NHL Rumor Mill – March 10, 2021

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Eric Staal linked to the Oilers plus the latest on Jake DeBrusk, Filip Forsberg, Nate Schmidt and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports Buffalo Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams is evaluating his entire hockey operations department. It’s too early to say what this means for head coach Ralph Krueger though some suggest it’s unlikely he’ll be let go in-season. He also said Adams continues to try and make trades.

Buffalo Sabres center Eric Staal (NHL Images).

Pierre LeBrun reports the Sabres’ pending unrestricted free agents are the most likely to move before the April 12 trade deadline. He’s been told Eric Staal would be open to a trade to a contender. The 35-year-old center has a 10-team no-trade list. LeBrun suggests keeping an eye on the Edmonton Oilers, who’ve been looking to upgrade their third line and Staal’s name was among those mentioned internally by the Oilers’ brass.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun pointed out the Oilers are right up against the salary cap so any move would have to be dollar-in, dollar-out. Staal carries a $3.25 million annual average value though his daily remaining cap hit is currently over $1.6 million. Cap Friendly shows the Oilers with over $2.5 million of their long-term injury space remaining.

If Staal is willing to finish the season in Edmonton the Oilers could try to convince the Sabres to take Kyle Turris ($1.65 million AAV through 2021-22) off their hands. However, they’d have to include a sweetener to make that deal palatable.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss reports Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy explained his decision to make Jake DeBrusk a health scratch in yesterday’s game against the New York Islanders was based on the winger’s disappointing performance this season.

At the end of the day, we’re not quite getting out of Jake what we want,” said Cassidy. He acknowledged some of it was due to circumstances beyond the winger’s control, such as injury and bouncing around the roster a bit. Nevertheless, he stressed DeBrusk has been given sufficient playing time but they’re not getting the effort required.

Goss notes the NHL trade deadline is a month away, giving DeBrusk enough time to turn around his season before then. He feels trading the winger when his value is at an all-time low wouldn’t make sense and would only further weaken the Bruins’ already lackluster scoring depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless DeBrusk is part of a larger trade package he’s not going to fetch anything on his own that would provide immediate improvement to the Bruins roster.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes it wouldn’t be surprising if the Toronto Maple Leafs made a move within the next 14 days. That would allow sufficient time to minimize quarantine for any player acquired from the United States. Recent rumors have linked to the Leafs to Mattias Ekholm, Filip Forsberg, Mikael Granlund, Eric Staal and Marc Staal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most of the speculation has the Leafs seeking a top-six forward, with Granlund considered the likely target. I wouldn’t rule out Eric Staal as an option. Forget Forsberg, the Leafs would have to dump considerable salary to take on his $6 million annual average value through 2021-22.

Speaking of Forsberg, Predators GM David Poile said in a recent interview he doesn’t see the winger as a player they’ll move at the trade deadline. Friedman also said the Predators had conversations with the Flames (who seek right-handed shooters) but nothing came of them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Preds could, however, consider moving Forsberg in the offseason if they engage in a full rebuild. The winger could be reluctant to be a part of that or Poile could be unwilling to make a long-term investment in a veteran player during a rebuild.

Friedman believes the Detroit Red Wings are willing to entertain offers on almost anyone but not captain Dylan Larkin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pending UFAs like Marc Staal and Bobby Ryan are most likely to move but the Wings could listen to offers for streaky, oft-injured winger Anthony Mantha.

There’s interest in Vancouver Canucks forward Tyler Motte, who played well in last year’s playoffs. Friedman also believes the Canucks were asked about defenseman Nate Schmidt but doesn’t believe that’s got leg.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, maybe on the affordable Motte and not on Schmidt. Moving the latter would weaken an already porous Canucks blue line. They’re only three points out of a playoff spot in the Scotia North Division so they won’t be sellers as long as they’re still in the chase. Besides, Schmidt is signed through 2024-25 with an annual average value of $5.95 million and a 10-team no-trade clause. Tough to move midseason in a flattened cap situation.

Friedman notes the recent speculation linking the Winnipeg Jets to Ekholm but the price could be too high plus there’s quarantine to deal with. He instead wondered if they might target Travis Hamonic if the Canucks decide they’re out of the playoff race.

The inconsistent Philadelphia Flyers’ plans for the trade deadline will depend upon their play in their next seven games against Washington, the Rangers and Islanders.

Carolina, Colorado and Washington could be in the market for goaltenders. Friedman thinks the Avalanche were looking at Buffalo’s Jonas Johansson as a depth netminder.


  1. The winningest GM in NHL history is also one of the most overrated of all-time … Preds need a major overhaul …

    • Why does everyone need to go to Toronto? For goodness sakes …. how many more super stars do they need to bring home the cup? Their top 4 players are making over 40 million total. Then add 20 million plus for the top defense and goalie and there is not much room left. If they can’t win with what they got they don’t deserve a cup. It kind of humors me that almost every daily post mentions Toronto somehow. There are 30 other teams in the league….I think !!

      • New to hockey? Unfortunately, the Leafs have an extraordinarily large fan base around the world and unfortunately, media needs to create smoke where there is no fire so we end up with always hearing about them which is annoying to everyone including their fans.

      • Snuffy, the other 30 teams only exist to serve the geatest sports franchinse of all time and of the universe…;) Toronto Maple Leafs! And yes, they will be crowned champion this year when all the dust settles….;) By the way, this site exists because Toronto Maple Leafs exist……..;)

      • You do understand how media sources make their money right?

  2. The epiphany …. Leafs truly “all in” ???…..road to a cup…. phone Chevy…

    Hellebuyck (20% retained)

    For Freddy, Baraba , Liljegren ; and all of Leafs picks this year and next


    Wow… that Hellebuyck is something else

    He plays like that in a series against Leafs… how do Leafs win that series?

    Good on ya Hellebuyck; very sad for Leafs

    Leafs must win at least one of next two games 🤞🙏🤞🙏

    • Jets are built for playoff hockey. Got size and skill and now well built up the middle and in net. They are my pick to make it out of the north. No disrespect intended to the Leafs.

      • Jeff.. i respect your analysis, but please do not take it to the bank. It pains me when i see people make wager on a losing horse. Winnipeg is a fine team, but they don’t even make it to the second round as Oilers oust them in 5 games. How do i know, i saw the movie in my vision. So, please you can have hope but don’t bet on it for your sake… Cheers! Go Leafs Go!

    • Mike, Leaf fans have been saying that since 1967! Give your head a shake.

      • Sparky, thanks for your concern on my mental health. I did some shaking, and some more shaking, but i still doesnt change the vision i had, clearly showing the Leafs hoisting the LORD STANLEY this year. Go Leafs Go!

    • Hellybukkkkk, is not the issue. Toronto will win the north, in fact toronto will win the cup this year. Toronto vs Montreal (Toronto wins 4 games to 1), Toronto vs Edmonton (Toronto wins 4 games to 1),
      Toronto vs Tampa ( Toronto wins 4 games to 3),
      Toronto vs Colorado( Toronto wins 4 games to 2)…as you can see Hellybukkkk is not an issue, because Toronto don’t even have to play them as Oilers took care of them for us only to lose to us in 5 games. How do i know.. i had a vision… take my vision to Vegas and wager all of your life savings in fact all of your family members savings for a hefty return on your investment (ROI). In my vision i saw tears of joy from coast to coast from Victoria BC all the way to St. Johns Newfound and Labrador… As well as all the die hard Leafs fans scattered all over the world, like South Africa, Brazil, Netherlands, South Korea, China, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Germany, France, UK, Mexico, Argentina, Tunisia, Australia, India, Peru, Jamaica, USA, Sinagpore, Vietnam, Thailand, Belarus, Poland, Finland, Philipines, Taiwan, Egypt, Iraq, Iceland, Hungary, Pakistan, Malaysia, Cambodia, New Zealand…..I saw the tears of proudness, gratitude, and relief from people of all colors and all different ethnicities. I saw outpouring love for the almighty LEAFS from every corner of the world. It was as if, Toronto Maple Leafs has saved the world from some sort of catastrophy, the Leafs somehow unified all mankind and stand proudly as band of ONE against all evil, all hatred, all discriminating…It was truly a greatest event i foresaw in my vision… Mathews looked as if he was the second coming of Christ. He single handedly healed all the troubles of the world with his record shattering 34 goals in 23 playoff games. While scoring all 16 game winning goals, 4 series cliching goals including that final Golden Goal which coincidently matched the number on his jersey. It was unbelievable, magical, unthinkable..but it did..I has this vision…Now its your chance to make some dough with the vision i have shared with you. Go make that wager, don’t regret like the GAMESTOP stock, or Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon…Its your chance to realize your dreams all thanks to Auston Mathews. And to all your naysayers or haters of the leafs, you still have time to convert before this glorious events take place in a few months. You too will be embraced with open arms into our family of LEAFS NATION.. yes even you Bruin fans, and you too Habs fans… you are all welcome to be blessed with Mathews holiness.. By the way Marner set a NHL playoff record for assists with 32 which coincidently double his jersey number and topped Gretzky’s record of 31 back in 87-88 season. I saw the tabloids from all over the world calling it the greatest sport event of all time. Blue and White jerseys flooded the online market, with sold out Leafs merchandises and the price of those merch tripling and sometime qudrupling… Be very grateful that i have shared this vision with you all. I believe in sharing good fortune… now its up to you to utilize this knowledge for your own benefit.

      • Hi Mike

        I wish I had your enthusiasm (and typing speed I might add)

        This Leaf Fan , for now closing in on 5 1/2 decades ; has a less optimistic outlook on a Leaf Cup

        Without a significant change… my crystal ball /vision scope sees a possible parade in our fair city in June of ‘23 or June of ‘24

        As long as we get one this decade before it becomes a 60 year drought… I’m good

        GO LEAFS GO

      • @ Mike The Leafs will be done in one series when they play a team other than in the North division and swept by the top 2 in the central…1967 continues!

      • I also enjoyed magic mushrooms in my younger days.
        Stay safe, Mike!

    • Excuse my Epiphany.

      The Leafs are the most popular hockey team in Canada?


      Yeah, maybe, if you live in Toronto, if you are already a Leafs’ fan, or if you’re one of the brown-nosing sycophants working for the CBC’s hockey operations.

      Talk about your “urban myths”!


      Above is the NHL’s take on the matter.
      And there were others.

      I wonder.
      Wonder how that went over in the “Center of the Hockey Universe”, soi disant?

      “world class city”, “most popular team in hockey” – talk about having a major insecurity complex.

      I can’t deny that Toronto is a nice city although a little meh for me.

      I much prefer Van, Mtl, Calgary.



      • Hi Rich

        I couldn’t open the link but from web name it appears that Habs are Canada’s team? Yes?

        Is it Habs, then Leafs, then Oil?

        Thanks in advance

  3. Hellebuyck was unbelievable in the face of a barrage of shots, many of them labeled … but he’s only human and the fact is, the Leafs badly outplayed the Jets and you can bet they will again over the next 2 games.

    • No doubt George

      But that goaltending has to be recognized for what it was …. spectacular

      He puts in a similar performance tomorrow and Jets are 1 game away from a sweep ; and 1 game away from 1st (pts %) in Div ; and sending Leafs into a 5 game losing streak

      Sadly , but humbly… kudos on your performance last night CH

      • Pengy how do teams beat hot goalies? Demko was great, Hellebuyck was lights out, we all know how good Price can be as rare as it is these days.

        Lets say the Leafs traded Nylander for toughness and/or defense like you and other rinse and repeat, how would that help if they cant help beat a hot goalie?

        Again – hate sounding like a broken record here – but George is right in that as amazing as Hellebuyck was the team won’t be able token winning when the Leafs had 24 shots in the slot vs the 7 the Jets had… That’s hot hot goaltending there vs a snakebitten team.

      • Hi Ron

        Agree… add the “we’re not going home” Russian to the list as the only reason Stars got there

        Leafs as I “rinse repeat” as you state; are seriously top heavy with 1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds… and again ; in my honest opinion; not cup ready with that mix

        I hope I’m wrong but seriously fear I’m right

        I still believe that unless they meet in the semis; the most likely SC this year is Knights v Bolts

      • … Ron, with a hotter goalie and that ain’t gonna be Andersen. A top goaltender should be the sole focus for Dubas, otherwise a new GM will get one when he replaces Dubas this summer.

    • George O, i’ll take that bet!

      • Caper, save your money. Money don’t grow on trees. Unless you have a plant that grows money;) Go Leafs Go!

    • Finally, somebody with some intelligence. Go Leafs Go George!

    • Pengy,

      “Canada’s team”?

      Habs – 33%
      There isn’t one – 28%
      Leafs – 25%

      Remaining 14% divided more or less equally.


  4. Dreger, Lebrun, Lyle

    ES to Oil… 😢😢🤬

    Please no

    ES to Pens…. yes please 🤞🙏👍👍👍👍😄😄😄

    Re Friedman and Leafs doing a trade with a US Franchise…. would have to be $Cap in $ Cap out

    Forsberg, , Granlund or either Staal won’t move the needle enough to getting a Cup (those moves don’t beat Bolts or Knights IMHO)

    Ekholm is a smart move… but what same $Cap are leaving?

    Freddy and a bucket for Connor…. LOL… that certainly moves the needle

    • Campbell would be a BETTER alternative than Anderson , pending his health status

      I am not sure what the Leafs are going to do ?
      Short lived playoff with Anderson in goal …
      It’s really SAD actually , I actually thought they would come out their division …
      Winnipeg is strong in goal , Dubois is going to make a huge impact on an already strong group of forwards

      • Hi Ken

        Hellebuyck can win two games with an onslaught like last night ; with minimal push from Jets offence; but 4 games like that is very tough

        I suspect Jets D to step up; their offence better; but balanced with a game or two at least where CH is just very good vs the “phenomenal/spectacular” he was last night

        Leafs still should have an edge to win a 7 game series with Jets; but nothing is guaranteed

        Leafs winning a series against Bolts or Knights….as at now (no significant roster changes) I have no delusions that will happen

        The scary thing is Knights are basically going to have the identical line-up next year ; AND have loads of promising prospects; their own 1st and 2nd ; AND NJ’s 2nd in this year’s draft

    • Pengy I watch every minute of the Isles-Sabres games this last little while.

      I didn’t here Stall’s name ONCE!!!

      He’s done and I hope that you get what you wish for.
      Remember how good he was for the Rangers in the playoffs?
      He’s worse now.

    • Pengy

      Don’t forget there is the LTIR avenue the Leafs could pursue to add money at the deadline.

      The Leafs need more depth on D, a good LW and a better option than Engvall at 3C.

      Ekholm would be a good target. Good defenseman that has a year after this one at a reasonable number.

      Could the Leafs send Engvall as part of a package to ANA for Henrique or Rackell and Kesler for LTIR relief?

      CLB looks like they’re going to miss the playoffs. They need help at C. Could the Leafs offer up Kerfoot + for Foligno, Savard and Dubinsky (LTIR relief)

      The Leafs need to use their financial might to exploit the CBA.

  5. Lyle I appreciate your site. As you take all the talk that’s out there from different sources and pool them together. You then add your insight. I also like to hear different comments and opinions from the group. However, I must say that these so called professional insiders at times send out stuff that is somewhat crap. I’m a leaf fan, so now Friedman has everyone coming to the Leafs. Yeah okay. Why, because there is a huge fan base and everyone is going to go to your podcast. No thanks!

    • Yes Guy

      agree fully on Lyle’s great site

      agree fully re Friedman

      He (EF) does at times have same great inside info; and he does have hockey knowledge; but his suggestions on trades are oft Leafs centric and highly ambitious (if not impossible) and as you have pointed out… snippets to encourage jumps to his podcasts… a self promoter

      Yes to the Yes Guy 👍👍

      • Thanks, guys. Appreciate the kind words!

    • lyle thanks for fixing forced tv on screen with x opt out—

      thanks for listening–
      give credit where credit is due

      great site—been coming here for 8 years everyday–no lie

      • Here here. I was propping my phone up against that corner of the screen to eliminate the distraction but was pleasantly surprised to learn that was no longer needed. I hope you’re still making decent bucks though.

    • Lyle does this right. This site does rock. Regarding Friedman. You al realize he is just reporting on chatter. Teams are talking to one another about player transactions. Friedman isn’t claiming anything is actually going to happen. He does discuss what the Leaf’s are possibly talking about because a large portion of his viewers/readers are Leaf followers. If you were in friedman’s position you would be quite stupid to not discuss what the Leafs are doing.

  6. Detroit is open for business and willing to entertain offers on any player, the one I’d like to see on the Habs is Luke Glendening. Iwonder what it would take to get him.

    31y/o UFA at the end of the year but fits Bergevin’s TDL acquisitions, experienced centre, beast in the face off circle and cheap $1.8 million, should be easy to resign.

  7. The most obvious trade rumour that no one is reporting on is the Montreal canadiens acquiring a big name d-man to play with Weber.

    MB has a dozen reasons to make this move, the most basic being if the habs don’t make the playoffs and win a few rounds he will be next to be fired.

    Since the habs are up against the cap, it will be difficult to make a big move. I think the easiest target in terms of dollars to get would be Mattias Ekholm.

    I could go on here, but here is what a trade i think could looks like:

    To Montreal: Mattias Ekholm
    To Nashville: Ryan Poehling, Brett Kulak and a 1st ++

    the ++ could be more picks and prospects like struble, norlinder or JESSE YLÖNEN

    Habs d pairs could become:

    Ekholm – Weber
    Edmunson – Petry
    Chariot – Romanov (mete as 7th)

    – If MB can’t swing a deal for EKholm, then he would prolly have to part with Tatar in a deal to bring someone in just to make the dollars work.

    • I think MB will get his walking papers if the Habs miss the playoffs. That’s just not acceptable. If they make the playoffs I would expect them to win a few games but definitely not a series or two…when has a team that is a bible playoff team go on and win a series or two? Its an exception when it happens not the norm.

      • LOL bubble not bible although the forum was a place of warship in Montreal.

      • Before the season started most didn’t even think the Habs would make the playoffs. Now that the Habs showed a great start and moved back towards the original expectations you feel Bergeron will be fired if they don’t make the playoffs?

        Bergevin has don’t a darn good job. He has been winning most of his trades. He has kept Montreal competitive by retooling and builiding through the draft. I think Bergevin is fine. Their isn’t much to differentiate many of the teams in the North from one another. Sure Toronto is top 1 or 2. Ottawa is likely the bottom feeder. Winnipeg seems to be challenging Toronto but as for the rest. They can end up anywhere in the standings. Heck Toronto has now lost 3 straight.

      • Really Jeff? The Nucks are only 3 points back of the Habs. Great job MB’s team is doing there, eh? Oh and my memory serves me very well… when the Habs busted out of the gates this season, even though there was some obvious flaws in the team and (watching the) games, they rarely looked like a good, elite team like their fans and media where telling everyone they were by favoring them as favorites to win the North. I wouldn’t just blame Price although talk about a horrible horrible contract, yikes! And ps Webber’s contract also sucks…sorry its just too long. What I’ve always warned about the Habs and how its unjustly compare the Habs to the Leafs… both teams are bumping against the cap which will always be an issue with improving either team – true, one team however looks playoff bound, while the other not so much nor is looking like they will.

        Look at the Send and what they are slowly doing to compare. They have a young young large group of players, (which has its share of good and bad points), some vets that will eventually work their way off the team and most importantly, picks and cap space. This alone puts them in a temporary advantage over other teams…Unfortunately or not depending how you look at things, the Sens won’t be in the conversation for at least a couple of more years at which point they will probably surpass the Habs in the standings.

        The bottom line is as a fan of the Leafs, if Leafs fans know any any thing at all, not including that Wendell guy – he won’t get nothing! – is poor management bad GMs and coaches… MB is waaaaaay out of his league and has been for years now. You cant use the old Leafs blueprint of loading up your team with random scrubs and play them up in the lineup. It dont work and I dont believe MB can fix it…Heck I could be wrong.

  8. I’ll tell you one thing, if the bruins wait till the trade deadline it’ll be too late. They will be out of the playoff hunt by the end of the month. When you lose to hapless NJD in a must win game and then turn around lose to the Isles for the 4th straight time it’s time for Sweeney to wake up from his slumber and make some waves I know he’s not used to getting out of his comfort zone but this time he doesn’t have much of choice. I’m not sure trading Debrusk is a great plan. But they have to do something NOW!The team has some serious issues two losses to the rangers will sink the ship for the season. I’d make an all out effort for Hall.

    • @Rick
      Bruins need the tools to beat the Islanders.
      Islanders win the bottom 6 matchups and bottom D pairings.

    • The Bruins are a 1 line team going nowhere even if they make the playoffs.
      GM Don Weeney has failed to draft and make good trades ( Coyle the exception)
      His free agent pick ups stink!
      He , along with stoneface figurehead Neely must be fired.
      I would even fire Cassidy at this point, clean house
      Bring in Rutherford as GM, hire Gallant as coach

      • Tony, what is the matter with you. Bruins are every year top 4 favorite to win it all. They have arguably the best line in all of hockey. Their back end is pretty solid with McAvoy and Carlo both young and big. Cassidy seem to be a very knowledgeable coach while Neely is Neely. You can’t expect Neely to be not Neely. He demands physicality, he demands success every single year. Be grateful, you guys don’t have a team like Buffalo or Detroit. In my mind, Pasta is #3 in the league behind McDavid and Mathews. While Marchand is definite top 10 with Bergeron in top 15. B’s should have kept Chara, his presence alone is gold for any team. I can’t believe they let him walk for $800k, that is insane. You do realize, come playoffs Bruins go on a BEAST mode, maybe not like in the past with no Chara at the backend, none the less they have that playoff avatar which many teams lack there of. I’m so glad we don’t have to match up with them until the conference finals this year. GO LEAFS GO

      • I’ve been saying that for years Sweeney never makes the right moves horrible at the draft he always blows the opportunity to grab the big fish. I still haven’t figured out what Needles does he has an excellent fist pump

  9. To EDM: Staal & Okposo
    To BUF: Turris, Neal plus sweetner


    To NSH: Skinner plus sweetner
    to BUF: Johansen

    then top 6 Buffalo


    Move Hall somewhere. See if BOS would do Hall for Debrusk.

    If yes then Debrusk aligns 3rd line with Eakins & Thomspon

    • Hi IHC

      I counter with Staal to Pens… tell me the ask… I’ll work with Hextall ; keep Burke out of the loop; and respond/counter to your ask

      • Pengy Staal & Okposo to PIT for MCCann & Zucker?

      • Hi IHC


        Zucker for

        Staal ; 2nd in ‘22 Draft

      • No thanks pengy lol
        gotta take a bad back to dump a bad

    • Skinner for Ryjo not bad

      Is any team going to offer more than a 2nd for Taylor Hall at this point? I mean he gives you the addition threat but he is a shell of his self and showing no signs of turning it around.

      Even a late 1st from a contender for half-a-Hall seems overpayment

  10. Frederick Anderson
    For grid the jolly good fellow , for He’s the jolly good fellow
    That led us of 1st place in their division and personally put a second round Exit to the Toronto Maple Leafs !

    • Ken, have some faith. I know you know TO needs to tinker a bit, moving some dead weights and infuse some life into the lineup. Like pumping Oxygen into a stale water in a pond. Need to rejuvenate. Move some rusts out and infuse some shiny new toy. But, i do agree Keefe should give Cambell a look, as every game he plays the team seem to rally and put forth more effort into the game. Go Leafs Go

    • Jake Debrusk for Jake Virtanen just has Jake written all over it. Both need a change and Im sure all parties involved would welcome it.

  11. Typo ..
    Frederick Anderson
    For he is the jolly good fellow ..
    Who led us out of 1st place in their division and a second round Exit
    Good Riddens !!
    He don’t be around next year !
    Campbell needs a chance , but Keefe and Dubais stick by Anderson !!!
    U will see …

    • call CMB

      To CMB: Anderson ($ retained) & Kerfoot

      To TML: Korpisalo & Boone Jenner


      • Why would CB do this and why retain $$$ for Anderson, he’s only getting paid I think, $1m in cash. Leafs don’t have free cap space to offer really.

        What they ought to do is try to trade Rielly ($5.5M) for a stay at home D and a forward (30-40pt player) to offset the loss in offense that Rielly produces. Teams that would be interested is whoever needs offense from the blueline and/or be that elite puck moving D they need… not every player is perfect so yes he like the players he will be traded for would also have flaws.

        To me, the Preds would be a good fit and it would take a bit more than Rielly to get any of those players rumored to be available in a trade proposal I mentioned. Ek and Gran on the Leafs would be great even if it costs Rielly +…. Ek and Forsberg, well lets plan that parade! HAHAHAA

      • @Ron bc I believe Freddie , to CMB, is valued more than Korpisalo.

        To TML they clearly want to move on and getting a Jenner for the grit is exactly what they need.


      • Hi Mike
        U see that Maple leaf team after the Leafs win a game a game with Campbell in the net …
        It’s like watching a bunch of joyous kids playing for Walter Gretzky , really something to see …
        Nylander , they need to free up cap room , but again , Dubais likes this “sleepy” critter , as well …
        Nick Robertson can fill his position , NP

  12. Awesome IDEA !!!
    Genius ..
    Dubais has to realize this ..!!!
    Jenner plays a heavy smart game
    We have a motivated puck stopper

  13. how could the Oilers acquire Freddy?

    • Just ask. I will drive him there myself

    • Ah..Holland make a phone call to Dubas and ask for Freddie, and Dubas says ok.. Kenny, you give me Darnell Nurse, and I’ll give you Freddie Anderson. Oh by the way, I’ll give you Tavares and Nylander for McDavid if you want? Holland says holy crap a 2 for 1 deal, i can’t let 2 for 1 deal go through my finger tips. you are on Dubas. Give me that deal too! Next day, you find Kenny walking down the Mud street in Edmonton trying to hitchhike back to Detroit. But in serious note, doesn’t matter what the oilers do to improve, in fact doesn’t matter what the rest of the teams in the league do moving forward as the stanley cup champion for this years has already been etched on to the cup as we speak.. Toronto Maple Leafs!

  14. ds
    U and your Oilers can have freddy for FREE !!!

  15. Until there is a suitable replacement Freddie stays. Granted has let in weak crucial goals in the playoffs but they don’t get there without him. If the Leafs are that strong, a series should not come down to one shot. A couple of game seven O.T come to mind but should have not come down to that scenario.

    DeBrusk will be on the move. Not the same player for whatever the reason.

  16. WOW, it must be spring.

    The snow is melting & you have to step carefully so as not to get any Leaf poop on your shoes!!!!

    • Uwey, without the Leafs there is no spring…in fact, without the Leafs life cease to exist. So be very grateful that you have that “HOLY LEAF POOP” on your yard for you to be blessed with…And yes, you should vow before those holy Leaf poop and pray for you existence. Go Leafs Go!

  17. Hi Mike
    Leafs WILL NOT get out of their division, with Freddy Anderson between the pipes..
    Maybe, with Jack Campbell, he seems to motivate them. but we haven”t seen enough of him to determine !!! his skill set ..

    Ideally, another goalie, as in a swap, a trade …
    Definitely a goner next year…
    Enough is Enough!
    Something in the air, or something U R smoking, if U really think a Stanley Cup is imminent, unless Boy Wonder pulls off a deal , a whole lot better than the Nazim Kadri scenario !!!!

    • Ken, I feel your pain and frustration. But, we are going to be stuck with Anderson this year. But, don’t worry as I saw the Lord Stanley in the arms of Auston Mathews and Mitch Marner in my vision… We can’t win every game, but that’s okay, cause these games are practice games for the leafs.
      They are just preparing themselves for the big show. Like I said, Winnipeg is getting ousted by the Oilers in the opening round, thus it’s non of Leafs’ concern. We are the Canada’s TEAM this year, and we will bring Lord Stanley back to Canada. We let Montreal win it in 1993, all because hockey god decided his son: Gretzky to have last run at the Cup…we all know how that turned out…I don’t believe God will intervene this time around, cause God himself finally realized the Toronto Maple Leafs is the TEAM for the heavens. That is why we wear Blue & White..colors of heaven…..Go Leafs Go!

      • God decided to oust the Leafs in ’93 so Gretzky could have one last shot at losing in 5 games? Tremendously lazy effort by God.

        Not sure how anyone else feels, but if there was a hockey god, he would have given us one last Montreal v Toronto Cup Final before the barren western outpost of Toronto was deemed to be eastern.

        On the other hand, one Canadian team was delivered a saviour in the form of an old coach brought out from coaching retirement with “unfinished business”. Still not convinced on the Flames’ roster being a cup contender, but I don’t doubt he’ll get the most out of them! Predicting Flames will be a playoff team with Montreal slipping out.