Matthews the Odds-On Favourite to Capture NHL’s Maurice Richard Award

by | Jan 24, 2021 | News, NHL | 7 comments



  1. Not sure he will lead is team in goals. Very soft player.

    • Lol. “He can score 40 with ease.”
      Not even Ovie can do that!

  2. I’m gonna make a bold one and predict Svechnikov from the Canes heats up and makes a run this year.

  3. What kinda odds can I get on Svechnikov?

    • What kinda odds can I get on if this post declared anyone but Mathews as the odds on favorite for the Richard having zero comments?

      • I feel like this is a trick question… 0 percent? because you commented.. but these type of ping pong statements rattle my thinking cage. i’ll get back to you.

      • 40 in 57 or less for anyone nowadays is incredibly difficult.
        Not taking a shot at Matthews at all. He’s dynamic, and I’d easily place him in the top 5. To call it easy is nothing short of ridiculous.
        Prove me wrong?!