Why Hasn’t An NHL Club Gone The Offer Sheet Route Yet?

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  1. That O’Reilly offer sheet showed one thing: if the offering team (Jay Feaster in this case) doesn’t get clear, first and foremost, the steps required to get it finalized, they could be in for the world of embarrassment.

    Had Feaster been successful he would then have had to put O’Reilly through waivers due to his KHL involvement. Not only would they have then lost him to that process, but they also would have had to say bye-bye to the 1st & 3rd round draft picks owed to Colorado as signing compensation.

    I hope Feaster is better at his current job with Tampa Bay.

    • Oh did I laugh when I found out the repercussions of that O’Reilly deal!

  2. It takes a special situation when a team is a player or two from a cup and can safely let one or more first round picks go in order to offer sheet a player. Timing in the team’s progression has to matter. If the Sens, for example, signed a top player to an offer sheet, they would be giving up one or more first round picks. They are not a good team, and are more than a Segachev away from being one, so the pick(s) is likely to be a lottery pick. When (if!!) they are finally good is years away, and by that time, they will need to pay their top picks (Stuetzle, Sanderson,…) and the offer sheeted player’s contract may be a serious problem.

    So, which team has the cap space, feels they are close enough to a cup and has the ability to give away several first round picks to sign a Barzal type player? Maybe the Blue Jackets at the expense of Dubious?

    • Derek, I agree …. and even though I doubt Dorion – based upon what he’s said in the past – would use the Offer Sheet in the first place, the picture you paste is graphic reason to avoid it like the plague. Although improved considerable over last season (which wouldn’t be hard) no one player obtain at this stage of the re-build is going to vault them into contention. Hell, not even McDavid would do that!

  3. One of the few, but I LOVE the idea of offer sheets! I understand that it throws off the pay structure of the League at times (The Dustin Penner Deal). And I know it ticks targeted GMs right off (The Dustin Penner Barn Brawl).

    However….it’s a part of the game! Do I think Steve Yzerman will do it? I dunno, but he IS shrewd and he DOES know what it takes to win.

    Therefore, I would LOVE to see him go after 2 players…Dubois and Sergachev.

    I think Dubois is a lost cause. If Columbus is smart – and JK seems to be – they’ll match any offer.
    But DAMN I like the way he plays! I’d break the bank for him! 7 yrs @ $8

    Alternative to Offer Sheet – Mantha, 1st in 2021, 1 2nd in 2021.

    Sergachev is a beast. I would’ve straight up done the 4th overall for him. And possibly thrown in more picks. Tampa is in a conundrum. Sitting ducks. But Yzerman has a history with them. Respect goes a long way.

    BUT…I’d still do it. 7 yrs @ $7. A little lighter than Dubois, but stud centermen are harder to come across than #1 D. And I like Seider.

    Alternative to Offer Sheet – 1st in 2021, 2 2nds in 2021

  4. I’d be wary of Mantha. Big guy and, when healthy, a force. But after playing in 80 of 82 in 2017-18, he’s missed 15 of 82 in 2018-19 and, this past shortened season, 28 of 71 – meaning he’s been out for 28% of the Detroit games played the past 2 years.

    I don’t know if that necessarily signifies “injury prone” but I wouldn’t send too big an offer sheet his way – and give up picks to do so – only to discover that that is the case.

  5. Not sure how Carolina feels about the Aho offer sheet, they ahave already paid 20 million out on a 42 million contract on account of bonuses.

    Tampa is in a situation, a team with cap could go for both Sergachev and Cirelli with low ball offers.

    At this point Tampa couldn’t match 2 offers of 6.5 million and that puts them in Brayden point range.

    Detroit is an immediate upgrade with landing one or both.


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