NHL Trade Roundup: Lots of Big Names Moving After Busy Week of Dealing

by | Oct 9, 2020 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. Re the Murray trade, this excerpt from a Garrioch column in the Ottawa Sun illustrates what I’ve been yammering about for weeks now when it comes to teams that MUST clear cap space – and that is, the teams with cap space need to exercise patience and not jump at the first demand

    “The original asking price was a first-round pick but in the end Rutherford was willing to settle on a second and prospect Jonathan Gruden. In this case, patience was key for Dorion, who is always working the phones.”

    • Good job by both GM’s in this one. If Rutherford let free agency start with Murray still on the roster, it could easily have dropped to a 3rd rounder.

  2. Shocked at the Ryan Murray for a 5th rounder deal. Didn’t realize his stock had dropped that much. Obviously he’s had injury issues which is a concern; but I was under the impression that, when healthy, he was a legit top-3 guy on a sub-5 mill contract.