NHL Rumor Mill – May 8, 2024

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Check out the latest on Leafs winger Mitch Marner, the Golden Knights’ Jonathan Marchessault, and the latest updates on the Predators and Devils in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan believes Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving should ask winger Mitch Marner whether he’d have any interest in waiving his no-movement clause.

Marner, 27, will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2025. Koshan acknowledged he’s one of the best hockey players on the planet but his performance in the Leafs’ first-round series against Boston was underwhelming and not close to what a leader should provide.

Koshan suggested exploring the trade market to see if Marner would fetch a No. 1 defenseman. If not, they can use part of the money they would’ve invested in him to sign a top blueliner in next summer’s free agent market.

Meanwhile, Steve Simmons doubts Marner or team captain John Tavares will agree to waive their no-movement clauses. He thinks Marner might have some value in the trade market but it will be limited compared to his worth because he only has a year left on his contract.

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (NHL Images).

Simmons dismissed the notion that Marner could fetch the Leafs any number of great young players as mostly fantasy. He believes the Leafs will be in a better position to address their needs next summer when Marner and Tavares come off their books.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marner could agree to waive his NMC if Treliving tells him they won’t offer a contract extension or if he starts to feel the pressure of playing in Toronto is too much. If he does, however, the Leafs likely won’t get a great return even if he agreed to a contract extension with his new club as a condition of the trade.

I’ve seen some folks suggesting the Leafs offer up Marner to the Utah franchise straight up for Clayton Keller. That won’t happen. Keller is their best player and a foundation piece on a roster of good young players. He also carries an affordable $7.125 million annual cap hit through 2027-28. They’ll want to add someone who can play with him.


LAS VEGAS SUN/LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL/THE ATHLETIC: Jack Williams, Ed Graney and Jesse Granger report Jonathan Marchessault wants to remain with the Vegas Golden Knights.

The 33-year-old winger is among the few remaining original members of the club. He’s completing a six-year contract with an average annual value of $5 million and is slated to become a UFA on July 1.

I’ve done everything I can to stay here,” Marchessault told reporters Tuesday as he and his teammates cleaned out their lockers for this season. “I know I’m a big part of this organization and team. I’ve proved that over the years.”.

I’m pretty confident. I’d love to stay. This is my home. I’m part of the guys that started this. It’s the most proud thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Marchessault said he spoke with general manager Kelly McCrimmon and their chat went well. “He wants me back,” he said. “He likes me, obviously, and the feeling is mutual.” McCrimmon agreed the conversation went well, adding he’s had preliminary talks with the winger and his agent.

The problem is the Golden Knights’ limited salary-cap space. They have roughly $7.6 million available with 18 active roster players under contract for next season. A new contract for Marchessault could cost between $6 million and $7 million annually on a three or four-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It will take plenty of salary-cap gymnastics to free up sufficient room to sign Marchessault and leave enough for the rest of the roster.

That means making a cost-cutting trade or two. All of the expensive Golden Knights have some form of no-trade protection. Four – Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, Tomas Hertl and Alex Pietrangelo – have no-movement clauses.

William Karlsson, Ivan Barbashev, Shea Theodore and Adin Hill carry cap hits of $4.9 million or higher and have modified no-trade clauses. One of them could become a trade candidate.


THE TENNESSEAN: Alex Daugherty and Gentry Estes report Nashville Predators GM Barry Trotz said everything was on the table regarding his off-season plans for the club.

Trotz told reporters on Tuesday that he wants to build up his top nine forwards, adding more youth and speed to augment the top line of Filip Forsberg, Ryan O’Reilly and Gustav Nyquist.

We’ve got some draft capital that will allow us to be flexible and use those assets to acquire (talent),” he said. “That’s what we’re going to have to do.”

Trotz could be leaning toward re-signing Juuse Saros rather than trading him. The 29-year-old goaltender has a year remaining on his contract. The Predators can re-sign him starting on July 1. Trotz said Saros wants to stay and he wants to keep him. “We’re gonna work hard on getting something done with him.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Saros was the subject of frequent trade speculation often linking him to the New Jersey Devils. He’s earning an AAV of $5 million on his current deal and it will cost more to re-sign him. I don’t doubt Trotz’s sincerity about retaining Saros but it will be worthwhile to monitor those negotiations.


NEW JERSEY HOCKEY NOW: Jonathan Bailey cited TSN’s Darren Dreger reporting the Devils are speaking to multiple candidates for their vacant head-coaching job, including former Edmonton Oilers bench boss Jay Woodcroft.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Devils hope to hire a new coach within 7-10 days. “They should have a clearer picture by the end of this week.”


  1. Marner to the Isles for Pelech , Wahlstrom and JGP. Money is close and Pelech would be the Leafs best defenseman. JGP is a good penalty killer takes the body and face off guy. Who knows about Wahlstrom a project for sure. Marner would have to agree on an extension though he could play with Barzal and Horvatt. Any takers?

    • You mean after Treliving is done laughing?

    • Pete, there the issue as you mention Marner being a UfA. Agree Toronto to get max value in a trade, Marner would need to sign an extension.

      That’s what makes moving Marner difficult:

      the dollar amount
      ufa status
      How much Mitch new contract, $$/term
      Toronto wanting to add to be a cup contender.
      Getting Marner to waive his nmc

      No shortage of teams that would like to have Marner in their lineup, he has top end skill.

      Maybe the right move is no move at all.

    • Pageau is a 31 year old (32 in November), 3rd line center with 2 more years on his $5M per year contract.
      Definitely not what
      Leafs want plugins up their cap gymnastics.
      Wahlstrom has had many years to prove his value and has not done so.
      He appears, at best to be a 3rd line winger.
      Pelech would be Leafs best defenseman but he is already 30 and has 5 more years to run on his contract.
      Leafs already know (TJ Brodie, Muzzin) what happens to defensemen as they reach their 32nd and 33rd years.
      They begin to break down and decline.
      Leafs need younger players in return for Marner.

    • How about Marner to LA for Pierre Luc Dubois

      • Okay…..L.A. Kings fan

      • Pierre Luc-Dubois is utter trash, Plus his future Detroit born wife won’t live in Canada, hence why he trains in Detroit in the off-season to visit her. Not going to happen Marner > PLD.

    • Dude that’s utter garbage for Mitch Marner, It’s oing to cost Pullock and then some.

  2. Teams love players and players love teams but it is rare that a “mature” player takes a team-friendly contract to stay; the reality is that there are usually two or three contracts a GM has to deal with and the process of, say, shaving 1.5MM from each of three front line contracts to bolster a team’s third lines and cup chances is theoretically possible, it’s a juggling act that, even if it goes perfectly, can fail.
    No matter how good the GM’s mental gymnastics, he’s one injury or one bad bounce away from it blowing up in his face. One would think that, a star who has aggregate career earnings of 50MM plus, if he’s had good financial advice, can make that extra bit a of salary a secondary concern — but there is a vast array of forces whispering “take the money”; not the least being an agent who works on percentage and a league full of GM’s willing to overpay.
    The question seldom discussed is whether the star having a one-team career is sentimental tom-foolery in a harsh business, or a real value to both the player and the team. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t imply value to wishing that HOF players could play out their career with one team after a dozen years of service, absent the player seeking a cup because his organization couldn’t provide one. Its appended to career descriptions….”and he played his entire career for single organization…..”
    Is there enough value here that the league should work an exception; ie should Pittsburgh pay a penalty for resigning a Crosby? AT some age/years of service I think its appropriate.

    • You mean Stamkos and Hedman don`t you. They`ve both won a cup and now you`re saying Tampa now wants an extra advantage so they can resign their players. Do you want some ice cream to go along with the cake. Tampa has no state tax, which is a huge advantage in itself and that makes it harder for teams to hang onto their HOF`ers. The NHL needs to level the playing field for all 32 teams, not handing out more advantages. It must of slipped your mind that Tampa just might benefit the most from that kind of a ruling. I`ll take groveling for 200 Alex

      • Stamkos @ 34 scored 40 and can be signed to a four year deal – at end of which he will still be younger than Crosby & potentially just as effective — when Tampa will face the issue Pittsburgh faces now.

  3. Spector comment re Mariner. I respectfully disagree with you. If Treliving tells Mariner he won’t extend him or imply disrespect towards him, the fallout from dissing a top player like that by other top players Toronto may hope to acquire would be huge. Mariner would play out his last year and move on. Toronto gets nothing. Fans would explode. Treliving isn’t that naive.

    • Richard: So you’re saying the Leafs will take a soon-to-be 30-year-old, oft-injured, left-shot defenseman (which doesn’t address their need for right-shot blueliners) who has a full NTC and is signed through 2028-29, a young winger who isn’t good enough to crack the top-six on a team lacking scoring punch, and a 31-year-old checking line center for Marner? Sorry, but that makes no sense.

      Look, I don’t disagree that the Leafs won’t get full value in a trade for Marner, assuming he’ll waive his NMC. But they would get much better than that elsewhere.

      • Dobson, JPG and Wally might be appealing. But TML would have to retain $2M…….
        I don’t see Dodson being moved though.

      • Dobson would be appealing but not JPG or Wahlstrom.

      • For Johnny Marner 50% retained for Dobson & NYI`s 24 1st. Doubtful Marner waives to go to the island. The true goal if you`re trading Marner is the cap space gained. If you can trade Marner to lets say Utah for picks and prospects you`ll win the trade, maybe Crouse, picks and prospects. Granted one has to put the cap space you open up to good use. To tell Marner you`re not going to extend is disrespectful, that`s a joke. Trev had a choice to make resign Nylander or Marner, he choose Nylander. Good choice and yes 11.5 x8 is still an over payment, Nylander shows up for the playoffs at least

    • There are ways to handle things and ways not to!
      Leafs do not need to disrespect Marner!
      All they need to do is offer him the same contract they gave William Nylander.
      If Marner accepts then he is welcomed back with open arms.
      If Marner refuses and holds out for more money then he is indicating to the Team that being a “Leaf For Life” is not among his priorities and that money is.
      At this point the Leafs indicate to Marner and his group that they appreciate his viewpoint but have decided they need to go in a different direction.
      The Leafs then, respectfully inquire as to whether there is a team or a couple of teams that Marner might consider waiving his NTC to move to.
      If Marner’s camp refuses then there is nothing they can do but wait for Marner’s $11 million dollar cap space to open up.
      Marner, on the other hand must deal with a year of massive negativity from Leaf Nation and the Toronto media.
      Something he may decide is not in his and his wife’s best interests.
      Everyone receives the respect and consideration they deserve.
      No hard feelings!

  4. Can’t see any trade solution including Marner @ full whack to be won by Leafs. None.

    There is no question that he is a good player.

    However, (1) he’s in full control of where he gets traded to (IF he agrees to move ); (2) almost $11 M Cap hit ; (3) one year left on term ; (4) expecting to demand north of $12 M on his next contract

    With that said…. How many teams have that space, AND want him, AND Marner wants them; AND have assets not only willing to give up, but ALSO those same assets being of interest to Treliving…IF there are any teams that check all those boxes, the list can’t be more than2

    2 suitors (at max) only…. Does not bode well for Leafs winning a deal

    Above all is with the understanding of zero retention

    50% retention and the list is fairly big. List diminishes with drops in percentages retained.

    After he’s paid his signing bonus, he is owed only $775 K

    Treliving could “pay” (assets) one team to retain 50% (or two teams each retains 25%) (Effectively trading Marner to a team with only $2.75 M Cap hit and actually costing them only $195 K cash).

    That team should easily be willing to give up a first and an early/mid 20s top 6 winger or top 4 D, plus a prospect or mid rounder.

    That prospect (or mid rounder) would be used in paying off part of the middle teams’ retention “fees”

    The net…. Leafs flip Marner for a young top 6 forward or young top 4 D with term, gain a 1st, gain at least $6 M in Cap space , at the expense of a mid round pick or prospect(2nd part of the retention fees to be paid to the middle team(s) ).

    At this point in time my guess is better than 50% chance he stays a Leaf (at least until trade deadline)

    • 8787, why would Marner move at the trade deadline? NMC still in force. Only reason would be if Leafs are nowhere close to a playoff berth. Don’t see that happening with Berube (or Brind’Amour) as coach.

      Treliving was down this road before with Matthew Tkachuk. Dubas will be all-in on Marner, 8 x $12.5.

    • Nope

  5. Trade Karlsson for futures.
    Sign Marchy at 4 x$6.75M
    Sign Stephenson at 4 X $4M

  6. Maybe Vegas will just put Stone and Eichel on LTIR for the whole season this time.

  7. Lyle, slightly off topic but are you aware of any discussion between the NHL and NHLPA about making no or modified trade lists public?

    I don’t get the secrecy.

    And I think it would temper fan pressure on team management when they see the obstacles their GMs face when trying to move players in or out.

      • Thanks. But I am not seeing a tab which displays which teams players have on their NTC.

        What I am getting at is it’s easy to understand a NMC, that means Marner, for example cannot be moved to any team – unless he agrees.

        NTCs are not all inclusive and seem to be secret. Knowing what teams are on players limited NT list would surely inform GMs and fans alike. If my assumption is correct, are you aware of any discussion about making such lists public?

      • A full NTC is like an NMC in that we know that means the player cannot be traded to any of the other NHLs without his permission.

        A modified or partial NTC is based on a list the player submits at the start of each season. Those lists are kept between the player, his agent, and his team’s general manager. Other clubs have no reason to know about them unless they make inquiries expressing interest in acquiring him. As per the CBA, that information is supposed to be confidential. If a pundit claims he’s heard a player won’t agree to go to a certain team, that info was usually shared by the player, his agent or someone in the front office (usually the GM).

        As for the fans, it’s none of our business, which provides us with something to talk about!

      • Ok. That’s a through explanation. Thanks.

        I have one pushback – not on you, but on this topic.

        Why is the limited no trade list “none of our business.”? We know players’ salaries, which most people consider (rightly) to be none of anyone else’s business. I wouldn’t dream of asking you how much you make.

        We also know about injuries, which in he non-sports world is private information. Were I to enter an employee assistance program, I would not read about it in tomorrow’s news, but we do with players.

        I can’t see how something as benign as a LNT clause is somehow more secret. Bizarre, IMO.

      • It’s a labour issue, LJ, as part of the CBA.

      • Are they ever really honest about injuries? Most of the time it’s “lower body injury “ or upper body injury “

        If teams had to disclose what teams are on ntc don’t you think that it would possibly hurt return when trading players? Why would fans need to know that information?

      • I didn’t say fans have to know about injuries, CO. I said fans often are told. We knew Marner had a high ankle sprain and that Nylander had migraines.

        And no, I don’t see how knowing what the
        L/NTC non destinations are could hurt the trade return.

        The benefit for fans knowing what the teams are on the L/MTCs that it would temper expectations about what their teams’ GMs can and can’t do. And it would have saved the Sens a draft pick …. :-0

        How many times do we see trade scenarios thrown out on this site, sparking lengthy exchanges, without any of us knowing whether the player(s) involved would go to the suggested teams?

        Anyway, I’ve had my say.

      • Easy to say fans need to know when fans have nothing to lose. Would you be okay with your favorite team taking less because it’s public knowledge of where they’re going?

  8. Tavares – nmc
    Marner – nmc
    Nylander – nmc
    Matthews – nmc
    Reilly – nmc

    Leafs going to run it back even if they dont want too.

    • Leafs with $61 M with at least some trade protection attached to it for 24/25.

      The 5 NMCs listed , at least for this year (23/24) all signed by same GM ; who has already destroyed one franchise and well on his way (note in only 10 months!) to destroying his second franchise.

      That GM gets a huge annual paycheque and for several more years.

      Where is the logic?

  9. Marchessault is coming off 2 successive years of only getting $3.5 M (albeit in a no state tax location)

    3 years at $6 M in most other US NHL cities is like $4.7-$5 M in Vegas. $6 M in Canadian cities similar to $4.4 M in Vegas

    I mistakenly proposed an 8 year heavily front loaded (with signing bonuses) deal for Marchessault with a low Cap hit. Lyle pointed out that this doesn’t work under new CBA.

    I didn’t realize this applied to all contracts and not just 35+ ones. Shame on me.

    However, Marchessault wants to stay. They want him to stay.

    If other teams are willing to go 3 years at $6.5 M (so that’s like 3 @ $5.3M from Knights if $6.5 M offered from most US franchises and around $4.9’ish from Knights if $6.5 M offer was from a Canadian franchise).

    He’d like to stay. Moving means a house sale and uprooting family. It’s to the benefit to both McCrimmon and Marchessaultto be flexible. Remember, he only got $3.5 M in each of last two years.

    Signing elsewhere likely means 3 years, and uproots family.

    McCrimmon could keep Cap hit the same ($5M) if he did 5@$5M, with full NMC…. thus keeping Marchessault a Knight for the rest of his career. $5M is the same as the cap hit for Lehner (*LTIR)

    $5 M in next 2 years is quite a bargain for knights; years 4 and 5 (when he’s playing at 37 and 38 years old) probably a bargain for Marchessault.

    If I was Marchessault and offered 3 @ $6.5 M to upheave family and go to a different team with effectively the same take home as $4.7 M – $5.3 M in Vegas, then I’d take 5 @ $5 M to stay

    Note: Lightning (no space), Panthers (no space); Stars (very little space) , Kraken (some space but not a playoff team right now) ; and Predators all have same tax rate as players on Knights

    I think he stays a Knight

    • In the last 12 years he’s been a part of 5 different organizations.

      NY Rangers

      I don’t think he has issues with moving.

      • After he signed the extension with Vegas he stated many times that he and his young family didn’t want to keep uprooting/moving and that is why he signed that contract.

        I can’t possibly know if they have changed their feeling on that; but my guess is that with all of his kids now in school and familiar with (school , friends; school system) that he is more likely to want to stay than move on

        He publicly (yes they all do) has stated in the last few days that he wants to stay

        Setting aside any feelings or family considerations; if happy with current organization; a player would only move if the deal makes him better off

        No player who is happy with current team will take an equal contract offer from another unless there is/are other factors regarding that “new” team (such as currently on a team that will again miss playoffs, other team is a cup contender…. Not the case for Vegas (reigning champs);or local city issues like crime in the rise etc)

        Marchessault stays for sure if other teams net (of taxes) offers are the same or worse than McCrimmon’s

        I believe (don’t know, but believe) he’d likely take a slightly lower take home to stay (and not uproot family) and almost assuredly would stay if McCrimmon offer net of taxes is even more below other take home amounts from other teams IF the Vegas offer has longer term

        Time will tell

        My gut feeling… he stays

      • If his kids were HS or even Junior HS, I’d almost understand. His oldest is 10.

        5th grade? Possibly 4th? Reality is, this could possibly be his last pro contract. Why would he take less? Not to move his kids?

        “Vegas is a great place to raise a family “ said no sensible human being ever.

    • Your math is off. Sure you are not paying tax while playing your home games in Vegas, and you’re not paying tax when you play in Seattle, Dallas, Tampa, Miami, Nashville, etc. as these states do not have the Jock Tax, or state taxes either.
      However, you’re re still paying the tax rate for away games.
      The saving for the tax rate is nominal at best.
      This is likely JM’s last big contract of his career. Yes he is older, but only has 630ish regular season games played. Coming off the year he just had, teams are going to offer 7+ possibly 8+ million on a multiyear deal.
      I think he wants to stay in Vegas, hell Petro wanted to stay in St. Louis, but money is money. Vegas is going to have to make a move to resign JM. I honestly think they already know they are going to move Theodore. No possible way they will be able to afford him next summer, and that’s why they traded and extended Hanifin so quickly.

  10. Trade Marner to Chicago for Jones before the draft. Chicago can draft a defensman with the second overall pick

    • Only if Marner waives.

    • Ha Ha Ha Seth Jones made it quite clear that he has no desire to play in Canada.

      And why would Mitch Marnr even think about waiving for one of the worst teams in the NHL?

      Obviously both Jones and Marner don’t waive.

  11. @ Richard Lilfield..Please don’t confuse Steven Stamkos with Sidney Crosby…that’s just stupid on your part.

    Have a god day !!