NHL Rumor Mill – April 21, 2021

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Should the Flames entertain trade offers this summer for Matthew Tkachuk? How much could it cost the Leafs to re-sign Zach Hyman? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan believes a significant shakeup is coming this summer for the struggling Calgary Flames. He believes they should focus on moving underachieving forwards Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan but also felt they should be open to offers for winger Matthew Tkachuk.

Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images).

The 23-year-old Tkachuk has a year left on his contract at $7 million before becoming a restricted free agent. He has 10 goals and 30 points in 45 games, prompting Brennan to claim he isn’t providing the Flames what he’s being paid to give.

Brennan acknowledged trading Tkachuk shouldn’t be at the top of the Flames offseason “to do” list but feels they should be willing to listen to offers. He goes on to suggest the Senators make a pitch to reunite Matthew with little brother Brady in Ottawa, wondering how much more it might cost above a first-round pick and Logan Brown to get a deal done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brennan’s merely spitballing, of course. We don’t know if the Flames will put Tkachuk on the block or even listen to offers, though nothing should be off the table at this point.

We also don’t know if the Senators would consider making a pitch for Matthew but their first-round pick will certainly be part of the asking price if they do. The Flames will want more than Logan Brown unless another good young player or prospect is also part of the offer. There’s also the question of how much Matthew will want on his next contract and the willingness of the Senators (or another club) to pay it. It will likely be more expensive than his current deal.

I believe the Flames will retain Matthew for at least one more season to see how he responds if Gaudreau and/or Monahan get traded this summer. They have to move quickly on Gaudreau as he’s an unrestricted free agent next summer but there’s no reason to do so with Tkachuk given his RFA status next year.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun canvassed “half a dozen NHL front office executives” to determine how much Toronto Maple Leafs forward Zach Hyman might get via this summer’s free-agent market. The responses varied between $4.5 million and $5.5 million. LeBrun believes Hyman’s agent could also use Montreal Canadiens winger Brendan Gallagher ($6.5 million annually) as a comparable in contract talks.

LeBrun believes the number is going to have to start with a four if Hyman wants to stay with the Leafs under a tight salary cap. It’ll start with a five if he tests the open market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hyman’s completing a four-year, $9 million contract ($2.25 million annual average value). He’s become an invaluable member of their core as a tenacious, versatile forward.

While Hyman and Gallagher play a similar style, the latter has better stats and plays a leadership role. The Leafs winger isn’t getting a contract comparable to the Habs alternate captain.

Cap Friendly indicates the Leafs have $68.1 million invested in 13 players for 2021-22. In addition to Hyman, they must also re-sign or replace Frederik Andersen, Joe Thornton, Wayne Simmonds, Nick Foligno, Jason Spezza, Ben Hutton, Zach Bogosian and David Rittich.

As LeBrun said, if Hyman wants to stay in Toronto he’ll have to accept something between $4 million and $4.99 million.


  1. Hyman needs to stay a Leaf… open market offers should approach $5M…. so even with a big hometown hair-cut… $4M …. leaves Dubas with $9M ti fill 9 spots…. so most of those at League min…. that doesn’t build a contending roster

    …. and that’s with Capbell as starter and $1M back-up

    Again ….. the roster make up needs a shake up to fit in Cap…. meaning one of the big 4…. and I’ve posted ad nauseam re WW as the most logical move for Leafs

    Fingers, toes, eyes crossed

    • Not that I want to give you the time of day but Andersons cap hit pays the additional amount to retain Hyman and sign a quality back up. Robertson and Sandin get full time slots for league minimum. Then Dubas keeps filling out the roster like he has been as we only need a bunch of bottom six guys. Easily signed for under a million heck we can probably afford another 2 plus million dollar player depending on the cost of Hyman and the backup goalie. Toronto does not have any really bad contracts meaning way overpaying for players who are not performing. They’re in great shape.

      • Johnny its not about the money Tavares at 11.5 million is a massive overpay which will only get worse as time goes by.

      • Tavares is exactly the player we paid up for and the player that a lot of teams were willing to pay up for. Stats as a leaf.
        GP – 191
        Goals – 89
        Assists – 103
        Plus- minus – +23

        No surprise there. Number 1 center production. He came exactly as advertised. His game is based on strength and puck possession so he will not slow down in his early 30’s. He’s not a player who’s game is based in speed so no issues. His production has been pretty consistent his entire career and he’s shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. By overpay I mean Lucic, Erickson, Neal, Price, Subban and the list goes on. Those players were payed and are not producing to expectations. Tavares is doing exactly what he was payed for.

      • Can’t argue with the facts. Throw in Karlsson and Duchene in that overpaid list.

      • @ Gearge, Yep it’s a big list. I bet Ottawa is happy about those 2.

      • RL at $11m yes JT is over paid by at least $2m

      • Ecstatic Roger! I should have added Hoffman there. The ONLY lamentable loss in the roster “purge” of the past few seasons was Mark Stone. But I can’t blame him for not wanting to go through a long re-build stretch at that stage of his career.

      • Ron Jull,
        You’re right about the overpay.
        Tavares has the 3rd highest pay for C in the league but his actual production is:
        18th in goals
        10th in assists
        11th in points
        14th in points per game

        MacKinnon, Scheifele and Crosby and others make millions less and outproduce him.

        Time will tell as forwards usually age faster than others as to how bad an overpay it is.

      • That’s your opinion Caper. The point is we knew exactly what Tavares was when we signed him and he’s performing at expectations. There were a lot of teams willing to pay that and more for him. He’s producing at the exact same rate as when we signed him. So you can have your opinion but we got the player we payed for period.

      • Yet Habsfan Tavares had almost as many goals as all Habs centers combined. Yes combined. But Kotkiemi and Suzuki are the second coming of Bergeron and Danault is worth his contract. At least we got what we paid for.

      • Hi Roger
        I’ll ignore your intro and speak to the meat of your post.
        Freddy’s Cap hit in no way pays for Hyman’s raise….
        Per CapFriendly for next year— Leafs have 15 players under contract with $11.6 M in space.
        The 15 are
        9 fwds (big 4, plus Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Engvall, Roberston, Brooks).
        5 D- Muzzin, Brodie, Reilly, Holl, Sandin
        1 G- Campbell
        Let’s say a 2nd goalie and Hyman combined somehow miraculously come in at $6M…. and that leaves $5.6 M for 4 Fwds and 2 D…. if all are at League min…that is $4.2 M…. so best case scenario (without a substantial change)…. Leafs have 4 League minimum fwds replacing the likes of Simmonds or Foligno or Jumbo Joe or Spezza or G-Chuck; and 2 league min players filling out the 6th and 7th D spots (replacing the likes of Bogo, Dermott, Hutton) with at max $1.4 M in space (for ups and downs from AHL to cover Short term injuries)— that team then is definitely not as good as this year where their ceiling is (if they win the North) somehow being matched to the East (can’t beat Bolts or Avs or Knights) and then somehow winning against one of Caps, Bruins, Isles or Pens and then only to lose in SCF to one of Bolts, Avs, Knights; and next year Leafs are back in a tougher division for an extreme uphill chance at the cup for the start of their Cup window (’22 –’24). No improvements from this year; and Leafs have quite a long shot to come out of the East Div (in 21/22)
        Campbell just may be a starter and the guy to go to next year; but that is not guaranteed. A responsible back-up still has to be procured.
        I’m all ears for a way to improve the team (absolutely necessary for a Cup try next year) without ridding one of the top 4. Suggestions?
        As I said before— AM and JT (his choice) are not going anywhere; leaving MM and WW. MM contract is basically prohibitive to move (not for desire of the player, just due to Cap hit); leaving WW.
        WW’s contract (cash much lower than hit) is extremely tradeable. So…. If the game plan for next year is top 4 of Muzzin, Brodie, Reilly, Holl… then a trade of WW for a good middle 6 grit winger AND a good bottom pairing RD; AND say those 2 for $5M Cap or less (saving $2M in Cap)…. And then getting Hyman for a bargain at say $4.5M and filling out 13th/14th Fwds with League min players…. that gives Leafs 12-6-1 (F-D-G) with a tad over $7.6 M in Cap to acquire/pay for a back up, 2 good middle 6 forwards and a 7th D— that is plenty of money. That gets them a better team than this year
        If they (Dubas/Shanny/Keefe) decide that Campbell can’t carry the weight of (or is not yet) a starter…. Spend $5M on a starter and have $2.6 M to fill out those two forwards and 7th D.
        These are options not available with roster as is.

        Again, just my opinion and I’m all ears for a move that improves the team, fits in the Cap space and still keeps Hyman, so that Leafs can win a Cup before July of ’24 (when the wunderkind AM leaves).

      • Pengy Freddie’s cap hit is 5 million so let’s say we give Hyman a 2.5 million raise which puts him at 4.75 million per year. Leaves 2.5 million of Freddie’s cap hit for a backup goalie How does that not solve Hyman providing he signs for 4.75 million of course. If not just pay less for the backup goalie. There’s a lot of those around. Quit trying to complicate things with opinions and projections. Anderson makes 5 million in cap hit so if he’s gone you have 5 million to spend period.

      • So Campbell is the Leafs starting goalie next year?

      • RL,

        Red herrings abound, JT has almost as many goals as all Habs centres combined, a bit over half the points as all Habs centres combined. and has a cap hit that is almost the same as all the Hab centres combined.

        Back to the point, he is paid like a superstar, 3rd highest paid centre in the league but doesn’t perform anywhere near that level.

      • Habsfan JT was paid to be around a point per game number 1 center which is exactly what he is. There were multiple teams including the Habs willing to pay him just as much and more just for that. There was a lot of competition for his services and was widely considered one of the best UFA’s available this century especially at his age. Let me guess every team trying to sign him thought he was a 150 point player. The market for Tavares at the time was over 11 million. He took the discount to play for his favorite team. Comparables like Crosby are ludicrous as they signed there contract at completely different times with different cap situations. If Tavares was on the market today with the current cap situation he doesn’t get 11 million but at the time when he signed it, it was less than value and Tavares has produced exactly like he always has so the gm’s knew who they were trying to get. The leafs got what they payed for. It’s only an opinion that he’s overpaid. It’s not like a player who was at a point per game signed a big contract then all of a sudden became a 40 point per year player. Tavares was, is and will continue to be an almost point per game player. At least for a while.

      • RL speaking to your point of Toronto got exactly what they paid for when signing JT.

        Playoff totals

        Prior Toronto 24gp 11g 22pts ppg .91 -5
        Toronto 12gp 4g 8pts ppg .66 -8

      • Hi Roger,

        It appears that you didn’t read my post in full

        You are focusing in on just Hyman, Freddy and a back-up

        The whole roster and cap is the issue

        The return of Hyman to me is paramount; your Hyman raise proposed and the balance to a back up first requires the conclusion that Campbell for sure is the starter for next year.

        I’m not as confident as you , but for the sake of argument; let’s say he is

        Your scenario (this year to next) has Hyman and Campbell both on the team (this year and next year)— no change

        It converts the 20/21 “Freddy” into a 21/22 back-up… forget about all the angst people have been posting re Freddy this year and that he doesn’t win in clutch games in the playoffs (noted and agreed) but your scenario has Freddy exchanged for a back-up (with league back-ups having a save percentage just a very few points better than Freddy… maybe an extra 2 wins in the regular season for that; but that doesn’t move the needle in the playoffs

        The team needs to be better over all next year and just doesn’t have the space to do it without a move (or two) of some reasonable magnitude (see my details regarding the overall Cap)

        This is not an opinion— they have but $11.6 M for 8 spots next year (that includes Hyman)… so just the Hyman contract at your suggestion of $4.75 M plus say a $1M back-up (not sure where that is happening but we’ll use that)….

        That’s a tad over $5.8 M left to get 4 Fwds and 2 D:

        $5.8 M to replace 4 of (the likes of Simmonds or Foligno or Jumbo Joe or Spezza or G-Chuck); and 2 of of the likes of Bogo, Dermott, or Hutton

        That is just to stay as good as they are this year; which won’t IMVHO get them out of the EAST (where they will be next year) in the 21/22 season

        They need to somehow with your scenario, improve the team (from Simmonds or Foligno or Jumbo Joe or Spezza or G-Chuck or Bogo or Dermott or Hutton) with 4 F and 2 D averaging $900 K per

        Here is a scenario (that won’t go for the sake of being a 3 for one) that is just to show what I am talking about re improving the team.

        Ducks need offence, want to get younger.

        Again, I emphasize this is far fetched as it is 3 for one , but I know not a single Leaf fan friend of mine would ever turn down:

        WW for Manson, Grant, Deslauriers

        Leafs actually fill 2 extra spots and net nigh $400 K in space.

        Ducks cash outlay for next year (if trade happens after WW SB paid) goes from $7.2 M to $2.5 M… saving $4.7 M in Sal’s (and they are a team that has an internal budget) and losing around $400K in Cap space.

        Ducks could acquire 2 bottom 6 forwards for $2 M (cash and cap) combined, be $2.7 M better off cash wise and utilized an extra $2.4 M in Cap space that they are already good for

        Ducks, who are absolutely needing scoring, get far better offensively, and get younger

        Leafs absolutely get massively better defensively, get much much bigger and far more rugged. All needed for Cup contending IMVHO

        Leafs have no issues with the extra cash hit; and can score enough goals with or without WW.

        With that move and after signing Hyman to your suggested raise and with the back up you suggested and filling out the 13th/14th forwards and 7th D at no more than $800 per; have ~$4M to get a slightly lesser WW type.

        So …. Lose maybe 10 goals for all year (current WW to replacement WW) but get massively better overall, get bigger, get tougher. That type of move fits in Cap, and gets Leafs much much much closer to the cup

        Again, a far-fetched 3 for 1 but it is just a “fictional” but “logical” win win type of scenario

        There are several teams that could do a D and F for WW and still provide Leafs with a valuable net $2M (or more) in Cap space .

      • Pengy let me try to put it another way because I don’t think your thought process works like this(Not an insult). All of the leafs main players have the same cap hit this year then they will next year except for Hyman and Anderson who are off the books. All of the other main players are signed at the same cap hit next year. So explain to me other than opinion on what a backup goalie will be or what Campbell is capable of how the leafs can’t put a similar roster together next year. They did it this year. Cap hit is the same. All of the players you listed in your cap projections have the same cap hit next year then they did this year. Nothing significant has changed other than Freddie and Hyman. So if you take Freddie’s cap hit away why can’t you use it on Hyman and another goalie and put up a very similar team next year with Hyman getting a raise. You have the same money this year that you will have next year and only Hyman will see a raise. By the way all of the backups this year that started with the leafs meaning Campbell and Hutchinson have performed better than Anderson so if we didn’t have Anderson this year our record would be the same or maybe even better. Why would you assume the sudden downfall next year without Anderson. He’s expendable. Problem is the playoffs not the regular season so let’s see what he does there. If Anderson wins the cup then ya we have issues. If not then he’s had his chance and we use his 5 million cap hit somewhere else.

      • Hi Roger

        Re “All of the leafs main players have the same cap hit this year then they will next year except for Hyman and Anderson who are off the books”

        That is not true

        Leafs have more than 10 UFAs who have $0 (as at now) on the Cap for next year

        I am only dealing with the team as a whole and you are focusing in on Freddy and Hyman

        Leafs need to be better next year, give Hyman a raise, be better in net (replace Freddy with a better goaltender) and fit in the cap

        that means to get better, they have to fit in players that are equal (or preferably better) to those below just to be able to possibly get the the ECF next year :

        Simmonds or Foligno or Jumbo Joe or Spezza or G-Chuck or Bogo or Dermott or Hutton

        equal to the above— doesn’t move the needle to a Cup next year

        Leafs need to get better than this year

        replacing those players alone cost more than their hit this year (Foligno alone has retention)

        It is the team as a whole that has to fenagle the Cap; and it must improve

        The Freddy covering ZH raise and a back up and even gaining $1.5 M in that move is just not enough to add to current space, to get replacements for the above that will get them a cup

        That is what I’m saying

      • There ain’t nothin wrong with taveres contract now. Could it be a drag towards the end? Maybe. But rog is right about this particular situation. Great signing when it happened… but tougher now with COVID but that applies to many contracts signed pre pandemic

      • Pengy I said Hyman and Anderson were the only players of note. Everyone of the other contracts are easily replaceable with the same or less money. It’s bottom 6 players they’re a dime a dozen. Spezza who’s the best of them for the leafs lives playing here and will continue to sign for the minimum as long as we want him. Nobody else in that bottom 6 matters and most can be replaced with equal or better players. Most teams are in cap hell, even worse then the leafs and those bottom guys are just being replaced by the rookies or bargain basement signings. All teams are doing this, at least the ones with top talent in there top 6. There will be a bunch of UFA,s available and probably at least 50 players that can be had for around league minimum. Players that would have usually gotten 2 or 3 million will now have to sign for under a million just like last year. Teams just don’t have the cap space, especially the competitive ones.

    • The first move the leafs should make is trading Morgan Reilly. He has to be one of the worst defence man in the league. Every game when the other team scores you see #44 watching puck go in.

      • Correct, Chrisms. Another factor when judging Tavares is Auston Matthews. Pretty hard to be at the top in goals and points when you have Matthews as a team-mate.
        I wonder what the projected cap for this year was when Toronto signed Tavares.
        Did any teams consider a possible pandemic back then?

    • By the way Pengy I bet you made similar opinions and projections regarding the leafs cap for this year including the trade deadline yet, the leafs pulled it off.

      • Hi Roger

        The Leafs have not pulled anything off yet

        They have made moves but have yet to play a single playoff game.

        I will be in heaven if they can get to the SCF but that scenario only happens first if they win the North and then they MUST be (only 1/3 rd chance) matched with the East (as they have IMVHO , absolutely no chance of beating winner of West [Avs or Knights] or Central [Bolts])… and they still then have to beat one of the Bruins, Caps, Isles, or Pens to advance to SCF

        Leafs v healthy Bruins— the way Bruins are playing now— I just can’t see it– Bruins take that series (unfortunately again 🙁

        Vs Isle’s — Isle’s have the chance of putting the “rope-a-dope” “sleeper” on Leafs and winning a 7 game series by only scoring a total of 8 or 9 goals… they have two very good goalies…. call it a toss up at the very outside

        Vs Caps— one Wilson head-hunt away from knocking out MM or AM… Leafs certainly have a chance at that series

        Pens– if fully healthy and playing like they can– I’d have to favour Pens— I could care less who wins in that series as Leafs and Pens are my two favourite teams

        So — if North gets matched to the East— call it at best a toss up for Leafs to win that and get to the SCF where they will face one of Bolts, Knights or Avs and lose… so 1/3 chance at a toss up to get to the SCF and then lose to one of AVs, Bolts, Knights OR 2/3rds chance of losing to Avs or Bolts or Knights in the semis (North v West or North v Central)

        I will gladly eat my words if Dubas’ moves somehow miraculously get them a cup this year…. that as at now, is not even on my reality radar

        The plan has to be to focus on the window — ’22-’24 when they still have AM lighting the lamp nightly.

        Fingers crossed that I am wrong on my projections for Leafs this year

  2. As much as everyone wants to reunite the brothers, I got to wonder why?

    We don’t need two players who do the exact same thing,costing the exact same amount. It wouldn’t even make sense to have them on the same line. And Brady does what Matthew does but better.

    Sens need a true 1C or a top 3 D before they need another skilled pest in front of the net.

    • I agree and disagree with you. Do I think we need to sell the farm for Matthew? No. But if we did he would be a great asset. Matthew plays the RW which I would argue is our greatest depth issue in the organization right now. Having Brady on the LW on one line and Matthew on the RW on another would be amazing.

      I don’t think the Sens need to rush out for the C yet. Norris, Stueztle, and maybe even Pinto deserve a good look. Plus, Beniers or Eklund could be in our future at the draft.

      As far as defense goes. This is where I am definitely not rushing out. Chabot, Zub, Brannstrom, Docker, Thomson, Sanderson … it feels almost certain that we will have one of the most stellar Top 4 in the league, with pretty much all of them getting ready to step into the bigs.

      • John, my thinking is along the lines of JJB. I’ve always liked Matthew’s fiestiness and he would be a monumental improvement over Watson in that role. But I do have to agree that forking over $7 mil + for years to come would not be the wisest of moves.

        I also made the same point as JJB about the C position the other day – Norris, Steutzle and Pinto could well form one of the best 1,2,3 C tandems in the league not too far down the line, nor should we forget the big Russian kid, Sokolov, who lit it up in the Q and is doing very well developing in the AHL. They are also pleased with the play of Amadio as the 4th line C and will likely keep him around.

        A good, veteran Top 4 D with term should be their target for next season – especially from one of those teams facing a major cap crunch.

      • whoa, George let’s not put that horse before the cart now… patience is key and heartbreaks are just around the corner, unfortunately…or maybe not.

  3. They will unquestionably and easily resign Hyman and it would be incredibly stupid to trade an elite talent like Nylander, so they wont. Leafs GM is on the cutting edge of roster make for the future.
    Watch and learn everyone.

    • Wendel, The Leafs will be fine as long as Foligno brings his Goalie pads with him to TO.

      I watch some of the Leafs- Canucks game last night and could not believe the goals that Ridditch let in.

      Of course, I’m used to Varly and Sorokin, so I am spoiled. It won’t be long till Sorokin is in the top 5 Goalies in the NHL.

      As for the Leafs, I see the “Return of Freddy” playing at your local theater.

  4. Pengy, as I posted yesterday there are only 4 teams with sufficient cap space to take on a Nylander and his almost $7 mil per cap hit

    Detroit, Ottawa, LA and NJ – and even there it wouldn’t be easy to do as all 4 have key RFAs they need to re-up that will dip significantly into the cap reserve. Add to that the fact the Leafs would not – could not – take any significant cap hit back since the whole purpose of dealing Nylander would be to free up enough space to properly fill out a roster – including re-signing Hyman.

    Such an exercise would be even tougher for any of the other 26 teams since their projected cap space decreases significantly – all the way up to $0. So, to bring in a Nylander without the Leafs taking cap back would be nigh on impossible in light of the fact every one of them has key RFAs to sign and, in a few cases, even some UFAs they’d like to keep.

    What do you see Dubas wanting from the 4 cap-rich teams in exchange for Nylander? I doubt very much Dorion would relinquish any of this top prospects/picks – unless he was dealing for Matthew Tkachuk who is a whole different ball game.

    Interesting days ahead.

    • Most of nyalnders contract is paid so a team who doesn’t spend to the cap may become very interested. Though nylanders next contract would be the issue.

    • Hi George

      There are plenty of teams that can take on WW…..

      It is not taking him and nothing going out— requiring $7M in space — as you have pointed out, that would be very very few teams that could do that deal

      It is a trade for WW with at least 1 player (preferably two) coming back , with in around $2M in cap differential to Leafs …

      say it is a W and D coming for WW and for around $5M in Cap and let’s say also $5M Sal for those two players. WW’s effective cash for the balance of the contract after is SB is paid is ~ $4.8 M per. That team then either brings up or acquires a league min depth D… the result to them is

      $200 K cash extra per year more; $2.7 M Cap per year more; but converting a middle six grit winger and a bottom pairing RHD into a top line winger and a 7th D.

      Leafs get a 2-for and and extra (valuable) $2M in space (needed towards the likes of Hyman for instance)

      See my detailed response to Roger

      That is a win win for both teams and that opens up many many more teams that can “afford” that deal.

      Options are there for Leafs to move WW

      • Yeaaah. I can’t speak for the other 3 teams with lots of cap space, Pengy – but there’s no way Dorion is giving up 2 players totaling 5 mil off his current roster for Nylander good enough to step into Toronto’s roster. Maybe one of the cap-strapped teams would do that – but I can’t recall when we’ve seen a trade of that magnitude happen since the cap freeze, anyway.

        I think you’re wish to see something like that happen in order to free up space is tinged with just a hint of desperation and a dash of wishful-thinking. I know, Wendell would say “no problem – GMs are just lining up to shove each other out of the way to do a favour for the Boy Wonder who they recognized a light years beyond their capability.” I’ll only believe it when I see it.

      • There are teams with cap space this off season.
        Some good ones too.
        They have slots to fill, and some important ones (BOS), but they will all have flexibility and $$.
        Will the prices stay depressed for UFA’s? I dunno, but should be interesting. Can they keep their own and add? Will prices go up a little?

        CAR – $29M
        NYR – $27M
        BOS – $31M
        EDM – $27M
        SEA – $$$$?

      • Hi George

        I am with you… I don’t see a move by Dorion on WW

        WW move only comes about if Dubas has the guts to do it

        If he does… there are more than a few teams that can fit him in with a player or 2 coming back and that would like to add offence (Anaheim is a prime example)

      • Ray yes, on the surface, those teams you mention – and a few others – are shown with the huge cap reserves you cite. But they also have RFAs they need to re-up not to mention UFAs they probably want to retain. Carolina, for example, has 2 of the 3 goalies as UFAs, D-man Dougie Hamilton, F Martinook, etc. If they re-up the ones they want to keep that “reserve” will get whittled down pretty quickly. And even if they decided to part ways with all of them – unlikely – they still need to replace them on the roster. So it isn’t as cut-and-dried as it looks.

        I agree, a lot of UFAs – and even some from among the many RFAs – will be faced with economic reality, in some cases like a sledge-hammer between the eyes and, as never before, it will be a case of you either play for this amount and term or you try and do better in Europe.

        It is definitely going to be fascinating watching it all unfold. For those teams like Ottawa and Detroit who will still have a large cap reserve even after re-uppin their free agents, this year will present an even better opportunity to get some quality veterans with term out of the cap-strapped.

      • I know the B’s so will focus on them.
        Halak won’t be back.
        Rask gets a haircut or won’t be back. $1 – $2m less.
        Krecji gets a cut if he stays. $2M less
        Hall – we will see. $4M
        Backes $ leaves. $1.5
        Kase $ leaves. $2.5

        Save at least $9M on players above even with Rask and Krecji come back.
        Can afford to give Carlo a good bump, although not much as he doesn’t score much.
        B’s have room to sign an quality player or 2. If one is Hall OK, but doesn’t need to be. Especially if prices are close to what they were last off season.

  5. Matthew Tkachuk isn’t going anywhere … nothing to see here, move on …

    • Ed,

      Johnny Hockey will be gone before Tkachuk is.

    • Your finally right ed no one wants a ghost of a player. You know, a guy who shows up, cries and whines, then never to be noticed.
      Ottawa got the good one, why would trying want this Tkachuk?

      • Kid has had a bad year, maybe injury from playoff bubble is still a factor, who knows. Next year is a contract year, I expect he will have a big year & then we can talk about ghosts. You dont like him…good….I dont want fans of other teams to like our players.

  6. What is a players value worth today. what are real comparables?

    Its the short game that counts today and apparently for the next couple of years.

    There are literally hundreds of UFAs and RFAs available at the end of the year.

    The Islanders have a boatload of Hyman like players making under 3 million.

    Determining value will be tricky and one has to wonder if some NHL manager will take the Billy Beane approach.

    Capfriendly has tons of data and its a fraction of what’s out there, cost per goal, per assist, per point, per shot.

    Compare to other years and get quite a surprise to the incease and decrease in value for players.

    Moneyball begets moneyhockey

    • The players value is what the GM thinks will bring to there team. 165gp, 57 goals, 54 A and a plus 45. Who are the Islander players you speak of? Heck your Habs just signed Anderson for 5.7 per year and he’s not even close to Hyman.

      • Wha? 5.7 for him but he’s not close to Hyman but Anderson cap hit would get Hyman and a quality back up.

        My brain is melting

      • It’s not that hard Chrism just look at the numbers they never lie. Sometimes GM,s make mistakes and overpay. Hopefully that mistake won’t be made with Hyman.

      • You are right rog. It isn’t hard and the numbers don’t lie.

  7. The more I think on it the more I feel it will be Monahan the one to move. Relegation to second line. His touch has been off for a couple of seasons now. Maybe something to do with his wrist injury awhile back.

    Bennett lighting it up in South Beach. That bag of pucks is looking real good now and it is not even post season yet. The Pens missed out on that one.

    M Tkachuk will not be traded. Unless it is for an absolute King’s ransom . J Brown only as a throw in to make it 4 assets including a first

    • The Flames could trade Tkachuk to Ottawa but would want Steutzle in return.

      • Nope. And I agree with your take. A lot of “gee it’d be nice” etc., but that’s for fantasy leagues.

  8. Matthew Tkachuck has a cap hit of $7 million, however his salary next season is $9 million. At which amount do the Flames have to qualify him for in the 2022 offseason?
    If it’s $9 million, that is quite a bit for what Tkachuck brings. It might be worthwhile for the Flames to trade him this offseason.

    • Tkachuk must ran over payed and very over rated. $9m for what? Talk about an anchor of a contract, the team will need to qualify him with means he’ll be over $10m to start….man that’s a lot for what he brings. Bad going to worse.

      • He’s the guy I’d trade. He’d get the best return.
        Then I’d consider trading Johnny and start over. There’s something wrong in that locker room and it ain’t Sutter. I think the rest of em don’t cotton to Tkachuk. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am on this one.

      • Right Ron, and Marner is a real bargain. You enjoy your one dimensional players

      • Oh Sparky… one-dimensional like drive offense, run the powerplay and kill penalties?

        Yup your soooo smart, that’s one-dimensional if I’ve ever seen it.

  9. Leafs in full playoff marshmellow mode vs Vancouver. AHL goaltending and Charmin soft play is going to doom the Leafs playoff hopes again.

    Truly an Andersonesque performance by Rittich last night, flash in the pan Jack Campbell returns to his career norm (benchwarming backup) and Freddie the sieve is nowhere to be seen.

    Good thing theres no fans in the building because the fire Dubas chants would be deafening.

    • Kind of like the Flyers goaltending eh Ron along with their bad defence and overpaid bums up front. You switching teams again

      • Bob,

        Flyers wish they had AHL goaltending, lol.

  10. Love to see Matt on the bruins he’s a hitter he can fight although he loses a lot, scores, great in corners haven’t seen someone that good in corners since Cashman. But the cost to get him would extreme. You’re getting. Franchise player.

  11. While I do personally think that the Senators biggest need is some additional depth on the RW particularly in the form of a Top 6 RW (Hoping on Sokolov or Abromov). I don’t think I’d go after Matthew. Do I love his gritty, physical game like his brother? Yes, of course. But we have guys like Forementon who can play a good physical game and is more responsible. Our team isn’t exactly small up front and they don’t get pushed around easily.

    If I were Ottawa I’d be looking for what they HOPED they had found in Dadonov. A reliable top 6 right winger who can score 25-30 goals a year and plays a safe game.

    I think Ottawa is really going to take the wait and see approach down the middle to see where they feel Stueztle, Norris, Pinto end up lining up and with the possibility of grabbing Beniers or Eklund from the draft this year, I don’t think they will go all in for a C either.

    As a matter of fact, I would expect a quiet off season from the Senators. We will see them resign Tkatchuk, Batherson, Zub, Amadio, & Mete. I think they trade Chris Tierney and then maybe sign a depth piece. But I expect on the surface for this to be Ottawa top 9 and top 4 next year.

    Tkatchuk – Norris – Batherson
    Forementon – Stuetzle – Dadonov
    Paul – White – Brown

    Chabot – Zaitzev
    Brannstrom – Zub

    Murray – Daccord/Gustavsson

    • Pinto and 2022 1st rd pick to NYR for Buchnevich ?

      • Buchnevich and a 2022 1st for pinto?

  12. You don’t win cups with average goaltending . Name one .
    Leafs are in trouble to that regard.

    Even in the Oiler run of 5 in 6 . It was Fuhr and company not the superstar forward group .

  13. Here’s a thought likely to irk those who are upset that Marleau passed Howe for the all-time games played record.

    In my opinion, the most likely player to unseat Marleau is none other than Phil Kessel!

    Marleau will likely be done after this season and with 1,778 games played.

    Kessel should have 1,122 games played (656 behind Marleau) at the end of this year, is just 33 and has been remarkably durable throughout his career. Kessel would actually tie Marleau if he plays all 82 games for 8 more seasons so Kessel would have to play until he’s 42 to break the record.

    I’m not saying it’s going to happen, or even likely to happen, but I do think Kessel has the best shot of any active player to break the games played record.

    • Hi DM

      I can’t even fathom Phil playing at 39 let alone 42

      This is not being facetious, but I actually think that Jagr coming back to play basically every other game next year (needs only 47 to get to max number Marleau will get to this year) at 49 years old has more odds of happening than Phil ever getting to become the all time games leader

      JJ’s chances of returning and getting to become all time leader in games played:

      0.0001 percent


      0.00000000000000000000000000001 %

      • Hahaha….we shall see. He’s quietly having a productive year out there in the desert.

  14. Fire Paul Maurice, please.

  15. Leafs finally realize they have an issue in goal
    Another pathetic performance last night !
    Early playoff exit irregardless

    Leaf fans are in for a long haul with Dubais, as Shanahan truly believes in this guy !!
    Horrible, Horrible Organization

  16. If CGY decides to blow it all up, the prize of that trash heap is Linholm by a country mile and no one has even mentioned him.

    • Lindholm should be a Bruin. Deadly player.

  17. My feeling is matthew Tkachuk is going to fall out of favor with CGY and fans but especially team mates. He is too over the top” look at me”. He reminds me personality wise of Avery which is not good and likely not good for a dressing room..

    Tom Wilson on the other hand is crazy more like Tie Domi with the occasional loose screw assault I.e neidermeyer and Samuelsson.

    While all can play, the former 2 wear thin fast, the latter two you live with because they are doing a genuine hard job walking the edge in service of their team not themselves and sometimes falling off. They would always be welcome on any team.

    • Wendell, my feeling is that boy wonder Dubas overpaid massively for Austin Matthews since he really hasn’t done anything in terms of winning and to really drive the final nail in the coffin he walked him straight to free agency. Genius!

      • Sparky overpay on Mathews? Dont let your hate on the Leafs make you sound like a guy who doesn’t know much about any thing like ed does.

        There’s a lot that idiot said that you could of ripped on him about but you chose to take a cheap shot that made you sound like the dumbass.

  18. Sparky
    Matthews is hardly the problem
    Any team in the league would award him this contract …
    Dubais isn’t the guy to make a blockbuster happen …
    Reilly is average , at best , but will price himself out of Toronto .Nylander will have to go to make room for Hyman …
    It doesn’t really matter , Leafs were close , but Dubais was a “huge” error .. He wasn’t ready
    Matthews will get fed up in the end because he will see there is no light at the end of the tunnel .The Bruins find a way to win..,
    Shanahan is not Neely , and Dubais is not Sweeney ….
    Boston has been my second go team for years , since Bobby Orr days ….
    I have pretty much leap frogged and made Bruins my team , phoned my bell network to make additions , so I can follow more US games …
    I am fed up with Toronto ..
    I will never see a cup in my lifetime in Toronto , and I figure I have another 25 – 30 years left in the tank …
    Leafs get close to a nice rebuild , but can’t close the roster to be a contender , weak picks , at high management level …
    Déjà vu all over again , upcoming in 2-3 years , massive rebuild

    • Ken, Wendel said what he believes, I said I believe paying Austin Matthews McDavid money but without buying up ANY of his free agent years and walking him directly to free agency was not the sign of a genius general manager that Wendel claims he is. At least the Oilers got a max 8 yr contract with McDavid and he is a superior player. AM contract has skewed contracts for years to come and he may bail and go to a different team.

  19. Where are all of the Bennett haters?!?!