Jets’ Laine tops latest NHL Rumor Roundup

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Rumors | 17 comments



  1. Rumors rumors many of them yet so very little real deals.
    Sensing these boards are way overblown with false rumors just to get people to read them.

    • Take it up with the media, Tony. I only post up what they report and offer up my opinion of them. I don’t make them up.

    • If you don’t care to read them, then why are you commenting or even on this site???

    • Lol that’s why this site is called rumor mill !! I read it every day its great I believe…
      You don’t have to read it if you don’t like it.

  2. I think there will be few deals and not many free agent moves. Why? Because of the uncertainty of will their be games played this year? How many ? If so where? Canada will not want teams from the states in no bubble this time. Will there be a Canada division and east and west coast division along with a central division? Less travel may help?Which means a lot of lost revenue for small market teams who may actually have to moves or fold. This virus is a different animal and no one has the answer for, Thus I think teams will play it safe a lot of free agents will take cheap one or two year deal just to have a job. Others will say my family needs me home I will sit out a year and opt out. Not a good time to be a free agent and who knows it may take a few years to get back to normal. Lyle to you think I am on to something?

    • I think Pete could be on to something. For all the talk of players being traded the very opposite could happen. With teams being uncertain of the future they may not want to trade or take on big contracts that other teams like Arizona are looking to trade. I also think the possibility of some teams folding is quite real the longer this whole COVID-19 pandemic continues.

  3. Laine is definitely being traded because :

    He is a great trade chip for a top d or c or both which are desperate needs especially d.

    He doesn’t fit in the jets salary structure. He has to make less than Scheiffle for sure and likely wheeler and hellyduck and that wint happen.

    Cheveldayoff ironically created his own problem by getting scheiffle to sign such a great deal, but he can easily get out of it as Laine would be welcome on most teams.

    • Call me crazy but should EDM offer RNH (provided he extends) and Nurse to WPG for Laine?

      • It all depends on what Laine wants for $$ IHC.
        If the rumored amounts of $9-10M are accurate then it’s not going to happen IMO.
        They are already paying McDavid and Draisaitl over $20M combined, plus need to resign RNH which I think is the preferred route. Good player who can play C, and might be the most popular player in Edmonton.
        If they can get Nuge at $7.5M that happens first. If you sign a winger to $9M on top of that, there isn’t enough left for the rest of the roster,
        like a goalie.

        Too much money on too few players might be why Chevvy is listening to offers.

      • Hey Ray I was thinking more like

        TO WPG is RNH
        TO EDM is Laine

        then other elements go along to make it happen since EMD already has 2 #1 centers no need to keep RNH as Laine becomes the winger McDavid NEEDS.

        WPG gets their #2C and young in his prime still.

        Maybe Nurse to WPG and Roslovic back to EMD…

        just spitballing..

        no need for RNH if Laine comes ya know?

        TML has 4 high prices EMD would only end up with 3 2 centers and 1 star winger rest gets spread around the roster but at least you know your PP1 will score LOL .

      • You’re crazy…. you said to call you that 🙂

      • I didn’t word my response well IHC.
        I think long term the Oil would prefer RNH at $7.5M vs Laine at $9M plus.
        For the 1/3 of the season that RNH played on Draisaitl’s wing he was 5th in league scoring. Short sample size, but that line lit it up for a long stretch. Should have left it together vs Chicago, but they wanted to spread it out.
        Plus he can play C if there is an injury.
        Plus he is a defensively responsible player as both a W and a C.
        Not saying I know what Holland is thinking but I take RNH for less money all day. Heck I think I prefer him even if Laine would take $7.5 long term.

      • That is not nearly enough for Laine. Add Larson and Pulijarvi rights and u r in ballpark.

      • oh ray ya… good player for less cost…agreed 🙂

        just RNH being a center and a better pure scorer Laine makes sense…PJ Laine and mcD on a line. WOW

        but I hear ya on long term cost..

        this flat cap is making NHL trades fun again.

  4. You’re crazy…. you said to call you that 🙂

  5. …and I still wouldnt do it if I were Jets as Laine is the only difference maker in the trade proposal.

    • i think RNH and NURSE is a superb package offer… but that is my humble armchair GM IMO