Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 25, 2021

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Could Taylor Hall remain a Bruin after this season? Could the Lightning try again to move Tyler Johnson? What’s the latest Devils speculation? Find out in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

NHL.COM: During a recent mailbag segment, Tom Gulitti was asked about Taylor Hall’s long-term situation with the Boston Bruins. He’s been a good fit thus far with the Bruin since his acquisition from Buffalo at the trade deadline.

Could Taylor Hall re-sign with the Boston Bruins? (NHL Images)

Hall’s an unrestricted free agent this summer but indicated he’d love to be a Bruin for a few years. The club also has to re-sign center David Krejci and goaltender Tuukka Rask. Gulitti feels there’s a good chance Hall remains a Bruin if he keeps playing well over the remainder of the season and in the playoffs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Bruins have $49.4 million invested in 14 players for 2021-22. There’s enough cap space to re-sign Hall, Krejci and Rask (as well as restricted free agents Brandon Carlo and Nick Ritchie) provided those 30-something veterans accept reasonable short-term deals.

I don’t see Hall getting $8 million or more per season on a long-term deal from the Bruins or anyone else this summer considering how much his stock has tumbled over the last couple of years.

Gulitti was asked about the Tampa Bay Lightning’s plans for Tyler Johnson. The 30-year-old winger has seen his role reduced since inking a seven-year, $35 million contract in 2017.

It’ll be difficult to move him in the offseason without including some sort of sweetener in the deal like a high draft pick and/or a prospect. He points to what the Washington Capitals included in the deal for Anthony Mantha to get the Detroit Red Wings to accept Richard Panik as part of the return, which included a first-rounder and a prospect.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lightning general manager Julien BriseBois gave us a display of his salary-cap creativity in his recent acquisition of David Savard from the Columbus Blue Jackets via the Detroit Red Wings. I expect he’ll find a way to shed Johnson. Maybe he offers up a sweetener to the Seattle Kraken to take him off their hands in the expansion draft.

Asked about the New Jersey Devils, Gulitti believes they’ll try again to add a veteran goaltender to share the duties with Mackenzie Blackwood and bring stability between the pipes. With a number of teams likely to be pressed for cap space this summer, they have possibilities to acquire a veteran player or two without giving up much in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils could be worth watching during the offseason, especially at the draft and in the free-agent market. Cap Friendly shows they have $43.8 million committed to 13 players next season.

They probably won’t spend to the $81.5 million cap but they should have sufficient space to re-sign their restricted free agents, re-sign or replace pending UFAs such as Ryan Murray and still have sufficient room to take on a veteran player or two via trades or free agency.


  1. Waiting for Hall’s “effort” to fade especially since he probably won’t be getting an $8M payday on his next deal.

  2. If Hall wants to win he will sign a team friendly deal. I believe he wants to remain a Bruin and probably tired of changing teams.

  3. Hall can’t be paid more than Marchand and Pastrnak . So definitely less than $6.7m. I would add Rask and Krejci into the conversation . Collectively no more than $19m. No more than 3 year terms.

  4. Hall play come playoff time will help determine his value and if Boston wants to extend.

    He isnt an $8m per player; but, if lights it up in the playoffs, his value will follow.

    • How the B’s do in the playoffs will determine a lot of what the B’s do.
      IMO Hall, Krecji and Rask will take a pay cut on AAV. Whether in BOS or not.
      I hope Krecji and Rask stay at 2 yrs max.
      If BOS goes on a run, they give it another go.
      If they get bounced in RD 1? Then it is a really tough call.

      I’m hopeful, but skeptical regarding Hall and a long term deal. Is he the right guy to invest $6M plus for 5-6-7 years?

  5. Atta boy Cappy I like what Hall’s done so far for the bruins but he has to show up for the playoffs. I think if he plays like he has up till now 5.5 mill in that vicinity If he lights it up in the post season over six, krejci over 5 mill Carlo 4 to 4.5 Rask has to take 6 or pack him off somewhere

  6. Hall at one point or another has said he’d be open to signing extensions with every team he’s played on. At end of day he took 8mil to go to one of the worst teams in the league. He could stay with Boston, but market will determine his next deal. If they keep him, do they shop DeBrusk?

    • Slick62: I could not agree with you more. He said he would sign in New Jersey, he said he would sign in Phoenix, he said he wanted to win. Then he signed on one of the worst teams because they paid the most.

      • Maybe – just maybe – there were extenuating circumstances that led to the Buffalo signing on October 11, 2020. One being that no other team would – or could due to cap restraints – come anywhere near $8 mil. Another, the fact Krueger was the coach and in his one season playing under Krueger he had 16g 34a 50 pts in 45gp. And then there was the chance to play alongside a top C in Eichel.

        Clearly, nothing worked out in Buffalo and, as the old saying allegedly attributed to Forrest Gump, “s*&t happens.”

      • George, as you said, there probably was teams that wouldn’t/couldn’t pay him 8 mil. And yes, there were other factors. But would those other factors have mattered if Buffalo was offering less? Idk. But the idea that he’ll stay in Boston for less than he can get elsewhere? They have him now at reduced salary. What if they go nowhere? Does he take less than market value just to try again with same group?

      • Slick62, no I don’t think he would have chosen Buffalo had they offered less – especially if the “less” was more or less equal to what was being offered by perhaps another team closer to – or actually among – the recognized contenders.

    • Hall will sign with Boston that’s a definite.

  7. Hall’s need to move from team to team is his own doing. He signed with Buffalo to play with Eichel and pump up his numbers for his next move – and hefty contract.

  8. Taylor Hall is the NHL version of Sam Bradford. Millions and millions of dollars in wages from a multitude of teams with little or jo return on their investment.

    • Not even close. At least Hall had some good seasons. Bradford on the other hand was flat out garbage

      • Shows what you know about professional sports. Did Bradford “live up” to being the 1st pick overall? No. But then you don’t play 9 seasons in the NFL by being garbage. He also set the NFL record for passing yards by a rookie in his first season.

      • You and your constant references to actual facts and statistics are so ‘yesterday’ George.

        It’s the good stuff like comedic genius in coming up with names like ‘Maple Goons’ and the incredible realization that it is indeed true that ‘if you aren’t first, your last’ is truly the bar that needs to be set at.


  9. TheFlyingV – so let me get this straight. Those who post what some us respond to are entitled to their opinion – and the rest of us should simply refrain from responding if we don’t sycophantically agree???

    LOL. Is that what you’re saying? Because, if so, don’t hold your breath waiting for a change.

    • Or damn – did I read that wrong? Sarcasm? If so, profound apologies.

  10. My apologies, George. It seems I need to work on my sarcasm writing abilities.

    You were right in using the term sycophant, but to apply the definition correctly here, it is was me attempting to use it to flatter you by reverse trolling others who don’t think facts should be considered in forming opinions or discussing opposing opinions, instead using things like name calling, belittling and yelling as a way to make their opinion the only legitimate one.

    What I really meant to say was thank you and keep up the good work in keeping some of these ‘opinions’ grounded by supporting your own views with well thought out reasoning and actual facts, something that seems more and more lost as an important part of a good conversation and debate on different topics.

    • LOL. We were posting at the same time. I’m so sorry about that. I’m like Sheldon (not claiming to be a genius mind you) in that I don’t always recognize good sarcasm. And that was good.

      • Not Young Sheldon, right, George?

      • LOL. No BCLeafFan. The other one. Sarcasm flies right over his head and there are times I tend to duck. The more I read TheFlyingV’s post the more brilliant is the sarcasm. I should have tipped right away when he mentioned the CAPS because that’s something I never do.

        I see Zibanejad had another good game today for the Rangers and Pitt winning 1-0 over Boston must have given Pengy mixed emotions.

  11. What if Boston misses playoffs? Rangers could pull to within 4 points with win vs Sabres. Up 3-1 after 1.

    • As a pens fan I hope they make it. I would soooo much rather play Boston than ny. Boston is a paper tiger.

    • Similar to last year with the Rangers Slick.
      Strong charge in the 2nd half.
      Might be running out of runway though.

      If NYR’s run the table the B’s need only 11 pts in 9 games to get in. Less than they average now.
      Not impossible, but NYR has 6 left with 2 each against NYI, WAS and BOS so winning them all would be unlikely.
      Last 2 might be interesting? Hope not.

      Rangers are best team not in in so far.

      • Agree Ray Bark. Too many games early on where they should’ve picked up points and blew it. They’re near top of the league in goal differential, but sit out of playoffs. Hard to see them getting in with so few games left. As they say, take care of business and see what happens with other teams.

      • Part of their early season funk can be attributed to Zibanejad’s slow start after recovering from Covid and a couple of key injuries.