NHL Rumor Mill – March 9, 2021

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An update on Ryan Getzlaf, the Blue Jackets seek a center and the latest on the Oilers and Senators in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NHL.COM: Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray said he has not asked team captain Ryan Getzlaf to consider waiving his no-movement clause. The 35-year-old center is in the final season of an eight-year deal and is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf (NHL Images).

I’m tired of hearing this from Toronto anymore, how his name is out there (in media rumors),” said Murray. “The only way Ryan Getzlaf would go anywhere is if he came to me and said, ‘Bob, can you try and trade me to a contender?’ He added, “he’s not going anywhere.”

Murray said he’s spoken with Getzlaf after next year and they’ve agreed to see how he feels after this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s apparent Murray would prefer if Getzlaf stayed on during the club’s ongoing rebuild but will leave that decision up to him. Maybe the long-time Ducks captain will decide in the coming weeks he’d like one more shot at winning another Stanley Cup before hanging up his skates. Maybe not.


TSN: cited Columbus Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen tell The Athletic his club is in the market for a top-line center. “It’s a challenge because they’re just not available,” said Kekalainen. “You usually have to draft and develop one. We did that with one player and now he’s not here.”

Kekalainen was referring to Pierre-Luc Dubois, who asked to be traded and was subsequently shipped to the Winnipeg Jets in January along with a draft pick for forwards Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic. He added there could be some centers available in this summer’s free-agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whatever the reason behind Dubois’ trade request, the fact remains the Jackets are in a difficult spot without a reliable first-line center.

The Blue Jackets tried to bolster their depth at center before the season began by acquiring Max Domi and Mikko Koivu but the former has struggled to adapt while the latter retired after only seven games. They’ve been using Roslovic and Nick Foligno to plug the gap at the first-line center spot but it’s not working out.

Pickings will be slim for first-line centers via this year’s UFA market. The best of the bunch is Edmonton’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins but there’s no certainty he’ll be available. The Blue Jackets will face stiff competition signing him if he decides to test the market. The remainder are aging stars like Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf, Boston’s David Krejci, Buffalo’s Eric Staal and Winnipeg’s Paul Stastny or a struggling center such as Montreal’s Phillip Danault.


THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell recently suggested several targets for the Edmonton Oilers leading up to the April 12 trade deadline. Mitchell believes trading for a true No. 1 goaltender would do more to bolster the current roster than anything else. He wonders if GM Ken Holland could find a way to “switch out (Mikko) Koskinen” and acquire Darcy Kuemper from the Arizona Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible but Holland faces long odds acquiring Kuemper. The Coyotes are battling for the final playoff spot in the Honda West Division so they have no reason to trade their starter unless they tumble out of the race before April 12. Even then, they’ll be reluctant to move him with a year remaining on his contract.

A more likely trade option would be Arizona backup Antti Raanta, who becomes a UFA this summer. But as long as the Coyotes remain in the playoff chase they won’t break up their current goalie tandem.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators will have decisions to make regarding their eight pending UFAs leading up to the trade deadline. He considers it “highly doubtful” alternate captain Erik Gudbranson would get moved while Ryan Dzingel only recently joined the lineup from a 14-day quarantine following his acquisition from Carolina last month. Mike Reilly would be an attractive option for teams seeking blueline help but he’s stabilized the Senators’ second pairing with Artem Zub.

Garrioch believes GM Pierre Dorion will listen if a team comes calling and want to give something in return. Given the current environment, however, this could be a quiet deadline for him.


  1. I bet Danault would love to sign that 6 yr offer at 5Mil per now … he’s been a dog with fleas this year … and I said it before and I’ll say it again, Max Domi is a winger … not a centre … good luck finding a bonafide #1 anytime soon …

    • CLB should try and get Kadri from COL. Still has a year left after this one so he wouldn’t be a rental.

    • kerfoot for domi—junk for potential

      • domi engvall hyman
        worth a shot–

      • The junk is Domi.

    • Danault’s been a dog with fleas and a broken fetlock. Is there a # 1 center in the known universe who has zero goals? 24 games, and nada. Bupkis. The square root of SFA.

      Now that Price has his mojo back Danault’s complete lack of scoring is a major reason why the Habs are still struggling. Yeah, strong defensively, if you ignore that he doesn’t win faceoffs in OT.

      Despite some critics here I think Berg has done a great job the last couple of years but I will lose my will to live if he re-signs Danault to anything close to 5 million. He has never scored more than 13 goals in a season. Offer him third line center money and play him there or let him walk at the end of the season.

      • Lj,
        Danault has been the centre on what has been one of the top 5 lines in the NHL for the past two years, a prime example of the sum being greater than all of its parts.

        That makes him the 1c on an unlikely top line that has consistently outscored opposition top lines.

        In “normal” terms they could be seen as an incredible checking line, except they outscore the other Hab lines.

        This year the entire line is in a funk and that supposed contract story (which I don’t believe) hasn’t helped.

        This guy has never been a goal scorer at any point in his career, he’s a distributor.

      • habfan30, I understand that Danault is never going to be the second coming of Bergeron. Yes he is very good defensively. That the Habs have been weak at center has made Danault a default # 1 center for them the last several years.

        But it is crazy to keep playing the guy as the # 1 center when his last goal was …. when? Feb 29, 2020. So more than the 0 for 24 game goal pace he is at now. How is that good for the Habs? How does that help the development of Suzuki and KK? The answer has to be: it isn’t, and it doesn’t.

        Put him on the third line. It might even take some pressure off of him.

  2. Does the Winnipeg Jets have an advantage in the North Division come TDL.

    Winnipeg is the only team in the North division who ordinarily the only Canadian team in their division and will be again when the division turn to normal.

    They say teams don’t like to deal within their own division so this would allow Winnipeg to be a good trade partner for the other 6 Canadian teams especially the one(s) not considered to make the playoffs.

    • To add to my own comment, after the TDL Winnipeg only has 1 game remaining against Calgary and Montreal and no games remaining against Vancouver.

      With the two week quaratine coming into Canada, they maybe a wanting to deal within the North Division. This could make Winnipeg a good trade partner for Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

      • Really interesting point, Caper! Such a fascinating year for trades!

    • Hi Caper

      Yes certainly some advantage but I think the number of trades in the CanDiv will be much less than Indy of the US Divs (where each team there has 16 non current Div teams to trade with that don’t have 14 day quarantines)

      Jets should have a slight advantage in CanDiv in that they still basically (sans big exceptions) have 6 trade partners; due to the 14 day Canadian Covid quarantine ; but as you have pointed out… the other 6 Canadian Franchises are only their Div competitors for about 2-3 more months

  3. Bennett Kylington and two Third round picks this year for DeBrusk and Studnicka

    • I don’t see that SilverSeven; Boston doesn’t have spare C so i don’t see Studnicka moving.

      Debrusk for Bennet or Virtanen works for me.

      Adding both and butting them on with Krecji would be interesting.

      Then add Mattias Ekholm and all is good. MAYBE

  4. Garrioch is concerned about those 8 UFAs for nothing as Dorion will have to pay to give them away.

    Senators have put together a good nucleus of young players and a boatload of draft picks.

    Building around that young core will be exciting for Sens fans.

    The UFA’s however are a group of plugs that nobody’s fighting over, Coburn, Reilly,Gudbranson aren’t starters. Haley and Peca are AHLers now.

    Anisimov, Dzingel and Stepan are far from earning their present contracts and are anchors.

    All to say that the Sens are well positioned to drop their UFA’s and continue their building.

    • Eichel to Columbus for Werenski Elvis and a 1st
      Then Buffalo could dangle Dahlin to LA for a center +


    • I think, habfan30, that what Garrioch was getting at is that players like Gudbranson, Reilly and Dzingel might not be among those dealt at the trade deadline, with the Senators preferring to keep them in the fold until season’s end before deciding whether they want them back next season. If they were dealt the best they’d bring back would be a late round pick so they’re likely seen as more useful hanging around.

      The other 5 would be out the door if anyone showed any interest – which is highly doubtful.

      I kind of agree on the three names mentioned, except for Dzingel. If anyone wants him and offers a late round pick, take it and run!

      For a team that has given up the most goals by a country mile – mostly in their first 15 games when they were averaging 5 per game – Gudbranson and Reilly haven’t been that bad. With them though, it all depends on how prospects like Thompson, Sanderson and Bernard-Docker look heading into next season. Not all will make it straight off but I suspect Thompson will, and with plenty of money in the cap coffers Dorion could be a player in next year’s UFA D pool – or, perhaps, a trade.

      • The Sens are in a great position. All they need to do is tinker and they can take their time with it, as such the case with them due to how many young players they have.

        Just remember these 23 name should on this year’s team and be amazed at how many remain after only 2 years. Should be a fun ride. Let’s hope the Habs can keep up.

        So George, your Sens at this time, not in last place. Thoughts?

      • Nothing wrong with keeping Gudbranson George, agree totally.
        Pretty obvious that he isn’t there to drive offence.
        Khaira is a big fella and threw some punches against Gudbranson but was basically trying to hang on and not get pummeled. He is a beast to deal with, and exactly what a young team needs.
        Sign him up if his ask isn’t too crazy and he wants to stick around.

      • George,
        Dzingel is the only one worth considering, and that’s based on past history, he has just arrived so you’ll see till the end of the season,

        Reilly has made a career out of potential and expectations based on his skating but descends into frequent brain cramps and inability to climb back up.

        Gudbranson is a big body but is easily turned around and frequently lost on the ice.
        He’s only 29 but honestly appears a decade older.

        Sens got him for a 5th round pick, doubt they’d get that for him in a trade.

        I’ll grudgingly admit that Dorion has proven himself to be quite a GM .

      • Heh. Ron, while I didn’t think they’d be a threat for a playoff position before the season began, I did believe they’d be a better on-ice team than last year’s addition. What I didn’t calculate was the adverse effect of an almost 50% roster turnover, no meaningful games played in almost a full year, brutally short training camp with no exhibition games, and bringing in some questionable veterans all adding up to that horrible start.

        As a result, over their first 15 games they went 2 12 1 (.166) with 32gf and 63ga.

        Since then they’ve jettisoned a couple of those veteran gambles (Galchenyuk and Paquette), replaced them with a couple of their better prospects, saw one go down for the season to injury (Stepan) which opened the door for another of the kids, waived Chlapik, and pretty much stopped using the likes of Bishop, Haley and Coburn and, hopefully, will soon do the same with Peca and Anisimov and give a couple more of the kids like Formenton, Abramov and Logan Brown some NHL exposure.

        After the bad start the best any fan could hope to see the rest of the way is a tougher 2 points for the opposition – and I think they’ve shown that. Over their past 13 games they’ve gone 7 and 6 (5.39) while scoring 44 and giving up 45.

        Any ice time they can devote to the Formentons. Browns, Abramovs, Thompsons the rest of the way can only help heading into next season. I do think Daccord has shown he may be a factor next year in goal.

        Ray, I agree that Gudbranson may be a keeper at a lot less than his expiring deal … unless some team is prepared to give him something close to that. With Thompson, Sanderson and Bernard-Docker soon to enter the mix with Chabot, Zaitsez and Zub (I like that kid’s game), someone like Gudbranson would be perfect for the 7th D role with lots of opportunities to move up into the top 6 as and when injuries occur.

    • Some of those guys will provide solid depth for a contending team.

  5. Wasn’t it yesterday, sorry covid time displacement, that Simmons and some commentators where discussing a “rumor” of a trade proposal that of people suggested….yes the CBJs would love to trade from a place that they are already weak from.

    I can see an Eichel trade to CBJ. I think both teams have stiff the other can use…and no matter who the Sabers trade Eichel to, they will get the short end of the trade. For Sabers fans, let hope it not to short of a stick.

  6. Perhaps, the only way JKekalainen will find a top-line center is by trading the player who cost him a top-line center. Patrik Laine is minus-7 in 16 games with the Jackets, He doesn’t seem to be Tortorella’s favorite player, while Tortorella seems to be Kekalainen’s favorite coach. Meanwhile, as Spector wrote yesterday, the Sabres are open for business, and Jack Eichel could request a trade. The way out for the Jackets and Sabres may be reminiscent of the Jackets-Jets escape venue.

    • Eichel has developed too much of a victim mentality to be able to play for Torts

      • That’s right, Torts is always the victim, isn’t he?
        Poor guy.

  7. Re Getzlaf

    I’ve posted before that there are but very few teams he might seek out Murray, to be traded to

    His wife is from OC and they are raising their fam there…. Vegas checks all boxes… Cup contender , close by (4 hour drive) to home and fam; no 14 day quarantine; get’s a take-home pay raise due to tax advantage

    Cap hit is impossible for all contenders without 50% retained

    Other contenders… Bolts…. can’t see them fitting his Cap (even at 50%) in

    Blues… possible but farther away from home; Blues still have to get past Knights

    Avs…. see Blues above

    Bruins… that would certainly move Bruins up the Cup fav list… but a full width of the continent away from fam????

    Leafs… can’t fit in; 14 day quarantine; even if fam wanted to visit… 14 day quarantine…. fuggeddaboudit

    Knights doing very well right now…. and have been ratcheting up Cap space accrual with Lehner and McNabb on LTIR

    Knights have loads of prospects and have their own 1st and 2nd and NJ’s 2nd

    Their young D really coming on and UFA Martinez very unlikely to be re-signed due to Cap hit… he could be flipped for Getzlaf (with 50% retained) plus (pick , prospect) and fit in

    At TDL, after escrow, Getzlaf only owed about $800 K… so Ducks (@ 50%) really only retaining $400 K

    Ducks could also then retain 50% on Martinez and flip him for a 2nd… their retention cost … ~ $500 K on Martinez

    VGK’s 1st and Dugan for Getzlaf (@ 50% retained)

    Ducks. $900 K for a 1st, 2nd , Dugan for their rebuild 👍👍👍

    The main hurdles… would Getzlaf ask for the trade AND would VGKs want him (where does he fit in?)

    It would have to be 3C moving Glass to wing:

    Top two lines unchanged…

    Stephenson, Stone , Patches
    Wild Bill, Marsh, Smith

    So 3rd

    Getzlaf Tuch Glass

    4th Roy, Reaves; Carrier

    Depth: Nosek, Kolesar

    7th …. Dalhstrom
    Taxi…. Corcoran

    If McKrimmon is wary of having a deep run with the bottom two pairs 75% youth with limited experience…. perhaps there is enough Cap saved from the Lehner and McNabb LTIR to move Nosek for Getzlaf at 50%

    If that happened and 3rd line is Getzlaf Tuch Glass; and D:


    and if Lehner comes back at reasonable performance , with MAF playing as he is….. it is very difficult to see any team save for Bolts; having a fair shot in winning a series against Knights

    Knights as is are already one of the top favs for Cup… Getzlaf would certainly up those odds

    Knights safer move might be to use space already acquired; keep Martinez; use picks/assets for a winger to play with Tuch/Glass instead of moving Glass to wing…

    Staal? (who can play W or C and lower Cap, cheaper to acquire than Getzlaf)

    To make the rest of the league more I’ll at ease with the above…. Knights exempt from Kraken ; and 20 of current 23 under contract for 21/22 with $4.5 M in space

    The three are Coughlan (who will likely sign very reasonable 1 year or bridge) ; Nosek (who can be replaced with many players available at less [he is at $1.25) ; and Martinez… who should not be re-upped (with the emergence of VGK’s youth D and many D prospects on the horizon)

    • Your assumptions on IR and LTIR Cap Space are well off. McNabb and Lehner are days away from returning to the active roster. When that happens, Holden, Dansk, Coghlan, and Kolesar will likely be dropped to the Taxi Squad. That will leave Vegas with 20 players on their active squad, 12 Forwards, 6 Defensemen, and 2 Goalies, and they will then have a total of 160K of Cap Space.
      To add any of the players you have listed, Vegas is going to have to over pay to the other team to retain salary. Gezlaf at 50% retained is going to cost you at a minimum a 1st and a 2nd. However they will have to dump a player like Reaves, which is going to cost as well. No non-playoff team is going to take on salary in this environment without a kicker. On top of that, outside of Martz, Petro, and Shea, the defense is highly suspect. But I understand the need, Vegas has zero up the middle and desperately needs a top 6 center and the price is going to be steep. Vegas also has an absolute garbage 4th line. You look up and down at their roster and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they move Marchessault at the deadline to add a top 4 defensemen and some secondary scoring.

      • Hi Brian,

        the LTIR savings from Lehner and McNabb more than cover Getzlaf at 50% @ TDL

        Per TSN , earliest return for Lehner or McNabb is this weekend ; meaning LTIR of at least 14 and 17 games respectively… that’s a total LTIR Cap savings ; IF they both return this weekend; of $2.13 M. Getzlaf @ TDL @ 50%….. 16 games left ….$1.18 M…. so even after acquiring Getzlaf …. $950 K ….. average replacement player (call-ups) for the missing McNabb and Lehner… the call up D and Dansk…. most was annual Cap hit of $800 K…. 17 games (higher of McN and Lehner) * 2 players * 800 K… just shy of $460 K; still $490 K ($950-$460) buffer to the good for other call ups

        Re 1st and 2nd for Getzlaf; I had said 1st and Duggan…. about the same IMHO; and they won’t need to dump Reaves

        A straight up Martinez (and 1st and prospect) for Getzlaf at 50% @TDL….costs but 36 K in extra Cap in the deal and Knights have already saved $2.13 in Cap (minimum) on LTIR …. Lehner/McNabb above

        Re “Vegas also has an absolute garbage 4th line. “. Here I humbly disagree. They aren’t the 4th line Isles; but who is? VKG 4th line is what it is…. not a scoring line ; and loads of muscle… they are IMHO somewhere in the middle of the pack for NHL 4th liners…. certainly better than the mish-mash that Pens have been putting out lately (due to injury)

        Re “outside of Martz, Petro, and Shea, the defense is highly suspect. “. I am not as pessimistic on them as you are. In fact I am very pro on Whitecloud and I like the Whitecloud / Hague pairing as the future 2nd pairing for the next few years

        Where I disagree with you is your assertion that Knights desperately need a top 6 C. I think the top two lines are gelling and producing very well; excellent cheap pick up of CS BTW

        Glass filled in at 3 C fine (and will be the future 3C ; then permanent 2C ) . Krebs could be3C in 2 – 3 years; when Glass is 2C

        They should not move Marsh

        If they keep Martinez; the only spot on D they might need to shore up is 3RD (replacing the unseasoned *Coughlan)


        The Getzlaf scenario I put up was only because he was discussed today…. still a long-shot ; and he has to ask for it

        The $2.13 M in Cap savings less their replacements (see above) and sundry call ups… leaves McKrimmon with about $1.2-$1.3 M to play with

        @ TDL for balance of year without any retention:

        Granlund $1.07 M
        Ryan $0.29 M
        Staal $0.93 M
        Hall $2.3 M

        Hall with 50 % retained……$1.15 M

        REgardless … they are already in top 2 Cup favs with Bolts; any improvement just moves the odds needle

  8. Maybe Ryan Johansen could be back in Columbus or Matt Duchene? They could help at center if Nashville picks up back some cap space.

    Domi vs RJ ?

  9. Adam Henrique is available from ANA if CMB wants a 2C. Won’t take much to land him at all.

    Maybe a 2nd rd pick.

    • Ugh I don’t believe I have to post this Crosby but Henrique was free just a few weeks ago. Why in the world would Columbus give up a 2nd for him. His contract is an albatross and no Pengy Anaheim will not retain half his salary to facilitate a trade.

      • Good point.

  10. DeBrusk is sitting out tonight’s game against the Islanders …..sending a message or is a trade in the works

    • Fowler to BOS for Debrusk & Grezlyck ??

      Work for both sides?

    • I am anxiously waiting for Bruins GM Don Weeney to get so fleeced ( as usual) when he makes a trade.
      Just watch how he gets squat for Debrusk.

      • Tony you make the rds …

      • All depends on how you define “squat” in exchange for what the other team is getting. I mean, you have to believe the guy clearly has some drawbacks or else his name wouldn’t constantly pop up in trade discussions – both within the media and among the Bs close fans in here.

        Over 220 games played in the NHL his stats (63g 62a 125 pts) are neither horrible nor eye-opening (averaging out to about 24g 24a 48 pts over an 82 game schedule. Is he capable of more or is it what you see is what you get? And is that due to his approach on the ice or a failure to use him properly? I’ve heard both sides in these pages.

      • The issue with DeBrusk is not his career production but his lack of production this year.
        Just got a raise and makes $3.675/yr.
        1 goal and 4 assists YTD. The one goal came on the PP. So nothing 5 on 5. Zero.
        Not sure what you pay for that.

        He is a young guy who can obviously turn it around, but there isn’t much about his game right now that suggests it is going to happen anytime soon.

        Hey maybe he has a game and scores a couple and that gets him going, we’ll see I guess.

  11. Mtl should go get :
    Either of:
    Dreaming here … Comptois

    At defence the only guy I would go after is David Savard … UFA and can be added after the seatle draft if we lose a defenseman.

    To trade: we hve Tatar, Biron, Danault, Armia, Leky, Evans, Mete, Poehling, a 1st, 2 seconds, 3 third, fourth an fifth rounders.

    I could see a trade for Gaudreau and a 3rd for Danault, Mete and a 4th. (Danault signs for 6x6mil.)

    anyway …

    Savard could be cheap … 2nd rounder + Mete or Leky..

    just thinking here.

    • They need a top line center. They’ve needed that for years so none of those guys listed will move the needle. They tried drafting by position instead of the best player available and were stuck with Galchenyuck and KK. Bergeron also allowed Aho to make a fool out of him and use him as leverage to get his 5 year contract. The offer was a joke and even Carolina new it. No team in the league wouldn’t have matched that offer for Aho. Bergevin will need to grow a pair and go after a real center or just rebuild already. Don’t forget those overtime losses are losses so Montreal has actually only won 2 more games than Ottawa. They’re no better than they have been over the last few years. Until Mathews got hurt he had 1 less point and 7 goals more than all of Montreals centers combined. I guess that’s the balance you guys keep talking about.

  12. Question:
    Could the Leafs say pick up Seabrook from CHI, then place him on the LTIR, then spend his cap hit to pick up someone like Nick Folino.

    • Yes, they could, though I don’t know how keen they’d be to carry his $6.875 million AAV on LTIR until the end of the 2023-24 season.

  13. Eichel to Columbus for Werenski Elvis and a 1st ?
    I think not. I don’t think we need a 10Mil a year player that has poured in 2 goals this year You what our number 2 D man our 1A goaltender and I first round pick for a guy that has 2 goals

    • CMB can always call Getzlaf directly. CMB is a contender. Getzlaf and Laine would look great. ANA can eat$ this season and he can resign there in the off-season, while maintaining his good weather home in Cali.

      A 1st would do the job.

      • CLBS is no more a contender than Anaheim so why would Getzlaf agree to that trade. The only way he’s traded is if it’s to a true contender. That’s because of Getzlaf not Anaheim.

  14. Two things I forgot to add.
    1. Vegas is not involved in the Kraken Draft, meaning they will not lose a player, however they cant be involved in any transaction involving the Kraken during this time period.
    2. Looking forward to this Friday with St. Louis and Vegas. In the last game there was an absolutely cheap shot by Stone on Bozak, and absolutely dirty play by Stone. I dont think the Blues have forgotten that hit.

    • Agree Brian

      Should be a good game

      Stone may be out though

  15. One would assume Eric Staal wants to leave the sinking ship in Buffalo

    Where is he headed?

    • ds

      The Pengy family is hoping he will have PPG Paints arena as his home rink very shortly

      PS… Burkie… he’s a smidge over 6’4” , so he does “wear long pants”

      • Why leave one sinking ship to board the Titanic?

      • Hi Ron

        Not sinking yet…. ballasts balanced and just afloat 😄

        Injuries have caused jumbling of lines netting slow chemistry development

        I’m under no delusion that this Pen’s team is cup worthy

        However… this Div so tightly packed at 1st – 5th…. just getting into the playoffs where anything can happen , should be the focus

        Pens true need is 3C

        Staal at 3C , without further lengthy injuries to key players; gets Pens in

        Staal is UFA…. the price to acquire should not be prohibitive

        Making the call to Adams early just might avoid a bidding war

        Staal at 3C allows McC to continue with Gino/Kappy

        Then Staal can centre Turbo and Rodrigues

        If they keep Zucker; he can go on 3rd line when he comes back off of LTIR

      • the next two weeks define if Pens are in for one more run or time to sell a HOF imho

        Philly is inconsistent. The Rangers took too long to get it together. Pens can take 4th

        Islanders seem to be the team in that division to beat as I think Pens could beat Boston(long shot) or Caps in a series if healthy.

        Islanders and Bruins will be there. 3-4-5 will be an interesting race.

  16. I could see the Blue Jackets make a strong play for the Flyers’ Claude Giroux.

  17. Maybe if Kekalainen would hire a different coach, players wouldn’t keep heading out the exit door. You could have a pretty good team with the players who decided they no longer wanted to play for the Blue Jackets while tortorella was behind the bench! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    • I think CBJ and Buffalo are next for the new coach treatment. I think Gerard Gallant and Bruce Boudreau could be back. I would guess though that some of these coaches are waiting to see who Seattle hires.