NHL Rumor Mill – July 12, 2021

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Some proposed trade destinations for Vladimir Tarasenko and some recent Devils speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz looked at several teams that he believes should pursue a trade for Vladimir Tarasenko. The 29-year-old St. Louis Blues winger has requested a trade, reportedly in part because of his unhappiness over the club’s treatment of an ongoing shoulder injury.

St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

Gretz suggests the New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils, Seattle Kraken and Nashville Predators should be calling. He believes the Rangers have the cap space and could be a good fit alongside Artemi Panarin on their top line. The Oilers should avoid pursuing aging defenseman Duncan Keith in favor of adding another impact player to provide more scoring depth.

The Devils have cap space and they need a scoring winger. The Kraken also have plenty of cap dollars and Tarasenko could quickly help them become competitive. The Predators need scoring though Gretz acknowledged the cap hit could get tricky.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The complication for the Rangers is how Tarasenko’s $7.5 million annual average value for the next two seasons would affect their efforts to re-sign first-line center Mika Zibanejad or find a suitable replacement. The Oilers have a greater need to improve their blueline and their goaltending so I don’t see them getting into the bidding for Tarasenko.

The Devils could be a good fit provided they’re on Tarasenko’s list of preferred trade destinations. If he wants to go to a contender he won’t be interested in joining an expansion club because there’s no certainty the Kraken will emulate the Vegas Golden Knights’ success. I don’t think the Predators can afford to add Tarasenko without shedding Matt Duchene’s contract.

Gretz considers the Columbus Blue Jackets, Boston Bruins and New York Islanders as long shots.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tarasenko can’t help the Jackets’ need for a first-line center. I agree with Gretz that the Bruins won’t be able to add another scorer if they’re focused on re-signing Taylor Hall, Tuukka Rask and David Krejci. He also pointed out the Islanders would need to make several moves to fit Tarasenko under their salary cap.


FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy recently reported New Jersey Devils general manager is working on reshaping his defense corps. Multiple sources claim they’re gauging interest in P.K. Subban and are listening on Will Butcher.

Subban and Butcher are a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility. Blueliners Matt Tennyson, Ryan Murray and Connor Carrick become UFAs on July 28. Murphy wonders if Fitzgerald will try to sign away Adam Pelech from the New York Islanders with an offer sheet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Subban isn’t the offensive star he once was but has remade himself into a more defensively responsible blueliner. The Devils will have to absorb part of his $9 million annual salary-cap hit or take back another hefty contract to facilitate a trade. Butcher has good puck-moving skills but his stats have declined since his promising 44-point debut in 2017-18.

The Devils have over $35 million in projected cap space for 2021-22. Fitzgerald has the room to sign Pelech or another club’s restricted free agent defenseman to an offer sheet. However, that doesn’t mean anyone he targets will sign. Offer sheets rarely occur and the last player successfully signed away was Dustin Penner in 2007.


  1. If you want to be traded maybe don’t hamstring the GM. I am sure Edmonton is likely on Tarasenko no fly list
    The Oil need someone other than the 55.4% offence generated between Mcdavid and Draisaitl

    • Maybe so however the oilers need exactly what Lyle said first and foremost goalie and defense. Offensive talent alone does not bring you the cup. Gotta have elite goalie and top end D

      • You don’t always need an elite goalie. The Blues won with a 4th string goalie in 2019.

  2. Ottawa hires Crosby Ball Washer Pierre McGuire….

    WTF George?

    • Ron, he’s been hired to oversee the assessment of potential draft picks and development of system prospects and, as he puts it, “be a sounding board” on those aspects for Pierre Dorion. Nothing more. And since that’s where his strength lays I fully except he will do a decent job.

      He is NOT, as Dark G alludes, the President of Hockey Operations.

      • …we shall see.

      • Yes we will Dark G.
        You have a timeline on this or will the “we’ll see” go on for eternity, like most conspiracy theories?

        So start of the season, all star game or…?

      • ESPN will just bungle and f☆☆☆k up the nhl.

        I think there are like 3 people at espn that like hockey maybe 4.

        Steve Levy. Linda Cohen Barry Melrose steven Nelson…hockey is doomed on espn..

      • Ray….I see your point about conspiracy theories – this is certainly my “opinion”…and thus based on 0% fact.

        but…I know this owner….I’ve lived in this silly town for far too long….something about the owner contacting PM directly gives this a bit of a smell. Not a bad smell, just a Shanahan, Lamorello, type scenario. He’s bringing in this guy to be the executive VP in charge of player development. A sounding board….on just players? Ya. No. A sounding board on what’s in his cupboard. On how his GM has drafted and managed players, and how his coach has coached them. And only one of PD, PM, DJ have a deal beyond this year.

        jusssss sayin

      • HAH!! Dorian hired Pierre to sit in a room with Melynk all day and drive him crazy with his inane stories.

        That way Melnyk will slowly go insane and Dorian can do what needs to be done.

        Smart move by the GM

      • Please fill us all in as to the name of your infallible inside source Dark G – there has to be one, otherwise what you’re claiming amounts to nothing more than the outpouring of your personal dislike of McGuire.

  3. The Isles can use a scorer like Tarasenko and they’d be able to pull it off. Eberle would have to go the other way and Cizikas would have to be replaced with a cheaper option. But it’s a shot worth taking. The Isles’ time is now.
    As for Butcher, if Fitzgerald is listening, I hope Bergevin is at least checking.

    • Dude, According to “sources” the price for Vladdy is Dobson or Beau, plus.

      Lou is NOT trading either one of those cornerstones for a one armed has been.

      Remember Lee is returning, so there is no need for Tarasanko.

      If the “flipping” linesmen could count we might be having a much different conversation about now.

  4. Im on the fence about the McGuire signing. He’s a fantastic wealth of amateur knowledge. He’s been out of the “development” game for a while. The Sens need a pro-scouting guru. Not another amateur guy. But that’s not what this seems to be about.

    I think without calling Pierre M the prez of hockey ops…he IS the prez of Ottawa hockey ops. So it goes:
    Pierre M
    Pierre D(needs new deal)
    Coach whatzhisface(needs new deal)

    Pierre M fires Pierre D.
    Hires Luongo as GM.
    Capuano promoted to Head Coach and whatshisname let go.

  5. If the assets aren’t out of this world and either thr Kraken or the Blues take Dadonov, I’d be willing for Ottawa to gamble on Tarasenko for 2 years. I think if he can get back to form this summer (Only one off season) he is lethal. Batherson/Tarasenko/Brown give the Sens a really good 3 punch down the right wing.

    A line featuring Stuetzle/Tarasenko could produce some dazzle! Though, I’d like to see Stuetzle shift to center with Brown & Tarasenko on his wings haha. Great 2nd line.

    • JJB, when you say “if the assets aren’t out of this world” THAT’S the key element. Hard to figure what the Blues may want in return. According to CapFriendly they have $17,381,151 to spend on 6 players in order to reach 23.

      Their 5 RFAs (Barbashev, Sanford, Kyrou, Thomas and Dunn) collectively accounted for $6,502,499 off the cap this past season, and you have to think the 3 highest paid (Barbashev – $1,425,000 – Sanford – $1.5 mil – and Dunn – $1,835,000) will likely cost closer to $8 mil collectively, while the other two and their ELC deals will probably come in at around $3 mil, so that $11 mil still leaves them with a good chunk (I doubt any of the 3 UFAs are brought back – Hoffman, Bozak and Schwartz) which, combined with Tarasenko’s parting $7.5, would leave them with around $13 mil. So, any deal involving Tarasenko could result in a real hockey trade with money coming back.

      wonder what some of the Blues fans in here see going down?

      • ” so that $6 mil still leaves them with a good chunk …”

      • This Blues fan think the Rangers are a fit:

        Maybe something like Kakko and a 4th for Tarasenko, Dunn, and Sanford. The Blues maybe retain 2 million?

      • Iowa Prince. Buchnevich in rumors now. Due a raise. I can see him for Tarasenko.

      • Dunn has turned into this summers strome.

  6. to BUF: Subban

    to NJ: C. Miller & Okposo

    NJ gets another offensive D and veteran presence all for same cap hit for PK.

    • IHC…as a Sabres fan I would do it but would NJ want 2 yrs of Okposo? With the probable trade of Ristolainen and the losing of Miller one way or the other Subban would slot in on the right side. Good partner for Dahlin if he has become more reliable defensively as Lyle stated.

      • Could substitue Risto for Miller and NJ sends a pick back since Risto is the bigger body which NJ has in him before.

        Then ship Reinhart and 3rd to Kraken for the #2 pick
        Then Eichel to CHI for Dach, 11th and another pic next year.


        then other lines try
        If possible try to grabguys like Bertuzzi, Konecy, Czikas, Hyman for some serious snarl to the team

      • I was thinking send Rinehart, Olofsson, Bosston 2nd and the rights to Pilut to Arizona for Dvorak, Garland and Kuemper

        Eichel to Ana for Comtois, Perrault, 3OA and Henrique

        and then like you say Risto for Subban and a pick or NJ holds some of Subban to level off the cap

      • with roster spots open would ya take on Gardner & Foegle from CAR for mid pick like a 4th and 6th?

        car gets cap room and can use toward Hamilton.

        Gardner can slot 2LD being Dahlin and Foegle adds depth

  7. Keith to Edmonton getting close

    • Keith to Edmonton for Caleb Jones done. Seth next?

    • Ken Holland at his finest! Boy am I glad Yzerman took over in Detroit.
      Hopefully Keith is revitalized in Edmonton and helps shore up their second or third pairing. I hate seeing McDavid’s best years being eroded away. Still hoping they can bring the Cup back to Canada while I patiently await the rebuild in Detroit!!

  8. Re Subban

    I posted before… his SB has been paid; Devils have space

    Subban only now owed $2M in Sal

    Devils retain 50% ($1M and space they already have)

    A to-through team (with space) retains 50% (of 50%)…. So they are out $500 K

    Final (receiving ) team ; gets PK for $500 K cash and $2.25 M on the Cap

    What is that final team willing to pay for PK at $500 K cash, $2.25 M on Cap…. That “offer” would be split with Devils and too-through team

    Note : re previous to-throughs

    Janmark …. SJ total pro-rated cash retention ~ $190K…. Got a 5th rounder(‘22)

    Foligno…. Net cash increase (note they offloaded Noesen) to Sharks ….. about $280 K…. Got a 4th (121st overall)

    Savard…. Wings (note also offloaded Lashoff)…. Net cash increase …. ~ $125 K —- 4th… 124th overall

    Previous year… Lehner deal…. Leafs retained about $375 K in pro-rated cash…. Got a 5th

    Canes paid $3.8 M for a first (Marleau deal)

    So it looks like to-through for $500 K cash….. say a 3rd (or equivalent prospect)

    Does a team give Devils a 1st and the to-through team a 3rd ; to receive PK at $2.25 M Cap; only $500 K cash???

    If this waits until TDL

    50% Devils; and 25% (50% if 50%) to-through team is about

    $670K retained by Devils
    $335 K by to-through

    What’s the deal worth then?

    • Pengy,

      Subban would be a good pickup for Seattle, his best asset is promotion and an expansion team could use his flamboyance.

      As you point out he’s cheap too

      • HF30, not sure you ever answered my query. When Montreal traded Subban, were you (like the vast majority of Habs fans) extremely upset? Or, with your incredible powers of 20/20 hindsight, gung ho for a big slow guy from Nashville whose contract runs until the end of time?

      • BCLeafFan,

        I did answer but it was late like now so you must have missed it. A little more detail this time.

        I was crazy happy about the trade, the Habs got the leader the team needed, a player respected by everybody in the league.
        More steak than sizzle.

        Subban was a good player who didn’t have the respect of his teammates or the rest of the league.
        More sizzle than steak.

        I liked Subban but liked Weber a lot more.

        My take on the contract was that the high cap low pay in the last few years would be easy to trade to teams having trouble to meet the cap floor.


        The Habs could do a Luongo and have Weber retire if he slows down and take a job in the organization with Nashville eating the cap.

  9. Keith to the Oilers is no more of an incompetent move than some team signing Wayne Simmonds for two more seasons…..

    Canadian GMs:

    Bergevin – built a surprisingly decent team, limited cap room

    Dorian – too early to tell but rebuild is looking good, tons of cap room

    Dubas – Thornton, Simmonds, 40 million top 4, results speak for themselves, roster full of marshmallows and creampuffs, no backup goalie, no 3rd/4th lines, suspect defence and next to no cap room, boy genius that out thinks himself. Fails to realize the Shanascam is doomed to failure.

    Cheveldaylov- decent team, stuck in no mans land, weak defence, limited cap room

    Holland – questionable trades, no sign of roster improvement, cap management very very poor

    Treliving- oozes incompetence, Calgary stuck in the middle ground.

    Benning – no defence, no 3rd or 4th line, next to no cap room and two young core pieces to resign. Oozes incompetence, reeks of failure. Eriksson, Roussel, Beagle and Myers all bad deals made by a bad GM.Year 8 of his 5 year masterplan.

    Maybe the lack of talent in the GMs chair is why no Cup has resided in Canada since 93.

    • Ron, agree with most of that.
      Can’t blame Holland for cap management as he never had any until this year. Can’t spend what you don’t have.
      If Keith deal doesn’t work out, then ya, fire away.
      We don’t know that yet.

  10. Just came across this

    No Hoffman headcase always liked Palmeri throw OEL in the mix and sign Hall get Eichel they are set.