Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 9, 2021

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Could the Rangers pursue Jack Eichel in the offseason? Will Tony DeAngelo return with the Blueshirts? What’s the latest on the Canadiens and Oilers? Find out in today’s NHL rumor roundup.

ESPN.COM: With Chris Drury taking over as general manager of the New York Rangers, Greg Wyshynski wonders what he’ll do to carry out owner James Dolan’s wish to accelerate the club’s rebuild.

Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel springs to mind, and not just because Dolan’s never met a high-priced center he didn’t want to acquire,” wrote Wyshynski. He pointed out the Rangers have considerable depth in prospects and draft picks to use as trade bait if Eichel becomes available.

Could the New York Rangers’ new management pursue Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel in this summer’s trade market? (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wyshynski also speculated the Rangers could instead look at building up the grit and strength in their roster this summer. Nevertheless, he’s not the only pundit or fan who’s linked them to Eichel in recent weeks.

The Rangers have the prospects and young players to make a competitive bid for Eichel if he and the Sabres decide to part company this summer. They also have sufficient cap space to take on his $10 million cap hit as Cap Friendly shows them carrying $57.4 million invested in 19 players for next season.

However, we don’t know if Eichel wants out of Buffalo or if the Sabres intend to entertain trade offers this summer. If they do, they could be reluctant to move him to an intra-state rival.

NEW YORK POST: Don’t expect Drury to bring back banished Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo. Larry Brooks cites a “reliable source” claiming the recent change in management won’t affect DeAngelo’s status.

The previous administration indicated DeAngelo played his final game with the Rangers since being waived on Feb. 1 in the aftermath of a post-game scuffle with teammate Alexandar Georgiev two nights earlier. He has a year remaining on his contract with a $4.5 million cap hit. Buying out that year will cost the Rangers over $383K against their cap next season and over $833K for 2022-23.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: DeAngelo’s done as a Ranger. They could try to trade him in the offseason or hope the Seattle Kraken select him in the expansion draft. However, they’ll likely buy out his contract following this season and he’ll try to land with another NHL club on an affordable one-year deal.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin has been discussing his future with team owner Geoff Molson. Bergevin has a year remaining on his contract. Friedman mentioned the discussions could involve a contract extension and what it could look like.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That won’t sit well with those among the Montreal media and fanbase who want Bergevin fired over the Canadiens’ limited progress in recent years. Nothing seems carved in stone here but it doesn’t sound like Bergevin’s in danger of losing his job. Best to take Friedman’s suggestion of waiting to see where those decisions and conversations go.

Friedman also reported the Edmonton Oilers have been in contract extension talks with defenseman Adam Larsson since before last month’s trade deadline. They’re reportedly making good progress on what could be a four-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Larsson is completing a six-year deal with an annual average value of $4.166 million. The 28-year-old has developed into a solid shutdown defenseman for the Oilers. No word on how much that new deal could be worth. The Oilers have $57.3 million committed to 14 players for 2021-22 with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Tyson Barrie also slated to become unrestricted free agents this summer.


  1. Hall for Larsson revisit changes are year. Went from good for both teams deal to Hall is the MVP Oilers made a bad trade….to I wouldnt trade Larsson for Hall now

    Eichel will be a Ranger. The Sabres were not better or worse without him. As a Ranger fan they will be in the same spot if they trade Zib. Neither Strome or Chytil is a 2C imho. Strome gets outmatched in his own zone and Chytil is inconsistent at both ends of the ice

    • Eichel’s NMC doesn’t kick in until June or July of 2022. If Eickel does hit the trade market this offseason I can see the Flames being all in for him. Being an Oilers fan I would hate for this to happen though. The Senators also have the cap space, prospects, and draft picks to make a strong pitch for Eichel.

  2. Sabres should hire Gorton and Davidson for their front office, instant respectability …

    Bergy’s downfall was that he assumed Suzuki and Kotkaniemi would blossom as centre’s … neither has although Suzuki shows promise … and Danault let him down big time … as did Price … Habs still need a #1 centre and won’t go anywhere until they get one …

    Oh, almost forgot … Cole Caufield for the Hockey Hall of Fame ..

    • At 20 & 21 years of age I think it is a little early to cast judgment on either Suzuki or Kotkaniemi.
      I don’t think Suzuki was expected to be a #1 centre. He is and likely will be be a very good #2 centre.
      I think Kotkaniemi still has a chance of being a #1 centre if given the opportunity.
      Price, Danault and Drouin have all let Bergy down this year.

  3. Eichel’s future with the Sabres will be a priority after the next head coach is named.

    The Sabres played better at the end of the season. Should Don Granato be the permanent head coach for the upcoming season, Eichel remains with the Sabres, and the team improves, the Sabres can be a fun team in the Atlantic Division for 2021-2022.

    • Sabres went all in with Hall and Staal, and we’re still one of the worst teams in league. Who can they possibly add now that will make them a fun team? Timing now is perfect for Eichel trade. Good young team that played better after trade deadline. It was widely reported that Rangers pursued Eichel last offseason. Why wouldn’t they still? Doubt Buffalo would take Strome. A package of this years 1st round pick, which will be no lower than 16, plus future pick. They have a deep pool of young dmen that’ll never all dress. I don’t think Rangers will include Kakko or Lafreniere. If Buffalo insists on those 2, I walk. DeAngelo will be bought out, unless there’s a team out there with cap space that’s interested in obtaining him but don’t think they’d get him as a FA. I’d say Buffalo could fall into that category.
      To Buffalo: Chytil, Nils Lundkvist, Kravtsov, and this years 1st?

      • Not in this lifetime. If that deal were struck then Adams would be the new Milbury of the NHL.
        Any such trade starts with Kakko or Lafreniere and a first round pick. Remember the Turgeron for LaFontaine trade all those years ago. Franchise player for franchise player and both teams benefited.
        If NY takes on Skinner then the trade can be restructured in terms of the talent exchange.
        Lets not propose trades of an “A+” player for a collection of “C+” players as though that will be acceptable in any way for Sabre fans who deserve SOMETHING these days.

      • I’ll counter with LaFreniere, Nils Lundkvist, Kravtsov, and this years 1st. Now of course NYR fans say no but they want a top 10 center for peanuts. Personally I ship him out west.

      • Many Sabres were limited on what they could do under Ralph Krueger. After Krueger’s dismissal, the Sabres began playing as they should and won games.

        If the Rangers want Eichel, the deal will include Lafreniere and other assets. I doubt Kevyn Adams wants to lose his job by trading Eichel at all or for nothing.

  4. Zibenejad is a UFA after next season. Rangers will extend his this offseason, which will take up cap space. MZ is a better 2-way player than Eichel. If the Rangers can extend him AND acquire Eichel, they would be really dangerous. but what would they give up for him ? they would obviously let Strome walk this summer. they don’t have any top center prospects in their pipeline. Chytil, Barron and Howden aren’t exactly #1 centers in the making.
    Unless Buffalo takes Chytil, Kappo and #1’s …

    • Sorry but Kakko doesn’t move the needle for me, It’s Lafreniere for starters.

  5. Handsome Jack on the Blueshirts…. reasonable chance

    ADA back as a Blueshirt…. mmmmnnnnnyettt

    Larson contract… will have to take less to stay IMHO

    Oil looking great for future offence and defence…. they IMVHO need a change between the pipes

    With Oil’s offensive prowess… they basically need a goaltending duo that can have a GAA south of 2.3 not approaching 2.7 (142 in 53 G) that they have right now

    Oil lost at least 9 games this season when they scored 3 or more goals for…. 5 by 1 goal; 4 in reg

    Just I less GA in 4 of those 9 games…. Oil battling with Leafs for first

    Bright future if they can rectify things between the pipes

    To put into perspective… imagine Koskinen ($4.5 M Cap) out; Grubs ($3.3 M) in

    Obviously can’t happen; just wanted to point that out

    • I can see a fit in Edmonton for Freddie maybe a 3 year deal for about the same money as he gets now. Don`t see Freddie coming back to Toronto next year. Koskinen will be bought out if the Oilers can land something better, can`t see Oilers trading him

    • @pengy..How about our first place Pittsburgh

      275 man games missed due to injury..great job Sullivan and company.

      Carter McCann Gautreau playing so well.

      Tanev ready put him with Kapanen and Malkin

      Crosby Rust Guentzel

      Blueger Reese Rodriguez

      Defense better..certainly better than the banged up Penguins heading in to the Toronto covid playoff bubble..

      3 solid lines

  6. Re Bergevin : won’t sit well with those among the Montreal media and fanbase who want Bergevin fired over the Canadiens’ limited progress in recent years.

    Same media who wanted his head over Weber, who loved the Drouin trade till they hated it, who make a language issue where there isn’t, who complained about excess cap space and now complain about not having enough.

    Same media and fans who raved about his homeruns in the off season want his head now.

    Same media and fans who complain for the sake of complaining without a sense of realty.

    Most complainers are too young to remember the regular parade route which was in a different era, a different league.

    The entire Bettman era is premised on parity and expanding the game.

    The Montreal media and fans who want his head long for a nostalgic time that doesn’t exist anymore.

    The same media and fans who bought into a stupid notion that Molson only cares about money so he directed Bergevin to save 8 million on the Cap for years and not getting into the playoffs……who don’t see that (in regular times) playoffs are needed for profit and the Habs playing just one series is break even to a full cap hit, series 2,3 and 4 are pure profit.

    • I do see Suzuki as a Number 1 center. His point totals this year work out to 60 over a full schedule. Not bad for a 21 year old playing on a team without an abundance of firepower. I’d like to see him play with Caufield on a regular basis. They would grow together.
      As for Bergevin, like everyone, he’s made some good moves and some bad ones. But the full picture of the team has to be taken into account. And it’s not pretty. Right now, the team is stuck in quicksand and needs a change of direction from the top. There have been numerous player changes over the last couple of years. And a coaching change. Guess what’s left to do. Bergevin must be replaced.
      As for Eichel, I don’t see the Sabres trading him now, nor should they.

      • I disagree, Howard. I think it is now obvious that signing Price to a monster, long term contract was a mistake. It is now obvious that Suzuki and especially KK were not ready to take the next step in their development.

        The key words are “now obvious.” All three looked good coming out of the play in/playoffs last year. Price had the best save % of any goal who played more than three games. Most pundits and Habs fans were jazzed about this season – before Anderson, Edmonson, and Allen were signed – and before he stole Toffoli. Perry has proven to be a real bargain.

        Did you like his signing Chiarot? How about the trade for Petry? Do you like Caulfield and Romanov as draft picks?

        Drouin is a bust. Now we see that. At the time the consensus chatter was: here is a French Canadian who can withstand the pressure that comes in Montreal.

        Montreal’s biggest problems this year have been the lack of goal scoring at center. Danault’s almost complete lack of offense could not be predicted. Suzuki has found his offense, just a little too late.

        KK? Hmmm …. at 20 the jury is out. To those who say Brady Tkachuk was the obvious choice, here is the junior scouting report on KK from Elite Prospects:

        “A smart forward with a dangerous shot, Kotkaniemi possesses a high hockey IQ and determination with the skills to back it up. Positions himself well and often seems to be a step ahead of plays. Stickhandling and creativity allow him to split professional defences as a teenager.”

        And yes, the injury situation would not have put making the playoffs at risk had the team played to its potential earlier. That is on the players. But in the last dozen games the quality and number of injured starters would have hobbled any team in the league.

        Bergevin stays.

      • Good take LJ. I don’t know if the Habs get healthy by the playoffs or not, but with that many key guys out they have no chance.

        I like KK, I see him as a very effective 2 way C some day, is already good in that regard.
        The offence will come, especially if they find him a scoring winger.
        I see him like a Couturier type in Philly some day soon. Maybe not quite as many points.

        To soon to close the book on him.

        I think he stays as well.

      • The 2018 Draft

        Dahlin was the consensus #1
        Svechnikov and Zadina were consensus #2 and #3 tossup as to the order.

        Zadina was rated #2 for most of the year and when Svechnikov was picked, Zadina was supposed to be Montreal’s pick but they chose the “best centre”, Kotkaniemi.

        Tkachuck was never in the running,

        Time will tell of course.

    • Habfan30,
      You summed it up pretty good.
      Just shows how fickle fans and media are.
      Building a winner is 50% luck and 50% skill.
      The luck part comes from the draft lottery AND the talent available in the draft. As we know not all years are created equal.
      Edmonton had 3 1st overall picks that netted them Yakupov, Hall, and Hopkins. Those three players are not exactly players that will win you a Stanley cup.
      Fast forward to winning the lottery the year a generational player is available plus getting a future hall of famer in Draisaitle.
      Same with Toronto lucky Arizona thought a big center to play against Kopitar was more important than taking the best player letting Marner fall to the leafs, then they get Matthews.
      The skill part is adding depth players and goaltending to win a championship

      • Arizona didn`t let Marner fall to the Leafs by taking Strome. Toronto may of taken Strome but Hannifin or Provorov were expected to go after Strome. Hunter argued to take Marner over a dman. Marner was never rated to be a top 5 pick

      • You nailed it, FF. I’ve looked at draft rounds 10+ years back. Each year there are first round busts and teams that get it lucky with later round draft choices. And this year it will be even more of a crap shoot.

      • Not true. Teams hire scouting staffs to pick those great players late in the draft. Ever notice how Tampa Bay for example seems to get a lot of quality NHL players in those late picks. I hope Bergevin doesn’t get fired because he has bo clue. He picked KK because he drafted for position not the beast player available. He’s done that over and over again. With all the draft picks he’s had how many are going to become quality NHL players or like KK become a top end player like he was supposed to be according to you guys anyways. I stated at the beginning of the year that the habs have weak center dept. Cary Price is heavily over rated and hasn’t been an elite goalie in 3 years, now 4 years. I also said that all he did was sign a bunch of second and third liners which will just continue to make them a middle of the pack team. His signings are actually having career years yet, the Habs have basically the same amount of wins they had with this many games aged last year. What a shock. Please, please keep Bergevin. There’s a lot more second and third liners out there he could sign. Whatever you do don’t try and get that number 1 center and keep Price at all costs. I’m sure the Habs will be much better next year. Oh wait I forgot they’re build for the playoffs lol. I really hope Price comes back since Allen is the better goalie. I know Price can only play 10 games or he’s overworked and that’s why he’s been so bad the last 4 years.

      • It is hard to understand what you are saying, Roger, other than you don’t like Price. What is not true, that there are first round busts and later round gems? The evidence is obvious that this is true and there are so many examples it would take a book to document them.

        What is not true about KK’s projection? If you bother to go and look at the 2018 rankings KK was in several top 10 projected lists. Again, there if you care to look. Flamefan pointed out Zadina is not setting the league on fire; neither is Evan Bouchard or Noah Dobson. But all these guys are young, so it is difficult to call them disappointments.

        Bergevin signed nothing but a bunch of second and third liners? Ok, call Toffoli a second liner. Or Anderson for that matter. First liners are hard to find. How does Bergevin’s signings stack up against Thornton, Simmons, Hutton or Galchenyuk?

        The Leafs have done better than I thought they would. They have got more out of Holl, which has helped improved their D – even though their prize off season signing of Brodie has brought them 1 goal. But their strength remains in the top two lines. I expect them to come out of the north but I would be very careful with your smug confidence, Roger. They won’t win the Cup.

      • Lj why do you assume it’s win the cup or bust for the leafs. They are showing improvement and that will hopefully translate in the playoffs. If they play with heart, determination and a will to win they will go far. Doesn’t mean they’ll win the cup. It’s a hard trophy to win. Like I said it’s not the fact they lost to a better Boston teams in game 7, it’s how they lost that was the problem. It takes time to build a winner. See Tampa Bay, Washington, St Louis and now Colorado like Toronto. Those teams were favorites for years before winning it all. Leafs already have too end talent so they were just filling in there roster with the pieces they feel they needed to go further. Bergerin signed a bunch of players that he basically already had. Like I said Toffoli and Anderson are actually having career years yet the habs had no improvement. They need and have needed for years a top line center. I get that it’s hard to find but not impossible. Teams spend millions on there drafting teams. A ton of research goes into who they draft. If they draft poorly there teams tend to be pretty bad. The habs had 2 too 3 draft picks and selected Galchenyuk ( Who has actually had a better career then KK by the same age) and you’re saying oh well. I never said I didn’t like Cary Price but Numbers don’t lie. Pretty obvious how bad he’s been the last 4 years. All you can do is well he said and she said Cary Price is great so it must be true. I know you don’t like the facts but they’re there. Same goes with KK. Who cares what elite prospects says. Big difference between a top 10 pick and a top 3 pick and KK was not projected to be a top 3 pick but Bergevin once again picked by position instead of the best player available. Maybe the Habs had KK as the best player available which would again show why Bergevin needs to go. I’m speaking from experience with my team. For years they lived with the fantasy that they were only a couple players away from contending. They drafted poorly and continued to be a middle of the pack team with absolutely no chance of winning. Except for the delusional fans opinions there was no way they would win. Habs either have to accept that they will need to trade a big package for someone like Eichel, find a way to rid themselves of the Price contract and make the team better or accept that a rebuild is necessary. There are some major prospects coming in the next few years like Bedard and Wright. Get the big players they need or tank pick something, don’t sign a bunch of the same players and expect to be better.

    • @habfan30

      Are you describing Montreal fans/media or ed vanimpe?

    • ……why doesn’t anyone question Bergeron’s relationship with the Molson family at this point of his failed career? Did he not marry in to the family??
      I gave Montreal more credit than to accept such results from the same regime and yet here we are talking about extending his contract???
      Oh well, I guess Molson family dinners would be strained if they decided to make a change. After all, its not what you know………

  7. If the season started in April I would hazard a guess Ottawa would be in 3rd place. Montreal and Winnipeg would be fighting for 4th.
    I would also say it doesn’t look good for Montreal next year when we return to our regular divisions especially with Florida’s improvement.
    It will be a dog fight between

    If I was Bergevin I would be running to sign that extension because next year Molson will have no choice but to fire him

  8. Eichel will be expensive If i can happen at all.

    I would be prepared to discuss Lafrenierre Kakko

    • Silver seven. Rangers would really need to think long and hard about parting with either of those 2. I think they’d be better off keeping them and pursuing a different center. If they did give 1 of them up, i wouldn’t want to add much more. Also concerned about neck issue. Mixed messages on whether he needs surgery or not.

  9. The term “historic” is becoming vastly overused. McDavids 100 points in 54 games is incredible, amazing but its not historic. McDavids not the first player to do it, he’s not even the first Oiler to do it.

    Matthews 40 goals is impressive but certainly not historic. Gretzkys 50 in 39 is historic because nobody did it before or even come close since.

    Both acheivements are noteworthy and should be lauded. However both came in a division where none of the teams have any clue on how to play defence.

    Awesome acheivements? Yes. Historic? Not even close.

  10. I don’t see NY trading for Eichel. Definitely not without moving Zibanejad.

    They should lock up Zibanejad long term and add other parts to this roster. Strome is fine at 2C, I’ve put his numbers down a few time here and where he stands among NHL centers.

    Zibanejad had 3 points in his first 15 games. Something was not right with him coming off Covid. Then he had 47 points in his next 41.he is more than fine as their 1c. My guess is he will cost 8+ on his next deal.

    They can’t afford Eichel, Trouba, Zibanejad and Panarin, Kreider etc.

    They have a boatload of cap space coming off, but have to deal with Shesterkin, Lindren, Buchnevich (who may be expendable) and a few more this year. Then have to think about a somewhat stagnant cap for the next couple of years with Fox up (I’d imagine will command a very healthy bump) Kakko, Laffrenire , and so on.

    Bad idea to even consider Eichel.

    • Yeah, a comparable would be Toronto going after Taveras who put them into cap jail.
      The rangers should be looking more long term with the players they have in relation to the cap.

  11. It’s hard to imagine Buffalo trading Eichel to the Rangers, but if they did, what would be the cost that Buffalo would want ? Certainly Lafreniere would be part of the package, plus maybe Miller and a couple of first rounders ?

  12. is Dolan the type of owner that is willing to go the offer sheet route? Frowned upon but he does not care about that. With Eichel commanding picks and prospects, an offer sheet for a #1 Centre like Elias Pettersson costs them 4 future #1 picks.

    An offer sheet will have to be close to the ~$9mil and at the max length, they have the space and prospects to weather that.

    Benning has painted the Canucks into corner – can easily see them with the same type of record next season and have Pettersson and Quinn as RFAs and still live in cap hell. they need those 2 to go with bridge deals….

    • I hadnt thought about the Rangers for Pettersson but you are right, they already have a good prospect pool of top prospects so loosing their picks wouldnt be that bad. However I dont think a 9m on 7years will do it, the Canucks would offer that in a hearbeat themselves, no matter the offersheet. How about 11 for 6 years? if they trade strome its still only 6,5 more and he is younger and much better. Vancouver has 16m left with 15 guys signed so unless Seattle takes Holtby or Myers they wouldnt be able to match that. Interesting……

      • Kent, 11m would only be 1m more than they’d have to pay Eichel and wouldnt need to give up players. Hmmmm.
        I don’t see Dolan meddling with Drury. As put in statement, he was highly sought afterwords other GM jobs. I don’t think he’d pass on other opportunities if he though he’d have to take orders from owner.

      • Re Slick I dont understand the comment about Drury since I didnt say anything about him at all, just the situation visavi trade(Eichel) or offersheet(Pettersson)

  13. If the Dolan situation in NY has shown us anything it is the fact that NY was not willing to accept certain realities such as losing and getting pushed around.
    If…..IF….. Toronto gets bounced again in the first round this year, would the Board not consider Shanny (” I don’t want my players fighting or throwing big hits”) and his puppets(“we didn’t draft Debrinat because we have too many small forwards”) be shown the door as well? Psssst don’t argue the Leafs season. Talk to me after the playoffs.
    Would the Molson family not consider the equal need for change after all of these years?
    The winds of change are blowing again this off season. Lets hope some fans get their wish for a new direction.

  14. Suzuki is too small to be a number 1. If is he hooked up with Caufield the combination will be so easy to dominate it will be shocking. Both were about # 17 0verall. That would imply that the scouting staffs of all other teams were wrong twice. KK is not good enough to be a number 1 centre. I don’t think any of those 3 will be good enough to be a big part of a winning team.

    Correy Perry is paid $700,000 was waived once this year, wears an A and plays big power play minutes. Edmunson, Chariot & Kuliak were inexpensive pick ups. Again the whole league is wrong Beregvin and Montreal knew better than everyone.

    Anderson trade was a good one. The contract is very expensive. Gallager is very good , but small and expensive.The young Russsian D man is a real keeper but being played a lot for his age and experience.

    If the owner’s goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Fire Beregvin, the scouting and coaching staff. Hire Pierre Dorian. Put a number of the young guys in Laval. Trade guys of value like Petry , Weber, Price and a couple of others. Suffer the slings and arrows of unkind fortune for a couple of years and rise again.

    Or run a team out that dominates the Montreal media, keeps the Monday morning water cooler talk going plays bravely before a fabulous fan base that deserves better…..and loses again.

    • I would not say this is one of your better posts, OBD. Firstly, Suzuki was drafted by Vegas, so would that be two scouting departments that got it wrong?

      Secondly, here are the top rated centers in 2017’s entry draft: Mittlestadt, Pettersen, Patrick, Hischier, Glass, Vilardi and Suzuki. Only Pettersen and Hischier have more points than Suzuki.

      As for size, you are right that Caulfield is small. But Suzuki is listed at 208 pounds. That his heavier than all of the centers, above. He is 5’11’ not big by NHL standards, but certainly not too small for a # 1 center. Sidney Crosby is almost identical in size …

      • I knew you would disagree and that Suzuki was traded for. But I still think the Habs need a rebuild even if they beat the Leafs in the first round. Which I think is a distinct possibility. The earlier they start the rebuild the more value they will get for whatever assets they decide to trade.

        Beating the Leafs who like the Habs are not built to win, does not establish that the Habs do not need a rebuild. The teams to want to compete with are Vegas, Colorado, Tampa , Pittsburgh. Not the Leafs….not the Habs

      • I don’t disagree with the other things you posted OBD. The Habs have under performed big time this year so they clearly need roster improvement. Curiously, despite Price and Weber being older, the Habs average age is about middle of the pack for NHL teams – at least average measured by median. So a rebuild? Dunno.

        One of their dilemmas is who do they trade? Petry would be an obvious choice by age – 33 – but they are not deep on D and would regress for several years if they traded him now.

        Forwards? Who of value can they trade? They are desperate for goal scoring so trading a scorer like Gallagher or Toffoli would also be a regressive move.

        The only way forward I can see is to supplement their forwards with the 6 million Tatar and Staal will take off the books. Other than that, they have to go with what they have.

  15. Unsteady Freddie is a “gonner” after this year !
    He’s having trouble stopping pucks in the minors, at the moment ..
    They will need him for the playoffs, most definitely, to support Campbell..
    Hopefully, he improves over the next while, but hiss stay in Maple Leaf land has exhausted itself…

  16. Lj I remember a couple of years ago, I wrote the Habs owner needed to dialogue with the fans. One of the well written Habs fan….maybe you ….thought I said involve the fans in the decision making process and rightlyfully criticized me on the grounds that player retention and scouting decisions should solely be in the hands of Canadiens employees.

    I had miswritten at that time. I think the Hab fans like the Ranger fans last year and Leaf fans 5 years ago should be advised by the highest level. This team needs a rebuild or at the least structural changes. It will take time and go older players will have to go.

    I write today as this why the Habs now have assets that are not easily tradeable. I would have traded a lot for Petry 2 or 3 years ago. Same with Weber. Management is paid for foresight not ad hoc reactions to reach short term goals.

    It feels that is what Bergevin is doing. Whether he is doing at the request of the owner is the interesting question.

  17. If the Flyers can get to the finals with Brian Boucher and Micheal Leighton in net theres no reason why the Leafs cant with Andersen and Campbell.

  18. You people are funny.
    I proposed, as a lark, the Leafs trading Nylander and two 1st for Eichel w/$2 retained to make that cap fit. EVERY reply was that Eichel sucks and that’s an overpayment.
    Now, after a poor season cut short by injury he’s suddenly worth Lafreniere, a 1st, plus?

    FYI, the scouting reports I’ve read Lafreniere is projected to be on the level of Matthews, possibly better. Not my opinion, but that’s the projection.