NHL Rumor Mill – August 31, 2021

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Should the Canadiens match the Hurricanes offer sheet to Jesperi Kotkaniemi or let him go? Can the Sharks find a trade partner for Evander Kane? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Lukas Weese cited Elliotte Friedman suggesting there’s a legitimate chance the Montreal Canadiens won’t match the one-year, $6.1 million offer sheet Jesperi Kotkaniemi signed on Saturday with the Carolina Hurricanes. He believes the Habs are weighing the merits of that deal against the first- and third-round picks they’ll get from the Hurricanes as compensation plus the salary-cap flexibility gained with the young center off their books.

Will the Montreal Canadiens match the Carolina Hurricanes’ offer sheet for Jesperi Kotkaniemi? (NHL Images).

Friedman speculated Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin could take those picks and shop them around the league, perhaps to the Arizona Coyotes for center Christian Dvorak. He’s not sure the Habs are willing to pursue a big fish such as Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel, citing an earlier offer they made which they knew was lower than the Sabres’ asking price.

RDS.CA: Norman Flynn believes the Canadiens must match the Hurricanes offer. Kotkaniemi’s departure would leave them thin at center after losing Phillip Danault last month to the Los Angeles Kings via free agency. He also wondered if Kotkaniemi still wants to play in Montreal after being a healthy scratch in the 2021 Stanley Cup Final.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin examined the pros and cons of matching the Hurricanes’ offer. Larkin believes the Canadiens could put themselves in a financial bind matching that offer for a player who hasn’t performed like a top-six forward thus far and may or may not reach his potential.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Examining the long list of busted first-round picks by the Canadiens, Stu Cowan believes Bergevin should accept the compensatory package from the Hurricanes and trade the first-round pick for a proven player.

TVA SPORTS: suggested five potential candidates as Kotkaniemi’s replacement. Dvorak, Eichel and Calgary’s Sean Monahan are the trade options. Vancouver’s restricted free agent center Elias Pettersson was also mentioned as was bringing back Eric Staal via the unrestricted free agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those in the media advocating matching the offer appears to be in the minority. Ditto social media where several polls by Canadiens’ bloggers showed most Habs fans prefer letting Kotkaniemi go and accepting the draft picks.

The silence is deafening thus far from the Canadiens’ front office on this subject. That could be because Bergevin is calling around to find a suitable replacement for Kotkaniemi in the trade market. He could dangle those picks from the Hurricanes or bundle them with another pick or a prospect.

Dvorak would make the most sense provided Arizona Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong is willing to part with him. The cost for Eichel remains far too expensive in return and salary. Monahan’s name was floated as trade bait earlier in the offseason but Flames GM Brad Treliving seems reluctant to move him. The Flames center also has a 10-team no-trade list and the Canadiens could be on it.

The Canucks aren’t trading Pettersson and GM Jim Benning stated several times he’ll match any offer for his young center. Staal saw checking-line minutes during his short tenure with the Canadiens. He won’t address their need for a second-line center.

Bergevin has made up for his poor drafting with a solid trade record. His acquisitions over the years include Shea Weber, Jeff Petry, Nick Suzuki, Phillip Danault, Josh Anderson, Jake Allen, Joel Armia and Joel Edmundson. He could bring in a solid replacement for Kotkaniemi with those picks from the Hurricanes.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Kevin Kurz was asked if there was any trade interest in embattled San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane. He said they tried to move him earlier this summer but couldn’t find any takers. He feels any suggestion of moving him now is ridiculous, especially with four years remaining on his contract.

Kurz isn’t sure how the Sharks will handle Kane in the wake of reports several of his teammates no longer want him on the club. One way could be to waive him, not make him report to their AHL affiliate and buy out the remainder of his contract next summer. However, that would leave even more dead cap space, which wouldn’t be ideal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only way out at this point is if the NHL finds Kane did throw games betting for money in their current investigation into those allegations made by his estranged wife. That could be grounds for the Sharks to terminate his contract without penalty.


  1. Call me cynical, but the way I see it, whatever the media, bloggers and Twitterers suggest, it’s best to do the opposite.
    There really are two options. Match the offer sheet or work out a deal prior to Saturday’s deadline to move the picks for an established center, most likely Dvorak but still possibly Eichel. Letting Kotkaniemi go for what will likely be pick #25 or so and a 3rd rounder is not an option. If a trade can’t be made, Kotkaniemi must be brought back and given a proper opportunity – real minutes with wingers who can score. Way too soon to cut him loose for futures.
    Someone posted on Twitter the other day how it’s ironic that the same people who are saying that the Habs don’t draft well are urging Bergevin to take the picks. It’s true that Bergevin has made up for poor drafting with some solid trade and UFA pickups. However, you can play with fire for only too long. One clear benefit of drafting players who can contribute once given the opportunity is that the team gets good production from players making entry level money. Very important in a cap world. The Habs poor drafting is not on any one man. It’s on the scouting and development systems. The whole system must be improved.

    • From a business point of view, I see a very dangerous situation for the Habs if they match. As of now, the player isn’t worth 6,1m$m nor has he showed enough in 3 years to justify that cost. Yes, he has “some” talent but what kind of talent? Enough to be a regular C2? Not really sure about that.

      By matching, all the Habs salary structure goes down the drain. What do you give Suzuki and Caufield, who, in my opinion, have much more potential?

      Another point is the pressure that OS puts on the rest of teams who have to negociate with young talent under 22 yo.

      I can understand the emotional move of the Canes. They wanted revenge. But in the case of the Aho OS, he deserved the salary and is paid fair market value. This is not the case for Kotkaniemi. Clearly a very bad business decision.

      No match for me. Take the picks and bundle them with a couple of prospects to pick up a true C2.

      • Aho OS is what started this Louis, agreed.
        The $8M for 5 years was an over pay for a guy coming off his entry level as the only leverage he had was an offer sheet.
        $8M would be fair if they bought more UFA years, so 7 years vs the 5 on the OS.
        Or a bridge at $6M max for 2 years.
        Plus $21M signing bonus, for a guy coming off entry level. On another team. Seriously?
        All MB accomplished was driving up the cost for CAR. Brilliant.

        There is a reason the offer sheet is only for 1 year, we debated it yesterday. We will see over the coming season why that was if he goes to CAR and what the extension looks like.

      • We also discussed, Ray, that this was not a one year offer, either. Which leads to …

        Again, this revenge angle. If people are going to keep banging on about this being revenge then they need to explain why GMs in a professional sport are motivated to get back at another team instead of focusing on what is best for their own team. Because what all of you are saying is that Dundon and Waddell are willing to overpay this year, and then be committed to a longer, expensive subsequent contract — or are willing to let KK walk after one year – instead of trying to improve their club.

        Seriously, this is tin hat thinking and if you disagree then come up with a cogent explanation as to how revenge is the prime motivator.

      • LJ, I never used the word revenge, but have used the word pay back. Splitting hairs, sure.
        To put it in hockey terms, IMO it is like defending the front of your net when forwards run your tender, and willing to take a penalty to do it.
        The reason is simple, make them pay a price for doing it so they are less likely to do it again.
        I also don’t want to assume it will be an expensive long term extension, because fact is we don’t know that yet.
        We also don’t know if MTL and KK can work out an extension after year 1 for a reasonable amount.
        All assumptions we should not make.

        There is my answer LJ, hopefully it is a cogent argument.

        So, if it isn’t because of the Aho OS, then why is a cost conscious Dundon offer sheeting KK, on the team that offer sheeted Aho, for a only one year, at an amount that is double what he has earned when considering his play on the ice?

        I haven’t heard anyone make a reasonable argument other than payback (only part of it and prefer to think of it as a deterrent), and that Dundon is an emotional fool and is overpaying. I find that unlikely. It makes no sense IMO.

        I gave my theory.

      • Ray, this is a rainy day topic, so I don’t want you to think I have a need to keep poking at you.

        Thanks for your explanation. As offer sheets come about once a decade and have yet to come from one team to another twice yet the analogy of protecting the front of one’s net (aka deterrence) is – IMO – unconvincing.

        But, you are under no obligation to satisfy me. As long as those of you who think this is revenge/payback you have to accept that this is a detour from the ultimate goal for the Canes: having Aho raise the Stanley Cup. Would that not be the most sensible and sweet outcome for them?

        My view (I know you are desperate to hear it 😉 is that the Canes believe in KK’s immediate development more than others.

        I’ll leave you alone on this now. Thanks for engaging.

      • LJ, in my opinion, it is both. payback/revenge and a chance for the Canes to improve.

      • I enjoy the debate LJ, and I am usually the one who can’t leave it alone, and am doing it again!
        You make reasonable and intellectually honest arguments, unlike some others. Take as many pokes as you want.

        Your point regarding the Canes ultimate goal is the same one I made when MB used the OS on Aho for an amount they would obviously match. So we agree on that.

        I think the Canes had to do something, and glad somebody has pushed back.

        Definitely better than debating disc replacement vs fusion.

    • Why would betting on your own team to win be an issue? Being able to influence the goal spread doesn’t cut it for me.

      Trading against your team should be.

    • Poor drafting… blablabla… that is a zombie narrative you can stick on any team…

      Strange then, that another team just signed a bad Habs pick to an offer sheet…

  2. Bergy is in a bit of a bind here, no way KK is worth anything close to that offer and after Suzuki what does he have at C? and managers aren’t eager to trade to centre’s in this day and age … I am not a big fan of Danault but if he loses both that doesn’t bode well for the upcoming season .. plus, now he’ll have to overpay for Dvorak or a centre of equal value …

  3. Montreal should take the picks and try to land Henrique Hertl or Dylan Strome

    Citizen Kane . ..Million dollar legs and a two cent brain. Not winning with him in your locker room

  4. I don’t share Norman Flynn’s worry about whether Kotkaniemi wants to play in Montreal. It’s not like he has a choice if the Habs decide to match. If he is back with the Habs, the team will have no choice but to give him the chance to play a bigger role. If he steps up his game, the SCF benching will be forgotten and he’ll get the long term extension he deserves. If he continues to struggle, it’s likely that player and team will mutually decide that it’s time to move on.

    • Howard, you haven’t said how you see the cap implications and the knock on effect play out. I see no practical way retaining KK can work for the Habs. I am interested in hearing you explain your view. Who goes to make way for KK? What happens with Suzuki next year, and who goes then to pay for him?

      Were Bergy able to see into the future and it showed KK quickly blossomed into a great # 2 center, ok. But that of course isn’t possible so matching this offer – and by doing so committing to a second, longer and expensive one – is a huge leap of faith.

      • Teams can, and often do, move players to create cap room. They have the cap room to match the offer sheet for this season, with Byron spending at least the first third of the season on LTIR. As for the 22-23 season, firstly, the Alzner hit will go down by more than $1m. The cap is also likely to rise by 1m. That’s $2m. Right there with nobody leaving. Brett Kulak, who is overpaid at $1.85m., will be off the books, likely to be replaced by someone making $1m. less. Chiarot will be off the books and that’s where they need the young D-men like Romanov, Norlinder, etc. to step up and make the line-up on their entry level deals. Players like Byron and Drouin will be nearing the end of long term deals; at least one of them could be moved by this time next year. Add to that the fact that a long term deal for Kotkaniemi May come in at a bit less than what the offer sheet calls for. There are numerous ways to be creative and fit things in.

      • Also, matching the offer commits to one year. If KK flops this year, they could decline to qualify him and he’d be lucky to get the $2.5m. The Habs were offering for this year.

  5. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the BioSteel event.
    Sure are lots of rumors flying around.

  6. I hear all the talk about Strome to Montreal I wonder if it’ll be Hertl instead. Take picks from Carolina, give to SanJose. Lose a dwindling asset, take picks, get a proven asset in the last year of his deal. Watch him in a “show me” season, see how the chemistry is offer him a new deal.

    • Bergeron could take picks, roster players, and prospects to try to acquire tweeter guys like Strome, Hertl, Dublois which would give them slightly more offense but with all the assets they have they could afford to overpay for a guy like Eichel? The Leafs spent years with no superior Center now they got three if you count Willy. I would love to trade Kerfoot to them but on his best day he would only be a lower #2.

      Although I am a Leaf fan I think Bergeron has made some great deals. Letting Radulov go and trading Sergatov are his worst moves but you can’t be perfect?

  7. Bergevin is spending the week on the phones looking at who he can get and at what price,

    We have no clue as to how those conversations are going.

    KK is well liked and much is expected from him in the future, but he is being paid Scheifele money, more than Ryan Strome, Pierre Luc Dubois, Bo Horvat, Tomas Hertl etc etc

    Based on Bergevin’s trade record, expect the unexpected upcoming announcement.

  8. 25yr old Christian Dvorak 4yrs at $4.450m per 17g in 56 games, plays C.

    Why would Arizona trade him away? who replace his talent?

    This is a good player on an excellent contract. I don’t see why his name keeps coming up. Unless a team is willing to overpay.

    If a team was offering up their mid to late 1st round pick and a third round pick for your 3rd overall pick, would you take it?

    • caper,

      I think the only reason Dvorak is being mentioned is because Arizona is perceived to be dumping contracts in exchange for draft picks this off-season.
      This upcoming draft is projected to be deep and they already have 2 1st round picks.
      Getting a 3rd 1st round pick fits Armstron’s summer MO

      I don’t see it happening

      • Habfan they still have to play 82 NHL games this season, draft picks wont bring fans to the stadium this upcoming season. At 24 & great contract, Dvorak should absolutely be part of the Arizona rebuild. Just saying.

    • At the start of the off-season, GMBA said every Coyote was available for the right price except Chychrun as long as it helps the Coyotes. Other GM’s asked about Dvorak and yet he still is a Coyote. Now camp is soon and the Coyotes’ roster are close to being finished.

  9. Sad state of affairs when a team might be hoping a player (Kane) is found guilty of a crime in order to get rid of him.

    • Is it a sad state of affairs if said player is destroying your team

    • I’m sure that’s what Wilson is hoping for.

      • Wilson also faces another problem IF he gets rid of Kane one way ot the other: finding someone to replace his lost offense. This past season his stats – over 82 games, averaged 32g 40a 72 pts.

  10. Not much mentioned re Henrique as a possibility for Habs at C. I think the option should be explored

    Drouin; Canes 1st; Anaheim’s 3rd back to them

    For Henrique

    Monahan would be a good add for Habs; price higher than for Henrique; but I think it is a long-shot trade with Flames and I have doubts wether they’ll take Drouin

    Sharks and Kane…. He’ll be with the org. for a while…. they can’t buy him out right now; can’t think of a trade partner (due to the office issues) ; and termination of contract only possible if he is guilty of betting on his games (not saying he did it; I’ve no idea; innocent until proven guilty; but if it is true… that proof is months away at best)

    Any trade (and it’s a long-shot right now) would have to have retention

    • WHy would MTL trade the 1st rd pick (albeit late) for Henrique? He is not worth a 1st plus Drouin.

      IF anything trade the 3rd rounder and ANA does not retain salary. Weber will be on LTIR and give them cap room.

      • Hi IHC

        the extra was because they (Ducks) would be taking on Drouin (risk…, is he going to play; if so, how well?)

        It’s Centre for risky (performance-wise) winger

        The 1st is late…. 25th at least

        Think of it as Koko for Henrique; but Ducks have to take Drouin

      • Ya I think adding Drouin is overpayment. Drouin has value still IMO.

        All good though.

        and to be honest I wouldnt trade KK for Henrique at all. Take the offersheet out of the equation. KK at his age and cap is better for their team than Henrique.

        obtaining Henrique is like a super back up plan if the cost is a 3rd rounder or less.

        Guess we value Henrique differently. All good.

    • I don’t see the Flames trading Monahan unless they get a decent center in return. I don’t think Hertl goes either.

      Henrique would be a decent option. His numbers were down last year, but he’s a solid #2 Center, good in the circle and will get you 45-50 points. Thing is, I wouldn’t give up a 1st. I’d make it a 2nd, a decent prospect like Tuch, and maybe a 3rd. And at least $1.5m. Would have to be retained.

      Dylan Strome would also be okay. Again, his numbers were down last year, but during the previous 2 years, he played at about a 55 point per 82 game pace. Wouldn’t give up a first though. I’d offer what I suggested above for Henrique, but no retained salary.

  11. Bergevin’s trade history has been pretty damn good. The drafting that’s gone on during his tenure has been C minus at best. Not all his fault but he does have the final say on who they pick.

    I think if he keeps up with his A+ trading, he’ll somehow manage to keep Carolina’s first round pick AND get a decent center.

    • I think what people miss re: MB’s trade record is not only who he got but who he got rid of. Subban’s big contact, Fleischman and Weiss, Andrew Shaw after his injury, and all the extra picks he squeezed out of teams..

  12. Kotkaniemi at 6.1 million is an overpay and I believe they’ll need to qualify next year or get him to sign another contract for money and term set by that initial figure

    It all comes down to whether Bergeron can flip the picks for comparable player that will come on on a cheaper contract.

    If he can’t, he’ll match. However, that could create a cap crunch and they’ll be in a similar situation next year with Suzuki.

  13. Let the kid go sounds like a bit of a spoiled brat

    • Ya that KK Rick, I hear ya. Always whining and complaining about his team. This guy sucks, that guy can’t do his job, you know stuff like that.

      If he can’t get what he wants he moans about over and over again, like a spoiled little boy.

      • Yeah there’s a lot of that on here present company Included

    • Pretty funny, Rick. A team offers the kid $6.1 million for one season. Why wouldn’t any normal player his age not sign? He may never make that kind of money again during his career.
      Don’t think he’s spoiled – sounds smart to me.

    • What did Kotkaniemi do wrong that would justify calling him a spoiled brat? I don’t see anything. The REPORTER speculated that Kotkaniemi was upset about being a healthy scratch in the Stanley Cup Finals. Then THE HURRICANES offered up a ridiculous amount of money for some sort of *middle finger* to the Habs. If I were Kotkaniemi, I would be all over signing that contract too. I’ve read nothing that makes me think he was a problem other than his development is a touch slower than his draft position demanded.

  14. odd they wouldn’t pay a decent raise to Foegle and did not see Nedeljkovic in their future

    BUT lets give KK $6m for a 1 yr deal.

    Odd use of an offer sheet and vision of a roster spot

  15. No one wants evander kane?
    Question: I wonder why not?
    Answer: How much time do you have?

  16. IF MB does not match (which at that price I would not) he can attempt two things

    to CHI: Byron & 1st from Canes
    to MTL: Connelly & Strome

    to COL: Drouin
    to MTL: Kadri

    MTL gets 2 centers and a depth winger.

    Gives more ice time to their top prospects.

    • Curious, why would Colorado do that? Im sure they could do better than a Drouin for Kadri. If they were so inclined to reunite Mackinnon & Drouin Im sure the price would be a lot cheaper to acquire.

      • @Kev…. the pricinpal players involved are a mere starting point. the extra picks prospects to COL or MTL at TBD but something Sakic anad MB would detail…not I.

  17. Is kane betting on his own game (without proving he threw or tried to throw one or more games) grounds for the Sharks to terminate his contract?

    Betting on his own game could be easy to document. Proving he threw or tried to throw one or more games could be impossible no matter what the situation.

    • Ya, real hard to prove Nasdaq40. How is betting on your own games not enough reason to terminate the contract? Seems like a no brainer.
      Pretty easy to avoid doing it.

      We need to consider that these allegations came from a spouse, and when relationships go south things get said by both sides that should be taken with that in mind.

      Having said that, his team mates never seem to take a shine to him do they?

    • I would think an NHL player being proven to have bet on any NHL game is grounds enough

  18. Keep in mind Henrique was out on waivers last year and was a healthy scratch. Came on near the end of the season . I would give a third or two and or a decent prospect only due to the circumstance. Not a first

    • Hi Silver Seven

      I’d give Zucker , Laffy, O’Connor for Henrique

      As is, Pens will go at least 1/6th of the year with Sid 1C; Carter 2C; Blueger 3C; ?? 4C

      Henrique can play 2C until Gino returns ; and can go to wing when Gino does return

      Pens must do a trade or they are in the realm of battling for 5th (and hoping/praying that Bruins/Habs/Leafs [whichever finishes 4th] get less points)…. Missing playoffs is a reality…. Meaning no moves now means a potential wasted year that could have been the first year of rebuild

  19. Waddell wants to pay KK 6$ per for 1 yr while Marchand makes 6.1$

    Little perspective for MB to just accept the picks and move on.

    • People keep going on about the $6.1 million. It’s mostly irrelevant.

      1-it’s a 1-year deal. They haven’t say, signed an unknown to an 8-year deal for $50M. It’s so low- risk on the term that I can’t understand the concern.
      2-it’s the owner’s money. He’s reportedly a billionaire, so who cares. Provided….
      3- They don’t have CAP issues (and, more or less, they don’t)

      As far as on-ice issues, it boils down to trading a (likely) late 1st and a 3rd for a guy who was a 3rd OA and has shown promise. I think virtually any GM would do that deal.

      This would be like people going crazy if Arizona signed a 4th line grinder to a $12M 1-year deal. Stupid, yeah, probably – but it wouldn’t change anything re: on-ice since they’re $39M under cap.

      I suppose you can make an argument that it could tie the Hurricane’s hands at the trade deadline a bit, but nobody’s made that argument that I’ve seen.

  20. IMO, everyone is focused entirely on the 6.1 salary and not getting big picture. Canes had to go high so Montreal couldn’t match. Canes will eventually give the kid an extension that has a more reasonable AAV. As I said yesterday, the overpayment is more of an acquisition fee. Or you can look at it as a signing bonus. Look for Montreal to accuse Canes of circumvention when KK gets new deal.

    • Slick if I understand correctly they cannot offer extension less than the 6$ this 1 yr deal is at. Thought that is how the CBA works using the ” 10% above last contract) So to qualify KK for an extension it would be over $6m again.

      • IHC, I think that after Jan 1st the Canes would be free to negotiate a deal for whatever term and aav the player and the team agree to. If they can’t reach a settlement KK would have to be qualified at the $6.1million amount or he would become a UFA.

      • Exactly Sparky.
        I will go with Friedman again when this first came out. He is as reliable as anyone not named Mackenzie. It is the one explanation that makes sense to me, so that is what I will guess is going on here. From Sunday:

        They’ll also face the $6.1 million qualifying offer, though Friedman believes this offer sheet was made with the knowledge that Kotkaniemi’s next contract would be long term for less money.

  21. Played hockey this morning with 2 dedicated Habs fans. Both hockey wise. One is a little more emotional in nature. He says take the picks and run. The other more analytical and cool. He says no choice but to match. I saw a Habs fan survey that stated 72% of Hab fans say take the picks.

    This makes for an interesting debate. I have no idea what is the better decision. I would be afraid were, I Bergevin, that KK will have a development spurt away from Montreal.

  22. “Canes will eventually give the kid an extension that has a more reasonable AAV”

    This has been floating around for a few days despite it making no sense at all.

    Reality is that with this Offer Sheet, Kotkaniemi is guaranteed $6.1 million and also guaranteed either a qualifying offer of minimum $6.1 or release as UFA.

    Every player wants to become UFA or at least have it as a bargaining chip, the last thing he and his agent would do is undercut himself.

    • Hi HF30

      Absolutely true that KK has s guaranteed either (1) release [no QO] to become UFA; or (2) $6.1 M QO

      That said… a contract of ANY value between league min and league max (20 % of Cap) can be offered (and signed on) for any term from 1 to 8 years; AFTTER January (not sure of exact date… could be 15th)??

      I would think that KK’s agent already discussed this with Waddell and has conveyed it to KK

      I’m confident that unless KK blows the field away this year; or if he slides; he will be offered (and will sign) a multi/year extension ; that has an AAV of less than $6.1 M

      Time will tell; but I will be very shocked if he gets a 1 year extension at $6.1 M

      • Pengy,
        You get the point but then throw it aside instead of looking at it from the players point of view.

        KK has zero reason or obligation to entertain or agree to a long term contract for substantially less money instead of going UFA and take offers from the rest of the league.

        Ergo he holds all the cards in his hands.

        If the Hurricanes give him an offer that he feels is as good or better than what he would get as a UFA, he’ll sign it. obviously.

        If he and his agent feel he’s being low-balled by either term or money, there won’t be an extension signed.

        Once again, KK holds all the cards, good on him.

      • “I would think that KK’s agent already discussed this with Waddell and has conveyed it to KK”

        That would be circumventing the CBA… better hope it’s not in writing or on tape…

    • “habfan30 on August 31, 2021 at 1:30 pm
      “Canes will eventually give the kid an extension that has a more reasonable AAV”

      This has been floating around for a few days despite it making no sense at all.”

      It actually makes perfect sense.

    • KK will gladly take a huge pay cut in year 2 and beyond… That is how awesome this kid is!


  23. Habsfan30…..unless he wanted out of Montreal as a prime motivation….signing the offer sheet would not guarantee this but make it likely than not signing and would guarantee more money than he thought possible 2 weeks ago….

    Deal with the rest of the implications after the dust settles as you are in a can’t lose circumstance.

  24. I didn’t see this coming

    EXCLUSIF // Jonathan Drouin a confié à Pierre Houde ce matin qu’il était prêt à jouer au centre cette saison.

    ”Je lui ai demandé et il m’a répondu que certainement. Et il était très sérieux.”

    EXCLUSIVE // Jonathan Drouin told Pierre Houde this morning that he was ready to play center this season.

    I asked him and he said he certainly did. And he was very serious. ”

    • Drouin back at center brings to mind Einstein’s definition of insanity. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

  25. This whole business exposes a gaping hole in the offer sheet game.Mtl made an offer for Aho based on a sensible business decision , which most teams would have taken. Carolina made on offer no other teams would make and assumed they can correct the mistake later.
    The point of having a drafted player protected for a few years has been made irrelevant . Carolinas’ actions have opened up an avenue that will allow teams to poach players on a short term deal just to disrupt cap managements. While the potential wrangling makes for great press the life expectancy of GMs will drop significantly.
    Expect to see this loophole changed soon to say a min 3 yr deal.

    • I wouldn’t assume that Carolina assumed anything Jorge.
      Loophole part, absolutely agree.
      Will it lead to more? Not sure, best make sure it is worth it as it appears there is a price to pay down the road.

      Do you think this happens if MB doesn’t offer sheet Aho? And if it was reasonable, they new Carolina would match, and he knew they would be pissed. They had the space. So why do it? I don’t think that makes for a reasonable business decision. Sounds pretty naive to me.

      If KK doesn’t sign an extension for less than $6.1, then Dundon deserves grief, if he does, well played.

      Speaking of extensions, has MB signed his?

  26. I visit a lot of bruin sites. The other day I noticed PK Subban comes out and pays a glowing tribute to jimmy Hayes. I didn’t really pay much attention to it. But today one of those sites mentioned the bruins were interested in PK as a player. Now if the bruins got ahold of PK there’s your Krug replacement. I know a lot of the lustre might have worn off Subban over the years but he’s only 32 good size, can hit, great wheels and is still a good scorer.

    • Seriously, Rick? I mean, seriously? We already have a Krug replacement in Matty G. Far younger, far better, and far more reasonably priced.

      • Matty is not better than krug and he is not better than PK

      • Agree to disagree.

  27. Bergevin made the Aho offer to: 1) appear to be doing something and 2) because Aho’s agents schooled him – convincing him that the signing bonus was a poison pill which Dundon’s philosophy would deem unpalatable. While KK may sign a lower AAV with the Canes, I think for the Habs he would insist on his minimum QO of 6.1 until the Habs let him go.

    He does not need to be replaced. Take the picks and start a proper rebuild (presuming the Habs learn to draft) as KK is not the missing piece. It is time to stop trying to win a cup during the Price and Weber years.

    The fact that he was 3OA is meaningless as he was drafted due to position not BPA. Would anyone give 2OA Nolan Patrick a 6.1 million contract? You only match if you are convinced he will be a reliable 2C and can fit in the salary cap structure.

    And take away Bergevin’s cheque book.

  28. I didn’t do the math. Does the Canes offer put the Habs over the 10 % overage buffer and that is why it was 6.1 . Just seems like an odd number. Or does the $20 out them over ? Which would be kinda funny