Notable NHL Free Agent Signings and Trades – July 28, 2021

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Be sure to check in regularly throughout the day for today’s notable free-agent signings and trades.

SIGNINGS (Updated: 6 pm ET.

New Jersey Devils sign defenseman Dougie Hamilton to a seven-year, $63 million contract ($9 million AAV).

Boston Bruins sign goaltender Linus Ullmark to a four-year, $20 million contract ($5 million AAV).

Montreal Canadiens sign winger Mike Hoffman to a three-year, $13.5 million contract ($4.5 million AAV).

Anaheim Ducks sign center Ryan Getzlaf to a one-year, $4.5 million contract.

Detroit Red Wings sign center Pius Suter to a two-year, $6.5 million contract ($3.25 million AAV).

Boston Bruins sign winger Nick Foligno to a two-year contract. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

Ottawa Senator sign defenseman Michael Del Zotto to a two-year, $4 million deal ($2 million AAV).

SIGNINGS: (Updated: 4 pm ET)

Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign center Brayden Point to an eight-year, $76 million contract ($9.5 million AAV).

Vegas Golden Knights sign forward Mattias Janmark to a one-year, $2 million contract.

SIGNINGS (Updated: 2:45 pm ET):

Seattle Kraken sign goaltender Philipp Grubauer to a six-year, $35.4 million contract ($5.9 million AAV).

Seattle Kraken sign winger Jaden Schwartz to a five-year, $27.5 million contract ($5.5 million AAV).

Los Angeles Kings sign center Phillip Danault to a six-year, $33 million contract ($5.5 million AAV).

Los Angeles Kings sign defenseman Alex Edler to a one-year, $3.5 million contract.

Boston Bruins sign forward Erik Haula to a two-year, $4.75 million contract ($2.375 million AAV).

Carolina Hurricanes sign defenseman Ian Cole to a one-year, $2.9 million contract.

San Jose Sharks sign center Nick Bonino to a two-year, $4.1 million contract ($2.05 million AAV).


Nashville Predators re-sign forward Mikael Granlund to a four-year, $20 million contract ($5 million AAV).

Minnesota Wild sign defenseman Alex Goligoski to a one-year, $5 million contract.

Calgary Flames sign forward Blake Coleman to a six-year, $29.4 million contract ($4.9 million AAV).

Carolina Hurricanes sign goalie Frederik Andersen to a two-year deal worth $4.5 million AAV.

Columbus Blue Jackets re-sign Boone Jenner to a four-year $15 million contract ($3.75 million).

New Jersey Devils sign goaltender Jonathan Bernier to a two-year, $8.25 million contract ($4.125 million AAV).

Montreal Canadiens sign David Savard to a four-year, $14 million contract ($3.5 million AAV).

Edmonton Oilers sign defenseman Cody Ceci to a four-year, $13 million contract ($3.25 million AAV).

Vancouver Canucks sign defenseman Travis Hamonic to a two-year, $6 million contract ($3 million AAV).

Columbus Blue Jackets sign forward Sean Kuraly to a four-year, $10 million contract ($2.5 million cap hit)

Vancouver Canucks sign defenseman Tucker Poolman to a four-year, $10 million contract ($2.5 million AAV)

Philadelphia Flyers sign goalie Martin Jones to a one-year, $2 million contract.

Dallas Stars sign Braden Holtby to a one-year, $2 million contract.

Philadelphia Flyers sign defenseman Keith Yandle to a one-year, $950K contract.


Edmonton Oilers sign Zach Hyman to a seven-year, $38.5 million contract ($5.5 million annual average value).

Edmonton Oilers re-sign defenseman Tyson Barrie to a three-year contract worth $4.5 million per season.

Vegas Golden Knights re-sign defenseman Alec Martinez to a three-year deal worth $5.25 million annually.

Seattle Kraken sign forward Alexander Wennberg to a three-yeae contract worth $4.5 million annually.

Toronto Maple Leafs sign goaltender Petr Mrazek to a three-year contract worth $3.8 million.

Dallas Stars sign defenseman Ryan Suter to a four-year contract worth $3.65 million AAV.

Carolina Hurricanes sign goaltender Antti Raanta to a two-year deal worth $2 million annually.

Vancouver Canucks sign goaltender Jaroslav Halak to a one-year contract worth $1.5 million in base salary.

Carolina Hurricanes sign defenseman Tony DeAngelo to a one-year, $1 million contract.


Edmonton Oilers trade defenseman Ethan Bear to the Carolina Hurricanes for winger Warren Foegele.

Ottawa Senators trade winger Evgeni Dadonov to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for Nick Holden and a third-round draft pick in 2022.

Chicago Blackhawks trade defenseman Nikita Zadorov to the Calgary Flames in exchange for a third-round pick in 2022. The pick originally belonged to Toronto.


  1. Wennberg to the Kraken is a nice deal for both teams.

    Wennberg gets to play 1 or 2 C and not #rd line C. Chance to really show what he has going on with the added ice time again.

    • Mrazek for 3.8? Yikes. So what will they sign Campbell for next year? Double that?

      I never thought there would be a downgrade in net to Andersen. Mrazek overpaid by 2 million at least. At this rate they might as well call Chris Kostpoulous agent to see if he’s willing to accept league minimum.

      I hear Dion Phaneuf might consider coming back. Maybe Gary Leeman too.

      Prediction: Leafs don’t make the playoffs.

      • @ Frank: I hear you. Why did Dubas choose to pay a backup like Mrazak at $3.8 M per year when Martin Jones;probably a starter, just signed in Philly for $2 Million a year?

        So both Freddy and Mrazak traded places in goal. Freddy got the better deal for now anyways as Carolina’s D is superior to anything the Leafs can muster

      • Mrazek $3.8 for 3 years , not 1

  2. Flyers get G Martin Jones, 1 year @ 2.1 million.

  3. Goalies going off the market FAST!

    Holden is an interesting move. He can’t be coming in to play on the top pair, but could be in to isolate our depth? Possibly playing on the bottom pair instead of Josh Brown, time on the PK? Could be the Sens are hoping to make the playoffs, where Holden is a shockingly good performer.

    • The Jackets bought out Wennberg because he utterly failed as both a #1 & #2C and you think he’s going to magically improve on an expansion team? You need rehab to clear the drugs out of your system.

    • JJB, the incoming tandem of Holden and Del Zotto are certainly a step up from the veterans they trotted out there in the first 15 games last year – Coburn and Gudbranson!

  4. Forbort…. Good size can play minutes is a defensive Dman despite the size isn’t that physical…..

    • The good news Joe is he played against the others teams best most often for both LA and WPG. Plays the PK.
      Frees up the McAvoy’s/Grz’s/Reilly to push the pace.

      Big guy, D first, safety first, shut down guy.

      Not a big splash by any means, but they needed a guy like him.

    • He stinks . Sweeney just doesn’t appear to be any good at signing free agents. He ‘s always the last one to arrive at the dance, all good ones are already taken. Maybe he needs to sit down with someone like Jimmy Rutherford or Montreal’s gm’ and see how it’s done. We always end up the klunkers. Get busy Sweeney you’ve had a month to prepare for this!!

      • Well, submit your resume Rick.
        Sweeney obviously finds it harder than you do.

      • Rutherford? The moron who gave a washed up Johnson a 4 year multimillion dollar contract? And you think he’s a good GM? HAHAHAHA

      • 5 year

      • Paul, not to defend Rutherford but he did get John Marino for a 6th round pick. He also brought Justin Schultz to Pittsburgh for not much more than a bag of pucks. Putting together a Stanley cup roster, then keeping most of it together enabling the franchise to repeat as champions. Doesn’t sound like a “moron” to me. Just sayin’

  5. a couple of head scratchers , Poolman 4 years 10 million?
    Dallas signing Holtby likely means the end of the road for Bishop.

    • I get Del Zotto to Ottawa for 1 yr but not 2 years @ 2 milIion AAV

      • Why not? He’s still only 31 and had a pretty good year on a team full of turmoil in Columbus (a +8). And $2 mil per isn’t going to be hard to accommodate.

        Clearly, Josh Brown is on the block and will be elsewhere shortly.

      • he tends to wear out his welcome George , one year to give JBD and Branstrom time to grow sure. 2 mil is not the end of the world and I am sure they could flip at TDL if required, I am just not a fan of deal of more than 1 year for fringe players.

      • OK. Fair enough. I must admit I wondered myself at 2 years for Simmonds in Toronto. I suppose, if there’s known competition for a player’s services, sometimes it takes the extra year to get the deal done.

      • Lyle clearly doesn’t think much of him though – didn’t even mention him in the opening blurb above – lol 🙂

  6. Sakic working on plan B in nets now , thinking he needs to fill G position via trade.

    • byram and pick to az for Kuemper and 50% retained Kessel???

      • if he gets desperate , personally I would do everything possible to not trade Byram

      • Cool let’s have more like this. It’s interesting on so many levels. Is Kuemper better than who he’s replacing? Also like Kessel, he’ll need a new contract which will be a raise of his actual salary this year of $5.5m so will it be more than the $5.9mx6y Grubauer just signed?
        Took a lot to get him too.

      • not going to happen!…patient joe could go all the way to next yrs trade deadline with frankie in net..and then make a move if need be…

    • Chicago and Arizona should be calling Sakic.

  7. Bruins have 14 million left …. #46…. Rask & another goalie will swallow that up …. Unless they make trades it won’t be a good offseason for the Bruins who basically have the same team minus Kuraly, Ritchie & Lauzon …. Which means they are not as good as this past season playoff team

  8. Sakic has to have something else in the works . Has to be Kuemper maybe Quick. With a team like that they had better get a 1A goalie if they want a shot at the cup
    Coleman on the Flames is a good deal. Maybe a year or two long . Cross the bridge when you have to.

    Can’t see Tampa as a three peat now losing the entire 3 line which was more than instrumental

  9. I wonder if a move is coming in Ottawa on defense?

    Chabot, Zaitzev, Zub, Brannstrom, & Brown under contract. Mete qualifed … trade for Holden, sign Del Zotto. This is 8 guys, plus who knows who might surprise at camp. Mete/Brown advance stat wise was a pretty dominate pair. But currently you have to assume that based on who is signed …

    Chabot – Zaitzev
    Brannstrom – Zub
    Holden – Del Zotto
    Mete – Brown

    Good to have depth, but it makes me wonder if there is a move coming or if perhaps they don’t feel they can get Mete under contract?

  10. something has to be brewing in Vegas , they have an abundance of wingers and are thin at center. I would bet they are working on a deal for a #1 center.

  11. I see where Ottawa also signed UFA Michael Del Zotto to a 2-year $4 mil deal (aav $2 mil).

    Still just 31, he’s played 710 NHL games and this will be his 8th team. Didn’t have a bad season with Columbus where he played 53 games with 4g 9a 13 pts and was a +8

    With Holden also coming on board in the Dadonov trade, that creates quite a log-jam on the D with those two joining Chabot, Zaitsev, Zub, Brannstrom, Mete and Josh Brown, Looks like Bernard-Docker is going to get some AHL seasoning – but even with that move, 8 is one too many. Another move has to be brewing.

    • LOL. JJB – our thought processes crossed. I think Mete will be signed alright – more likely a move brewing for Josh Brown.

  12. Well Ray, I know you are a Danault fan and I am sorry to see him go. But 5.5 for 6 years? LA will struggle to make the playoffs again, which is where Danault’s strengths are pronounced.

    Ouch, LA.

    • Still like the player LJ, a little higher $$ than I thought but not crazy.
      But agree, the fit is a little strange.
      LA has a very good pipeline, along with a few high end players.
      I thought they would wait a year before pushing more chips in, but I get it, Kopitar and Drew aren’t spring chickens anymore.

      They along with Chicago seem to be thinking the same thing, give it a go while you can.

      Pacific Div is going to be interesting. I think EDM is better, VCR is better, LA is better, Vegas still the favorite, Seattle, who knows but shouldn’t suck.

      Calgary fans should be a little nervous IMO.
      ANA & SJ rebuilding.

      • Yes Ray, Calgary players have to worry about hitting pylons when they play the Oilers. Sounds very dangerous!

      • Flippin’ Calgary guys.
        Spent 3 days there last week listening you folks, plus 960 is brutal compared to 1260.
        They should rethink that line up as well.
        Just don’t hire Tre to do it.

        I’ll bet a hun (I know we can’t, but I would!) that the Oil handle the Flames and take the season series. Can’t see it being close. Unless Douggie and his brother come back.

      • @ Ray Bark I would love to take you up on a bet on the Flames versus Oilers. You must be drinking the water up in Edmonpuke.

      • Edmonpuke? Are we back to that juvenile, schoolyard crap again?

      • Just the CGY vs EDM thing George. All good, wouldn’t respect them if they didn’t fire back after shot.
        Although to your point not that creative.

      • George, not so serious, Ive been called way worse by Oiler fans. Some of the old true battle of Alberta from the mid 1980’s never fully leaves your blood.

        Ray, glad to see Oilers really shored up their goalie situation. Ceci over Larsson in their top 4 is a huge upgrade on that backend. Oh yeah sorry I forgot about Dunking Keith. Oh well all good, all in fun.

    • Pacific division outside of Vegas is open field

      Cannot blame the Kings for being all in

    • I like Danault but don’t mind him leaving for that kind of money.

      Savard, Paquette and Wideman signed for the same money and will be more productive both offensively and defensively.

      • Habfan, it was a given Savard was not coming back to Tampa. I am happy for him for the contract. But, JBB turned around and brought back Bogosian for less than a third of Savard’s AV. Savard is not 3X better. Maybe Bergevin was enamored by the name. David is good but Serge he is not.

      • ShaneinTpa,

        Savard is on an affordable contract, a minute muncher who is defensively strong.

        He signed for a hometown discount, less than his previous contract.

        Bogosian is a pylon who couldn’t hold a job in Buffalo, TBL or TML and keeps getting given away for nothing.

        TBL had a good D before Savard arrived at TDL and continue to have a good D after he left.

        On the other hand GMJB should be in jail for fleecing GMSB.

      • Bogo actually played better than I thought he would last year in T.O. and was sorry to see him go. He played well as a 5-7 guy on TB and won a Cup too so is he better than Savard? No. Is he older? Yes. Is he cheaper? Yes. Whether or not he’s better than Savard I’d still say JBB did well to get him back for the role he’ll play…

  13. Nick Foligno Bruins ?

  14. LEAFS will stand pat with their FABULOUS “4”

    Band aid additions !

    All GOOD !

    Hopefully enough for the board of directors to “oust” Dubais, even Shanahan, after another 1st round exit , again in the spring of next year!!!

    • First they have to make the first round Ken. This won’t be the cozy “Canadian” division next season.

  15. So are teams in a goalie crunch calling Seattle now about the availability of Vanacek & Driegder? I mean… you could start your AHL season with Vanacek/Daccord and have Grauber/Driegder in the NHL and have the literal best goalie pool in the NHL.

    I mean I guess regardless of how good their seasons were Driegder & Vanacek have a total of 38gp & 37gp at the NHL level & Joey Daccord had 9. But Vanacek has certainly outgrown the AHL level in my opinion. Daccord is expected back by next season, so he should certainly be starting in the AHL.

    Then again Grubauer has never started more than 40 games in a season. So Driegder could see some more starts, maybe something like a 50/32 split? Still feels like Seattle will be looking to take advantage of the goalie market …

    The goalie market dried up fast… who is left? Rask will only sign with Boston that leaves UFA, what Dubynk, Ullmark, Nilsson? A couple of good young RFA targets. But these teams still need goalies

    Calgary – Backup
    Edmonton – A start who isn’t 39
    *Chicago – Starter depending on Fleury
    Colorado – Starter
    Washington – Backup
    *Boston – Do they go with Swayman & Vader if Rask doesn’t resign?
    Buffalo – Goalies … seriously, they have no NHL goalies
    Toronto – A 1B incase Campbell falls apart

    Seattle, New Jersey, & New York provide the best trade options … Lundqvist maybe a backup option, Hogberg could have been a good backup option, but he went back to Sweden. We might see a lot of unproven guys this year. Goalies seem thing.

    • Boston has to sign or trade for a goalie they have no choice

      • Ullmark to Boston ?

      • I think COL is hungrier for a tender than BOS. Does BUF even care? Strap a guy to the bar and go play.
        BOS just needs to get to Jan/Feb and back to Tuuka. He is the best guy left.
        Assuming his surgery and rehab is successful.

        If your COL with your window being right now do you over pay for a guy like Kuemper or Ullmark?
        I think you have too.

      • Ullmark is in Boston. Good for Boston fans

        7 yrs younger than Rask.

        Start of transition phase and still compete

      • Ullmark to the Bruins. Excellent signing! A good day for Sweeney. I like the Foligno and Haula signings, especially.

    • I also apologize I missed the Petr M signing in Toronto. So they figured that out.

    • I think Francis anticipated this and can now deal from a position of strength to any desperate team who didn’t get on the goalie signing train today. My bet is that Vanacek is dealt for a young forward and a pick and then Kraken run a 1a/1b situation with Grubauer and Driedger. It will also be interesting if Sakic/Colorado is forced to give up one of their young Dmen to trade for a goalie.

    • Vanacek is back in Washington

      • I feel like I nailed my two predictions here. Vanacek went for a pick (I was expecting a young roster forward and maybe a 3rd or 4th) and Sakic had to give up Timmins for a goalie.

  16. My guess is Kuemper or Elvis to COL

  17. Habfan Bogosian was actually pretty good when he was in Tampa in our 1st cup run. We just didn’t re-sign him because of cap space. To your other point I think Bowman is feeling the heat from the ownership to try and be a contender next year. Johnson was only over paid in Tampa because you don’t give somebody $5 million to play onthe fourth line. He wasn’t until Cirelli emerged. He actually might help Chicago. I’m more confused by the trade for MAF who will probably retire and the gross overpayment for Seth Jones whose metrics have declined for the last three seasons in Columbus. He gave up on a good young defenseman and a draft pick that Columbus slyly turned into Bean from Carolina.

  18. Mike Hoffman signs with Habs at 3×4.5, an upgrade on Tatar offensively and PP.

    GMMB managed to improve the team without breaking the bank like many others.

    Given the number of teams who need goalies, Bergevin holding on to Allen was masterful.

    • No center signed today though, habfan30. A little thin up the middle with Danault gone.

    • Hoffman’s term is ok in this deal but I still question the 4.5 for a guy who has proven to be a defensive liability. It makes what Bowman paid for Tyler Johnson look more reasonable

      • ShaneinTpa,

        My issue isn’t with Johnson contract it’s with giving away LTIR space of $6.8 million to TBL instead of keeping it for himself.(GMSB)


        Cedric Paquette is a centre, a pretty good checking one at that but there is plenty of time to pick up another, I would have liked Glendening for his face off skills but Dallas grabbed him.
        Cizikas @ 3.5?

        Meanwhile Hoffman steps in for Tatar and you can pencil in 30 goals

    • Not sure holding on to Allen was masterful HF30. I think a better term was obvious, and Price was the guy who suggested it to Bergevin any way. Which means he was OK leaving.

      Price is a good goalie who steps up in the playoffs even when hurt. Have to respect that. But his contract is too long for too much and his injuries are piling up.

      Seattle wasn’t taking him, and if they did, OK.

      • Ray Bark,

        EVERYBODY knew that the Habs were losing Allen or Chiarot or Edmundson.

        He kept them all and lost a non roster 3rd rounder, I’d call that masterful and far from obvious.

    • Would’ve like to see him a Bruin

      Always a need for someone like him Bruins have nobody and Frederic isn’t one

  19. Hello Ullmark & Swayman

    Goodbye Rask & Vladar

  20. Bruins signed depth nobody that moves the needle

    Need #46 on a year or two

    • I like what they have done Joe. D is better, by quite a bit IMO.
      Got Hall on a deal that is reasonable as far as term, while I am not totally sold on him keeping his form long term.
      While Ullmark is a quality replacement for Rask not sure they need a guy for that term with 2 very promising young guys and a short window.
      But they needed a guy, so sometimes you bite it.
      No money left for Krecji, unless another move is coming. DeBrusk for??? EDM is done up front so not going there.

  21. Not happy with any of the signings Forbort yawn, foligno used to be good spends most of his time on the pine nursing injuries, ullmark was a smart move much as I love Swayman and believe he will be Boston’s goalie of the future. They needed to do that Rask’s injury and all the head games he plays, as for other free agents signings I can only ask Why?

  22. Hey George

    I really think U R right , they may have a difficult time making it to the first round …
    Than it will be adios Dubais, it is he that went out and blindly signed Tavares, with the Brinks truck parked out back, and threw the chemistry away out of WHACK, not only that , just a continuous comedy of errors, KADRI trade, trading away 1st round draft picks for no return

    Believing in Marner is an absolute “joke”
    Tavares will eventually be bought out, most likely with a new, incoming GM…
    Dubas is away toooo egotistical too own up to any error.
    The SAD part is, Shanahan keeps him on….
    Eventually , he will be a goner, he has proved his incompetence with this team with this free agency and achieved absolutely “zilch”
    Sooner than later, for the blunder kid to leave for the nearest exit would be a “blessing”

    • Tavares to Buffalo for Okposo and a 2nd rd pick

      final offer

  23. I was really hoping Ottawa would nab Puis Suter! Good job Detroit. I thought he had a good year in Detroit and looked like a guy who could slot into the second line, give Pinto some development space and then move his two way game down the line up as a 3rd line center. Fit the Sens two way mold well.

    But overall he did lack ability in the faceoff circle. Which we do need to improve on. He’ll get a good look in Detroit.

  24. Rick are you sure their is not another team you would rather cheer for ? Bruins will be real hard to play against will be fun watching them play.