NHL Rumor Mill – October 23, 2020

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The latest on the Blackhawks and Avalanche in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Mark Lazerus reports the Chicago Blackhawks’ core of Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as the club undergoes a rebuild.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith (NHL Images).

The contracts of Toews and Kane ($10.5 million annually through 2022-23 with full no-movement clauses) are largely untradeable plus they both want to stay with the Blackhawks. Seabrook’s injury history and his full no-movement clause could also keep him in Chicago. However, Lazerus speculates maybe a trade with the expansion Seattle Kraken next summer could be worked out if the blueliner agrees to waive his clause to be nearer his home in Richmond, British Columbia.

Lazerus speculates Keith could be the most likely to be moved. He carries a reasonable $5.538-million AAV but will earn over $6 million in actual salary over the remaining three years of his deal. He also has a full no-movement clause but at 37 doesn’t have as much time to wait on a rebuild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lazerus emphasizes he’s merely speculating and isn’t saying any of those four will be traded anytime soon. A lot can happen over the remaining three years of the respective contracts of Toews, Kane and Keith and the four years on Seabrook’s contract.

Nevertheless, trying to move any of them in the current economic climate would be very difficult even if they were willing to accept a trade. Toews and Kane would attract considerable interest if they hit the trade block but the Blackhawks would have to pick up a big chunk of their respective cap hits or take back a significant toxic contract to facilitate a deal.

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers recently noted the Colorado Avalanche were sitting with around $5.2 million in salary-cap space following their recent re-signing of Tyson Jost to a one-year deal. They still must re-sign defenseman Devon Toews, who was recently acquired from the New York Islanders.

Chambers also believes the Avs need to add another defenseman and a physical veteran depth forward to add some toughness to their checking lines.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toews’ arbitration hearing is slated for Oct. 31. Cap Friendly indicates he’s coming off a two-year, $1.4 million contract and will seek a significant raise over his $700K AAV.

If general manager Joe Sakic signs Toews for around $2.5 million annually on a short-term deal it should leave enough to bring in a couple of inexpensive UFAs to address those other needs and leave a bit of wiggle room under the cap for other moves during the season.


  1. Good morning

    If the Hawks or Toews and or Kane for that matter really wanted to part ways ..a deal with a number of clubs could be worked on without any issues what so ever ..IMO

    they both have very high value still its just a matter of the pieces of the puzzle and where they want to land ..I do not see any issues with a trade scenario for those 2 players !

    Seabrook may have to be a buy out.

    Keith could be a trade chip with retaining some money on a 3 year deal if he waives and decides he finds a home that suits him.

    A quality middle of the road team that wants to push for that last play off spot and is team that is trending upward would be a god fit for Keith IF HE WANTS or says he will go ..

    Suggested trade partners that I have investigated to have some pieces and payers and a GM that can make this deal …

    Toews – Habs – Sens

    Kane –
    LA Kings – Wings – Sabres – Rangers

    Avalanche – Wings – Bruins to replace puck moving mobile ( Krug ) have to move a piece out
    Just throwing things out there …LOL

    thx for reading
    take care

    • Detroit has no interest in any of those guys, just because they have cap space every over paid over the hill player is going to be a fit. Yzerman has already made it clear that building through the draft is key and will be the process. And why would any of those 4 have any interest in going from one rebuilding club to another? They can stay in Chicago and do that.

    • Kal:

      Don’t see the Habs having any interest in Toews. He has been a terrific player, but his age – 32 – and his cap hit (as others have noted) are huge barriers.

      Besides, why would the Habs swallow all the difficulties Toews would bring to a team that has all the centers they need? The Habs have a dilemma with Danault’s future as center as it is.

      The Sens have the cap space but with good young talent up front I suspect they would rather spend the money on a good top 4 D — if they were to do anything at all.

      George may have a different view but isn’t the Sens plan to be patient and let their roster develop?

      The ‘Hawks rebuild is dead before it starts unless Seabrook and Keith are moved, which also noted by others is difficult and unlikely. The “Hawks are a fiscal morality play.

      • Exactly the same view LJ. Right now – with a lull in activity simply because there’s no pressure to make ANY immediate moves until there’s a better handle on a new season start-up – Dorion can be patient and wait for the time when teams MUST make moves and zero in on a D you describe to bolster the top 4 with a proven NHLer with term and a cap that makes it logical for the team concerned to move in order to clear the space needed.

        He does not want – or need – unproven prospects and old, over-the-hill crocks.

    • None of them have trade value unless Chicago retains salary

  2. Toews, Keith and seabrook are 3 of the most untraceable contracts in NHL.

    Kane on the other hand can be traded for full value without Hawks taking back toxic contract or retaining salary. Teams will find a way to add a difference maker like him.

    • Wendel,

      Im inclined to agree. Seabrook is done, Toews isnt value for his deal. Keith is a decent add for a contender needing an upgrade on defence. Kane is a player every team would want but his cap hit will make it extremely difficult to move him.

      • I really think Kane, for the next 4 years, is definitely a better investment and player than Marner what what does does he make?

      • Rou, marner makes about 300k more so no issue re hits.

        I believe Chi would do this deal to get younger

        I would love this trade as Kane is clearly a more impactful difference maker as he is a far superior scorer which is much more important (and is also why Ovi is a far superior difference maker than Crosby to any objective observer and analyst.

        I do not think Dubas would make the trade because he wants to win with his guys.

    • Carey Price is, then Seabrook

      • You forgot Bobrovsky.

  3. Funny how grossly overpaid players, especially grossly overpaid and underperforming players (seabrook) want to stay with their club HOPING to avoid a buyout.

  4. Both Toews and Kane have identical contracts.

    Both are owed $7m this season and $6.9 the following 2 seasons.

    Both have $5m in signing bonus this season and $4m the next two.

    After signing bonus paid out this season dollars owing are only $2m for the season.

    The issue for any team is the $10m cap hit, no contending team would have that cap space.

  5. At least the Black Hawks waited until they actually won a Cup before they started handing out massive retirement contracts.

  6. I can’t see a team saying they’re rebuilding and not trying to move their older players and their big contracts. For Kane, Buffalo would be an obvious landing spot. I’m sure Quenneville in Florida would have interest in Kane as well. Both Toews and Kane’s next 3 seasons will be at ages 32,33, and 34. Will they keep playing at a high level for those years and worth the 10.5 cap hit? Maybe. Maybe not. Good luck moving either dman. 35 and 37 year olds. Yikes.

  7. Re Chi and “untradables ” I’m doing a cut and paste below I’m my post from yesterday

    Basically…. all comes down to who agrees to waive (if at all) and retention

    From my post yesterday:

    They do have full NMCs…. but if you convince them to…. they are not as hard as you think to move

    They have identical contracts…. after their signing bonus is paid next year…. they can be had for their 33rd and 34th year old years…

    50% retention…. only AAV CASH—$2.45 M , Cap $5.25 M

    40% ret… $2.95; 6.3M

    30%… $3.43; 7.35

    20% … $3.92; $8.4

    Kane is still well North of a PPG; Toews was a PPG with 35 Gs , 2 seasons ago, and last year was at .86 PPG

    Again… all in their hands… but if they want to win another cup… just might agree to go to a contender

    Keith … yes 37… also NMC…. Cap hit $5.5 but Cash AAV remains now only about $2.1 M

    Seabrook … 4 more years… and due to contract design…. much tougher to move

    • Pengy, your oft-stated economic rationalization – such as “Keith … yes 37… also NMC…. Cap hit $5.5 but Cash AAV remains now only about $2.1 M …” – the bottom line is Keith, like a lot around the league, is no longer worth even that gamble. Not in this new 2-year (at least) reality when teams will be leaning more and more to elevating their better ELCs in order to keep costs down when revenues just won’t be there.

      • Hi George

        Certainly not at $5.5 M Cap hit….. with you on that… I wasn’t proposing that; sorry if it came across like that

        but 50% retained …. and not until next year , as I was proposing for any of those moves… yes I think there would be a market for him for sure IMHO

        To put it another way…. and I’m only using this for example purposes (so no freak outs by those who tote that massive multi-player deals never happen… noted…very rare) …. as it won’t happen , and of course this is assuming they waive their NMCs…. so just for rationalization…

        Let’s say Knights lose in SC next year…and Foley says…. all in for 21/22 ….

        Patches, Karlsson, Martinez (again only for example I know he’s UFA next year)

        For Toews, Kane, Keith (all at 35% retained)…, net Cap change is basically zero (I think actual is 37% retained makes it exactly zero)

        Of course Knights would have to give up buckets to make it work( 2 firsts plus Krebs???

        But that flip makes Knights a far better team for sure

        2 years (starting 21/22) of Keith at 38 and 39 for $2.75 M Cap and $1.05 M cash per…. IMHO is worth it to a contender

        He may chose to retire for his 39 year old year… instead of a full year hard work (to reap $1.5 M Sal,), OR if he really sucks in 21/22… he can be bought out for $500 K (50% of the $1M owed in buyout … and that’s spread out over 2years)

        This is not outlandish if you believe even at 37 and expected at 38 and 39; that Keith is much better now; and still will be better (but not by as much) than Martinez….I do BTW….

        Knights already over Cap…. Martinez for Keith (again he’d have to approve) at 50 % retained; makes Knights better, frees up $1.3 M in Cap space

        No idea what the sweetener would be (again if Keith agrees to move AND MacKrimmon and Bowman willing to do biz)

        Kane at 50% cap hit…. $5.25 M hit for his 33rd and 34th age years….. more than a few suitors who would make room to fit him in

        Toews at $5.25 M… fewer suitors but still in demand

        All lies with them… they don’t agree to waive… they stay

  8. Rou, marner makes about 300k more so no issue re hits.

    I believe Chi would do this deal to get younger

    I would love this trade as Kane is clearly a more impactful difference maker as he is a far superior scorer which is much more important (and is also why Ovi is a far superior difference maker than Crosby to any objective observer and analyst.

    I do not think Dubas would make the trade because he wants to win with his guys.

    • …and also why Daniel Sedin was correctly selected before his brother (symbolically) and was the bigger difference maker as the goal scoring twin.

  9. Henrik bigger , more points , more games and the captain. Should have taken him first

    • Dumb dumb dumb, actually moronic. Goals r worth 2 -2.5 x an assist. Daniel was head and shoulders more impactful. Being captain has nothing to do with who is a better player.

      • Your pants are dumb

  10. I think, with the Sedins, it was alphabetical order. Or possibly Burke got them mixed up.

    • no. Burke was asked and specifically said you take the goal scorer first thats why Daniel who was always the scorer even in Sweden.(and he’s right). Look it up.

      • OK, Wendel, my bad for the attempt at humour. You might want to try it some time.

  11. Another great signing of Dermott by Dubas. My goodness he is lapping the GM field!!


  12. Thats right but Dorion or bergevin would have paid him 2m.

    • You do get confused with the way this site works, don’t you? That’s OK, by the time you reach your teens you should have it all figured out.

  13. Chambers knows jack crap about hockey so I wouldn’t take any of his recommendations for building an NHL roster. The Avs need to sign Toews then look for tweaks during the season. Avs are in good shape overall if they can stay healthy.