Latest On The Jets, Coyotes, Avalanche and Canucks in Today’s NHL Rumor Roundup

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  1. Well I have the rare situation where I have to agree with the rancorous views of the Jullie-bean on Benning’s abilities as a GM. The Canucks let it be known their priorities where to re-sign Markstrom, Tanev and Toffoli in that order. OEL came like a storm and brushed any rational thoughts away. Seemingly Benning gave up on due diligence and left his ‘priority players’ and Stecher in the dark and hanging uncontacted. Now he has multiple holes in his line-up, Got nothing for his efforts except Holtby, the GM has to pray Ian Clark (goalie guru) can restore to playing condition. I would can Benning’s ass for such as dismal performance.

    • I actually think Benning is doing what’s better for the franchise’s future by not re-signing those 3. If he can get another D signed to a shorter term contract (I’m hoping Vatanen could work, or maybe Hickey to a lesser extent).
      They have many current and future young players who will need bigger contracts soon. Even after the bad contracts come off the books.

      • Sorry, Hamonic is who I meant!

      • Sorry, I meant Hamonic.

      • Not signing Tanev was the right move, not to qualify Stetcher was correct, to not sign him to two years at 1,7 was stupid because he was worth that. Not signing Markstrom to 6X6 was correct but I wonder if he would have taken 6mX5 to stay? in that case he should have been signed. But aside from this, anytime you can only focus on one thing and everything else goes crap you are doing a bad job. If they didnt want to sign Tanev they should have had feelers out to sign someone else. No everyone has left and every GM and FA knows JB needs D and they wont be cheaper now that he is under duress.

      • Well the Canucks have signed Nate Schmidt so good on Benning as the cost was minimal. BUT my criticism still stands on Benning’s process, I am aware the Canucks have dropped much of their office staff, the result was sloppy and he was lucky with the NS trade otherwise it would have been a boondoogle. They are still short RD, and with mainly LD prospects no immediate help on the farm to replace one. Still would fire him – but the Aquilinis won’t.

  2. Colorado just get Toews from the Isles for 2 second round picks. Fair deal as Isles did not have a lot of cap space to sign him.

  3. Well double LL fooled everyone again sent Toews to Colorado for 2 second round picks.

    My guess is that one of those pix ends up attached to Boychuck and off he goes, too.

    I think that Hickey will also move on and that Ladd ends up on LTIR.

    All of this adds up to a contract for Barzal and Pulock. Depending on the size of Pulocks $ Lou may have some cash left for a surprise signing.

    Perhaps another ex Otttawa forward not named Hoffman?