Pietrangelo, Hall, Krug Top The Latest NHL Free Agent Speculation

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Rumors, Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. Looking into my crystal ball…I see Hall signing with Nashville!

    • Dorion is doing a masterful job …I wasn’t a big fan on his trade deal of Karlsson to get this rebuild going ..but he has definitely earned my respect over the past year and a half ….who cares they didn’t get Lafrienier , they have dome an amazing job …this is Tkachucks team and id rather have him any day …LOVE THA KIDS STYLE OF PLAY …OG !

      What a past 3 days it has been for the Sens …drafting amazing players ..to an all ready amazing talent pool ..getting Matt Murray for a bag of pucks and now putting a nice bow on the day with Gudbranson to love things down in front of him so there is no BULLSH ..in the way of teams trying to take advantage of a young roster !!


      Dubas …is simply an OHL GM ..end all be all !

      LOL…. he wont be around when Matthews walks for free as a UFA cause he gave him 5 years from the Leafs instead of 7 …another bone head move !!
      LOL …in a flat cap world Matthews will not be resigning with the Leafs IMO ..
      LOL …that was the entire plan get him in for 5 then resign for more $$$

      ..Leafs wont have the money now STUPID!!
      he let these guys walk all over him, it must have been tough to negotiate a 10 million dollar contract … LOL…. and still loose !
      Totally off topic but true !

      C YA!

      Dubas will get ZERO..like he did for Kadri !


  2. Wayne Simmonds! Wow let’s get the parade route started. The Leafs are really going for it!