NHL Rumor Mill – April 10, 2021

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Could the Blues pursue Taylor Hall and trade Mike Hoffman? Could the Kings shop Alex Iafallo? Are teams calling about the Bruins’ Jake DeBrusk? Get the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Frank Seravalli wonders if St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong might be a buyer and a seller leading up to Monday’s trade deadline. Armstrong has a history of trading pending unrestricted free agents with his club on the playoff bubble.

Could the St. Louis Blues trade Mike Hoffman to make room for Buffalo’s Taylor Hall? (NHL Images)

Winger Mike Hoffman sits at No. 3 on the trade-bait list. Armstrong has also spoken to teams about center Tyler Bozak. There’s no indication if winger Jaden Schwartz is available.

The Blues are also believed among the teams with an interest in Buffalo Sabres winger Taylor Hall. Swapping out Hoffman for Hall might work if the Sabres retain half of Hall’s $8 million salary-cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Armstrong could be reluctant to part with Schwartz as he could still help the Blues clinch a playoff berth. As for Hall, Florida Hockey Now’s George Richards believes the Panthers could also be interested in the Sabres winger.

With over $16 million in trade deadline cap space, the Panthers are in a better position than the Blues to acquire Hall. He has a no-movement clause but might be more receptive about joining one of the top clubs in the league in the Panthers (yes, you read that right, check the standings) or a struggling one like the Blues (again, check the standings).

Speaking of Hoffman, Richards shot down the notion of a possible return to Florida. He also wouldn’t be surprised if Panthers GM Bill Zito pursues a defenseman like David Savard of the Columbus Blue Jackets, who remains atop Seravalli’s trade-bait list.

Los Angeles Kings forward Alex Iafallo moved to No. 5 on the list. Seravalli reports Kings GM Rob Blake has taken calls about the pending UFA though the two sides continue to discuss a contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blake’s ensuring he’s got some trade options in case an agreement on a new contract with Iafallo isn’t reached by Monday. As Seravalli said, this could go either way.


THE ATHLETIC: listed Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk at No. 21 on the final update to their NHL Trade Deadline Big Board. Teams continue to call the Bruins to find out what it might take to acquire the 24-year-old winger. What makes him intriguing is his playoff production.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Everything I’ve read and heard in the Boston media suggests the Bruins are fearful of trading DeBrusk and watching him blossom as a scorer elsewhere. I don’t dismiss the notion of a DeBrusk trade but the Bruins would probably prefer a young winger of equal or greater value and potential in return.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers GM Ken Holland doesn’t intend to part with first-round picks for rental players. He didn’t rule out making that move if it was for a player with term remaining on his contract. Matheson believes that could also cost a top-prospect, which would probably be a non-starter. Given the Oilers limited salary-cap space, Holland would have to have a trade partner willing to absorb 50 percent of an acquired player’s salary.


With their playoff math looking hazy, the Dallas Stars are starting to get calls about some of their pending UFAs. Big-bodied defenseman Jamie Oleksiak is drawing the most interest, moving up to No. 9 on the trade-bait list.

Seravalli also removed Tanner Pearson from the board following the winger signing a three-year contract extension this week with the Vancouver Canucks. Injuries to Detroit Red Wings forward Bobby Ryan and Anaheim Ducks winger Rickard Rakell takes both players off the list.


  1. Scared he’ll blossom elsewhere. Why, he has regressed in Boston.

    Go get Sam Bennet or Jake Vartanan. Maybe they’ll blossom elsewhere.

    • Though he can be called streaky this yr he was not only injured but also had covid. Look to Mika Z of the rangers. He was terrible upon his return. Covid causes some crazy side effects and is draining for a lot of people.Athletes are just humans just like you or I and all people are different in their reactions dealing with mental and physical issues. Mika rebounded nicely after a month I’m hope Jake returns to form. Hagz and Jimmy are terrible by the way I wouldn’t put any stock in anything they says. Pretty sure no players or management like either of them as well. There’s 2 guys that have any cred at all dealing with hockey and this are Dale Arnold and Billy Jaffe. Trust no one else.

    • I wish to publicly apologize to Lye for thinking he was managing my post. It was TOTALLY my fault. I spelled my name wrong in the name box.
      What a dummy!!

      My apologies Lyle. My fault all the way.

      • No worries, it can happen to anyone. Cheers!

  2. Jake Debrusk is a playoff beast with 23 pts in 49 games. .47 ppg

    Sam Bennett is a playoff beast with 19 pts in 30 games .63 ppg

    Meanwhile Johnny Gaudreau is a bum who disappears in the playoffs
    and has 19 pts in 30 games. .63 ppg

    The “bum” has been consistent during regular season and playoffs. the “beasts” have disappeared regular season and aren’t better than the “bum”

    All this to say that the eye test is terribly flawed and Debrusk and Bennett don’t have the trade value the pundits are posing.

    They have no value other than to their own teams, at least the Bruins might get something out of Debrusk if he rebounds next year.

    • Well, there certainly no Paul Byron, but there definitely is some value there. 😉

      • 2422,

        “The code” made Byron take the fight with Weegar, 6’0 200 lb vs Byron 5’9 165 lb and it was a mismatch and he hasn’t gotten his game back since the concussion he got in the fight.

        No blame to Weegar btw, Byron could have turned down the fight as Weegar was expecting.

        His goal scoring is all but gone but his defensive abilities are there, his skating, his pk. He’s one of the guys assigned to shadow McDavid.

        He got his contract because he could do all that and score 15-20 goals.

        He’s a player who can play up and down the line on the wing and sporadically at centre and of value to a team needing a swiss army knife.

      • Settle down, lol. I quite like Paul Byron. Always have. I think he’s a useful player, but just as you said, that scrap all but ruined him. Odd how punches to the noggin can impact one’s hands. Especially if you’re on the receiving end.

    • The same could be said for a lot of players here. Perception is a curious thing! Ryan Strome is always a weird case here. Ranger fans and others consider him some sort of castaway. The guy has done nothing but produce over the last 2 years. With and without Panarin. Yet somehow gets the red headed step child treatment.

      • Capt. Most of Strome criticism was during off season when fans feared he was mostly a one hit wonder and benefitted from playing with Panarin. He’s definitely silenced a lot of critics by continuing to produce.

      • I recall a few weeks back a few joking around with Ihatecrosby for throwing Strome into multiple trade proposals. Oddly, I think it was some Bruins fans who like to throw Debrusk in almost every trade proposal.


        Barzal is a stud.

        Reality: Barzal has 1 less point over the past 2 years in 110 games than Strome has in 109.

        He has more points than Crosby over that same span. With a 29 game gap with Crosby’s injuries.

        Tied with Eichel over the last 2 years.

        More points than Tavares , Backsrtom, over that time period and 3 less points than Point.

        Strome Ranks 30th in scoring over the last two years and has been much better on both ends of the ice.

        Perception! Very odd sometimes!

      • Having seen Strome in his Islander days, he always struck me as a player who wasn’t willing to do what it take to reach the next step.
        He was always talking about how hard Tavares worked and his single minded focus on getting better. It seemed he admired that, but wasn’t willing to do the same.
        He seems willing to get by on his talent alone. He also has had the benefit of playing with two All Stars over his career (Tavares and Panarin).

        Good player who thrives with an elite linemate.
        However, how well did he do in Edmonton where he did not have that luxury?

      • Again, he has thrived with and without Panarin. He never really played with Tavares in NY. He’s a center. He played center in nyi’s, Edmonton and NYRs. So other than being a teammate of Tavares , he benefited nothing from playing on the same team as Tavares.

        Again, exactly what I was saying. Perception. Most people are going off his early career. Which isn’t as ugly as some make it given his role on NY and Edmonton.

        Again, the guy is 30th in scoring over the last 2 years. Above Tavares and others. That makes him much more valuable than most are willing to give him credit.

      • To play devil’s advocate. Strome had his first full year in 14-15. If he played with Tavares, Tavares had his best statistical year in his Ny Islanders career.

        Fast forward to Strome on Ny with Panarin. In 2020 Panarin had his best statistical year in every category playing with Strome. Hmmmmmmm?

        Coincidence? Or is it possible that Strome is part of the reason?

        30th in scoring over the last 2 years. Ahead of Tavares, barzal, Crosby, Backstrom, and so on.

    • Habfan30

      Gaudreau reg season .94 playoffs .63 playoff goals 8

      Bennet reg season .34
      Playoffs .63 playoff goals 11

      Debrusk reg season .56
      Playoffs .47 playoff goals 14

      The issue is Johnny hockey doesn’t produce at the same level come playoff time.

      Debrusk game doesn’t elevate.

      Both Bennet and Debrusk score more playoff goals.

      Both have value.

      Gaudreau would bring back the biggest return in a trade, there is no debate there.

      • Caper

        I’m curious what you see as value for players like Bennett and DeBrusk?

        At this point in their careers haven’t they shown what they are? I’d say more so for Bennett. He’s played 400 games in the NHL and has shown he’s a 3rd line player. His +/- isn’t great either (-69) so it’s not like he’s a defensive specialist. It seems he gets a bit more hype than he should because he was 4th overall pick. I’d say that the Flames would not get equal value back for this player…maybe a 2nd round pick?

        DeBrusk has played only 227 games but has had three seasons of 15+G and flirted with 30G in his second year. His contract has an extra year on it so I could see him bringing a better return. I would say that BOS should find out what’s causing his struggles and work with him to find his game again.

        BTW. I’m not a fan of either team.

      • Captain Obvious

        Strome- career .54ppg

        Tavares- career .93ppg

        There is no comparison here.

    • Habsfan, not saying Gaudreau is a bum, but most of his play-off points were put up on the pp. Play-off hockey is a totally different animal than the regular season, once the refs put the whistle away you need warriors to lead you. I am not sure why you don’t see this. Corey Perry will bring a lot to the Canadiens once in the play-offs.

      • Daryl, Jack Eichel is a career minus 69, which doesn’t write him off as bad player. That stat is very dependent on the players you are played with and the situations you are put in. I agree Debrusk needs to pick it up because he has to be qualified at $4.8 million when his contract expires.

  3. DeBrusk to Edmonton for Larsson.

    • DeBrusk & his ties to Edmonton is a ideal landing spot for him…….

    • Better add a second round pick then maybe

    • Slick62 Debrusk isn’t being moved for a ufa.

      • Add a conditional pick?

    • Sparky

      Not really a fair comparison with regards to Eichel’s -69 and Bennett’s -69.

      One guy is a franchise C scoring at nearly a PPG the other guy is a 4th overall bust.

      • Why use the stat then?

  4. Jets to trade for Ottawa’s Goodbranson. Book it.

    • Depends on how the talks go over the next couple of days with Reilley, Tripper. If they can get him to agree on no more than a 3 year deal at a nominal hike over his current $1.5 mil cap hit, then Gudbranson could go on TD day.

      But if Dorion gets the impression that Reilley and his agent will seek a longer term and something around $3 mil per, he will be the one to go and then he’ll concentrate on keeping Gudbranson around for the next 2-3 years as the 7th D-man, taking Borowiecki’s role. Mind you, he won’t be getting anywhere near his current $4 mil per – nor do I think he and his agent expect to. Anywhere.

      Personally, my impression is that even if Reilley decides to re-up here, I think Dorion will still hang onto Gudbranson to the end of this season as protection for his young players simply because the best he could reasonably expect to get for him would be a low-round pick or a pseudo-prospect and he has more than enough of both, with space running out on the 50 maximum signed. And he’ll want to have at least 1 spot open there when UFA season rolls around.

      • George,

        Thoughts on a Pens/sens swap from a Sens fan’s perspective? Sens get Pettersson and Sceviour, Pens get Reilly, Josh Brown and Watson.

      • George O

        If Reilly becomes available the Leafs will happily take him 😊
        What do you see OTT getting for Reilly?

        Oh…can we have Connor Brown back too please? Always thought he was the keeper between Johnsson and Kapanen

      • Heh. Sure you can have Reilly. For Hyman 🙂

      • Cliff – Sceviour is a UFA going on 32 with absolutely NO offense – no thanks. Pettersson is intriguing as a stay-at-home D with limited offense, but his addition with a $4,025,175 cap hit for 4 more years is not going to turn their fortunes around any time soon. Josh Brown they can afford to give up along with Watson, but Reilly I believe will re-up as he is fitting in nicely here.

        Besides, Ottawa has a lot of top prospect D in the pipeline (Thompson, Bernard-Docker, Sanderson, Brannstrom) who all will need to be given close looks at the nhl level over the next couple of seasons.

      • Cliff,

        That trade is a steal for Ottawa.

        Pettersson is the only decent player in the trade, he’d be a top 4 D with the Sens not top pairing only because Chabot is also a LD.

        Reilly is a 7D and that’s it. He skates really well and the eye test loves him but he’s been traded twice for a 5th rounder.

        Josh Brown can barely get ice despite being on a team with a weak D, He isn’t enticing to the Pens.

        Watson for Sceviour , 4th liner for 4th liner meh.

        Pens wouldn’t touch this trade.

      • habfan30,

        I’ll defend the trade from the Pens perspective. Pettersson is the best player in the swap, I agree. However, He is third pairing with the Pens, behind Dumolin and Matheson. His cap hit makes him expendable for the Pens, while the Sens, as you say, would see him in a second pairing role. Thus making his cap hit more palatable. Reilly and Brown are both pending UFAs. So their cap hit would become precious cap space for the Pens this summer. I feel Reilly is a very suitable third pair guy for the Pens. Brown adds the “longpants” player that Burke/Hextall are rumored to seek to the roster. Additionally, two player replacing one on the roster equal more depth for the playoffs. And Watson for Sceviour is agrreably a wash. Except Watson is likely out until the playoffs, so the Pens get a little LTIR relief out of it and Watson is also more of a “longpants” player than Sceviour, which is only relevant if he actually recovers and gets in a playoff game or two. That’s my logic for why the trade makes sense for the Pens.

    • Sparky

      It’s a valid stat but look at the amount of points put up by each player.
      Eichel is on the ice for way more points for his team than Bennett.
      One player has substantially more value to his team and in the league than the other.

      • Daryl , Eichel is clearly the better player but both have been on the ice for 69 more goals that were scored by the opposition . It could be argued Eichel has also been playing with better linemates

  5. LOL “fear of blossoming elsewhere” for a 24 yr old? Nothing on the player but at 24, you got what you got. I don’t think one can expect a blossom at this point. A player might have a season above his average in production just as he’s bound to have some less.

    He’s a good asset and is what he is.

    • Every year his point totals have gotten better outside of this yr and injury and he had covid. By no means can you tell by one off season start he reached his potential. Look at Marchand tho a solid player he blossomed the last 3 yrs.

    • Ron, Players blossoming after 24? Martin St.Louis, didn’t make the NHL until he was 25. I agree in today’s game it does not happen that often though.

  6. I noted yesterday. I would not trade DeBrusk for Bennett straight up. At least Bennett will hit and stir it up a little. He is way more of a battler in the tough areas.
    Paul Byron might be close to setting the waiver wire record.
    Riley Nash addition by the Leafs was clever. Actually injured but will be ready for playoffs. A former first rounder ? “A One is never Done “

  7. Seems like Columbus will be forced to trade a good goalie or lose one to Seattle. Korpisalo has a smaller cap hit to absorb. Columbus needs help on offense next year. They can’t afford to lose a goalie of that caliber without a return.

    • Merzlikins is exempt from expansion draft.

      • Thanks, didn’t realize that.

  8. I wonder if Minnesota has an agreement with Suter to waive his NMC for the expansion draft so they can protect Dumba.

  9. “Swapping out Hoffman for Hall might work if the Sabres retain half of Hall’s $8 million salary-cap hit.”

    And why would the Sabres do that? Trade a highly in-demand rental for a rental that will help them do what? Finish in even more last place?

    • Garth

      I think you misunderstood?

      They meant swapping Hall into the spot occupied by Hoffman and trading Hoffman to another team, not specifically to BUF.

      Funny thing is Hoffman is the more consistent performer considering Hall’s injury history…and at half the cap hit

  10. Sweeney get off your lazy carcass and make some trades or sell. The only untouchables Mac, Swayman, Pasta ! Bundle up Studnicka another bust along the lines of Beecher, zeroishon, Debrusk

  11. Maybe the Bruins will rally around Swayman. We have seen it many times over the playoffs. Thinking the same thing with Campbell ala Binington Penny and Roy, the Net Detective the Hamburgler etc.

    Zucker -PO Joseph for Bennett -Ryan and Edm”s third.
    I am sure Sutter wants Carson Soucy. He is From Viking AB . Close to home 🙂 A big defensive defence-man

  12. Boston print putting out some names for possible Bruins trade targets

    C Garland

    C Miller

    no knock your socks names but probably the type of players Sweeney/Neely would trade for

    can’t see them going after Hoffman

    • Montour traded to Florida.

    • I think Montour is headed to Florida.

      • Good trade by Florida. As Canes fan I hope that means they are not getting Savard.

      • It’s much worse than that! Savard’s headed to Tampa.

      • Shoreporrpark, you are right it’s much worse! Didn’t see that coming.

  13. OMG not Hoffman after hearing about his antics in Calgary. Out of all the names Garland is the best bang for your buck, fast natural goal scorer excellent passer. He’s a bit bigger than Marchy but seems to be most logical choice. If you think Hall a bit of hassle in the dressing room Hoffman ‘s worse. Stay away from him. If Swayman does well maybe they can finally cut (no show) Rask once and for all.

    • Garland is 5,9ish and 155ish.
      Marchand is 5’9ish and 185ish.
      But I’m more interested in Hoffman’s antics in Calgary.

  14. Hi Rick, what were Hoffman’s antics in Calgary?

  15. Dubnyk to Avs for Greg Pateryn and a 5th – its done

    • Coming Dubas, one less goalie on the market.

      • Toronto misses out HUGE on DD.

        That has to hurt Wendel.

  16. Sweeney!!! Either make some trades or sell!! What I saw out there today in Philly were a bunch of guys running around in their own end looking confused! Swayman was okay, could have played better! Debrusk scored but like before other players have to step up or maybe it’s beginning to sink in , maybe they just don’t have the talent to do anything else. Looks like once again there are a lot of trades going on & Sweeney as usual does nothing. Please fire this guy!

  17. There has to be more to this 3-way David Savard deal.

    Columbus gets a 1st and 3rd for 50% of Savard. ok
    Tampa gets Savard and Lashoff for 25% of Savard. ok

    Detroit takes on 25% of Savard for a 4th??? What’s the point for Detroit in facilitating this trade?

    • Cronyism. It’s called Cronyism.

    • Seems about right to me… Stevie Y “paid” about $65K for a 4th

      After escrow…. remaining (about 32 days left in season) to be paid to Savard by Wings …. ~ 217 K ($4M * 0.8 [escrow] * 25% * 32/118 (season days)

      He got rid of $700 K * 0.8 * 32/118 …. ~ 152 K

      Note Stevie Y also gets to hold a “favour” chip from Brisboise on this

      Just remember …. Canes paid $3.8 M for a 1st (Marleau deal)

  18. Knights must make a move now that Avs got DD and Bolts got Savard

    No move by Knights and it is very seriously looking like Avs/Bolts in SCF

    With that in mind Dubas… do NOT go out and sell the farm this year…. no matter what you do this year…. unless you are talking a head spinner massive player for player deal…. Leafs can’t beat Avs or Bolts… Window is ‘22-‘24 (still need big moves off season)

    Pens … same re trading futures but Window is closing…,.. but you do have space and an extra LHD and an underperforming Zucker that can be moved w/o sacrificing the future


    Hextall waiving Sceviour and Riikola for space???


    Gino’s LTIR space is pretty dang big; AND already saved Cap space on Dumo and Zucker and Blueger LTIR stints??

    How much more space is needed??

    Waiving Sceviour is no prob… no one will pick him up

    But waiving Riikola??? Some team just may pick him up (and it would be a good move by them)

    Hextall if ABSOLUTELY needing space could have waived Ruhweedel… absolutely no team picks him up… very safe waive. If a miracle happens and he is picked up…. off the Pens books👍👍

    Difference in actual Cap savings between Riikola and Ruhweedel calculating for the balance of the season ….. ~ 115 K in space…. WTF? 🤬😡💩👎👎👎

    • Let the OVI watch commrnce. Lol

  19. BriseBois is a mastermind

  20. Gudas 2.5mill
    Edmunson 3.5mill
    Savard 4.25 mill

    Dermott? 850K
    Kerfott? 3.5mill

    Dubas could’ve had Gudas and Edmunson in September via free agency…

    Savard now traded to Tampa….our eventual opponent in the playoffs.

    Anyone of those guys would have made the leafs a Stanley Cup Contender…yet they continue to play Dermott, who belongs in AHL. I don’t know, how they expect to go through 4 rounds of hockey with Dermott playing regular 3rd pairing d position. Doesn’t Dubas owe it to Mathews and Marner to give them a legitamate chance of contending. For GOD SAKE, go out and get DEFENSIVE D man who can man handle the opposing team stars. What do you expect from DERMOTT? Rielly is really fallen off this year DEFENSIVELY. I rather have Gudas & Edmunson over Rielly & Dermott MONEY being equal.

  21. SAVARD to Tampa was a Bargooon!
    didnt see that 1 at all

    Dubais or Sweeney couldn’t of upped that offer??

    Hearing all kinds of stuff now,,,
    Dustin Brown
    defenseman in Dallas? heavy player
    Goalie ????