NHL Rumor Mill – May 7, 2024

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Check out the latest on Leafs winger Mitch Marner, Kings center Pierre-Luc Dubois and Capitals goaltender Darcy Kuemper in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


SPORTSNET: Luke Fox believes a Mitch Marner trade makes sense for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The 27-year-old winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. They cannot let him walk out the door for nothing.

Fox admits it would be difficult to move someone with an expensive salary cap hit ($10.9 million annually) like Marner. However, it’s not impossible, pointing to Jack Eichel and Erik Karlsson as recent examples.

The catch is how much Marner truly loves playing in Toronto. “That, we don’t know,” writes Fox.

At face value, Leafs general manager Brad Treliving can’t win a Marner trade. He’d risk the same criticism then-Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli faced in 2016 when he shipped Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils for top-four defenseman Adam Larsson.

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (NHL Images).

However, Fox suggests Treliving “could properly disperse his dollars in a manner for fitting to team success.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marner’s contract is the major obstacle in the path of a possible trade. It could adversely affect the type of return the Leafs might get.

The verdict is still out on the return the Sabres received from the Vegas Golden Knights in the Eichel deal. The Sharks might get an extra first-rounder in this year’s draft but they got little else in real value in last summer’s Karlsson trade with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

With the right creativity, Treliving might pull it off. As to what that might be, your guess is as good as mine.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Jonathan Bailey believes the Flyers should avoid trying to acquire Marner. While he’s established himself among the league’s premier players, his reputation as an inconsistent playoff performer is one reason they should pass on him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers fans have little to worry about. Marner has a full no-movement clause and the Flyers might not be among his preferred destinations. Besides, general manager Daniel Briere insists he’s still following a rebuilding path despite his club exceeding expectations this season. He won’t pursue Marner if he becomes available this summer.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Spencer Lazary believes the Los Angeles Kings should bite the bullet and trade Pierre-Luc Dubois to the Montreal Canadiens. He cited the recent skepticism regarding Dubois’ future in Los Angeles and the speculation last summer regarding his desire to play for the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lazary’s column appeared before Kings GM Rob Blake’s press conference yesterday. Blake shot down speculation he might buy out Dubois’ contract, adding his club intends to work with him to improve his performance. That doesn’t sound like he’s planning to put the 25-year-old center on the trade block.

The Canadiens probably wouldn’t be interested in Dubois if Blake peddled him this summer. His $8.5 million annual average value for the next seven years is too expensive while the decline in his production will tank his trade value.

Maybe the Canadiens look into the availability of Arthur Kaliyev. Blake was critical of the 22-year-old winger, prompting speculation his time with the Kings could be over. He’s coming off his entry-level contract and could be an affordable reclamation project.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Sammi Silber cited Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek suggesting the Kings ship Dubois to the Washington Capitals for goaltender Darcy Kuemper.

Both players could use a change of scenery. Dubois would have an opportunity to skate alongside Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin while Kuemper could address the Kings’ need for a starting goaltender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Silber does a good job explaining why that deal wouldn’t interest the Capitals. His contract and underwhelming play this season are the main reasons against it.


  1. Marner (retain 2M) for Kuemper, ’24 1st +??

    • 2 Coach Hires this AM….

      ➡️ Senators Hire Travis Green as Head Coach

      ➡️ St Louis Remove interm, and Make Bannister Head Coach

      5 teams left to find a Coach….

      Where is Graig Berube Going……….NJ….❓Or…❓

  2. Toronto could trade marner for markstrom or Keller.markstrom is finished with Calgary after his trade fiasco and Utah will have millions with which to make a big splash.

    • They’d be nuts to trade Keller.

      • I agree George, don’t make sense for Utah to trade Keller for Marner. Keller is on a team friendley 7.1 mil contract and Marner if he chose to go there would be looking at up to 12 mil.

      • Utah will be gig game hunting with there $43.M
        in cap space.
        They can add Scoring at LW & Centre and some good d peices to fix there Top 4
        to speed up there re-build…..🤙🏿

      • Premier, as I keep saying, I’d consider no one untouchable on my roster. If the right offer came along – and in some obvious instances around the league the offer would have to be overwhelming (likely never to happen so some – like McDavid, Matthews – would, technically anyway, be indeed “untouchable”).

        But Marner for Keller would in no way be even close to overwhelming.

      • Trading Keller for Marner would be a sideways move for Utah.
        With the difference between there two contracts it would make the trade even more questionable.
        Utah would need both Marner and Keller playing together to make a difference.

        Trading Crouse and McBain or Crouse and Durzi or Crouse and Utah’s 1st round pick (#6) for Marner makes a lot more sense for Utah.

    • Not giving up Markstrom unless Marner commits to Calgary. Also, I doubt Calgary is interested in Marner. His style does not mesh well with the style of the Western Conference.

  3. Hey Spencer do the Habs have a say in the matter? I don’t think Hughes is interested now and I also don’t believe Blake is trading him after one bad year.

    • Howard, would you do Anderson and Gallagher for PLD?

      • I don’t think the Kings are that desperate. They’ll stick with PLD another year. As Craig points out below the PLD ship has sailed for the Habs. They’ve moved on. So I wouldn’t do it. Better to bite the bullet for 3 more years on those bad contracts.?

      • Why would the Kings, or anyone else, be interested in two bad contracts? I love Gallagher’s grit and determination but he’ doesn’t produce anywhere near 6.5 per, a contract that has three more years.

        I’ve given up defending Anderson. He’s never put up more than 32 points with Montreal.

      • Wow Anderson and Gallagher get you a 7th round pick and Habs would have to retain 50% of their salaries

  4. Flyers take a hard pass on Muskoka Mitch.

    No thank you.

  5. Looking at this list of teams and projected cap[ space, it’s clear that those with potentially the most to spend are all in various stages of a re-build – and even there, in some instances several have key, rising RFAs they need to re-sign, as well as a few UFAs they might like to retain.

    I can’t see Marner waiving his NMC to go to any of those. As for contending teams he MIGHT be willing to consider, the only way any of those could take him on is if they can move some of their own high-cap players to make room. And you can bet none of those will be players those teams wouldn’t mind moving out.

    There’s no point in Toronto taking back some high cap hit for Marner as that would defeat the purpose of dealing him in the first place!

    Bottom line: is there a potential trading partner out there willing to relinquish an up-and-coming F or D who is cost-controlled with term remaining. along with, perhaps, a high pick (the only things that make sense for Toronto)?

    None jump to mind here.


    • Should read “And you can bet all of those will be players those teams wouldn’t mind moving out.”

  6. I’ve said this before l, I’ll say it again: MTL has no interest in acquiring a centre making more money than there top 2 scorers. They are most certainly not interested in an 8.5 mil 40 scorer. The Dubois ship sailed, move along.

  7. Jukebox Fox has been LeafsNets king of run it back for years.

    Seems like Leafy Luke finally realizes what people have been saying for 5 years.

    4 pond hockey playing marshmallows choking down half your cap will never win a Cup.

    Tough day for the Jukebox.

    • Ron, you might be the most negative person in the world. Just luv to pile on and kick while down. It’s all you ever do. Blah Blah Blah. Then bath in your own brilliance.

      Well that and making up another handle and agreeing and praising your self on this site until Lyle shut you down. Flippin’ weird.

      Marshmallows? I would bet my truck that a 26 yr old Ron Jull wouldn’t last a shift in the NHL and Mitch Marner would have kicked your ass.

      Give me a break.

      • Wow man,

        Bitter much?

        Have a great day, cheers.

      • Shoooo get back under your bridge you troll! Ron Jull can say good points but prefers to sound like a jackass with every post. We get it! You hate Luke Fox for pissing on your corn flakes and all things in Leafs land.

        Despite sucking it big time this year, maybe due to that high ankle sprain, he’s been around a point or more per game in the playoffs…that’s also including when he was on his ELC for his first three years on a young and up incoming Leafs team. Is that not important when evaluating him?

      • Hey, Ron, what Ray said……

    • The obvious trade is Marner for Pierre Luc Dubois.

      Leafs fans talk amongst yourselves.

  8. Dubois will be fine. Slightly overpaid, but fine. Many players struggle in their first year with a new club. Player deployment is a huge factor as well.
    I’d just wait and see.

  9. Interesting that of all the Leafs exit interviews yesterday only Keefe and Samsonov had the berries to say I needed to be better.

    Core 4? Zero accountability.

    • Yes. They were both to blame because both Keefe and Sammy weren’t good enough at all…and yes none of the 4 took any accountability. Their fault to be injured and played as such and/or not every game! Bums.

      It would have been funny to hear Austin or Willie say I should have been better and not had my injury this week. Would have that make you sleep better at night?

  10. Kuemper??? He’s a backup at this point, I hope the Devils dont get any crazy ideas to take a flyer on him

  11. Matthews – nmc
    Marner – nmc
    Tavares – nmc
    Nylander – nmc
    Reilly – nmc

    Good luck Leafs.

    • Hey Ron,
      They will have to try to trade MM this of season for an offencive RD-man makeing around the $5-$6.M
      the $5-6 Mill they have left, maybe the sign a 2nd paring LD-man…

      Next year when his contract ends Tavares will be Gone, 7 years of nothing time to move on from him….. you will have an Extra $11.M to spend

      They name Mathews the Captain. 👌

      They will keep Mathews, Nylander & Reilly
      and add players around the $4.M to $8.M range and re-build there d from there
      They have some good young player coming up over the next 1 & 2 Years

      The Big Question is Leafs Goaltending⁉️ ….🤔
      you better bring Samsonove back for 2-3 years
      or Trade for a Starter,

      Joseph Woll
      Total Games played, over the past 3 years AHL & NHL as He is INJURED A LOT 🤔

      19 Games,❗️ 2021-22 season
      28 Games, ❗️2022-23 season
      26 Games, ❗️2023-24 season

      • As a Blues fan, would love to land Marner. I think the dude is a scapegoat in Toronto.

        Toronto gets Krug and Kyrou, St. Louis gets Marner.

    • Tkachuk
      Giroux—————only Claude has a NMC.

      Travis Green eh? Sighhhhhhh wouldn’t have made my top ten choices. But I don’t own a billion dollar hockey team.

    • Ron, good luck for the Leafs to finish top 10 in the league again and good luck making it 9 yrs in a row being in the playoffs. Kinda opposite of the flyers, eh?

  12. If Blake wants to trade PLD, send him to Boston and a 2nd round pick and we’ll send Pavel Zacha and Ullmark (if he waives his ntc)

    PLD would become Boston 1st line center, Poitras 2nd line C, Coyle 3rd line C and Beecher 4th line C

    • That would be a HUGE overpay by the Bruins. I’m not sure I would do Ullmark alone for that return. PLD comes with too much uncertain baggage.

  13. I would rather sign Stephenson and bring in another winger!The Poitras kid would be better playing a year at Providence! Needs to add strength and muscle!Don t trust PLD! 3 teams and a disappointment in all 3 places!

    • SR, PLD was not a disappointment in Winnipeg. played 3 season, first season only 42 games.

      last two season 82gp 28g 32a 60pts
      73gp 27g 36a 63pts

      Team heavy and hard, none of his teammates had any issues or concerns regarding him personally.

      Stephenson would be a nice pickup and would only cost dollars. Read that Vegas wants to get a deal in place, so he might not be available.

      • Bold move Caper. Don’t hate it, but seems a bit risky due to what happened in LA this year. But when PLD is playing well, he is a force, so it is tempting. The actual transaction you proposed seems fair too.

        Perhaps Lindholm’s ask will be reduced due to his struggle this year. I still like the player, only costs cash. Try to get a young asset or 1st Rd pick for Ullmark. Lindholm reportedly had a good 1st rd series with Nucks.

        Rumor is Ullmark had most of the western teams on his no trade list. Sounds like he wants to stay on the eastern half of the continent.

  14. PLD for half retained to Montreal for 2 2nds and ?. LA wont get back a Vilardi at this point unless PLD refind his game which disappears too often for me

  15. Marner for Seth Jones??
    Marner for Parenyko + ??
    Marner for Drew Doughty??

    • Hey Ron,

      They move Marner this year at the draft or after the UFA period… They need 2 X 2nd pairing d/men
      At the end of next season they Dont bring Tavares back …. they let him walk, he is really slowing down as we seen in the playoffs again.
      that gives Tree $22.M to help fix the Leafs
      I hope they bring Samsonove back as cost is hight for a starter?

    • Hey Johnny,

      I could see them dowing that deal
      Marner for Parenyko +..and maybe Brandon Saad❓

      they already have a top RW Jordan Kyrou? but the blues need more Scoring….

  16. How about Marner to Pitt for R.Smith and R.Rakell?
    Dollars are close and Smith and Rakell bring some cup experience and grit to Tor whlie Marner can give Crosby and the Penguins some offense to make up for Guentzel loss.

  17. Marner would be a nice addition to the Blackhawks
    Perfect wingman and mentor for Connor Bedard …

    I doubt the Blackhawks would be willing to part with Seth Jones, but maybe the Leafs could sweeten the pot !

    Not sure on the Blackhawk’s talent pool, but I imagine it’s fairly deep and a trade with Toronto would be amicable

    I would like to reach out to the hockey minds on here…

    Why is Treliving been hung out to dry with leaving The Flames in a mess …
    Tkachuk scenario – Treliving had no control over , Matthew T . wanted out…
    Or was Kadri a bad signing ..
    Or am I missing something , as per Treliving’s tenure , not accomplishing much ?!?!

    • That was my first thought with Marner to the BHawks for Jones. Toronto would have to add. Jones is under contract while Marner could walk away after a year on Bedards wing.

      • If Marner waives to go to the lowly Hawks, it seems he would be open to an extension. He could be The Man’s Main Wingman!

      • Brian, any possibility of a walk away trade is a no go. The Tkachuk deal in Florida is the blueprint – 8 year extension sign and trade (or trade and sign). No guarantees that this gets done – Marner would have to decide which team he wants to play on for the next 8 – 9 years. He could just play out the string and sign a 7 year contract when he becomes a free agent next July.

        Possible downside is a career ending injury during the season and/or facing a disgruntled fanbase for 41 home games.

        What if Chicago wins the draft lottery tonight?All of a sudden, you have a team that could be a contender for most of the next decade.

  18. Tre should have moved Gaudreau for something anything.
    That led to Tkachuk and Lindholm who they knew in October was not renewing.
    The contract management in regards to terms all ending at the same time . I believe it was 7 . Mismanaged .
    Huberdeau at 10.5 from 5.9 was ridiculous . Kadri ok. You need someone to play center
    One thing I have learned with Tre is that he will surprise you . If there is a deal for Marner he’ll find it.

    I thought the Habs were just going wait for Dubois and get him for nothing ? Just like Boston and Hanifin.
    Doesn’t happen in real life for good players

    Maybe Mathews and Nylander should have had some rest down the stretch . How important is getting 70 now ? Of course the players want to play so management has to protect them from themselves for the betterment of the team not indivisible stats

  19. Protas and Kuemper for Marner ($2.3M retained)
    Cap is near even, should be good for both sides.

  20. Amazing the way so many media people want to make “hay” by pushing Marner out the door. The sort of reaction an angry fan has – not an experienced GM.
    You have to realize that the same kind of story gets pushed each year. Last year was Nylander’s turn.
    Looking at this long-term, from a team perspective, does it make sense to deal Marner? Not really.
    What would they potentially lose?
    1. An elite set-up man who drives play, and contributed massively to Goal totals for Matthews and Nylander.Always has.
    2. Regular season model of consistency, How many team record point streaks has he been on? Plenty.
    3. You would also need to replace his PK and defensive play. Since the days of speedsters Kasperi Kapanen, Pierre Engvall, and Ilya Mikeyev, the Leafs have replaced speedy 2-way players with 1-demensional 4th liners with speed.
    That has left Marner as the only real threat to score shorthanded, and likely explains why they can’t get 4 or more goals against good play-off teams lately.
    4. He is the stick that stirs the Leafs success. So many reporters were eager to share that Marner was out with a high-ankle sprain injury, yet none acknowledge the difficulty in returning early for play-off action, despite the loss of the ability for quick turns and quick acceleration. In a game vs BOS in which nobody was connecting, Marner pushed himself to make a spectacular goal that could not carry the day.

    In short, moving Marner, they need at least 2 star players back to break even. More likely, we see the GM, try to shave salary again by doing things like replacing vets with prospects like Cowan, who could be a great fit in the bottom 6. McMann will be back full time, Minten, and likely Samsonov, Brodie, Murray, maybe Bertuzzi and Tavares will only get extensions at lower rates with bonuses driven by performance. Nies will be counted on to gain an extra gear.
    I expect Tavares will be realistic and take an extension of maybe 5 years at 5 million or less. Samsonov, likely takes 1 more year at around 3Million, with bonuses, or the Leafs play hard ball and declare Woll will be starter next season, and the back-up will be paid no more than 1.5 Million. Then see if any of Murray, Samsonov, or Jones bite on that offer.
    Marner likely gets his extension. Either a short one that saves the Leafs cap briefly, or a long one that shakes loose the NTC. An 8 year extension with NTC, will only be offered at a bargain price.