Will NHL Teams With Cap Space Target Their Cap-Strapped Rivals?

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Rumors, Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. I don’t believe any of the really cap rich teams (Detroit, Ottawa, L.A., Nashville, N.J.) are necessarily done when it comes to bringing in new talent. None among them are under any great pressure to make another move – all the pressure will be on the cap-strapped if and when a firm season opening date is ever declared – and should any of the cap rich be approached with offers, they will certainly consider them at the least possible price.

    One thing I don’t believe any of them will do is sign anyone off what’s left of the UFAs (see below) since none among them is going to make any of the cap rich sudden contenders nor are any needed to boost “gates” – which will likely be non-existent

    Mike Hoffman LW/RW Age: 30 cap hit: $5.1875 – 29g 30a 59pts -4 69gp
    Ilya Kovalchuk LW Age: 36 cap hit: $700,000 – 10g 16a 26pts -4 46gp
    Anthony Duclair LW Age: 25 cap hit: $1.65 – 23g 17a 40pts -5 66gp
    Andreas Athanasiou LW Age: 26 cap hit: $3 – 11g 15a 26pts -46 55gp
    Corey Perry RW Dal Age: 35 cap hit: $1.5 – 5g 16a 21pts -2 57gp
    Matt Martin LW Age: 31 cap hit: $2.5 – 5g 3a 8pts -1 55gp
    Conor Sheary RW/LW Age: 28 cap hit: $3 – 10g 13a 23pts -6 63gp
    Michael Frolik RW Age: 32 cap hit: $4.3 6g 8a 14pts -12 57gp

    Mikael Granlund C/LW Age: 27 cap hit: $5.75 17g 13a 30pts -4 63gp
    Erik Haula C/LW Age: 28 cap hit: $2.75 12g 12a 24pts E 48gp
    Carl Soderberg C Age: 35 cap hit: $4.75 17g 18a 35pts +6 70gp
    Derick Brassard C/LW Age: 33 cap hit: $1.2 10g 22a 32pts -2 66gp
    Melker Karlsson C/RW Age: 30 cap hit: $2M 6g 6a 12pts -7 61gp
    Trevor Lewis C Age: 31 cap hit: $2 – 6g 6a 12pts -7 56gp
    Brian Boyle C Age: 36 $940,000 6g 9a 15pts -5 39gp
    Frederik Gauthier C Age: 25 cap hit: $675,000 7g 5a 12pts -4 61gp

    Travis Hamonic RD Age: 29 cap hit: $3.857 3g 9a 12pts -3 50gp
    Sami Vatanen RD Age: 29 cap hit: $4.875 5g 18a 23pts -12 47gp
    Zdeno Chara LD Age: 43 cap hit: $2 5g 91 14pts +26 68gp
    Ron Hainsey LD Age: 39 cap hit: $3 1g 11a 12pts +10 64gp
    Yannick Weber RD Age: 32 cap hit: $675,000 1g 2a 3pts -1 41gp
    Andy Greene LD Age: 38 cap hit: $5 2g 12a 14pts +1 63gp

    Cory Schneider Age: 34 cap hit: $6 (bought out) – 3:53gaa 0.887save% 13gp
    Jimmy Howard Age: 36 cap hit: $4 4:20gaa 0.882save% 27gp
    Ryan Miller Age: 40 cap hit: $1.125 3:10gaa 0.907save% 23gp
    Craig Anderson Age: 39 cap hit: $4.75 3:25gaa 0.902save% 34gp

  2. The rape and pillage of the Lightning seems not to have happened yet, either, George, and and as I recall you were one who thought it might not. There are a lot of reasons to think this might end being a placeholder year in a lot of ways, and I still am of the opinion that when the teams and NHLPA meet for a couple of intensive weeks to figure out what the season will look like, they’ll also look at how to retain player leverage across another year and career continuity this year without silly moves for 40 games in a bubble. I’d wager most teams are far more interested in their own crop of prospects getting integrated and their owns finances not bleeding to death than poaching one guy from another team in a move that could render them persona non grata post vaccine. And Jeff Vinick has real money (like BIll Gates money) if there are owners that need some league socialism to keep their heads above water….and I think there are.