NHL Offseason Lookahead – Boston Bruins

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Rumors | 4 comments



  1. Sweeney and Neely simply do not have the smarts to rebuild this team.
    Failed 2015 Draft
    Failed 2016 Draft ( Trent Frederic a bust)
    The Backes , Beleskey, Moore , Brett Ritchie signings all backfired.
    Reilly Smith trade for Jimmy Hayes awful.
    Kase zero goals as a Bruin- they gave up a 1st round pick and still ate some of Backes salary
    Danton Heinen for Nick Ritchie bad trade.
    Fire Sweeney & Neely !

    • Totally agree, their judgement of talent coming back from trades is brutal. You have a front office that has traded Sequin and Wheeler and have nothing to show from those trades. Both Sweeney and Neely need to be driven to the airport with a one way ticket out of town.

    • A tad rash, don’t you think?

  2. It’s been going on for years, core group getting older, missed on returns from trading star players. This is what you get,, no young core talent in the system, cupboards pretty much empty. Front office needs a shake up.