Canucks On The Brink Of Collapse

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. Lyle, I read a column today that illustrated Vancouver’s dilemma. Because of the 56 game schedule and with the Canucks having played 15 games already, they need to play at a .625 clip from this point to reach the points percentage that would normally get them into the top four in the division.
    Another potential roadblock for Vancouver is the covid 19 situation: to date, the Canadian division has had no games rescheduled but that could change at any time. Any contraction of the Canucks’ schedule would make their task even more difficult.
    A coaching change might make a difference but a hot goalie is really what they need.

  2. They are a capped out mess with Eriksson, Baertchi making up $10m sitting in the pressbox, add 3m Luongo recapture and 15m wasted on bottom 6 while a 6’7 giraffe named Myers is making $6m

    Crosshairs should rightfully be on Benning.