2c. He had 4 points in the 10 playoff games. Is that what you mean by showing 2c capabilities? I’m open to why you think he’s a 2c please back it with something though. Not the opinion of the opinion of a friend who knows a guy who read a TSN article of a writer who gave his opinion without backing it up. Kk has played over 100 nhl games and a bunch of AHL games which is a lower league and has never produced like a 2nd line center. Look at Laines stats by the time he was 20. Domi and Suzuki are the habs legit 2c. So it would start with 1 of them. They would then have to add a solid you top 4d. Then a 1a prospect if they can find 1 and a first round pick and even then Winnipeg loses the trade. Laine immediately would be the best player under 25 in the entire Habs organization by a mile. They say the team that gets the best player wins the trade. I don’t see how Winnipeg can win a Laine trade. See Winnipegs last trade like that. Selanne. Winnipeg lost that one big time. Players like Laine don’t come around often. Every team has a kk playing on there 3rd line or the AHL

      • by the way I’m not trying to pick on the habs im just curious as to why Hab fans see KK as more than a 3C other than being a fan of the team.

      • Roger, it could be that the underlying feeling for some when it comes to players like Kotkaniemi is that, since he was a high 1st Round pick, it follows that he MUST therefore command top returns – kind of like what we’ve been seeing with Puljujarvi and, before him, the likes of Yakopov, Reinhart, Galchenyuk and Dal Colle – all high picks that were finally revealed as misplaced choices.

      • @Roger … I will tell you why K.K. might turn into a 2C. He has great vision entering the zone and makes passes that this viewer did not think were options. Combine that with a growing ability to protect the puck, win one on one battles and come out on top in net scrambles … and I see 2C potential.

      • Habs fan for about 66 years, also a Jets fans…but Montréal does not have the pieces for a Patrick Laine. An offer sheet would need 4 first round picks so what is the equivalent on a trade…certainly not Domi and the two right handed defensemen are too old for the Jets squad . Laine will turn out to be an exceptional player if we look at the progress he made last year… 22, 6′ 5” and will be a prolific scorer for years…I’d keep him but hits and speculation gets us out of our chairs and is good for discussion.

      • I don’t like the Habs, but KK is going to give the Atlantic division fits for years.
        I have no source to back up my claim other than my very own eye test and humble opinion.
        He’s like Bergeron, but bigger. You can’t teach IQ, and that kid has it.
        He’d make a fine Bruin.

      • Re: KK
        He just turned 20 in July.
        Was the youngest player in the NHL last season and did well.
        Had off season knee surgery, then suffered a core injury in camp and struggled to start this season. Pretty natural IMO, kind of expected actually.
        Covid happened and shut it down. He took advantage and they were raving about him in pre play-in camp. Bigger, stronger, faster. This was his coaches. Julien doesn’t rave unless it is earned.
        He then delivered and was close to dominant against the Pens. In both ends.
        Again his coaches. And the results were there.
        Should the Habs throw in their 1st, sure.
        I bet Chevvy would jump all over it, at least I would.
        Laine is a sniper and a great one. If KK plays like he did in the restart he is a good 2C and if he continues to develop, a 1C. He is way more valuable than one timing winger.
        Agree with SOP, Bergeron like. Way bigger impact on the game than a guy like Laine.
        And I hate the Habs.

      • Have to kind of agree with everyone else here…I don’t see WPG taking KK as a 2C for Laine. You don’t trade a proven goal scorer for somebody who “might” become a 2C.

        I don’t think MTL has what WPG needs in a trade for Laine?

        Teams are always looking for top centres but they rarely become available. I’m trying to think of a team that has a 3C good enough to bump their 2C to be available in trade and I can’t.

      • IMO Laine is worth quite a bit more than KK, Kulak, and a 1st. If he could be had for that kind of offer he would be gone already.

      • Ray i have to disagree with you. KK and a 1st is not getting you Laine.

        Let’s not forget Laine was taken 2nd overall and if a re draft was done he be still taken 2nd overall.

        Laine goals were down this season and yet it was his best season. He started to hit more and played a solid defensive game.

        Has the 2nd best shot and release and the beauty of it, the pass doesn’t have to be tape to tape, he can get that shot off in by his toes.

        Going to have to give alot more then KK and a 1st.

        The other big difference Laine is proven.

        I hope he stays a Jet.

      • Why would anyone think KK is a 2nd line centre.? Oh maybe because of his performance over the last playoffs and qualifying round. Maybe because of Danault. There were stories written of him being unsure of his future/role on the team as many were feeling KK and Suzuki were starting to stake a claim on their spots in the league.

        Sure you can argue that, that has net happened yet but clearly one can see why Winnipeg may take a chance on KK as a 2nd.C. Or why one would trade KK as a 2nd centre option for other teams. Not that I think Montreal will offer him. When it comes to young players who have yet to have a break out season their stats over the last three years don’t really matter. I mean people call Laine a 50 goals scorer and he has never done it.

    • Kal el,

      My sons were losing it over those missed calls. They have 2 more to close out. I don’t think Tampa will be denied this year.

      Side note … Kevin Shattenkirk being Kevin Shattenkirk! Lol. He can find a way to go from game hero to game zero in 24 hours. Just like I warned my oldest son he could!

    • Why do you think Laine is a 50-60 goal scorer? I really think people place Laine’s value according to predator hype and potential. He really hasn’t shown that he is a 50-60 goal scorer. He is a solid bet for 30 but a long way to go to be considered a 50 goal scorer.

  3. NY Rangers down to 4 signed defensemen, two on ELC’S plus one RFA. Looks like they need some veteran blue line help.
    The odd man out if they were to sign ex-Blue Pietrangelo may be them asking Trouba to play on the left side (what he was pissed about with the Jets) if they plan on playing Adam Fox in the top two pairings.

    Anthony Deangelo is RH third pair defender…and LD Brendan Smith is stretch as a 2nd pair guy.

    So they need an upgrade, unless K’Andre Miller and/or Libor Hájek are their new graduates…

    I dunno if this was any reason behind Cap with Staal

  4. NY Rangers down to 4 signed defensemen, two on ELC’S plus one RFA. Looks like they need some veteran blue line help.
    The odd man out if they were to sign ex-Blue Pietrangelo may be them asking Trouba to play on the left side (what he was pissed about with the Jets) if they plan on playing Adam Fox in the top two pairings.
    Anthony Deangelo is RH third pair defender…and LD Brendan Smith is stretch as a 2nd pair guy.
    So, they need an upgrade, unless K’Andre Miller and/or Libor Hájek are their new graduates…
    I dunno if this was any reason behind Cap with Staal.

    • @Bill Placzek
      I just hope the Rangers do not sign another Vet D to a long term deal. We will be fine if 2 of the kids turn out to be top 4 LHD. Smith is no worse than Staal if buried on the bottom pair. But I see them signing one more experienced guy. There are many UFA options

      The Trouba contract already hurts -and I like him. Just does not deserve to be paid like a top 10 D in the league.

      • ds. Seems like all the analytics geeks have taken over websites. Trouba is a big dman with decent skating and offensive abilities. Most people that rag on him are the so called underlying numbers experts. Trouba is, and will be a top 4 dman for many years. 8 mil is probably a little more than I’d prefer, but he’ll be playing through his prime years. He’ll be 32 when contract is up, compared to Pietrangelo, who is better now. But, he’ll be 31 when he starts his next contract and will probably get more money.

    • Bill Plazcek. Do you do prospect reviews on draft site?

      • Yup!

        I start my day here, though!

      • Bill. Nice! Enjoy the little write-ups.

    • If the Rangers buy out Henrik and add in Stall’s cap hit, does that equal Petro?

      I have a sneaking suspicion that this is why Stall went away.

      • Me too.

      • If not, then next year you will “win” 3rd overall pick and you can pick defender. No worries, uncle Gary is working.

  5. This whole thing over Pietrangelo is a “farse”
    The guy isn’t going anywhere ..

    Leafs scenario , with a right handed defenseman, good luck with that search, as well .

    Who knows what the Leafs are going to do and “frankly” who cares any more !
    A very , poorly managed organization …
    Blue Jays had championship teams with “Gillick”
    They are also looking very promising for years to come , again ,competent management , they are passionate , highly skilled , in the front office and scouting .
    Leafs are a disgrace to sport

    • So, Ken, how’s your day so far? Everything good?
      Asking for Ron…..

      • lol

    • Hi Ken

      Leaf fan here north of 5 decades…. yep yep yep

      If ANYBODY was asked in Feb what was more likely to happen in 2020… Leafs win a playoff series or Blue Jays win world series… no one would say Jays

      Now …. even though it is a massive longshot…. whatever the percentage is…. it’s greater than ZERO… Leafs didn’t even make playoffs!!!

      I can’t see any success unless one of the top 4 is moved to make room for D imprivement


      • @ PENGY

        Pengy man ..

        there is NO WAY IN HELL….the Leafs can even compete for a 2nd round win with the team that they have …after watching the HARD HITTING …GRINDING FAST HOCKEY that the last 6 teams have played with …they make the Leafs look like a fricking Ice Capades team …and you know I bleed Blue & White ..

        I love John Coopers interview last night about how they had to change the mentality of being the greatest show on ice to a mentality and change to wanting to WIN THE STANLEY CUP and what it actually takes to do so !

        You can win 62 games in regular season but if your not built for a Playoff Run aint going anywhere ..

        Leafs have NO SIZE on the Wings …
        ( aint going anywhere !!! )

        ( No depth on D )
        Aint going anywhere !

        no secondary scoring
        ( aint going anywhere )

        ( no legit big 3rd or 4th line Center
        ( aint going anywhere )

        Inconsistent goaltending
        aint going anywhere ..

        1 Grinder on 4 lines …..Zack Hyman ..

        aint going anywhere !

        Thats where ist at ..

        You can talk Petro all you want ..he is not going to be able to change all the other holes ..

        Dubas is missing the BIG PICTURE if he is not watching this playoffs ..and LEARNING ANYTHING !


      • Hi Kal El

        Yep unfortunately true

        … and it just can’t be fixed keeping 1/2 the Cap on 4 forwards


    • Poorly managed?
      Keep in mind the Leafs have gone from last in the league to 4 straight playoff appearances with a very young team. In those 4 playoff appearances they took the eventual Cup winner to a game 7 and another to a very close 6 game series.
      Dubas was made GM with a coach that he didn’t see eye to eye with and that coach was known to have the biggest ego and would do things just to prove it…think Spezza.
      Give them some time. Tampa is on the verge of a Cup with a team very similar to the Leafs and they’ve been building for 10 years.

      BTW, they don’t need Pietrangelo at his reported salary. They need a couple solid defenders at $4-5M salaries. Pesce, DeMelo, Brodie…come to mind.

      • Hi Daryl

        Points well taken …but unfortunately this team has been the wrong way ..AGAIN ..way to small and soft on all 4 lines John Cooper said in his interview last night …the best show on ice is not a good method to win a cup …they made the adjustments and have been rewarded thus far !

        Leafs need to make HUGE strides while keeping a core they signed to 5 years deals …that will now come back to BITE them in the ass ..when those players may decided to leave ..if they had gotten max term on those players Id agree with you in a way ..but Dubas screwed up on the term ..and now the window is way to short as the team is not built for a long term fix !

      • I would love to know how Tampa and Toronto are similar….

      • Chrisms

        They both start with “T”

  6. Also …JUST an …F Y I

    …after the Rangers were able to move out Stall …and most likely buy out Lundqvist ..they have positioned themselves as now being a LEGIT landing spot for Petro !

    This has all the signs of a team that will pursue this DILIGENTLY & AGGRESSIVELY …IMO

    • Sorry Kal, I don’t see Pietrangelo in NY at all. They already have Trouba Fox and DeAngelo on the right side, with Trouba making 1 RD money.

      Can’t see NY pursuing yet another Dman that will make north of $8 mill per.

      • @ Candian KING
        Wow ..Blast from te past …nice to hear from ya ..hope all is well..
        I would not put it past this organization that has very deep pockets to offer a bonus laden signing bonus …especially now that they will have cleared out to hefty contracts !

        I would not call them out they are one of the teams that can make this work now more than ever !

        Nice to hear from you …take care

    • The rangers could very simply be positioning Them selves in a better position to navigate the cap over the next couple of years by moving towards an internal cap number of their choosing . They may also be eyeing the expansion draft. Adding peitro may force them to expose a player they do not wish to. Anyone know their project protected list at the moment.

  7. Again …. for Leafs to get Petro… one of the top 4 has to be moved

    If not…. top 4 , Petro , Muzzin , Reilly… leaves $21M for 16 players …. including starter and back-up🤬😡🤬😡

    Doesn’t matter if they keep or move Freddy… starter and back up is $6M min

    so $15 M to fill 14 spots ????

    that’s 2 top 6 wingers; 3rd and 4th lines; 13th/14th Fwds; 4th through 7th D…. all for $15 M 🤬😡🤬😡

    Let’s say Dubas miraculously gets two top 6 wingers and 4th D at $2M each

    …. $9M for 11 players…. so 1/2 the team EACH at league min???? A roster built like that in no way wins a cup and high chance doesn’t even get into playoffs

    So Petro in, MUST mean one of top 4 out

    won’t be JT or AM

    Very very few teams can/will take MM’s hit

    So…. Petro a Leaf…. if they move WW

    Petro IMHO; most likely stays; but if moving… Knights or Flames

    Can’t possibly see his desire to go to Panthers

    • Agreed 100%

      I can’t see how or why they can fit him into their salary structure?

      I know everyone says Nylander has to go but who replaces him on RW? He’s not overpaid considering he just scored 31G and is only 24.

      If Marner is the one to go would a team like the Blues do a sign and trade with Pietrangelo for Marner? How about Marner for Parayko and Schwartz?

      IMO the one that threw the salary structure out of whack was Marner. While I think he’s a very good player I’m not sure he’s worth $10.8M a season?

      How about a team that needs scoring like Nashville? Their GM won’t retain salary on players or buy them out but the Leafs sure would…how about

      To TOR: Ryan Ellis, Kyle Turris 1st Round pick

      To NSH: Marner, Engvall

      • @Daryl for me it’s not whether or not Marner is worth over 10 million. It’s was he worth 10 million as an RFA. Marner is very young and drives the line and as a UFA could be worth that but as an RFA only the franchise players like Mcdavid or Mathews get that money. Marner had a 94 point season the year he signed the contract which to me would put him at 8.5 as an rfa not a cent more. Look at Laine who produces a few less points but more goals. Nobody is saying he will get over 10 in his rfa years so no way Marner is worth that Dubas had all the leverage but gave in to all his RFA. Those negotiations would have been different if Lou was still in charge

  8. If I read correctly, NYR didnt retain any salary on the Staal deal, must say I was surprised by that when Detroit only got a 2nd for the trouble. Or am I missing something?

    • Hi Kent

      See my post on morning coffee about this

      with escrow and deferral and Detroit likely moving him at TDL

      They’l have paid only about $1.4 M then to get 50 games as a D; great mentorship to a young tram ; and a 2nd and prob a third (at TDL)..,, good deal IMHO

      Rangers succeeded in nigh $6M more in Cap spaces… Gorton big moves afoot?

      • RePengy, ty, didnt see that, that makes it a little better from Detroits point of view, still a big win for Gorton, if not towards SY then towards themselves

  9. Looking at the 5 teams mentioned as most likely to land Pietrangelo in relation to their cap situation, here’s what I came up with using CapFriendly. Sort of puts each situation in its current context and is shown simply to generate chatter about moves that would need to take place in each case

    Vegas – $76,559,876 for 18 players – $4,940,124 to sign 5 – 2 RFAs (Nick Cousins LW – Chandler Stephenson – LW/C with arbitration rights – cap cost this past season: $2,050,000 combined – likely cost to retain around $4 mil leacing just under $1 mil to sign 3
    UFAs unlikely to return: Nosek (C/LW) 28y/o 8g 7a 15 pts 65gp – coming off $1 mil cap hit; Merill (LD) 28 y/o 2g 5a 7ptc +9 49gp coming off $1,375,000 cap hit; Engelland (RD) 38 y/o 1g 5a 6 pts +6 49gp coming off $2.5 mil cap hit. To re-sign both RFAs and keep both Lehner and Pietrangelo, Vegas would need to shed approximately $14 mil – or if just one of either Lehner or Pietrangelo somewhere around $6.5 to $7.5 mil – so who do they move and where?

    St. Louis – $76,346,904 for 22 players – $5,153,096 to sign 1 – their only RFA is 23 y/o LD Vince Dunn 9g 14a 23 pts +15 71gp coming off an ELC of $722,500. He’ll likely get around $2.5 on a bridge deal leaving around $2.6 in cap space. To retain Pietrangelo they’d need to shed around $7 to $8 mil – who and where do they go?

    Toronto – $75,393,533 for 18 – $6,106,467 to sign 5 – they have 5 RFAs – 4 with arbitration rights – Mikheyev 25 y/o F 8g 15a 23pts 39gp – coming off a $925,000 cap hit; Malgin – 23 y/o RW 4g 8a 12 pts 44gp coming off a $750,000 cap hit; Gauthier – 25 y/o LW 7g 5a 12 pts 61gp coming off a $675,000 cap hit; Rodrigues – 27 y/o RW 6g 4a 10 pts 45gp coming off a $2 mil cap hit; Dermott 23 y/o LD 4g 7a 11 pts + 14 50gp no arbitration rights – coming off an $863,000 cap hit – the combined $5,213,000 will likely cost around $7.5 when finalized . So not enough space to re-sign all 5 plus keep a UFA like Spezza and/or Clifford let alone bring in a Pietrangelo – they’d need to shed close to $12 mil – so who and where do they go?

    Calgary – $64,589,166 for 14 – $16,910,834 to sign 9 – 3 RFAs – 2 with arbitration rights – Mangiapane 24 y/o F 17g 15s 32 pts 68gp coming off a $715,000 cap hit; Jankowski – 26 t/o LW 5g 2s 7 pts 56gp coming off a $1,675,000 cap hit; Kylington – 23 y/o LD – no arbitration rights – 2g 5a 7pts 48gp coming off an $863,000 cap hit – combined $3,253,000 cap hit likely closer to $5 mil if all 3 retained – leaving $11,900,000 to sign 6 – here’s where it gets dicey for the Flames – 5 of their D are UFAs which means they either re-sign a couple or three or find adequate replacements – Hamonic – $3,857,143; Forbert – $2,525,000; Gustafsson – $1.2 mil; Stone – $3.5 mil; Brodie – $4,650,000. Who they keep and how much they’ll get will dictate what their chances are of laning Pietrrangelo. And then there’s Talbot – currenly costing $2,750,000 off the cap – if retained for how much – if not, who becomes the # 1 and at what cost?

    Florida – $59,761,288 for 12 – $21,738,712 to sign 11 – 6 RFAs – 5 with arbitration rights – Dyland Hunt – 24 y/o F 0g 4a 4pts 21gp – coming off a $715,000 cap hit; Aleksi Seerela – 23 y/o LW – no arbitration – 2g 2a 4 pts 9gp – coming off a $753,333 cap hit; Dominic Toninato – 26 y/o LW 4g 7a 11 pts 46gp – coming off a $925,000 cap hit; Lucas Wallmark – 25 y/o LW 12g 13a 25 pts 62gp – coming off a $675,000 cap hit; Mackenzie Weegar – 26y/o LD 7g 11a 18 pts +6 45gp – coming off a $1.6 mil cap hit; Joshua Brown – 26 y/o RD 3g 5a 8 pts +1 56gp – coming off a $675,000 cap hit – combined $5,343,333 probably around $9 mil if all re-signed – leaving 12,738,712 to sign 5 – cerianly enough to sign Pietrangela on the surface – but what do they do about UFAs Dadonov (31 y/o F – 25g 22a 47 pts 69gp – coming off a $4 mil cap hit and Hoffman (30 y/o F – 29g 30a 59 pts in 69gp – coming off a $5,187,500). Keeping one or both will cost at least $13 mil – so there goes Pietrangelo unless they can clear at least $9 mil elsewhere – who and where do they go?

    • Thanks for putting in the work, George.
      You save me tons of time.

    • George, just a perspective from a Flames point of view. They Have Gio who is older & regressed some last year but only 1 year out of a Norris. Andersen will be starting his new deal & is paid like a 2nd pairing D & he is really showing well. We have Hanifin already locked in as well & when he played with Andersen, they played well together. So that’s 3 of a top 4. Valamaki is quite the wild card here & reports from camp in the bubble were great & the only thing holding him out of the line up for the playoffs was the damn expansion draft. All those UFA Dmen really dont mean squat in a flat cap. Getting Pietrangelo gives Flames tons of options on that back end. Flames are absolutely a player in this.

      • Well, Kevin R, if as you point out, they are confident going forward with Giordano, Andersen, Hanifin, Valamaki as 4 of their 6 D, then, yes, adding a Pietrangelo would certainly make that a solid 5. I assume, if they did get Pietrangelo, that Kylington would be one of the 6. From your closer perspective, is there one among Lerby, Yelesin, Mackey, Kinnvall, Poolman or Nielsen ready to step in as the 7th D-man, or would they did into the UFA pool for a one-year veteran option?

        Also, what about the goaltending? If Talbot, what’s he going to want vis-a-vis the $4.6 mil he just cost? If not Talbot, who becomes the # 1?

      • Hi George O, I am hoping the Flames pass on Pieterangelo, I think they should upgrade goaltending and right wing. Was thinking about what you said about waiting out the 2nd tier ufa players as a way to keep the cap hit lower. Hopefully can fill some needs cheaper.

  10. Staal was a shocker. Never mentioned in rumors mostly because of full nmc. Now, looking at this trade and the Hornqvist trade the other day, I guess we can’t assume anyone is off limits. Under new cba though, player keeps nmc. So moving Staal at deadline will still require him to waive. 1st thing I thought with cap space was they should offer sheet Sergachev, but that 2nd round pick they sent with Staal will hurt those chances. (Unless offer is less than 6.5m and that probably won’t do it). Not sure they’d go after Pietrangelo. Would like to see Miller and Hajek get a chance next year. Honestly, just getting rid of Staal is an upgrade.
    As far as Florida and Pietreangelo. Attendance in South Florida is always an issue. Heck, even Dolphins have trouble selling out their 8 home games. Most fans down there don’t show up unless teams are in playoffs. Heat, Panthers, Marlins. Don’t matter. Biggest fair weather fans in the country!

    • go to a panther games against the habs, rangers, flyers and hawks. majority of the fans are from opposing teams. then theres the westerndivision games where you can hear a pin drop from the upper level.they received a massive bailout from broward county some years back but thats a non issue.a new gm, who seems to have a bold edge might want to shake the tree a bit. ekblad????possibly. barkov due for a new contract in 2 years.

      • Barkov to NYR for Strome, ADA, Lias Andersson and the #22 overall =)

        Thank you lol

      • everyone to the Rangers for league minimum. You will get blessing from uncle Gary and support the entire 150 people fan base!

        Rangers are the new Maple Leafs (but with much less fans)

      • That 150 fan base is probably how they became the most valuable franchise in the NHL.

        Boy aren’t you a bitter delusional observer!

        Conspiracy theories about the draft, now they have no fans? Jesus! Give your head a shake… just be careful not to let the tinfoil hat fall off ! Those aliens 👽 👽 👽 👽 👽 will be probing you in your sleep!


    • Agreed! Staal trade surprised me! But they got another 2nd for next year and some veteran presence in the deal.

      As for Sergachev, I think he’s still a perfect match for Det. Personally, I’d give Tampa the 4th overall for him…so long as TB takes Abby.

      As for Petro….nope. not worth it when they’re rebuilding.

  11. Couple of things, it may be possible for the Flames to trade Gaudreau to NJ for their 18 and 20 selection in the first round this year. That would free up plenty of cap space to sign Pietrangelo plus resign Brodie. The Flames would have a very good defense.

    I am not a fan of Laine, I also don’t think the Jets management is totally enamoured with him either. Having said that I think it is a very shrewd move to trade him at his peak for a #2 center or a top 4 defensman or dare I say both.

    Leafs management should learn a lesson from the Jets to address their weakness

    • Ummmm. 2 1sts for Johnny? Wow.

      • Yeah, wondered about that too. In ordinary times maybe acquiring local boy Johnny Hockey would be worth two late 1st round picks in going a long way to generating gate receipts with all the hype that would follow … but for the foreseeable future – what gate?

      • Chrisms, I wouldn’t trade Gaudreau for 2 late 1st round picks. A dynamic winger capable of 80 to 100 points better net more than magic beans

      • Chrisms, trading a dynamic player that can bring 80 to 100pts a year on an excellent contract for 2 magic beans is not a deal the Flames should consider. If both picks were under 12oa, I guess I would think about it. Flames are in win soon mode so I think they would only trade Gaudreau for a player or players that can help them do so.

      • Sorry for the two posts, first one was hung up for a few minutes

    • Only way I would be happy moving picks 18 and 20 in the same deal is if Marner or Laine were coming the other way. NJ has multiple weaknesses but we have 1 NHL RW and a bunch of maybes. I like Gaudreau but he doesn’t fit with our age group. Also concerned with him leaving for Phi when his deal is up, so he can go “home.”

  12. i think Pietrangelo will wind up staying with the Blues for a $8.5M AAV

    considering how much his teammates ripped his poor practice habits this past season, I don’t think the Jets will keep Laine around long-term. they may take less for him so improve locker room harmony, and hope they get a top-3 d-man and/or 2nd line center for him.

    • MikeP

      I think who ever trades for Laine will regret it in a couple of years.
      Maybe he will get traded to Pittsburgh.
      It will give Pengy a new whipping boy after Jj is sent to the minors

    • Mike P – since St. Loo does need to keep Dunn as well and since that will shave at least $2.5 off their cap space, leaving around $2.6, in order retain Pietrangelo at that price, they’d need to shed around $8 mil elsewhere – and that’s the dilemma they face. It’s easy to look at their roster and say the obvious ones to move are Steen (one year left at $5,750,000) and Bozak (one year left at $5 mil) – but with so many teams needing to shed salary to free up the necessary cap space to keep their own RFAs and maybe even a UFA here and there, who do you see willing to take on either of those albatrosses – one going on 37 and the other 35? Forget teams with lots of space like Ottawa, NJ, Detroit, Buffalo – they have NO need to take those on with picks/prospects as sweeteners with so many other far better options open to them.

      It would have to be an O’Rielly and a Colton Parayko (neither of whom have a NM/NT clause) to get teams with plenty of cap space to bite – and for St. Louis that would be a bad move so it’s not going to happen.

      One thing no one’s touched upon is what may be in the mind of Pietrangelo himself. He has his Cup – is his priority landing with a contender for another crack at it – or instead security for himself and family with what will likely be his last contract. In that event, could one of those teams with lots of cap space be a destination?

      • George O…

        All very good points.

        I think Armstrong shot himself in the foot when he re-signed Faulk.

        If they sign Pietrangelo they’ll have 3 RHD at $8.5M, $6.5M, and $5.5M…I’m not sure Parayko or Faulk will be happy playing 3rd pair minutes?

        Tarasenko is injured and rumoured to be out a while and their team is on the older side with quite a few players in their 30’s.

        Would the Leafs be able to pry Parayko out of STL with a young winger, Johnsson plus picks?

      • @George Detroit just took a salary dump for a second round pick so never say never. I do agree with you and I’m not sure why Detroit did it for so cheap but if Detroit can do the other teams can as well.

      • Daryl, for St. Louis to relinquish Parayko as a move to free up space to re-sign Pietrangelo. thyey couldn’t take back any significant cap – and Johnsson’s $3.4 mil hit would have to be considered significant in that context, as all they’d be freeing up is $2.1 mil. Not nearly enough.

        No, if they’re determined to find a way to keep Pietrangelo and Parayko is one of two that they decide to let go (unlikely), they’d have to deal with one of the teams with lots of cap space for a combination of a high pick and prospects that would not immediately impact their cap. Nothing else makes sense. And who else would then go because Parayko alone wouldn’t do it?

        The flat cap is killing GMs like Armstrong, Dubas, whoever takes over in Arizona, McCrimmon, Rutherford etc.

      • Roger, maybe it’s just me but I don’t see the Staal move as taking on a salary dump in quite the same category as would a Steen or Bozak (or a Loui Erikisson of JJ as further examples).

        In a shortened season of 52gp the guy put up 2g 9a 11 pts and was a +5. Not counting this aberration of a season he’s been a durable soldier since 2013-24, missing just 40 games out of 492, is solid at 6′ 4″ 210 lbs and costs just $5,700,000 off the cap for just this coming season. JJ he ain’t.

      • George I can see your point and I’m sure that’s how Yzerman views it but, for the Rangers it was a pure salary dump. This is going to be a crazy off season and I’m especially interested in what the teams with cap space do.

      • Agree George,

        As I said last night I am a Staal fan, not a fan of Staals contract. He is a 3rd pairing guy who can kill penalties. 5.7 per is way too much. However Detroit is losing 2 Left side d men. It’s a stop gap d man for Detroit at 3.2 million actual cash and they grabbed a 2nd. NY clears 5.7 million in cap space.

        Staal won’t be competing for. Norris, a Conn Smythe or an MVP, he is a bit slow for today’s nhl. The game has passed him by.

        Good guy, good leader. I always think of what could have been without the concussions and that gruesome eye injury.

        Was an absolute warrior for NY once upon a time. I wish him the best!

        Any talk of Pietrangelo to NY makes no sense whatsoever!

      • Roger and Nyr4life, I agree that, from Gorton’s perspective , the move of Staal was a salary dump that cost him a good pick, since the almost $6 mil cap hit was too much for what he delivers given the rest of the Rangers roster alignment. But for Yzerman, it hardly puts a dent in his cap space and gives him a veteran mentor for his younger D-men (and, as Nyr4life points out) a good pk anchor, for one full season, on top of which he adds a 2nd round pick for a season which he can only view as one promising improvement from where they finished this year. Really, given the circumstances of each team, it’s a classic win-win.

        But Pengy, I do NOT see Stepan in the same vein in Ottawa. In terms of eye-opening cash-freeing deals I think the best is yet to come – and Yzerman still has enough free cap to become a big player there as well.

  13. Krug will probably be moved for a 5th or 6th round pick tomorrow.
    Det, Col, Mtl, LV, LA?

    • Or the Rangers?

      • Rangers should just play their kids and let them grow.

        Hajek can play along with ADA (if resigned)

        Smith can finish the year with Trouba

        why waste cap on Krug when they want to give their kids a chance. Krug signing would mean not thinking any of their kids will be ready for 5 plus years.

        Just let the kids play… this year is a “growing and learning” year. No significant cap room to play with.

      • Solid points, IHC.

  14. First offer ?

    To EMD: Kuemper & rights to Hall

    To ARZ: RNH, PJ & 1st this year

    EDM gets their #1 goalie and potential to sign Hall to play along side McD.
    ARZ gets a desperately needed 1st & new center to push Schmaltz.

    2nd offer ?

    To WPG: OEL & Stepan (25% retained)

    To ARZ: Ehlers & 1st

    ARZ having trading away Hall replaces him upfront with Ehlers and gets a desperately needed 1st rd pick.
    Along with that ARZ moves Stepan with salary retained since WPG is looking at a 2C. With their team Stepan can fill that void and OEL solidifies their LD side along with Morrissey. Significant upgrade over kulikov, Belieau, Sbisa and with term.

    • Those trades make no sense. Essentially you’re trading Hopkins a first and pj for Kuemper. Nobody has ever traded more than a mid round or lower pick for an upcoming UFA. Why would any team do that. Heck pj and a 3rd probably gets you Kuemper. If Edmonton even overplayed and offered there first Arizona says that you sucker here’s Kuemper. Winnipeg can do way better for Ehlers and a first so why would Cheveldayoff do that.

  15. I think of St Louis trades Schwartz they aren’t going to get as much as a deadline deal unless the new team can talk contract before the trade.

    Teams aren’t going to trade a 1st in next years sraft unless they have top 15 protections.

    Teams in the 20+ area in this years drsft coukd mive thisr picks.

    • But Dan, Schwartz has a full M-NTC (as do Bozak and Steen by the way) which severely limits trade options at a time when finding compatible destinations is already quite difficult. Which is why, above, I mentioned guys like O’Reilly and Parayko, who have no such clauses.

  16. Re Petro staying on Blues and Blues not having the space

    Army has plenty of time to work with

    Off-season…. can go 10% over…. so no issue off season

    Right now just over $5M for 3 spots… Petro, Dunn, depth fwd at League min

    They’ll start the year with Teresenko’s $7.5 M on LTIR

    Effectively then, with a little paper-work manipulation…. that’s North of $12.5M at start of season to cover Petro, Dunn, league min depth forward

    Eventually they have to clear space for when Teresenko returns

    The first move I had said all along was Steen…. but he holds all the power with Full NTC

    Ahhhhh…. but I just looked more closely…. that clause expires 1/2/21…. maybe closely coinciding with time of Teresenko return????

    If League starts with the more likely Jan 1 (I don’t buy December 1st date)… moving him (Steen) early Feb say after 15 games … receiving team after escrow and 10% deferral…. is looking at a 20/21 expenditure for him of around $1.7 M (that’s if a full 82 games are played)…. and I wouldn’t be surprised if the sweetener is Kostin

    Perhaps Army tells Steen that unfortunately he’ll be moving him 1/2/21 or soon thereafter and try to persuade him the advantages of nestling in with the new club early ;beginning of season) so that he’ll waive the NTC now???

    Receiving team could move him at TDL; retain 50% ; get a mid rounder to go on top of Kostin… receiving him in Feb then flipping him at TDl with 50% retained; after escrow and deferral …. >$1.4 M

    This is workable

    Armh also has the flex ov moving Boz….

    Yes 35 in March; but he’s good in the dot; still producing at full season clip of 16 goals snd mid 30’s in points…. would fit in as 3C very well on a fee teams; and Sal ~ $4.2 M this year

    Moving him in around time of Teresenko return; with already part of his seasons sal paid; is an easier sell

    He can be moved to 20 different teams w/o his say so

    Blues could retain 50% …. freeing up $2.6 M in Cap … and there would be something coming to Blues instead of them offering a sweetener ; if they retain 50%

    Options ; as at right now; are in Army’s favour

    • Excuse the spelling mistakes… small screen, weak eyes; single (fat) finger typing on iPhone

      wanted to add…. Army would be foolish to move Parayko

      He’d only have 25-30 teams calling him on CP though… LOL

  17. With the 58th pick in the 2020 NHL Draft the Bruins pick
    Sam Colangelo

    • Jack Finley would be a better pick, imo.