NHL Rumor Mill – September 10, 2020

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Golden Knights reportedly talking contract with Robin Lehner, plus the latest on the Bruins and Penguins in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Jesse Granger believes the Vegas Golden Knights intend to sign goaltender Robin Lehner to a long-term contract extension. He cites sources suggesting discussions between management and the Lehner camp might have already begun. Lehner, 29, is due to become an unrestricted free agent on Oct. 9.

With the salary cap remaining at $81.5 million next season, the Golden Knights only have $6.375 million in cap space. $3-$4 million of that could be taken up re-signing restricted free agents Chandler Stephenson and Nick Cousins. Granger estimates it could take a five-year deal at $5 million annually, possibly more, to keep Lehner in the fold.

Re-signing Lehner could mean parting ways with Marc-Andre Fleury, who has two years and $14 million remaining on his contract. Granger feels Fleury’s relationship with management has soured since Lehner’s acquisition at the February trade deadline. They could retain part of his cap hit to trade him, though he carries a 10-team no-trade list. They could also buy out the remainder of Fleury’s contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what transpires, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Lehner is re-signed and Fleury traded or bought out. That’s been percolating in the rumor mill for some time, especially when Lehner got the bulk of the starts in the playoffs. It went to a full boil last month after Fleury’s agent tweeted an image of his client with a sword through his back and coach Peter DeBoer’s name on the blade.

Lehner or Fleury could draw the attention of the Colorado Avalanche. The Denver Post’s Mike Chambers suggested the Avs could pursue either goalie if they become available.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty reports Bruins general manager Don Sweeney intends to explore ways to improve his club between now and the start of the free-agent market on Oct. 9.

The toughest decision could be deciding whether to re-sign Torey Krug. Haggerty believes the Bruins would love to keep the 29-year-old pending UFA defenseman, but he doesn’t feel they’re in a good enough salary-cap place to do so.

Haggerty speculates Sweeney could look to within to bolster his lineup by promoting Trent Frederic and Jack Studnicka into full-time roles next season. Making room for those two could mean moving out a winger like Jake DeBrusk. He’s a restricted free agent due for a significant raise but also an inconsistent scorer who managed just two points in 10 playoff games last month.

Haggerty wondered if Sweeney might consider shopping David Krejci. The 34-year-old center has one year left on his contract with an annual average value of $7.25 million who can be dealt to half the teams in the league based on the no-trade language in his contract.

Sweeney also said the Bruins have no reservations about goaltender Tuukka Rask after he opted out of the playoffs for family reasons. Rask and backup Jaroslav Halak both have a year left on their contracts and it appears the Bruins plan on continuing next season with their current goalie tandem. Sweeney pointed out Rask is up for the Vezina Trophy this year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Krug seeks over $7 million annually, he’s probably played his final game with the Bruins. He’s indicated he’s not taking a hometown discount or a one-year deal. Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy reports Sweeney said the two sides “haven’t found a landing spot yet.”

The Athletic’s Fluto Shinzawa (subscription required) also suggested DeBrusk could be a trade chip. However, he felt defenseman Brandon Carlo was more likely to move because he didn’t play up to his capabilities in the playoffs. However, if Krug departs I doubt they’ll trade away Carlo.

As for Krejci, his age, cap hit and modified no-trade make him difficult to move under the current economic conditions. He could be traded, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still suiting up with the Bruins next season.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Josh Yohe reports sources around the league have spoken with Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford regarding defenseman Kris Letang. However, this isn’t uncommon and there’s no indication Letang is being actively shopped.

Yohe also reports all indications suggest the Pittsburgh Penguins will trade goaltender Matt Murray. Rutherford had little interest in moving goalie Tristan Jarry. The Penguins GM is willing to move center Jared McCann and perhaps Nick Bjugstad, though Rutherford isn’t opposed to keeping him. He also doesn’t sound interested in moving defenseman Jack Johnson.

TSN: Darren Dreger isn’t sure the speculation about Letang is legit, pointing out his agent said his client doesn’t expect to be moved. Dreger acknowledged the 33-year-old defenseman might still be traded, but it’s not his expectation. Other Penguins who could hit the trade block include Johnson, Patric Hornqvist, and Zach Aston-Reese.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was speculation yesterday claiming Letang was expecting a trade, but now his agent says otherwise. Damage control, perhaps? Or merely some confusion emerging from multiple sources on Letang’s status. Whatever it is, it seems likely Rutherford was talking to other clubs about the veteran blueliner but doesn’t appear close to considering a trade.

No one’s surprised Murray is the most likely of their two goalies to move. He’ll be more expensive for the Penguins to re-sign plus he’s also struggled with injuries and consistency over the past two years.

Hornqvist has a $5.3-million AAV through 2022-23 but his full no-trade clause becomes an eight-team no-trade list at the end of this season. He’s 33 and his style of play frequently leaves him banged-up but his experience and gritty style around the net could be enticing to other clubs.

McCann could also draw some interest. Bjugstad’s been hampered by injuries the past two years, appearing in 64 games last season and just 13 this season. That will put a damper on his trade value.


  1. Lyle,
    I hope you understand that by reporting that Rutherford doesn’t sound interested in moving Jack Johnson, you’ve completely ruined Pengy’s day.

    • I suspected as much when I typed it…;)

      • 🤬😡😤 LOL

    • …or ruined his month?

      • Hi Whalercane

        Ruined my (and all Pen’s fans) “Millennium”

    • It is the right thing for the GM to say. Saying he wants to keep him is one of his only tools to maintain any sort of value. If the team who signed him doesn’t value him who will?

      • Hi 2.0

        Have to disagree wholeheartedly here

        He could say he’s keeping him but it absolutely in no way maintains any value… JJ has a negative value….extreme negative value…. his statements re JJ being good and all other Pens are to blame for missing the playoffs; is just completely farcical. GMJR fired 3 assistant coaches who were absolutely not to blame; and just a reminder; 2 of those assistant coaches repeatedly asked Sully to sit JJ for the entirety of the play-ins/playoffs (missed but would have been in 100% w/o JJ)

        Keeping JJ also lowered MM’s trade value. Jj on bench… MM was 970 v Habs…. no JJ ; Pens win series; streak alive; MM at 970 for series and 3 -0 record; and who knows what they would have done vs Bruins. Instead… kept JJ… MM now down as series losing goalie; going 1-2

        GMJR was told to cut costs. His job as GM (as with all GMs) is to build the best roster possible within Cap and/or internal constraints

        Keeping JJ (I.e. not buying him out)…. goes completely against his job spec (best roster within Cap and/or budget) and is contrary to Ronny/Mario wishes of cutting costs

        BO JJ saves cash, cap, and makes the team; all Pens players; and the franchise all extremely better; and gleefully appeases all Pens fans ; and owners

      • I still have only heard the repeatedly asked to sit stuff from you pengy. Not from any respected Pittsburgh media member.

    • Hi Howard

      Ruined my (and all Pen’s fans) “Millennium”

      • Relax. Only 980 years to go.

      • Hi Howard

        I don’t think I can make it past 9200; if I eat Kale…. maybe 930

    • Makes you wonder what JJ has on Rutherford…

      • LOL NMAvsFan

        Perhaps the secret Putin vidz??

  2. #1- Trading of Fleury, which team that is capable of absorbing his contract, a) really needs an aging goaltender, b) wants to absorb such a cap hit???? I cannot see a trade happening, it would only works for Vegas & no one else in the league.

    #2- Trading of Matt Murray, another good reason why Vegas will find it even more impossible to move Fleury, not to mention the group of UFAs available.

    I am fully behind George & his opinion of this upcoming off season, no one is going to want to take others mistakes off of their hands even with so called sweeteners. Not Eriksson, not Fleury, not Alzner, not Neal, not Bozak, not Stepan, etc.

    The flat cap will all but have killed this practice IMHO.

    I looked at Chicago this morning on CapFriendly & Holy Guacamole, if Shaw &/or Seabrook return to their lineup they are in some big time trouble & that will be without signing Strome or Kubalik!!!!!

    • I am always out of my mind but DET makes sense to me.

      The sweetner has to be huge but for Vegas in a Flat cap will be worth it. Vegas has depth in the pipeline.

      VGS saves

      To DET: Fluery (7 for 2) & Tuch (4.75 for 6)
      To VGS: Nielsen (5.25 for 2)

      Hell of a sweetner but VGS saves over 6 to sign Lehner with room to round out the bottom 6 and their D.

      Detroit gets a young winger to add to the top 6.

      DET lets Howard walk and cna fit these two under their cap since they are sending Nielsen back.

      • Except that is NOT going to happen.

      • there may be a better chance on Van sending Demko to Det as a sweetener to take on one of their anchors. that being said, this season GMs will have to accept that it is what it is.

      • OK, but lets look at real $$$$. One must ask, is the Ilitch willing to absorb that much difference in actual dollars over those two season of very little incoming income for the team???

        Over the next two seasons combined, Frans equals $8 mill in salaries, while M-A & Alex will earn $21 mill between them. That is a difference of $13 mill going out in actual salaries.

        I believe these are considerations that the media folks & armchair GMs tend to overlook. Under normal circumstances, it is probably doable, but I suspect inthe next several years, even the deeper pocketed owners will balk on adding major financial burden without receiving immediate results.

      • Flames better fit. They almost got Fleury at the last expansion draft. Rittch & 2021 3rd for Fleury & their 2020 late 1st rounder. 2 years of Fleury can keep the ship afloat until Wolf is ready. Flames can use Z, Parsons & even Gillies to back up Fleury & journeyman vets are always available in case of injury to Fleury.

      • Vegas save 4.25 mill & has a good back up for 1 year who is a RFA.

      • Agreed George NOT happening but nice to speculate

        Uwey I understand actual $$ implications but TUCH brings more considerable more value than Neilsen and a better top 6 scoring can increase the attendance which increases revenue. Better performing team means better chance to get on nationally televised games bringing in more revenue.

        Can always leave Fluery available for expansion draft. Can trade Bernier to free more cap & actual$$ if needed.

        dollar wise Illitch WOULD spend it for the right deal and a TUCH sweetner is a good deal.

        Vegas would not because Tuch is not worth giving up to remove Fluery

        It was all spitballing for conversation.

        Most assuredly will be fun to see how Owners and their management teams navigate the flat cap for the next few years.

      • You are going to need to toss in a prospect not a salaried player to make this work, Fluery + Krebs to Det for a pick or 2

    • Uwey.
      Generally would agree with flat cap assessment. But, look at Blues trade of Allen to Habs. Who saw that coming. Fleury has been better than Murray last few years. There’s a lot of goalies available, but depends on what teams are looking for. Starters as opposed to back ups?
      As Lyle said, Vegas can retain salary and move him. Look at Av’s. Francouz has 2 years left on his contract, just like Fleury. Fleury for Framcouz. Vegas retains 2m and still saves 3m in cap. To put towards signing Lerner. Av’s get upgrade in goal for 3m

      • Vegas and Avs should both be contenders for the near future. Not sure Vegas would want MAF to come back to haunt them in a series.

      • Allen has one year left on his contract, with just over half of M-A’s cap hit & Allen is only 30 yrs old.

        The Habs had the cap room to do it for one season, saw it as immediate help to the team for that one season during a compressed schedule.

        Which team with cap space deep pockets can absorb M-A’s cap hit & actual dollars paid out over the next two seasons with no gate dollars coming in????

        As George has pointed out many times, there is more to this than just the cap hit to endure during the flat cap, especially with the gate receipts being almost nil.

      • Slick62, the Allens of the world are not the immovable ones – but, in this flat cap era and with 3/4 of the league smack up against the limit, when it comes to the likes of anyone such as Okposo. Lucic, Gardiner, Seabrook, Parise, Turris, Subban, Ladd, Ryan, Eriksson, Johnson or any contract costing $9 mil up per year off the cap, forget it. The so-called sweeteners would have to be prohibitive.

        The days of taking on albatross contracts are in limbo simply because they have to be.

      • George, it wasn’t so much Allen getting moved that surprised me. That was the necessary 1st move they needed to do. My surprise was that he went to Montreal, especially considering we could have another shortened season. Sure they have cap space, but they also need to improve team in other areas. But, as it’s been pointed out, Hans see him as a quality back up. My contention is there are teams that will see Fleury as an upgrade as a starter.

      • Damn George, looking at your list, combined with my list & the fact we probably haven’t listed 50% of, I never realized just how many really bad, hand tying contracts there are in this league for teams. Now even moreso!!!

      • Uwey. Read post again. As Lyle pointed out, Vegas will probably need to retain part of MAs salary! I gave an example of a deal that makes sense for both teams. If Vegas retains 2m, and takes back Francouz in trade…. Av’s will end up paying an extra 3m per for 2 years. (MAF 5m. Subtract Francouz 2M) And I’m assuming Fleury will be their #1. Montreal now has 14.8m tied up in one position for next season They have 13m left to fill about 4 roster spots. They weren’t a playoff team last year. At least before expanded play in. If they where planning on being a contender next year, maybe this would make sense. Allen is owed 3.8m in actual salary, on top of what they’re paying Price. How many games will he actually play? Fleury money owed: 6.5m next season. 6m following season. Again, if Vegas retains some, that goes down for any team acquiring him.

      • Slick, riddle me this please, why would the Avs who have cap space bail Vegas’ ass out of a jam, a team in their conference nonetheless, when they could offer a younger, better #1 in Lehner a contract that Vegas would struggle to match????

        That just isn’t going to happen, makes absolutely no sense!!!!

      • I would think MAF would be attractive to a few teams in the hunt for a goalie if Vegas held 50% of his aav

      • Uwey. Riddle me this: How can Av’s offer Lehner more money if he doesn’t hit free agency? Story above is that they’ve begun negotiating a new deal. My comments are inline with notion Vegas signs him and are forced to move Fleury to create space and assuming they will need to retain salary. At this point, maybe Av’s see Fleury as an upgrade on what they have more than they see it as helping Vegas. Again, that’s an example of one team. Point is, you’re probably not taking on his whole salary and if you’re sending another goalie back you’re also subtracting dollars. If Montreal can pay a guy 3.8 million(4.3 cap)to watch probably 80% of games from bench, I can see somebody (Buffalo?) trading for MAF.

      • Slick, if I’m the Avs, I force Vegas into a corner making them have to buyout Fleury, with four years of cap hits & then entertain the thought of offering M-A a lowball contract with incentives while playing for a contender to prove himself.

        Again, why would the Avs do the Knights any favours???? I can’t imagine the Rangers, helping the Flyers, Islanders or Devils out of a situation they place themselves into.

        Or on the flip side, would the Knights actual deal him to the team most likely to challenge the next couple of seasons as the best in the west???

        That whole scenario makes absolutely no sense to me.

      • Uwey. I used Av’s as an example. You make good points as to why those 2 teams wouldn’t do a deal. Back to original point though. Fleury can be traded. I’m sure Vegas will be willing to eat salary in a trade before buying him out.

    • Uwey, I got a great chuckle yesterday out of one of your responses on Simmonds when you summed it up with “So there, pppppppth!!!!” and it reminded me of one of my favourite songs from 1968 by Sam & The Sham so I posted the link early this morning. Since it probably got lost like anything in yesterday’s newspaper here it is again – enjoy


      • George, I must have spelled it correctly or you would not have known what I meant???

        That said, it may also prove we grew up in the same generation.

      • Hi George

        I’d not heard of that song before… just listened to the Song in you link

        The love letters I got years ago were spelled differently… just two words… with a total of 3 F’s tho🤪🤓

      • How old are you? George is an old name which nobody uses anymore so….LOL

        Guess that’s why you are the ring leader on this site..dishing it all out. 🙂

        All good just take your multivitamins… LOL

      • LOL. I’m 82. LOL. So what? LOL, Is that a detriment? Guess you don’t plan on getting there. In the meantime, Prince George. George Clooney. George Forman. George Harrison; George Bush (x 2), George Lucas, George Floyd … yeah, real uncommon

        Is that the best you got?

      • George. You succeeded in proving that bozo right. None of those George’s are now George’s.

      • George O.. You are loved..??

    • If taking on another’s mistake is so prohibitive all that would mean is the cost to do that gets higher. All these teams who have contracts they wish to move also have prospects and picks. Rebuilding clubs who have cap space may be wise to squeeze these assets out of the cap problem teams for a contract that last another 2 years and will be off their books as their team emerges into playoff contention.

      If Vegas truly needs to move Murray and have little choice to become cap compliant. Cody Glass would look good in a Sens Uni. Hold the cap strapped teams to the fire and see what gives.

      Perhaps nothing. Expansion will also throw a tench into this.

      • Because, since the teams with “lots” of cap space are few and far between (no more than 4 or 5 fit that description), they don’t HAVE to. They can sit back and wait until the caps-strapped start to sweat a bit – and then offer to “help” relieve them of their cap woes by offering to take a USEFUL player with term AND a significant enough cap hit to make it worthwhile for the cap-strapped team to move them.

        And to suggest the cap-strapped simply deal with each other just doesn’t cut it because none among them can take on another’s albatross – no matter what the sweetener – without moving out equivalent cap hits.

        The teams with space all have varying quantities of decent prospects within their systems – with more to come this draft. And since none of them are looking at becoming instant contenders overnight they can afford to be patient.

      • I’m sure you hope it will work like that George but the overall ineptness has f nhl gms throughout history as a overall group probably means you are wrong. They gonna eat that marshmallow. I don’t think those gms will make anyone sweat. Marc b already jumped the gun. More will follow.

      • Yes it has happened often – but never under the circumstances being experienced today. Are you saying the dumb GMs will spend as ever? If they do, there will be a turnover of GMs like never before.

      • George, you forgot the top of the list – George Armstrong of course.
        My dad always said Armstrong should have taken the skates out of the box before putting them on.

    • Colorado has a bunch of cap space and the team from the blue line out that can compete, all they need is a true number 1 goalie. Probably the top team on all of the available goalies list.

  3. If Carlo is available, I hope Stevie Y can bring him to Detroit. I would take him here anytime.

  4. These two statements if true are proof that GMJR has completely lost his marbles:

    “perhaps Nick Bjugstad, though Rutherford isn’t opposed to keeping him. “

    WTF…. if ANY opportunity comes to move Bjug he should do it; and fast.,,. $4.1 M in Cap
    but $5.25 M in Sal…. 16 points in 45 games for Pens; 2 points in last 13 games..,. not opposed to keeping him 🤪🤬😡🤪🤬😡. Just a reminder… Ronny/Mario said cut costs…. keep a guy whose production warrants near league minimum sal;and pay him $5.25 M ($1.15 M over his already unaffordable cap hit)? 🤪🤬😡🤪🤬😡

    “He also doesn’t sound interested in moving defenseman Jack Johnson”

    … I should have lead with this one

    ….. no other statement in the history of hockey has more lunacy…. not interested in moving the worst player in the NHL (let’s be honest; worst player iin NHL history) and one that absolutely cripples team success and all players stats and one who all Pens fans want moved or bought out; YESTERDAY!!!!!…… all that ; and Jimbo doesn’t seem interested in moving him???????????????????????????????????????????????🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    A move of Bjug and Buyout of JJ; replaced by Poulin and say Pierre-Olivier Joseph…. that has a net cash savings of almost $5.6 M and a net Cap savings of $4.5 M … that’s just next year BTW; AND makes team way faster, much younger; and extremely extremely better; and EVERY Pens stats increase….. that option he’s not interested in ?????????????????


    • EMTs to the Penny residence – Code Blue!

      • Hi Gord1970

        Dang near flatlined on those Jimbo quotes

    • Maybe he doesn’t seem interested in moving him because he understands the “worst player in nhl history “ who is a total a complete liability/ detriment to his team, who constantly cost his team games , advancement in playoffs every time he steps on the ice and has 3 years @ 3.25 per season doesn’t really have much of a market? Especially in a frozen cap world?


      You can wait all night by the chimney, Santa ain’t coming!

      It broke my heart when my mom told me the truth about that last month…. but I’m moving on.

      • Hi NY4Life

        No Santa …. WTF?

        As I’ve posted many times… BO for JJ is absolutely the best option. Total sense… saves cash, cap, and team massively better

        Agree ; trade market would request huge sweeteners

        The fact is that Jimbo is inferring (many times publicly) that JJ is great and all Pens’ woes are on every other player…. that’s deranged thinking

      • BO is the only realistic option. And I don’t just mean JJ Pittsburgh. I mean all players with multiple years left on their toxic contract.

        Frozen cap won’t make sweeteners worth it. Unless they are off the charts sweeteners .

        I think until the world goes back to normal, any contract with more term than one year and considered toxic will be nearly impossible to move. There are far too many out there to realistically move any time soon.

        And with the frozen cap, teams will be forced to move good contracts to stay compliant…. so why take a JJ , Staal , Lundqvist, Etc?

      • Hi NY4Life

        With you re most tough contracts in the flat Cap are down to Buyout instead of move (with sweeteners) not all but most

        Single year remaining type of contracts can still be viable to move

        Two or more years left with heavy signing bonus… Buyout is absolutely the wrong move…. some contracts have $1M Sal and the rest in SB…. savings then with buyout is literally only $333 K per…. so paying SB AND $670 K (30 K less than league min) for player to sit at home. Unless the player is a negative contributor (al la Pens #3) then the replacement player (of the Buyout player) effectively costs League min ; plus the $670 K for the player bought out

        In JJ’s case… 3 more years… buyout saves $2.8 M off of current commitment…. therefore refilling that spot with ANY player of equal or better value at $930 K ($2.8 M/3) or less… team is better off. Since EVERY player in the NHL is considerably better than JJ…. all players filling that spot at $930 K or less ; massively improve the team….. these can be garnered from UFA or internal.

        Setting aside Ruhweedel (who is quite a poor DMan but not in the JJ level of things)… Pens have 9 Dmen in the org whose Sal is less than $930 K; all younger; all faster; all fantastically better than JJ…. buyout JJ; put ANY one of them in.. Cash saved; cap saved; team younger; team leaps and bounds better

        Loui?? Buyout… saves $2.7 M… so any player would have to be better than his production and less that $1.35 M per. However because of his Signing bonus; his 20/21 Cap savings is only $333K…. so replacement with a player at League min($700 K)… effectively saves $650 K cash ; but overall Cap space is reduced by about $370 K (new Cap less Loui savings)… and there is dead cap down the road…. however… retaining 50%…. saves a total of $2.5 M cash and $3M Cap (that for each of 2 years)… receiving team (with Cap space)…. gets Loui for $1.25 M cash per year… 19/20 pace quite a down year… 82 game pace….10-12-22…. change of location should move it a bit… say back to 30 point pace in 18/19…. for $550 K over league min …. AND a very good sweetener…. not at all saying it is going to be done… probability is low….just showing that trade with 50% retained and sweetener …. is possible

        Hank… Buyout saves $1.5 M cash overall; and $1.5 M Cap followed by same in dead cap next year. Trade…. Note: Hank must agree…50% retained……. receiving team gets him for $4.25 M Cap…$2.75 M Cash; but better is a to-through (middle team picking up 25%) … with final team also 25% (same method with different percentages; done with Lehner this year… Knights on hook for only 28%)…. and middle and end team paying $1.3 M cash each ; and each having Cap of $2.1 M….. Rangers save $4.25 M cap…. worth at least a 3rd (or similar in prospect); end team getting Hank for $1.3 M cash and $2.1 M Cap…2nd (or similar prospect)…. middle team (that has Cap space)… “buying” two prospects or a 2nd & 3rd… for $1.3 M cash…. NOTE…. Canes paid $3.8 M cash and over $6 M Cap for what at the time; they expected to be in the 22nd-24th range (no way they envisioned Leafs missing the playoffs like they did this year)

  5. Moving Brandon Carlo because of a bad play in the Covid Cup would be a mistake, Carlo was a dominant force in last year run to the Cup final, i suspect like a lot of players with so much time off and little practice time that his conditioning was way off. No way i be trading him based on this tournament.

    Krug is a PP specialist who i hope has played his last game in Boston. Unless he is coming in at $5.5 which i doubt.

    Boston D is too small and too soft. They have 2 dman at 5’9″ and another at 5’11” and if you look at the 4 remaining teams they have overall size on D and some grit.

    I don’t mind having one but i don’t believe you can win with 3 of your 6 dman being under 6ft.

    I don’t believe Krecji gets traded he also has a 50% no trade list.

    Of the 50% trade list which team A. has the cap space. B. Is a second line Center away from being a Stanley Cup contender

    The Winnipeg Jets could use s 2nd line center but are they one David Krejci away from a Cup contender? What’s the odd that the Jets are on his no trade list.
    Patrik Laine would not be upset about having Krejci as his Cman.

    Boston needs a revamp D, a second line and a couple of new additions on the 4th line with Kuraly.

    Should Chara return, apparently had a bad ankle making a slow man slower. Lets be honest his play was hard to watch, surprisingly how easy he was knocked down by any player.

    Is Chara blocking the development of a younger player or is he still a useful player. 1yr at $1m no bonuses. I only say this because the playoff play isn’t the last memory Chara should have. But he was bad and very bad

    • Caper. I’ve been saying the same about Rangers. It’s why I’m hoping they trade DeAngelo now while his value is highest. I’d swap him for Carlo in a heartbeat! I think a team like Columbus, who has good size, could benefit from adding a smaller offensive dman.

    • Spot on Caper!

      I think they should let Krug walk. Make Chara an assistant coach. And don’t even think of trading Carlo.

      I agree with the small defense too. Go trade for DeAngelo to replace Krug. Sign Edmundson to replace Chara’s size. That way only Gryz is undersized.

      I hope they extend Krejci. Offer around 4.5-5 mil per year for 2-3 years. He has an amazing knack of slowing down the play.

      Unless Sweeney can sign Hall, Dadonov or Hoffman, I would hope they would keep the course and bring some young blood up.

      Let Kase gel with Krejci and give DeBrusk two constant linemates.

      Have Bjork and Studnicka play with Coyle.

      Put Ritchie and Wagner with Kuraly.

      Just my thoughts.

      • I will say what I said yesterday, let Krug walk no matter the price. Only other way is to not have him protected and available in expansion draft which he would never agree too.

        Debrusk should go, same with Kase and john moore.

        If they really want win they need 5 new players in their lineup that includes studnicka and Frederic, a bigger Dman and 2 guys like Hall and Hoffman.

        I might be in the minority, but Chara can be serviceable for 1 more year and I have played some hockey in my day and a guy like I am sure is a big reason for the glue around the team.

      • BosBrn32
        What would you give up for DeAngelo? Rangers would probably want either Frederic or Beecher plus a draft pick.

  6. Not interested in moving Jack Johnson.

    As if he could, lol.

    • Exactly. Why say you are interested in moving him only to have to admit later no one was interested in taking him.

      • Like Loui Eriksson and Bobby Ryan (Masterton trophy nothwithstanding)

  7. So Pierre McGuire is out of the running for the Coyotes GM position. I was hoping he’d get it so he’d be off the airwaves.

    Lucky for McGuire he still has his job at NBC as Sidney Crosbys official ballwasher.

    • Lol

    • Someday your dream job will open up Ron. Someday.

    • What is wrong with you Ron Jull? I’ve never seen anything smart written by you. Are you by any chance a village clown?

      • He has no problem casting and getting fish to bite

      • As my two year old would say. Glub Glub glub.

  8. What about Hornqvist to Boston for Krejci($2 mil retained)

    • Sjf928 even if Pitts retained $2m per season of Hornquist contract that doesn’t work for Boston.

      Krejci is ufa after next season and is a C; Hornqvist may bring the toughness required but at 30yrs old and 3yrs remaining on his contract and being a RW. That would be a no.

      Boston needs to get younger.

    • HARD pass from this Bruins fan.

  9. Kris Letang for a bunch of broken sticks … either end …

    • Ed, only if you throw in an autographed Denis Herron rookie O-Pee-Chee hockey card.

      Must have never been tape to the forks of bike.

  10. Vegas save 4.25 mill & has a good back up for 1 year who is a RFA.

  11. Vegas will have to buyout M-A. It will cost them approx. $2.5 mill next season, $3 mill the following & $2 mill per the final two seasons.

    So if they sign Batman’s sidekick at say $6 mill per & you add Fleury’s buyout to it the first four years, their #1 goaltender will cost them cap wise, $8.5 mill the first year, $9 mill the second, $8 mill per the following two seasons.

    • MAF can be traded, its more a question of which is a better option, buyout or some significant sweeteners for a trade. I would guess the buyout is more attractive though, flooding the goalie market even more….

  12. If rumors are true that pens want a first rounder for Murray…. yuck. I really hope gmjr didn’t trade for kk cause he thought he had that ace up his sleeve. Cause it’s really more of a jack.

    • Chrisms, see the Leafs who own the Pens 1st rounder.

      If Dubas can move Freddie, I would bet Mr. Rutherford gets his 1st rounder for Mattie the Tender.

      Next question is who wants Freddie & do they have a RH D-man as payment??? Edmonton, Larsson??? Canes, Hamilton??? Sabres, Montour???

      • I’d say little to no chance Murray gets a first rounder. He is inconsistent and injured way too often.
        Sure he has two cups, but if the team he won those two cups with isn’t impressed with that…. why would any other team be? Especially considering that teams window is about to slam shut, and they’re putting all their hopes into a guy with 62 career games and one playoff game…..

        Two cups aside, Murray is not a game changer. At this point, he’s a salvage project. I can’t see any team lining up with a 1st in hopes he can turn it around and stay healthy. Especially considering the amount of other options that will hit the market.

        Freddie is not getting an NHL rh dman in return. Nor is any , or has any goaltender got that type of return in…. well ….. ever.

        That is just not happening.

        I don’t see how Murray is an upgrade in Toronto. More of a downgrade. Definitely clears cap space, but I don’t see him answering Toronto’s prayers.

      • Also Murray struggled behind Pittsburgh’s defense. I can’t see him coming to life behind Toronto’s.

      • Don’t confuse ’em with logic … it doesn’t prevent pie-in-the-sky “take crap with picks/prospects” proposals because … well … it’s happened before as a means of “building up a farm system” so therefore it follows that it will happen again – regardless of the drastic changes in circumstances/conditions.

      • Why would the Leafs take Murray when there are options on the FA? No disrespect to Murray, he’s a winner but that salary AND a first round pick isn’t happening!
        For that matter, I don’t see who would trade a top 4 blue liner for a goalie on an expiring contract

  13. Said this a few times:

    Leafs IF and a strong IF they move on from Andersen (fix the D Dubas and not band aid stuff again) – consider the Leafs take on Fleury for the remaining two seasons BUT only at 3.5 mil (Vegas retains the other 3.5 mil)

    Gives them then flexibility to move Andersen if indeed they move on from him. You then have Fleury at 3.5 and Campbell – Fleury runs for 2 seasons and gives Leafs time to figure out the next move.

    Could lose Andersen for nothing if they do not act and Fleury suggestion makes sense for now.

    Again, for the record the Leafs bulk up the D and Andersen has Vezina season – then Leafs have to hope Andersen and them work something out.

    BUT, money is running out in Toronto.

    • Forgot to mention it frees up space for Vegas and take on a prospect or 2nd rounder – that’s about all they would get at best for Fleury.

  14. Saw this quote from Bruins GM
    Sweeney said of Krug in particular. “I would hope that I’ll make the moves to be able to accommodate what he and his family and agent feel that he has earned. I would be the last person to begrudge any player trying to make the best decision they can make for their family.

    “In a perfect world it’s with us, but we know that the world is anything but perfect right about now.”

    • CLASSY. I think that is the most human and “team family” thing I have heard in a long while that was not a cliche or an act.

      Long term Krug not re-upped makes the most sense for BOS, unless they are blowing it up and trading Rask, Krejci and not resigning Chara this off season. Truly doubt it though.

  15. So many of today’s posts reinforce the idea of league-wide compliance buyouts. The alternative is GMs going completely bonkers trying to make trades. Vegas is a classic example – surely they won’t keep both Fleury and Lehner. If Fleury is as hard to trade as people here think, even with money retained, why even begin talks with Lehner?
    How about one free buyout per team for this season only? It’s a way to keep a lot of good players in the league and it would give teams a lot more flexibility to change their rosters.
    I’m sure the reply will be that the league shouldn’t help cap-strapped franchises out at the expense of the more responsible teams but who in his right mind would have predicted a global pandemic?
    One free “Get out of jail” card, one year only.

    • What about the teams that didn’t take advantage of such an opt out, such Colorado???

      Would players with NMC be exempt from being bought out???

      Would they be offered comprehension for being a well managed team????

      Say a pick at the end of the second round pick in 2021??? Or would the teams that took advantage of the buyout, have to forfeit a second round pick in 2021???

    • Reasonable points uwey but Colorado is the exception as far as the teams that don’t need said buyouts. Almost all the teams that would not benefit from that arnt well run teams… they just suck.

      • Chrisms, for s***s & giggles:

        Ducks: Backes??
        Yotes: Stepan???
        Bruins: Rask ??
        Sabres: Skinner??
        Flames: Lucic???
        Hawks: Seabrook???
        Canes: Gardiner???
        BJs: Dubinsky???
        Avs: ???
        Oil: Neal???
        Cats: Matheson???
        KIngs: Brown???
        Wild: Parise???
        Habs: Alzner???
        Preds: Turris???
        Devs: Schneider???
        Isle: Ladd???
        Rangers: King Henrik???
        Flyers: van Riemsdyk???
        Pens: Johnson???
        Sharks: Vlasic???
        Blues: Steen???
        Bolts: Johnson???
        Leafs: ???
        Vegas: Fleury???
        Nucks: Sweet Lou???
        Jets: ???

        I have six that probably wouldn’t. Now how many more would balk if they had to forgo a 2nd round pick???

        I am absolutely sure the Habs would.

    • The compliance buy out window is shut. In order for that to have happened, the cba agreement would have needed to be reopened and negotiated.

      That ship has sailed. There will not be compliance but ours this year.

      • Nyr4life…… I don’t know Nyr Murray could be a good fit in Toronto especially if they somehow land Alex Pietrangelo..

        You add Alex to Muzzin, Reily, and Dermott not a bad 4 there. Plus Murray will be a motivated, he will have a chip on his shoulder, and he is $1.25 million cheaper. Plus Murray is a big time goaltender and maybe a market like Toronto makes him shine again…he didn’t forget how to play goalie..

        Anderson is older, has a higher cap hit, and they haven’t won with him? Murray would be a one year experiment and if he shines maybe a bridge deal..

        Leafs move Nylander and Andersen that clears some money..thoughts.

        I would personally like to see Murray go somewhere else like a Colorado, San Jose Minnesota, Calgary…. out wet..

      • vote NO on compliance buyouts – even if they aren’t allowed anyway.

        Why should teams be rewarded (or bailed out) for poor management?

        Got a guy on a crappy contract? You have options. None of them any good, but you have options. Deal with it. You (or your predecessor) are why you have that problem in the first place.

        Want to buy him out? Go ahead, but it costs you down the road as it always has. And as it should.

      • The think the odds of landing Pietrangelo is less than zero.

        And no, Anderson hasn’t won anything in Toronto. But he is mostly written off as a scapegoat by fans…. his numbers are much better than Murray’s numbers. Regular season and playoffs.

        I think Toronto is better off with the devil they know rather than a reclamation project in Murray.

        I don’t even think it would make much sense from a cap perspective. Murray will want 4.5-5?

  16. what are the 10 teams fleury won’t go to

  17. But Pengy..Dreiger reports that there is a possibility that Johnson may get moved or bought out..he is a fairly reliable national source.

    Dreiger says Pens could move on from Hornqvist, ZAReese …

    Dreigere says Murray Hornqvist, Johnson, Reese, Bjugstad, all could be gone either trade for bought out.. add Simon to that list (that’s me)

    • Hi BnG

      Yes I heard Dregs say that live. Was very excited…. but Jimbo has to sign off on it and don’t forget how valuable Jimbo says JJ is to Pens 🤪🤪🤪🤪, and Jimbo says he doesn’t want him going 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

      In order of Exodus should be JJ; then Bjug. Love Horny but his contract is a burden and he’s on the decline

      ZAR at his Cap hit is definitely a keeper… so not sure why they are talking moving him unless he’s a sweetener

      Again; I can’t stress enough.. all other moves are completely irrelevant unless they get rid of JJ (BO or trade) . If he stays and they play him 15 mins/game… I’d say less than 20% chance Pens make the playoffs. Get rid of JJ…. probably 75% chance they finish first in Metro

      I’d keep MM but it looks like they are moving him. Because of Sully playing JJ and then throwing MM under the bus… a straight up trade is a 2nd at best… so in reality the best move is JJ going with MM ; maybe ZAR is also the extra sweetener to moveJJ???

      The TJ / DeSmith tandem is very risky…. DeSmith is an average AHL goalie at best and if either TJ or DeSmith go down… Larmi is the back up…. scary

      Bjug is moveable… he is a C that has been out with injuries and he’s UFA after 20/21

      Ideal landing spot for Bjug is Wild … they showed interest before; he’s from Minneapolis; has absolutely everything to prove as he is UFA next year; and Koivu is all but retired

      Minn has said they want a goalie upgrade and want to move on from Doobie….

      Rask (50 % retained) and Doobie (50 % retained) and Beckman

      for MM & JJ & Bjug & Laffy

      Buyout Horny

      Sign Soucy

      Sid Guentz Kappy
      Gino Zuck Rusty
      McC Poulin Rask or Simon
      Blueger Turbo ZAR
      13th /14th is Rask or Simon or

      Tanger Dumo
      Marino/ Pettersson (I know you want him 3rd pairing but they work well together
      7th is Czuczman or Pierre Olivier Joseph

      TJ/ Doobie

      The above will have Pens at around $75 M for Cap…. they could still go out and get one of Ennis or Haula or Fast to play with McC and Poulin ; instead of Simon or Rask…. still ending well under Cap. The better move is to go after Psyk whose value lies in his equal ability to play D (where he tends to be a little more often) or wing (I was at the Panthers v Leafs game when he got a tray… 👍👍)

      • Pengy.. I agree with pretty much everything you said…. Bjugstad and J.j are big keys to the off season..moving them or buying them out.

        Rutherford has to realize that J.J. must go as well as stubborn Sullivan.

        Players that need to go

        Mccann ???? (like him but in a package deal with Murray might get something better)

        Dreiger –says maybe Johnson gets moved… fingers crossed..

  18. But Pengy..Dreiger reports that there is a possibility that Johnson may get moved or bought out..he is a fairly reliable national source.

    Dreiger says Pens could move on from Hornqvist, ZAReese …

    Dreigere says Murray Hornqvist, Johnson, Mccann Reese, Bjugstad, all could be gone either trade for bought out.. add Simon to that list (that’s me)

  19. Uncannily, in the 2016 season, Jack Johnson was plus-23 under john Tortorella, who was in his first full season as Blue Jackets’ coach. Jack was also fourth among defensemen in TOI that season, averaging 21.57 per game. I believe his partner for most of that season was David Savard who, like Johnson, had the best year of his career. Savard shoots right, Johnson left. The two seem to have been made for each other. Perhaps, the Penguins’ way out of the JJ problem is to give the Jackets whatever they want for Savard. Either that, or make Torts a coaching offer he can’t refuse.

    • Hi Francis

      No … let’s just give Torts back JJ (to play with Savard) …. problem solved

      • I hope you aren’t saying that because you know that Savard would be just what the Leafs ordered. I think he’d be a fine addition to either team, with or without JJ. I’ll accede, though, to whatever conditions allow for your well being.

      • Hi Francis

        Sorry if I confused the issue. Would love Savard on Pens or Leafs; but if the move of a player is made to pair up JJ and Savard again…. it must not happen in Pits…. JJ HAS to go… so that is why Inwas saying move him back to Clb….. now of course this won’t happen… Torts would fall over dead if JJ went back to Clb

  20. DeBrusk, Nordstrom and a 5th for Virtanen and Demko.

    Let Krug walk, unless he comes in around 5.5 – 6mil x 4 years.

    Keep Kase.

    Promote Stud and Vak.

    Reduce Z’s TOI to about 15 minutes per game.

    Put Charlie and Grizz together on the top pairing.

    Let Rask go home.

    Trade next years 1st for Domi.

    Salary be damned!

    • *sigh, Salary cap, be damned.

  21. My reasoning for the Freddie, Mattie, Dubas post;

    a) Freddie is not Kyle’s guy.
    b) Kyle like familiarity
    c) Mattie was the Soo’s goaltender when Kyle was GM, Note: Kyle did not bring him into the Soo, he inherited him.

    Now as for Freddie vs Mattie, I believe Freddie is the steadier of the two, but in Kyle’s world, what does that matter???

    I wouldn’t dismiss Freddie not being worth a D-man so quickly.

    Andersson IMHO, is better than most other options that are supposedly available Fleury, Holtby, Lundquist, Murray, Dubnyk & the sh!t load of backups that on the market, Dell, Greiss, Talbot, Elliot, etc. Maybe someone will take a chance on Cory Schneider, but that would be out of pure desperation.

    Outside of Lehner, Markstrom & K’dobi all of whom everyone seems to be convinced will return to the teams they played for this past season, Freddie is probably the next best available, unless LA decides to move Quick.

    Who needs a true #1, the Sabres, Oilers, Flames
    & who is looking the Canes & the Avs.

    • The goalie to trade for is Kuemper. He had good numbers in PHX this year and is on a reasonable cap hit for two more years at$4.5M
      Would PHX take Andersen and a 2nd for Kuemper and Hjalmarsson?

  22. Revised my offer

    to VGS: Bernier, Helm and a 3rd
    to DET: Fluery & Tuch

    Nielsen was a no go to George…fair enough… so he stays and slots 3C. Such upgrades DET top 6 quickly.

    saves Vegas around 5 mill i think & they get a backup for Lehner plus a 3rd

    • Helm plus Bernier equals $6.85 mil???

      *Scratches head*

      Better off to keep M-A & buyout Stastny.

      • Flower is 7. helm and bernier is 6.85 which equals 150k saved

        Tuch is 4.75…so add 150k that is around 5 million saved.


        Plus Bernier and Helm are only for 1 season where Flower was 2 totaling 14 mill and Tuch for 5 more.

  23. Murray to Colorado or Flames. I think he is coming west. Not for a first although Calgary is desperate and Colorado pissed off . A second and prospect and maybe a conditional

    • Silverseven, don’t you think Kuemper would be a better fit for Avs, Oilers, and Flames?

  24. nyr4life.. You may be right about the devil you do know and the devil you don’t in the case of Murray and Andersen.

    I also agre with you that Andersen has been a scapegoat.

    A question for you where do you think Lundqvist ends up?