Updates on the Lightning and Predators in NHL Rumor Roundup

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  1. This is a carryover from yesterday’s exchanges regarding Bettman. I am not interested in again debating a set of opinions about whether Bettman is the source of all evil or a brilliant commissioner. Certainly Chrisms likes him. So be it.

    But there was one comment Chrisms made that is different, regarding the NHL’s response to concussions. You said, Chrisms:

    No sport can say they are approaching concussions well…

    That cannot stand. Baseball and basketball obviously aren’t appropriate comparisons. The NFL has settled a concussion lawsuit with players. The maximum award a player can get is $5 million, and the lowest amount is above the maximum available to a restricted number of NHL players. The NHL continues to deny liability, and its settlement for players is grossly inadequate. The facts and figures are all easily found on the internet. So to are comments from players of such stature as Crosby.

    My point, Chrisms, is that your blithe comment about the NHL’s position on concussions – in the context of supporting the splendid job you say Bettman is doing – is demonstrably false.

    Worse, it is in my opinion morally repugnant. You are not one who gets chippy with others here and I am not trying to be belligerent with you.

    But spend some time reading about players, past and present, who suffer from serious, life long concussion issues and then rethink your comment about how well the NHL is doing with looking after their players.

    Perhaps you might also rethink your ringing endorsement of Bettman’s leadership, if only on this issue.

    • I am appalled by how little change seems to have occurred in the hockey helmet while both football and motor racing helmets are evolving significantly. It’s not the same beast, but it’s the same and relatively simple principle; take the impact and provide the transmission curve that does the least damage to the head, within the constraints of size, materials, and weight permissible. I’ve also thought for some time that pad exteriors do not need to be rock hard.

  2. I just can’t see Johnson or Killorn in a Red Wings uniform. Paying attention to what GM Yzerman has done with the Wings to date – he has not signed any free agent to more than a 2 year deal, and has only 2 players on contract for more than 2 years – Dylan Larkin for 3 years, and Anthony Mantha for 4. I can imagine taking on Killorn’s 3 years or Johnson’s 4, which would interfere with signing Detroit’s own young players who are on ELC’s, or any future UFA’s the Wings might want. I could see the Wing’s being a facilitator in moving Johnson or Killorn to a team needing scoring and in a “win now” mode, where both would be more valuable. The Wings could take on some of the contract cap hits in return for picks / prospects. If the return were good enough, Yzerman could also include Zetterburg’s LTIR in the deal. But I doubt either AK or TJ ever dons the Winged Wheel.

    • https://twitter.com/i/events/1334722140235448325?s=20

      With the crap storm going on in the USA TB could be saved with no season at that rate.

      Sure is pathetic that a moron like Trump could be so stupid to allow it to get so bad & the ppl that still voted for him correct that the GOP.

      • I’d just like to point out that you called someone dumb using a sentence that grammatically, makes no sense.

      • Hey Lyle You hold up my posts for “monitoring”, for some unknown reason yet you allow this post calling the US President a “moron”?

        Can we say the same about Trudeau, since cases are exploding in Canada as well?

        Keep your politics to yourself.

      • This is an “ opinion “ site it’s his opinion that trump is a moron and a a whole lot of people around the world would agree! Instead of whining to Lyle ignore it, it’s not that difficult

    • I know nothing about Bettman’s character and morality, and too little of his job description to say whether or not he could or should have been a good shepherd to the players. I do know, though, that lawsuits aren’t always won by the party that’s deserving, but by the party that has the best lawyers. However, even the best lawyers fail if their client admits guilt. I wouldn’t expect Bettman to do that.

      When considering the suffering of players past and present, how far into the past would you like to go? A court might find that the plaintiffs haven’t been victimized. For a long time, the players were a relatively small population holding similar and traditional values. Some of those values precluded the wearing of protective gear. On June 1, 1979, the NHL enacted a rule requiring the wearing of helmets for anyone entering the league after that date. Nevertheless, a “grandfather” clause allowed diehard veterans to continue to go helmetless if they wished. Many of them did.

      Check out the missing teeth of today’s players. At least, they have become smart enough to not ridicule one another for using visors to keep their eyes.

      • Why not take the time to read some of the issues from the players’ perspective, and then come to your own answers?

        I have no idea what point you are making with your missing teeth comment.

      • The point is that players, past and present, have ignored even obvious threats to their personal health because it is customary to do so,

        An obvious threat is a puck to the mouth. I listened to your example, Sydney Crosby, after he had to undergo extensive dental work and have his fractured jaw surgically repaired after his teeth were hit by a puck. He probably said “Ouch” at the moment of impact, but when the mask he had to wear came off he said, “It’s nice to see a little bit better.”

        Taking one for the team, then acting as though it never happened is the traditional attitude, but not the healthiest one. Crosby’s injury was an accident, ;but several times during a game, you’ll see players deliberately doing something to other players that could cause a concussion. Talk is cheap.

  3. If you are still interested Francis, check out what Crosby – and other players say about concussions. A puck to the mouth does not necessarily result in a concussion. And it’s not the point I was making.

    • Good talking to you, Lj. In these days of isolation, it reminds me that i’m still among the living to hear an opinion that differs from mine. I just hope that you’re not really LBJ.