NHL Trades – Monday, April 12, 2021

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Check out the details of all the significant trades that took place on deadline day:

Buffalo Sabres trade forwards Taylor Hall and Curtis Lazar to the Boston Bruins for winger Anders Bjork and a second-round pick in the 2021 NHL draft. The Sabres retain half of Hall’s $8 million cap hit.

Los Angeles Kings trade forward Jeff Carter to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a conditional 2022 third-round pick and a conditional fourth in 2023. The Kings retain half of Carter’s $5.273 million cap hit.

Washington Capitals trade Jakub Vrana, Richard Panik, a 2021 first-round pick and a 2022 second-rounder to the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for winger Anthony Mantha.

Calgary Flames trade Sam Bennett to the Florida Panthers for a 2022 second-round pick and prospect winger Emil Heineman. 

Philadelphia Flyers trade forward Michael Raffl to the Washington Capitals in exchange for a fifth-round pick. 

Ottawa Senators trade defenseman Erik Gudbranson to the Nashville Predators for a seventh-rounder in 2023. 

Montreal Canadiens acquire defenseman Erik Gustafsson from the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for a seventh-round pick in 2022. 

Colorado Avalanche re-acquire center Carl Soderberg from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for minor-league center Josh Dickinson and prospect winger Ryder Rolston. 

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire defenseman Ben Hutton from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for a fifth-round pick in 2022. 

Chicago Blackhawks trade Mattias Janmark and a fifth-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a second-round pick in 2021 and a third-round pick in 2022. TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports the San Jose Sharks will receive a fifth-round pick from the Golden Knights for brokering the deal. The Blackhawks and Sharks retain 50 percent of Janmark’s salary. 

Edmonton Oilers acquire defenseman Dmitry Kulikov from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a conditional fourth-round pick in the 2021 NHL draft. The pick becomes a third-rounder if the Oilers win a playoff round (as per TSN’s Gord Miller and Bob McKenzie)

Vancouver Canucks trade defenseman Jordie Benn to the Winnipeg Jets for a sixth-round pick. 

Chicago Blackhawks acquire forward Adam Gaudette from the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for center Matthew Highmore.

Carolina Hurricanes trade defenseman Haydn Fleury to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for defenseman Jani Hakanpaa.


  1. I have to say I was a bit surprised that Gudbranson was dealt, especially after Reilley went to Boston and Coburn to the Islanders, and the fact his wife just gave birth.

    Now, with Chabot, Zaitsev, Zub and Josh Brown being the veteran D presence left, both Brannstrom and Bernard-Docker will good looks the rest of the way. There’s also Lassi Thompson in Belleville and Mete, picked up on waivers from Montreal as depth for the balance of this season.

    • Does Mete slot into the Ottawa’s top seven and, if so, where?

      • If he does it’ll likely be as the 7th D with Brannstrom and Bernard-Docker getting long looks along with the 4 veteran Ds left. And, as I say, expect to see Lassi Thompson up for a stretch of games from Belleville.

        In other words, I doubt Mete gets anywhere near the minutes previously logged by Reilly, Coburn and Gudbranson – if any. Unless there are injuries down the stretch.

    • Maybe just giving Gudbranson a shot at the playoffs George. If they want to bring him back it can’t hurt.

      • Could be Ray – although Nashville has to be a real long shot.

  2. Like the Caps deal

    • As a Wings fan, I like the Washington deal too!

      • Yeah. Yzerman strikes again. Reason it went to the wire was he held out for that king ransom.

      • Was Manthra having issues ? I probably would be mad had he been Bruin and got traded lol

      • Getting Vrana is a large upgrade over Mantha in itself, but to get a 1st, 2nd and Panik in the same deal is mind blowing. Unbelievable return for a winger who won’t backcheck and produces at a lesser rate than Vrana, with more ice time.

  3. I would have expected more moves from the sellers. Anaheim, SJ, NY, Philly and more. Seems Chicago, Detroit and Ottawa had the right idea.

    I know that money is tight, but as we’ve seen in a few moves there are ways to get creative.

    Like the Mantha deal for Washington. Like the Savard deal In Tampa and Foligno deal for Toronto. Outside of that, pretty uneventful trade deadline and week leading up. Honorable mention goes to the Palmeri deal. But not exactly in love with that deal either.

    • Surprised DET dealt Mantha, he had 3 years left after this one.
      WAS paid the price because of that, wasn’t cheap.

      • Am I missing something?
        I am not sure I trade Vrana straight for Mantha who goes mia…
        the physical side puts it over the top if thats the need

      • I misspoke there a little bit. I like the Mantha deal for both sides.

        Vrana also has the tendency to disappear at times. He started the season playing 14-15-18 minutes a game. Over the last month he was playing 10-12. I like Washington adding Mantha’s size.

        Similar numbers, but Mantha is signed for 3 more years. Vrana is a rfa. Imo, Washington wins the trade immediately. Mantha is much better set for success than Vrana in Detroit.

      • The way Yzerman explained it afterward, Vrana is a year younger than Mantha and produces at a similar rate. The amazing part of the deal for Detroit is getting a 1st AND a 2nd rounder. Keep in mind Detroit is in the midst of a rebuilt, so they don’t lose production plus they gain valuable assets for the future. WSH on the other hand, gets a skilled offensive forward with tremendous size, but who is streaky and rarely has played up to his potential, but who could do better being a secondary offensive option instead of being relied on to carry the offense. Slight edge to DET in my opinion.

  4. The Janmark deal to Vegas also gives them some solid depth up front – not that they needed much.

  5. The top three contenders for the cup before the last 3 days…. Bolts, Avs, Knights

    The top three contenders after the end of TDL ….. Bolts, Avs, Knights


    Central… moves by Canes and Panthers don’t get them close to Bolts, unless there is a major injury to Vasy

    West… will still be Avs v Knights in West final …. almost guaranteeing the best series (of all 15 this year) including the SCF

    The 4 East playoff teams made moves that were geared to get to Semis… but are only getting to SCF , IMHO , if NHL matches West v Central for Semis… all 4 can beat North winner… but unless there is a major injury to Vazy…. East winner can’t beat Bolts; and I have major trouble even imagining East winner beating either Avs or Knights

    Leafs were positioned well 3 days ago for winning Div; and were behind Avs and Knights and Bolts , by a margin….nothing has changed. Leafs were just behind Caps, Pens, Isles….. that likely hasn’t changed

    Leafs should beat Oil , and Habs…. “Danger danger will Rogers”… is in the form of Connor Hellebuyck ….. if Wheeler injury short lived and Hellebyuck plays to his capabilities… Jets certainly have a shot at beating Leafs in a 7 game series

    Biggest winners this TDL…

    Avs….. already one of 3 cup favs… gave up little and added need in back up … Duby👍👍👍, 3C… Sodderberg 👍👍👍, D depth… Nemeth👍

    Bolts… reigning champs… one of three Cup favs… already…. then went and Got Savard, plus a depth D…. and oh yeah…. Kuch will be back for the playoffs

    Knights…..Stand pat low risk move…. Knights added Janmark without losing anybody off their roster…. for this years 2nd (they kept NJ’s 2nd, and sill have their own first); and next years 3rd. They also flipped 5ths but got the lower (Buff) 5th

    The Maxwell Smart…. “missed it by that much”….

    Knights came quite close to getting Getzlaf as their 3C …. Getzlaf had told Murray he would waive to go to Knights…. deal negotiations went late in the day… and crashed

    The keeping up with the Jone’s moves…

    Caps, Isles, Bruins, Pens…. after all moves … their ranking doesn’t really change relative to one another

    Stranger things….

    GoodB to Predz…. and that is their only move ????

    Loads of acquisitions but gave up futures and still out of cup range until next year… all for basically UFAs…

    Leafs…. 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, Barbanov for UFAs Foligno, Nash, Rittich, Noessen, Hutton and 27 yr old never drafted Suomela (with 51 total NHL games) …. Foligno will play and will give grit. Rittich there if Freddy falters but certainly doesn’t put them over the top. Nash, Noessen and Hutton only play if they usurp other current Leaf depth players. To me …. loads of futures given up and realistically still in same relative position re Cup this year. … I.e. many miracles away from happening. The best Leafs can realistically hope for is NHL deciding East v North is the match up; and East winner comes into semis injured/battered…. and then Leafs lose in SCF to one of Knights, Avs, Bolts…. that’s best case scenario

    Personally I would have rather Dubas keep all those picks and use for deals for players in their cup window…. ‘22-‘24

    • I like what the Leafs did. The problem they have is they might get MTL in the 1st round of the playoffs.
      Leafs are better, but MTL is scary because how they play 5 on 5. If they get the special teams going, watch out.

      Leafs are stacked if healthy, biggest health question is in net with Freddy hurt now and Campbell having a history. Paid a big price for Foligno but another guy that plays tough to go with Hyman and Simmonds. one for each of their top 3 lines.

      Kulikov will help EDM and they needed a big defender, but IMO you either go big or don’t go at all. That is a meh.

      • Hi Ray it’s not so much what the Leafs did , it’s that what they gave up and really not changing the realistic outcome

        I’m a big picture long term outlook numbers type of guy

        Without any TDL moves … Leafs were likely at say 70% chance of getting out of North, now probably 85% +

        Regardless … before or after…. still not beating Avs or Bolts or Knights … so no Cup then and no cup now… and 2/3rds chance North is matched against West or Central in Semis… so then not getting to SCF anyway

        Their highest ceiling then and now was winning North, 1/3 chance at being matched with East to have at best a 50/50 chance at beating Caps, or Isles or Pens or Bruins

        Those 4 East teams improved proportionately to Leafs…. so no change there… still at best 50% chance of winning against an East winner

        All those assets given up for a max 10-15% chance at a ceiling of losing in the finals

        Those assets would be , IMVHO, better spent on strengthening the 21/22 team where their cup chances are stronger

        Rittich acquisition as a back up to the back up… fair move

        Hutton, Noessen, Nash not needed

        Foligno add is very welcome … vet presence, work ethic, grinder….but cost to acquire was too high.

        Those assets (for Foligno ) would have been much more appropriately been used on Manson… and they’d have him as an option (trade, on roster, Seattle) for next year

        I seriously hope I’m wrong about this but highly suspect I’m right

    • Will Robinson (original “Lost in Space”

      OMG…I’m OLD

  6. Wings fleeced Washington, cap for cap plus 2 draft picks. Mantha doesn’t give what Vrana and Panik do offensively or defensively.

    Mantha is one of those guys who doesn’t live up to the eye test just like Athanasiou.

    Ottawa caught a gem with Mete, Sens fans are in for a pleasant surprise.

    • Heard that Vrana and coach didn’t see things the same way. Bad fit.
      Good for Yzerman. Again.

  7. I am surprised nobody is commenting on Taylor , going to Boston !
    U will see !!!!!
    Hall is a great fit in Boston !!

    Does anyone know anything about Ben Hutton Leaf pickup from Anaheim

    • He might be Ken, I’m hoping your right!
      He is a total wild card IMO.
      If he is playing well he should fit with Krecji, but he hasn’t been playing well. At all. Why?
      Didn’t cost that much so not a big risk. Hope it works.

  8. 1st line intermission
    Montreal – Toronto
    Bob Mackenzie agrees with me,,
    Taylor Hall- Best pickup – today’s trade deadline !

    Boston gave up nothing

    • Maybe you found your calling…go answer it.

  9. STUNNED that Armstrong/Blues did NOTHING. At the very least, some depth defense and some veteran goalie help—cap hell! Army acknowledged that he probably over-valued his “pieces”. Really expected “the Hoff”, Dunn and maybe Sanford to be traded, and I had put a ribbon on BLOZAK just for Jeff.