NHL Rumor Mill – September 29, 2020

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The latest on Jack Eichel, Torey Krug, Taylor and Shayne Gostisbehere in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WGR 550: Brayton J. Wilson cited TSN’s Bob McKenzie reporting yesterday hearing what he called “unverified chatter” claiming Jack Eichel requested a trade from the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers were among the interested teams. Eichel’s agent, Peter Fish, told McKenzie his client doesn’t want out of Buffalo.

Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel (NHL Images).

McKenzie also said several clubs have contacted Kevyn Adams since he took over as Sabres GM to inquire about Eichel’s availability. The Rangers were believed to be among those teams.

None of those talks discussions generated any trade traction involving the 23-year-old center. The Sabres aren’t shopping Eichel and there’s no real desire to trade their captain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can’t fault general managers from calling to see if Eichel might be available. He has expressed frustration over the years of constant losing but his agent insists his client wants to make things work in Buffalo. The Sabres remain committed to building around their captain. Their recent acquisition of Eric Staal as their new second-line center is an obvious example.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Darren Hartwell reports of speculation the Bruins could trade the rights of Torey Krug. The 29-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on Oct. 9. The Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, Vegas Golden Knights and Detroit Red Wings are said to be potential suitors for Krug’s contract rights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It seems unlikely the Bruins will re-sign Krug unless he’s willing to accept less than market value. TSN’s Frank Seravalli said hearing they offered a six-year deal worth $6.5 million annually but Krug apparently feels he get better offers on the open market. They could shop his rights before Oct. 9 if they can get a decent draft pick in return.

The Avalanche and Wings have the cap space to sign Krug. The Golden Knights have just $4.9 million available with goaltender Robin Lehner to re-sign or replace. The Panthers have $59.7 million invested in 12 players and there’s talk they could set an internal cap of $70 million. Neither club has the cap room at the moment to take on an expensive free agent like Krug.

Nick Goss, meanwhile, cited TSN’s Frank Seravalli suggesting Taylor Hall might be a good fit with the Bruins. The 28-year-old Arizona Coyotes left winger is also a pending UFA. Seravalli wondered what the Bruins will do with restricted free agent winger Jake DeBrusk, adding they won’t need to re-sign him if they pursue Hall.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Goss believes Hall would be a great fit alongside center David Krejci on the Bruins second line, his injury history and the cost of signing him (Goss suggests six years at $7 million per) makes him an expensive gamble. He also pointed the Bruins would still have to address the absence of Krug on their blueline.


THE SCORE: Sean O’Leary cited The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun reporting sources claiming Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere is available in the offseason trade market. He has three seasons remaining on his contract worth an annual value of $4.25 million. An injury limited the 27-year-old blueliner to 42 games last season and he was also a frequent healthy scratch.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams seeking a skilled puck-moving defenseman could take a chance on “Ghost Bear”. He’s got an affordable contract that could be appealing to cap-strapped clubs.


  1. The classy move for Stamkos last night would have been to give up the “C” to Hedman so Bettman could have handed it to someone that actually earned it instead of a passenger along for the ride. Instead Stamkos grabbed the Cup to skate around with it first.

    Otherwise congrats to the Lightning for a well earned Cup.

    • Ouch. Stamkos is the captain and has been for years and shown nothing but class throughout. Can’t penalize him for being hurt. I think this is a bit to harsh viewpoint. Hedman got his moment with the Conn Smythe trophy, so doubt he has any complaints.

      • Same look as if they handed the NBA title to a benchwarmer instead of Lebron, or if they handed to Lombardi Trophy to Carson Wentz instead of Nick Foles.

        Join the celebration? Yes, definetely. Take the trophy and skate with it first ahead of someone that actually earned it? No.

      • Follow that thought process through them the cup should never be handed off 2nd to either a vet nearing retirement, a player whose moms is dying (Daley), etc.

        You definitely have the philly fandom.

        Just heartless.

      • Stamkos is always injured, this guy is made from glass.

    • Damn Ron. He’s the Captain. He’s part of reason they where there. 2nd leading scorer. Big reason they didn’t have to be part of play-in, which could’ve hurt their chances of going all the way. Hedman got mvp. Could argue it should’ve went to Pointe, who Made a huge difference in Stamkos’ absence.

    • It did look, and sound strange compared to the norm.

    • Or maybe the lightning teammates had all agreed that Stamkos should take the cup first, since he is their captain and leader and all. But what do we know? We’re just fans that get to watch and judge and be unnecessarily critical of things like who should have got the cup first.

      • But before Bettman awarded the cup, he clearly said something like, the team asked we do it this way, and the team surrounded the cup when he handed it off to Stammer.
        To me, that sounds like they exactly knew what they wanted to do as well as who gets it next and so on.

    • You are assuming that Hedman would have been ok with that. I bet you he wouldn’t have been. The bolts roster players are way to classy to agree to pass over their captain in that manner – in fact I’d guess that the vast majority of NHLers are.
      Stamkos played, may it only be 2 minutes, but he was with the team in the bubble the entire time. Who knows what he did behind the scenes with Point, Cirelli and the other younger stars.

      • Stamkos played enough regular season games that his name was required on the cup regardless.

    • The classy thing would of been for the lightning players to allow Stamkos to receive the cup.

      • Exactly my thoughts Jeff, not sure why this is a thing.

      • The classy thing would have been for the Lightning organization to allow the Maple Leafs to just have the cup, because of course that’s where it belongs.



      Steven Stamkos …

      also a shout out to NYR4LIFE as I know over the last 4 – 5 years his family has been staunch supporters of the Bolts and has made that very clear over the years!

      HOWEVER …..

      I have been posting on this site for 11 years now under different monikers…and have had some really poor experiences and generally love to talk Hockey …BUT…. I have to say today is a very disappointing day to read some the posts by guys who I see posting hear daily for the last few years …ripping into crap like Stamkos shouldn’t have taken the Cup or this guys sucks and this guy didn’t deserved this my team this or my team that …today !

      GROW UP !!!!

      Stamkos has been the Captain of this team for years and at one time was the most prolific goal scorer in the NHL for back to back years combined along with being quality leader who has had to battle back FROM CAREEER ENDING injuries to EVEN PLAY AGAIN

      …W T F have you done ….

      You argue about how he is not deserving as a the Captain this year to take in the LONG AND UNWAIVERING TRADTION as THE CAPTAIN to be handed the CUP …..

      Give me a break ..GROW UP

      post quality content …and discuss Hockey and stop the crap of your own jealous opinions and recognize why the NHL and the players in this league are quality human beings and why the traditions are the way they are ….

      For some of you this is disgusting banter and to even suggest and argue this point is disgusting and you are a PART TIME Hockey fan with nothing else better to do with your time than argue you about ANYTHING to make yourself feel better about your self !

      Stamkos is the CAPTUIAN of this team …END OF STORY

      He has endured MANY hardships and YOU HAVE NO IDEA what he does behind the scenes and what he needs to do to come back from endless surgeries and get to a point to where as he can play 3 minutes and score a game winning goal is AMAZING and should be celebrated …
      NOT HATED ON or even up for debate !

      GROW UP and post quality content!!

      Sorry I am drinking George …KOOL Aid this morning

      ….but this is ridiculous to hate on the longest serving tradition in the league.. the guy was hurt

      I know every guy in that locker room would tell you to go you know what to even suggest !

      Sorry Lyle

      had to get this out …today was a celebration of a hard working team during a pandemic ..and it should be that way …not this crap !

      • Lol,

        I knew my post would stir the sh*tpot….

        thanks for playing…..

      • Bravo Kal El. Tradition is important to these guys. I do read this site daily and appreciate the insite of many of the posters. Let’s keep it civil and respectful.

      • How does one battle back from a “career ending injury”? If he never plays again its career ending….. if he plays how can the injury be career ending?

        Your entire rant is nonsensical.

        I never said Stamkos shouldnt carry the Cup or be excluded from the celebrations. I merely suggested it would have been a nice gesture if he had let the Cup be handed to someone that actually earned it.


      • Ron Jill. You do like to stir the pot. Have to admit though, the “how do you come back from career ending injuries “ comment was pretty funny.

      • Thanks. My response was simpler. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one seeing people just hate on things

    • In the NFL the owner gets the trophy first.
      Joking or not, that’s a brutal take, Ron Jull.
      Stamkos was deserving to raise the cup first. He’s the leader of the championship squad.

    • Ron Jull, the words “classy move” make me smile, comings from you.

    • You are amazing, Ron, simply amazing.

    • Terrible take.

    • Congrats to Tampa on winning the Stanley Cup.. The went to school after getting swept last year by Columbus.

      They knew they were talented but went out and got character, grit, sandpaper guys and drafted well.

      Drafting guys lie Yanny Gourde and Tyler Johnson, added character guys like Pat Marron (two cups in a row two different teams theme here??) Blake Coleman, Chris Goodwin.

      These players play hard.

      Talented teams up front that had weak defenses, that didn’t play hard as a team, and didnt bring it, they went out early.

      Toronto Pittsburgh Washington

      Tampa redeemed themselves knocking out the physical Columbus, Blue Jackets, then a Physical team in Boston and a defensive structured team and then another talented physical team in Dallas…well done in the NY Islanders..

      Pittsburgh / Rutherford were you watching same to you Toronto…

      • Johnson was undrafted because he was thought to be too small.

    • Guys like Stamkos playing or not have a lot to give to a team and if you were to ask anyone on that team who there captain is and who should pick the cup up first it would be Stamkos. I’m a bruins fan and hate Tampa but you obviously have no clue

    • Rob Jull has no knowledge of any sport team. Your a team injured or not. Look at Tampa with Rick Bonus that is respect and appreciation the same appreciation the would show Stamkos who is part of there team. You obviously play tennis or your a leafs fan lol

  2. If Eric Staal is your 2nd line C then you are doomed to fail once again .. obvious upgrade??? wow .. and I agree, Stamkos should have stepped aside … he’s a fragile china doll and Hedman deserved to hoist it first …

    • I believe Staal is the first piece in Adams’ work to improve the Sabres. Eric is brought in more for character and mentorship of Cozens and Mittelstadt than for skill. Could see a bigger deal if they move Reinhart but they are not moving Eichel (Rangers would need to give up Zibanejad, Chytil and two 1st round picks to start the discussion).

      I am willing to give Adams a chance to see if he is able to bring in a top penalty killer, a 2nd pairing LD and goaltending upgrade. a lot to get done. But hopeful if the holes are filled.

      • By 2 first round picks, i hope you’re not thinking this years?

  3. The one thing I liked last night there was no booing of betman. That is one thing I hate every year during presenting of the Stanley Cup

    • Oh I was so hoping the NHL put in boos during that. Bettman always seems a good sport about it. It would of been pretty sweet. But as usual his class shows up. The moment wasn’t about Bettman.

  4. Don Sweeney done his due diligence; Offered Krug 6yrs @ $6.5, keeping everyone happy, well except Krug.

    Count this Bruin fan happy, goodbye Torey and thank you for not excepting the offer.

    Who ever sign Krug the contract will not age well; he an average skater, good passer, good PP guy and terrible defender, who is small and easily knocked off the puck.

    Krug $$$ will be spent elsewhere, we will see where.

    • Could not agree more Caper.

      I would rather shoot for secondary scoring.

  5. They could have pumped in people booing on the jumbo tron or whatever the hell they were using to show fans from home. I really don’t think Bettman cares.

    • That would have been funny

    • That would have been hilarious.

      Philadelphia Eagles were booed in their own empty stadium, classic.

      • It wouldn’t be a Philly home game with out the booing, ya have to try and keep the same atmosphere even if no fans in the stands.

        Out west the Angels baseball team stated the season in August with the cardboard cutouts of the fans, they suddenly stopped, rumor is that too many of the cardboard cutouts showed up with paper bags over there heads and it was embarrassing.

  6. Hmmmm… If the bruins are interested in Taylor Hall I wonder if it makes sense for the Coyotes and Bruins to swap negotiation rights (DeBrusk for Hall). Coyotes may have to add a sweetener in the form of a later round draft pick due to RFA status compared to UFA….but seems to make sense for both teams. Bruins get exclusive negotiating rights and eight year potential, Coyotes get access to a decent young hard nosed forward (whose father once played in the desert). Let’s face it the Coyotes aren’t going to sign Hall long term so may want to try to get something back and fill that hole.

    • Pucksinnet, that would be a no.

      As you mentioned Debrusk is an RFA and who still has upside with a season of 17, 27 and 19 goals, it will take more then a sweetener.

      Secondly I don’t want Hall for 8yrs, so this trade would be a disadvantage because now your trying to negotiate for less then 8yrs but the player wants 8.

    • I’d trade Krugs rights for those of Hall, but that’s as far as I’d go on that.

  7. The Airwave are extremely hot in Winnipeg they make it sound like a forgone conclusion that Laine is on his way out the door.

    You know my opinion, i don’t believe this is a trade the Jets can win.

    2.0 read you comments they have merit, but Laine is learning to score in different ways, I will also say Ovi made a career out of scoring from one spot.

    Yesterday they said Columbus, it seem every team wants to have Laine.

    I can’t help but think that Chevy knows what Laine wants and isn’t willing to go there.

    Back to the Blue Jackets it starts with Werenski and goes from there.

    I know some on here would think that is to much and so be it, on to the next team.

    • As Bruins fan I can’t help but think back on the returns Boston got for Joe Thornton and Tyler Seguin. Have there been similar trades of young, budding stars in the last couple of decades?

      Joe Thornton for Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau.

      Tyler Seguin for Loui Eriksson, Reilly Smith, Joe Morrow and Matt Fraser.

      The Bruins filled some holes with some decent NHL talent, but in no way got value for the player they traded away.

      Will the Jets really get a massive haul of a 2C, top 4D, picks and prospects that many think they will? I can’t think of any recent, similar trade in which it worked out that way. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I won’t be incredibly surprised if it doesn’t.

      • I’ve been saying for sometime now that Th e jets should of trade laine. Heck if I were hen I would of given Ottawa what they wanted for Stone then trade laine to recoup what was given to Ottawa. Stones a Winnipeg boy and in my not so humble opinion a much better player.

  8. Errr … so no Houston Senators???

  9. If you were really watching when the cup was presented it wasn’t just to the captain. THE Entire team circled the table and then it wasn’t given to Stamkos. Typically the captain carries it from the table to the team. At least everyone I have seen in the last 30 years.
    The captain is the captain. Otherwise Hedman would be wearing the C. Any other thought on this is from someone who never played competitive sport at any level. Why didn’t Point get it next. The entire conversation is a joke.

    Krug won’t get more than the Bruins reported offer.

  10. Canadiens team dont win the cup because of the salary cap the players can get more money in the states and more endorsements. It has nothing to do with politics or country I am a very political person however it should not be brought up here and I do applaud the NHL for not trying to bring it up as least as possible among the 4 major sports. To be honest bringing up politics as made me stop watching the other 3 sports entirely

    Stamkos gets a serious bad rap FOR the best player to not win the cup moniker. OF COURSE HE SHOULD GET THE CUP FIRST thinking otherwise is total ludicrous. The trophy goes to the players first and there Captain is the leader end of story

    • And Bettman should work on it, but instead he has some games in China in his head, or creating weird teams like Seattle Strabucksers

  11. Reminder, no other captain had ever let someone else pick up cup before Sakic let Ray Bourque, who had gone longest time in games played without winning. It was a nice gesture, but have to consider Sakic had already raised the cup a few years before that.

    • Didn’t Sakic pick it up and then immediately hand it to ray?

      • Yes he did chrisms

      • Yep… picked it up smiled, raised it … handed it to RB… prob 5-7 seconds no more

      • Not even pengy. Picked up turned and pivoted. Classy move. I teared up at that one. The look an rays face was sports at its best.

      • But he didn’t lift it and skate with it is the point. Just because Stamkos didn’t play more than that 2 minutes in playoffs doesn’t mean he didn’t contribute to championship.

    • Sakic got it and then handed it to Ray….. 79 Canadiens won and Cup was passed to Savard I believe, not the injured captain Courneyor.

  12. I’ve had to delete several comments that strayed far off-topic into politics and religion, as well as posts involving personal insults aimed at other commenters. This is a hockey site. Please stick to talking hockey and be respectful toward your fellow fans. Thank you.

    • Lyle as long as you allow certain posters to spew negative comments on a daily basis the you are going to have to monitor and police responses from other posters who have had enough. I typically do not read comments from a couple of regulars because they never have anything positive to say …. in this case it was the very first post I read today.

      • NYR4life , fair comment and I respect your opinion. Point here is if you are going to play with your stick held high then you should expect some people to take exception to it.

        I understand why Lyle deleted my original post , it was blunt.

      • Or ny Lyle can decide which posts cross the line and which do not and act accordingly as it is his site. Those that disagree can choose not to come or even start their own site! I generally agreed with much of your statement but the you ended an argument over censorship by suggesting censorship.

    • Your diligence Lyle is part of the reason this site remains above the others in so far as class.

    • Thanks Lyle! This is a great site, would hate to see a certain few ruin it.

    • Thanks Lyle but I think it falls on death ears. Good luck.

  13. NYR 1 major move Kills 4 birds with 1 stone.
    Offer sheet Matthew Barzal @ 7 years 11Mil per.
    JD would send a message to Islanders who are in Cap hell; lower income franchise. Trade Strome & DA for early late round pick let the young kids play Defense and add experience Def at trade deadline. NYR would have Top 2 lines in the league (Argueble)
    Kreider Zjab Kakko
    Lefraniere Barzal Paranin

    • So you are proposing that we try the TML which has failed miserably ?!?!? I don’t think so.

    • So basically you are suggesting the the Rangers adopt the TML model for building a team which we can all see has worked out so well for the TML. Having Barzal would be nice but not for 7 years @ 11 Mil per. Also Lefraniere is a left winger not a right winger. Adapting to the speed of the NHL is hard enough for a rookie without him having to switch sides.

      • Dov, I think if you look again, it’s Panarin he has on right side. Barzal just turned 23, so I actually don’t hate this. Wouldn’t exactly make us TML since Zib is on a bargain deal for 2 more years. Not going to give him a monster deal when he’s 30. Still, not likely and even if we did my guess is Lou matches

    • Why not jut offer Strome, ADA, Lias Andersson, #22, 2nd this year and your 1st next year instead and see what Adams says to that?

      ADA can play left side also. Strome would be cost effective and will be fine. Lias another younger center. #22 is a 1st rd pick and a 1st next year also.

      • The offer was to ADAMS in Buffalo not Lou on the Island.

        Yes trades like that never happen….got your broken record playing on my iTunes lol jk


        I do agree that it would be a “tall order” to get a GM to take on two RFA’s in a major deal.

  14. I’ll pass on the “food fight” that I read earlier and Lyle deleted.

    I do want to say that Gary Bettman and the NHL staff did a great job on getting it done. Last July I didn’t give them a chance in hell in getting it done right. Great Job

    The next week will be interesting, most teams will need to shed salary for (a) cutting next years expected less revenue or (b) cutting salary so they can add a player or two they think will help them win next year. Just a feeling that a lot of “older” players on their last year or two of their contact will be goners. Paid way more then they produce and will be given away to teams that want to win now and don’t want to pay a lot for a lot of years to a UFA. Also since there may not be AHL or College Hockey or FULL junior hockey, expect more kids than usually playing in NHL and the older VET’s pushed out. Just a guess on my part

    • If nothing else the combination of the ‘flat cap’ for several years as well as internal caps (in the 70-75m range) not only will lead to the cutting of said older players and a near outright end to contracts that both overpay and give too many years to non star players which has been the bane of NHL for decades but a number of overpaid RFA’s or those who win inflated arbitration cases that don’t take the current cap into consideration.

      But that’s not all.

      Can’t wait until the agents of many of these formerly entitled players that all their preferred teams have hit their cap ceiling and/or chosen other players and now they are left with two choices.

      a) Sign with one of the teams they never want to go to and usually stick on their contracts that they cannot be traded to i.e. Winnipeg, Buffalo, Edmonton, Montreal, etc. etc.

      b) Be out of the NHL

      I love it!

  15. Nicely said Lyle.

    As a Leaf fan I hope Dubas waits out the free agent frenzy. You figure all theses High priced FAs and so many teams up against the cap and others applying their own team cap. I think a lot of players will end up having to take less than they we’re hoping for.

  16. again… thread ruined by politics and hate.

  17. Who hoists cup first… this nimble minded fool has watched Captains raise it first for 5 plus decades

    Bettman formally announced the presentation to Stamkos

    I fully expected him to get it first and raise it

    His thoughts and or any team discussions on whether he should be first to raise it is speculation at best … may have been no thoughts and/or discussions on this

    If he could have played in games 5 and 6 ; he would have; and if he had, would there be any doubt he’d accept and raise it first?

    His injury was sustained through dogged and determined play as Captain of his team

    2nd on team in scoring… 29-37-66 in 57 GP… I’d say that I seriously contributing…. certainly moved the needle to get them top 4 in EC … guaranteeing playoffs; where other teams had to battle the play-ins

    I have nothing backing this … but IMHO … Stammer is highly
    I absolutely have no issue that he accepted and hoisted the cup… that’s me… to each his own

    • Oops..
      Got truncated…

      “ is highly”… should have been “ is highly respected by his teammates”

  18. I think you’re forgetting the leadership Stamkos showed by not only coming out and suffering through some shifts but scoring a goal. It was a huge momentum shift in my opinion.
    The Bolts never looked back. That’s a captain.

    • Picky, picky, picky

  19. Stamkos is the captain, he gets it first, case closed.

    • Who is going to argue with anyone named the Raging Romanian?

  20. I’m sure not a single player on Tampa really cares when they got to hoist the cup, but were just thrilled to be doing so. Aside from Maroon , no other player has won before ( I think. )
    It’s a team game ,and everyone on the team got to hoist it. That’s great.

  21. Thinking if the Bruins find a winger to play with Krejci I could see the Bruins extending #46 a year or two…..Krug goodbye and all you have to know about him is his plus/minus

  22. I can’t see Boston resigning Krech as Studnicka will fill that roll nicely. Bergeron will need to be replaced by someone in a few years I personally don’t see a prospect in the system that can handle that unless Coyle is moved up.

  23. Without any moves being made by the Bruins as of now you can get them at +$1200 to win the 2021 SC

  24. Stamkos has suffered all the heartbreaks that the Bolts have endured.
    He deserved to accept the trophy.
    Case closed.

    I wonder what his buddy JT was thinking as he watched Stamkos hoist the Cup?

    That’s never going to be you, Tavares.

  25. I do think Hall could be a fit in Boston but he has to know they’ll be declining soon with an aging roster. He says he wants to win so he’s going to have to carefully consider who has the best chance of doing so. There aren’t many realistic options where he can both win and get the contract he thinks he deserves. Going to have to make some tough decisions about what he really wants.

  26. anyone have any thoughts where Ghost could go and what kind of return could be expected? Also any predictions of what Philly could do in the offseason.

  27. any thoughts where ghost could go or what to expect for a return? Any predictions on what Philly may do in the offseason