Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 31, 2021

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The latest Vince Dunn speculation plus reports of the Flames’ Sam Bennett and the Canadiens’ Victor Mete requesting trades in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


THE SCORE: Josh Wegman suggested the Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets as potential destinations for Vince Dunn. Reports emerged last week indicating the St. Louis Blues were shopping the 24-year-old defenseman.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski reports sources claiming Jim Rutherford was closing in on a trade for Dunn before he abruptly stepped down last week as the Pittsburgh Penguins’ general manager. The return for the Blues isn’t known.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Joe Haggerty wonders if the Bruins should get into the bidding for Dunn. He notes the blueliner carries an affordable $1.875 million cap hit on a one-year contract, suggesting he could fill their requirement for a left-shot defenseman. If the Bruins were to pursue Dunn, Haggerty proposed offering up winger Anders Bjork as part of a package.

St. Louis Blues defenseman Vince Dunn (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The asking price for Dunn is said to be a first-round pick, though I think the Blues could settle for a second-rounder if that return isn’t available. They can’t afford to take back any salary because of their limited cap space and must leave room for Vladimir Tarasenko’s eventual return from shoulder surgery later this season.

Those clubs suggested by Wegman could be reluctant to part with a first-rounder. The Senators and Kings each have two second-round picks in the 2021 draft while the Red Wings have three second-rounders. The Rangers lack a second-rounder but have two third-rounders.

The Penguins lack picks in the first, third and fourth rounds of this year’s draft. Rutherford has a well-earned reputation as a wheeler-dealer but I don’t think he’d part with his second-rounder and leave his club without picks in the first four rounds of the draft. Maybe he was offering up something else from his 2022 picks or a prospect to the Blues.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the agent for Sam Bennett confirms his client might want a change of scenery. Darren Ferris said the 24-year-old Flames forward would like it to be considered. The Flames aren’t commenting and Friedman said the club isn’t rushing to move him because they like their depth at center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bennett’s been the subject of trade speculation for some time but nothing ever came of it. This is the first time we’re hearing from his camp that he would like the club to consider a trade. He’s been seeing checking-line minutes and could seek a bigger role.

Cap Friendly indicates Bennett’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights at season’s end. Flames management could hang onto him for the remainder of the season and then attempt to trade him during the offseason.


TSN: Salim Nadim Valji reports Victor Mete formally requested a trade from the Montreal Canadiens. The 22-year-old defenseman has been a healthy scratch for all seven of the Habs games thus far this season.

Valji said Mete’s agent, Darren Ferris, will work with the Canadiens to find a trade partner. However, Pierre LeBrun subsequently reported Montreal GM Marc Bergevin denied the story. “Not true and not trading him,” Bergevin said via text message.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll likely get more details from one or both sides about this story within the next day or two. There was speculation last week suggesting some teams were monitoring Mete’s status with the Canadiens.


  1. I read Wegman’s comments yesterday, and, if you accept his evaluation of Dunn, then the Wings won’t be interested. Acquiring a defenseman who struggles to defend won’t help a team who struggles to defend. The only thing that matters in Detroit is returning to Cup contention, and Dunn doesn’t sound like a part of that goal, so you don’t give up high draft picks for a player like that. If the price was future considerations / seventh round pick, maybe I take a flyer on him, but it seems the Blues value Dunn much higher than that. Thanks, but no thanks.

  2. The Blues will have to take what they can get for Dunn . It might end up being a third and a conditional 4th.

    Bennett trade value is unknown . Not just points. Tree will come up with something interesting . Might hold for playoffs (if they make it)

    • If that’s the price, I hope Detroit isn’t involved.

    • Silver, what about a trade with the Blues
      Robert Thomas for Bennett.

      If the Flames trade Bennett I hope they don’t trade him to a Canadian team as I know he will come back and bite us in the playoffs.
      That’s the problem with Sam, he is non existent in the regular season but is a beast in the playoffs. He was arguably the best player for the Falmes in the playoffs this past summer.

      • FF

        I am SO glad that you didn’t ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Iowa,
        I probably should have asked you but I gather that would be a big no?
        I don’t get to see the Blues play that much. Is Robert playing well?

      • No way the Blues would move Thomas for Bennett. Thomas is a much better player.

    • True that Flamesfan, Bennett always thrives in the playoffs. Seems to get more ice time as well.
      Makes you wonder what he could do in an expanded role, and more offensive wingers, all the time.

  3. Thank God Rutherford quit before anything happened with Dunn … Pens have enough defencemen who can’t defend well …

  4. Is it coincidental that both Bennett and Mete asking for trades are represented by Darrin Ferris?

    The guy loves to negotiate in public, sticks to the same plan regardless of the situation.

    In this case both players are RFA’s at the end of the year, so they can be qualified or sit out half a season and be labelled troublemaker… many of his clients.

    • No coincidence at all. Ferris is a bomb thrower. Negotiated through the media and employs tactics that are guaranteed to drive a wedge between the player and the team.
      As for Mete, I don’t see him bring traded now. Injuries will happen during the course of the season and he’s by far their best option to fill in. Maybe during the offseason.

      • Victor Mete is a good kid who signed a team friendly contract and has done whatever has been asked of him.

        He plays both sides, skates really well. plays up and down the pairings and does it all pretty well.

        He’s too small, but adjusts his game to get the puck in all his corner battles and that is what counts.

        He’s one of those guys that’s hard to trade because others don’t see his true value, Bergevin does,

  5. Dunn scored a goal and played well last night (nearly 18 minutes) , in his 1st game back after benching. I thought that might lessen the trade discussions, but instead it may increase his value to a team that is desperate on defense due to injuries. The Blues do need to eventually lower their cap so something has to give…..Dunn is a 2nd round pick who has “made it”. I would think that would at least justify a 2nd round draft pick who is an “unknown”, if not more!? BUT as you know, I’m pretty biased.

    • Iowa. As a Ranger fan, I saw Dunn’s name a lot in off season comvos. I admittedly know little about analytics, but it was my impression that he’s a good young defenseman. Not sure what others are basing negative comments on. As a Blues fan, what would biggest need be in a return in a trade for him? I think he and Bennett should both be targets for Rangers. 2 biggest needs, 2 young cost controlled players, and both in Western conf.

      • I dont think Dunn is what the Rangers need but Bennett yes. Even with how Chytil’s game progressed before the injury the depth @center is weak.

        Trading Deangelo for 50% of his actual value might be better for the team at this point. Even for a boring stay at home 6th LHD

      • DS – I see DeAngelo on waivers. I guess we can stop all of the talk about him being a trade piece to acquire PLD or anyone else now.

      • ds. Considering both JJ and Smith have been playing ahead of Hajek, I’m guessing Dunn would immediately take that spot. We have a few “promising” left D prospects, but no guarantee any will be better than Dunn. Agree we can definately use center help. Maybe if someone claims DeAngelo, we can pursue both.

      • Lago, nobody discussing trades for PLD. In case you havnt heard, he was dealt to Jets. Keep up

      • Yes Slick, he was. But someone mentioned that DeAngelo should be an acceptable trade piece for PLD prior to the Winnipeg trade, which was not realistic.

      • 62,

        Dunn has played sheltered minutes, but has played well. He was benched by Berube as a wake-up following a couple mistakes that led to goals and a slower start this season. He is tough, aggressive, good passer and contributes on offense/power play. Not sure about all the negatives either??.

        Regarding a trade, the Blues have great depth at center and forwards (although their AHL roster is real thin), they are real strong with defense, including young prospects. They probably could use a 3D/right side behind Faulk and Parayko. I think they need a veteran backup in goal (like Raanta)—I don’t have much trust or confidence in Husso yet. I would say MORE THAN ANYTHING the Blues need draft picks, prospects, cap space (like a lot of clubs).

        Thanks for asking.

      • Lago. Trade “piece”. As part of a package for PLD. Something happened after last nights game. Altercation with another player. This is what brought on the waiver. Somehow you feel like your opinion is justified because a trade wasn’t made for DeAngelo? There’s lots of players that weren’t traded

      • Rangers fans were saying deangelo was good trade piece for pld lol the guy is on waivers now

      • Na Slick – if you remember, my main reasons for rejecting DeAngelo for PLD was that I thought Columbus needed additional forward scoring even with PLD, and that they would be targeting forwards as a return. I also think that DeAngelo is not a great defender, and wouldn’t fit in with Torts system.

  6. Interesting how many rumours coming out about D GMJR were targeting. I think its safe to say with all the injuries that he was asking in any warm body to fill the gaps in.

    Bennett’s trade request was interesting. I know a lot are saying he is a bust. I think part of things is that he lost some of the dynamic that he had in the OHL (causing him to earn that 4th overall spot). If you go back, you’ll note his running mate at the time was Sam Schutt and they were dynamic in thr OHL for a little while. Its too bad they didn’t get to showcase that dynamic in the NHL. Bennet is looking for a trade and Sam is back in Palmer Rapids and out of hockey now.

    • Hi AJ

      See my post below re Jimbo

      He signed the far inferior, slower, smaller, and much older Weber; over Bowey….. and Boweysigned 10 hours later

      Jimbo was just not really doing his job

      If he didn’t care re Leftie/rightie (which he should have)…. why the hell didn’t he sign Bowey?

    • AJ I think what really miffs many Flame fans is that Sam played beast mode in the playoffs & play in rounds. So what do Flames do? They sign Simon & Leivo, 2 bottom nine players & give them top 6 opportunity. They tell Sam FU no way do you get to play with Monahan & Gaudreau or Lindholm & Chucky. Lets let two guys who did nothing for the Flames before at min. wage top 6 TOI. Then centre is where Sam wants to play, but nope he’s not getting that opportunity as well. I dont blame the kid & it saddens me that we will move him for another project like Virtanen or something like that. Someone is going to get a steal picking up Bennett on the cheap. Probably best time to trade him will be at the trade deadline where we should be able to get a late 1st & maybe a semi decent prospect. Otherwise, in Flameland we will be subjected to the neverending debate of whether to protect him & make him Kracken fodder at the expansion draft. Really disappointed.

      • Kevin R, agree 100% on Bennett. He is exactly the kind of player the Oil need, hell every team needs when it counts.
        You know the flames aren’t sending him up the highway.
        Would make a good Bruin.

      • Agree Kevin R, Bennett being stapled to players like Brouwer, Lucic, Bouma and the like make it hard to showcase himself. Even when they have played him with decent linemates he is often asked to play winger and on his off wing. The best he has looked is at centre when he had someone like Dube on his wing. He needs a longer look at centre with good linemates . He has to take advantage of his opportunities when given and must stop taking dumb penalties in the offensive zone. Maybee then he can regain his confidence

  7. Re “ Dan Kingerski reports sources claiming Jim Rutherford was closing in on a trade for Dunn before he abruptly stepped down last week as the Pittsburgh Penguins’ general manager. The return for the Blues isn’t known.”

    So Jimbo couldn’t even do something right at the end 🤬😡🤬😡👎👎

    Was closing in on getting Dunn…. and got Weber (who was atrocious last night) instead… WTF

    Maybe that’s why he quit…. almost got a deal to help club ; then signed a rightie (instead of a leftie) that was absolutely atrocious last night

    Jimbo then finally concluded (of himself) that he really was unfit anymore (at being a GM)

    Per announcers last night… “first time in NHL history that 5 right handed defencemen dressed for one team”

    Jimbo couldn’t figure out his left from right

    and to add insult to injury , signed the far inferior Weber. He could have signed Bowey… bigger, faster, better, far younger…. and Bowey signed just 10 hours after Jimbo signed Weber…..

    W T F

    • @pengy…..The Penguins need one thing is to stabilize the top 4 defense. I know you and i disagree on Marcus Pettserson he is the logical guy to move if management wont move Letang..

      1. Find out what Montreal wants for 22 year old Victor mete.. Mete is a skilled, fast skating, puck moving defenseman that we need. He can move up and down the line up and has done everything Montreal has asked/ %735,000 RFA

      you add Mete 22 to Joseph 21, and John Marino 24 thee are three defenseman only getting better for a decade, Maybe Jusso Rikola and a lower pick gets it done .

      Rikola is a good skating defenseman and gives Montreal what they need depth.
      Habs are loaded

      Vince Dunn also young 24, had a 35 point season two years ago, and is a strong skater, and offensive contributor.
      Will need to check on his attitude and conditioning seems to be the rumor.

      Both these guys are worth our number one pick (especially Mete) because we will have them for a decade.

      Besides we pick at what 21, 22, 23, 24th overall in the first round that guarantees nothing….this isn’t the NFL.

      The other way i might go is Duncam Keith yes 37 but playing great hockey on a rebuilding Black hawks team…hearing he wants to play for a contender.

      2 years left @ $ 5.5 million that fits our win now mode he brings speed, character, and someone who can actually run a power play.

      Marcus Pettserson $4.025 million + Zack Aston Reese $1.0 million money almost identical.

      Duncan Keith is a winner and sends a message to the rest of the league..he aads stability

      also maybe Niklas Hjlarmarsson 33 UFA after this $5.0 million pro rated.. Pettersson for Hjalmarsson difference $800,000 we have cap space to absorb that.

      Look if management isn’t willing to move Letang (clearly) Dumouilin isn’t going anywhere and neither is MARINO… so…

      plus we have Joseph, William Reilly 23, on the NHL taxi squad he is lose, Cam Lee 23, Joshua Maniscalco 21 we have young d coming.

      maybe add forward depth at the deadline…

      • One of these 4 will make the Penguins defense better, Faster, and more stable

        Victor Mete 22

        Vince Dunn 24

        Duncan Keith 37

        Niklas Hjalmarsson 33

        Imagine the Penguins 3rd defensive pair Pierre Oliver Joseph and Yannick Weber not too bad big improvement.

        have Mete or Dunn or Keith or Hjalmarsson with MARINO…

        I guarantee the three on o’s and the 2 on o’s stop!! Ok well when Letang isn’t on the ICE…..LOL

    • Did your nephew tell you to trade the pens next years 1st rounder for d help?

      • 🤭

  8. Boston doesn’t need Dunn. The other kids are fine.

    One issue in trading for Dunn is the expansion draft.

    The Bruins have McAvoy, Carlo, Grzelcyk to protect, then there Zboril, Lauzon

    I would imagine the Bruins will do 7-3

    Trading for Dunn and not protecting him, then you just gave him away.

    • Good point Caper – I think the expansion draft is something all GM’s have in their minds, and will be hesitant to add players that will put them in an awkward position next year. The only exception will come later this season, when we really know who will be the real Cup contenders. Those teams might be willing to take a chance on obtaining someone who will help in the short term but might be lost to Seattle.

    • Boston will just need to do their usual of adding a middle 6 forward @ TDL to boost their scoring.

      All in

    • Ya Caper, the kids are hanging in pretty good, thankfully.
      It sure looks like it will be 7-3, and we loose a good young D again.
      Maybe Sweeney surprises and protects 4 D, and exposes DeBrusk?

      • Ray so your 4 forward would be Bergeron, Marchand, Pastrnak and Coyle?

        I guess my question would be; by exposing Smith, Ritchie, Frederic, Debrusk, Kase

        If there value in that as per protecting another d Lauzon or Zboril.

        In the end it’s one player. Who knows what the side deals could be.

        Boston like most teams will lose a decent asset.

      • Yep, we will lose a good young player again.
        Those are the 4 I would protect up front if they go that route.
        If I was Seattle, I would focus on players under 25, so I don’t think they grab Smith (who I like).
        I wouldn’t make a deal to keep them away from anybody. Lose a guy and move on.
        It’s a tough call. Depends, who you would rather lose Zboril/Lauzon or DeBrusk?

    • Dunn could help them this year next year is another story with expansion draft and their pending UFA &RFA

  9. DeAngelo on waivers

    • I am not surprised. I’d be surprised if he gets picked up. They couldn’t trade him in off season. Despite his season last year I think very few outside of ny feel has value. Not a total loss for ny though. With all those youngsters it is a expensive but valuable lesson to them.

  10. Vince Dunn is below Scandella on the depth chart and he cost a 2nd and a 4th.

    Seems like this is more about lighting a fire under his butt than anything else, the ask is totally out of line.

    • HF30

      For what it’s worth, Scandella has been a good fit for the Blues and has played well this year. Most importantly, he has helped each pairing that he’s played be better.


      ps. I agree regarding “lighting a fire” (and last night it worked)

      pps. I disagree in that I think AT LEAST a 2nd and 4th is needed

  11. If Rutherford would have given a #2 for Dunn, rest assured that Dunn is worth that. If you watched P-O..Joseph yesterday, you watched a tribute to Rutherford’s savvy. To have been forced to trade Phil Kessel to the only team he would allow himself to be traded to, and come out of it with what looks to be a quality defenseman and cap space was not a mundane endeavor. It’s a feat as outstanding as transfiguring Daniel Sprong into Marcus Pettersson. Pettersson, a defenseman, is averaging just slightly fewer points a game than Sprong, a forward, and is a career plus-29, whereas Sprong is a career minus-19. If Dunn is as good, he’s worth a 2.

    Rutherford knows talent, and he knows the ingredients of a winning team. I’m sure there are posters on this site who are about his age and still quite witty. Sentiment and, perhaps, pressure from Crosby may have obscured his vision when he signed Jack Johnson, his first-round pick in 2005, for too long and too much, but that signing didn’t cost talent. It’s too soon to assess the worthiness of Ceci and Matheson, but while nobody was looking, Ceci has managed 3 points in 6 games and is plus-1.

    • Francis…agreed Vince Dunn or Victor Mete who Rutherford was also after (Canadiens) either is worth a number # 2 pick even our number #1 pick which is what 21,22,23,24 overall that pick guarantees nothing….this isn’t the NFL

      Dunn or Mete would be with the Penguins for a decade along with Joseph, Marino two more youngings

      • Ummm

        Never mind.

      • I liked hearing that Mete was going to the Wild, just for the fun of possibly seeing him, Brad Hunt, and Jared Spurgeon all playing somewhere in their defensive pairings at once, I had visions of Carson Soucy carrying any one of them hidden in his glove and releasing him at the blue line.

        Who would you play him with if he were a Pen?

      • 😂

  12. Dunn to the Bruins should be a no brainer but we are talking about Sweeney here

    • We don’t need Vince Dunn. We need someone to replace Rask.

      • Where Rask going ?

      • I honestly don’t care, Joe. Edmonton could use him.

  13. Senators should make a move for Sam Benette..

    • Sensfan,

      Ottawa would be the only Canadian team I think would be safe to trade Sam to.
      Just don’t know what would be a fair return.
      I think it would have to be Ottawa’s second round choice and a player

  14. Ok. Bng. My fellow sharp tongued pens fan. I will disregard the sarcasm.

    I just want to clarify.

    The penguins do not have a first this year. It’s zucker/kapenan.

    I hope you and all your family are safe and warm this snowy Sunday night.

    • Thanks..I hear what you are saying..I do and I realize we dont have a first..

      Watching Dunn here tonight versus Anaheim..he has looked decent..maybe your right lower pick maybe rikola and a 4th..

      Mete I would give up a higher pick he is faster more explosive..I missthe burgh and the seasons.. rained for two days here in LA

      What are u hearing about GM. Players..saw recent article mellanby declined now pens looking at chris Drury???thoughts on him

      He was a good player but??