NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – April 21, 2021

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Recaps of Tuesday’s action features a high-scoring win for the Penguins and the Canucks winning their second straight game coming out of their COVID-19 pause. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: A four-point performance by Anthony Beauvillier (one goal, three assists) carried the New York Islanders over the New York Rangers 6-1. Josh Bailey scored two goals and set up another as the Islanders tied the Washington Capitals with 62 points, though the latter holds first place in the MassMutual East Division on the basis of regulation wins. Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba left the game in the first period following a hit by Matt Martin. The Blueshirts (52 points) are six points behind the fourth-place Boston Bruins.

New York Islanders forward Anthony Beauvillier (NHL Images).

The Pittsburgh Penguins took a 6-0 lead into the third period against the New Jersey Devils but struggled to hang on for a 7-6 victory. Jeff Carter scored his first goal for Pittsburgh after being acquired last week from the Los Angeles Kings while teammates Sidney Crosby and Bryan Rust each had a goal and an assist. Devils defenseman Will Butcher collected three assists. The Penguins (61 points) sit one back of the Washington Capitals and the Islanders. The Devils played without P.K. Subban as the defenseman was placed on the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol list.

Tuukka Rask turned in a 32-save shutout as the Boston Bruins blanked the Buffalo Sabres 2-0. Brad Marchand and Connor Clifton were the goal scorers as the Bruins (58 points) won their fifth straight game and sit three points behind the third-place Penguins.

The Carolina Hurricanes got a goal and an assist from Nino Niederreiter to down the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-1. The Hurricanes sit in first place in the Discover Central Division with 65 points while the Lightning sits three points back in third place.

Florida Panthers goaltender Spencer Knight made 33 saves in his NHL debut backstopping his club to a 5-1 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets. Sam Bennett scored twice while Jonathan Huberdeau and Anthony Duclair each had three points. The Panthers are tied in points with the Hurricanes but the latter holds two games in hand. Blue Jackets forward Max Domi was a healthy scratch for the second straight game.

The Dallas Stars extended their points streak to eight games (6-0-2) by dropping the Detroit Red Wings 5-2. Rookie Jason Robertson had a goal and an assist as Dallas (50 points) sit one point behind the fourth-place Nashville Predators in the Central. Stars defenseman Miro Heiskanen missed the game with a lower-body injury.

A four-goal third period carried the Vancouver Canucks over the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-3 for their second straight win over the Leafs since returning from their COVID-19 pause. Tanner Pearson and Brandon Sutter each scored twice for the Canucks. John Tavares tallied two goals for Toronto, who remain atop the Scotia North Division with 61 points but are winless in their last five games. Leafs defenseman Zach Bogosian left the game in the second period with an upper-body injury.

The Los Angeles Kings defeated the Anaheim Ducks 4-1 as Andreas Athanasiou and Blake Lizotte each had a goal and two assists. The Kings (40 points) sit five points behind the fourth-place Arizona Coyotes in the Honda West Division.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens goaltender Carey Price is sidelined at least a week with a concussion suffered during Monday’s loss to the Edmonton Oilers.

THE DENVER POST: Colorado Avalanche winger Mikko Rantanen was placed on the COVID-19 protocol list, joining goaltender Philipp Grubauer and winger Joonas Donskoi.

TSN: Roberto Luongo was named general manager for Canada’s men’s team at the 2021 World Championships. Shane Doan is also part of the management team.


  1. Lots of goals last night involving your two teams Pengy! Did the Pens not tie their skates for that 3rd period? In the annals of NHL hockey not many 6 goal leads were blown or almost blown.

    • We must have been typing at the same time… LOL

      a couple of nice goals by Devils mixed in with a couple of real guffaws by Jarry… certainly made the game “interesting”

      I like the high scoring games… but wow … 6-0 then just to squeak in at 7-6…. for the Devils… that’s the proverbial “never say die”

      Pens cannot take them for granted

      Bruins ploughing on… Pens cannot take foot off of gas

      • FYI I read somewhere that this is the first time in NHL history that a team was outscored by five or more goals in the third period and still won the game. A historic night.

      • The Sabres didn’t mail it in, though. Tokarski may have had 41 shots but Rask had to handle 32 of his own. From here top the end the top teams jockeying for ideal playoff positions won’t find it easy against Buffalo, Detroit, NJ or Ottawa.

      • George O, NJ seem to be an easy win; Rangers had no problem with 4 consecutive wins against the devil. Last night 3rd period falls solely at the Penguin feet.

      • The Devils have given the Bruins fits this year though! Boston has only beaten them twice in six games and both wins were via shootout. I’m not sure why NJ plays Boston so well but I guarantee teams will be watching those tapes going into the playoffs.

        Jan 14th Bos 3 NJ 2 (Shootout)
        Jan 16th Bos 1 NJ 2 (OT)
        Feb 18th Bos 2 NJ 3
        Mar 7th Bos 0 NJ 1
        Mar 28th Bos 0 NJ 1
        Mar 30th Bos 5 NJ 4 (Shootout)

  2. I watched 2 games last night….Leafs/‘Nucks and Pens/Devils

    Some ugly goaltending went on. Pens/Devils…. both sides. Leafs…. Big Save Dave …. now maybe “Just Wave Dave”??

    Pens up 6-0…. and just win 7-6…. 6 G’s in the third by Devils… I’ll take the win…. I think?

    Leafs … ahhhhhh 💩

    Bogo slid awful into boards (just lost his footing)…. did not look good.. will be out… how long??

    Bruins win again…. uh oh spaghettios

    Panthers…. how many here said at the beginning of the year that you thought Panthers would be 1 point out of first (for entire league) with just 9 games to go… mmmmm… none. good on ya Joel Q; congrats on ur first V young Mr Knight…. 971 save % 👍👍

    • I like that “Just wave Dave” yup another bad trade for Dubas in the books a 3rd for this bum. Time to clean house Keefe Dubas and the mastermind Shanahan. I notice Gallant is still available

  3. I would like to humbly reach out to the Flames fans on here that touted Bennett

    I had posted other preferences for Pens to go after…. I hadn’t given Bennett enough credit for sure

    Small sample size… but since coming over 3 games… 3G 2A, +7

    I’m certainly not expecting that pace to continue…. but at this point …. a 2nd (‘22) and signing rights to Heineman , seems a big steal by Panthers…. good on ya Bill Z

  4. Bruins on fire only 8 points out of the league leaders. Outside of a couple bad penalties in the 3rd solid game by the Bruins. Number 1 PK in the league took care of business. Marshy n Bergy have more short handed goals than any other duo outside of Gretzky and Kurri wow 🤩 amazing stat. Sweeny looking like he made the best deadline deals and FA signing of the year.

    • Boston has also played 2 fewer games (44) than the Capitals, Islanders and Penguins (46 each). If they keep this hot streak going they could really shake things up in the East.

  5. Two boxing adages come to mind:

    Styles make fights.

    You can play football but you can’t play boxing.

    It’s uncanny how some teams can have another teams number yet we call them upsets.

    It’s uncanny how teams and players with great scoring can get shut down.

    Which brings a third boxing adage to mind:

    Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

    It comes down to character and catching lightning in the bottle during the playoffs, not the regular season, the playoffs.

    The Presidents Trophy has been handed out since 1985, only 8 of those teams won the Stanley Cup.

    • That’s nice but how many teams barely made the playoffs and won the cup. I know people like to live in a fantasy world but Tampa Bay, St Louis, L.A. Pittsburgh, Washington, Chicago ect. We’re all considered top teams the years they won. Even St Louis who only turned in on in the second half of there cup winning season had been one of the top teams for years. The Stanley cup is one of the hardest things to win in all sports and just because it’s not the team that won the presidents trophy that wins it’s still almost always one of the top teams. The lower teams may get a few upsets and even make it far in the playoffs but they always ultimately lose to one of the top teams.

      • La was the 8th seed wernt they? I looked up cup winners by seed and the 1st and 2nd seeds have won 50 percent of the time. So…. I don’t really know if that makes or breaks your argument rog

      • Ot makes it Chrism as you literally only used the top 2 teams. Did you at least use the top 2 teams in each division. Are there only 2 cup favorite teams a year? Was there a big point difference between the 2nd and 3rd place teams. There are nore than only 2 top teams each year so I don’t see your point Chrism. L.A did finish 8th in 1 of there recent cup wins so I guess we can say 1 team so I think you proved my point exactly.

      • Wasn’t that interested in doing the research there rog. Why don’t you dig deep and prove your point. 3rd through 8 seeds have won the cup 50 percent of the time in the past 17 years.

        Gives those top teams a definite edge but not nearly as clear cut as you’d like to present.

        You add third and fourth seeds you go up to 80%.

        That still has a 5th seed down winning cup once every 5 years.

        Course the best data I could quickly google was 8 years old.

      • You proved the point for me Chrism. Top 4 seads win 80% of the time thats pretty clear to me. That’s only the top 4, sometimes the 5th or even 6th placed teams can be favorites or very comparable teams. The lower end teams that barely make the playoffs almost never win the cup. Can always get lucky in a series or 2 but ultimately they will lose.

      • Yeah it’s a good percentage. Which makes sense. I simply think your language of fantasy world and “always lose” was harsh. Cause it happens and one couldn’t even justifiably call it rare.

      • San Jose, Philly, Vancouver and Nashville have been near the top and haven’t won squat. Just gotta get into the dance. Anything can happen after that.

      • Shoepark the only team you named that was a favorite was San Jose. Doesn’t mean there going to win because they are at the top. Point is a Chrism posted the cup was won by 80% of the teams that finished in the top 4. Pretty sure that proves the point that the bottom teams rarely win the cup. You can argue L.A was the only one this century although one could say that they won the cup a second time shortly after so were they really a bottom team. Use Edmonton as an example they made that Cinderella run when they traded for Pronged. Didn’t win and well we all no what happened after you just need to count the first overall picks. Ottawa did the same and what happened there. They all lost to a top team.

    • I would also add that it usually takes years of being one of the top teams to win. Took Washington, St Louis and Tampa Bay 7 – 10 years of being one of the best teams to finally win.

      • So you’re saying there’s a chance, Roger?

    • I read that only 6 presidents trophy winners have lost in the 1st rd.
      So they win the cup more than get upset in rd 1.
      Sure seems like one of the best teams, say top 4, wins the cup.

  6. Carey Price, the new NHL China Doll … that was a love tap …

    so when is the parade Bruins fanboy’s???

    nice of the Pens to almost blow a 6-0 lead … at least nobody got hurt but LeTurnover (who has played really well this year) got slammed by Bastian late in the 2nd …

    and the sky is falling for Maple Loaves fans … maybe Foligno can play goal?

    • The Bruins Parade will happen before a Pitt will. Shut Pitt down in the neutral zone and they are done. Plus one line teams don’t make it far nor a weak defense or middle of the road goalies. Must be killing you after the glory years have been over for yrs now. See you tomorrow night

      • Pretty sure I attended three pitt parades since you’ve attended a bruins one. “ Plus one line teams don’t make it far nor a weak defense or middle of the road goalies. ” We are pens fans not bruins fans. Got your black and golds mixed up

    • The Leafs need Freddy back.
      I haven’t heard that he won’t be, but is he even skating yet?
      You would like to see him get some game action prior.
      If Freddie is healthy and gets some game reps They will be fine. Not many teams win it without their #1. The lack of D depth is concerning from the outside looking in.

      • I just heard on the radio that he’s with the team and skating again. Should be back fairly soon I would think. Just in time as Rittich is awful and Campbell looking like The Hamburglar 2. Unbelievable stretch followed by mediocrity.

        Must be making Wendell nervous realizing their best bet in the playoffs will be Freddie.

      • His playoff #’s are decent George for his career, which you probably already know.
        Last year they were great, the year before really good.
        Wendel’s point has been the bad goal in the most important games. That is fair the last time BOS beat them in 7, but last year his GAA was 1.84 and sv% .936 in 5 games.
        Bad goal or not, they didn’t score enough to win.
        We will see this year. North will be tight, but if TOR is healthy that is where I would put my money.

      • Oh I wasn’t belittling Andersen Ray. I’m well aware of his stats. He’s a damned good goalie. I just couldn’t resist tweaking Wendell in light of his campaign to see Dubas get rid of him. A healthy Andersen will be MOST important for the Leafs come playoff time … and I have no doubt at all that they’ll come out of the Northern Division.

      • Everything is fine in TOR.

        They have a top 3rd defense to go with their high octane offense.

        They are in 1st place despite a terrible PP record and a mediocre PK and a slump by both goalies and an injured star in Matthews.

        They will be pulling out of all of it in the last stretch and will roar into the playoffs to flatten their first round roadkill down the highway.

        Actually, everything is not just fine but set up nicely.

        One issue remains to be resolved is hopefully Andersen is shut down for the season as he cannot be allowed in an arena that is hosting a 6th or 7th game.

      • Ya, I knew you were George. I was agreeing with you, just didn’t word it well.
        Wonder what the Leafs do if Freddie has a good playoff and they get to the final 4 or even the finals? Can’t afford him and Hyman along with big 4.
        I have rooted against the Leafs my entire life, but kind of rooting for Freddie this playoff. Weird.
        I’m sure I’ll get over it if they play the Oilers or Jets.

      • Freddie should move on from TML for his own good.

        Campbell is a nice guy but a career back up, players arrive at their level given the time, he’s had his 15 min of fame.

        Rittich was let go for a 3rd rounder because….they had no intention of resigning him.

        Poor D and poor G being exposed and come playoff time maybe, just maybe Freddy will steal a game or two.

    • Any concussion experience, Ed? Ever have one? You seem to know all about them.

  7. Leafs terrible defence is really starting to show when the goalies aren’t standing on their heads, I’m thinking it’s another year added on to the 15 already without a playoff series win

    • Actually, the Leafs last playoff series win was in May 2004.

      Is it a coincidence that 2003-2004 was the last season without a salary cap?

      • Nope. Tried to make that very point a few times over the past 3 years – and only when they were part of the topic for the day – and every time I was attacked for being a “hater.”

    • The last few games, the Leafs played very well but the goaltending cost them the game.

  8. Easy to see Vancouver best team in the North knocked off Leafs back to back without best player and after not playing for couple weeks just out worked them.

    • Vancouver did not outwork them. Leafs soundly outplayed them in both games. That’s the issue with the leafs they need to win those games especially in the playoffs.

  9. Watching the Bruins and Sabres last night was torture of extreme boredom!

    What a brutal display of a hockey game, as Cassidy said post game “look like 2 teams that played a lot of hockey”

    Boston 7 games in 11 nights
    Buffalo 8 games in 13 nights

    Boys are tired and have to be careful of injuries

    • I’m always amazed that hockey players play as often as they do.

      I never had the opportunity to play hockey but I did play football through High School. If we played a game on Saturday I would be sore as hell until Wednesday or so. I think hockey is (at least) as physical as football yet football players get a week off in between games.

      • I’d say it would depend on the position played. Ain’t no hockey player getting it as rough as lineman. Or a pound it up the middle running back. Receiver corner even qb with a halfway decent line then I’d agree.

      • That’s a fair point. While the “big” hits in hockey are probably bigger than in football they are more rare (though I’d prefer to be knocked onto grass/turf than ice any day). A running back can expect to be tackled 30-40 times per game, plus the punishment from blocking during pass plays etc. I played tight end and defensive end so definitely took some hits.

        With all that said, still pretty darn impressive that these guys play games on back to back days, frequently play 4 games a week etc…they basically play the same schedule as the non-contact NBA.

      • Double Minor, the NHL is easy compared to what some junior players go through – back to back to back on weekends – and, if a kid plays on a top team in Bantam or Midget, they can have tournaments with ridiculous schedules.
        Thing with the NHL is 82 game regular season. That is kind of nuts in a contact sport.

  10. I dunno – I played both sports, but more so football and in those days before they began “outlawing” certain kinds of hits I witnessed some pretty brutal hits, especially when the “peel back” block was still allowed.

    I too played offensive end (QRFA) and in those days I couldn’t stand wearing the hard-edged kidney pads so if and when a play called for me to move into middle linebacker range to receive a short-yardage pass, I used to dread the hit I knew was coming. There were a few times I peed blood.

    • I played both too George. Only 1 year for football, senior yr HS. Hockey for over 40 years quit at 46 when I moved. Contact up to 31.
      Never pissed blood thankfully. Been knocked silly a few times though, so far no side effects of that.

      Or at least that I can remember?

      • Rugby, anyone?