NHL Rumor Mill – October 12, 2020

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In today’s NHL rumor mill: The Golden Knights could trade Nate Schmidt to the Panthers, the Jets are reportedly working on trading Jack Roslovic, plus the latest on Mike Hoffman and Sami Vatanen


Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Nate Schmidt (NHL Images).

  FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: George Richards cites Fox Sports’ Andy Strickland reporting the Vegas Golden Knights are in talks to trade defenseman Nate Schmidt to the Florida Panthers. The Golden Knights must shed cap space to make room for Alex Pietrangelo. He carries an annual cap hit of $5.95 million for the next four seasons.

The Fourth Period’s Dave Pagnotta claimed the Panthers weren’t the potential destination for Schmidt. Richards believes acquiring Schmidt would add more heat to the MacKenzie Weegar trade speculation.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont also took note of the Schmidt trade speculation. He suggested the left-hand shot would be the top candidate to pair with Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy on the Boston blue line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Golden Knights are also believed to be trying to trade goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury but his $7 million annual cap hit through 2021-22 is proving difficult to move. Schmidt’s is more affordable but the length of that deal could be a sticking point. We’ll find out soon enough if he’s heading to Florida, Boston or another destination.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre cited two sources claiming the Jets are actively in trade discussions looking to move Jack Roslovic for a high-end defenseman, preferably a left-hand shot. Roslovic, 23, is a restricted free agent center who’s been stuck on the Jets’ bottom-six as a winger.

McIntyre said Roslovic, who’s completing his entry-level contract, has been quietly seeking a change of scenery. He noted the availability of Vegas’ Nate Schmidt but also the speculation linking the blueliner to the Panthers. McIntyre also listed the Panthers’ Weegar and the New York Islanders Nick Leddy as two players of interest to watch.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roslovic has top-six potential and could interest a number of clubs looking for a young center with upside. The Golden Knights could be reluctant to take back a player for Schmidt as they’re trying to dump salary to sign Pietrangelo. They might not be interested in Roslovic unless it’s to flip him to another club.




  1. I seldom toss around names in trade speculation, but as I indicated yesterday, I’d love to see Dorion make a pitch for Schmidt – and since Vegas can’t take any cap back since the deal would be solely to dump salary, the return could be a pick and Erik Brannstrom back.

    • George, I wouldn’t give Brannstrom back. If Vegas is hell bent on winning now and adding Pietrangelo, they’ll need to sweeten pot. I don’t understand what they’re doing. Maybe Pietrangelo makes them better next year, but it’ll cost at least 2 mil more a year and he’s a year and a half older. Schmidt at *5 years (not 4 according to CapFriendly) to me makes more sense.

      • What? Are you serious? No way in hell LV has to sweeten the pot. Schmidt is a legit top pair Dman, he’s no stud like Pietrangelo but he’s good. Oh and on a good contract to boot. Vegas isn’t adding nothing to get that package from Ottawa.

        To answer your question, Vegas has been a top team in the league the last few years and are literally a piece away from winning the cup, and this pains me to say as a Kings fan.

        Look at their Dcore, they have all LDs, so adding a legit top pair stud who’s an RD is a great move and makes them a serious contender. Imagine a top pair of Theodore and Pietrangelo?

      • Hi Slick62

        I agree. If Vegas is intent on getting a shiny new toy to replace Schmidt and the sole purpose they’re trading him is to make salary cap space there’s no need to pay market value.
        They don’t want salary coming back so it’s a high level prospect and 2nd round pick.

        To me the mistake VGK is making is not doing whatever it takes to trade Fleury. CAR and CHI need upgrades in goal. If they can trade MAF and retain (50% $3.5M ) and Martinez $4M that should be almost enough to sign Pietrangelo and keep Schmidt.

    • Why in the world would you give up on Brannstrom??? Schmidt is good but not a needle mover … no way

      • Dennis, entering this coming season the Sens D is projected to be Chabot, Zaitsev, Gubranson, Reilly, Joshua Brown, Wolanin with the 7th coming from one of Artem Zub (signed as a free agent from the KHL), Christian Jaros or Brannstrom depending upon how they fare at camp.

        Next year both Gudbranson and Reilley are UFAs and likely gone and waiting in the wings to move in within a year or two are 5th pick Sanderson and Bernard-Docker at North Dakota, Tychoneck at Nebraska-Omaha and Lassi Thomson in Finland. There’s a log-jam building there.

      • Call me crazy, but as a Blues fan, I just have a feeling that whoever ends up with Pietrangelo is going to be somewhat disappointed. I keep seeing him described by fans on this site and others as a “stud”. I love the guy and wash him well since he helped bring us our first Cup, but I just don’t view him as a stud. He is very solid, for sure, but I don’t view him as a superstar by any means. He will make a team better, but he definitely has limitations in his game. If Vegas moves Schmidt to open up cap space, I’d say the incremental benefit to the Golden Knights is minimal……but they get A little older and take on another $2 mil or so per year in cap.

    • Isn’t Brannstrom one of their blue chip prospects? If so that would be foolish to trade him for a late 20s dman . Totally counter productive to Sens rebuild and melnyk should fire dorion immediately if he even brings it up for discussion.

      I’m sure other near future Nordique fans would agree.

      • If Vegas whiffs on Pietrangelo how about a three way where LV gets Ristolainen, Jets get Schmidt and Sabres Roslovic?

  2. Boston loss out on Hall and for $8m that’s ok. They still need a LD and a RW and of the ufa for RW well really there is only one and it was rumor that Boston had interest in him before…… Come on Down Tyler Toffoli

    • Hi Caper

      No interest from BOS in Hoffman or Dadonov?

      They both outscored Toffoli last season.

      What will BOS do for D this offseason?

      I’m surprised they’ve soured on DeBrusk? Seems like the perfect 3rd line forward.

      • Daryl both Hoffman and Dadonov are lefties; both would be welcoming additions.

        Boston has on the left side Marchand, Debrusk, Ritchie and Bjork.

        Adding Hoffman or Dadonov and moving Debrusk down to third line would work. Bjork can play either side.

        Darryl now that i look at it in front of me, I’m think Boston main concern is LD, they added Kase and Smith and unless they are moving out Debrusk, they may add another forward or not.

        Marchand Bergeron Pastrnak
        Hoffman/Dadonov Krejci Kase
        Debrusk Coyle Smith
        Ritchie Kuraly Bjork

        If Toffoli is added for RW what happens with Kase?

        Add Schmidt to the LD

        Schmidt McAvoy
        Grzelcyk Carlo
        Chara Lauzon

        still lacks grit for me.

    • I think BOS settled on Smith for the UFA RW signing.
      He will play with Krecji or Colye, maybe both from time to time.
      I liked that signing. He score his goals 5 on 5 shoots the puck and is a solid 200′ guy.
      I really like the Schmidt idea for BOS.
      But depends what they want.
      Gonna cost decent prospect/picks.
      C King is right they don’t need to give him away.

      The talk that LV should do everything they can to move Fleury is interesting talk.
      What exactly would you like them to do?
      If it cost a first for 1 year of Marleau, does it cost 2 for 2 years of Fleury? Want your team to do that?
      Want your GM to do it?
      I heard they were offering to eat half his salary, no takers yet.
      That might be why the Schmidt talk is there as nobody will take the full hit.

      They will likely find a way if they really want to, just curious to see what it is.

      • Caper

        You’re right, Hoffman and Dadonov are lefties but they’re listed as RW on capfriendly.

        I think they dodged a bullet with missing out on Hall…Hoffman would be a great add to BOS.

      • Hi Ray…

        No, I wouldn’t want my team to do it. I wouldn’t want my team to sign a UFA at $7-8M for a marginal upgrade on D if it meant gutting the team to do it.

        Vegas created this mess by signing a goalie when they knew they’d have to trade Fleury and the difficulty finding a taker. Now they’re compounding their cap problems by targeting an UFA they don’t necessarily need.

        All the other GMs in the league know this which is why there have been no takers yet. The incentive isn’t high enough yet.

    • And so he did.


  3. I wonder if any team other than VGK is seriously pursuing Petro. The Blues and Leafs seem to have bowed out, and Vegas is the only other team I’ve heard mentioned as a serious contender.
    I know any team would love to have him, but how many are there that check all the boxes — long-term cap space, Cup contender with a need for top pairing RD, deep enough pockets to be meet his (rumored) demands for a significant portion of the money to be guaranteed through bonuses?

  4. The three teams that were tossed around yesterday for Schmidt were Panthers, Flyers, Bruins

    If it is FLA … a guess may be Weegar and a mid pick????

    Bruins…. DeBrusk? Or maybe Lauzon and a pick???

    Flyers…. Myers???

    No matter what…. the end goal for Knights is to flip Schmidt (lefty playing RHD) for Petro (true Righty and far superior to Schmidt IMHO) for max $2.5 M cap extra….. well well worth it IMHO

    Moving Schmidt gets them assets that they can use as sweeteners to move MAF

    The other player thrown around was Martinez

    If Vegas goes that deep in the move …. moving Martinez and Schmidt… and then uses whatever comes back in those trades as sweeteners to move the Flower….

    The result is just a tad shy of $19 M. for

    Petro, Back up, Martinez replacement, 2 depth Forwards

    The easiest path though is Schmidt out…. assets back in trade plus some other asset from Knights used to move MAF

    That’s ~ $15 M left for Petro, back up, two more wingers…. more than enough

    • Pengy

      Do you see any chance that any of the teams with cap space (OTT, DET, NJ) could acquire Schmidt and MAF in a package for next to no return 2nd round pick then retain 50% of MAF salary and send him to a team that needs a goalie (CAR, CHI) and get another asset back?

      Three way trades are tough to get done but if VGK are hell bent on signing Pietrangelo they’ve got to get creative. Does VGK have a back up goalie? Is Dansk ready?

      To NJ: MAF, Schmidt
      To VGK: 3rd 2021, 5th 2022

      To CHI: MAF 50-% retained
      To NJ: 1st 2021

      This instantly clears $12.85M from VGK cap to sign Pietrangelo.
      NJ gets a top pair D for absorbing the full cap hit of MAF.
      NJ gets a 1st for keeping $7M of MAF for two years…similar to what the Leafs gave up for shedding Marleau’s $6M

      I realize this is about as close to impossible as can be but what other choice does VGK have? The price to shed MAF went up when they signed Lehner and will go up again if they sign Pietrangelo.

      • Daryl, Chicago is in rebuild mode. Why would they give away their 1st round pick to NJ? Chicago could do the same deal with Vegas now (50% salary retained) except the Black Hawks would not be losing any high draft picks. Instead, they would receive a 2nd or 1st rounder from Vegas.

        Bowman has made some dumb moves, don’t think he is dumb enough to do your trade with the Devils.

    • DETROIT has backend room to to take MARTINEZ/Schmidt to clear space to sign Pietrangelo.

      To DET: Martinez & Schmidt
      To VGS: Biega & 2nd

      • Hammer…

        According to the Toews he isn’t aware they’re rebuilding.

        Kind of tough to rebuild a team with the contracts they have at the top Kane, Toews, Seabrook, Keith…

        With MAF they’d have a good goalie for two years at $3.5M to see if they can contend one last time.

        CHI is going nowhere fast with a tandem of Subban and Delia…

        I think you missed the part where I showed VGK trading Fleury without retaining salary. The salary is retained by NJ because they’ve got plenty of cap space…something neither VGK or CHI has.

        If Vegas wants Pietrangelo they’ve got to shed at least $10M in cap space. If they retain salary on Fleury they’ll have to dump another $7M…and I think they’d still have to sign a few players to make a minimum roster.

      • Well, Detroit already has 7 D’men under contract for 20/21, so I’m not sure if that would make sense. Any they have been accumulating draft picks, so I’m thinkiing they would not want to trade one of the high picks they have.

      • IHC. Detroit has Staal. Why would they need Schmidt? Lmao

    • Pengy, no way Vegas wants Debrusk in his contract even if the difference is $2m, because you now have to move another decent size amount.

      Lauzon and a pick, yes.

      I don’t see Vegas wanting anything other then entry level money.

      Lauzon at $850,000 works or add $150,000 and give Connor Clifton.

      • Daryl wrote – I think you missed the part where I showed VGK trading Fleury without retaining salary.

        I didn’t miss anything. That scenario ain’t gonna happen. Several reports from knowledgeable insiders that there were no takers for 50% retained plus a 2nd rounder. Bowman can do that deal today. Vegas doesn’t have to clear $13 million in cap space, $9.5 million works.

        I expect Schmidt to be traded within a day or two and VGK will obtain a decent return,
        thereby enabling them to add a sweetener for a MAF trade.

        You think Bowman is going to inform Kane and Toews that they are in a rebuild?

  5. Random thoughts:

    8 million explains why Hall signed with Buffalo – for one year. They aren’t final 4 or perhaps even final 8 with him.

    But it is a move to placate Eichel.

    One has to think Pietrangelo has one legit suitor left: Vegas. But could Boston, with 11 million in cap space, sneak in?

    If Boston doesn’t come up with a good trade or signing they are on the way down. Bergeron is still terrific when healthy but he has missed about 20 games a season for the last several years with a chronic groin injury and he is 35.

    Tampa hasn’t made a move yet. I think it unlikely in this environment that someone will target one of their RFAs with an offer sheet but Tampa has moves they must make. That should keep us engaged for a while. Killorn? McDonagh?

    • Tampa has a very convoluted path to a second buy-out period available. Absent that, see keeping both Cirelli & Sergechev, thus McDonough & Killorn both likely to move now that Tyler Johnson cleared waivers; haven’t heard of anyone circling back to him even if Bolts retain salary & his production projections are, in truth down….I’m not seen sure he is Kraken bait as has long been assumed. You keep your young guys if you can, and show patience, because there will be functional FA’s looking for a place to land for a year or two to rebuild their resume’s, and Tampa is that (Shattenkirk, Bogozian). If McDonough goes for picks only and the young guys do favorable bridges, you might even have some flexibility.
      Cap hell turn to cap heck by the trade deadline, so a GM with a strong stomach can do pretty well. And good goaltending, of course.

    • LJ…BOS has $11M of cap space but have 4 RFA to sign. If they sign all 4 that will likely eat up about $6M of that $11M.

      BOS needs to replace Krug’s minutes. Getting Pietrangelo would satisfy that but at $8M somebody else has to go to fit his cap hit in. Their RHD would be one of the best in the league but LHD looks a little weak.

      Who would you suggest gets moved? I keep hearing rumours of DeBrusk being available which is surprising. Could he fetch a 2nd pair LHD?

      It’s interesting that there were all these suitors for Pietrangelo and now seems like just one…that is so tight to the cap will have to trade a quality player to fit him in

      • Daryl:

        I don’t see a D out there that the Bs can afford who can replace Krug, and as you point out they need to resign DeBrusk – or replace him with someone else, as they are not deep on impact forwards — and who would that be?

        So the Bs have some interesting decisions ahead. I would love the Habs to get in on DeBrusk but I can’t see who they can spare from the D they would consider letting go so I guess I will let that hope go.

    • Hammer…

      VGK currently have $1.875M in cap space with a 21 man roster.

      If they add Pietrangelo at $8M they’ll be $6.125M above the cap. If they move Fleury at 50% retained they’ll still be $2.625M above the cap with no back up goalie.

      If they move Schmidt and his $5.95M cap hit they’ll be below the cap by $3.325M and still have no back up goalie, and a roster that’s at 20 players. They’d have to trade both Schmidt and Fleury with no salary coming back.

      I guess it’s not impossible but if it took a 1st for the Leafs to shed an aging Marleau’s $6M contract why wouldn’t it cost a 1st rounder for a team to take on Fleury’s $3.5M for two years? Obviously the 2nd round pick that being offered isn’t a big enough incentive. MAF also has a NMC which makes it even trickier.

      • Daryl, MAF does not have an NMC (modified NTC – 10 team no trade list). VGK can also go the buy-out route and save $4.4 million off the cap next season and $3.9 million the following year. Yes, years 3 & 4 would hurt ($2 million per year). Trade Nate and voila, $10.4 million chopped.

        Cash cost would be $8.5M over 4 years versus $6.25M over 2 in the event they trade and retain 50%. That is why VGK doesn’t want to give away a 1st round pick and retain 50% – diminishing returns.

        And if MAF’s contract is bought out – Bowman signs him for $2 million.

  6. I get killed for it but ARZ needs to just let Boston have OEL for Moore, Rask and top D prospect.

    Rask will retire but who cares bc ARZ won’t then have to spend cash.

    Moore can fill OEL spot
    Rask off the books helps ARZ and BOS to fit OEL under the cap

    • But what if, in that event, Rask DOESN’T retire? Talk about being held by the short hairs!

      • IMO Kuemper easily can be traded and Rask bought out… either wins

      • If Rask is that easy to resolve then why isn’t Boston buying him out?

      • @George…i feel where you are coming from but is it not easier for ARZ to buy out than Boston given the optics??

      • IhateCrosby, I seriously doubt the beleaguered ownership in Arizona and their new under-the-gun GM give a rat’s patootie about the “optics” in Boston over buying out Rask, given the serious financial and cap problems they are facing (they sit almost $2 mil over the cap and still must sign 2 to get to 23!). I think the days of using Arizona as a dumping ground are finally at an end.

        Moore couldn’t replace Ceci let alone Ekman-Larsson. Arizona is probably in worse shape when it comes to resolving their cap issues than any team in the league and when the dust settles, it won’t be an Ekman-Larsson who is gone to resolve it but rather the likes of someone like a Keller, Schmaltz, Dvorak, Kuemper or Chychrun and perhaps even a combination of two of them for picks and decent prospects who could step into their line-up as ELCs.

        If Bill Armstrong can get them out of that mess at minimal damage to the roster he deserves the Jack Adams Award before the season even starts.

    • Or Rask just plays for BOS next season.
      As will DeBrusk.
      If they can work out a deal for Schmidt, great move if they don’t give away too much.
      LV will get a decent return, but as in most cases like this not as much as they could have if they were not forcing it.
      Still some UFA’s out there.
      Caper, you’re in WPG, how is Kulikov and can he play 2nd pair with Carlo in a shut down role? Must be better defensively than Krug?
      Also Koekoek is an interesting option.

      • Ray…absolutely not saying BOS HAS to trade for OEL..merely indicating if they do what ARZ can take back to make it work for ARZ to clear the 56m owed to OEL.

        To your point if Rask stays and they invest in more defensive players or evening a two way offensive minded Schmidt and save $ in the process..great.

        Like I have been saying….it is very interesting times.

      • Ray i have no interest in Kulikov, nice skater though.

  7. More random thoughts:

    Washington made a good signing with Dillon but other signings, including Lundqvist, are not likely to turn around a team that has lost in the first round this year and last. OV is still a force but is 35. Oshi is 33, Backstrom 32. One has to think their window has closed.

    I cannot understand how some pundits think Vancouver has made their roster better. Their strength was Markstrom and Holby is not an upgrade. They have lost Tanev and Stecher on D, and Eckman-Larsson doesn’t appear to be on the way. Toffoli has not been re-signed. Karma for a City that riots during playoffs and Olympics, or bad management?

    • LJ. As a Habs fan I’d be willing to give up Mete and Kulak for DeBrusk. Remember Mete hasbeen a top pair dman and Kulak was a solid 2nd pair guy last year.
      Think the Bs would go for that? I’d even throw in Hudon as a sweetener.

      • Habsfaninphx: I expect that Boston would want more than Kulak and Mete for DeBrusk. Even then the Bs would have to be confident Kulak’s playoff performance this past year is indicative of a new level for him. Is a short playoff enough to do that?

        Remember too division rivals rarely trade with each other.

      • Habsfaninphx, I am a Habs fan as well, but your suggestion is why some folks here say that Canadiens fans tend to overrate their players, just like Toronto ones with those Johnsson and Kerfoot for a star player ones… The guys had 27 goals in 68 games 2 seasons ago.. Maybe if fans put themselves in the opposing GM’s shoes, some trade scenarios would be more realistic…

      • As a Habs fan I have not understood the satisfaction with Kulak’s playoff performance. He showed improvements joining the rush but the same ineptness reading pinches resulting in a lot of missed plays and getting caught flat footed and having to scramble back.

        Mete showed promise when first called up and, whether or not he has been used properly, no real development.

        I had hoped the Habs would change their D from Kulak down … they’ve resigned Mete and Xavier and I hope that is just so they have someone in Laval when the call up Juulsen or Fleury. I can live with keeping Kulak on the third pair if they have to.

        All that to say, Mete and Kulak for DeBrusk? No way as I see it.

      • I bet you would! LOL, Why do Montreal fans think there reclaimation projects have more value then other teams up and coming young players?

    • Rioted during Olympics?

      I must have missed that one

  8. I would like to see the Habs make a play on Killhorn. A third line LW that can score some and also bring the physical game. As TB needs to shed salary would a 3rd be enough?

    • Raging, the key is not, in my opinion, whether Tampa would be happy shedding salary for a low return. It’s whether Killorn would agree to go to a team where his tax hit would be significantly higher.

      I would love the Habs to acquire Killorn. But if you were him would you be keen to go to a high tax situation, or would you rather go to teams with the tax rate of the Panthers, Dallas or … ?

      • Dumb. Killorns next contract will be 1M aav like the rest of the slugs in the new NHL landscape.

      • Toffoli to Habs

      • Wendell. Killorn still has 3 years left on current deal.

      • I know slick thats my point. He’s millions overpaid foecwhat he can be replaced for.

      • and that’s why clown Bettman should be replaced. He’s to busy creating cucumber teams in Vegas, Seattle and where next Houston? New Orelans? Gosh.
        It would be nice if once he would focus on making pay equal through the league

  9. @Slick

    Toffoli to Habs is slightly confusing to me.

    Not to take away from his talents and what he brings to their roster but they are at the cap limit.

    No room to give a pay raise to Tatar, Gallagher , Danault and Armia this upcoming off season or leave wiggle room at this deadline to improve the roster.

    Perhaps they are walking away from two players at seasons end?

    Even when Allen is not resigned that leaves 4million for aback up and wiggle room for injuries.

    • IHC. Agree. They just added Anderson too at RW.

      • Picking up Toffoli is a GREAT move for the Habs. Reliable scorer and strong defensively. Bergevin, I take back most of the things I’ve written about you here. All right, some of them.
        A winger will be dumped off in a salary dump. Possibly Armia. More likely Byron.

      • Agree Howard. Great signing by Bergevin.

      • What is Vancouver doing? Every rumor up to now, had both sides wanting to get a deal done. They saved almost 2m by letting Markstrom go and getting Holtby for less than anyone figured. They supposedly didn’t want Virtanen anymore and they couldn’t give Toffoli 4.25×4? Especially after letting Taney go? Internal budget?

    • Next season Habs gain app $2mill on the Alzner buyout.

      They gain $3.5 million when Primeau replaces Allen.

      They gain $4.8 million when Tatar leaves.

      They lose 600K with the raise in pay for Petry.

      That’s a $9.7 gain to accommodate raises and replace one player (Tatar).

      Right, but doable.

      • ““Tight” but doable.”

        Auto- correct, lol.

      • They will have to move a forward to make room both on the roster and for cap reasons. My vote is for Byron. A little to frail for my liking, but a decent cap hit for a receiving team that can use some speed.

        And rattus, you are sooo right: don’t feed trolls.

  10. Habs just locked up a $1M aav level player at 4 x $4.25. Lol.

    • I have to say, Montreal has come to play. Anderson and Toffoli, that is 2 nice additions they’ve added.

      On the fun side two players I thought Boston could add.

      Sweeney needs a LD more then anything else. We will see if he can get one.

    • I am thinking a simple IQ question being required to be answered prior to being allowed to post could solve this issue.

    • Wendell/Tanner – you got laughed off the site at Hockey Buzz (!), that’s quite an accomplishment.

      I read your stuff there from time to time, it was hilariously incompetent.

      You were a troll then, and you’re a troll now.

      Presently “working” at a Toronto fan-boy site (they deserve better).

      Have you explained yet (see question above) why Ovie has been better than Crosby?
      You never do.

      Get a life, troll.

      Last time I bother to respond.

      • Tiffoli will be bought out before contract half done and will then be the 1M man he should already be.

        From the eye test alone Ovi is head and shoulders above Crosby. Ovi stats r way better. A goal is worth more than 2 assists so OVI kills Crosby in every way including intimidating talent wise and one is a puppy and the other is a wolverine.

        While crosby is a great player he is not even close to Ovi who is the best goal scorer in the history of the world.

        Rattus anyone who thinks crosby is a bigger impact player than Ovi must be anti-russian or blind or both. Heck, crosby is barely superior to Malkin.

      • You are like the guy who farts on an elevator – just wrong on so many levels

        But hey, every castle needs a jester

      • its “court” George. Nappy time.

      • @George …some days ago you offered an olive branch to W17H … you attempted to see some humour and insight in the posts.

        First contact failed, but kudos to you for attempting First Contact with his kind.

        It’s certainly the spirit I come here to experience.

      • George, don’t feed the troll. There are many here who are worth engaging and with whom you can have an intelligent discussion.

        He who shall not be named is not one of them. Don’t waste your time.

      • The court is IN the castle Wendel … helllooo .. I didn’t want to confuse you to think I meant a judicial court … thanks for biting

  11. Sweeney …. Bruins need to get bigger, tougher and better 5 on 5 ….. Bruins signed Craig Smith

    Sweeney has been looking for a big scoring winger to play with #46 since 2015 & BTW Sweeney is a terrible GM ….. his drafting has hit a few bells in 6 years and his late season trades in those 6 years are failures

  12. Shame OEL wouldn’t expand his teams since Philly has a young goalie and a team that looks up and coming with their roster.

    OEL for Ghost plus picks

    Ghost flipped for more picks

    but alas OEL wants to only be in 1 of 3 places only.

    • Ihc,

      Intriguing. Depending on the picks if Im Fletcher I at least consider it

      • The flyers can’t give away ghost as it is, what makes you think the yotes could? Oel to philly starts with with Sanheim a 1st and probably a throw in salary dump Ike ghost or jvr

      • @ BigBad

        Heard VAN looking for D still after letting Stecher & Tanev walk lol go figure.

        He is cost controlled and all ARZ needs is picks.

  13. The Habs are now the Havs . A serious contender. By far the most improved this off season . I believe they can even win that division if healthy. Tatar will walk or moved at the TD.

    • That is what I am thinking too if they went for Tiffoli. Tatar probably a tad out of their range….

      Interesting to say the least.

    • I certainly hope so but wonder. Clearly, Bergevin is all in, riding Price on the promise that Allen gets him to the postseason in good form. The idea that they need to win now with Weber and Price about to keel over is clearly a reality.

      But Habs have no real 30 goal scorer. They’re hoping for 20 plus from: Gallagher, Tartar, Toffoli, and Anderson if. If.


      They are hoping that Suzuki and Kotkianiemi are legit centres able to fulfil duties on the top three lines.

      They have no defenceman who is a legitimate threat a la Quinn Hughes … and their transition game suffered hugely in their own end versus Philly. Romanov might help but he’s not Scott Niedermayer.

      I have no idea what Edmundson brings, or Romanov for that matter, but clearly the idea is that the Habs will be hard to score against and win a lot of one goal games with “balanced” scoring. We will see.

      • The only thing I really disagree with, Shaun, is your “keel over” assessment of Price and Weber. Weber’s metrics are a little harder to assess but he didn’t look one bit overwhelmed in the two series against the Penguins and the Flyers.

        Price keeled over?? His save % was .936, and his goals against average was 1.78 in the play in/playoff rounds. What more do you want?

        The do have one 30+ goal scorer, Gallagher. They are still not a power house in scoring but St Louis had one 30+ goal scorer the year they won the Cup. Fair comment, they do need Suzuki and KK to take another step.

        I don’t necessarily see the Habs as final 4, but I do see them as the most improved team by a lot — so far. I can’t think of another team that has gained as much on the pack as they have.


      • @Lj. … only meant “keeled over” in the … I dunno, non- Habs, mean media sense?

        Wasn’t a deeply rooted description. I live in Toronto now :))

        Price was lights out vs Philly and Weber would have murdered in the last game had the refs not put their collective foot down early. Aye aye, Captain …. indeed.

        And I was keenly aware, as I typed, that Gally has broken the 30 goal mark. I was simply trying not to get ahead of myself and appear to be assuming the mantle of all those past cups.


    • What about Gallagher?

      • @Slick … from a purely fan perspective, I would suggest Bergevin’s entire concept of team chemistry either stems from, or is embodied by, Gallagher. Anderson and Toffoli.

        Not saying they did not try, but that’s not Hall and Hoffman.

        30 is special. I think Gally can do it, just didn’t see a need tto throw down a gauntlet.

  14. IMO, Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo improved significantly.
    Boston has taken a step back losing Krug and signing Smith.
    I do HOPE that GM Sweeney has another major signing or trade coming, otherwise Boston will not make the playoffs in 2020-2021

    • Agreed on Montreal and Buffalo, but I don’t see Toronto as having improved. Brodie is on the downside and Bogosian is always hurt. They will miss the scoring depth that Johnsson and Kapanen provided. Spare parts like Vesey and Simmonds won’t provide much.

  15. Re Petro and Vegas

    I responded earlier to Caper and George but I see there is much more discussion here

    I’ll do a cheat here and cut and paste part of it

    They obviously don’t have to take Petro… could stick with Schmidt ; keep the Flower, add two league min depth forwards and be at 23 and under the Cap

    That is obviously not their pref…. they would like Petro… that would make them cup favs IMHO

    So … let’s just for the sake of argument.. add those two depth Fwds

    They are now under (just) and a full roster… Glass replaced Statsny (bigger faster, 14 years younger)and

    Dahlstrom in for Merril… big improvement

    The loss to the team from last year is minor in a depth league min player replacing Cousins

    So to get Petro from starting point above (2 more depth wingers and at 23 and under the cap):

    1) Schmidt and Martinez moved; Petro signed; Martinez replaced by a UFA D… 1 year.. low cost (just throwing out there.. Huttin, Koekkoek, DelZotto…. or maybe the return from the Schmidt trade is a young D at reasonable

    2) Take the asset(s) acquired in the Schmidt trade; add an asset… use as sweetener to move MAF… after signing Petro … that’s $4.5 M left over for a back up and extra space (note this would assume two possibilities for the team taking on MAF including the possibility of team taking him on, retaining 50% and scooping much more for MAF at 50% when traded in…. so assets from Knights as sweeteners and assets from eventual club)

    3) move Schmidt and Martinez … take the trade assets… sweeteners… use to move MAF…… Sign Petro…. that leaves $10.5 M for a back up; Martinez replacement, and two forwards…

    For $10.5 M they could sign a short term on Vats , Haula, depth forward; back up … and still be under the Cap

    4) Move Schmidt and Martinez… that’s $10 M for Petro and a UFA D … tight but doable

    The options are there if they are full go on Petro (I believe they are)…. but Schmidt IMHO… is the first piece to move… no point in keeping Schmidt if you are getting Petro

  16. Re Habs and Tiffoli

    Great move IMHO ; GMMB

    They are at 22 and 53K over… so a tweak move gets them under

    I absolutely hate saying this… hopefully I don’t up-Chuck my Turkey dinner by saying it… Habs as is… better than Leafs…. no question

    The Leafs top 4 Fwds are better than Habs… that’s it

    Goaltending…. by far Habs are better

    D… Habs better. Period. Full stop.

    Forwards…. top 6 on Leafs superior to Habs… no doubt; but if we’re looking at the whole forward group between the two teams… Leafs just marginally better…. if that

    IMHO…. I ….. believe …. oh no… here comes the 🦃🦃 and 🌽🍠🥦🥐🥧🥮🧁🍨…. up again… that the Habs as is will finish ahead of Leafs

    And if that’s the case and Bolts fix their Cap situation… that’s Leafs out of top 3 in Atl and fighting for the Wildcard spot with 4th and 5th in the tightly packed Metro….

    The Horror

    • Pengy: Your closing line made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

      • Your welcome, I think?

  17. yea slick ….where was VGS calling the rangers to trade Schmidt for STaal so VGS can buy out steal and get cap room and NYR had Trouba’s #1 d partner…

    man 2020 keeps in giving sheesh lol

  18. Pietrangelo 8.8 mil X7 years. Vegas. Somebody has to go

  19. Can NYR trade ADA rights & Smith to VGS for Schmidt?

    VGS can flip ADA for pics and buy out Smith to save tons of cap space to sign Pietrangelo fast.

    Rangers now have more time not to rush the kids….

  20. $8.8 M for Petro… $2.8 M worth the upgrade over Schmidt

    Schmidt out… they need to free up $3M

    So its Martinez and/Or MAF

    First they need to finalize the Schmidt deal

    Schmidt for Lauzon; move Martinez???

    • They need to move someone tonight. Contract is official in the morning. MAF buyout?

      • Hi Slick

        They have plenty of time to work the Scmidt trade… they just need ti be at $81.5 M in game one …. they can go up to $89.6 M before then (10% over)

        I’m confident that MacKrimmon must have at least one interested party in Schmidt… likely 2 or 3

        There is no point signing Petro if they had any intention on keeping Schmidt

        Schmidt for Lauzon ; move Martinez for a pick or prospect…,

        That would do it w/o the more difficult Flower move

      • Slick & Pengy do ya do ADA & Smith for Schmidt?

        VGS buys out Smith and trades ADA for picks?

  21. Well whomever said no one would offer Pietrangelo $9m contract was ABSOLUTELY correct.

  22. Resident Leafs Insider and General Know It All :

    Pietrangelo will sign with the Leafs – “bank it”


  23. For those Leafs fans (and I’m one of them) who had hoped for Petro…. just to point out again re taxes…. $8.8 M in LV has take home of $5.6 M….. $11.9 M in Toronto… also $5.6 M in take home (figures by Gavin Group)

    Even if Petro had offered a home town discount of $10 M (losing $7 M take home over the whole term of the contract)….

    $66 M for the big 4, Reilly, Muzzin , Freddy …. would have left $15.5 M for 16 players…. 16 league minimum typE players… Petro on Leafs was a pipe dream unless they had moved one of MM or WW

    Now Habs are better than our Leafs… I’m having an embolism

  24. Schmidt to VAN….good move there with Edler not going to be extended after the season…..

    Schmidt/Meyers #1 pairing

    takes pressure off Hughes being the offense only back there.

    • Schmidt for a third round pick.

      Hello Don Sweeney are you sleeping, golfing, need a LD and a vefy good one went for the high price of a third round pick. Couldve offered a second round pick.

      Maybe more to this as Ray Bark mentioned about the Jacob’s business loss and, maybe not allow to take on more salary. At least that would be a decent excuse.