NHL Rumor Mill – September 7, 2021

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Did the Canadiens make a mistake acquiring Christian Dvorak? Should the Oilers attempt to acquire Ducks goalie John Gibson? Could the Senators trade Logan Brown? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski believes the Montreal Canadiens made the wrong choice acquiring Christian Dvorak to replace Jesperi Kotkaniemi. He points out the 25-year-old center hasn’t cracked the 40-point barrier in his five NHL seasons, adding some believe he lacks the necessary work ethic.

Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel (NHL Images).

Kingerski feels the Canadiens should’ve instead attempted to acquire Jack Eichel from the Buffalo Sabres. That move would’ve cost them the better of their two first-round picks but would’ve established themselves with a premier center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens were among the clubs to inquire about Eichel earlier in the offseason. However, Sabres GM Kevyn Adams’ asking price is said to be at least four assets comparable to first-round picks and he reportedly hasn’t come down from that.

The Canadiens weren’t in a solid position to acquire Eichel. It would’ve probably cost them both of their first-round picks next season, along with Nick Suzuki or Cole Caufield, one of their top prospects and possibly more. Factor in the difficulty of squeezing Eichel’s $10 million cap hit within their limited cap payroll and acquiring him was far too expensive for the Habs.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Daniel Nugent-Bowman was asked about the possibility of the Edmonton Oilers acquiring John Gibson from the Anaheim Ducks. He doubts that’s likely to happen, citing his annual salary-cap hit ($6.4 million through 2026-17) and 10-team no-trade list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stranger things have happened but I don’t see Gibson ending up with the Oilers. The Ducks have given no indication Gibson’s available and he hasn’t requested a trade. The Oilers might not be on his list of acceptable trade destinations and it would be difficult to squeeze his contract within their salary-cap payroll.



  1. Time for Logan Brown to move on. Get something for him.

    Dvorak is not a first line Center and a perfect fit for the Habs. Why gut your organization for Eichel .

    • Right now what they’d get for Logan Brown would amount to zilch – unless he’s part of a larger package deal.

      Like Nick Paul before him, he has yet to get it into his head that he has to PLAY like a 6′ 6″ C and use his size to advantage – on a consistent basis.

      It took Paul a few seasons to get that but now that he has he’s become a valuable F, able to play wing or C as needed and, on the ice, is not fun to be playing against, using his large frame to intimidate.

      That’s what Brown must do if he’s ever to get an NHL job.

      But since they hold his rights for the foreseeable future why should they literally give him away and see that develop for some other organization. If he thinks he can develop into that kind of player in a Swedish league that couldn’t hold a candle to AHL hockey … well, good luck Logan.

      • To say that SHL is far inferior to AHL is just ignorant since the best teams in the SHL are some of the best in Europe and they play on large ice. I think the best teams on large ice could definetely beat the best AHL teams. On a smaller ice they would be about average or below among all AHL teams

      • So now I’m ignorant. Who died and named you THE resident expert on the league comparisons? You have an opinion – that’s fine. Just leave it at that. But tossing out crap like that just proves the old adage “look who’s calling the kettle black!”

      • Besides which, when you say “On a smaller ice they would be about average or below among all AHL teams …” you’re just confirming what I mean when I say ” If he thinks he can develop into that kind of player in a Swedish league ….”

        Skating around slow D on a large ice surface is infinitely easier than it is on the smaller AHL and NHL ice surfaces and could lead to bad habits that just won’t do in the NHL.

      • Re: George I know, The SHL is no good, no player that has ever developed and been any good in that league has ever amounted to anything in the AHL, not to say NHL. Have you seen an SHL game at all since you are doing the same thing that you accuse me of doing, as in being the champion of league comparison ” in a Swedish league that couldn’t hold a candle to AHL hockey”

    • I’m not moving Brown. Why? You get nothing for him right now. I also disagree with Brown not using his size is what is keeping him from the NHL. His inability to stay healthy is. If Brown doesnt want to come back to Ottawa play in thr AHL or compete for a roster spot (which he has all the skill to earn out of camp). Then absolutely let him play in Europe.

      Same thing the Oilers did with JP. Go work on your strength, show you can stay healthy, put up a good season and we can talk about you coming back or trade you when you’ve rebuilt your value.

      Can’t blame the team for lack of opportunity… you have to be available to play to get a chance. I fully, 100% believe Logan Brown is still the highest ceiling C in the Sens organization.

      If he ever did figure out his size as well… that ceiling gets that much better.

      • JJB,
        At this point Brown is worth an AHL player, NJ wouldn’t give Ottawa Michael McLeod for him, not to say Dorion made a mistake but the draft is a crap shoot whether we as fans want to accept it or not.

        The player obviously sees that he has reached his ceiling with the Senators in Ottawa and Belleville.

        It was somebody else not you who mentioned getting a top 6 forward for Brown and Brannstrom ,but that isn’t realistic at all.

        I totally agree with your assessment to let him go to Sweden and rejuvenate his game over there.

    • Well said Spector & Silver Seven.

      It’s taken a few years of drafting with 10 picks or so each year to build up the system again. Why gut it to get a 10M center who has so many question marks about his long-term health, and whispers regarding the guy’s character? NO thanks!

      Give me two “good” 5M guys over one 10M player ANY day of the week. (Jesus Price is the exception, and not for long.)

      Buffalo needs to let him have his surgery, and he better get used to the idea of proving his health and productivity for at LEAST part of one more year with the Sabres.

      • It’s been reported many times that Ottawa would like to move Brown to give the guy a change of scenery and perhaps aid his career but Dorion is wanting a hockey deal not picks back.

        They are rumoured to be after another top 6 forward. Perhaps Brown and Brannstrom can be combined in a trade to meet that end.

  2. The habs didn’t make a mistake Eichel’s heading for one place and one
    Place only.

    • Agree. Heading to NYR!!

    • Rick you are correct he can only go to one place.

      • yes, and that place is L-T-I-R

      • Capppppppppeeeeeeeeeee Capppppppppeeeeeeeeeee!!!! You know where Jack is going!

    • Well as MB said in his presser that the Habs couldn’t match KK’s offer sheet because it would blow up their cap strategy which is what exactly? Load your team with two high priced goalies, the only team that sunk that match cap there, fill the team with grunts but play them like stars and let people of value walk?
      A player like Eichel is exactly the type of player this team needs and sorely lacks which we’ll see just how much this upcoming season.

      • Ah, Ron, absurdities wrapped in inaccuracies. Not worth replying to but …

        Cary, 10.5 million, Bob 10 million, Andrei, 9.5, so Price’s salary hardly unprecedented. And the Habs second high priced goalie is whom? Jake is paid 3.4 million. Is there a rich phantom third goalie on the Habs?

        Grunts? Aren’t you a Leaf fan? Didn’t the Habs kick your boys to the curb like road kill in the playoffs? Whoever your team is, the Habs grunts played themselves into the Cup finals.

        As to the Habs cap issues down the road, how many times must it be repeated that Suzuki, Romanov and Caulfied will be due substantial raises in the next several years?

      • Umm just so you know Jake Allen will make just over 2 million dollars this year

      • Thanks John. I quoted Byron’s salary by mistake. Maybe he is the mystery goalie?

  3. Who wouldn’t love John Gibson as their #1!?!?!

    I don’t think the Oil stands a chance though, as the cap, assets and clauses get in the way. That being said, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t suggest a deal! Lol!

    To Edm – Gibson
    To Anh – Puljujarvi, Koskinen, Broberg and a good pick.

    In all honesty, I think they’d be better off hitting up Dallas, NYI, NYR or CBS. They just need a solid 1A or B not named Koskinen! It’ll take alot to get it though!

    • Artsy, I agree and still wonder if CBJ-EDM may connect on a deal for Korpisalo before the start of the season as Seravalli reported they were discussing in July. CBJ takes on Koskinen in the deal and gets a pick and prospect in return. Could be a reasonable win-win for both teams.

      • Since you and I discussed this previously, I’m back onto Korpisalo and think he would be a great fit.

        Obviously Koskinen would have to go the other way. I wonder if Yamo would seal the deal, as I’m sure Kenny doesn’t want to give up too many picks.

    • Why is Korpisalo considered a better tender than Koskinen?
      The #’s would suggest otherwise.

    • Artsy, that is definitely the kind of deal I could see happening. In my humble opinion, I think Korpi could thrive in EDM and fans there would ultimately come to love the acquisition.

  4. What a weeb! Harping on Dvorak for not breaking 40 pts in the past 5 seasons. 3 seasons ago, injury held him to 20 games. First shortened season he was on pace for 21g & 44pts (he was at 18g 38pts when season closed. This season he was on pace for 25g 45pts.

    Dvorak to me is a good safe player. His floor is a solid 3C center who can contribute 20g a year. His ceiling is a decent 2nd line C who plays all positions and gives you 25g 50pts.

    KK has a higher potential ceiling. But a lower floor IMO. Surrounded be better players in Montreal, we will see how Dvorak does. I’ve wanted Ottawa to grab him all summer. Only knock on Dvorak is he needs to get his FO% up.

    As for Logan Brown. If he doesn’t want to come back to Ottawa, then I’m letting him go play in Europe. Same play Edmonton made with JP. He still has a ton of skill and a high ceiling… injury is what has derailed him. Im not letting him go when his value is absolute trash. Don’t want to come here and play in the AHL and compete for a roster spot, then go to Europe and show you can play a dominate healthy season.

    • 2020-2021 52.1%
      2019-2020 55.1%
      2018-2019 55.3 %
      2017-2018 51.4%

  5. How crazy would it be if the Bruins ended up with P.K. Subban for 1 season or even half a season

    • And Phil Kessel?

    • Bad dah dah dah daaaahhhhh …..I’m loving it.! Joe it could happen. I’d rather have Eichel but this could become a Reality.

  6. Dan Kingerski,
    I’ll admit in advance that I don’t know the guy but is he a media guy of any note in Pittsburgh?

    Dvorak may not be a homerun but he isn’t replacing a homerun hitter and at this point neither is Jack Eichel, he’s damaged goods and worthless till he proves he can play.

    Gudbranson? He was a pylon in Ottawa and they mercifully dumped him.

    “Would you trade a first and third-round pick for Rasmus Dahlin and sign him to a $6.4 million deal over three years?”
    How long would Buffalo think about that??

    Is this guy taken seriously usually?

    • He’s got pretty good takes about the pens. Used to do a nice radio show. Never read him doing anything outside Pittsburgh related media and frankly not too impressed