NHL Playoffs: Lightning Eliminate Bruins, Advance to Eastern Conference Final

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Soapbox | 1 comment


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  1. Listened to Montreal 690 yesterday while on the road & Tony Marinario had a Boston sports writer, his name eludes me right now, but he had a theory that the Bruins may be ready to move everybody & anybody not named Bergeron, MacAvoy or Pastrnak as a retooling process on the fly!!!

    The most intriguing name that popped into my head was home province boy Brad Marchand!!!

    What contender would want to add Marchand onto their lineup??? & what are they willing to move???

    They won’t give him away, unless a team is willing to overpay, they will keep him. Hey Kyle, send them Marner, Sandin & the Pens 1st rder, then we will send you Bad Brad & Brandon Carlo.

    He also specified that Don Sweeney would probably maximize his returns for a Krejci by waiting until the trade deadline when that $7.25 mill per would be pro-rate for the rest of the season & the Bruins would pony up a chunk of that for prospects & picks.