Laine Speculation Features Prominently In Latest NHL Rumor Roundup

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Rumors, Soapbox | 10 comments



  1. Winnipeg fans should be furious if the Jets give away a future Ovechkin. He should be playing on the first line as he is a top flight winger. Move Wheeler to the second line to play with Stastny. The real problem is with the coach and unfortunately we re-signed him for three years.

    • I don’t get Jets fans taking their frustrations out out Maurice.

      The Jets lost Chiarot, Myers, and Trouba due to cap issues and Big Buf due to injury and lifestyle choices. Have a look at their remaining blue line, mediocre at best, and presently unfixable as the Jets have 27K of cap space left. That’s probably the budget for sticks. None of that rests at Maurice’s feet.

      They are a bit like the Leafs, 6 forwards making 6 million plus, meaning they are out of balance.

      And how many no trade lists do you think Winnipeg is on?

      Firing Maurice won’t change any of that. But I guess it is an easy itch to scratch.

  2. Does Laine play strictly on LW or can he play RW as well? If not, there could be limited landing spots. Buffalo already has a lot of money invested next season on LW’s.

  3. Maurice should have been fired mid series when he admitted publicly he lost focus. Inexcusable. Not Chevy has to wear it for extending instead or firing Maurice.

    • Maurice is an excellent coach and did a great job with the D core he had to work with.
      He has the respect of the players and management.

      • Maurice has proven to be a .500 coach who can’t take his team to the big one. Big mistake resigning him. It was Hellebuyck who saved the year not Maurice’s coaching.

  4. Laine will play out exactly as did Trouba . So I am thinking 2-3 years of Laine rumours. His ElC and two one year deals or I think there is a two year option in the arbitration process. Chevy will keep him until then unless there is a deal he can’t pass up. He will not move quickly

  5. I don’t normally deal in wild trade speculation. But if there was ONE player that I’d be okay if Ottawa chased it would be Patrick Laine, the Top 6 RW is exactly what we need. I think moving Laine for the right package could maybe have an added benefit for Winnipeg in seeing EXACTLY what they have in Roslovic, who I believe with ice could be a more impactful player, as crazy as that sounds.

    I don’t know what that package would look like. But I’d not mind seeing it explored and if it made sense and didn’t cripple us, then go for it.

    • To clarify: I do not think Rosolvic would be more impactful than Laine… just more impactful than his current role.

  6. I had suggested a Laine to Tampa for McDonough and Cirelli before they signed Stasny.

    Winnipeg would get a 2C or better ans an experienced 2 o3 D, and it would fit under the cap.

    Tampa would get a top sniper and be in better shape to sign both Sergachev and Cernak.

    I have no doubt that Cooper would make fine use of him and he’d lead the league in scoring many times.