NHL Rumor Mill – February 15, 2021

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Could the Penguins pursue Ducks goalie John Gibson? Are the Flames any closer to trading Sam Bennett? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy reports an NHL source hinted John Gibson and his agent are concerned about the direction of the Anaheim Ducks. Gibson’s goaltending is the reason the Ducks are in playoff contention despite their weak offense.

Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson (NHL Images).

Another source wondered if the Pittsburgh Penguins might pursue Gibson. Brian Burke, the Penguins’ new president of hockey operations, still has connections with the Ducks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gibson has every reason to be concerned about the direction of the Ducks. He’s in the second season of an eight-year, $51.2 million contract. He could be reluctant to spend most of it backstopping a rebuilding club.

There’s no indication Gibson or his agent have approached Ducks general manager Bob Murray about a trade. We also don’t know if any teams are calling about Gibson’s availability but it wouldn’t surprise me if there have been some inquiries.

The Penguins have limited salary-cap space for this season and next. If they were to pursue Gibson they must shed around $6 million in cap space to make room for his annual average value.

And no, I don’t believe Murray would absorb part of Gibson’s cap hit to make a trade happen. For that matter, I don’t think he has any intention of trading his starter. Still, assuming he would make that move, he won’t want any more dead cap space than what he’s currently got with Corey Perry’s buyout counting against the books to the end of 2022-23.


CALGARY SUN: Daniel Austin observed how talk of the Flames trading forward Sam Bennett has cooled since they put him on a line with Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan. He also pointed out how recent injuries to Derek Ryan, Mikael Backlund and Elias Lindholm have depleted the Flames’ forward depth.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Duhatschek recently examined Bennett’s situation, suggesting placing him with Gaudreau and Monahan was either to heal whatever rift exists or showcase him for a trade.

This summer’s expansion draft could also a concern. Duhatschek suggested it might be worthwhile for the Flames to explore getting a valuable asset like a draft pick or a draft-exempt prospect for Bennett rather than risk losing him for nothing to the Seattle Kraken.

The Toronto Maple Leafs would be a good fit if it weren’t for their limited salary-cap space. Other options could be rebuilding clubs such as the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and Ottawa Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bennett hasn’t kicked up a fuss about being moved so it seems Flames GM Brad Treliving has decided to ignore his agent’s trade request. Then again, putting him alongside Gaudreau and Monahan could’ve been the motive all along by the Bennett camp. Perhaps Treliving shopped around but hasn’t yet found a suitable offer. Maybe he’s decided to wait until this summer because he needs Bennett for the playoffs.

Whatever the reason, Bennett no longer seems the trade certainty he was earlier this month. That could change with one phone call but that might not be coming anytime soon.


  1. The Ducks are in one of the worst positions any pro sports team can be in … no man’s land …

    • Augustus re oilers from yesterday thread .
      I would add a couple to your keepers list up front and take one away . Do you watch a lot of Oiler games ?
      My keeper list would be mcdavid Draisaitl nuge Yamamoto . Agree about kahun , would extend and keep him if the price is reasonable . Good chemistry with Leon , like his shiftiness and tenacity.
      Archibald is a strong bottom 6 player , key penalty killer last two years , can slide up and down the lineup in short term pinches , will and does block and lay his body on the line every night , and hits like a guy twice his weight , heavy for his size . He’s a keeper
      Jesse P , if he hasn’t impressed you to this point , I would say the expectations were out of whack . He is huge , fast , gaining confidence and you can see his game grow game by game , I’m not saying he’s Gretzky , I’m saying he’s starting to put his talents and strengths together consistently . Have to keep him . Ennis is solid depth when healthy , but agree he won’t be around past this year . Neal Kassian and chiasson are nhl players , overpaid and especially Neal and chiasson are not really bottom 6 style players in my mind with this group. I wouldn’t give up on turris just yet , he has had a tough start no doubt , give him another few weeks to see which way he goes . Khaira has looked great the last handful of games but he has had a few of those stretches before and then loses confidence and struggles for long stretches . I would have him on the monitor list , not a set keeper but could play his way there if this play continues more steady

      • I would LOVE to add a Gibson . Assuming Koskinen has to go back , what’s that cost ?
        A young d man and a high pick with him ?
        Ethan bear and a 1st pick ?

        Too little ? Too much ? Not sure on goalie costs

      • Craig, I don’t believe a goalie was EVER dealt for a return which included a 1st round pick. After being dealt as a young goalie from Chicago to Buffalo in 1992 for goalie Stephane Beauregard, Hasek was dealt in his prime in 2001 from Buffalo to Detroit for Vyacheslav Kozlov and pick Jim Slater.

        Another biggie was in 1995 when the Habs sent Roy to Colorado for goalie Jocelyn Thibault, Martin Ručinský and Andrei Kovalenko.

        Back in 1988 the Bruins traded Bill Ranford and Geoff Courtnall to Edmonton for Andy Moog, and then there was the move of Luongo from Florida to Vancouver for Alex Auld, Bryan Allen and Todd Bertuzzi.

        Gibson’s a good goalie – but not in that class so I doubt very much he nets a 1st rounder. In fact, Ethan Bear and a 3rd rounder would be more than enough.

      • Hi Craig, I watched some last season, and plenty more in years past, but I haven’t actually watched any games this season – Puljujarvi of course, was a brain fart, missed him on the list but should be there of course. As for Archibald and Khaira, I’ll take your word for it!

        P.s. how has Barrie looked so far? After the quarter-ish mark, does he look like he will deserve an extension?

      • Augustus
        The first handful of games I thought he was flat out bad . At both ends and on pp. the last handful he has been really good . Looks a lot more dangerous and in sync with everything . Still to early to say if an extension is in the cards .
        Fair enough , I would definetly look hard at him if he’s available

      • Boston got Kuraly and a 1st rounder from San Jose for Martin Jones.

      • Thanks. Forgot about that one DoubleMinor. Of course, Boston didn’t do much with the pick, taking C Trent Frederick 29th overall – he played all of 31 games in the NHL with 0g 1a 1 pt.

        Was that Chiarelli?

      • George O, I can’t remember the details but didn’t Buffalo send Ryan Miller to St. Louis with Steve Ott and got a first rounder in return with a bunch of other stuff? I know its a package but I don’t think it was Ott that demanded a 1st in return in that trade.

      • Re: Edmonton.
        Barrie has been good, at least better than he was in TOR. Still not sure they extend him?
        The issue is the Oilers have a lot of young D either as assets in a trade, or just a reason not to resign Barrie. Jones can’t get on the ice as Koekoek has been good and kills penalties better than Jones, Lagesson has been good in Bear’s absence as well. Bouchard looks to have had enough seasoning and has jumped right in. Bear will be back soon. They have 9 now. Good problem, but young guys need to play.
        With Smith back Koskinen will get a break and be better. But still a guy like Gibson would be a huge step up.
        Watch out for the Oil.

      • TheFlyingV, all I recall about that Miller deal was that, in Feb 2014, he and Ott were sent to the Blues for Halák, Stewart, William Carrier and 2 future draft picks. Did one of those turn out to be a 1st rounder?

    • Liked the history George.

      Fell a bit short though.

      But loved the read!

  2. If Gibson is coming to Pens; Zucker has to go the other way (plus likely DeSmith)

    So …. hmmmm…..Gibson’s not coming to the Pens

    Murray in no way does that

    • Schneider was traded to New Jersey for the 8th overall pick which was used by the Canucks to pick Bo Horvat.

      • Hindsight is always 20/20 but I do love this now!

      • Another – thanks Stephen. So, it has happened more than I thought.

    • @Pengy..hey dont know if you saw my proposal the other day between Anaheim and Pittsburgh.

      Good trade partners..good trade history..


      LHD 29 Josh Manson $4.1 million

      CENTER 30 Adam Henrique
      $5.8 million

      $9.9 million to Pittsburgh

      LHD 24 Marcus Pettersson $4.025 million

      LW 28 Jason Zucker $5.5 million

      $9.6 TO Anaheim

      We get the physical top defenseman that we need burke HEXTALL like.

      We get a third line center, who has scored 20 goals, 6 of the last 8 seasons . He is good on face offs and defensively responsible.

      Anaheim gets a young top 4 defenseman and a goal scoring winger.

      Money almost identical.


      • This is not a good idea. The Pens don’t need a RHD. They especially don’t need LHD, which Manson is not.The Pens have Letang, Marino, Ceci, and Weber for RHD. They have Dumolin, Matheson, Rikkola, Joseph, and Pettersson. They need to move out a LHD contract, like you suggested, but you also suggested bringing another back in, even though he’s an RHD.

        The Pens shouldn’t pay nearly 6million for a 3rd line center. And if you get rid of Zucker, who’s going to replace him? You just create another hole to fill while overpaying for a 3rd line player.

        The money matches, but you handcuff the team and still leave holes.

      • Hi BnG

        No I hadn’t seen your proposal

        Manson is injured but setting that aside…. absolutely love it as a Pens fan….steal of a deal for Pens; however , not a chance Murray takes the deal though

        The Pettersson Manson swap …. call it basically same Cap… trades an up and comer (that came from Anaheim) 24 year old; with 4 more years on contract for a soon to be 30 year old , with only 1 more year at this; same height as Pettersson but more experience ; slightly slower, but a rightie that is almost 50 lbs heavier… Pens in the win now mode… so trading youth and reasonable contract for the here and now…. that part of trade is a saw off IMHO

        Both Henrique and Zucker are off to slow starts ; Henrique is older; locked in longer

        The trouble for Murray , is moving a C (that is just on a blip down, with proven performance and would be a big C loss if Getzlaf retires… leaving them 2 Cs down ) for a seriously struggling winger

        I just don’t see Murray making the trade… Hextall should take that deal in a heartbeat

        Murray would want Poulin in the deal…. Pens can’t give him up

        There is some murmur re potential that Murray might have a convo with Getzlaf to see if he is interested in going to a contender at TDL

        If so the obvious and most likely move is to Knights (true contender and close to fam).. I suggested a to-through with a middle team ; but Murray could retain 50% and flip Getzlaf for Martinez; NJ’s 2nd and Dugan ; immediately making Knights the number 1 cup fav

        Now if somehow Getzlaf feels ok to come East (farther from fam) AND considers his addition to Pens would make them contenders (I’m not convinced of that)… then Getzlaf (50% retained) for Zucker (25% retained) … would give Pens the 3C they need ; McC could take Zucker’s place; Pens immediately stronger. Ducks get two more years of Zucker at a much more palatable $4.13 M…. trade retentions have equal Caps for balance of year

  3. Why all the hubbub about Bennett. Mediocre at best. Just another high draft pick that didn’t live up to the hype. Happens all the time. What does he do well? ………………….thought so

  4. Flames should be considered a playoff contender. Seriously doubt any coach, who’s job is to win games, is placing players on a line for any other reason. Covid protocols and depth concerns are probably biggest reasons Bennett hasn’t been traded, along with obvious fact of getting a return that doesn’t hurt your teams chances. If Ducks where going to be sellers, I wonder if Getzlaf would wave his nmc to go to a contender. Would need to be close to deadline. Same for Gibson. Only person in rumors who is definitely going to a new team is DeAngelo. Rangers seem content to either buy him out or hope Seattle takes him.

    • Hi Slick62

      Re Getzlaf…. that’s the million dollar question

      The absolute best Ducks can hope for this year is 3 home playoff dates (finishing in 4th)

      They aren’t catching (or beating round 1) any of Knights, Avs, or Blues

      One of Yotes, Wild, Ducks gets a max of 3 home first round dates; in a sparsely filled arena…. if the finish ahead of the other two; or a low first round pick… low first round pick (with possibility of lottery??) might be better

      Getzlaf Cap $8.25 M but base Sal only $3M for this final year of his contract

      IF … big if; he wanted to go to a contender ; his low Sal is prime for a to-through trade at TDL to a contender

      At TDL….. after escrow accounted for; basically owed still ; only about $800K cash

      Ducks retain 50%; send to mid team (pay $400 K of Getzlaf’s balance of Sal, they would have owed $800 K anyway)…$4.1 M Cap

      Mid team ; also retains 50% of that $400 K; so only $200 K; and $2.05 M Cap

      Final team (Cup contender) gets Getzlaf for $200 K cash; $2.05 M Cap…. highly likely he’d be a 3C and able to move up with injury; and play on PP

      Ducks also give up 2nd, receive final teams 1st and *4th

      Mid team pays $200 K gets Duck’s 2nd for their *3rd

      Final team get’s Getzlaf and Mid team’s *3rd; for their 1st and *4th

      *3rd and 4th could instead be prospects of varying abilities

      Final team needs $2.05 M Cap (annual) but only 1/3rd (approx) year left; so really only needs $700 K in Cap space

      Knights as final team; Sens as Mid team?

      Getzlaf on Ducks …. that makes them absolutely solud down the center…. would be 100
      % Cup fav’s

      Can easily give up 1st and 4th … they have 2 seconds

      Getzlaf 4 hours from fam

      • Pengy, math not my best subject. I don’t think Ducks get in playoffs and agree if they do they’re not going anywhere. They should be sellers. Unless they have a Joe Thornton type plan of signing him to cheaper 1 year deals every season, might as well try and get some assets. Getzlaf would have to approve.

      • Hi Slick

        Yep, sorry if I didn’t mention that…. yes decision all on Getzlaf

        No idea if he is considering retiring (will be 36 on “current” last day of this season ; if so… one more crack at the cup perhaps

        I used Vegas as for sure it is one of the 3 Cup favs already; AND , just 4 hr drive from home and his fam

  5. Typically, when goaltenders are traded the return is modest at best and for good reason.

    Gibson may be an exception, if and when Anaheim puts him on the block. An elite goalie, in his prime and signed to a team-friendly deal. A team like Carolina could become a real Stanley Cup threat with him in the crease.

    I’d love to see him on my Bruins, but I don’t know what the return would have to be.

    The futures Anaheim would get could go a long way in jumpstarting their rebuild.

    • Carolina makes sense. Not a Bruins fan but think they have arguably one of the best pair in league.

      • I’m just looking at the age of the Bruins goaltenders versus a 27 year old Gibson signed long-term at a decent cap hit.

        I’m concerned about Bruins goaltending after this season.

    • I think Colorado would be in on that bidding as well. Imagine them with Gibson in net…

      • Avs could offer the most for sure……
        that would be ……

        Like Roy with Sakic and forsberg

    • I’d love to see Gibson in black n gold personally. I don’t think it’s possible as the ducks aren’t gonna give him away and if I’m the Ducks I’m moving other players before I think about moving Gibson. As for Rask n Halak I believe they both resign. Halak 1 yr and Rask 2 yrs. I don’t see much help coming from Providence any time soon so I too am concerned. Especially if one of them gets injured.

    • DoubleMinor, why are you worried about Boston’s goaltending?

      First, Rask has already said he only wants to play for Boston. I think they could re-sign him to a lower cap hit for one or two years. Which allows them time to watch Vlader, Swayman or Booth to mature. I honestly see them going this route.

      Second, there are plenty of quality goalies on the market next year. Anderson, Grunbauer, Mrazek or Ullmark could be signed.

      I think the Bruins need a little experience on the blue line and maybe add another scorer up front. Next year will be do or die for Sweeney. Plenty of cap space that should allow him to make it so the Bruins don’t see much of a dip, if any, for years to come.

      • I’m not saying that Gibson is likely to end up in Boston, or even that the Bruins would or should give up the needed assets to get him. He is, however, better than any of the upcoming options on the FA market and a sure thing whereas none of the Bruins G prospects are. He’s also considerably younger than the Bruins current tandem and has a reasonable cap hit. I’d love to see him in Boston for those reasons, while accepting that its extremely unlikely.

        IF Gibson does get traded (certainly no sure thing) my money would be on a trade to Colorado with Byram + 1st Rounder + Grubauer + ?? coming back.

        If not Colorado then Carolina.

      • DoubleMinor, trust me, I understand what you meant. I think Gibson would look great in black and gold as well. I just think the Bruins are not in a bad spot at all.

        I also agree with the Colorado idea. If it wasn’t for the expansion draft, I’d try and trade Rask to Colorado for Graves, Grubauer and another player to make the money work. But with Boston looking good and playoff bound, you don’t see too many trades between playoff contenders.

  6. Pens would be stupid to go after Gibson… 6 more years, no way.
    We are not contenders….. stick with Jarry, he is young, he will get better.
    Flurry would be a better choice when his contract expires, then he can retire as a Penguin and be a mentor to Jarry.

    • Hi Pens4ever

      Fully agree re Gibson not coming to Pens

      Fleury to finish career as a Pen…certainly possible (of course at much lower sal/Cap than now)

      Fleury playing extremely well

      For all goalies that have played 4 or more games… Fleury is 2nd in GAA (1.38) 2nd in Save % (.944); and has two shutouts

      Watched whole Knights/Avs game last night… MAF was absolutely great!!!

    • Agreed

  7. Half of the contending teams could use Gibson….Caps….Pens….Canes….Oilers….Avs….Leafs. If he does go on the market, the return should be pretty good.

  8. Gibson is signed for his prime years at an affordable cap and is presently the backbone of the team.

    Anaheim has no reason to trade him unless they get the the clear upper hand, ergo forget about unloading spare parts to get him.

    A serviceable goalie, good young D and good young F is the starting point for a trade, they don’t need draft picks.

    Which teams can offer that ?

    That’s the question, not who can use him followed by who’s willing to pay the price.

    • I think Colorado could and maybe would do that.

      From Anaheim’s perspective, they must know they are at least a few seasons away from seriously competing. Having a great goaltender on a terrible team just means they don’t get to pick as early in the draft. I’d at least consider a decent package for him to help rebuild.

  9. Year two of 8 is a switch of heart pretty quickly. I don’t think he has any interest in moving at all. Anaheim in the winter ? Don’t goalies like lots of shots ? Another team would have to make a ridiculous offer for it to happen.

    Heard somewhere that the NHL may make it 48 games for all teams rather than 56.
    I guess we are at the quarter pole.

  10. I don’t see Bennet and the Senators being a fit. If Stuetzle doesn’t turn into a 1C, then Ottawa will only be looking for a 1C (Norris feels like a great 2C).

    With Brown, Tierney, Pinto, Chaplik, White ect available in Ottawa, where would Bennet even fit?

  11. Bruins fans would you take a shot with Kyle Palmieri a point scorer who’s strong to and on the puck despite not being a large winger he can play both wings but is a UFA next season …more than likely not a resign with a $4.6 million price tag right now

    • I think he would look great in black and gold. Even just for the remainder of this season, but at what price. I think he would be a good fit on Krejci’s wing and would solve a lot of the secondary scoring. If they could move Kase for him, I’d do that right now.

      Bruins have a ton of cap space next year, and it will be make it or break it for management!

  12. Instead of Gibson ANA should trade Henrique & Backes to OTT for Stepan and Anisimov.

    ANA needs to clear cap and leverage cap space to retool their forward lines in the offseason when Getzlaf is off the books.

  13. With Grzelcyk out again for who knows how long and what ever happen to Kase even if both comeback I can see the Bruins trading for a Winger & a Dman for the playoffs