NHL Rumor Mill – February 6, 2021

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The latest on Johnny Gaudreau, Brock Boeser and Phillip Danault plus an update on Sam Bennett in today’s NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox recently noted the strong play this season of Calgary Flames left wing Johnny Gaudreau and Vancouver Canucks right wing Brock Boeser has silenced the trade chatter that arose about the two during the offseason.

Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser (NHL Images).

Fox pointed out the Gaudreau speculation seems to stem from the notion the Flames might need to make major changes if they are to stop coming up short in the playoffs. The Boeser conjecture arose from the Canucks’ limited salary-cap space in the offseason.

The rumors also came about because of where the two players are from. Boeser is a Minnesota native which seemingly makes him a great fit with the Wild. Gaudreau gets linked to the Devils because he grew up in New Jersey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gaudreau always seemed more likely to be moved last year than Boeser because he’s a year away from UFA status and there’s a feeling of uncertainty over whether his future remains in Calgary.

Boeser, on the other hand, becomes a restricted free agent with arbitration rights at the end of next season. With Cap Friendly indicating the Canucks have just over $27 million invested in five players for 2022-23, they have a good chance of re-signing Boeser to a big raise.

That cap space, however, will shrink substantially once Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes and Thatcher Demko are re-signed this summer. Still, there should be enough to keep Boeser in the fold.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan reports Phillip Danault still hopes to complete his career with the Canadiens. The 27-year-old center is slated to become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end.

Questions have been raised over Danault’s future in Montreal with the rise of young center Nick Suzuki and Jesperi Kotkaniemi. There are reports claiming he rejected a six-year, $30 million contract offer from the Canadiens during the offseason.

Danault has declined to discuss his contract status but it could be weighing on him. Cowan points out he’s one of only two Canadiens yet to score a goal this season, though he does have five assists.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cowen also suggests Danault’s stats could be affected by the ice time he’s getting thus far. Nevertheless, his future with the Canadiens will remain an open question throughout the season. There’s little fear he’ll be traded if the Habs continue playing as well as they have but it still could come up before the April 12 trade deadline.

THE JOURNAL NEWS: Vincent Z. Mercogliano reports sources confirmed to the USA TODAY Network the New York Rangers are interested in Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett. Of course, it depends upon the Flames’ asking price.

Mercogliano notes recent reports suggesting the Flames had an interest in Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo. However, he points out a one-for-one swap isn’t possible because DeAngelo’s cap hit ($4.8 million) is higher than Bennett’s $2.55 million. The Flames lack sufficient cap space to take on those extra dollars.

The Rangers aren’t willing to absorb half of DeAngelo’s cap hit but it’s less certain if they’ll pick up 25 percent. Mercogliano suggests the cheaper option for the Rangers is to keep DeAngelo on the taxi squad and buy him out at season’s end.



  1. It troubles me to admit it, but I put more stock in what Francis reports than Brooks. Larry is a sensationalist who makes things up. Eric reports what he’s told to report, via Flames management.
    I don’t see Sam Bennett swapped for Tony DeAngelo.

    • brilliant considering the dollars don’t match up even remotely …

    • I don’t think he will either SOP, but never say never.
      CGY seems a little flat, again.
      Giordano has had a bit of a slow start and he has been their best player, who is now 37.
      It’s early but this is starting to look like whoever wins the battle of Alberta will get into the playoffs in the 4 seed.

      Not a topic above, but how good is McAvoy playing?!

      • Macavoy has been excellent.His growth was stunted playing with Chara.He seemed out of respect to defer to Chara.He is willing to make high risk plays that most players are afraid to make.Makes great first pass out of zone.Solid number 1 guy.

      • Charlie plays with the confidence I wish I had back in my dating days.
        The skill I wish I had during my fishing days, and the jam I wish I had during my days of making pickles and preserves.
        He can stick around for 15 to 20 years if he can stay healthy.

      • Ray sorry to disagree, personally I didn’t think McAvoy played well at all.

        Pinch at the wrong times, passing is off and doing so in dangerous area. Getting caught up ice to often.
        I love his confidence but needs to make smarter decisions.

        Funny how we can watch the same game and have different views.

        This isn’t to say he isnt playing well, but, sometimes he tries to much and can be costly.

      • My comment was about the year so far Caper, but I thought he played pretty good last night. So we differ on that.
        I thought Philly was the slightly better team last night, and Charlie was pushing the pace as much as anybody on our side, which I thing Cassidy wants him doing more of without Krug and Grz out of the lineup. Mistakes are gonna happen sometimes when you play that way.
        He is a dominant skater and seems to be learning when to use it. True #1 IMO.

  2. I don’t know why and have really never seen Gaudreau linked to NJ. He grew up in south Jersey a few miles outside Philly. He has always been a Philly fan and does not try and hide it.

    • I don’t think people get the geography. It’s same for DeAngeli. Most folks in So Jersey get Philly stations. I think Flyers practice in NJ.

  3. Some teams are at the quarter pole already. A schwack of games rescheduled. I guess no real arena conflicts with only BB to work around. Not sure how this season is going to play out. Trade deadline early April

    We’ll see if Bennett sits tonight. If he does a trade is close. I think he plays ( and well) . Whether they move him or not he has to play to his best.

    Treliving likes multiple player deals

    • Danault has never been a goal scorer last season was his best 13 goals in 71 games.

      That’s 1 goal every 5.5 games; therefore he is off his best average by 2 goals. Not that concerning.

  4. If Bennet wants to move he has to play better since T isnt selling low, why should he.

    • I think this is just gonna happen just like PLD. It depends on fit. I dare throw out a couple example

      Dunn for Bennett to start

      Or Ghost plus for Bennett

      • Nothing against Bennet, but how does he fit in the flyers forward lineup?

        The team (like most) is desperate for a top 4 dman, but their forwards when healthy are some of the best in the league.

    • I don’t get all the hype about Bennett? He’s shown in a big enough sample size that he’s a 3rd line player. He was drafted 4th overall with lots of hype…look who was available at the 4 spot that CGY could have taken…Nylander, Ehlers, Larkin, Kapanen, Pasternak…

      Face it Flames fans…Bennett was picked too high.

      • Well Daryl hindsight is 20/20 I guess. He was consensus top 4 at that draft. Pedigree is there & at 24, I find it hard to believe he cant reach his level of potential. Flames dont have to trade him, I watched the game last night & he played good with Gaudreau & Monahan. My bets he’s there next game & if his play continues to be acceptable in a top 6, not only will the demand go up but price will too & maybe a chance the Flames sort things out & wind up keeping him. He’d be a helluva rental asset to trade next year too.

  5. Not sure if I misread this Lyle, but Gaudreau is signed for this season and next.

    • You misread it, Sparky. Gaudreau is a UFA next year.

      • Johnny H. Is signed for this year and next.

  6. It must be the -45 windchill that has me a little cranky.

    For the southern folks -40 is were Celsius and Fahrenheit meet.

    With that said still got to go for my 5k walk. Burrr

    • Wow, worse than here Caper.
      We are a mild -34 wind chill, and I was complaining.
      Took the dog (Sheepdog cross so plenty of fur) for a rip in a open alfalfa field right by our house. Cold enough to bite pretty good into the wind.
      You’re a better man than me, I think I stay indoors at -45. Actually I know it.

  7. The Danault stories don’t make sense, not the playing time demands, the contract demands or the lack of scoring.

    He continues to be up against the opponent top line and shuts them down. He has less PP and PK time because there is no need to wear him down.

    He has never made contract numbers in public neither has Bergevin, this is definitely Montreal media driven.

    Lack of scoring in what way? This guy has never been a goal scorer at any level, he has 50 goals in 350 games.

    Boeser and Gaudreau aren’t going anywhere though it’s highly unlikely that there’s a GM who doesn’t want them.