NHL Rumor Mill – September 15, 2020

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What next for the Golden Knights following their playoff elimination? How are Alex Pietrangelo’s contract talks going? What’s the latest on the Sabres? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski believes the Vegas Golden Knights must sort out their goaltending drama. Marc-Andre Fleury was supplanted in the starting goaltender role by Robin Lehner. Wyshynski reported a source claimed Lehner and the Golden Knights have a handshake agreement on a five-year contract extension. He wondered if the Golden Knights are prepared to invest a lot of money in Fleury and Lehner, or if Fleury even wants to stay.

Wyshynski also believes they should reexamine the center position, pointing out Paul Stastny is no longer a reliable second-line center. Unless Chandler Stephenson or Cody Glass can develop into that role, Wyshynski feels they should consider addressing that issue, potentially by moving out Stastny and his $6.5-million cap hit.

THE ATHLETIC: Jesse Granger speculates a new contract for Lehner could be a five-year, $25-million deal. With over $76.5 million invested in next year’s payroll, they’ll have to shed some salary to make room for Lehner and restricted free agents like Stephenson and Nick Cousins. He also suggests Fleury as a trade candidate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the 35-year-old Fleury is signed through 2021-22 with an annual average value of $7 million and a 10-team no-trade list. Even if he agrees to narrow that list, his cap hit and age could make him difficult to move given the current economic conditions and the flooded market for goaltenders.

I’m not saying Fleury can’t be traded. However, the Golden Knights might have to pick up part of that cap hit or perhaps bundle him with a quality draft pick or prospect to facilitate a deal.

Stastny has one year left on his contract. Like Fleury, he has a 10-team no-trade list. At 34, he’s no longer as effective as he once was. His age and cap hit could also be a sticking point but having just one year left on his contract might make him a little easier to move.


THE SCORE: Brandon Maron cited The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun reporting Alex Pietrangelo has found it “a little disappointing” that he and the St. Louis Blues haven’t reached an agreement yet on a new contract. The 30-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on Oct. 9.

Pietrangelo indicated there hasn’t been much progress in contract discussions. While he wants to stay in St. Louis, he understands the difficulty the Blues face re-signing him with just $5 million in salary-cap space. “I think you have to be willing to accept the fact that there may be a change one day,” said Pietrangelo. “Whether it happens or not, it certainly changes your mindset and makes things a little easier if you ever get to that point.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pietrangelo would prefer staying in St. Louis because his wife is from there and they’ve raised a family there. However, he also noted a number of players have moved on after spending most of their careers in one city. It sounds like he and his wife are preparing for that possibility. There’s still enough time for Pietrangelo and the Blues to hammer out a deal, but that’ll depend upon his asking price and how much cap space they can free up.

LeBrun listed the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers as possible destinations for Pietrangelo if he hits the open market. He acknowledged those three clubs have salary-cap issues but didn’t rule out one of them trying to find a way to sign the Blues captain.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): John Vogl noted a recent report by TSN indicating the Buffalo Sabres could have an internal salary cap in the $70-million range. He suggested selling low on defenseman Brandon Montour, find a taker for blueliner Rasmus Ristolainen, and perhaps re-sign some of their restricted free agents to cost-effective one-year deals with the promise of raises next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Sabres currently have over $48.2 million committed to 10 players. Vogl points out re-signing key RFAs like Montour, goalie Linus Ullmark, and forwards Sam Reinhart, Victor Olofsson and Dominik Kahun could cost a combined $24.5 million, pushing them over $70 million and leaving little room for additions.

Moving Montour for a draft pick and perhaps a prospect will help. Vogl noted they couldn’t find an acceptable for Ristolainen and his $5.4-million cap hit plus head coach Ralph Krueger likes the blueliner’s game.


  1. Jeff Noel, re your late post yesterday – I do NOT take “pot shots” at anyone … if I see an “opinion” (because that’s all we have – we’re not in the business) with which I disagree, I’ll state my “opinion.”

    You seem to be operating under the “opinion” that negotiations and contracts will pretty much carry on as always … I just look at the basic math, coupled with good old fashioned supply-and-demand, and state my view that it will not. You perceiving that as a “pot shot” illustrates that what you’d liker to see is a site where every one states their opinion … and that’s it. No responses, no differing ideas … just let it lay.

    Well, if that’s the way Lyle wants his site then all he has to do is say so and I’ll leave you and other thin-skinned correspondents to your mutual admiration society. In the meantime, I suggest you read this from Joshua Clipperton of the Canadian Press, posted yesterday

    Somehow, I don’t get the feeling that we’re going to see the free-spending ways return any time soon


    • Great link, George, definitely worth a read. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be wild in October.

    • i am here to kick a## and chew bubble gum and i am all out of bubble gum lmao====george 0 for president lol

      • Jeff

        I remember the quote but not who said it…. plz help me out from my brain cramp

      • Duke Nukem

      • “Duke Nukem”

        Nope, it was John Nada in They Live.

      • Found it Jeff… new it was a wrestler … the late (great ; and Canadian BTW) Roddy Piper (born Roderick George Toombs) coined it in ‘88 ; then it was used later in some sort of kids video game…. so the younger generation might know it from that.

        I remember it being thrown around in the late 80’s as my buddies use to chant it

        Good old Saskatoon born ; Winnipeg raised Roddy Piper… may he Rest In Peace

      • Hi Garth

        Nada was the character; Piper (the wrestler come actor) apparently ad libbed the line and Carpenter kept it in the movie

    • George, I have never seen you respond to anyone on this site with anything other than respect. That must be a by-product of growing up in a household whose head was away fighting bravely for something far greater than any individual on earth.
      I hope you’re right about the end of free-spending ways, but we can never discount the possibility of teams being caught up in the madness of the free agent pursuit.

      • Respect? You have clearly missed reading some of his responses … brown noser

      • I freely admit I do respond in kind – if the shoe fits …

      • Rightfully so George so remember that when you come across a opinions that are different than yours. Other than that, most people will realize most of your posts are inconsequential… just like this one.

        Honestly your comments are best when not biased. Also calling anyone thin-skinned isn’t something someone like you throw around. Talk about a kettle calling the pot black.

      • Point to one instant where I called someone a “brown noser” or asked “are you on crack?”

        Thin-skinned is when someone gets their back up when someone else posts a disparaging opinion about their team of choice. That’s you to a “T” Ron. Your posts are almost always acid “reactions” to something with which you disagree – seldom offering anything that can be debated. And when have I ever been “thin-skinned” about anything said about the Senators (with the possible exception of someone dragging up playoff results buried in the ancient history of a quarter century ago?). I have repeatedly criticized ownership for their lack of vision and have stated – often – that the team will be elsewhere in the not-too-distant future.

      • Ed VanImpe, for calling this gentleman a “brown noser”, two minutes for unsportsmanship! For Christ’s sake, please stay civil. I always read the comments, very rarely post , but, this comment was a cheap shot.

    • George O , there nothing in that article that we didn’t already know but interesting to see the gm comments.

      We already heard of three teams now putting in a payroll of $70m, how does anyone things that’s going to happen.

      It won’t be just the 2020 2021 season affective it will be beyond that.

      What is today floor cap? could teams approach the league and say they want the floor lowered?

      The league with teams imposing their own cap at $11m less then the cap… just think for a second, that is Austin Matthews, Connor McDavid kind of money, will this create disparity in the league? a three tier league, cap spenders, mid leaguer and so imposing internal caps of substantially less.

      Yet all i keep hearing on every hockey show or read is that Pietrangelo will get his money $9m per. Then i read what i wrote above and i “say what”

      So those with money will spend

      Peitrangelo will get his money, Taylor Hall not so much.

      What about Patrik Laine and rfa wanting big dollars is this the reason he is rumor to be on the trading block… probably not for a one on one trade. A package deal where the sum is greater then the one Think Eric Lindros or conversely think the Joe Thornton trade. One player multiples coming back. Worked for Quebec not so much for Boston.

      I think that some teams will spend to the max and some GM will overpay because they are allowed, while others will trade off rfa’s and won’t be involved in the ufa market which won’t be the best thing for the league.

      • It’s mainly the GM’s comments – which I found to be surprisingly candid – that led me to post it Caper.

      • Caper, there has always been those teams with an internal budget; though I think that tier will expand a fair bit due to COVID. Since the cap came in there have been times when the Anaheim’s, Nashville’s, and Ottawa’s have had a self imposed cap due to owner budget.

        I do think that teams who have cap space to add and an owner with the budget to do so could put themselves in a good place to add quality from teams who need to shed due to owner budget. But willing to spend to the cap are already tight to it.

        I’m excited to see how the different GM’s respond to this. Will George O be right and the teams with cap don’t take toxic contracts for sweeteners? Will teams have to trade bad contracts hoping for a resurgence? Will a team with cap and an owner with money make a run at guys like Pietro and Hall to accelerate a rebuild? So many possibilities this year and I’m hoping for something unpredictable to happen.

    • IMHO …, only one GM that has a strong contender and doesn’t really need to worry about the Cap next year…. Sackic

      Yes 6 RFAs to sign; but will still have plenty o’ Cap to fill final 3 slots AND space to spare

      He could possibly even take on one of those heavy single year remaining contracts from a Cap strapped team and still get a sweetener back

      Stepan with Connor Garland as a sweetener ?

      Statsny with Lechysyn or Elvenes or Krebs as sweetener?

      Steen with Kostin or Kyrou as sweetener?

      Boz with Kostin or Kyrou as sweetener?

      Busiest GMs (at least wrt to signing and re-signing ) are Dorian and Adams (13 to sign) and Stevie Y (12)

      • OK Pengy – it could go down that way. But just for argument sake – and with reference to my take on how things will go – what do those teams do IF no one bites on Stepan with Connor Garland as a sweetener ? Statsny with Lechysyn or Elvenes or Krebs as sweetener? Steen with Kostin or Kyrou as sweetener? Boz with Kostin or Kyrou as sweetener?

      • Hi George

        I doubt that there would be zero teams that at least would not counter offer (ask for a plus in sweetener)

        It will be interesting to see how things go

        We don’t know each teams “internal “ budget and “internal” memo(s) on direction …. go fir it; tear it diwn; keep us afloat; keep competitive; must save some dough ; do what you can but don’t touch x and Y and Z

        I’m very keen on seeing what transpires

    • I kinda new here, but if you can’t take a little grief, then go somewhere else.
      Say what’s on your mind and let the chips fall where they will. I’m sure that Lyle will keep thing from getting out of hand.

      This will be where Lou L shines this off season. Teams that need cash and bloated contracts to get to the Cap floor (Buffalo, Arizona and others) will be trading for high cap contracts that have very little actual cash left on them.

      The NHL is putting on a Happy Face.
      More like whistling past the graveyard.

    • Good article, George O. I didn’t get the feeling, from reading the story, that GMs are preparing to buckle down in most markets. Most of the guys interviewed said that things would change a little. I definitely didn’t get the feeling that the “free spending ways”, as you call them, are over.

  2. Hey George O, interesting article, and I agree its a brand new world. I still think the stars will get somewhat of a payday, and the youngsters are still on ELC or manageable bridge deals. Its the middle class that will be crushed in this environment. Will be interesting times, and a real good GM will make a killing. We are about to find out who they are….

    • The middle class has already been affected, Kevin. One recent example, middle class Kapanen shipped out so the Leafs can plug in cheaper bottom six forwards. Chicago and LA began years ago dumping good players after signing a their top 2 guys to big money. This just exacerbates things.

      It will not just take a skillful GM for a team to be successful in this environment. The owner has to be willing to spend to the cap as well. If the Sabres truly do have an internal cap of 70 million, GM Kevyn Adams will need Hermione Granger on staff to improve his team.

      • LJ

        They just signed Hermione Granger as a winger to Eichel 🤓🤪

        Yes, Adams as a novice GM is in for one hell of a rude initiation

        IMHO Sabres miss playoffs again for at least 20/21 & 21/22… Hamilton Sabres 23/24?. 😂🤣

  3. Great article George. I think you’re correct Kevin in that the middle class will get crushed. It also looks like it’s taking a while for the situation to sink into the players. It will be interesting to see who’s left a couple of months after free agency starts, I have a feeling there’s going to be quite a few good players who are going to be humbled by their actual worth in these economic times. Owners will also be more concerned with actual dollars over cap space so we could see some very interesting trades that would have looked impossible just a few months ago.

  4. I’m wondering when a team submits it’s ‘final” proposal to a UFA (Hall, Pietrangelo etc) and find out they should’ve taken it, and try to circle back and say does that offer still stand? I doubt any team would do that. I would say once they’ve been told no thanks, the team moves on. You would’ve been a value to this team, but it doesn’t revolve around you. Also, there won’t be as many contracts actually signed @ 12 noon 10/09. Agents will fish around for best “bid”. It will be different for sure.

    • To all – the thing I like best about this site is that it’s a forum for differing opinions no matter the team or teams that are the subject of the day, and as long as we don’t get caught up in rigid “my team right or wrong” positions and things stay civil, everything should be OK. Hell, none of us are defenitively right or wrong – we just state what we believe to be the case and if, during the course of events, any of us are shown to have had the wrong opinion – c’est la vie. Swallow it and move on.

      As for the upcoming draft, trade negotiations & free agent dealings, I agree that this could turn out to be THE most exciting – and often surprising (for us AND some players) – “off-season” span we’ve experienced since the advent of the cap era.

  5. Vegas is solid.
    Cousins replaced by Glass. Stastny is made of glass and Fleury can kiss their ……(50% retained)
    They love Stephensen. Plays up and down the lineup and in a lot of situations

    • Agree Vegas is solid but the coaching change and goalie change didnt help like it was supposed to. Changing the coach wasnt neccessary at the time. Gallant would have steadies the ship and team would have been fine. Deboer wanted Lehner, he’s a good goalie but was badly outplayed in this series

  6. Where do we find the “no trade list” for player no willing to go to certain teams

    • Steve, if you ever find it let us all know. All we’re “entitled” to see is who has the NM NT clauses – posted in CapFriendly – but when it comes to specific lists, that’s considered “private.”

      And maybe it’s just as well because if we ever did see the lists of “no go” places some of our noses would be out of joint.

  7. Well George my opinion is that I don’t watch the big 4 anymore personally I hope all 4 leagues go broke tired of being told I’m a racist and that Black Lives Matter as they go around the Country destroying property and killing innocent people. I see I’m not the only one as ratings are in the toilet and only will get worse. Never thought I would see Hockey players cave and coward to pressure but they did good luck if they want to do some good maybe quit their jobs become Police officers Fire men first responders and see how that goes. Pro sports are an embarrassment to society spoiled brats hope they all go broke but George that’s just my opinion please respect it.

    • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      Pro sports using their profile to keep inequality issues in the news is the most meaningful contribution since professional sports began. When Americans get their heads out of their asses there will be sports heroes for different reasons.

      • Huge high five, 2.0. With you 100%.

      • Absolutely. Sports can be a great distraction; so it is good to see the leagues and players using their platform to make sure people are not distracted from the atrocious equality issues.

      • Yeah, well said, 2.0. And, when have BLM ever killed anyone ? They protest the violence Black peeps suffer, and everybody should condemn racism, INCLUDING athletes.

      • 2.0, I disagree. I watch sports to escape politics. The more I see professional sports used as a platform to push some agenda, the less o am inclined to watch. Regardless of the agenda mind you.

      • These are not political protests, they are social protests. There are some political parties that benefit more by confusing the issues that they are not able to face directly

      • The idea that pro sports will be the keystone to fixing social injustice is laughable. Couldn’t think of a group of people less in touch with the every day man.

    • Was it not you, Obe, who said you were determined to go see hockey games irrespective of Covid – thus raising the possibility of infecting other people – including first responders?

      I recall calling you out at the time and your response was:”stupid is as stupid does.”

      Please correct me if I am wrong, for I don’t want to associate you with both such a serious implication of selfishness, and now such a dramatic change of opinion on sports and the welfare of others.

    • Judging by the TV ratings, you are not alone.

    • They only didn’t cave to the vocal minority that feel as you do obe. You should be proud of them for staying strong.

  8. Vegas and Cap

    Fully agree that Statsny must be moved. This position is Glass’s future anyway… so make it next year… 14 years younger; bigger; faster; $5.6 M cheaper Cap hit… no brainer

    That Cap swing alone pays for Lehner if they are getting him for 5 @ 5 as listed above

    Tough sell to move Statsny at $5.5 M… but only one year and should come with a very good sweetener (Lechyshyn ? Elvenes? Krebs ?). Receiving team could also flip him then at TDL to a contender in need of a 3C for a late 2nd rounder?

    I realize that many Knights fans might call for Schmidt to be moved because of his poor play in the ‘Nucks and Stars’ series; but I don’t see that happening

    Moving the Flower at full whack won’t be happening IMHO

    Buyout (unlikely)… has Cap savings of $4.4 ; $3.9 M then two dead cap years of $2.1 M

    If they bought him out; and Lehner signed at the 5 @ 5 (not sure if they get him at that); they still need a back up… call that $2.5 M…. so the Cap hit for 20/21 for goalies (including back up and remaking Cap in the Flower) is $10.1 M ; compared to 12 (7+5) keeping Flower. 21/22 would be $10.6 M…. and then 2 years of dead Cap after that… so the buyout with replacement back-up (unknown) doesn’t seem prudent

    Trade (must find partner on trade list) with max retained… then with new back up … goalies for Knights total Cap $11 M both of next two years; but no dead Cap thereafter… saves $1M in Cap next two years…. is the replacement back up going to be better than the Flower …. just to save $1M in Cap

    $12 M in Lehner/Flower is less than Montreal will have on its tandem ; and moving Statsny gets Lehner paid for

    Will be interesting

    • Pengy, I know the Devils could take on Statsny for a year, but of who you mentioned only Krebs would be of interest and the Devs are not exactly in dire need of a center. Perhaps Hague or a first could get it done? Would be happy with Krebs though and perhaps see what else fall out. Not sure Vegas wants to move Krebs though.

      • Hi Kevin

        If I were Knights… I’d keep Hague over Krebs. Krebs down the depth chart from Glass … and Stevenson will be re-signed with a reasonable hit… they won’t have Krebs coming in as a 4C … so 3 years likely anyway.

        Hague is going to fit in well and come much cheaper than Merrill

        BTW …. I was very impressed with Whitecloud this playoffs …. and was never drafted!

      • Would it make sense to trade Pavel Zacha to VGS for Statsny and NJ 2nd rd pick 2021? Statsny can be 3C and keep Hughes in the top 6 since Zajac lines 2C.

        Zacha hasn’t broke top 6 and might s well use the pick and see what ya can do?

      • Hi IHC

        I think VGKs would want to move Statsny with no roster player coming back

        Knights have Glass and Stevenson up in line as C’s

    • No way MAF sits behind Lehner and accepts what transpired. He has options as Colorado/Buffalo and some other could use a veteran goalie who brings a lot to the table. Wouldnt be shocked to see a Rask/Fleury swap or see MAF end up in Boston somehow with Rask retiring or being traded

      • Hi crobb

        Certainly would be tough… I agree; but the control is not in Flower’s hands

        Can’t envision at all that Sabres are on his trade list

        Avs would be interesting … There likely would be serious retention if it ever happened… .. imagine Flower against Lehner in ‘21 WCF !!!! That’d be a hoot to watch

        Grub or Franc would need to come over… and they are both younger; cheaper; and had better numbers than the flower this year…. I’m not sure Sackic would make that trade.

        Even at 50% retained… higher cost in Cap and cash for older goalie with lower numbers

        Could happen; but longshot IMHO

      • Hi crobb
        Certainly would be tough… I agree; but the control is not in Flower’s hands

        Can’t envision at all that Sabres are on his trade list
        Avs would be interesting … There likely would be serious retention if it ever happened… .. imagine Flower against Lehner in ‘21 WCF !!!! That’d be a hoot to watch

        Grubauer or Francouis (spelling ??) would need to come over… and they are both younger; cheaper; and had better numbers than the flower this year…. I’m not sure Sackic would make that trade.
        Even at 50% retained… higher cost in Cap and cash for older goalie with lower numbers
        Could happen; but longshot IMHO

  9. If Vegas needs a #2C Strome in NY could be available depending on his contract demands.

    Trade Strome to VGS. Move Chtyle and Kakko to line 2 with Bread.

    Sign Jumbo Joe as 3C for 1 yr $2m to line up with LaFreniere and Gauthier.

    Jumbo Joe gives more time for Morgan Barron and Kratsov to develop and keeps Howden as 4C.

    • Hi IHC

      I think they’ll either stay with Statsny (I don’t think that’s the right move) ; or (better move) ; trade him (Statsny) for the Lehner Cap space needed ; and have Glass/Stevenson battle it out to see who is 2C and who is 3C… in long run it will be glass… but 20/21 ??

      Jumbo Joe; IMHO; retires as a Shark…. I think he signs one more year with them…. outside chance if they are out.. they finally let him go (at TDL ‘21) to a contender

    • People have Joe Thornton playing everywhere next year. Isn’t it clear by now that, if he plays, it will be with the Sharks?

      • To me yes BCLeafFan …. however if he does;?I think this time he will get them to verbally agree to move him to a contender if they are out of playoff position at TDL…. every player wants a Cup

  10. Vegas is going to have a difficult time moving Stastny or Fleury. Age, contract, declining skillset and a flooded goalie market will require creativity and likely retained salary in any move.

    • Hi Ron

      Agree re The Flower; but Statsny (with only one year left) can IMHO; be moved

      • Worst case you can buy out Statsny last year and replace him with Krebs and save 2.7m after subtracting Krebs salary from buyout savings of 3.6m.

      • Hi Slick

        It would be Glass (Not Krebs) in for Statsny if he is bought out

        $3.7 M saved in Cap less Glass…. doesn’t free up enough space for Lehner and still has dead Cap in ‘21/22 of $1.85

        Net Cash savings (Statsny buyout less Glass) is about $900 K but the dead cap in 21/22 and still not enough space for Lehner (meaning moving another roster player) is likely more of a deciding factor

    • If it took the Leafs a 1st round pick to trade Marleau and one year at $6M it’s going to cost a lot more to move Fleury and 2 years at $7M
      Does Vegas have a back up goalie under contract?

  11. Agree Vegas is solid but the coaching change and goalie change didnt help like it was supposed to. Changing the coach wasnt neccessary at the time. Gallant would have steadies the ship and team would have been fine. Deboer wanted Lehner, he’s a good goalie but was badly outplayed in this series

  12. Canadians need to acknowledge that for many of us hockey is tribal. I have 3 grandsons French Canadian descent. Great kids as is their Father a good guy….. BUT…they just aren’t smart enough or lucky enough to be Leaf fans. I still love them but less than otherwise be the case. I keep telling myself it’s not their fault.

    On this site, we have fans of some teams dislikers of others. There are writers here I always read with respect ( George is one of them) although he is not neutral when it comes to the Leafs. I am not neutral when it comes to the Oilers ( they stole McDavid from his natural destiny….being a Leaf) or the Habs as I started watching hockey it the 1950s when it was really tribal.

    If we are lucky this hockey tribalism will carry on as it adds to the fun. And maybe one day George will find enlightenment and cheer for the Leafs with his grandsons. Mind you I have no intention of cheering for the Habs with mine.

    Like George I don’t like the verb “hate” in a hockey or other contexts.

  13. This was the year for the Knights! I’m predicting a downfall from here on out. There best players are getting older and they clearly don’t have a number 1 d-man. It’s really hard to win a cup when you don’t have a #1 d-man

    • Theodore led the team in points during their time in the playoffs (as has Heiskanen for the Stars) – two pretty good anchors.

  14. Mighty Quackes of Anaheim, are they still in the league? Dead quiet out here in Duck land.
    With the prospect of not making the playoffs the next few years don’t understand why they are not striping down and starting over. They need picks and prospects.

    Seems like a lot of teams need a goalie change and since Murray is not drawing a whole lot of interest, If Ducks I’d be calling around and trying to move Gibson, who is the best player on the team and some nights is the reason they win.

    Carolina Gibson for Mrazek + #13 pick
    Toronto Gibson for Andersen + #15 pick
    Minnesota Gibson for Dubnyk +#9 pick
    Colorado Gibson for Grubauer + #22 pick and a 2nd round pick

    If one of those trades made that give Ducks 3 first round picks in 2020 draft for rebuilding.

    I would not have a problem with going with any of the 4 goalies above as they would only be care takers until team is rebuilt.

    Now I would take a shot if one of the above goalies above were acquired and package the goalie with Adam Henrique ( Ducks leading goal scorer) and trade to Vegas

    Ducks trade one the the goalies above. Henrique, Backes contract ( 4.5 million for one year) for Stansty, Fleury, Krebs and Vegas #1 pick this year plus a mid round pick next year or mid level prospect. Vegas can buy out Backes and it will be a lot cheaper than buying out or taking salary on Fleury for $ 7 mil x 2 years. Henrique solves their 2nd line center problem.

    • I’m just picking up Andersen now to drive him to ANA….oops my Jeep slipped through him 5 hole.

    • The Ducks are an interesting team when compared to the rest of the league Boom/Bust. They have $81,029,999 committed to 21 players heading into next season, with NO RFAs to sign and 4 UFAs they likely have no further interest in – Matt Irwin (32), Michael del Zotto (30), Ryan Miller (40) and Patrick Eaves (36) – which only leaves them $470,001 to flesh out to 23 players.

      Clearly, they’ll need to deal some decent cap hits to either make room for a couple of ELCs or, if there is nothing in the system they see as ready to step up, bring in a couple of established NHLers through the trades while at the same time freeing up some wiggle room. It’s never good to enter a season with exactly 23 and smack up against the cap.

      So, who do you see as likely – and desirable by others – trade candidates? Is it time to move Rakell and Silfverberg?

      Next year is a whole different story when they’ll have 4 RFAs and 5 more UFAs, with close to $30 mil cap money.

      • Minny is looking for a 2C and Henrique could be an option.

        To MIN: Henrique & Backes
        To ANA: Donato, Rask & 1st

        Rask gives them another 650K saved and Donato(plus 1st) for Adam gives roughly 4 million plus in cap space.

        Line up Heinen & Donato with Getzlaf
        Line up Rask with Rackell and Silfverberg

        Minny gets their 2C to replace Staal if after next year they do not want to committ to him at age 36/37. Henrique is only 30 and perhaps him and Parise rekindle some chemistry.

      • Ryan kesler to leafs. Or ltir frees up 6 + mill

      • George
        This years cap is a problem but Kessler will go on IR for year opening up $ 6.7 mil.
        Next year 2021-2022 opens up as Gezlaf 8 mil is gone and 6 mil for Perry buy out drops off and another 6.7 mil for last year of Kessler is available when he is put on IR.
        The six players Ducks have that could bring in a decent return are Gibson, Manson, Lindholm, Fowler, Henrique, Silverfberg

      • Yeah, I’d really like to see Dorion try and make an offer for Manson or Lindholm. He has the draft picks to do it along with a decent prospect, neither of which would adversely impact Anaheim’s cap situation this year. There is a history of deals between the two.

      • John Gibson makes $6.4 million for, like, ever. That might narrow the field but he’s a good one.

  15. If there is a cash crunch across the league, the structure of many of the Leaf contracts could be very advantageous in trades. They still carry a large cap hit (to help teams hit the floor) while having significantly lower cash values due to front loading and signing bonuses.

    Anderson – $5M cap and $1M cash
    Marner – $10.9M cap and $7M cash per year
    Nylander – $6.9M cap and $5M cash per year
    Johnsson – $3.4M cap and $1.4M cash per year
    Kerfoot – $3.5M cap and $1.4M cash per year

    Which teams would overpay in talent to get the lower cash expense?

    • Hi Chris

      I think your showing averages for remaining contract…. WW is right at balance of contract averaging only about $5M per; but this upcoming year… Covid crunch year…. only still owed $2.5 M

      MM already paid over $30 M (I think he’s already been paid his SB for this year) so only owed just over $30 M for final 5 years… average about $6M ; and in fact only still owed $700 K for balance of 20/21

      I still say WW is much cheaper cash avg per and way less Cap… much easier to move…. return needs to be young top 3 D (under contract and at much lower cap hit than WW)

  16. Pretty sure the 17,000 fans in Kansas City that showed how they felt about BLM and all the crap being played out by professional athletes told you how real fans feel. Also pretty sure the police and security staff were not afraid for there lives because of Covid . I would have went to game for sure before all this social justice crap is being played out absolutely Covid is way way overblown and most know it. BLM organization are criminals plain and simple they block entrance to emergency after two officers shot in head screaming they hope they die. A real class organization wake up before they show up in your neighborhood. Get woke go broke ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Overblown? with 29 million dead around the globe?? To what end is it being “overblown?” Is this – in your view – a global conspiracy to alter world economies? Maybe to rid the world a tad earlier of us old crocks?

    • You mean the tiny percentage that voiced their hatred?

  17. 650am in Vancouver sports buffoons droning this afternoon about a Van/Min trade…Boeser for Dumba. With the Wild adding a sweetner.

    This is the idiocy sports fans are forced to tolerate in Vancouver.

    • The Wild re-signed Brodin for seven years. Dumba could be going somewhere soon.

      • We never w see what the new Covid contracts are going to be like… years 1&7 lowest Sals; followed by slightly more in years 2 & 6 ; big money in the middle years

  18. Boeser is a pure goal scoring sniper. It would take something significant that is for sure. Dumba is not that old and will bounce back at some point in his career. Depends on the add I guess. Tanev may be out Edler is like a 100 the have some defence need

  19. Deboer is a loser. Can’t seal the deal. He’s just not good enough. In that past I’d argue that he was out-coached this time he just didn’t show up at all -other than to put a sword in Fluery’s back maybe.

  20. Laviolette to Caps