NHL Rumor Mill – August 10, 2021

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Could the contract standoff between Kirill Kaprizov and the Wild lead to a trade? Are the Oilers in the market for a defenseman? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo examined the latest development in the contract standoff between the Minnesota Wild and Kirill Kaprizov. The 24-year-old winger reportedly has a tentative agreement with KHL team CSKA Moscow on a one-year deal said to be worth at least $10 million in US dollars beginning September 1.

Minnesota Wild winger Kirill Kaprizov (NHL Images).

The Wild have reportedly had offers of seven and eight years on the table for Kaprizov worth $9 million annually. That would be the richest annual contract in franchise history for the 2021 Calder Trophy winner.

Wild general manager Bill Guerin is willing to sign Kaprizov to a five- or six-year contract. However, he doesn’t want a deal for less than three years because the winger would become an unrestricted free agent in 2024.

Kaprizov lacks arbitration rights and isn’t eligible to receive an offer sheet from a rival NHL club. Russo reports both sides have stayed in constant contact but appeared to have reached a stalemate. He wonders if Guerin will make further offers to Kaprizov or call his bluff. He also raised the possibility of trading the winger’s rights but consider it hard to imagine the Wild GM going that route.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kaprizov has limited NHL experience but, as Russo points out, the Russian winger is a rising star and already considered one of the most talented players in Wild history. His agent is trying to use that to his side’s advantage.

Given Kaprizov’s current contract status, using the KHL contract is the only bargaining chip he’s got. His camp wants the short-term deal so they can leverage his UFA eligibility in 2024 into a massive raise from the Wild or another NHL club via free agency in three year’s time.

Some observers are dismissive of this tactic by Kaprizov. It’ll be interesting to see if Guerin shares that view. While he could attempt to trade the winger’s rights, I doubt he’ll go that far. If he does, there might not be many teams willing to take him off his hands if he’s not under contract.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins expects the Oilers will add at least one more veteran depth defenseman before training camp opens next month. They’re looking for someone around $950K. Two primary names worth watching are Slater Koekkoek and Jordie Benn.


  1. Or you could have paid Nurse who makes more than Draisaitl a little less and added someone that can contribute on the backend. Benn and Koekkek ? Can you say healthy scratch. Demers would be a better option but you can’t afford him ?
    You cant pay someone for a single good year. Krill is dreaming at $10m . Even Point had to wait for 6 years for his money.

    • “Benn and Koekkek ? Can you say healthy scratch.”

      Yeah, it’s almost like they SAID they’re looking at depth defensemen, eh?

      Reading is fundamental, yeah?

      • I thought Jordie Benn was the Jets’ designated healthy scratch.

      • How deep is that pool ? Keep looking nothing see with those two suitcases

        I am referring to 500k -800k less with Nurse. Would have created some flexibility in adding some depth.
        Although 5 years older Pietrangelo is 8.8. Not sure why that wasn’t the comparable for Jones Hamilton and Nurse ?

    • The Oilers had no move with Nurse. Sign him for less, if only that easy. The first bridge deal was because they were not sure what they had yet. The 2nd they had zero cap space for a long term commitment to buy ufa yrs. The oil could not chance going into next season without nurse locked up long term.

      Is he paid too much, yes, but this is the example of the player doing everything right for the big paid day. For nurse you could not script it better. For the oil, you have zero leverage.

      Sure they could have shaved a half mil to a mil off the deal, with hardnose negotiating but is that always the best move.

      We can question the ceci deal, the keith trade, but not much they do with nurse, its either long him up long term based on current market conditions or trade him. If you trade him, you need a number 1 d that will fill his role.

      • Exactly 1oilerfan.
        Saying you could have signed him for less isn’t based in reality.
        The team offers the contract, the player decides to sign it or not.

        You can say the Oilers could have offered him less. I bet that they did.

        Only Nurse can sign it, and if it didn’t start with a 9, he wasn’t. That simple.

      • There is always options.

      • I’m not a fan of nurses game. I would of fathered walked away from him than pay him that but hey.time will tell how hat contract ages.

  2. Re “ tentative agreement with KHL team CSKA Moscow on a one-year deal said to be worth at least $10 million”

    Whoever reported this first either didn’t convert rubies to dollars correctly or added a zero accidentally

    As HF30 mentioned on morning coffee… KHL cap is $12M – $13M …FOR A WHOLE TEAM

    Converting that proportionately to the NHL .., that’s like offering McD a 1 year $65 M contract

    I have little confidence in the $10 M contract offer actually being true

    He is a very good player no doubt; and should have a great NHL career…. But has just 1 year under his belt in the NHL

    Tough play for Billy G

    Re a trade.. hard to see other teams willing to give up assets only to be in the same bargaining situation

    • no Kirill for Eichel movement?

      • I wonder that as well. Sabres can pay Kaprisov and they have two young centers (Cozens and Mittelstadt) who could mesh with him. Also the Sabres drafted two young Russians in the 2nd round of this draft. Eichel for Kaprisov one for one if a long term contract can be signed.

      • That would be a signed Eichel for essentially the rights to Kaprizov. Can’t see that happening

      • @Taz
        would need to be a sign and trade

      • How do you compensate Minni for taking a player who has a significant injury.

    • Anything and I mean Anything that comes out of poison putins Russia or sneaky cheater Chi of China don’t believe.
      THe one year $10 million deal is it is all leverage no way..if see Kaprizov see ya..

  3. Serious if true, offers at $9M for 7 or 8 years are being turned down I would trade him as quick as possible. Maybe these players should have a chat with the TB stars and take a good look at the cup rings. All those players took less so they can win as many cups as possible. Regardless of tax break they all decided to leave money on the table.

    • Well said jeff.

  4. If all Kaprizov wants is money, they should let him stew. Also dont think he will sign in Russia on a one year deal, what agent gives that recommendation that is any good? None, what if he gets hurt….. I am also weary over the fact that he has basically only played half a season, how will he react to the grind of a full season? and still he wants to get paid. There is also the fact that other teams didnt have a playbook on him, next season they will, how he handles that will tell a lot, second season is the hardest because teams now know who you are and plays accordingly. Sign to a 1 year contract hear for 7,5 and see what happens or let him go home.

    • trade him & Fiala for Barkov (sign & trade) and call it a day.

  5. I hope Kirill stays in Russia for good. Greedy

  6. Billy G will call his bluff.

    The KHL cannot afford a 10 million dollar contract for one player. It’s complete spin by KK’S agents.

    Billy G should come out and say “We wish you the best in the KHL. Call me when you change your mind.”

  7. This Kaprizov business is all just positioning right now. The real negotiations will begin when the first side budges.

    • Agree Augustus, it relieves the pressure to act now on his side. If Minny waits him out and he isn’t getting paid, he is more likely to accept as he is missing out on some real $$.
      Now he can wait them out for a bit.

      Or he is just bluffing, my guess is he would be heading over there already if he really wanted to be playing there. Hi preference to obviously stay. Can’t blame him.

  8. Kaprizov to Calgary for Matty Tkachuk 🙂