NHL Rumor Mill – November 12, 2020

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The latest on Johnny Gaudreau and Mike Hoffman plus an update on the Blackhawks in today’s NHL rumor mill.

NHL.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Tracey Myers was asked about the trade rumors surrounding Calgary Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau and if a move to the Philadelphia Flyers would help his production.

Calgary Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau was the subject of trade speculation (NHL Images).

Myers acknowledged last season’s dip in Gaudreau’s production but believes he’ll bounce back in 2020-21. She noted the winger has two years remaining on his contract and his desire to stay in Calgary. While there might be Philadelphia fans who’d welcome seeing the Salem, NJ native in a Flyers jersey, Myers doubts the Flames are ready to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There were plenty of calls from many of the Flames faithful demanding Gaudreau be traded following the club’s disappointing performance in the 2020 playoffs. However, Flames general manager Brad Treliving shot down that notion and defending his embattled scorer. I agree with Myers’ take, but that situation could change if Gaudreau has another sub-par performance or the Flames make another early postseason exit.

Myers was also asked if the St. Louis Blues could sign free-agent winger Mike Hoffman to a cheap, one-year contract, and if he’d be a good fit in the tight Blues locker room.

She noted they found sufficient offense when winger Vladimir Tarasenko missed most of last season. With Tarasenko sidelined again with shoulder surgery for five months, she suggested inking Hoffman to replace some of his offense might be worth looking into. Hoffman is willing to accept a one-year contract and Myers feels he’d be a good fit with the Blues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blues GM Doug Armstrong didn’t rule out making another addition via free agency but suggested it might not make sense dollar-wise. Cap Friendly indicates the Blues sit above the $81.5 million cap by over $1.175 million with defenseman Vince Dunn still to sign.

Armstrong gets some cap relief by placing Tarasenko ($7.5 million) and Alex Steen ($5.75 million) on long-term injury reserve, but he’ll have to clear cap room when they return to the lineup at some point during the season. Hoffman is also believed seeking $6 million on a one-year deal, which could prove too expensive for the Blues to absorb.

Asked if the Chicago Blackhawks could find a buyer for one of their four big contracts, Myers believes Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook will finish their careers in Chicago.

Toews, Kane and Keith are signed through 2022-23, Seabrook through 2023-24. They all have full no-movement clauses. She noted Toews recently said he has no interest in playing anywhere else and would be surprised if Kane and Keith felt differently. The Blackhawks have given no indication they’re trading Seabrook. Given his contract, Myers considers it unlikely.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe one or more of those four will feel differently in a couple of years if the rebuilding Blackhawks haven’t made sufficient progress. For now, I don’t expect either of them to be changing teams. Their contracts remain tough to move and their no-movement clauses give them full control over their futures.


  1. So in other words, Treliving does not know how to build a playoff winning team, Blackhawks will circle the drain of mediocrity until 2022 and Hoffman does not have a chair after the music stopped.
    Lyle does a great job and I love coming here, that synopsis was just for those with a short attention span….

    • perfectly put—ive been coming here daily for 7 years–great info–best on the internet

    • Hawks seem to have an even bigger problem. Sounds like all 4 NMC have to be protected for the expansion draft, so they’re going to lose a good young player as well.

      Have to laugh at armchair GM fans on line. Gaudreau’s had 84 & 99 points the last 2 full seasons & 58 in 70 games last year & now he isnt worth a bag of pucks nor the 6.75 mill per. Yeah ok, he wont improve most teams in the league, doubt there’s any market for him.

    • Or Treliving is going to follow a slightly more Tampa Bay course and not knee-jerk trade away their consistent driver of offense because a few noisy fans demanded it on comment boards. Adding a true #1 goalie to a team that just 2 years ago was the 2nd highest scoring team in the league sounds like a good step forward. Trading the top 1/2 scorer on said team does not.

  2. So, if Gaudreau has another sub-par performance Treviling might be prepared to move him then. With another year at a $6,750,000 cap hit, good luck with that!

    • True that George. Not so sure it is about Treliving not knowing how to build a playoff winner, and more about what the return would be and he didn’t think it made his team better and the $$ work for both as Philly needs to still fill out roster.
      Philly for example. Would Cgy fans be happy with a JVR or Ghost return for Gaudreau? Not sure I would.
      It’s just hard to trade anybody earning that much $ with so many teams up against the cap without taking similar $ back.

    • George O, you are quick to criticize other teams player values. How about the fact your top scorer last year had 44pts. How about Chabot making 8 million and being -18, or Matt Murray with a .899 save percentage for 6.4 million. By your statement your players have zero value!

      • Sparky, Gaudreau was part of the topic of the day – the Senators were not – all I was trying to say is, IF he had “another sub-par performance” (NOT my words – see above) good luck trying to find a taker in this era of the flat cap (I thought that was evident by now) for $6.5 mil.

        He had 18g 40a 58pts and was a -10, adding 4g 3a in 10 playoff games.

        Hoffman, by comparison, had 29g 30a 59pts and was a -5, adding 3g 2a in 4 playoff games – and HE can’t find a taker as a UFA where no one has to relinquish any assets to get him.

        Now let me ask you a question: are you one of those fans of a specific team who adheres to the philosophy that ONLY fans of that team can voice criticism?

        If you want to talk about Chabot, do you think Treviling would take him, even up, for Gaudreau and be happy to find room for the additional $1.5 mil. And, yes, Murray had a down year – but he was also instrumental in two cups. How many has Gaudreau won?

      • The difference is George that if Gaudreau is traded, salary can come back. The flat cap is a very minor factor at that point.
        JG is an absolute steal at $6.75M. If he hits the market and the flames are open to a hockey trade with salary coming back there will be tons of suitors, tons

      • OK – that’s your viewpoint. None among us are definitively right – or wrong. Just different ways of seeing things. You obviously will cling to your opinion … and just as obviously, I’m sticking to mine. Only time will tell whose viewpoint was the correct one.

    • I got the impression that George’s comment was more about the silliness of fans who think a player isn’t good enough for their team anymore but expect them to get good value in a return from another team. Combined with a flat cap if jg has a down season why would another team be interested in giving up valuable assets to get him?

      • Who says Flames fans don’t value him. The guy has the 13th most points of any player in the NHL over the last 4 years. In a down year he was on target for 68 pts over 82 games, which is still worth 6.75 million a year. I have watched almost every Flames game he ever played and I tire of Oiler fans and people who see him a few times a year make such pronouncements.

      • Yes sparks. The direction of the discussion is about if he has a down year and Calgary wanted to trade him why should they expect a good return on a guy they no longer think helps them.

        I’m glad you like him on flames. Cause it’s highly doubtful he would get a return commensurate with your perceived value.

      • SCJ – sigh …. at the risk of repeating myself – it wasn’t ME who used the term “another sub-par performance.” My point was, IF last season is regarded as sub-par, and he repeats that this coming season, again IF Calgary decides it’s time to move him, then I repeat “good luck trying to find a taker at $6.5 mil.” Especially, I should have added, IF the taker is prepared to relinquish anything of quality in return.

        Do I expect him to have another sub-par season?? I get to see him maybe 3 or 4 times a year – on TV – why in Hell would I think that and on what basis?

        I was going SOLELY on the basis of what was said in the opening comments. There’s a lot of “IFS” in what I suggested.

        But let me ask you this: what do you think the situation will be IF he does, hypothetically, have another season where his average output is again 30 points less than in his peak years of 2017-18 and 2018-19?

        Would you expect there to be “tons of interest?” when he becomes a UFA?

      • Chrisms, Gaudreau is tied for the 73rd highest paid player in the NHL and even if he repeated his production next year would still be outperforming many that are paid more than him. I get it you aren’t a fan. No big deal. I think his value is higher than you do, just my opinion. George I only mentioned your players to demonstrate that If somebody said they had no value you wouldn’t be happy. Truth is I think they are good and a down year does not change that.

      • Fair enough … sometimes hard to get the gist of a point across in this type of exchange

    • Yes, 58 points in 70 games in a down year at $6.75 definitely makes an untradeable player. As does 7 points in 10 games for a guy who doesn’t produce.

      He absolutely needs to find a way (as do his linemates) to get it done in the playoffs. But if Gaudreau was actually made available after posting another 60 points in 82 games (which would be a career low PPG), while again taking next to no penalties and losing almost no time to injury (only prolonged injury of 10 games came after a complete Minnesota hackjob on his wrist).

      Taz is absolutely correct that J.G. is a steal at $6.75. Not Mackinnon or Pastrnak good, but just one tier behind.

      I see your point about Hoffman, but lets not forget the concerning events between him and Karlson. Take that element away and he would have his $6M contract right now.

      And yes Murray has 2 cups…from a few years back. He has also been usurped while in “his prime” and traded. In thread where you consider two straight down years (the second being currently hypothetical) by J.G. after a career of strong play enough to make him nigh on untradeable, it is ridiculous to also use past play as an excuse for an inflated contract to Murray after several years of backup level play.

      I am extremely glad that Calgary is keeping Gaudreau and I think he is going to have a great bounce back season.

      For the record, I also hope Murray has a great bounce back season. Ottawa is finally moving in the right direction and I think the result is going to be excellent.

  3. Hoffman may be seeking $6 mil … but he isn’t going to get it.

    • — Agreed not a chance Hoffman sees $6 million…

    • So true George. I suspect he will be unsigned at start of the season and will ultimately sign something pro-rated in the neighborhood of $4.25m. Not enough teams with money and those that do have plenty of options.

  4. Recently read an article where coach Ward spoke about moving Lindholm to center. Sounded very likely and surprised there aren’t more rumors around Monahan. Him and JG where the 2 guys taking most of heat for playoff exit.

  5. I said it at the time. Gaudreau had 7 points in 10 post season games. There were many worse. He also had a post season where he had 9 points in 11 games. He is paying the brunt of the trade rumors right now because of two post seasons back, The Flames finish first in the west and out in 5 with Johnny 1 helper.

    Hoffman will get a 30% haircut off $6m =$4.5?

    • Agreed SilverSeven. Tkachuk was quick to denounce the media for blaming Gaudreau and Monahan. Eric Francis articles find fault with Johnny even when the story has nothing to do with him. Can’t believe anyone picks up his drivel.

  6. To me …. the Hoffman situation will come down to decision on season start

    Recent push to start 1/1 (I’m not convinced yet) … and their claim of reg season done by 30/4…. would have Pasta and Marchand out at least a quarter of the season (neither scheduled to come back before 1/2)…. and that huge chunk of LTIR paired with Bruins then immediate need for missing offence , paves (IMHO) a fairly probable path for Hoffman becoming a Bruin

    Setting aside any “pro-rated Sals or Cap” as the math just bears further pro-ration all around….

    IMO… Bruins will get DeBrusk and likely Big Z back… be at 22 … and have $1.5 – $2.5 M in space

    Annual Cap for combined Pasta/Marchand * 1/4 (min time on LTIR with 1/1 season start and reg season end by 30/4) … has LTIR savings at $3.2 M

    So that’s $4.7 M – $5.7 M for Hoffman (don’t forget that Miller’s $1.25 M , as at now, is also on LTIR)

    Bruins are certainly not a pro signing bonus type of team… but ….

    $1M Sal, $4M SB …. just 1 year contract …. for Hoffman.. should be considered

    If Hoffman is looking at (seeking??) $6M Sal…. escrow (which isn’t IMHO getting anything back for players after Rev calls finalized) takes it to a gross of $4.8 M

    There is no escrow on SBs…. so the Boston proposal above of $4M SB, $1M Sal…. after escrow… also nets a gross of $4.8 M

    Just sayin’

    • @ Pengy. George O..You two seem pretty connected on things hockey…

      For the 3rd ti.e in 5 weeks I have heard Chara and Pittsburgh connected..

      I heard if not Boston then Pittsburgh has been linked as a option.

      Where do I sign!! He is a beast, a physical specimen and at 43 is still better than all defenseman not named Marino and dumoulin and possibly letang.

      He is a great fit on our third pairing with whomever..

      He provides character, toughness, and leadership three things the penguins need.

      If someone gets dinged up he can move up..

      Crosby and Malkin would be a lot safer..


      • Hi BnG

        I would love Big Z on Pens but don’t buy it

        I has not seen that rumour (Z on Pens)…. the only place that I can think of that may have posed that idea is Hockey Buzz; and they are more wrong than right most times

        Pettersson won’t be going…. so it would be CR down (please) or Riikola down (please please please CR down) which would mean a small fraction ($0.08 M) stays up (can only bury $1.07 M)

        Taking CR down… leaves $2M in Cap…. and big Z will want all of that to move on from being the Captain of Bruins…. I think he stays a Bruin

        As a Pens fan I would much rather have CR down and sign Haula (if they can fit him in)

        McC Haula Poulin on 3rd line would be nice

        If somehow Vats could be signed for just shy of $2M (CR down)…. I doubt Vats goes for that… that would also be a great signing

        The safest move to strengthen Pens D…. CR down and sign one of the following for 1 @ $700 K…. Ruuta, Bowey, Hutton , Koekkoek, or Del Z

        Granlund is also holding out…. would he accept just shy of $2M (I doubt it)… with CR down of course

        Now that Duclair has seen a reality check… and I can’t see him tucking his tail…. would he go a 1 year show me at $2.5 M…. CR down, also some LTIR savings from ZAR , and maybe go with 22 (instead of 23)…. Laffy’s contract allows him to move up and down freely….

        Sid Guentz Kappy

        Gino Rusty Zuck

        McC Duclair Poulin

        Blueger Turbo Jankowski (until ZAR returns)

        Sceviour Rodrigues

        Riikola (or maybe Riikola down and sign Koekkoek for $700)


      • Maybe don’t take to much ekland says to heart.

      • Hi Chrisms

        I take very little of what Ekland says …. and then take those reduced thoughts/prognostications/projects and dilute it by another 75%

  7. “ at 22”…. meaning… at that point… 22 (of 23) roster players

    • Pengy….I think chara is a possibility…different sources other than hockeybuzz.

      Move rudwhedel $700, 000
      Move rikola $1.15 million move ZAR. To ltr $1million
      Move desmith $1.25 million

      Plus we have $1.3 in cap space

      That’s $5.4. in space.

      You can get chara 1.5 to 2

      You can get Anthansiou $800,000 TO $1millio

      You can get goalie Craig Anderson terrific nhl back up to harry for 800 000 to $ 1 million

      I would love haula he seems to be waiting on Vegas….hes a terrific teo way player, kills penalties, fast, playmaker..

      Look chara anthansiou goalie Craig Anderson total total $3.5 to $4 milioti

      Leaves us 1.4 left.

      Calgary is looking for a depth righthanded defenseman he fits that bill.
      Desmith wouls de a nice affordable back up. Rikola will be wanted ..

      This Joshua maniscalco kid is coming he is another john Marino

      • Hi BNG

        With you save for Anderson over DeSmith just to save $400 K in Cap

        DeSmith is the better of the two IMHO; and considerably younger

        The unbelievably scary part is Sartaaj Bhullar (the Hockey Writers) yesterday posted his thoughts on Jimbo’s D pairings for 20/21 and he had CR (Pens 16th of 16 D-Men in the system) as 3RD with Matheson

        If that holds 🤮😡🤬🤯…. Pens could miss playoffs

        I don’t know where Jimbo’s brain goes

        He has Riikola ….. waaaaaaay waaaaaaaay better than CR

        He went and got Ceci…. and I watched all but one (PVR foul up) Leaf game this year….. even with some of his shortcomings…… Ceci is waaaaaaaay better than CR

        Pierre Olivier Joseph …… waaaaaaaaaaaay better than CR

        Czuzcman, Trottman, Lindgren, Maniscola, Almari, Reilly, Lee…. all much much better than CR

        With all that younger, faster, smarter, and in most cases, bigger and stronger Dmen…. why is CR not down with WBS

        Waive him…. no team will pick him up…. if they somehow do…. gain for Pens

        There was absolutely no reason to get Ceci unless he was for 3RD…..

        Why are they talking nutty stuff now…. Jimbo made some fair moves (nothing anywhere near the massive uptick [for Pens] of the JJ buyout) …. with the exception if goaltending; got better; the team overall ….. now younger, faster, bigger…. why ruin it all by playing CR???

        Playing CR as a reg will shift the probability of Pens as Div champ contenders to Wildcard/Bubble combatants

        Fingers, toes, eyes crossed

      • Pens (save for goaltending) got faster, younger, bigger, better

        Bottom pairing and 7th D of Scultz, JJ, CR …. out

        In …. Matheson, Ceci, Riikola

        Horny replaced by the 9 years younger, bigger, exceptionally faster Kappy

        Marleau, Bjug, G-Chuck

        Replaced by Poulin, Jankowski, Rodrigues

        Again , outside if goal-tending…. that team is much better than last year…. and if it wasn’t for the horrific JJ, who individually stopped their playoff streak; who knows how far they would have gone in the East (they weren’t getting by Bolts)

        As at right now, setting aside goaltending (fingers crossed on healthy TJ for whole season) if they don’t play CR…. Pens roster, IMHO , is above all of their Metro counterparts

  8. If the Blackhawks are foundering, could their plight be caused by analytics, rather than by aging, high-paid superstars? That’s my whimsy, induced by the writings and research of hockey scribes.

    Chris Johnson of Sportsnet calculated the average age of the teams involved in the last playoffs. The Blackhawks were the youngest, with an average age of 25.6 years. Their older players, meanwhile, are still good players.

    In 2015, Craig Custance wrote an article, based on the research of ESPN staff, rating NHL teams according to the degree to which they bought into the analytics trend (https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/12331388/the-great-analytics-rankings). The Blackhawks were the foremost “Believer,” being the only team ranked “All-In.” Other teams were skeptical. The Avalanche were the only “Nonbeliever.”

    Five years later, the Avalanche are, maybe, a player away from being a Cup winner, whereas the Blackhawks are still trying to find their way.

  9. When Chara was logging 157, 156, 116, 147, 132, 135, 100, 114, 95, 87, 88, 86 penalty minutes in consecutive years with NYI, Ottawa and Boston he was, indeed, a “beast” who would immediately go the aid of a teammate. He was also averaging about 42 pts a year.

    The past 4 years he has gotten progressively slower, averaging about 55 penalty minutes a year – mostly for hooking/tripping – and his offense has dwindled down to around 19 pts a year.

    Any team that thinks their D and their “truculence” will be improved through the addition of a slow D-man who turns 44 in March is in serious trouble.

    • Penguins got rid of Jack Johnson, why would they want an aging slower D who’s only cachet is loyalty to another team.

      He had a great career in Boston and if anybody knows how much he has lost, it’s them. The fact they are in need of D and haven’t signed him is all you need to know.

    • George 0..I disagree with you in Pittsburgh he would only need to play 15 to 17 minutes a game.

      Boston mis ised him..

      They dont need him to kill penalties or run the power olay..just stabilize the 3rd pairing which last year was awful schultz Johnson.

      He provides toughness, accountability, character which is something the penguins really need.

      Malkin and Crosby will be alot safer too..

      • Blackngold, Chara got no PP time and averaged over 3 minutes on the PK in Boston.
        2/3’s of his zone starts are in the D zone.
        Agree fewer minutes is a good idea.
        Chara can still play in his own zone, or at least he could last year. But father time is undefeated, some just delay it longer. He struggled against the rush and when pressured more last year than previously.
        As a B’s fan I would take him back for another season.

    • Chara is still intimidating because he can still hurt you if he chose to, and could catch you as George stated.
      Because he is so tall he was taking penalties for head shots as his shoulder is the same height as most heads. So he had to contain more than hit.
      Regarding BOS, I take Sweeney at his word and if Chara wants to come back he will take him.
      Methinks for less than he was earning though. $2M plus a $2M easily attainable bonus is a bit much for a 1 zone player. Maybe remove the bonus part or cut them both in half.

      • Ray Bark…I know Boston is his first choice…but have heard if things don’t work in Boston the Penguins want him.

        He is still intimidating as you said and he provides character, leadership, and toughness to a team that needs all three…

        He will only need to play 15 to 17 minutes per game on our third pairing.. He doesn’t need to kill penalties or run the power play…just stabilize the third pairing and provide solid minutes.

        Boston had him over 22/23 minutes a game which is too much regularly…

        He will provide some protection for Crosby and Malkin in places like Philadelphia, Washington and Columbus…dude is still a force to be dealt with..

      • Chara is no longer as intimidating because of the “if” in if he can catch you,he can’t. He gets caught, easy to go around, he’s challenged in the corners.

        He’s a big strong man, but the NHL is a faster game that is getting even faster as he slows down.

        Players stopped shying away from him in the past few years and his fight card is growing as a result.

        He plays for the hated Bruins, but I think he should retire with grace as a Bruin this or next year and being kept as a courtesy.

      • habsfan30, it’s obvious Chara has slowed, we can all see that. He struggles against the rush because he can no longer keep a tight gap.
        He can still play in his own end, he is actually really, really good at it.
        He led the #1 regular season team in PK minutes and D zone starts. That isn’t because he sucked. The B’s were the 3rd ranked PK in the NHL.
        He managed to lead his team as a plus 26 while 2/3’s of shifts started in the D zone. And no he doesn’t play all his shifts with Bergeron’s line.
        He also draws more minutes against the other teams best lines regularly.
        He dominates in the corners, you’re wrong on that one. You will almost never see a player leave a corner battle against Chara with the puck. Chara may not have it either, but a draw is the worst case scenario.

        He has a very good D partner in McAvoy at even strength and him and Carlo kill majority of PK minutes. That helps.
        Can’t argue he isn’t one dimensional, but really good at that dimension.
        Regarding more scraps, the ones I have seen were more his choice than the other way around. He stepped in.
        Who beat Chara in a fight last year? He may have lost one, but I missed it if it happened. I have seen him get caught clean twice in his career. Wish that was true in my life.

        If he wants to work it out in Boston he will come back. The fear is the age. He was still pretty good last year but sooner or later…….

        I just hope he makes up his mind soon so the B’s can try and fill the hole. And what do you pay for a 1 zone player who is really good on the PK and also happens to be your captain and one of the best leaders in the NHL?
        That I don’t know.

  10. Memories are hard to disregard … but when it comes to pro sports, if a GM starts hiring players based upon memories of their peak years, that’s a GM who will soon be looking for a job.

    Some people create their own storms … then get upset when it rains.

    • George O…
      Fact not memory as of 2020-2021 Chara is still a better player (even though he has lost a step) a better leader, adds toughness, much more than Marcus Petersson, Jeff Matheson and Codi Ceci..period

      No memories here.. we don’t need Chara from 5 years ago last years version fits well.. he is still competent and can play 15 to 16 minutes a game…

      Matheson’s superior speed with Chara on the 3rd pairing will be a steady pairing… certainly better than lost confidence Schultz and orange pylon traffic cone jack Johnson.

      It is for one year the Penguins got three good young defenseman coming following in John Marino’s footsteps

      Pierre Oliver Joseph….almost made the big club last year

      Joshua Maniscalco this kid is big, can fly, is a superior skater and can score.

      William Reilly- Captain of RPI hockey team is not far off either he will be sooner rather than later..

      So Chara…. isnt a bad fit for the Penguins as long as he is keep to 15 / 16 minutes a game and utilized well

  11. 🍿

    Man. The pens actually didn’t play themselves into the playoffs this year.

    Now stop making us yinzers look bad.

    • The Penguins were third in the Metro. Because of the new format system there were play ins for teams. They had the 5th highest point total last year they made the playoffs…

      The Penguins will be better this coming season…

    • Never heard the term yinzer before, and I have been there a few times as or corporate HQ is there.
      The office is right by the river, so that is the only area I really know, but I liked the city.

  12. Aww man, don’t drag up ancient history … what happened 30-40 years ago is totally irrelevant – players, coaches, GMs all totally different – the GAME was different back then.

    Bragging about cups won by one organization vis-a-vis another is pointless. Montreal has the most cups of ANY organization – and haven’t won one in 27 years!

    Counting all the teams that have represented them since the cup was introduced in the late 1800s, the city of Montreal boasts 35, followed by Toronto with 15, Detroit 11, Ottawa 9 and New York 8. All of which means doodly-squat today.

    • Now THAT’S cool! Did not know that. Thanks.

    • But if you’re talking cities – can’t overlook The Big Apple – the Giants have won 5 Super Bowls and the Jets one – we know the Isles/Rangers have more than 5 Stanley Cups, the Yankees, Mets, Giants and Dodgers umpteen world series wins.

  13. I’m somewhat befuddled by the comments about Pittsburgh making the playoffs. At one time, I thought NHL statisticians had gone haywire when I saw they had listed players as having played in more playoff games than their teams had played in playoff rounds. Then, I read somewhere that the NHL was counting play-in and round-robin statistics as playoff statistics. That was said to have allowed Pittsburgh’s playoff streak to continue. Is that incorrect?

    • Not quite that simple Francis. They did lose in the play in round, but to be fair they were solidly in a playoff spot when the regular season was halted. They would have to have totally folded not to make it.
      The team they lost to had a slim chance at best to get in.