NHL Rumor Mill – January 25, 2021

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Are the Flyers looking at Keith Yandle or Danny DeKeyser? Should the Leafs use Travis Dermott as a trade chip for a forward? Should the Avalanche upgrade their goaltending? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy reports there’s been some trade chatter regarding Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere and Florida Panthers blueliner Keith Yandle since last fall’s NHL Draft.

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere (NHL Images).

Gostisbehere is a South Florida native while Yandle surfaced in recent trade speculation. An NHL source told Murphy this rumor has “more than legs” to it, suggesting the Flyers could “eat some money there” and would be better with Yandle.

Murphy said Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher could be active in the trade market sooner rather than later. He also said the Flyers are scouting Detroit Red Wings rearguard Danny DeKeyser.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers have stumbled out of the gate this season. They’ve struggled defensively, giving up 35.5 shots-against per game with a bloated 3.50 goals-against per game and a sickly penalty-kill percentage of 63.6. Having Selke Trophy winner Sean Couturier and top-four defenseman Philippe Myers sidelined by injuries doesn’t help.

Gostisbehere’s been a fixture in the trade rumor mill for some time so it wouldn’t be shocking if the Flyers traded him this season. However, I don’t see Yandle or DeKeyser as a fit with the Flyers.

Yandle, 34, is a skilled puck-moving blueliner but he’s not renowned for his defensive play. He carries an annual average value of $6.35 million through 2022-23 with a full no-movement clause. The 31-year-old DeKeyser, meanwhile, missed most of last season recovering from back surgery. His annual cap hit is $5 million through next season with a 10-team no-trade list.


THE ATHLETIC: Jonas Siegel acknowledged Saturday’s report by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman claiming the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to improve their forward depth with Joe Thornton and Nick Robertson sidelined by injuries.

Siegel wondered if the Leafs might draw upon their apparent surplus of defensemen. He suggested Travis Dermott as the likely trade candidate citing his limited ice time this season.

That could be a risky move, as Dermott could be worth retaining in case injuries strike the defense corps. Trading him would also leave the Leafs having to expose another defenseman at this summer’s expansion draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs could keep an eye on the waiver wire at this point rather than make a trade. Nevertheless, they could consider making a trade if the concern over the forward depth adversely affects their performance. Dermott does seem the most likely trade chip if they intend to deal from their roster.


THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers recently suggested the Colorado Avalanche’s goaltending remains shaky entering this season. He feels it hasn’t improved over last season. Pavel Francouz is sidelined, forcing them to go with inexperienced backups for starter Philipp Grubauer. He feels the Avalanche might have to shop around for help if Francouz’s absence is longer than expected.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could be a situation worth monitoring. Francouz missed his third straight game on Sunday. As long as Grubauer remains healthy they’ll likely wait for Francouz to heal up and return. However, they could be forced into the trade market if Grubauer struggles or gets hurt.


  1. Can I congratulate NY Rangers on winning the lottery, or should I wait until the end of the season?

    • That defense is just weak! They look a lot like the leafs drafting skilled forwards and no defensive dmen

      • Didn’t someone contend that DeAngelo was fair compensation for PLD ? And is he a -5, and benched now ? I think the TML comparison is a fair one.

      • Obsessed bbb, completely obsessed

      • Lago, I suggested DeAngelo as part of a package for PLD. He was benched for taking a misconduct penalty. The guy was tied with Q Hughes last year for 4th in points for dmen. I will add I’ve suggested Ghost for Yandle a couple of times, if Fl retained a million. Both have 3 years left on deal.

      • BigBear. Rangers are starting a rookie and 2 seconds year players. They took a defensive dman with their 2nd pick in 1st rd last draft. They are easily the youngest team in the league. They gave up 3 goals last night. They also shut out Isles 2nd game of year.

      • The devils are the youngest team, and you keep thinking they’re just young slick watching the pens 3rd goal near the end of the game ( and throughout) the game is a good indication of how weak it is

      • Bigbear, do you have a team you follow, or do you just come here to make ignorant comments based on opinion? Fact: Rangers roster is younger than Devils. Fact: Rangers have drafted 3 defensemen in 1st round of last 3 drafts. (No team would’ve passed on Kakko and Lafreniere last 2 drafts) Also, traded a 1st rounder to aquired Trouba. Not saying D is great, but give it more than 5 games. They lost 2 one goal games.

      • FACT the devils ARE the youngest team! Do you just come here to make ignorant comments? The rangers d is weak! Trouba was a bad trade and he makes how much? Fox,deangelo, Miller not good defensively maybe take the rangers blinders off.

  2. If the Flyers are having defensive issues then I have news for them, they’ll get worse with Yandle back there …

    Jason Zucker to Toronto for … whatever they want to give us … and Rutherford gave up a #1 for this guy??? and Cale Addison??? Criminal …

  3. Real nail biter there. Ghost for Yandle. Not quite as sexy as PLD-Laine, but I guess all is quiet.

  4. Price to Colorado for Grubauer++ ?

    • History repeats. Price follows Patrick Roy to Colorado and the cup??

      • Price could go for the cup in Colorado and the Habs get Grubauer and…..Burakovsky, Byram.?

        A win for both probably. Colorado gets the best player in the trade, Montreal gets a few good pieces.

      • You’re right with all the cups and playoff rounds Price has won he’s the guy for sure. Not to mention his high GAA and lower level save percentage over the last 3 seasons but hey he did have a few good games in the playin round so 10.5 million for all of that success. Every team in the league is in.

    • ”Thanks, but, no, thanks ”

      • Roger Laurin, Carey Price has lower GAA and higher save % than Patrick Roy in the last few years before a trade.

        Carey Price is consistently voted as the goalie they fear the most by the actual players.

        The trade I suggested offsets the cap and over the long haul will save the Avs money and is their missing piece.

        The habs get scoring a young D and a backup to Allen.

      • You have to joking habfan. Completely different era of hockey I mean that comment just made me wow. You’re right it’s voting that counts not the actual results my mistake.

    • IMO, Price is signed for too much money for too long for Colorado to be interested. They have a bunch of talented players due for new contracts between now and 2026 and will not have room for a $10.5M goalie.

  5. As Pittsburgh I offer Matheson for Gostisbehere. You know that you want to do it.

  6. How about these trades?

    1. Fredrik Anderson to Colorado for Nazem Kadri?

    2. then ship Alex Kerfoot to Vegas for Robin Lehner?

    3. then ship Travis Dermott and Pierre Engvall to Montreal for Ben Chiarot and fourth rounder?

    • lol stick to playing NHl 21 my friend.

    • LMFAO… No thanks ,the leafs will pass on that garbage …Even tho I would like Kadri back

      • Really Jim. IMO the Leafs get the best player in all 3 of those suggestions.

  7. Essentially trading four sweethearts and the eggs in their pockets for some grit and an underrated goalie.

  8. If the Avs learnt anything last night against the ducks its how important a goalie is…33-14 Ducks got outshot and still got the win. Give Anaheim a call for Gibson already.

    Gibson>Byram+1st 21+Tyson Jost

    A goalie in his prime who steals games for a poor ducks team.

  9. Dermotts trade value is zero.

    • Agree Ron

    • Hi Ron and FD

      As a Leafs and Pens fan I disagree

      Pens need an LHD …, he (Dermott) was +14 last year (albeit sheltered) and certainly needed by Pens right now…. at just $174 K over League min… Jimbo should make the call for sure

      So there IS some trade value

      Leafs are down a forward… Pens have a load at $874 K (Dermott Cap) or less type forwards

      If Keefe won’t play him…. Pens need him or a similar (or better) LHD player

      Of course my hope is for Soucy (far bigger and better than Dermott) but GMJR seems to fail at acquiring players like Soucy so I’m not holding my breath

  10. Rutherford was late on the career path for Zucker. However, I thought he would make paper with Malkin, who is not helping the matter (so far). Don’t know what went wrong . Maybe banged up . I have him in two fantasy pools. Making t-shirts “Stuck with Zuck…uck”

    • Hi SilverSeven

      I think he must be playing with an injured Hand or wrist

      He’s skating
      He’s trying
      He’s in position

      It’s just giving/receiving passes (their quite a bit off); shooting (off target and not hard); and he’s been panicking and dumping out of own end instead of a breakout (effectively turning over possession)

      I had already thought the trade …. 1st andAddison was steep and too much

      Playing like this…, that trade is horrendous

      Hoping that this is only short lived (injury and healing)… ‘cuz if not…. he’s got to go

      I don’t think Billy G would be fooled into taking him the way he is playing now… but Soucy coming back would be fantastic

      Alas, I dream

  11. The Leaf issue IMO last year and 3 years before the Campbell trade back up goalie along with lack of dominant D man. One of those issues remains and it is not a forward. If it was why take Perry off the waiver wire,

    I don’t know what kind of leash if any Dubas is on but it took him2 years after throwing away Stanley Cup winner Mckillheny to replace him adequately.

    The league and all it’s fans know he needs more strength and size a D. He has tinkered at the D getting ok 2 and 3 rd D men…..the kid from Calgary this year and last year the guy from LA MUzzin ( sorry boys forgot the other name….don’t get old)….

    But still no dominant D man. I don’t know who the best 15 big D men are in the league…..but that is the kind of the D man he needs. One of those big 4 forwards needs to go for a D man. Until does this I think it is fair for Leaf fans like me, to realize and observe he is in over his head.

    He is a pup when a big dog is needed. When you are significantly out managed by Bergevin it is time to go.

    • Hi OBD

      Agree with the gist of ur sentiments

      I don’t see them winning a cup with 1/2 Cap spent on 4 Fwds

      AM is going nowhere; neither is JT (his control).

      Pretty well no one can/will take on MM’s cap

      The move IMHO; is WW… ~$7 M in Cap but really the cash AAV left averages ~ $5M per because so much SB has already been paid

      WW for a 22-26 year old top 3 D (or trending towards top 3) at $5M or less Cap …. to me that is the necessary type of move

    • I tend to agree with you guys on the Leafs. Good start though. 5-2 is nothing to sneeze at.
      Look pretty good so far, but all about the playoffs for them.

      • It’s only the playoffs that matter for the leafs now. It’s easy to play well in the northern division because the teams suck. With that being said the leafs are at the point now where age and experience is no longer an excuse. They need to win a couple of playoff rounds or this year is a failure.