Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 3, 2021

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Are the Bruins interested in Pierre-Luc Dubois? Could the Islanders revisit their interest in Zach Parise? Are the Lightning looking at free-agent defenseman Sami Vatanen? Find out in the first NHL Sunday Rumor Roundup of 2021.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy cites an NHL source claiming the Bruins have looked into what it might cost to acquire Columbus Blue Jackets center Pierre-Luc Dubois. The 22-year-old Dubois signed a two-year contract with the Jackets last week amid rumors he’d still prefer a trade.

Are the Boston Bruins interested in Columbus Blue Jackets center Pierre-Luc Dubois? (NHL Images)

The source told Murphy the Bruins interest was merely exploratory at this point. There are no details as to what the Jackets’ asking price would be. Murphy feels Dubois, who can play center or wing, would provide the Bruins with much-needed secondary scoring and would become a successor to aging second-line center David Krejci.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s no indication the Blue Jackets are looking into moving Dubois but I daresay he’ll be a hot topic in the early-season rumor mill. If the Jackets were to shop the young center they’ll likely want a center of at least equal value in return. They were among the NHL’s lowest-scoring clubs last season with depth at center a nagging issue.

I don’t see the Jackets trading away Dubois without getting a scoring forward (preferably a center) in return. They could seek a package of picks and prospects for Dubois that they could flip to another club for a first- or second-line center (assuming Max Domi could slide into the first-line spot), but that sounds easier said than done right now. The Bruins lack sufficient assets in available roster players or young assets to land Dubois.

If the Jackets decide to move Dubois it could be during the offseason when interested teams would have more cap space. However, the flattened salary cap for 2021-22 means that the market could be limited.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple recently examined the New York Islanders’ options for replacing departed center Derick Brassard. Among them was perhaps revisiting their interest in Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise.

Staple said there’s no indication the Isles were looking at renewing their trade-deadline interest in Parise. However, the recent retirement of Johnny Boychuk freed up his $6 million annual average value, making it possible to swing that trade now. Acquiring Parise would mean taking on the remaining five years (at $7.54 million annually) of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staple isn’t saying the Isles will revisit the potential Parise trade but they have the cap wiggle room to do so if they wanted to. While anything’s possible, the drastic economic changes brought on by COVID-19 since last year’s trade deadline probably killed off any lingering chance of the Isles acquiring Parise.



  1. Don’t the Isles still need to sign Barzal? Don’t see that much wiggle room.

    • That’s taking into account Barzal signing for $7 million per season.

      • Wonder how Dubois’ deal will effect Barzal. Still think taking on Parise cap would be really tight. Schneider, Martin, and Greens deals not posted. Timashov still unsigned.

    • Not sure why or what the islanders are waiting for…he is a good player.

      The longer this goes the more likely he doesnt get signed

  2. if Parise was moved to the Isles it would have to involve Ladd going the other way. Taking on 7.5 cap for 5 years on a player who is 36 years old has tremendous risk. The positive is Parise can still play decent minutes and his actual salary is 2,1,1 million per the last 3 years.

    • The Isles have about $10m. in cap space available. That takes into account Boychuk going on LTIR. Figure Barzal at $7m. and Greene and Martin at about $1m. each, that leaves about $1m. So they would have to send at least $6.5m. back to Minnesota. Ladd would not be enough. Someone else would have to go as well, possibly Leo Komarov. And they’d have to throw in a pick or prospect.
      Parise can still contribute, but taking on a huge hit like that till he’s 41 years old is risky. However, the fact that his actual salary is so low the last few years likely means that he’ll retire after another 2 or 3 seasons. Remember, this was a 12 year contract signed before the 7 year limit was introduced. Like with Shea Weber, the last 2-3 years at low salary were added as a way of getting the AAV down with anticipation that the player would retire before that. That cannot be done anymore. The good news is that the new CBA reduces recapture penalties.

      • signing both Suter and Parise to those hefty 12 years deals will be an anchor for the last couple of years. I agree …. good riddance to those 12 year deals. Personally I don’t like any contract over 4 years.

  3. Pierre-Luc Dubois Would be a great add for the a Bruins he could be the first piece of a fast approaching rebuild but seriously the Bruins don’t have the strength of position to get a trade done & there isn’t much in the minors …. it’s a nice read though Murphy & Haggs

    • Agree Joe, Boston doesn’t fit the build.

      JLD is signed for two season so no rush to trade.

      Certainly would be a nice add.

  4. I think the Wings have enough decent prospects make an offer for Dubois.

    In my opinion, the only untouchables are Larkin, Bert, Seider and Raymond. It’d be nice to keep Mantha too though, just to see what he’s capable of in a full season.

    Zadina, Velano/Svechnikov and a 1st for Dubois.

    • Columbus says … No Thanks … but nice try

      • Worth a shot! Ha!

      • Yeah Detroit says No thanks as well, Detroit’s not basically giving up 3 1st round picks for Pierre Luc Dubois. Filip Zadina #6 overall pick, Joe veleno #30 overall pick, Evgeny Svechnikov #21 overall pick plus a top 5 pick in 2021 noway is PLD worth that.

    • Yeah like Detroit is surrendering a top 5 pick for Pierre Luc Dubois, There’s little to no chance that Pierre Luc Dubois returns Zadina plus one of Veleno/Svechnikov plus a top 5 pick. Detroit easily says NO.

  5. Lyle a question.

    When people write that a given hockey player has retired, does it always mean that that player will not receive any compensation or that the players cannot play again but his charge against the cap.

    Second question:

    If the player loses all compensation why would anyone do it. They could fake it for a year or go on LTIR and get full money.

    Third question:

    Is there a difference between LTIR and retirement.

    Sorry for the questions, but this issue confuses me every I read about it

    • OBD: Nowadays, if a player is forced to end his playing career due to injury but still has term remaining on his contract, he doesn’t officially “retire”. Instead, he’s placed on long-term injury reserve so he can continue to receive payments on the remainder of his contract. Once his contract expires, he officially retires.

      A player cannot “fake” an injury to go on LTIR. He will be examined by team doctors who determine if he can still play or not.

      In Johnny Boychuk’s case, he’ll never play professional hockey again because of his eye injury. He’s basically retired but, because he still has term on his contract, he doesn’t want to officially retire or he loses the compensation of the final two years of his deal. So, he’ll go on LTIR.

      Boychuk isn’t the only player to do this since the salary-cap era began and I’m not singling him out, merely instead using him as an example. I don’t agree with it, but it’s something the team owners and the players are apparently comfortable with because it’s never been abolished or amended in the last two rounds of collective bargaining.

      • Hi Lyle

        Do you mind explaining this to Roberto Luongo?

        Signed – Canucks Fan

      • Luongo didn’t suffer a career-ending injury.

      • For all intents and purposes Luongo did suffer a career ending injury- he needed to stretch for 3 hours prior to a game just to make it through it. His “retirement” is about sticking it to the Canucks. The guy literally walked away from $3M of cash if he went on LTIR

      • Thanks Lyle

      • No it was reported, I think even here. Lou could have gone on LTIR or retire, he chose to retire.

  6. I’m sure there will be plenty of picks prospect offers for pld but Columbus feels they could contend so it would have to be another good young player already established as a budding star to land the guy. Would Boston move pasta? Doubt it.

    • Chrisms. Totally agree. On top of that, how many teams can give up picks and prospects only, and fit PLD 5m cap hit?

      • I think Detroit can come up with a strong package for Dubois, but giving up the farm (Seider or Raymond), a “high end” roster player plus draft picks isn’t worth it…no matter how much I’d love to see him in the Winged Wheel.

        I do believe his time in Columbus is gonna be short though.

      • For example slick. As a rangers man. Would you move mz for him? The only other player that might move the needle is Alexis. The rangers shouldn’t move either for him although mz has to do it again to prove he is a true number one.

  7. That’s rich, the bruins poking the tires on Dubois. Dubois!?! The bruins will most likely end up with someone like Rene Bourqe! Sweeney’s the biggest con man in the game so far he’s been after every free agent currently available and some that aren’t. He never gets anyone! He never trades for anyone of real value. Hopefully this is Don’s last year in beantown he’s awful! The bruins have gotten older and the team they have now is worse off that last years squad I am doubtful they’ll even make the playoffs!

    • I think B’s roster/acquisitions are not entirely on Sweeney, but by committee. Don doesn’t fart without permission from higher ups including Jacobs. Must have consensus by Neely.

    • Worse than last years team?
      Pretty hard to improve on 1st place, huh?
      As for getting older, unless they sign Benjamin Buttons that’s gonna happen.

      • Exactly Shoreorrpark. The only way to avoid your core getting old is to trade them when they are still young.
        So would the trading of Bergeron, Krecji, Marchand, Rask and Chara in 2014/15 when they missed the playoffs been OK?
        That is actually a real debate you could have had then with merit on both sides. We had it on this site.
        History has shown that would have been a bad idea as they got to the cup finals a season ago. If they pop one in in the first period of game 7, when they were dominating, I still think they win that game.

        I actually was OK with moving anyone over 25 except Bergeron, Chara & Rask back then. And if they didn’t want to be involved in the rebuild, them too, but preferred keeping them. I debated Striker about it at length.
        I was wrong, Striker and Sweeney were right

    • Charlie Coyle was a steal Bruins are fine and nobody would trade Pasta unless McJesus was coming back.

  8. Time always catches up with players and usually catches up with teams as well.
    Looking at Boston’s lineup I think they will be very competitive this year but their window is closing fast as their best players are moving past their prime.
    Boston really messed up in the 2015 draft. They could have had Barzal, Conner, and Chabot which would have kept them as a cup contender for many more years. Unfortunately they may have to start looking at a rebuild sooner rather than later.

    Going after PLD would be nice but they should take the Ottawa and NYR template and start stocking draft picks to rebuild through the draft.
    I know it may not pan out for Ottawa but it is looking really good at this point.

    • I would consider Gaudreau & Bennett for PLD & a 2nd.

      • Yes! That would be awesome.
        Just not sure if Columbus would agree

  9. Would cost Boston too much. They would have to give up quantity because they don’t have quality unless Pastrnak or Mcavoy are involved but they won’t be.
    Studnicka to start, add Debrusk, Beecher, Lauzon, Kase, and a first. Maybe more.

  10. Put Boston in a large group of teams wanting to add Dubois. I can’t see the Bruins competing with some of the teams with good, young assets to trade.
    Speaking of Ottawa…..

  11. Can CLB get value for Dubois in a trade?
    Article says they’re expecting a scoring forward in return.

    Isn’t CLB already thin at C position? Is there a team in the league with a comparable young C that needs a change of scenery?

    Boston doesn’t have what CLB needs.

    • Correct Daryl, Columbus doesn’t have a C to replace JLD, even if Boston traded Pastrnak, who would feed him the puck.

      The only C Boston has that would interest Columbus is Coyle and he isnt a 1c maybe a 2c and you have to add Debrusk.

      I’ll stop there because it isn’t happening. Boston doesn’t have the desire asset.

  12. To me …. PLD is a greatly desired player by most teams…. space, available tradable assets limit the number of potential suitors

    As a Pens fan looking down the road…. in a rebuild in two years are they re-upping with Gino ; then at 36?

    Two years from now in a rebuild phase… to me … the then 24 yr old PLD over 36 yr old Gino would absolutely be the prudent move

    Setting aside trading within their own “usual” division; and Jimbo currently in hibernation mode…

    PLD would cost

    Marino + + (and Clb already has an excellent future in their best two at 26 and 23… Jones and Werenski); or

    Guentz +…. but who would that + be???

    It’s not happening but….

    Guentz, Zucker for PLD and R. Nash…..

    Then Pens send #2 to WBS; sign Hoffman:

    Sid , Kappy , Hoffman

    Gino Rusty Nash

    *PLD , *McC, Poulin (that’s an extremely quick line)

    Blueger, Turbo, Jankowski (while ZAR on LTIR)

    *Can easily pop into top two lines as either C or W if there are injuries

    PLD … 2C when Gino goes; eventually 1C when Sid retires

    Just a dream… alas this deal never sees the light of day ; not even the murmur of a preemptive phone call inquiry 😢

  13. Trusting my often faulty memory, most talent evaluators at the time of the 2016 entry draft questioned the Blue Jackets selecting Dubois when Puljujarvi  was available. How good would the Oilers be now, if fate had left them with Dubous?

    • Bang on Francis

      McD, Leon and PLD down the Centre…. wow….. and they also would likely have moved RNH to strengthen either G or D

      Fate, Karma, happenstance is a crazy thing…. same draft Leafs had 80% chance of NOT getting Mathews

      Oil was only 6.5 % less in probability (than Leafs) of getting AM

      Oil with McD, Leon, AM….. Ouch !!!

    • My rule of thumb is always take the Center, Francis.
      On the other hand, I think Puljujarvi has a ton to prove, and I’m betting on him turning into the player the Oil thought they drafted. Big body, great skater, tremendous shot. As soon as he fixes what’s between his ears, (and that comes with maturity) he’ll be something to watch.
      He certainly has the centers to feed him, and that’s not even debatable.
      Back to your original question, they need wingers and defensemen at the time. They were all set at pivot. The Nuge is one of the best defensive centers in the league, and we all know what the other two are all about.

      • The most ferocious Bruin, the Grzelcyk Bear, says he would rather play with Dubois.

      • Ha! Ferocious indeed! I expect him to have a breakout season in absence of Krug. Lotsa upside with that kid.

  14. Great contract for John Marino.

    • Hi Chrisms

      Agree and Marino has a bright future IMHO; but I don’t see Jarmo biting on a young up and coming (fast and big to add to that) C for a rising star D (as they have Jones , Werenski) plus two more assets (and there has to be more Cap going from Pens side…. so it is then likely Zucker as one of those assets)

      That also leaves Pens in RHD Hell

      It’s not happening but if the main two in the flip are Marino and PLD then it’s something like

      Marino; Zucker. (Total ~ $6.4 M Cap outgoing) ; plus something(s) for

      PLD and Savard (50% retained) …. total ~ $7.1M Cap incoming

      Again…. not happening

      • No

        Bad pengy.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Agree it’s not happening

        However…. if I’m thinking only of the now narrow remaining Cup window , I take it

        For this year, the Savard for Marino move is not a massive loss but certainly that loss in the short turn is tremendously compensated with the addition of a true 3C… who IMHO; becomes 2C in 2 years when they don’t re-up Gino and 1C (in his late 20’s) when Sid retires

        Pens D massively improved (just by the subtraction of the horrific JJ)

        Goaltending duo now worse big time

        So… must rely on scoring….. really as is have only two scoring lines….. and if one of Sid, Gino or Guentz goes down for a bit…. ouch!

        Yes top 6 Fwd needs to be replaced … but there are a few options

        – PLD 3C, with Poulin and say Jankowski ; McC up with Gino and Rusty

        -Line 3 …. PLD, McC, Poulin; try Jankowski with Gino/Rusty

        The other deal that won’t happen…

        Guentz/Zucker for PLD/Nash; then with space created sign Hoffman:

        Sid , Kappy , Hoffman

        Gino Rusty Nash

        *PLD , *McC, Poulin (that’s an extremely quick line)

        *Can easily step up to top 6 C or W if there is an injury

    • Marino would not sign with the Oilers

    • only 4 years but Jeff Finger’s 4 year 14 million deal to me was the poster child for too much too soon ….and that was handed out 12 years ago

    • I believe senile Cliff thought Finger was someone else when he signed him (do you know Lyle?) He should have been committed immediately but wasn’t and then dealt Steen and Colliacavo (sp) for Stempniak before they could tie him down in the lobotomy chair.

    • He was the pens best d man most nights. It’s a risk for sure. I like the risk. He played like a d man worth 6 mil plus. It’s a steal or it’s another anchor. At this point I’m all aboard for the risk.

  15. I would give Fox a 6 year deal .

    Pit is really high on Marino . He must be doing something right Probably steps back a little this year but longer range must be penciled in their top four.

    Dubois is a Blue Jacket for the next two years. You don’t trade an asset like that on a whim.

  16. CBJ dont need a top D for PLD.

    They might look at taking Marchand for him. A good 2C for a 1LW.

    Due to age difference they may have to add a bottom of roster young throw in like Carlo to sweeten the deal if they think PLD will develop into a true scoring 1C (which is a coin flip).

    It is over for Bruins so time to trade the couple of desirable assets they have.

    • Please. Not over for. Bruins. Still top 5 in league as for 63 getting traded???? Never will happen Bruins will be good for years to come bank on it

      • Cbj would have to add more if 63 is going to cbj for Dubois not the other way around

      • You’re funny Mr. Bruin. Top 5 in the weakest division with no elite teams maybe. (My stomach hurts, lol)

  17. Apparently the Habs are interested in PLB and they might have the available players for it.

    For the first time in years the team has too many quality players at most positions.

    Any two of Danault, Byron, Lehkonen, Armia and Toffoli make for two quality forwards that fit in for Columbus.

    • Habs need to start with Kotkaniemi

      • Exactly ds

      • IF the Habs were able to add PLD…. their forward squad is DEEP



      • Lol DEEP ds. 2 3rd lines AND 2 4th lines!!

      • So two 1st line players, two second line players and eight 4th line players is better, Wendel?
        Please elaborate, and show your workings, if you’re able.

      • Shoreorr, I am objective about players unlike most on this site. The following is true and represents the best forward roster in NHL as most teams are lucky to have 3 players that are top 2 line material.

        Ie Bruins have 3 1st liners and no 2nd liners, TB has 3 1st liners and one 2nd (palat)


        1st liners: AM34, JT, Nylander, Marner
        2nd liners: none
        3rd liners: Hyman, Kerfoot, Micheyev, Robertson (will be a 2nd next year and a 1st year after.)
        4th liners Simmonds (will likely show to be a 3rd),
        Vesey, Thornton, Spezza, Barbarov, Engvall.

        U can’t possibly disagree with this assessment and is why MTL only has 0 1st liners and 1 2nd with Suzuki possibly becoming a true 2nd liner by next year. Just because someone plays on 1st or 2nd line doesn’t mean they are truly at that level.

      • Wendel kerfoot, Hyman and the Russian are 4th line plugs at best on most contending teams those 3 are just lucky the leafs haven’t been a contender in decades! Turn off the blue and white blinders

      • @wendel
        did you watch the Habs last season?
        I am far from a Habs fan. But they can almost roll out 3 2nd lines that can generate offense. They are deep compared to most of the new Canadian Division.

        Nylander is 1st liner?????????

    • Stop it Habsfan. MTL only has 1 top 6 forward in a declining older 2RW Gallagher. They have 1 good D and a good goalie both also declining. That list of trade dung couldn’t be dealt individually unless you added good draft picks with each turd. You should follow an AHL website where those players should be discussed.

  18. Bla bla bla, bla bla bla leafs bla bla bla best bla bla.

    Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla…bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla bal bla. Bla bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla best leafs bla bla bla bla.

    Bla, bla bla bla-bla bla bla bla 2021 leafs cup bla bla bla.


    • Well said FD. Cheers.

  19. Montreal could make an offer for PLD. Danault and Armia + 1st next year. MTL has prospects to spare and picks next year to replace them next year. Back door communication (Domi to Danault, Anderson to PLD) should cover any hesitancy by the players about CLB or MTL.

    • Still convinced that if PLB had dropped to 4 in his draft year (as had been widely suggested) Marc Bergevin had deal in place for that pick with Edmonton with Subban going the other way at the centre of the deal. Point is MB has coveted PLD for a while.

    • Any trade for PLD by Montreal starts with Suzuki and Caufield.

      • Any trade for PLD by Montreal doesn’t include any mention of Suzuki and if CBJ still wants Caulfield after this WJC then Montreal should certainly start talks with them. Of course, Caulfield really doesn’t fit the CBJ mould as it appears but perhaps the physical makeup of their players just happened and isn’t a team priority.

      • Lol didn’t you say he was a 2c? Maybe the leafs could move Tavares and a couple of firsts? Probably have to add more cause Tavares is more of a salary dump

      • G Bruin there’s your obsession again the leafs. Suzuki is currently Montreals best center so the conversation starts with him no KK as KK is a third liner at best at the moment. You really need to go to leafs rehab. U can’t believe how you need to mention them in every conversation

      • No I just do it when leaf trolls like you and wendel try talking about other teams and players that you clearly know nothing about.

  20. Despite the salaries, I don’t see Toffoli playing behind Anderson – with Lekhonen, Danault and Anderson together, when all healthy, that’s a solid NHL third line. I’d take that over Kerfoot – 40+ Thornton – Simmonds any day of the week.

    Sounds like Wendel is trying to justify Dubas’ complete about-face in terms of roster strategy, going from all skilled players to adding Simmonds and Joey Anderson up front. Has Cup written all over it eh Wendel?

    Ottawa trading one of 3 second rounders next draft for Stepan was a steal. They will hope Dadonov and Tkachuk together can boost Colin White’s numbers while veterans Stepan and Connor Brown insulate Stuetzle, and Stuetzle in turn boosts Stepan’s numbers – I’ll bet on Ottawa finishing higher than the Leafs, not because I genuinely believe it will happen but just to see if Wendel will reply.

  21. I disagree. The Charlie Coyle deal, for example has worked out quite well for the Bruins. Also, I believe it was Sweeney who signed both Pastrrnak and Marchand to their long term deals (two of the best team friendly signings in the league.). As well, Sweeney has practically rebuilt the defence core with good, young players (McAvoy, Carlo, Lauzon, Zboril and Vaakanainen). Certainly, his signing of Jaroslav Halak, a few years back, has given the B’s one of the best goalie tandems in hockey. And, the Bruins have the top NCAA goalie of 2020 in their system (Jeremy Swayman), another Sweeney draft pick. Now, the primary downside of the Sweeney era, as I see it, is the B’s focus on drafting New England prospects. This is fine and dandy to a point, but not if you are passing up or missing deeper talent elsewhere.

    • Oops! My post about Sweeney, above went into the wrong thread, Sorry! 🙂