NHL Rumor Mill – September 16, 2020

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Does the Jonas Brodin signing mean Matt Dumba’s on the trade block? Will Marc-Andre Fleury submit his no-trade list? What the latest on the Canadiens? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Michael Russo reports the Minnesota Wild re-signing defenseman Jonas Brodin yesterday to a seven-year, $42-million contract extension could set the stage for other moves.

According to sources, Wild general manager Bill Guerin has not only received a lot of calls about Matt Dumba, he’s actively shopping the blueliner. Russo speculates Guerin could move Dumba for a scoring forward, preferably a center. He indicates the rearguard is the only one lacking no-trade protection before 2021-22 season.

THE PROVINCE: Patrick Johnston believes the Vancouver Canucks will be among the suitors for Dumba. However, he believes it’ll take giving up a forward like Brock Boeser to get him. Johnston feels Boeser’s name could surface in trade rumors if the Canucks re-sign pending free agent winger Tyler Toffoli.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Brodin, Ryan Suter, and Jared Spurgeon have full no-movement clauses. As a result, those three must be protected in next summer’s expansion draft, leaving Dumba exposed if Guerin decides to protect three defensemen.

Dumba lacks no-trade protection for 2020-21. On his own, however, he might not be enough to land a scoring center. A sweetener of a draft pick or promising prospect might have to be included. His annual salary-cap hit ($6 million AAV through 2022-23) could also be a snag.

Guerin doesn’t have to move Dumba right away. He can be patient and see how next season unfolds if he doesn’t find any suitable offers during this offseason. If he opts to wait, I think he’ll try to move Dumba before next season’s trade deadline (whenever that might be) to avoid any complications of finding a suitable trade partner before the expansion draft.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Jesse Granger reported Sept. 15 was the deadline Marc-Andre Fleury and his agent to submit their revised no-trade list to Vegas Golden Knights management. That’s in accordance with the NHL CBA and the memorandum of understanding.

It’s uncertain if the Fleury camp did this. Granger speculates they may have as a precautionary measure following reports the Golden Knights intend to re-sign Robin Lehner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Granger also points out moving an aging goaltender with two years left on his contract with an annual average value of $7 million would be difficult under normal circumstances. Nevertheless, he did play well in his three postseason appearances and there could be a club with sufficient cap space willing to take a chance on him.


TVA SPORTS: Charlie Lajoie believes Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin could be preparing for a blockbuster trade following his recent acquisition of defenseman Joel Edmundson. He speculated a blueliner like Ben Chiarot could be part of a package deal to land a scoring winger.

SPORTSNET: Eric Engels believes the Canadiens’ recent acquisition of defenseman Joel Edmundson opens up some trade possibility for Bergevin. He also believes Bergevin can afford to move a blueliner to address that issue. He feels Brett Kulak could have more value on the trade market than Victor Mete.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Habs have a surplus of left-side defensemen. Kulak or Mete could be part of a package for a scoring forward but they obviously won’t be the centerpiece. Maybe center Max Domi would also be part of such a deal.

Bergevin can also draw upon his depth in draft picks. He has 11 picks in this year’s draft, including three in the second round and three in the fourth. He also has two third-rounders and three picks in each of the fourth and fifth rounds of next year’s draft.

We know he won’t be moving promising youngsters like Nick Suzuki, Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Alexander Romanov. He included them among his untouchables.


  1. Congrats on Isle’s win extending the series. Dull game; almost fell asleep; minutes went buy without a shot on either goalie 🤯🤯

    Something mentioned last night that I guess I missed from a couple of days ago. Lou Lamarello won the Jim Gregory award.

    This award is for the best GM in the regular season

    Are you kidding me?????how in the Flaming Noras did Lamarello even get considered for this award… I am serious

    Before anybody dumps on me; just remember that this award is for GM of the year based on REGULAR season and all votes had to be in BEFORE the FIRST GAME OF THE PLAY-INS even started….. PLEASE keep that point in mind before you dump on me and read my full post please before you comment

    There is no way anybody could have conceived he’d get the team to here (game 6 of ECF) based on the regular season…. nobody could have.

    Let me add something else…. at the time the voting closed …. reminder…. regular season only… puck had not been dropped on the play-ins when they tabulated the votes to get the finalists …. which is the top 3 vote getters (there is no vote again after that)…. Joe Sackic was not a finalist…. Let me repeat that… Joe Sackic was not a finalist….so NOT even in top 3…. keep that in mind… before seeing below

    So at the time they were voting; here is the information they had:

    Avs (Sackic)

    Avs last year finished in 2nd Wildcard spot(8th in West) ; 5th in their Div ; 90 points

    This year; at the stop of the reg season … 3rd in the league…. 92 points …. that’s more points than last year and did it in only 70 games…. 82 game pace …108 points… so tracking for an 18 point increase; and 3rd in league

    At the time of the shutdown Avs were 7-2-1 in their last 10 games.

    Reminder of the massive number (and length) of injuries to key Avs players (Landeskog; Rants; Kadri , Makar, Calvert, Johnson, Burakovsky, etc etc) on the Avs in 19/20

    Dallas (Nill)

    18/19…, finished with 93 points; 1st WC spot in West; 7th in West

    19/20 at break….3rd in their Div; 5th in West; was already deemed “in” the playoffs; on track for (82 games)….97 points (tracking to increase by 4 over last year). Last 10 games….. 3-5-2; had lost 6 in a row

    Bolts (Brisebois)

    18/19 … President’s trophy; record setting 128 points

    19/20 at break…. 4th in League; 2nd in Div ; was a long-shot to catch Bruins. On pace for 108 points…, 20 worse than 18/19. At the time of the stoppage 3-6-2… had lost 2 in a row

    Isles (Lamarello)
    Now compare to Isles…. 18/19 finished 1point out of winning Metro; had 103 points; 5th in the League.

    19/20 Isles at break….14th in the league; under the old rules was out if a playoff spot; was on pace for only 96 points ; was not on pace to get into playoffs; had gone 2-2-4 in last 10; and had lost 7 in a row. And just to compare to Avs who had so many injuries to key players…. Most key Isles forwards played almost every game… Eberle missed 9

    So…. at the time they are voting , the information at their fingertips then…. of the 4 teams above for absolute sure Sackic had improved his team the most 18/19 to 19/20…. and its not even close…. NOT EVEN CLOSE….and he had massive games lost to key players….but he’s not even a finalist (top 3)???????????

    and of those top 3 by far Isle’s faired poorest 18/19 to 19/20 (they had not at that time [of voting close] qualified for the playoffs; had gone from 1 point out of Metro 1st in 18/19 ; to 14th in the East (19/20) ; had only 8 of last possible 20 points and had lost 7 [SEVEN] in a row)

    If you ask anybody right now… no argument that Lamarello; Nils; Brisboise should be top 3

    But at time of voting… clearly it’s Sackic; and Lou; just of those 4 ; is 4th. Looking at other teams at thr time of voting end; he’d not be in top 6…. AGAIN… at the time of voting

    So…. how the hell did he win it??

    That is s puzzler to me

    Love Lou… but certainly not deserving of the award… AT THAT TIME OF VOTING CLOSE!!!!


    • Listening to NHL network they also complained GM of the year is a joke Boomer said they pick the final 4 teams for GM of the year and it should be voted by the writers instead to include others His suggestions were Fletcher from Philly and Gorton of the Rangers should have won or at a minimum the final 4 You do make a good case for Sakic

      • Hi Leo

        Yep Gorton 👍
        Yep Fletch 👍

        Who is Boomer BTW?

        Not sure where Boomer is coming from… picking from the final four…. Friedman said all awards voting was submitted pre start of play-ins…. how could any voter have predicted NYI’s would be final four? As at voting… out of play-off picture; not tracking to get there; and had lost 7 in a row…. the

        Had the voting been done last week when final 4 were up…. Yes to Lou

        But pre play-ins???? Lou in no way deserved it then

        Isle’s were only very slight favourites to beat Panthers in the play-ins. Odds makers had that series very close in it’s predictions

        I just don’t get it

      • Thanks Leo

        I don’t have Sat radio; I guess that’s why I don’t know him

    • Pengy. Something else you missed, surprised you didn’t comment. JJ won the Norris.
      As far as GM. Most of stuff you mention about teams improving, I’d like to know what moves GM’s made that contributed. Seems like Tampa is mostly still Yzermans team. Brisebois went all in at deadline, adding Coleman and Goodrow. Team is looking good and with the injuries they’ve had those additions are looking good now. But, IMO, he overpaid. Giving up 2first rd picks plus their 1st round pick from last year?

      • Hi Slick

        He’d not even get the Chuck Norris award

        Yep re Brisebois and Stevie Y re Bolts

        Please advise when Chuck Norris last place vote getter; gets bought out

      • There should be a Chuck Norris award for the toughest player each year. I think you are on to something Pengy.

        “When the bogeyman goes to bed at night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.”

        JJ could definitely qualify for the LVP (Least Valuable Player) award. Who would that one be named after?

      • DoubleMinor

        JJ would be the original winner of LVP and of course it would be named after him

        Has any player won any award in 6 consecutive years?

        He is ineligible next year as I’ve just sent a tersely worded letter (in ink/quill on parchment paper) via pony express to Dumkoff Rutherford; insisting on the buyout of said LVP…. so he will be retired shortly

    • Pengy you’re just sour grapes because it shows that Toronto made another mistake.

      • Bazinga!

      • It’s a cold day in hell when I agree with pengy, get your sweaters on!

        The Islanders team was built by Snow. Not by Lou.

        Lou hired Trotz, and watched Tavares walk out the door….

        Trotz is definitely the difference. Trotz took the better deal. Is Lou getting credit for that?

        I do believe Tavares leaving was a good thing for the organization. But it’s not like Lou didn’t attempt to keep him. Does he get credit for that?

        The Islanders grossly overachieved this year. Grossly. This team will be very good in a couple of years but not today.

        When Lou went to Toronto, I argued he would not help Toronto. And told Toronto fans look at the state he left NJ in. Ashes! Because Lou was TERRIBLE at navigating a team in the cap era. Awful!

        Lou sucks!

      • Hi Caper , George, and NY4Life

        Under no circumstances am I saying GMKD deserves any recognition for what he’s done

        Absolutely not sour grapes re LL getting award

        Deserved now

        Just major puzzled as to how he was voted in at a time (pre play-in) where he was by far…. way down the list

        As at the voting time… I advocate for Sackic

        Gorton , Fletcher and others should for sure have been (at voting time)… way ahead of LL

        both NY teams have very bright futures starting next year for NYR and still on the go with NYI

        I still say … Bolts will beat Isles


    • You are wrong. Voting for the Jim Gregory Award occurs after the second round of the playoffs. Ever notice that it’s almost always the GM of the final four teams that are nominated? So, Lou was deserving of the award and he won it!!!!

      • Thanks Islander

        Are you sure on that? I was going by last night’s broadcast and that completely contradicts what Elliot Friedman said… all awards were voted on BEFORE play-ins started

        If you are right… makes sense on the finalists

        Again.. was only going on EF’s words

      • nyr4life Lou Sucks? Im a Bees fan but thats the stupidest thing Ive heard in a long time. H made some mistakes at the end of his NJ stay but please results speak for themselves

      • Ccrob,

        Ridiculous! Lou could not navigate in the cap era. The man is a dinosaur!!!!

        Look at lous “success” after the cap was implemented! He drove a good team into the ground no badly…. they’re still feeling it today!

        How did Lou shape the Islanders?

    • Another weird award winner was Giordano winning the Mark Messier award.
      One thing that I heard from some hockey insiders is that leadership is one thing the Flames are missing, especially in the playoffs.

      • KevJam. On top of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Flames buy him out.

      • KevJam, isn’t the Messier award picked by Messier. Ask him.

      • Slick give your head a shake, buyout a player 1 year after they won a Norris. What a ridiculous comment. Sorry, it just is.

    • Probably a troll job by the writers, Pengy.
      Easy target if you think about it.

      • 👍

      • Slick, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers buy out Trouba and trade Kakko for Kris Russell (2 mìllion retained) hahaha

    • And yet Lou got more 1 st place votes than anyone else.
      The voters are all Professional Hockey people.
      I don’t mean this s an insult Pengy, but you are not.
      I’m gonna think that they know more than you do.

      Don’t forget that Lou got Eberle, Lee and Nelson to resign, brought over Sorokin and signed him and topped it off by trading for Pageau and Greene at the deadline.
      For desert, he signed Pageau to a multi year deal with reasonable terms.

      Remember Pengy, the NHL GM’s vote for this. Apparently they were more impressed than you!

      • Hi Bill

        If Islander above is correct (and Friedman erred in his statement) that voting for this award comes after final 4 determined…. then I get it

        I’d never think I’d know more than GMs (well exception of GMJR LOL) but if Friedman didn’t err; and voting for this was done pre play-in… I just don’t get the logic… literally makes no sense. At the time of voting per Friedman; all those changes made by LL were certainly not paying off… they had lost 7 in a row; were not in a playoff spot; and were looking towards a likely early exit IF they got by Panthers… and odds makers were calling that series close

        I’m starting to think that Islander just may be right and Friedman misspoke …. under all logic… at that time (pre playin)… he was not even close to deserving over several other GMs (Sackic for one)

        Now….. yeppers. Then…. I stand by my contention

        Still trying to find out actual voting deadline for this…. Islander do you have a source for that?

        Maybe I’m putting too much trust in EF?

      • Phew! Though I had lost my sanity…. asked my EA to research and find out when the voting is for the Gregory award

        Islander was right…. done when it’s down to final four.

        Makes more sense now that LL got it. Would not have won it had voting ended in July.

        However she (my EA) says that the internet is rife with anger over him getting it anyway and many (like me) thought this was Joe’s for sure

        She texted me a few quotes but the one below I got a huge kick out of so I though I’d share it with you:

        “If this was voted on like every other friggin’ award (before the playoffs) not a chance in Hell Lou wins this. No how. No way. Not a chance. Case closed. End of story. I don’t care how many drinks he buys for his buddy GMs. He should not have won this. Sackic should have won and would have by a huge landslide if the voting was done when every other award is voted on. Even if it is geared to final four due to timing of the vote, how did Jim Nill not win? Nill’s Stars beat the far superior Colorado and Vegas teams. He went out and got Pavelski, Perry, Sekera and signed Dickinson super cheap. He extended Lindell, Fedun and Janmark to very very good deals. He gets them to the Stanley Cup beating heavily favoured Colorado and Vegas. How could any GM in their right mind vote for Lou over Jim? I think Jim needs to do what a certain orange-haired crazy clown will be doing in 6 weeks. Demanding a re-count and bringing in the National Guard. I’m going to Disneyland “

  2. My gut feeling tells me Montreal is making a trade with Winnipeg. I can see Domi and Chariot for Ehlers or a bigger trade for Laine and the Habs have the pieces. I know Winnipeg wants another center and a defenseman and they missed Chariot

    • Hi Leo

      I was thinking that the C slot needed in Winnipeg might come from a familiar face ….

      VGK need space if they are re-upping Lehner

      The Flower with higher cap and two years is tougher to move

      Moving Statsny (one year left) is easier… and Glass will fill his spot

      Knights will have to give a sweetener… Elvenes or Lechyshyn or Krebs

      Might be worth it for Chevy

      • Pengy no, Statsny like Chairot from Howard post are not coming back to Winnipeg.

      • Hi Caper

        Your probably right… but I do think Chevy at least thinks about it and he should at least listen if VGKs make the call

    • Bergevin is not trading Chiarot. He has the top 4 D-men he wants, assuming Edmundson signs. And Winnipeg is not trading Laine.
      That being said, I do believe there’s a trade to be had there for Ehlers. Going the other way would be Domi, either Mete or Kulak and a 2nd rounder. That would be a good deal for both teams.

      • That’s pretty well thought out, Howard, except for the fact that Domi would have to agree to the trade and a new contract with Winnipeg. As you know he is an RFA.

        Not here to disrespect Winnipeg, but is that a city Domi would want to play in?

      • It would be smart if Chevy could talk to Domi before making the trade, but considering that Domi will only be an RFA, he doesn’t have the right to refuse a trade. The team has all the power, unless Domi holds out past Dec.1st. Then both the team and the player lose.
        Chevy has proven in the past with players like Scheifele and Morrissey that he has no issues in being able to get RFA’s signed at good prices in Winnipeg.

    • Leo, I don’t see Chairot coming back to Winnipeg. Chevy could’ve signed him as Chairot wanted to stay. I don’t see Chevy given up an asset for someone he could of had by offering him a deal.

    • Domi & Chiarot for Ehlers is laughable … cmon man …

      • Did you watch the jets defence this year? They would want Chiarot back in a second, the pens was pretty porous as well they should be checking in

    • Hey Leo, we think a like. I’ve been thinking Domi, Kulak a 2nd for Laine and a 3rd for some time.

      • Not getting an elite scoring talent, warts and all, with average to above average spare parts.

    • Jets need a legit 2C if giving up a legit young top 6 winger with term on a team friendly contract and Domi who isn’t even valued enough by the Habs to play center is not moving the needle on getting that deal done. Danault signed to an extension at a palatable price gets the conversation started I would think.

  3. Cue up the WW for Matt Dumba rumours

    Agree , Brodin extension and Dumba w/o NMC…. does leave him vulnerable to being moved

    Re Brodin’s extension…. note structure…. I think this may be blue-print for many long term “Covid time” extensions

    Low pay in years 1 & 7; an increase (but not much) in year two (with year 6 having similar pay as year two)…. then bulk of contract pay in years 3,4,5 with max pay near double year 1

    Teams needing to get over cash crunch of next two years…. plus less raw $’s in escrow for the player in next two years

    • Dumba will likely be traded. And I disagree with Lyle as to his contract. I think that three more years of a $6m. Cap hit is quite reasonable and attractive for a young D-man of his caliber. Even with the stagnant cap.

  4. Personally I would love the Habs to get Alex Tuch from Vegas. I know Vegas wants to shed salary and they aren’t to keen on Stastny. Tuch fits the bill for a power forward RW young and signed with ton of upside but that is wishful thinking. If I was a betting man the trade partner is Winnipeg . ………Living in Bruins country Tuukka Rask is he staying or leaving he would leave a big hole and I think Krug is leaving obviously they should still be a playoff team but has the window closed?

    • Hi Leo

      Tuch and his recent up-tick in the playoffs; would be a desirable addition to any team

      BTW… every time I see a close up of Tuch’s face I keep thinking that he looks exactly like the actor Adam Goldberg… if you don’t know that actor … look him up on IMDB to see the similarities

    • I too would love to see the Habs pick up Tuch.

    • Rask will probably be back for his last year I doubt they resisn him,it might be time for the Bruins look for a future goalie. Krug is not coming back he wants to much $$$ and years I did read they want to trade him before he reaches UFA but good luck with that. Also did read that the Bruins might be willing to trade Carlo for a winger with some size who can score , will be a very interesting offseason for the Bruins

      • Rask to Vegas/MAF to Boston—Vegas eats a little of 2nd year of MAF Contract or they throw in a pick. Boston FANS would love MAF, MAF and Halak bridge cap to the young kids they have high hopes for. Krug is great player but Bees can’t go near the money he wants. Need a physical def and a physical top 9 forward not named Nick Ritchie

    • if Vegas wants to deal Alex Tuch Im sure the Bruins would be interested as well as every other team in the league he checks all the Bruins boxes

  5. Correct me if I’m, wrong, but as I understand it all Montreal has acquired when it comes to Edmundson is the right to negotiate. He’s still a UFA and, to date, I have yet to see any comment from Edmundson as to whether or not he still intends to test the UFA market.

    • Here, for example, is one site’s reaction to the trade which although from a Habs fan site, raises a legitimate question

      “On the surface it looks odd to trade a fifth-round pick for a stay-at-home defenceman on an expiring contract. Especially when his advanced metrics demonstrate him to be relatively limited even in that role. Is this trade part of a grander scheme or is it a mere insurance policy?

      What happens if Joel Edmundson demands a high salary or a long-term deal? Will the front office sign him or let him walk out the door onto the open market? If so, how upset should we be about a lost fifth-round pick in the upcoming draft?”

      • MB thinks its worth a 5th round pick to have a month to convince him plus they have many picks if it fails. I also think if they do sign him its Chariot leaving and MB wants a replacement for a bigger trade. I dont comment on here often but Pengy and George and others that comment your very knowledgeable and I go out of my way once a day and usually in the evenings to read all the comments and I value your opinions

      • Remember Buffalo traded a 3rd rd pick for rights to Vesey, and he ended up signing with Rangers. Eventually ended up in Buffalo but cost another 3rd rounder.
        A 5th rounder isn’t bad considering there’s no legal tampering period. Maybe see some more of these trades?

      • George,

        Im not sure what the metrics say on Edmundson but metrics can be skewed by the role the player is given. Edmundson demonstrated that he could be more than a stay at home defenseman when given the opportunity. He can play physical, will stand up for his teammates, and skates well enough to play second pair. He was a pleasant surprise for Carolina and he knocked Gardiner down to the third pair or bench. I was hoping he would end up in Detroit which is my second favorite team.

      • That metrics comment wasn’t mine – I just quoted a fan site GP. As for Gardiner – and I’m not knocking Edmundson here – it wouldn’t take much to knock him down to the 3rd pair – or the press box. I could never figure out why Carolina saw fit to sign him as a UFA in the first place.

    • That is correct George its possible he doesn’t sign Toronto and Edmonton are also interested in Edmundson

      • During a press conference with Gallagher on Monday, they mentioned they may have a presser with Edmunson mid to late week. That has me thinking talks may be going well. Just speculation, though.

    • Correct George

      5th rounder for blocking anybody else from talking to him pre UFA

      He can only sign with Habs right now and up until UFA opens

      If Waddell even got on the phone to say “hi” to Edmunson; that could be cited as tampering

      Habs had tons of picks; 5th is not a very valuable pick

      Worth the gamble IMHO

      • Leo/Pengy/Andrew … yeah, I saw that comment by Lyle in the Headlines thread AFTER I posed the question here … can’t get used to the switcharoo with the Headlines now appearing after the Rumours …

        Going by what I, myself, have been harping on re the possibility of many UFAs finding no room at the inn due to non-existent or limited cap space for so many teams thanks to the flat cap, it would make sense for an Edmundson to latch onto the first concrete offer that comes along. Otherwise, he could find himself one of many UFAs with reduced or even non-existent offers.

      • My apologies for the “switcheroo” regarding the Headlines and Rumors. Given ongoing publishing issues, I’m posting the rumors up first in case there are any issues with subsequent posts. We’re still trying to sort out the issue. Once we do, it’ll be back to the Headlines followed by the Rumors. Cheers!

      • read i think 5yr for 3.5m . dyslexic so i could have screw up the numbers . could be 3yr for 5m too

        some IG blog

      • Lyle

        Rumour has it that Morning Coffee is on the switcheroo with Rumours section…. sorry…. had to do it 🤪😁

      • Boooo

      • I know Chrisms

        Not up to ur standards

        But I doth try good sir

        I’m friggin hilarious in person tho

      • Het Lyle .. last I looked P.E.I. was still part of Canada. It’s “Rumours” not ‘Rumors” – 🙂 Gotta keep those Yanks up to date on the Queen’s English! Although I see today where Barbados is telling her to take a hike.

      • I couldn’t get sound on the clip Chrisms… looks like Bad Santa.. hilarious movie… BTW Thurman Murmansk played by Vancouver lad Brett Kelly

      • Thurman murman? A true Canadian hero then!

      • Well … if we’re talking Canadian and Stars…. top two Hollywood money making stars in 2019 have a Canadian passport… I’ll let you figure out who those two are

    • It would be a very dumb move for Bergevin to have made the trade without talking to Edmundson first. One has to think that very obvious step to secure Carolina’s permission to do so was taken.

      • … or maybe he’s mending fences hoping to circle back and trade for Aho?

        I’m joking, really, just a bit of levity.

        Cheers, carry on.

      • that would have come with a $50,000 penalty to Bergevin for tampering. The only team a pending UFA can talk to about a new contract is the team who currently own his rights. Used to apply up until July 1 , not sure what the date would be this year.

    • George O it was reported by Elliott Freidman last night that they are working on a deal.

      If MB can get a deal done, certainly worth the 5th round pick. If they don’t still was worth the gamble.

  6. Edmundson is a western Canada boy . Wheat Kings I believe . He should consider other clubs like Edmonton and Toronto.
    I believe Montreal is happy with Chariot and was a bit of a steal. He played a ton in the playoffs .In my opinion he stays.

    Dumba and Kunin for Boeser . You have to give quality to get quality. Vancouver then signs Toffoli

    • Edmundson provides depth and insurance along with size as well as prepares for the expansion draft. I believe the acquisition of Allen and Edmunson are addition of pieces to protect other pieces when Seattle comes knocking. Domi may very well be traded but if Hand are looking for another winger why not shift him back to wing and go grab another 2nd or 3rd line center with some of those picks. and if cost is ridiculous stand pat.

      • That expansion draft purpose makes a lot of sense. Keep overlooking that factor when commenting on moves. Thanks for the heads up Andy

      • Allen will be an ufa, and won’t be expansion draft eligible.

      • Andy, the reason the rumours have Domi being moved is that he prefers – and is better – at center but there is no room for him there with the Habs.

      • The thing is, Domi prefers to be at center. Plus he’s a passer more than a shooter. The Habs need another shooter.

      • Domi May be more effective at center but his value right now is low considering the season he had. Drouin is also questionable after a lacklustre performance the year before. There are cash strapped teams right up against the cap that will have to move assets for picks or prospects to get under the cap. This puts MB in a good position. Allen May well be a UFA but he can still be selected by Seattle the expansion draft takes place prior to UFA date and Habs may be able to entice Seattle to take him with all those surplus picks they have. Plus he can be an established number one goalie in the league so he may be the best fit for Seattle. Old enough to know how things work and young enough to have significant playing years ahead of him if he remains healthy. This could be MB’s way of getting rid of Alzners toxic contract as well. Demi’s father played in Winnipeg and was a fan favourite Max would be an instant hero there for the right price, Jets need D desperately though and Habs are starting to get that depth where they want it can’t see them trading D to Jets unless Domi goes and Alzner is part of the deal. Don’t forget Danault has been vocal about his unhappiness as third line centre (although his defensive play reminds so many of Carbonneau) that he could be the forward traded and Dropped mi moved to third line center.

      • “ One goalie who is under contract in 2021-22 or will be a restricted free agent at the end of his current contract immediately prior to 2021-22. If a team elects to make a restricted free agent goalie available to meet this requirement, that goalie must have received his qualifying offer prior to the submission of the team’s protected list.”

        That is direct from the nhl on expansion rules for Seattle.

        Sorry, Allen is not eligible. Only a rfa who has been qualified. Ufas are not expansion draft eligible.

      • funny how the Habs went from a panic for LH D men to having a solid crew a couple of years later… Chiarot, Edmundsen, Mete, Kulak, Romanov

        2017-2018 roster LHD were Alzner, Benn , Davidson , Jerabek , Mete , Morrow …..MB has taking the right steps to shore up that side of the ice.

    • not sure why Vancouver would move Boeser at this point.
      They need to decide on which goalie they are signing etc and then look at the cap space.

      Still hoping Henrik for Sutter.

      • NYR4life, what about Vegas selecting Derek Engelland from the Flames. He was a UFA but lived there in the off season. Cgy got off easy

  7. Is there anything in the CBA to stop a rich team from signing a player to a front loaded contract then immediately trading that player to another team after the signing bonus is paid?

    The AAV is set for cap purposes but the cash outlay much less for the receiving team.

    • Daryl – a similar deal was just tried about a week ago in the NFL (Saints-Browns with Clowney). Just the idea of that type of trade was brought to the higher ups and all teams were told this type of deal would get vetoed by the league as it is seen as a “player traded for cash”, which there are rules for. I’m pretty sure the CBA has similar wording and the NHL would nix this type of deal.

  8. Local radio drones on Sportsnet 650am in Vancouver were offering up a Boeser for Dumba and a sweetner deal yesterday.

    In what world is a always injured, soft no defence winger worth a #2 or 3 defenceman? Plus a prospect or a pick?

    Of course these are the same geniuses that have Demko in the Hall of Fame based on 3 games.

    At least the guys on TSN1040 base their conversations somewhat on reality.

    I dont doubt the Wild may move Dumba, but I highly doubt their going to just give him away.

    Sportsnet feebs looking for ways that Benning can dig himself out of the cap hell he created. Markstrom, Tanev, Toffili and Stecher to resign this season and next year its even worse when Pettersson and Hughes are up for new deals.

    Signing Roussel, Beagle and Myers because “we have the cap space” is going to bite the Nucks in the arse.

  9. Domi & Chiarot for Kris LeTurnover … bwa ha ha ha ha ha

  10. Rumor are that the Bruins are trying to trade. The rights to Krug before he hits UFA ….interesting

    • Best thing for the Burins is to let Krug Walk. Let McAvoy and Carlo grow.

      It would also be nice to see Moore Traded somewhere just to get rid of his salary.

      • Hi Greatgonzo

        If Joe is right… it’s better to trade him now for something ; instead of just letting him walk

        Habs paid a 5th to get Edmunson’s rights for a couple of weeks… a 5th is better than zilch

        A 5th more than likely doesn’t pan out as an NHLer… but it is at least a chance at a diamond in the rough

        Here are just a few players that were “lucky” (astute??) picks late… I think they had/are having pretty good careers:

        Benn 129th
        Horny …. absolute last inhis draft class
        Pavelski 205th
        Zetterberg 210th
        The Magic Man …171st
        Theo Fleury… 166th
        Luc Robataille 171st

      • There’s sure been a lot of good ones taken late Pengy.

        Daniel Alfredsson 133rd; Ondrej Palat 208th; Pekka Rinne 258th; Hnrik Lundqvist 205th; Pavel Datsyuk 171st; Tomas Holstrom 257th; Nikolai Khabiboulin 204th; Peter Bondra 156th; Pavel Bure 113th; Igor Larianov 214th; Brett Hull 117th; Dominik Hasek 199th; Dave Taylor 210th

        Thene there are these never drafted: Martin St. Louis; Brandon Dillon; David Clarkson; Curtis Glencross; Dan Girard; Antti Niemi; Chris Kunitz; Distin Penner; Dan Boyle

      • Hi George

        I was only listing skaters… certainly not diminishing the goalies … but oft the majority goalie picks are taken late 3rd round and onward

        Had Datsyuk down on my list… known on the web as “The Magic Man”…. if you have an iPhone or iPad…. say “heh Siri; show me the magic man” and just see what Siri gives you

  11. Giradi

  12. Kyle Dubas assembles the greatest pond hockey team of all time and doesnt get GM of the year?

    Clearly the media has an anto Leaf bias.


  13. And yet Lou got more 1 st place votes than anyone else.
    The voters are all Professional Hockey people.
    I don’t mean this s an insult Pengy, but you are not.
    I’m gonna think that they know more than you do.

    Don’t forget that Lou got Eberle, Lee and Nelson to resign, brought over Sorokin and signed him and topped it off by trading for Pageau and Greene at the deadline.
    For desert, he signed Pageau to a multi year deal with reasonable terms.

    Remember Pengy, the NHL GM’s vote for this. Apparently they were more impressed than you!

    • I apologize for the double post. Hit the wrong comment.

  14. The Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year Award is awarded annually to the top National Hockey League general manager as voted by “a 41-member panel that included all 31 general managers, five NHL executives and five media members.”[1]

    So these 41 got it wrong? Many here think highly of themselves.

  15. So much for the Edmundson convo. Signed with Habs

  16. Hi Pengy, Thanks for a completely rational reply. I wish more people thought before they wrote.

    It does make more sense that the Award gets voted on after the second round, simply because you can see how the trades made at the deadline worked out.
    Based just on that, I think Lou wins.

    Even thought Lou won,(and boy do I hate to say this) but to me the Rangers have done a spectacular job of turning the franchise around. If I had a vote, it would have been for Gorton.

    PS Don’t tell anybody…LOL LOL

  17. Staal to Buffalo for MoJo.
    Good deal for both clubs.

    • When Billy G flips MoJo to Pittsburgh for something else that is.

  18. Edmundson signs. 3.5 . I like it. Might have got a little more on the open market. But it is done. 5th looks like a good deal now.

    • Yep. Gives them a sold, durable stay-at-home D for the next 4 years. The 10-team NT clause was an interesting addition.