Trade Candidates Unlikely To Move At 2021 NHL Trade Deadline

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Rumors, Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. I have a feeling that teams like Toronto, Islanders, etc… fool the “insiders” and go for guys like Wood NJ and Oleksiak DAL. Younger guys who could be extended or let go, and gotten cheaper than the Palmeris or Savards.

    • It’s funny you say that because you listed the exact two players I’m hoping the Leafs go for.

  2. Brown could be a Nice addition to the Bruins first line. That would allow Smith to move back to the 3rd line. He’s got grit nice goal total on the crappy Kings leadership and a ring.if LA is willing to eat a good chunk of his salary or take back a contract like John Moore. The latter would give him just over 2 mill cap hit against the Bruins.
    Say Bruins offer up a 3rd John Moore and Kulman or if they are willing to retain salary a 4th and Steen for Brown. Worst case if he doesn’t work out leave him exposed if the Kracken don’t take him buy him out.

    • Sounds like a great idea,with Brown.What can we get for Halak and Rask?Ride the young goalies ,great time to evaluate both of them.Bruins should still make playoffs with this group.Steve R.

      • I believe Halak is done here Rask I do not. I think Rask signs a 2 yr deal around 5-6 mill. But good luck moving Halak as he just entered Covid Protocol. If it’s a false positive which I doubt then maybe. If not and Rask is healthy If they do move a goalie it will probably be Vladar as his stock is high and has great potential as trade chip. I think most of the rumors Iv seen of teams needing a goalie are in our division Washington Toronto. Not sure we wanna help them get better right now lol

  3. Still think Adams in Buff should offer up Skinner to LA for Brown & Quick.

    Get rid of the long term hit on Skinner now

    Trade Ullmark & Hall($retained) to TML for Abramov, Kerfoot & Freddie

    Flip Freddie or Quick (some $ retained) to a contending team looking for goaltending

    Trade Reinhart to BOS for Studnicka & Debrusk

    since George made a good point Trev would not do Eichel & Hall for Gudreau & Monohan

  4. Reinhart has been on the team 6 years playing 18-20 minutes a game, worst minus and not a game changer, slither than a sloth. Can’t stand him