NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 7, 2021

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Connor McDavid’s march to 100 points continues, Auston Matthews nets his 40th goal of the season, the league fines the Rangers $250,000, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid is within four points of reaching 100 on the season after collecting three assists in a 6-3 loss to the Vancouver Canucks. Leon Draisaitl also scored twice for the Oilers, who pulled goalie Mikko Koskinen from the net after the Canucks scored four goals on their first four shots. Brock Boeser, Nils Hoglander, Travis Hamonic and Jayce Hawryluk each had a goal and an assist for the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McDavid has four games remaining in the season to reach 100 points. The Oilers sit in second place in the Scotia North Division with 66 points, eight behind the first-place Toronto Maple Leafs and seven up on the third-place Winnipeg Jets.

Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews (NHL Images).

Speaking of the Leafs, Auston Matthews tallied his 40th goal in his 49th game of the season in a 5-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens. Mitch Marner and John Tavares each had a goal and an assist. Canadiens center Phillip Danault left the game with an upper-body injury. The fourth-place Canadiens missed an opportunity to secure the final playoff berth in the division. With 57 points, they hold a 10-game lead over the Calgary Flames and need just one point to clinch.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Matthews might’ve had a shot at 50 goals if not for a nagging wrist injury that cost him four games. This is the third time in his five NHL seasons he’s reached the 40-goal plateau.

A four-goal performance by Jeff Carter carried the Pittsburgh Penguins to an 8-4 drubbing of the Buffalo Sabres. Frederick Gaudreau and Jared McCann each collected three points as the Penguins moved into sole possession of first place in the MassMutual East Division with 75 points, two ahead of the second-place Capitals. The Caps, however, hold two games in hand.

Patrice Bergeron tallied the game-winner as the Boston Bruins blanked the New York Rangers 4-0. Bruins goalie Jeremy Swayman turned aside 15 shots for the shutout while Brad Marchand and David Krejci each had two assists as the Bruins (71 points) moved within two points of the Capitals.

A 32-save performance by Mackenzie Blackwood gave the New Jersey Devils a 2-1 victory over the New York Islanders. Michael MacLeod snapped a 1-1 tie in the second period. The slumping Isles have dropped six of their last eight games and sit three points back of the third-place Bruins.

The Chicago Blackhawks upset the Carolina Hurricanes 2-1 on an overtime goal by Alex DeBrincat. Blackhawks goaltender Collin Delia kicked out 36 shots for the win. The Hurricanes extended their points streak to 13 games and sit atop the overall standings with 80 points, holding a five-point lead over the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers in the Discover Central Division.


The NHL fined the New York Rangers $250,000.00 for issuing a public statement on Tuesday condemning George Parros, the director of the league’s department of player safety. The comments came after Parros fined Washington Capitals winger Tom Wilson for roughing Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich while Rangers winger Artemi Panarin suffered a season-ending injury after tussling with Wilson.

It is terribly unfair to question George Parros’ professionalism and dedication to his role and the Department of Player Safety,” said league commissioner Gary Bettman.

NEW YORK POST: Rangers CEO James Dolan appeared unperturbed by the fine. He said his club said what it felt it needed to say and the league did what it felt it needed to do. “Hopefully, we’ll both move on. I don’t think it’s worth enflaming anymore.”

TSN: Frank Seravalli reports the Rangers statement galvanized support for Parros from other teams and general managers in feedback delivered to NHL headquarters. The league has no intention of replacing Parros.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dolan has no love lost for Bettman dating back to the commissioner shutting down the Rangers’ attempt in 2007 to establish its own website outside of the NHL.com umbrella, even threatening to strip control of the Rangers from the Dolans. He knew he would get a slap on the wrist for his public comments.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Dolan’s hamhanded attempt to get Parros replaced failed. Bettman enjoys the support of most of the team owners. Their general managers toe the company line. The NHL brain trust thinks its player safety department is doing a good job, a view that seems to be shared around the league, and it really doesn’t care about criticism from the fans and media.

THE SCORE: Rangers winger Pavel Buchnevich received a one-game suspension for high-sticking Capitals winger Anthony Mantha during Wednesday’s fight-filled rematch between the two clubs.

NHL.COM: Colorado Avalanche winger Mikko Rantanen was fined $2,000 for embellishment during a game against the San Jose Sharks on April 30.

CBS SPORTS: Blackhawks center Kirby Dach won’t play in the club’s final three games of the season. He aggravated scar tissue in his surgically repaired wrist on Monday.

AWFUL ANNOUNCING: ESPN has approached Wayne Gretzky about a broadcasting role. They’re also looking at Ray Ferraro, Kevin Weekes and John Davidson.


  1. I have to admit, I was impressed by the Leafs approach to that game last night. With their position solidified it could have been easy to “take the night off” – even rest a few – to be sure to enter the playoffs healthy. But they didn’t … to me that was a “message” game to their likely opening opponent and it was delivered loud and clear.

    • What was the message?

      The expected future goalie 3rd start this year and the puck was a bb for him. He was a deer in headlights.

      Once Allen was in the net the game changed not to mention this isn’t the Habs playoff team.

      TML took advantage of the breaks and got a well deserved win. An undermanned Habs team sent the message that they aren’t down and out when trailing despite being short a man, Danault.

      • To this observer anyway the “message” was that, with that starting roster they weren’t just going to mail in the 2 points and get a bunch rested and free of any nagging injuries before the playoffs – which a LOT of teams tend to do in their position.

        As for the Habs, despite needing just 1 point to clinch 4th they chose to take a different approach, knowing they’re as good as in.

        Who do I think will win that series? From a strictly neutral position I see it going 4-1 for the Leafs as I don’t think the Habs have the horses to shut down all of Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nyland and their “secret weapon” Hyman.

      • Habfan30,

        I’m a die-hard Leaf fan and I have to agree with you on this one. Rested buds versus back-to-back Habs was a big advantage plus the young goalie (youngest in NHL). Leafs have winning record but all games have been close. I expect playoff series to go to at least 6 games unless Leafs goaltending is much better than Montreal’s, then Leafs might win in 5 like George O’s prediction. If it goes 7 I’d pick the Habs given Toronto’s recent game 7 woes.

      • I didn’t see the game George, and a 5 – 2 win is pretty decisive.

        That said, a rookie goalie giving up 4 first period goals on the second of back to back games is not going to energize any team.

        Not trying to take anything away from the Leafs, who have been in first place all season and deserve to be praised. They are good.

        I have been increasingly disappointed in the Habs play this season but in this case a tired team riddled with injuries is not an indication of how the games will go between the two — if the Habs can stagger across the finish line.

    • The issue though is the leafs change there style of play when they have a lead like that. The leafs were displaying the obvious difference in talent between them and the habs. They were stating around them like they were a pee wee hockey team. Then instead of playing a possession game and displaying there talent they decided to just protect the lead and allow the Habs to sort of get back into the game. Reminded me of when I coached hockey and when we took a big league I would have the players make a minimum 3 passes in the offensive zone before shooting on net so we didn’t embarrass the other team. This is the NHL though so the leafs should had continued the onslaught and shown a true example.

      • Roger, it’s a puzzle why so many teams do exactly that … switch to Katy-bar-the-door hockey … when they get a big lead. Over the years there have been enough stunning comebacks against that approach to suggest that the way to go is to keep the metal to the pedal the way the old Habs powerhouses used to do on their way to all those consecutive cups. Score 4? Go for 5. Get 5? Go for 6.

        It’s like football when teams with a slim lead late in the 4th quarter switch to a “prevent defense.” A good QB – like Joe Montana – would pick that apart.

      • There is a stat that covers that called score effects which as you can guess it tracks a team’s performance with or without the lead.
        It shows what most of us already know that most teams crank it up when they are trailing and tone it back when leading. The more successful teams can either play with the lead and win or adapt to come from behind.
        Chances are with the Habs playing better than the Jets, that last spot will go down to the wire. I just wish there was one more team in the fight. Playoffs really couldn’t come fast enough.

      • George, I’ve always found it quicker to put the pedal to the metal than the metal to the pedal…cars are heavy man. 🙂

      • LOL. I knew as soon as I hit “end” that I had it bass-awkards

      • George, sorry I have a sarcastic streak that I have trouble controlling. Glad you took that as it was meant.

  2. Not sure Dolan actually ever expected league to replace Parros. More a statement to support team. Something I saw yesterday. Criticizing guy who’s supposed to be in charge of player safety gets a fine 5x of what the guy who endangered players safety. Cherry on top is Buch getting suspended! (Deservedly) I’m sure this will carry over to next year. Good job nhl.

    • Scott Stinson in the National Post nominated Tom Wilson as the next head of Player Safety (tongue in cheek of course), pointing out George Parros’s six year NHL career consisted of 36 points and more than 1000 penalty minutes.
      This is the guy that is responsible for players’ safety?
      He certainly looked after Tom Wilson, that’s for sure.

      • I thought for sure it would be Raffi Torres…

      • 18 goals and 169 fights. Bbbb..but he’s got a degree from Yale. Lol

    • Safe to say Wilson has gotten into the Rangers kitchen and is banging around the pots and pans. Not a good look IMO.

      Why turf your GM and President with 3 games left if it wasn’t about this, or at very least that this was the straw that broke the camels back.

      I like that the Ranger players stood up and were accounted for. A 1 game suspension for Buch was worth it. Last night they looked like they are ready for this season to end.

      Dolan looks like either an idiot or a loose cannon. And when you have his $$ you can be either or both I suppose.

      The timing of the firing is not a good look, and if you were to ask the players if they thought the timing was good, I think I know the answer most would have. Sh*t show.

      • Ray, the media reports that both Davidson and Gorton were “distancing” themselves from the Rangers’ post on the incident. They were reported to be saying they weren’t aware of it until just before it came out.

        While if true that is a surprising sequence of communication in the Rangers’ organization. But it is an absolute given that you don’t go around undermining your boss. Davidson and Gorton were demonstrating that their loyalty was to themselves and not the team owner. Bad judgement and – clearly – a fatal mistake.

      • Another way to look at it LJ is they shouldn’t have been put in that position in the first place.
        Pissing off the league isn’t a genius move either IMO, especially when everyone knew the outcome. Trying to patch that, is a good idea.
        He can fire and hire whoever he wants, but what I am questioning is the move to do it now as opposed to at the end of the season. Just makes them look rattled, on the ice and off.
        By Tom Wilson.

        Not how I would play it anyway.

      • Ray, it is not whether it was a wise move, or whether you or I would have handled it that way. Personally, a shot across the bow of the NHL and the unctuous, preening Bettman is not uncalled for.

        The issue I am speaking to is the fact that Davidson and Gorton undermined their boss. If an employee feels the boss is wrong, tell the boss behind closed doors. Engaging in a whisper campaign behind Dolan’s back is not a sign of loyalty. How could Dolan trust either again? If you tell your boss what you think and he disregards it then have the integrity to support him while you accept his money, or the integrity to quit.

        I believe you mentioned you work in organizational change. If you disagree with what I am saying how would you have responded to Davidson and Gorton?

      • LJ, I think we are talking past each other.
        Not in organizational change, but have been and am a GM for a region(Prairies) of the country for a large corporation.
        Was head hunted, in part and tasked to change/fix a culture or whatever to want to call it. Make it profitable, and the issue was, in part, culture and the people who worked there/here. So that was always the first task.

        I personally think Gorton did a good job, but ya, Dolan is free to fire him. If he thinks he was being undermined.
        I think “the shot across the bow” of the NHL was stupid and not effective, if anything will have the opposite effect as Bettman has and will keep his back up, with the support of the other owners.

        What would I do?
        Talk to my president and GM before I say anything or do anything with regards to the league as that is who has the most communications and the relationship with the league. That is why you hired them. He undermined his guys and from what we are being told, did the opposite of what they would have. Not saying don’t address with the league, but don’t embarrass them or the NHL brand publicly. And your own Prez and GM publicly.

        He may have thought he had the players backs, or he simply had a temper tantrum, I don’t know. But IMO he accomplished the opposite.

        Tom Wilson is laughing at the Rangers right now. They look weak and rattled.

      • Ok, those are fair points Ray. I am now moving on to painting the bathroom.

  3. Wayne Gretzky for a broadcasting role? If you hooked him up to a defibrillator he’d still be a monotone guy who sounds like he had a Xanax and Vicodin sandwich an hour before airtime.

    Awful choice. Bring back Thorne and Clement!

    • He’ll be as good at that as he was a head coach!

      • Yikes George !

  4. ESPN are you kidding me they will for sure not pick the best for the job. Pretty sure they will have one person of color and a transgender and maybe a female figure skater.

    • Obe, you know how you are sometimes?
      Don’t be like that.

      Why bring up race and transgender stuff when nobody cares about that on here but you?

      Who cares what color the guys in the studio or booth are?

    • Obe, all three will have a T-shirt dedicated to thier beliefs….can’t wait !

      • Tasteless, FD.

  5. John Davidson was a better color commentator than team prez. ESPN should give him a call.

    • I agree on Gretzky. Don’t see him as a TV guy. Kevin Weekes is a must. JD would be great too. And let’s not forget Kathryn Tappen.

      • Hi Howard…. fully agree re KW…. would be my pick for sure… articulate, personable, extremely knowledgeable; poignant, fair

        I’ve only seen/listened to KT twice… so can’t give much viewpoint either way

      • I’d consider Chantal Machabée as well from RDS. Fluently bilingual and one of THE most knowledgeable hockey commentators around. Male or female.

  6. I don’t know if any of you have heard Mike Johnson.

    His playing career was mainly with Leafs and Coyotes with stints in Tampa and Montreal.

    This guy is an excellent commentator, knows the game and explains it so easily. Has a great voice too.

    He manages to not come off as a homer and a fair critic.

    • Agree on Johnson too. He’s top notch.

      • Hi HF30…. I also agree re Johnson👍

        The mandatory for next year… no Maguire on ANY broadcast, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

        Root canal sans anesthetic (with Yoko Ono blasting on the speakers) is a more pleasant experience

    • Yes to MJ. Yes to anyone who’s impartial and knows what he’s talking about based on his experience playing.
      Good voice and easy to look at. Ray isn’t bad too.

  7. sitting here sipping my BRC thinking …. watch the moves the NYR make in this offseason will tell us if this Rangers/Caps thing is over with & I say far from it

    • Joe. I doubt they’re going to overhaul roster just because of Wilson, but more so due to Isles dominance over them last few games. I suggest signing Kurtis Gabriel as ufa. Maybe try trading for MacDetmid from Kings.

      • Didn’t say overhaul but a couple of players with size and toughness would do …. they have nobody with either …

      • I would bet $$ on that Joe. And they would be right IMO.

      • Slick, I couldn’t agree more. It’s been painful to watch a lack of response by the Rangers this year. Did JD and JG not watch the games?
        I feel that with a couple of bodyguards, the kids will step up their game. Dolan may be totally correct in his moves.

      • I will add that having bigger, tougher players hasn’t stopped Wilson from doing what he does. He got 7 game suspension for hit on Carlo. Is Boston a soft team. Does anyone think Wilson is at all conserved with anyone coming after him? He won’t change. That said, i wasn’t at all happy with some of their roster decisions past few years. I’m old fashioned when it comes to my 4th liners.

  8. Again…. McWow…. 👍👍👍👍👍he’s on an 82 game pace of 151 points and has 27 points in his last 10 games…. this is not 1986… and these goalies are better and with being bigger and with their oversized protection… probably fill 20% more of the net

    He’s something else to watch👍👍

    AM…. 40 Gs 👍👍

    Yes I fully understand the argument re McD’s and AM’s inflated numbers being in the weakest Div…. I get it…. the numbers, even accounting for the weaker North Div, are still pretty spectacular though!!!!

    Jeff Carter…. 4 goals 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏… great addition. Obviously he won’t do that again, but great addition. I love high scoring games… but mental errors allowing 4 (3 of them sloppy) will not cut it in the playoffs

    As I mentioned the other day…. Pens could (now highly likely) end their season in first…. but not end the overall season in first (Bruins/Caps each with 2 games AFTER Pens’ season ends)

    Fair possibility of a 3 way tie for first… Pens beat Sabres Sat aft; Bruins win out (Rangers, Isles, Caps) ; Caps beat Flyers twice , lose to Bruins.

    If all those wins are in Reg…. all finish with 97 points…. but it’ll go Caps-Pens-Bruins 1-2-3…. due to RWs…. meaning that Wilson goal with 14 seconds left in reg (Pens won in OT)…. would be the difference… no goal by Wilson… Pens still win, but Caps at 96 points finish 3rd….💩💩💩💩💩🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡

    • Pengy, re “Yes I fully understand the argument re McD’s and AM’s inflated numbers being in the weakest Div” – I know some still raise that cliche now and then – but I’d like to know on what it’s based

      In the Central there are 35 pts between 1st and 8th with 3 teams under .500 – .416, .426 and .481

      In the East there are 45 pts between 1st and 8th with 1 team under .500 and 1 under .400 – .336 and .417

      In the West there are 35 pts between 1st and 8th with 3 teams under .500 and 1 under .400 – .380, .453, .471, .463

      In the North there are 31 pts between 1st and 7th with 3 teams under .500 – .443, .448, .461 with all 3 closer to a .500 team than any of the other groupings

      If anything, that shows the North as the most competitive within their own structure.

      I think it’s time to put that “weak North” to bed. You don’t need to qualify anything to recognize the tremendous seasons being enjoyed by McDavid and Matthews.

      • When you look at last years stats leaders it doesn’t look that different than this years.
        Save % is lower in the north div, fair enough. Is that because of who is shooting it and facing those guys more often, I would say yes.

      • George it’s the weakest division because the Leafs have been in 1st place all season long. *

        Thank you for pointing out the facts that dispute that homer claim.

      • Heh. No doubt Ron. You certainly have to wonder what McDavid and Matthews might have accomplished had they played games against those other sub-.400 and sub-.500 teams in a normal schedule.

      • Hi George

        As I mentioned…. great season in and of itself by McD and AM

        I was giving the contra acknowledgement to those citing “grossly inflated “ numbers by both, as being in the weakest Div (I cede their viewpoint on North as weakest Div… see my thoughts below). McD and AM … fantastic seasons. End of sentence

        Re Weak Div….

        Every Div has a week team (or two). Top to bottom diff is not the penultimate indicator of Div strength…. if a Div had 7 teams ending season within 3 points of each other…. say between 90-93 points; and last place team had 85 points… 8 points top to bottom….. that Div couldn’t possibly be labelled weak

        Mathematically possible (not now but prior to season start) is a Div with a team at 500, 3 just over, 3 just under… all finishing in the 53 to 60 point range with an 8th team finishing with 10 or less points

        You and I have fav teams in the North so it is hard for me to admit it… but for sure IMVHO North is the weakest Div

        Leafs are first in North…. had the Divs not been realigned this year…. setting my subjective/heart hat aside……. Leafs very likely finish 4th in “Old” East (Bolts/Bruins battle it out for 1st; the resurging Panthers more than likely beat out Leafs for third)

        Leafs then in WC…. so IF they would have finished ahead of 5th in Metro…. their first round match-up would have been against one of….. in no particular order…. Bolts OR Bruins (as 1stin East) OR Canes OR Caps OR Pens (as winners of Metro)…. which would have been a looooooooonnnnnng shot at best

        This years’ Leafs (again… tops in North and will lock up 1st with just one more win) IMVHO …. don’t match up to top 3 in East , top 3 in Central , and top 2 in West…. so getting to the Cup this year (as best of the North)…. is an extreme long shot ….. and basically close enough to call “impossible” to win the Cup….. yet all those other 8 teams ( 3 in East , top 3 in Central , and top 2 in West) have a reasonable shot at getting to the Cup; and 3 ….. in no particular order…. Bolts, Knights, Avs…. have a fair shot at getting a Cup…. I honestly believe that unless Central is matched with West in Semis (1/3rd chance)…. that Knights or Avs will be in SCF against (more than likely IMVHO) Bolts

        I hope that I’m wrong

        The way the Divs are set up this year…. will be the only year in which my dream cup (Leafs v Pens)…. could possibly happen….. even each winning their Divs in playoffs… 1/3rd chance being matched in Semis…. I can dream though

        Would then hope for 7 triple OT games and could absolutely care less if it were JT or Sid doing the hoisting…. alas but a pipe dream

      • Pengy, while your analysis is thorough, it’s based on assumptions that may or may not have come to light. There are so many other factors that figure in when it’s a full 82-game schedule, including the effects of travel, who a team meets on the back end of back-to-back games or 3rd in 4 nights scenarios, coaching preparations and game-plan changes for certain teams. Also, seeing opposing teams a lot less than has transpired in this divisional structure (in effect, 4 different “leagues”) makes for very different outcomes especial;ly when travelling from one coast to the other a LOT more often.

        I think the Leafs are full credit for their outstanding season and when – not if but when – they win the North in short order, anyone they meet in the next round could be in for a nasty surprise this time around. Especially if they’ve emerged from a close, nasty series (e.g. anyone who had to play and beat Washington and their resident goon to get there).

      • Hi George

        I see your points… yes different sched , opponents, travel, types of teams… true dat

        One thing is for sure… the semis will be match-ups of teams that have , at best, not met each other since last season’s playoffs

        I of course am hoping for Leafs to win (playoffs) North… and pretty fair shot…. looking more and more like a potential shootout series…. Oil v Leafs…. which could come down to Smith v Freddy or Smith v Campbell…. who knows???

        That said… playoff hockey is different…. barring major injuries to the winners of East, Central, West…. I’d be lying big time if I said that I believed Leafs had a fair shot against any of them

        I want to be proved wrong … but I just can’t see Leafs beating Avs, Bolts or Knights

        Leafs v Caps OR Bruins OR Pens….. tough for me to bet on Leafs. Real tough… but sliver of chance IMHO.

        Their path to get to the cup .. . to me… only happens if Panthers or Canes emerge from Central…. and Leafs would then have to be matched (North v Central) to them for semis…. AND would need to beat them…. and even if that happens…. they’d be meeting either…Avs or Knights in SCF…

        Avs… match Leafs and possibly a bit more on Offence; massively superior on D; equal in net…. Avs take Cup

        Knights…. far superior on D and in net (often the decision makers in playoffs) ; and although don’t match up on top line with Leafs top line… match up and more overall on offence. Knights also a bigger and stronger team… Knights win cup

        I am hoping , as I said, that I’m completely wrong… and that Leafs meet Pens in the SCF…. where I could care less who wins…. 7 games, all OT, no injuries…. 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  9. Re Bettman

    “It is terribly unfair to question George Parros’ professionalism and dedication to his role and the Department of Player Safety,”

    It is fair to question him ; and the posted (Rangers) “review” of Parros…. completely valid

    Re Servali. “ reports the Rangers statement galvanized support for Parros from other teams and general managers in feedback delivered to NHL headquarters. “…. sad but likely tragically true


    “The league has no intention of replacing Parros”…. again sad, likely true… but oh so horrifically wrong

    The $250 K fine was ridiculous… $100 K would have answered all angles

    $250 K… says Parros right… and thus tells Wilson…. just like in Pink Floyd’s The Wall…”go on, do it again”

    I will say it again… Wilson is going to end someone’s career…. followed by a major lawsuit… which will include Bettman, NHL, and Parros as defendants

    • Remember that last time someone ended someone’s career…. followed by a major lawsuit?
      Wonder if Wilson’s ever spoken to Todd Bertuzzi? Can you imagine those two playing against each other, cheap shotting each other and fighting each other?

      • Nasdaq40

        Youbetyoursweetbippy I do

    • George Parros was a terrible selection for this position. First Chris Pronger, then George Parros. Who is doing the hiring? What qualifications are needed penalty minutes and cement head hockey player. NHL needs to look at accountability and performance of their own staff. I very much doubt support galvanized for George Parros, nice PR line. Get him out of there.

    • You missed this part from Lyle:

      “and it really doesn’t care about criticism from the fans and media.”

      !00% Correct. All they care about is the money and as long as we keep giving it to them…

  10. The Rangers vs the Bruins was exactly what I thought it would be. Boring.

    Rangers coming off their emotional game against Washington; didn’t want to play and it showed.

    It was a good practice for Boston to practice their passing, cycling and defensive play without any worries of contact.

    Poor Halak had to watch as Swayman got as easy of a shutout that you’ll ever get in a NHL game.

    Once the playoffs start I don’t see how Swayman isn’t the backup over Halak.

    • The Rangers have checked out on the season. They used up all of their emotion in those fights against the Caps.

    • Another way that the Rangers can get back at Washington is by taking it easy on Boston last night and tomorrow.

      Boston and Washington are jockeying for 2nd and 3rd in the East. If Boston can leap-frog the Caps they get home ice for the first round against them (would also require some help from the Flyers).

      Bruins-Caps in the regular season finale will be one to watch next Tuesday!

    • Not having Panarin, Buchnevich, Kreider, Trouba, Lindren doesn’t exactly help their cause. 3 top 6 forwards and 2 top 4 dmen.

      The replacement players last night probably have about as many NHL games under their belt as Swayman combined.

    • Not having 3 of your top 6 forwards and 2 of your top 4 dmen in the lineup isn’t exactly helping NYs cause.

  11. Swayman keeps this up if Rask falters in the playoffs I believe he can carry the load. it’s time to bid a fond farewell to Halak alas poor Halak I knew him well. Wait a minute shhhh if you’re real quiet you can almost hear Ed pounding out another insulting post.

    • Ed’s smart enough to almost never respond to vitriol directed at him Ricky. He sits back after setting the bait and watches the people fall into his traps. Probably with some tissues and 🧴 on hand.

      • Chrisms,
        I actually don’t know what to say.
        But well done.

  12. “ reports the Rangers statement galvanized support for Parros from other teams and general managers in feedback delivered to NHL headquarters. “

    I find this interesting on so many counts.

    It’s Bettman and Campbell who call the shots not Parros so support in this is meaningless.

    It’s usually the league who wants to clamp down and neanderthal fans who wax nostalgic.

    It’s the fans who are upset now and the league acting like neanderthals.

    In the “old days” attempt to injure was real, hitting the player when down was normal, firing the puck at body parts was normal. Gingras kept firing slapshots from the point without having a clue where they would go.

    We have seen the game evolve but forget that its only because the league and ownership got sued and face more lawsuits.

    • habfan30 – agree. One of the first – if not THE first – to employ the slap shot was Boom Boom Geoffrion. I remember Terry Sawchuk saying “when Geoffrion came on the ice at the start of a game you just knew that hat first slap shot was coming in high up around the ears and was designed to rattle a goalie … and it often worked.” That was before masks.

      I also recall reading in a book a long time ago (wish I could remember the name of it) that the author quoted Rocket Richard who told Boom Boom in no uncertain terms that he’d better not try that if he was on the ice and anywhere near the front of the net.

  13. Just suppose UFA’s #’s 40…46….71 want to come back next season with the Bruins and with Carlo being a RFA but nobody wants a team discount I don’t see how the Bruins fit them all under the Cap who’s left out ?

    • Joe, I think they all sign for less than they currently earn, with B’s or someone else.

      Not sure if it is a discount or just what the market is?

      Rask and Krecji are both playing well, but also both on the back 9. Unless Hall wants to sign another 1 year deal to the highest bidder, and even then will anyone give him $8M?

      Plus Kase $2.6, Halak $2.2 (replaced by Swayman $925K) and Backes $1.5 retained come off. That’s an extra$5.4M that isn’t even contributing right now.

      Carlo will get a bump, but he won’t cost much more than $4M IMO. That might even be a little high. He doesn’t provide much offence.

      B’s will be fine as far as the cap goes IMO. Hall being the wild card. I have no idea what he gets as a UFA or if he will accept less.

    • without discounts all 3 need to look for work elsewhere. The only one I could see being resigned at his 20-21 cap hit would be Rask for 1 year @ 7 mil until Swayman gets settled in. The other 2 I could see being offered 1 year deals below their current salaries. BUT if the B’s go far into the playoffs and Hall shines he may have some leverage.

      • Fair take Fergy.
        The common theme the days is don’t overpay for goaltending as it is too hard to predict.
        Unless of course you don’t have one.

        Oilers and Leafs both look very good this year, with question marks in net. Freddy back next year? Do they want him back? Smith has been great in EDM, and he is 39. Will it last into playoffs? Next year?

        If either team has tender issues in the playoffs, and Rask is out there…..

      • Ray you are spot on re: paying too much for a tender , ask Mtl and Fla. I am also not a fan of long term contracts for goalies.
        The Oilers rolled the dice with Smith and it has paid off so far, the playoffs will dictate if they need to look elsewhere. But even if Smith excels in the playoffs I can’t see them signing a 40 year old goalie for more than 1 more year.
        I think Anderson’s time as a Leaf is over, if he performs in the playoffs and can put up good numbers playing 50+ games next year he will be rewarded. I am happy for him it was a long time coming and he genuinely seems grateful for the opportunity to be a number 1.

  14. When the playoffs start you see what kind of team you have. You find out what you need to get through.

    The temperature rises, the games get heavy, the rookies find out the older guys have another gear.

    The regular season stars have a blanket of checking covering them. Coaches develop schemes to handle rushing D.

    I’m not saying anything new or things most of you all don’t know.

    Prognosticating NHL playoffs based on the regular season is a fools errand, other than the fun in guessing of course.

    Side note- pointing out that North is the weakest division and questioning the seasons of McD and AM, these guys would put up these numbers this year no matter where they played.

    The North also has a disadvantage of time zones to deal with and they are compounded with back to backs.

  15. I’m totaling rooting for a Caps/Bruins series right off the get